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Against me- iMumeiHitftr;
' The Grain Pltttirar. r
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tyttd McGuii?' Pays( the Penalty
' at 'Sing Sing.
tit Was Killed Twelve. Seconds Aftei
, ' V the Current Was, On,
,, , , " ' ,
AStf'wits VneoDMlea Frem the Instant
'MM Carre nt Reached Ilia Bedy ile
' Indication! of Hurtling or Mark
, V'J of 'Aar Klnd-HU Crime.
- t T
A t '
-Srae Sins, N. Y Dec. 2a Pred Me-
Gutro was cleetr cuted at 11:18 Monday
morning. ; ' ' . ' , )
' McGulre htd a light breakfast,' con
versed with Rev, D. L. Conkling, of
Mlddletewn, and Chaplain Edgertea, of
the prison, and, as the tlmeapprpached
fur Ute auinmeua te tua.. .. ...ce in
the death ehalr; seemed te be fully re
signed te the fate which aural ted him.
He confessed his guilt, and assumed full
responsibility for the murder of Mrs.
Gregery, and went te his deem a pent-
tent man.
Baek of the death chair Is the closet
in which the man who turns en the fa
tal current is concealed. The chair
steed upon a rubber mat which ex-(
tended for some distance en each side
for the safety of the physicians and
electriclans. Electrician Dnvls attached
the electredas te battery of two in
candescent lamps attached te a beard
which he placed acresn the arms, of the
death chair and he turned en the cur
rent, lighting up the lamps te show that
everything was In working order. The
voltage was found te be 1,800, which is
800 greater than was used at former
At 11:00 Chief Keeper Connaughton
received the signal te bring In the
deemed man. One minute later Mc
Gulre, attended by Chaplain Edgerton,
of the prison, and Rev. D. L. Conkling,
of Mlddletewn, entered from the cells.
The ministers were repeating the epis epis
eopal service for the dead. McGulre
walked without flinching, and sat down
In the chair. Keepers strapped hb
arms and legs, and the electricians, as
sisted by the doctors, attached the
electrodes. One of them was placed
upon the temples and held fast by a
heed piece, which inclesed the upper
part of the man's head. The ether was
strapped te his right leg just below the
"knee. Beth electrodes were saturated
-with salt water. t
It took less than one minute te at
tach the electrodes and make the con
nection with the wires. Warden Brown
gave the signal at 11:10.80. The cur
rent was turned. The subject jumped
and strained against the straps, and
the air forced from his lungs mode a
sound like a deep mean. Atllll08
the current was turned off at a signal
from Dr. Irwlne, the prison physician.
The muscles relaxed and the body sank
back limp and lifeless in the chair. Al Al
eost instantly the current was turned
en again. The body straightened at
the straps again, and was rigid for
three seconds, when the current waa
turned oil.
The i body settled back in the chair
and ler two minutes all present
watched for signs of life. There were
none. Drs, Irvine and Abbett at 11:90
pronounced the man dead. The ether
physicians were invited te examine the
body. Ne indications of burning or
' -marks of any kind were te be discov
ered. Dr. Abb, who has been present
at two former electrocutions, said that
it was the most successful that baa
taken place. He said that without'
question the man was killed 19 seconds
after the current was turned en for the
first contact and that he was unooa uneoa unoea
scious from the instant the current
reached his body.
The autopsy waa performed by Dr.
Abbett half an hour after thetan was
pronounced dead. The result showed
no destruction of tissues, and the ex
ternal burns, which were present in
ether cases of death in the ehair, were
The crime for which McGulre paid
the death penalty was the killing of
Mrs. Amelia Gregery, wife of Neah
Gregery, a farmer and tax collector of
Mlddletewn, Orange county, en Octo
ber 14, 1801. The crime was committed
for robbery.
Herr Hen Cewhlded.
New Yerk, Dec 9a Emma Geldman,
the friend of Bergmann, who shot H. C.
Frick, oewhlded Herr Most Sunday
night as he was about te begin his lec
ture te tne uerman ana neorew anar
chist groups in Odd Fellows' halL Most
it la said attacked Miss Geldman in his
paper. The quarrel is of long standing
' and has assumed increased bitterness
since the sheeting of Frick, which Most
discountenanced. The woman, togeth
er with a wing of the anarchist organi
zation, holds that Bcrgmann is a here
and a split has followed. The affair
caused considerable excitement and is
likely te develop furthsr trouble.
