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l WKSfi1'"'" e (A Retultt of the lleeent ,
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Tt Id tmllAttml 4linf Hft trfiltnnt'a nnmA
?i8.Aoeu,iion Aaaein. At least it leaas
all the rest in Cabinet calculations.
New who will sav that the war Isn't
'i:.- mL- r....-.. -i . ..
' 'ii'i'v.?;,ciatlpn of , Atlanta has resolved te buy a
W'aJ ' ' J?tV; United States flag under which te marcb:
The International Monetary Confer-
' wence is at work doing a' little conferring,
as it were. The rich, musical jingle of
American silver is neara in me reports
ffl' of its transactions.
rT. . '
Mrs. Lease of Kansas declares that
'fl; tershlp. dhe takes the dignified posi pesi
$m ."tien that the office knows whereto find
Aft - ....
'- If the new comet should strike the
- earth and smash a hole into the fair
'Y.face' of this medesi planet there are
folks who would Insist that the cosmic
crash was due te the horrid McKinley law.
if ....
;'; President-elect Cleveland began his
! speech at the Chamber of Commerce
dinner the etheriight by saying: "We
;? ,'are all interested, as Americans, in a
sf, common pursuit." Possibly the gentle-
;w .man meant the pursuit of the offices.
?. ' Many overzoaleus friends of Governer
,; Beies of Iowa are booming him for a
.''place In the new Cabinet The chief
' claim of the Iowa man te th place he
, seeks seems te lie in the fact that he
''' did his level best te take the nemlna-
. tien away from Mr. Cleveland at Chi-Vcas0
ijs '-' '-"''A recruiting station for the United
' .' 'iiv States Army has been opened at Pertst
.; -J month. , This will be geed news te the
. , : ,boys who will seen be. out of a Qevern-
'' 'nient job. These who wish ie serve
v ' 'Unde Sam as soldiers will be secure In
',-j their places as long as they live, for
..vX nobody can displace them as long as
' ':J: they obey the rules.
: v;- The grand old Republican party has
V-ft ?reat deal te be thankful for this year,
!.. notwithstanding recent events. It Is
' thankful, for Instance, that its progress
ive and statesmanlike policy has se en-
' riched and strengthened the Natien' that
net even four years of Democratic mis mis
rele can obliterate the evidences of its
v splendid achievements.
Alabama proposes te settle the
"InegTO domination" problem in novel
,. s
'm' way pending in the Legisla-
-1 4re waIcn " te Decomea a law, will
practically de away with the negre vote.
afr.The bill provides that "allj peraehs
py whose state and county taxes, as as-
'' JJ 11 A-....
v Bi'aaeu, u'j uei ameuai ie e, buuii net
v ... i. ..... .
de requirea te pay tne same u it de
shown that such persons failed te vote
I at 'the August and November elections
r or tne previous year."
This (.4 nnn nf ihn manv hnntrn nf rnt
; that la going 'the rounds of the se-called
Democratic press:
, The surplus turned ever by the Demo
cratic administration en March 4th, 1888,
was ever 8100,000,000,
The deficit turned ever by the Rcpubll-
&'' . caB administration en March 4th, 1803, is
Wtten the election was ever, most per-
S0M thought the campaign .prevariea-
ter's oeeapatien would etese, but it
baea't panned out that way.
The Homeatoad strike terminated, like
Srftll ch aftdrs, in dloaster te the strikers.
ti i.M'SiaBy eC these who liave regained their
v'MWSa BMiUeas at the Caraesie Ullla are
leelllff V fsed Ver the netli-
tfjmMm flvea that their wages would be
1. The boiler men who formerly
Ne(rl 2 iiS per day ut new Werk
w; $1 W. JUt wages of the eUters Me
k sk mm M twiM refneed te e
M J te M 1m
I'EttsesAL renriit.
WIS leu havtfrtcndt vUUiiig you, Or if you
are aning aicay en a visit, pltate drop it a neU
te,that effect,
Hal C.
Curran has returned from
Mr. and Mrs. Philip S. Romper were in
Danvllle this week.
. Dr. Vil'sen 'of. Covington 1$ jjvisit
;r daughter, ftlrs'. Loe Le'vel.
Miss Emma "Wallah of Covington is
visiting ber cousin, Mrs. J. T. Kackley.
Mrs, Jcnnle CInrke has returned from
a visit te Miss Frank Morrison of Chicago.
