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rWJMJAK It. Cox,
Themas A. Davis,
"William II. Waphtvebth, Jr.,
r SftTttary and Treasurer,
Y TitOMAa .A ..Davis, ... ...Editor ami JVanntrrr.
SAMuiLT.ntCKMAN.ii'tJrJternnil JJoeAVffjxr.
. Themas A. Davis.
Rpprin JuMte Zdetr Tuildlng, JVe. 10 JCiul
V-P-lVJiTMntAlrrrt. .....
i;M Tar 83 00
Mx Xsntkii . ................. 1 50
TfcVr MeBth..................-.....a.1 OnU
Payable te currier at nil of month.
u Advertising rates uniform and reason-
fable and made kneum en application at
pthe office.
A Werd te Republicans.
' 27 hope of the party lies In the expansion
tiOf a slahcart Hepuldlean press. The Ileub-
tfea trio reads or ethcrtelse helps te Bup Bup
tpert a Democratic paper te Uie exclusion of
fae of his eten xntrty newspaper is untrue
'te we juepuencan cause.
Unanimously subscrlbeil te by the National
t Kepubtlcan League.
3. S. CLABKSON, Pmident.
A. B. HUMPHBEY, Secretary.
. Seub of our Frco-trade brethem are
exalting unduly ever the fact that
wages are being increased in certain
branches of the Rhede Island cotton
spinning industry. These zealous indi
viduals forget that the increase was
planned before the election and is being
made nnder the operation of the McKin
leyIaw. With the prospect before it of a
Treasury deficiency brought about by
the unprecedented appropriations of the
Democratic Fifty-second Heuse, the
Democratic party feels about as happy
as a man who cracks a safe thinking It
filled, with geld, and who finds upon fin
ishing the job that the money isn't
there. It is partisan disappointment
' and net solicitude for public affairs that
fills the heart of the Democracy as it
surreys the Treasury.
The history of the United States for
i the past thirty-two years is the history
' of the Republican party. When the Re
publicans took charge of the National
Government a third of a century age
the country had been brought te the
verge of ruin, by the practical appllca
' tien of the Democratic dogmas of Freo Free
trade, cheap labor and cheap money.
The Federal Government had no credit
abroad and no strength at home. The
Treasury was bankrupt, the finances
disorganized, the flag dishonored, by
slavery and menaced by treason. The
country, abounding in all the resources
of wealth, was- impoverished and depen
dent upon European capitalists for its
manufactured products.
, Besides the tremendous task of sup
pressing the mightiest rebellion of his
tory, the Republican party found itself
confronted with the necessity of recon
structing the financial and industrial
interests of the Natien. All the world
.knows hew successfully the work was
, accomplished. A material advancement
that is -without precedent In human nn
- rials, a nationality se compact that noth
ing cdn shatter it, financial credit that
.the proudest monarchy of the Old World
cannot surpass, a prestige abroad that
eetaruaads the profound respect of for
eign governments, industrial indepen
dence, a superb Navy, a sound currency,
a new system of commercial alliance
with the richest Nations of Latin Amer-
i,a tjiese are some of the results pf Ro Re
lblican rnle. Never before have the
Masses of the people been se prosperous,
Bver have the wages been se high or
th necessities of life se low In price as
tfeey are te-day.
Cleveland's administration, be it re-
?2 awwbwed, was powerless te reverse Re-
yitfettcan legislation, or te check the tide
t National progress and prosperity.
JltVlieaalsm, firmly intrenched in the
9 MmstAi, was able te bid defiance te Detno Detne
eMtic sehesies, and te protect American
lMtaeiritf fjetu the. assaults of Southern
JmifctBB and Northern Free-traders.
'Tfce Republican party will net changa
U MlCs. It will het retreat from its
. il7&iey jOf high wages, for labor, hen-
- Mi Mrrewsy, libera) pensions te veto-
riiMf jwhI Jftlr eleetleas Jn every state in
v iw tJulea. It will continue te demand
ifc BMlatenance of American honor and
Ai notation of Ataercan rights in
..wr-rie 'm world. And it will
jRfet dMWftf tA. tM gerenuMBt of the
"iMtatfy wl MwteA tae bre te crry
wand tU'Mr X stAVAlAntncr Via te.
ltSil l if d Mnjclwiiig W wtihwetftte
fg tffctt Mm twpMrtMW Mi lMpfJ
Mkr BMMMH ta MMM l OmmUmtM BMI
(.. X
The Congress, of the Salvation Army
new assembled In New Yerk City is, in
many respects, a unique gatherlng. It
is like none of the represontatlve relig
ious assemblages with which the metro
polis is familiar. There is a directness
of method, an intensity of purpose nnd
a fervor about the work of the Salva
tion Army which inspires profound re
spect among intelligent and unpreju
diced people. All the peculiarities of
this organization, new of world wlde
extent, are faithfully reflected in the
congress holding its session there.