Pretectant Gbareh Dedicated In Madrid.
Londen, Dee. 90. The Standard's
Madrid correspondent says that,desplte
the emphatle pretests of the papal nun nun
Ie, the bishop of Madrid and thou
sands of aristocratic Catholics, the
Protestant church was consecrated
Monday with the consent of Premier
-Sagaata. Archbishop Plunket, of Dub
lin, Pare Hyacinth and several English
clergymen were present The cense-
oration oeremeny had been deferred re-
peatedly, as the approval of the con
servative premler just succeeded by
Sagas ta could net be obtained.
Itoaiatlesal Saletd.
St. Leuis, Dec. St. Monday morning
' (lu vault nl the. ltv treasurer at (ha
?'?. eity ball was found open and a number
Bk'tWL .1 V.-.1 .. I j
B,W yayra HRvreirvui tutu uvea viaceu en
vMm vn miu inuem. kjmvct tv was
learned that Edward FeersteL son of
fMy Treasurer Feeratal, and assistant
Palik father, had eemraltted suicide.
' .
j. ."
Fmw Wmitb, fU., Dee. . The
ksr h the gin keM U Jeaepe. , Lea
v4MtfML Ml) Mllltfcf JTafMMt MMlA OMMfftwf
a4 iiHwiely lrtc tfc pnyrietec
Tha httllJMsup
4 W
cauevvl mkaiDaiiATidx.
Opinion em' tat-the -'Usnt( of the llrctnt
Tidal iratvi and Cyclonic Disturbance
" What mil Jlfce nqrveHef"
nrarilrrc DinTiinee '
1 nrvirr Anv 1 wrt3j 4
In 1880 empleyes in the mamtfactur
ing industries of the Bourbon city of
Savannah, Oa earned en the average
a year. In 1800 they earned
a year. This pfeant that the amount
disbursed in wages rose from
during the ten year of Protection. Yet
Savannah voted te discontinue this
Kew Yerk Prts.
The friends of the Hen. Carl Schurz
are said te be working industriously le
secure him a prominent office under the
Incoming administration. By all means,
Mr. Cleveland, give this eminent nui
sance a place send him as Minister te
the Blrdung Islands, send him anywhere
te get him out of the country.
The Louisville ' Times does Itself
credit, anil presents a strong-contrast
with sdme se-called "state rights"
papers, when it says:
Tha total number of deaths from chel
era In the Russian empire since the nut
break of the still present epidemic is offi
cially stated at 205,700. Several new
cases of the plague have appeared in
Hamburg, and the gravest apprehension
is everywhere felt as te the possible and
probable course of the postilenco during
the next year. The first step toward the
protection of this country should and
doubtless will be the putting of all quaran
tine matters under the control of the
Federal Government.
R. D. Samuels, who lias arrived in
San Francisce from Australia, tells a
striking story of the hard times new
prevalent at the antipodes. He says
that in Melbourne, a city of 250,000,
there areat least 7000 men unemployed,
and there are at least 0,000 men in the
smaller town of Sydney. Throughout
the entire country, tee, hard times pre
vail. Head clerks, bookkeepers and
men of that class accustomed during
the boom te getting 13 or $60 a week,
new get but 2 a week and are glad te
get that. Amerlca, and California
above all, la new the objective point of
tens of thousands in Australia. But
many of them cannot get here. They
haven't get the money. We believe
they have the blessjngs of Free-trade in
Australia, and it is utterly surprising
that the people should want te ceme te
America and be ''oppressed" by the "rob
ber Tariff."
The Federation of Laber Congress in
session at Philadelphia wants the bovo bevo bove
ral states te provide that the militia
shall be used for the protection of labor
in future strikes. This Is a long stride
in the direction of anarchy, and the
sooner labor recegnises its mistake and
recedes from this position the hotter it
will be. In speaking of this extraordi
nary demand, The Kentucky Journal
says it "means that labor as a class
most be recognized in the constitutions
of each state and in the Federal Consti
tution. But if labor as a class, why
net capital as a class? Why net farm
ers, clerks, lawyers, physicians and be
en, each as a class? One is equally en
titled te representation and recognition
as the ether; but neither one will get
It, for this is a Government of the peo
ple, by the people and for the peeple In
which there will be no special privileges,
bat equal and exact justice te all."