Miss Lulie Chamberlain and Mrs. 0. A.
McUarlhey returned today from a visit te
relatives at Covington.
Jesse Beswell of The Huntington Iler
aid composing room is enjeying a Thanks
giving visit with'bis parents at Aberdeen.
A small goat ote a tomato can
Andthen elght pounds of nails,
He finished his tneal by way of dosert
By consuming four large fonce rails.
He said te hlinsulf with a Jovial smlle,
As off te his home he ran:
" I'm euro the nails can't disturb me,
Out I think the tomato can."
-Bantillls Advocate.
The chrysanthemum
land's favorite-flower.
is Mrs. CIeve
Maiue Dkcca will sing at the Cincin
nati " Peps" te-morrow.
i ii i m ii
Jbffbrsek county has two Coroners,
owing te a muddle in the recent electien.
I 9 i
TnK Lexington Leader Is preparing te
tnove into its new office en December 1st.
The new Oddfellews' llall at Manches
ter will be dedicated early in December.
Tub ladles of OwenBbore are raising
money for the purpose of establishing a
public library.
Dn. T.i P, Davidsen, a prominent phy
sician of Portsmouth, was badly hurt by
a runaway teaiej
Dan Ubndeksqn, formerly of this city,
will marry Miss Patlie Moero at George
town next month.
Rev. D. n., Clark of Mt. Sterling will
preach at the Christian Church at the
usual hours te-morrow.
At Kuttawa two residences and a store
were destroyed by flre. Less, $8,000,
with 84,KX) Insurance.
At Covington the Hatfield coal eleva
tor was destroyed by flre. Less, f 15,000;
covered by Insurance.
m m
Rebert Benner, owner of Maud 8.,
will put the mare in training te beat her
own record next year.
ii i i J m
Judge Walten Easen of Lancaster is
dead. He was prominent as an old sol
dier and a Republican.
i .
The hull of a new ferryboat was
launched at Manchester last week, and
the cabin is new. being put en.
, t i ,
In Daviess county Miss Rebecca Hardi
man, an old woman of 83, was, burned
te death wblle alone in the heuse.
Misa Rebecca Uardisen, aged 88, was
burned te death in Muhlenberg county.
She had lived as a rocluse slnce 1835.
The ninth annual convention of the
Southern Homeeopathic Medical Associa
tion is In session at Het Springs, Ark.
The discovery has been made that the
wheat crop of Minnesota and Dakota is
many million bushels above all estimates.
L. L. Allen and Miss Mattie WIthers,
each of the mature age of 14, eloped from
Hepkinaville and married at Dever, Tenn.
Durine the Domecratio ratification at
Emlncnce a young man named Rawlins
yas thrown from his bone and fatally
Rav. W. T. BrEARS will preach at the
Central Presbyterian Church te-morrow.
There will be a congregational meeting
after the clete of .the morning ser vices.
Judek O'Hara at Covington has do de do
cided that the city ought te pay W. XI.
Xackey H09Q and 0, D. Bhnrs.ll $11,.
GOO u fees in the suit evor the water
works muddle dews there.
i i
Tiu Center UelW Football Tew
UtenOly "played" wlUt the Ualretttty of
OfneeMMttt Teeea m TiMMluwivtef Dtyt
tie etr ww ft
"the zEb'arh" vatxh run contri centri contri
ntrriess ruR A ueun eavnb.
Let TAbrral-SflHiint and Octtereut Citlxem
ItmwHit lyith I'remptneM, te Repair Dam
age te the Church Furniture.
After years of pat lent tell, and by the closest
economy, tbe Ladles' Mlte Society of the M.
E. Church, Seuth, ralsed a fund nearly sum
dent te furnish the new and handseme Church.
Less than tbroe weeks age the building, was
dedicated, and the congregation bad net fairly
settled down In the uew houte.
Thanksgiving Day all the Mlnlsters of sis
ter churches and mrtny of their rnembcrs' as
sembled In tbe new bu tiding te offer up thanks
giving and prnlse te tbe Giver of all geed.
Services bad Just begun, when, without a
premonition of danger, the alarm of Arc was
Fortunately the large audlonce flled out
Inte the street without personal Injury.
Dut for several hours thore wi.s a horelo
struggle botween the llromen and the tinmen,
the former finally gaining mastery.