Much may be said in criticism of the
military paraphernalia, the cymbals,!
Bhewy banners and street parades of the
Army. But when all is taken into con
sideration, the great fact remains that
these methods, objectionable as they may
seem te many persons, have been se ap
plied and se inspired with the sincerity
and ceurage of their advocates that a
wonderful work ier the beneflt of hu
manity has been accomplished.
In England the Army has gene into
the slums and made men and women
out of wretched outcasts that the
churches failed utterly te reach. It has
become a vast reformative agency that
has dene mere te selve the problem of
Darkest Londen than all ether agencies
combined. On the Ceutinent and in
many far off and semi-savage lands its
intrepid soldiers have unflinchingly
borne their standards in the face of per
secution and danger. Jn the United
States the work of reformation and re
generation of these wlte were social euN
laws has been pursued with the same
singleness of purpose.
Fer what they have done, for what
they are doing and what they propose
te de, the world ewes the earnest work
ers of the Salvation Army a debt of
TriE great strike at Homestead is at
an end. It cost thirty-five lives, mere
than $1,500,000 in wages and fully as
much mere te the Carnegie Company.
Was it worth the price? Has it made
living easier, homes brighter or the
cause of organized labor stronger? If
net somebody has blundered.
The Quickest tray te Cure a Celd.
De you wish te knew the quickest way
te euro a cold? Wc will tell you. Te
euro a cold quickly, it must be treated
before the cold has become settled in the
system. The first symptoms of a cold is
a dry, loud coughing and sneezing. The
cough is seen followed by watery ex
pectoration and the sneezing by a profuse
watery discharge from ' the nose. In
sovere cases there Is a thin white coating
en the tongue. What te de? It is only
necessary te take Chamberlain's Cough
Remedy in double doses every hour.
That will greatly lessen the severity of
the cold and in many cases will effectually
counteract it and cure what would have
been n severe cold" within one or two days
time. Try it and be convinced. Fifty
cent bottle for sale by Power & Rey
nolds. 1 1 i m 1
Drlft'eoetl Gathered en Shere and htrram
by The Ledger's WrathtrneateH Old Tar
and Piled Op Heady Fer Use.
In speaking of tbe refitting of the
steamer Dig Sandy, Colonel Will S. Hays
thus compliments a cpuple of Maysville
men: "Herengines have all been stripped,
new Joints put in, the machinery painted
and under the able supervision of En
gineers P, R. Ulipp and H. R. Mc
Clenahan hoi; engine-room has been made
a model of neatness."
The Cincinnati, Portsmouth, Dig Sandy
and Poracrey Packet Company has pur.
chased the. wharf privilege at Dever from
Wharfmester J. W. Bainum for the re
maining three yeurs of his term. Owing
te a misunderstanding between the
Wharfmaqtcr and the company nene of
their stcamers have landed at Dever for
oversix months.
Jeh.n Lwney, ft Danvllle shoemaker,
has juit beceme the dad of his twenty
sixth child. Kleven of these arq by his
second wife, the oldeat being 13 your.
Miss S. I. Leoan of Loulaville, a sister
of the well known, editor and writer, has
distinguished herself by thp designing of
a Bcetch-IrMi souvenir spoon. The
ftedvmtr k 'mhCcM up of ttfsr tfatieaal
ihliMi awl eettafa' imtk& of tW
'Masked M Take Possession
teUma, 0.,
And Held Up People en the Streets
in Bread Daylight
The rotle Start In Tunnlt or the Clang
nnil ft Uattle Takes lUee ,Th Heb-
t4rcpe nnd aa Arwtd 1'ene Ar
Hunting Them In Uie Weed.