A Cure for Qreuy,
If yeu,r children are subject te croup,
always kesp a bottle of Chaialwlsla's
Cef Kwsedy at haad, Jt bhapvAaf
awl eerUU curt, If give m toen m
Um erW Wt WPMM H wlU yMmt
Um attack, tve m! br IVwk A Rejr-
ull. - -
ma vavitus '
0C u havtfrirnd vltlttne veti, or if vetf
areatHne away en a vlelt, please drop U a note
tii that tjnl.
1 Hen. R. B, Levcl returned last night,
from Cincinnati.. '
Councilman Themas M. Weed has re
turned from Madisen, Wis.
Miss Anna, Martin and -Mrs). Cecelia
Lengnccker are spending u few days in
Cincinnati -
Jehn (Jhnpin, a student at the Univer
sity of the Seuth, Sewanee: Tcnn., Is
home te spend the holidays
Mrs. E, H, Rccd of Limestone Is home
after a pleasant visit te the family of her
brother, J. B. Fristoe of Pleasant Valley.
Miss Minnie llanlcy of Mnyallck and
Miss Mollle Slattcry of Muysville are the
guests of Dennis Hanley of Millersburg.
Misses Hattie and Hallle Bradley of
Bernard and Miss Annie Werick of near
Lewisburg spent Saturday la Maysville
with Mrs. T, P. Bradley.
Misses Nellie and Bessie Ohapin, who
are attending school at St. Mary's Hall,
Indianapolis, are home te spend the holi
days with their parents, Rev. and Mrs.
D. D. Chapin.
Tbe germs of pottileuce, they ear,
The microbes wild and f ree
The llttlp housefly may convey
Acress the land and sea.
nut sclonce docs net dare surmlse,
In e'en most ebscure terms,
That though the germs are en the riles,
There are tiles upon the germs.
James K. Lloyd has The Ledeeii's
thanks for Buffalo papers.
Notwithstanding the rush of adver
tising, Tub Ledger furnishes a large
amount of reading matter, It may be
found en every page.
As book after January 1st as practica
ble the Adams Express Company will in
troduce a money order system in connec
tion with their ethor business.
Goveuker BnewN has vetoed the bill
te reimburse Trustees of the Jury Fund,
who summoned sixtcen instead of twelve
Grand Jurymen, and then found them
bcIvcs unable te pay the claim.
Tim captured conudence man who
robbed a Bourbon county hayseed of
$2,000 is thought te be A. O. Weeds, a
noted creek who is wanted among ethor
crimes for fleecing a Jessamine county
mesaback seme years age of 30,000.
Knewing that an editor appreciates a
geed thing, Geerge W. Rogers & Ce.
have sent The Ledger's thinkmaker a
Jug of "Rogers's Old Stock," said te be
the best whisky in the city. We can
hardly wait till Christmas te drink te the
health of the donors.
m m m
Miss Lbtitxa. Lee Grant, aged 70, a
sister of 'Squire Jehn L. Grant, died
Friday night at the home of her brether-in-law,
Geerge Kllpatrick, In Lewisburg.
Her remains wero brought here Sunday
and interred In the Cemetery. Deceased
had bcen in failing health for two or
threo years. Her mother was a Lash Lash Lash
broeko, sister of the late Pcter Lash Lash Lash
broeko. "
Dn. Russell A. White, late of this
city but new of .Cincinnati, will te day be
married te Miss Lutie Gibsen at Platts
burg, Me. Tbe groom is a son of David
S. White of this cqunty, and the bride a
grandnlece of the late Mrs. Narclssa
Stockton of this city. She Is the pros
pective hclreea te a big fertune. Mr.
and Mrs. White are expected here to
morrow Qvcnlng. .
Beginning Wodnesday evening, the
will be kept open from 7 until 0 o'clock
every night this woek for the reception and
delhery of Ohrittmat packages. Have
your packages well wrapped, and put
your own name and address en the up
per left hand corner, and the address en
the lower right hand corner, and there
will he no trouble.
Ah Invaluable Rem4y for Oetde.
Bherlff Hardman of Tyler county, W,
Va,, was. almost prostrated with a cold
whea he began ulng Chamberlain's
Cough mawdy. In fVlBg of It ha
ay it "It gave e wmett iMUst rciMf.