After the smeke had cleared away it was
found that tbe handseme building was badly
damaged. This, however, is fully covered by
Tbe carpets, the furniture and otlier be
longings, placed there by the self-sacrlficing
efforts of the Ladles' Mite Society, wero badly
damaged also some of the artleles beyend tbe
hope of repair. On these there rem no (tun
ranee. The less Is qulte heavy, and It falls
with crushing effect upon the hearts of the
dovetod women who labored se long and se
lovingly In tbe work of furnishing the Church.
Tub Ledebh proposes te assist the ladles in
the restoration of the property which was
their prlde; and te this end it Invites contri
butions from ovor-genereus cltlxens.
All contributions left at or sent te fills offlce
will be acknowledged promptly, and the
meney will be turned ever te the Treasurer of
the Ladles' Mlte Society.
Don't be afraid of giving tee mueh; any sur
plus will be appropriated te a geed cause.
Don't be afraid of giving tee little; many
small sums make a handseme aggregate.
TrtE LEDOEn heads the list and wants te see
It grew.
Public Ledeek (10 00
M.Cltusscll&Sen 10 00
The General Assembly of the Knights
of Laber decided te remove the head
quarters of the organization from Phila
delphia. Niagara Falls, Columbus, O.,
or Baltimore, Md., will be chosen.
.r ' r '
The high-sounding firm of Bernis,
Staunton & Ce., commission merchants,
has slid out and left $20,000 worth of
debts at Cincinnati. They cnught W. B.
Carpentor & Ce. for t80 worth of print
ing. At Salycrsvllle Andersen Cole was ar
rested en the charge of incest, made by
his two yOung daughters. The evidence
is very strong against him, and he will
have te be sent away te provent mob vio
lence. James Hurlburt, Wharfmastcr at
Covlngten,and Jehn McDonald engaged
In a row at Sharp's poolroom Thanksgiv
ing Day. McDonald was hit with a cane
and Hurlburt was slightly cut with a
M. C. Russell & Sen wero first te sup
plement The Lbdeeii'8 subscription te
reimburse the Ladies' Mlte Society for
their less by the recent tire at the M. E.
Church, Seuth. Who will be the rtext,
and the next, and se en?
The trolley wires, by reason of the
slcet, furnished a geed deal of home-made
lightning last night. But then think hew
the peer dumb mules would have suf
fered, and hew uncomplainingly they
would have dragged the crowded cars
after thorn!
TnE Manchester Signal is net bowed
down by reason of Republlcan defeat.
It new comes te us in bread pages, each
filled with choice matter. A pewet press
has been added and Brether Perry is as
happy as a clam at. high tide. Leng may
he be "in the swim."
A question of the constitutionality of
the Australian ballet law has been raised
in California, and a temporary injunction
has bcen granted restraining the count
ing of the vote in San Francisce. A
blind voter claims that it deprives him of
the sectecy of the ballet, guaranteed by
the Constitution.
Officers of the United States Express
Company say the report that the company
will take charge of the express business
en the Leuisville and Nashvllle Railroad's
line en January 1st is premature Vlco Vlce Vlco
Prcsldent Lovojey of the Adams Express
Company contradlcted the repert.
i i i i
Bemb weeks age Jerry Constantine,
whlte, leanod Uenry Roberts.colorod.KO,
the agreement being that it the money
Was net paid back en Thanksgiving Day,
CoeiUBtlae might kill Roberts. It
was a plaia business contract, ami it was
crrld et te the letter, Only ee shot
WJiw WWe W-Hw erW sril erWMi We-t
seeiswesi t a Utile XeeXiteky tow ealW
A I'triilextty Cau$ed 1) ITemnn'i lnvn$ien
Inte Jtuelntie Life.
The progress of the female sex Inte the
the world' of business has given rise te
some hard problems, One of these is
tbe form of address te be employed In a
letter te a business woman. When she
signs her name merely as "Mary Jenes,
attorney at law," the recipient of the lot let
tor Is at a less whether te reply te "Dear
Madam' or "DearTdlss." Wh6n a "Ce."
is attached and It becomes n firm, the
perplexity Is Just doubled.
