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pi .Indicted Iren Hall Supreme Ofll- If I OJ 111 yRHfefl"fP IT" I 1 1-1 liHTii" Y
1 t'i
'i ":
'WW '. . . 1 v i "AMMBm"Ma
ItqUIsItlefiS WIIJ con, Th( I , ' . J M " MAraviLvn awwijciw
i Kfcl ' Governors of Several State ' ' " LL. ' ; ' ' " 7 !
i n:A t r- . j . :". f-i J. -
... .,.,',',-'
i AthWnlbnTBdl ttatarn of tin
. V ttle te Indiana ter Trlal-A Dall
iff or S)30,000 'Will IJe Iteqalred or
ft JCfteh or the Defendants.
Pf5SecuoFlIeTSin T ucsday took tb
first step toward rljifrinp th Jndlet;
member et i5Wipwii4tMnfffqf stJjU
Iren Hall He this city fel trial entht
, indictments charging thorn with em'
bczzlemontef $175,000 of! tEufiIads"d;
the order. Bench warrants"1 wcnT Is
sued from the criminal court' fei
Amolijuewo'i Joefien. Gladding.. J.
tJSk JK. -1?- Bakci
and '. IT. fi&cralcyf and these wer
taken at enCtf te thb governor, who will
JFteflKr&M m t Vll ptMners ej
Pennsylvania, Michigan, Maryland ana
Other state far the Arrest und return
of- the parties te thia state for trial un
der the indictments. The bend ef3u'
preme Cashier Davis, who was indicted
at the same time and en the same
. charge,
and like
v boil will
iir,Kii f .
,no ue"
The prosecutor has-detcrmined tc
push the cases without further delay,
and the trials will take place as seen
as.tha indicted parties, can be brought
t te this city. 8emerby's attorney assured
the prosecutor that his client would
come here whenever wanted, 3but' ithe
.fact that .he keeps nW')&l$d Jtkc
prosecutor te believe that "the. e$-U-
suprcmer will net stand trial li
he can escape by any technicality.
. It is believe th,al ihp' cdtJttiJ
processes will be resisted when
arrests are attempted, and that a fight
will' be made-te get the prispnfcrfl ncre
i for trial. The governor is preparing
the requisitions with great care, se as
net te te give a loop-hole for escape en
a technicality.
Forblilileu by the College Frem Knterlng
Any llatebatl Centeits.
Nbw IIaybn, Ct,-Dec-91. Vengeance
has fallen en the heads of the Yale
. freshmen, net eny of theso of the
academic department, 'px the few w,he
created tiie riotous disturbance
at the New Haven opera-house Decern
ber 3, the occasion which called
down the wrath of the august body of
Y&le instructors, but en the entire class
of six, hundred. On many . accounts
the faculty determined te make an c&
ample of the disorderly element in the
'class, and dlre was their edict an
nounced Tuesday night After-a com
; current meeting of the faculties of both
the academic and scientific depart
ments, which begap earjy in.th6.aftcri
neon and lasted till evenlng. the dec!
sien.ia that the freshmen class, phall.be
prohibited from entering in any inter
collegiate .cpnteaU in , baseball during
the coming season. The nile thus tnade
is one that has never been 'made before
in the history of the college.
Twe Inmates or tbe Weit Virginia Atylam
PiilKKitaiitiRO W. Vai, Dec. '2L Th
ulcide maqJa,aa again brpJteipwt,al
the insane , asylum at Westen, two hav
ing been reported within ten days. The
adWlpJstrKtJpri kt fstii4 affairs is. such
that only iaeflleieat hlpeaa beem beem
pleyed, an4 nej, a .qufflclet, number el
theso te pYeperijr watch lunatics.. The
last case is tbat.pf William Reder, a
young man from Pplnt Pleasant, who,
haHjrdtbi4elf te ity Irpn' guards, Just
outside his cell window. The suicide
was committed earty in the morning,,
when all thjj gyapls, .w.qyqflUDpesifd tc
be en' duty. 'The ether case, a ievr days
age, was similar in its character, and
the; two have attracted considerable at- J
tlen. K
Beth ( Cwt fyx
CpaWew.O., Dec- aLTeadayJJhar
ley, the ulno-year-eld son of Geerge Oil
ver, attempted; te Jump en a moving
Ohie southern freight traJp, "and miss
ing his footing was thrown beneath
the wheels. Beth of his legs, were b,ad
ly msagled, and it, became necessary te
ampwlajte the member at the knees.