I 4 It te he a liivaltMfck rtrndy ter
Fer mm by Pwr XyMtek,
The waterworks at Nichelasville
been completed.
F. II. McCasky has severed his connec
tion with The Vaneeburg Bun and geno
fa Pittsburgh.
Daniel Scott, an ex-Masen man, has
been elected Chancellor Commander of.
the Manchester Ledge, K, of P.
Fancy cups and saucers, bisque figures,
bric-a-brac, &c, cheaper at Themas's
China Stere en Court street than any
where in town.
The statement of the Btnte National
Bank appears elsewhcre. They have in-.
uivuai uopesus suujeci 10 cucck amount
ing te $397,197 87.
At the clese of ttie reccnt term of the
Fleming Circuit Court, which is the last
ever which Judge A. E. Cole will preside,
the members of the Bar passed resolu
tions highly complimentary te that gen
tleman. Anether of Edward Everett Hale's
beautiful idcis has been realized: "The
Noen Rest," a resort for shop girls In
Bosten, where net only a midday lunch
can be procured, but a parlor, piano, easy
chairs, couches, and a mending-basket
may be found. The enterprise is con
ducted by the Lend a-Hand Club.
The famous Oaks plantation in Seuth
Carolina has been sold for the phesphate
deposits en It for $40,000. It plays a
conspicuous part in several of Slmms's
novels, and Marien and his men were
often encamped there. One of tbe great
attractions of the old plantation is a long
avenue of ancient oak trees as gnarled
and rugged as the typical oaks of the
Deubling the Size!
Deubling the Issue!
In-order te accommodate
Holiday Advertisers, THE
LEDGER will, en
Friday, December 23d,
print an 8-page paper. The
edition will be a large one,
and intending advertisers will
please give their orders and
copy te our representative as
spen as possible net later than
neon of Wednesday next.
A Ledge of Oddfellews is te be insti
tuted at Bellevue.
mm -
Madisen Bhewn e( this city has been
notified by his attorney, Jphn Walsh,
that he is en Uncle Sam's pension roll at
$12 per month from April 23d, 1892.
There will probably be a lull in the
green goods circular business, as the
printing orSce was captured in New
Yerk, together with about a million circu
lars and ether classes of literature.
A DOiniLB wedding was solemnized
Sunday afternoon at the County, Clerk's
office. Rev. Jacob Miller officiating. The
contracting parties were W. H. Routt of
Beth county and Mrs. Rena Warren of
Flemlng; and Charles Starrett and Miss
Myrtle McClure of Bath.
Holiday excursion tickets will be sold
by the O. and O, te points en the Big
Four, O. U. and D L. and N O. and M.,
and Pennsylvania Railway West of Pitts
burgh at ene and one-third fare. Tick
ets en sale Oecember34th, 25th, 20th and
81st, and January 1st and 2d, return limit
January 3d. Lecal O. and O. excursion
tickets en sale December 23d and the
abeve dates, return limit January 4th.
Frem XtictttrQ,
O. F, Moere & Ce., prominent drug
gists of Newhurg, Ore, says: "Since
our e!rtestra have bscome acquainted
with the geed qualities of Chaatberlala'a
Couch HsrmJy, we Mil but IIU! of any
etiMr Mud. ClMMherMa's MoMeiM att
lira ft. MtkfttUea." Tet tata y
fw ItepMWi, Dfttftl'
Hliat We Stv Xzpert Jietteeen Xhl$ Time
and Te Merrow Ktenlng.
W7i streamer taik; Blue raw or snew:
With Black adeve 'twill warmer grew.
If BUuk't bbmsath colder 'twill be;
Unlee Bleck' I shown no ehange we'll tee.
(VThj aboe fori-cesu are made for a
pericxl of thlrtr-elx hours, ceding at 8 o'clock
(e-morrow evening.
J. H. BuTLEit took charge of the K.
C. yard engine this morning.
Jeseph Davy and Miss Ida Belle Hilen
of Cynthiana married In Newpert.
J. Themas Payne is temporarily en the
express run between this city and Liv
ingston. ' m '
Henry Barten, 21, and Miss Laura
Hunt, 17, of Barnesville, O., married in
Newpert yesterday.