A letter was recently received In the
Pension Offlce at Washington, from
"Bclva A. Lockwood & Ce." The stere
otyped form of reply would be "Bclva
A. Lockwood & Ce., gentlemen," but
this was obviously out of place. "La
dles" could net be substituted because
no one knew the sex of the "Ce." and
uiorever that form of address seemed in
appropriate. The difficulty was solved
by usiug the firm name alene in the ad
dress. The same perplexity has disturbed the
councils of a chapter of the Daughters
of the American Revolution. The pre
siding officer could net be addressed as
"Mr. President." Parllamentry law' evi
dently did net cnntemplate woman suf
frage, for it makes no prevision for the
case. Regent is the title of the officer in
this organization, but when ene of the
sisters rose for a motion Intending te use
that form of address she was uncertain
whether te say "Mrs. Rogent" or "Miss
Regent," because she was unacquainted
with the matrimonial state of the officer
All of the Democrats in Danville want
Leland Procter and Miss Laura Ken
nell were married near Ellzaville.
See notice of Collector and Treasurer
In regard te payment of city taxes.
-I ' !! ...
PeruLAR prices, 10, 20 and 80 cents at
the Opera-house al next week.
O. L. Marvin of Aberdeen will move
te Muncic, Ind., te make it his home.
William Lkmine. of Springdale wants
te rent a place a small farm we pre
sume. -
James It. SruROEON, Maysville's col
ored lawyer, lectured at Ripley Thanks
giving night.
The Esplanade Building is a thing of
the past. It is completely tern down
and the lumber removed.
Postmaster Wilsen of Aberdeen has
geno into the grocery business, and The
Ledger wishes him success.
Regular meeting U. C. T. te-night.
All members requested te be present.
J. Barbour Russell, Secretary.
i i m i
TnE Eleventh Annual Tobacco Fair of
the Scott County Association will be
held at Georgetown en December 3d.
It Is a rattling flne farce comedy, says
an exchange, in speaking of " A Turkish
Bath," At Washington Opera-house to
night. Geerge Virein, a notorious herse
thief, whp is wanted in Hickman county
for stealing a horse, was arrested at
Tub Riley's open their engagement in
the new comedy drama, Alberta, the son
of Mente Criste. The play has met with
great success.
Alex Julian, totally blind and a resi
dent of Frankfort, eloped with his house
keeper and married at Lexington. He is
a brother of Judge Ira Julian.
Somebody lest a 33-callber pistol at the
burning of the M. E. Church, Seuth.
Thanksgiving Day. We presume he
went thore te " sheet the flre."
The trial of Sylvester Crltchlew at
Pittsburgh en the charge of municr in
connection with the Homestead riot re
sulted In a verdict of acquittal.
Marie Heath, who assumes the lead
ing rele in " A Turkish Bath," la sold te
be n delightfully charming little actress.
At Washington Opera-house te-night.
The usual services will be held at the
First Baptist Church te-morrow, con
ducted by the Paster, Rev. R. G.
Patrick. Subject at the evening dis
course, "The Judgment."
Professer Akren McKinney of Cin
cinnati and Miss Ella Galbrcalh were
married Thanksgiving Day at the resi
dence of G. B. Galbrcath, the bride's
father, near Murphysville.
wm i s m
Cekr and help swell The LapaRR's
fund for the benefit of the Ladles1 Mlte
Society. Yeu will feel better, evea
thHtk yam contribute a sasall sum; 1
fact, we would rather bare a WMMleea
smU iwhusipMeM Iks te kve a stafW
esjej VW WTW ejjeTTiWi l H" irptBsj
(HNC m
Of the 2K. E. Church, Seuth, Arrangemeate
for Placet of IFerthlp.
The congregation of the M. E. Church,
Seuth, will have no services tomorrow at
11 o'clock, but will worship in the Cen
tral Presbyterian Church, with the con
gregation thereof, at 7 o'clock p. m., and
thereafter every Sunday at 11 o'clock a.
m. and 7 o'clock p. m., until further no
tice. The Sunday-school will also meet In
that church at 8:80 p. m.
The Central Presbyterians have kindly
placed their heuse at our disposal until
the secend Sunday in January, if we need
it se long.
The M. E. Church has invited us te use
their heuse half tbe time, and in grate
ful recognition of this fraternal spirit, it
is recommended by the Paster and Offi
cial Beard that our peeple unite with the
M. E. Church in Prayer-meeting every
Thursday night until we can use our own
house again. C. J. Nueent.
Somebody remarked that it was a damp,
bad night last night.
," !
Mathew Bevfhan has sold out bis
business at Moranburg.
Sam Jenes will begin a meeting at
Hopkfnsville January 14th.
, .