Lima, 0., Nev. 23. A gang of desper
adoes created a scene of terror in Lima,
early Wednesday morning, by playing
highwayman en a number of people and
having a hooting encounter with a
pesse who followed them. G. B. An
spach was en his way te work when he
was Held up near the Chicago and Erie
railroad track, A man was directly in
front of him and shoved two revolvers
into his face, while ene behind him
rubbed the cold steel against hla neck
te assure him that he was equally as
well covered behind.
Anspach thought it was a party ei
fellows out for some fun and shoved the
men away, when they all grabbed him
and' said: "Loek out or we'll sheet
yen." At this he knocked the revolvers
near his face away and at the same ttme
brought his lantern down upon ene of
their heads with all his Btrength. The
blew was a fierce one and knocked his
man te the ground and Anspach started
and ran.
Several shots were fired at him, but
nene of thorn took effect They all
were wigs and false whiskers and had
the appearance of boys net ever 18
years of age. As they went east along
the track they met an old man by the
name of Remcr, also a resident of
Reece avenue, about 75 years age. They
frightened the old fellow almost te
death, and at the point of their revolv
ers demanded bis personal possessions.
He refused te yleld te their demands,
when they overpowered him and, after
choking him severely, rifled his pock
ets. He Is in a serious condition from
the shock. They held up anether
young man Frank llerred. They
took off the valuable overcoat which he
While one was looking after the over
coat the ethers were plucking a geld
wateh, also taking his pocketbook and
contents. They flourished their revol
vers as freely as in the ether cases, and
threatened his life should he resist
The police had by this time learned of
the gang. The police had gene but a
short distance -when they noticed three
men entering a house net a great dis
tance from the railroad.
After an intermission of a few min
utes four of the officers, with their
weapons ready for use, followed in
their wake, and were In the act of sur
rounding the house when six men
rushed from the heuse and started for
the railroad, closely pursued by the offi
cers. The desperadoes were losing
ground, and two turned and fired 13
shots at the officers.
The officers pulled their weapons, re
turned the fire, and emptied their re
volvers at the desperadoes, who escaped
in the weeds. In the encounter one of
the police was injured, and having used
all their ammunition, they came back.
Getting reinforcements and mere am
munition, they started out again In
buggies te scour the country for the
robbers, who are well armed. A het
battle, with bloodshed, will surely re
sult if they find them, as the police are
determined and the highwaymen des
Chinese Illvali Thought te Knew Who
Did It.
Wahsaw, Ind., Nev. 25. The large
steam laundry of Ed. Davis was blown
up by gunpowder. Davis came here
from Kentucky recently and his laun
dry seen took away most of the trade1
of three Chinamen. They resented it
and three attempts te burn the laun
dry have been made. Qne of the China
men was missing Wednesday morning.
He was seen running from the vicinity
of the explosion just before It occurred.
The laundry was wrecked and many
buildings in the vicinity damaged The
two 'remaining Chinamen are udder
Uurned His Arm and liegxei.
Atlanta, Ge., "Nev. 25. Welter Mar
tin, a young man of geed family,
through some strange freak became a
persistent street beggar. In order te
appeal te the charitable he burned hla
arm with an acid, which made a very
ugly sero, The burning was se fre
quent that the flesh around his wrist
became purple and lacerated. Although
Martin suffered a great deal he never
complained. Even his face did net be
tray his suffering. His arm reached
such a state of pntrofactien that It has
been amputated te save his life.
Iren KettU 350 Years Old.
Lynm, Miss., Nev. 25. The first iron
costing made in America, a kettle cast
at the Saugua Iren works, in 164'i, haB
been formally presented te the elty by
Jehn E. Hudsen, of Bosten, lineal do de do
scendept of Themas Hudsen, the
original owner of the kettle. Mr. Hud Hud
eon owned some land en the Saugua
river and sold it te the Iren company.
He claimed In consideration the first
article made at the works, and received
the kettle, which has been preserved
through two and a half centuries and is
in perfect condition.
A Heles Uoemlot.
Dks Moines, la., Nev. 25. A confer
ence of Democratle notables from all
parts of the state- Is being held here be
hind closed doers. It has leaked qut,
however, that Gov. .Herace Reles is te
be urged for a cabinet appointment te
give him a goedstart in the race for
thrt United Btatta senatershlp. 'That
haa been determined, and the next state
convention Will fdrmally nominate
Heles for that position.