Captain Cablten J Gibsen of the K.
S. G. and Miss Edna Mae Sproul marry
at Dayton Wednesday.
It is reported that W. D. Bethel, Agent
of the Kentucky Union Railroad at
Lexington, is nearly $1,000 short.
A Cincinnati policeman was cleaning
his gun a few nights age when it went
off and killed his fourteen-year-old son.
The shertage of Freight Agent McCeurt
and Treasurer Suetwell of the Cincinnati
office of the L. and N. may reach fW.OOO.
Wine, women and peel-rooms.
Matthew Multielland, shot nt Lex
ington by Phil Hendricks a few days age,
died of his wound. Hendricks was out
en $7,000 bend, but was rearrested.
C. O. Fex has been appointed Master
Commissioner of the Beyle Circuit Court
by Judge M. C. Saufley, the newly
elected Judge of the Thirteenth District.
Maiiy Broaddus, a colored woman of
Lexington, was henibly burned by up
setting a bottle of alcohol, which took
fire, Igniting her clothing. She will die.
At Stanford Hen. W. H. Miller, a
member of the late Constitutional Con
vention, was lined 37 and sentenced te
jail for ten days for assaulting Themas
Dulton and drawing a pistol en him.
While crossing a fence with an open
knife in her hand, Minnie, daughter of
8. B. Tucker a leading farmer in Tedd
county, lest her balance and fell upon the
sharp point of the knife. The blade
penetrated her heurt, killing her in
stantly. A scaffold gave way in the Govern
ment Buildi ng at Cincinnati yesterday and
nine men who were frescoing the celling
in the Circuit Court room fell eighteen
feet en the benches belew. The work
men were from Chicago, and all were
badly hurt, one fatally it is thcight. '
TnE Louisville and Nushville Railway
brought suit in Covington te recover of
Jehn C. McCeurt, late Freight Agent ct
the Cincinnati office, $30,000 en account
of delinquencies revea'cd by the inyestl inyestl
Ratien of McCeurt's accounts. It is bo be bo
lleved that $ 30,000 fully covers whatever
shortage may have been discovered.
Governeu Bkewn will net sanction
the bill te continue the present police
force of Newpert in power. He says it is
tee clese te the dangerous point where
the new Constitution would call a halt.
This is the bill that Mayer Berry and his
Democratic henchmen wanted passed te
prevent Mr. Ahlerlng, the newly-elected
Republican Mayer, from displacing the
present Democratic, coppers.
The Infurnt Tmeh- Walker.
William Meilett, the C. and O. track
walker who was se seriously injured ou
Friday night in a mysterious manner,
and upon whom an operation was per
formed Sunday nfternoen, thereby re
moving n piece of skull which was press
ing en the brain, is resting "mero com
fortably this morning and hopes are en
tertained for his recovery.
Nothing new has dcvcloped concerning
the case, oxcept that a man and two
women were arrested by Censtable Daw Daw
eon yesterday afternoon suspectcd of
having seme knewledge of the affair.
They were Clay Means aud Allce Shop Shep
erd and Cera Bhetwell who have been
llvlag en a shAatyheat near by.
ThowMWkleRy4i still In custody,
In rMtKMM te ImaWi m te wheUm
h wm trttkfer ;trJ Xefttt iMm
wmm m vmm wimmnrii
f i I III
And Defaulting President of FiMj
National Buk, CkclnnatL
The Cm Was Brseght by Prtea M
Hsiirr la tb United HtatM Smhwmm '
CeurtA UeUbc Als MUmI As
Ivrm of thm BaUrea Cmm. . "jH
7 .'M
ivAjmneTOH. uea w. iner usHMav
fltAlA ItlnnimA f,14 Unnilatf . am. J '
v v-v mm mwm f mmmm f "wmm W gTf SSt f Jr wlVIWS VB
a decision against the trustees f S. L.'
uarper, vne Cincinnati grata piHHgr
and defaultlncr Dresidentef theTktalltr
national bank, la a salt brought agsiaet 'y
iilm by Preston & Mcuenry, grain
brokers of Chicago, te compel Karper
and his associates te pay their npldl
subscriptions te tha capital atoakef the
Cincinnati, Columbus and ueckia Val
ley Railroad Ce., in order te satisfy the
judgments of Preston fc McHenry a&d
ethars against tha company which re
mained unsatisfied after proceedings at
law. v
The court, in an opinion by JnsUea
Shlres, says that the evidence coaaect ceaaect
ed with Harper's orgnnlzatieR of tha
company fully justifies the opialea of ,
the court belew that it "was grossly'
fraudulent from first te last, without
a single honest sentiment or reaeesilBg.