Frederick Colten, a prominent law
yer of Cincinnati, is dead.
Fred A. Nattnaebl, aged 40, a promi
nent K. P., is dead at Lexington.
Charles Maye and Miss Tillie Bulling Bulling
ten married at Ashland Thanksgiving
W. L. Vance was injured by falling
through the joists of his new building at
E. D. Pickett and Miss Carrie H. Mc Mc
Atee were married near Fern Leaf en
Thanksgiving Day.
Loek out for the "rain of fire" that as
tronemers premise us te-morrow evening.
And don't get scared.
The greenhouses of F. Mullins & Ce.,
Richmond, burned a few nights age, en
tailing a less of $8,000.
Isaac M. Simenin, a wealthy Pbila Pbila
delphian, married Miss Ida Bufflngten,
a Covington belle, en Thursday.
Dr. W. 8. Reeves of Wyoming and
Miss Nannie Housten were married near
Mt. Carmel en Thanksgiving Day.
Colonel Jack Ceinn, the horseman
who was shot in Chicago, has been re
moved te his home in Harrodsburg.
i m i
The game of football between Scwanoe
and the Leuisville Athletic Club resulted
in a tie. The score was six te six.
TnE residence and outbuildings of W.
G. Terhune at Harrodsburg were de
stroyed by Are. Less, $2,000; fully In
sured. . m . i
Judge J. W. Hughes of Harrodsburg
and Miss Alma Robinson will be married
at the Leuisville Hetel, Louisville, en
Wednesday, Decomber 14th.
TnE Beard of Directors and Gym
nasium Commlttee et the Knights of St.
Jehn are requested te mcet at thelr hall
te-morrow aftornoen at S o'clock.
At the clese of his term as Circuit
Judge lien. A. E. Cele will enter upon
the practice of law in this city. We are
glad he will continue te be "ene of us."
Gilman & Renaker of Paris have
killed and shipped 25,000 turkeys te the
EastOrn market. They have shut down
until December 7th, when they will
begin again.
i . i
In Carter county Wiley Wcllcr and his
wife left their children locked in the
heuse whlle they went te church. The
heuse caught fire and the children were
burned te death.
Miss Nellie Pethrs of Louisville is
seen te be very much married. She is
engaged te Count Ernest Geerge Gcrsc Gcrsc
derfl wo'll'glve the bal&nce of his name
next week, He is an offlcer in the Ger
man army.
i i i
The Y. M. O. A. Footballers took a
whack at the Kentucky Team at Lexing
ton Thanksgiving Day, and the scere
loekod something like this 28 for the
Kcntucklans and a. great big goesegg for
the porkcaters.
-. .
De Teu Knew
That a large percentage of deaths in this
country are caused by consumption and
lung troubleT A little cold neglected in
the beglnning eften terminates In con
sumption. Every time you cough you
increase the treuble, and an Inflamatlefl
was seen started, which is difficult te con
trol. There is eae remedy that curt
quickly every klttd, t a cough. That le
Dr, Hale's ttawtt&d Ceh Cure. Itk
tks Ust. Are e net esAitM te tbe
beett te Mtteft4fes. Vent 4
hewer W seitIJe'' Dtmsseb re.
rr lw r - w
rOHJIwf & l'ffi MttlaXte jhe etechAet
lWiA.-( .2m4jhe)pu1tr(
is f'.fmiifctf'tnrf riAAhAmJui fAjeV
j wiMwatviw Vvviviaw vwm u.5
pany was orgBizej .id this city ArHwt,
years age, the stock was taken by tkree;
individuals M. C. Russell $1,500Jek'
W. Stephens 1500 and James R. BteffceW.
W tinU-
J m . .,'.. - ' TM
This was supplemented by a " be8" '
of $1,500, subscribed by a number ef-citl-, -zens
favorable te manufacturing eater- !
prises. .; , , -
As evidence of geed faith en thpti'4
of the promoters of the company, it wsis
agreed with the citizens who subscribed''
Hint tliA nnnnA.aftn mat a l1 1 at. m n 4 a1.m..1 .
be encrated for at least three vnarn. T-,j$!
Werk was begun, and for two years
Un ..St.. ..A.... AM .AJ ..1 A A. .
an averuge of 15 hands, most of whew fi
were men with families. During thi-sl
time a very large sum was paid out in '
wages, every aeuar 01 wuicu leuna us
way Inte the tills of the merchants and
landlords of Maysville.