CfeWari AcaHt4.
iXjEW QW.ti,'QTJ. At. PiHH.
bIm, La,, Cat Harry War wm
quitted st Um Msvrfa ac wrdar tht
feaBSk ufk auaglftf M VbsJML atHsssV
sssss ssssbsB sJ s" JsMlPa VVLVs)
f srs B tW sslsssH tstlssS(WHssWNsV
- ?-. -. V
Between Celler" Btudentf, Followed bj
a .Hair-palling Match Between JTemab
ClMse. s . , . i
Mt. VjsRNeir, la., Nev, JW.-CerneU
Collcge is greatly excited ever the bj-q
class row botwebn the sophomores anc
freshmen. The rouble commenced evei
the Bophemoros! wearing mortar-beard
hats. When tney appeared with their
new hats a heAvling mob of frcshmer.
attacked them and a general class fight
ensued Tcjfn garments, crushed hats,
bloody neses and scratched faces wen
the resubX and the melee was enlj
stepped jnhen the faculty interfered
Tuesday evening the spphomercs met
in a bdayiand proceeded te tha rooms el
the Irishmen. Being admitted, the oc
cupants of the rooms were overpowered
anda search made for seph hats, six el
which wera lest In Monday's fltrht Sev
oral freshmen, in resisting the sephs,
w'ere roughly hnndled Later in th
evening the sephs met a large crowd el
jireshmen, who had been looking fei
. them, and, after a desperate struggle,
the sephs wcre routed.
Wednesday the young ladles of the
two classes caught the 'spirit, and s
general halr-pulllng and 'eye-gouging
party occurred In the hall, the faculty
being obliged te Interfere,
A big fight is expected, and fresemen
nre waiting for a favorable opportun
ity te nttack the sephs. The annual
sophomore oraterial contest occurs in
two weeks, but It Is generally belleved
that the freshmen will net allow It te
go en. Interesting developments arc
expected befere the wcek is ever. The
faculty are doing all in theii Tower te
quell the disturbance, but se far with
little or no success.
Several Lapses Inte Unconsciousness
Attacks or Delirium.
New Yeruc, Nev. 25. A Washington
special te a morning paper says:
Mr. Blaine is much worse Thursday
night The attending physician has
just left his heuse and says the condi
tion of his patient is serious.
Several times during the day Mr.
Blalne had sunk into an unconscious
condition, from which he had te be
reused At times he was unable te
recognize the anxious watchers about
his bedside.
Mr. Blalne rallied aomewhat Wednes
day and the family thought with great
confidence that he would be able te be
out within a few days. Instead el
further improvement however, he was
found te be much worse Thursday.
The attending physieian made three
visits te the Blaine mansion Thursday.
Just what the disease is whieh has at
tached Mr. Blalne no ene seems able te
Dr. Jehnsen, 'the attending physician,
will net talk, and the family insist that
there have been no new dnvclepments
In the case.
My Information issuclvhewevcr, that
it can net be doubted I am told that
the dlscase has se far progressed as te
affect Mr. Blaine's brain, and at times
he has been delirious.
"There Is a very evident desire en the
part of the family te keep the facts
from the public. That they were
alarmed Thursday is certain, and that
Mr. Blaine's condition is serious is true,
notwithstanding the denials of the fam
ily, the refusal of the physician te talk
and the general air of mystery with
which the case is surrounded
Ills 'Wives Die Suddenly. '
Omaha, Neb., Nev. 25. Fremont
county, la., is excited ever the mysteri
ous death of the fifth wife of William
Mayhar. Mrs. Mayhar died suddenly
en October 23 at Rlverten. Bhe had
taken three four-grain capsules of
quinine for toothache, and in less than
an hour was dead. Rumer had it that
Mayhar had made way with several
wives, and the coroner determined ,te
held an inquest The body ,of wife Ne.
5 was disintcred, and the stomach,
brain and lungs were sent te the state
chemist for analysis. It disclosed
strychnine poisoning, and the jury
rendered a verdict in accordance with
the facts. '
Oev. McKlnley's Father Dead.
Cantes, 0,, Nev. 25. The contest
was an unequal one, but' William Mc
Klnley, sr., father of Ohie's governor,
fought off death for almost a week.