feature." and that the overvaluation of
the property tratnf erred te the railway
company- by Harper in pretended pay
ment of subscriptions te the &
stock was se gross as te clearly entitle
bona fide creditors- te enforce aatfeal,
payment as the sabacrlptleBs. 'Tha
court then considers Harper's defense'
that Preston, McHenry et at, were net
bona fide creditors.
nis allegation that Preeten and Mo Me
Henrys when they agreed te t aka the
company's bends la payment of Har
per's indebtedness te them, were fully'
cognizant of the mode e( organization
of the company asd privy te it, is neb
supported by tha evidence. It also
holds that the evidence llkewtse falls te
support Harper averment that hut
original Indebtedness te Preston & Mc
Henry, In payment of which they took,
the railway- bends, arose out of a gam
bling wheat deal en ther Chicago beard'
of trade.
The United States snpreme eeurt
Monday affirmed the judgment of the
circuit court of the United States ier
the northern district of Ohie in the caae
of Geerge J. McGeurkey, trustee appel
lant, va the Teledo and Ohie Central!
Railway Ce. This waa an attempt en
the part of boldera of car treat certlft-'
sates of the read named te have their
rights adjudged te be paramount te
these of the first mortgage bondhold
ers, and te compel the performance of
the lease between McGeurkey, aa trus
tee, and the Ohie Central Railway Ce.
for the rental of rolling stock by the
sale of said stock and the satisfaction
of their claims.
The Ohie Central waa sold by order
of the court for the foreclosure of a
mortgage for 13,000,000, was bid in by the
bondhelders'and reerganised under the
name of the Teledo and Ohie Central
Railway Ce. The rolling stock was
sold along with the ether property, and
McOeurkey'a proceeding was la the na
ture of an intervention te secure tha
cars, locomotives, etc, Justlce Brown
delivered the court's opinion. Chief
Justice Fuller and Justice Brewer dis
sented. Monday the supreme court stralgh
cned out a complication in the new cir
cuit court of appeals for the Ohie and
Indiana circuit by designating Chief
Justice Fuller te temporary duty in tha
Seventh circuit, te which Chief-Justice
Harlan is . permanently assigned. It
denied the application of counsel en
each side te bring up direct from the
circuit court, and without trial in the
newly created circuit court'-of appeals,
the suit between the Cincinnati, Hamil
ton and Dayton Railroad Ce. and W. R.
Kean, arising out of the railroad opera
tions of Henry S. Ires, a few years age.
This is the case in which the circuit;
judges were disqualified te act, making."
it impossible te organize the appeals,.
court without the presence of Justic-
Senater album Death. ,
Washington, Dee. 2a In the senate
Monday Mr. German announced Sena-.
ter Giboeo's death, and closed by offer-,
ing the usual resolutions expressive of,
the BAnate's profound sorrow at. tha -dsath
of Mr. Gibsen, and for the ap-.
peintment of a committee te attend the
funeral at Lexington, Ky., and the(
senate, as a further mark of respeet, ad- .
jeurned until Tuesdays ;
ae MM. ,n trmrtm iriin cuh. . a
Londen, Dec BO. The News learns v
from its Paris correspondent that aa
agreement has been signed te release
the Paris fund. Messrs. Dillen, Davitt
and Harrington will award jointly the. ,
old claims net In excess of 14.000 and
Messrs. Dillen and Davitt will award;'
the remainder.
A Talented Ctnclnuatl Type.
Clxvkland, O., Dec aft. Rebert IV
cviiuircn, a uvujyuaiiu auu piwt
reader in the emce ex tee Journal
Messenger, Cincinnati has been awawk
ufl ttiA mj.winH nrtA ftf &.A ftffitiwl hvfl&AA
Leader, of this city for the best essay '
en "The Righte and Duties of Laber.-
President Ctunet Witt Stund Firm.
Vienna. TW. Ml Prusldent Carse.
says a dispatch from St Petersburg "M
has informed tha csar that ha will a?
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