At the end of this time the company
found that it was felly te continue leager,
The premises made by local ceBsunevs'
te buy .the product of the new factory
had net been fulfilled whether for geed
reasons or bad Is net our province te dhf
cuss just new.
The company ceased work, sold the re-'
maining stock, and an inventory showed
that of the $3,000 originally put into the
concern in addition te receipts from
sales of manufactured goods all had
been swallowed up excepting some $1,360. ,
Mr. Russell, who had been the chlef
contributor, and who is also the principal
loser, resolved te make a pre rata distri
bution of the assets among the stockhold
ers and these who had subscribed, se that
within the past few days a division of
85j has been made te most of tne num
ber, and the remaining ones will reached
as seen as possible.
These facts are given for the purpose
of showing that Maysville can beast of
one. .enterprise at least, which, though a,
failure, has acted. wth perfect geed faith '
toward these who encouraged it.
And it may net be out of place te say
In this connection that Maysville does
net want manufacturing concerns. It
would be one of the easiest things imagi
nable te secure in this city withla, en
hours a capital of $100,000 te jectabliek a '
bank, or whatever sum might be seeded
te start a fuel gas feundry.-reitber of
which, if 'successful, would net add an
other family te our population or afford
an additional consumer for the wares of
our storekeepers, whlle it would be a,
waste of time te attempt the introductien:
of a stove foundry that, would employ
five hundred hands and add flfteea -hundred
or two thousand, te our population.
The people of Maysville, aa made up at
present, de net want home Industries.
They prefer te spend their money or
goods that are made elsewhere. Se let '
it be.
m i
A Reliable Man.
M. J. Grlncr, a Justice of the Peace,
at Print, Mich., says one bottle of Cham
berlaln'8 Celic, Cholera and Diarrheea'
Rmcdy saved his life. He had bcen
down with bloody flux fur three weeks
when he commenced using this medicine,
It seen cured him, and he believes saved
his life. He also says it saved the lives
of three railroad men in that vicinity.,
'Squire Griner is a rcliable and censcien
tieus man, and whatever he says can be,"' ,
depended upon. Fer sale by Power &
ueynnius, uruggtsts. . ri
. " r
What a yrtr$iajttr It
Bill Nye's definition of a newspaper is
as follews: " It Is a library. It is an
encyclopedia, a poem, a history, a
uicuenary, a umciaeie, a romance, a j
guide te political resume, a ground plan
of the civilized world, 'a low-priced
multum in parve. an obituary, a snip- ui3
wreck, a symphony in solid brevier a
medley of life and death, a grand,'
aggregation of man's glory and of all hls
shame. It is, in short, a bird's eye view
of all the magnanimity and meanness,
the joys and sorrows, births and deaths,
the pride and poverty et the world, all
for a few cents."
i m m
What Will Niagara Det
Tltnt, nrnnnin Ie fi.mlal. In- (nln .
I. , .. . -II .1 'V.
grapu, aa ii were, uu mu puwur uecuav.
sary te operate the machinery at the A
Chicago Exposition,, (K0 miles awtyy; and, ;'.S
u tncir experiment proves me complete
success they think, they will be prepared j
te furnish as much horse-power as may.
be needed by any factory in the United -j$
States. In ether words, if the .Niagara
tuuncl fululls the expectation of. the;
engineers who designed and have bulltV
it, it will revolutionize manufactures, de,
away with steam, render coal no leager
an industrial necessity and simplify aad-l
cneapen manufacturing.
Souvenir of the TrtjJ.
Colonel Frank Owens is a trump. Be
has ene way only of doing things, a&ddf
uiav is uiu uuuuBuiuu way. uctuBes eeiRCiu
an enthuslast en fishing, he Is Wise afv!
enthusiast iu remembering his friis.';l
During the recent pilgrimage ta- k
Reckies, the Colonel was fereaeet m''
everything that tended te the ptste,
of his companions, and the trff wVfcV:
thoroughly cnjoyable that he - attslii't
propose that its memories efceettd lask .
away. Te aid in their preisrretls ke"
had made a number of haadsesse :
knives, en the bright blr Waete ieVJ
each appeAring "S-lMt, Denver.
TrrrrawMM." Keck pilfriw ie
prsnateJ wh e of teveee
uul It wltlinnl --- kt. tkB I
""IT" " "ffm .V!"
be lef

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