The end finally came .before daylight
Thursday morning. The patient re
mained conscious until thojeat and ap
peared tq recegnlzq each member of the
family as, they steed almost heart hoart heart
breken at the bedside. Heart disease
was the cause of death. The blew Is a
heavy one te tha aged, wife. Fer evr
sixty-two years the couple have trav
eled along 'life's highway1 together.
The shock will be mera than she can
Brewerj.II timed.
Fabiiiault, Minn., Nqv ,8,5. At mid
nlgnt Godfrey Fleckinstelp's brewery
was burned The plant was a large one,
about 300,000 being invested But a
light insurance, between 12,000 and
13,000, was carried, and the less .is,
therefore, nearly total. Incendiarism
is believed te have been the origin of
the fire.
Cel. Jack Chtnn Recovering.
St. Leuis, Nev. 25. CeL Jack Chlnn,
who was shot by an officer at the East
St Leuis race track, last week, baa se
far recovercd as te be able te travel,
and he has gene home te Harrodsburg,
Ky. where he will remain until fully
recovered He will resume bis duties
as starter at JIawtherna race track Chi
cago, later en.
31 order and Probable Xyne)ilnff.
G'tATTANOOOA, Tcnn., Nev. 25. Gee.
Lawsen, white, was murdered at Seuth
Pittsburgh Thursday night by three
Negroes. All three were captured and
have confessed. A mob is forming and
tbe prisoners wiU surely be lynched un
less the authorities succeed in getting
them out of the county, '
The Lookout or Cotten W pinners.
LeMDOff. .Nev. 35. Thn secretary ei
the, Master Cotten Splnaeru' Jtyderatlpn
apueunccB that, alght-nlntha of ,th
Kvlstdles organized n the ff4eratk ar4
ww stepj&d, or ara ntn(f 'i )UI
timm, aag lxtyiWr 'Kiewwa m
Presidential CamMSW 2
a t"1' w
W .
.. ,. mt .
ine iTCsmenuai campaign ei ievv
lntercsting and exciting in the history of
mi. ti 1.1 f4 - m nri
be extremely anxious te have all the GENERAL and POLITICAL NEWS and dls1
cussiens of the day as prcsentcd in a National journal, in addition te that supplied
by their own local paper.
Te meet this want we have entered
-., ,, -. v .. . . ..
Tim T.pnrliTier "Rfmnhlifym
-. . b r v -
which enables us te offer that splendid
year) and Tub Public Ledger for ene
UN. Y. WeeklV Tribune,"
" Puh Mr. I Har " .
We Furnish Beth Papers One Year for $3 25.
ttfitt vtvijf fiuif vj j.x a uuuiu jaauMn
tf j.ne money vuiii, in nu cases, accompany inc erucrs.
Address all orders.to v
thp puri in i pnnFR.
,. ..
; yCk
Onr Mr. "White liaYing pni'cliased the store property we are
in, and desiring te remodel same for greater capacity J
nnfl fnnvpnipnpp in hnnfllincr nnv Imninpssi. Tvliiph pnn- M
net well be done with the
nnen n call fm flie. npyf
Come and see ns.
seasenableDE.y GQQI)S;a,idSTAi
And Housekeeping Goods
Tinware, Tin Reefing,
JOBeWOllK OF ALL KINDS Kxe cntd In the
l '
win, wuueui uuum, uu mu uiubi imcusuiy ;
the United States, and country pcople will-;
111 11 s. -l.-t-a. si. .-a l..KaMl "m
.. ... .,.-
into a contract with the ' rK-
- . -, ,g
PnriAi' nf f.liA TTnUp.fl Sfnfpfl! J.l
r ,
journal (regular1 subscription price $1 per.,2
' - - ;?
regular price per year $ 00 '
' ' " ' " ..".... 3 00 Vfl
KA. ff
-r ww j.
. ,
e riv iti iwnv imiuntuii vj t vitvn . -
,. ......... .
""' .'X a
, ',
stock in the house, we prb-U
fpw fln.va
!'i -'v-S
Generally Always en Hand;
&& & 4fcrzJ,
i m
Gntteriug and Spouting. l
' ' i :
bf it manner:
38 ST 10 WSffttMLttmt, ;-: .MiYSYUMiXg
1.. ;
. '&mlmAJA&
lif A U3

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