The' eo&ditlea of the boy a very criti
cal. A frmng Teacti. .
OOEtfA Wis., Dec. SLAt Brannan,
ten miles from here, Jehn Andersen, 14
years eUL ran awayfrem home and
took hk little 10-yearKhli)BQib,-adag.
aiiu b jjuu wifru aunt vnmig ;ie Klq
hoe etaaatUer. .MareW nSfii, de
elder, lad. efcet .the mnJ tedeah aad J
cri ,beoaree known ha :made his es
cape. BerUr Kill aed a Kille
DMJa, Tex., Dec. 3L At Elam sta-
, tlea a robber entered. Kploszkewski's
beme, and with drawn pistol demanded
Wd iaeney. Koleszkowaki grannled with
?t'Mu2Bu33 t.-f.-i -... " " 3C
liHi . Vl KVtUi frt TnrllHtia T- TfltalA Hall "" . Vs T" ' ? i" .--," . - , , ' II
ij . leTkwv ir- -- - - ... n -
?'' the robber, who fired and killed rdra.
iwBHiKewn son men empued tne
eeateats of a shotgun Inte the robber,
fr who proved te be a marked negre. He
baaBd neen taeauaed.
II") ' ni'SI ' I l '11 ;
Ptlterate Slede,
Ikoiakapeus, IbcL, Dee. BL-Jens.
fr.tbwmktemtfvW &w. e
left a frill, dlrWieghls property &&''
kU wife and clUdrb.
Maw XeactDac 8L-Ai, mela pa-
, a MMtrea nan NMnaww jemmm,
j jbiImnMm
V- ,
.'.. -4 ; Tt-v-. -
i iAitEkvrJcoNtfi6ihCAiiex.
Oiiplentaki tttrTfll$uH of the llecrnt
Tidal Wave and CyctenUi DMitrbancet
" What WW th fttmfJr'-
Like, hit MkreHkt TnttauapAlt fw
prospered under Protection., In 1880
ifileytsMn Mr manufacturing indus
tries earned annudlty an average of
a year. In X89Q' (tiqir annual 'earkxng8
had grown
Thxe increase
1 caused the 'amount
tributed in wages te grew from
'4 4 I I -Wosjest
tli the eefis1 li$teS fyJierYi's nb hintxef
calamity in this progress.
. -New Ferfc Prcti.
The Natjenal Marble Queers' Assecia-,
tlea whnH Cetfg'resB te increase the du
ties en finished marble. The marble
cutters evidently overlook the fact that
tlilsjan't that sort of a Congress.
The Mugwumps evidently consider
thomselves "err top" since' they feasted
It is!
Cleveland and snubbed Mr. Crisp.
Dialii' even .te c&9unl observers
that things aregeltlng Inte shape for a
large, old fashioned riot of the head
breaking kind.
One of tbe most, creditable achieve
ments of the present administration
has been the reduction in the
bearing debt under it.
Since March 1st,
1889, this debt has been reduced $259,
073,240; and the'Sifnual Interest charge
from 134,578,459 80 te $22,893,090 80, a
decrease of 83 per eent. In Jhe midst
of 'Democratic shbutlng about Republi
can extravagance it is well te keep
thesfl'acts .in' mind.
Ne terser explanation ,of the late tri
umph' of ' rree-trade' has1 been' or 'c6uld
be giren than that contained in two
brief sentences from' President Harrison.
"Protectled ha8 falidd," says' the! Presi-,
ddht; "beCatis'ff'tlle" VaUe WrierTiHrre--
fused d share his shelter with he)
manufacturer. He would net even
walk uhdeV the same umbreilai" HaV
ing blindly smashed their common um
brella the werkirigmen will discover
that, their employer is a thousand time's!
me ueuer equippea 10 sianu ine storm
than they are.
The Heiuse resolution calling upon
the Secretary of the Treasury for a
statement of the flnariclal condition of
etitis country' la"" very" different from
What the Democratic alarmists would
have the public believe. The1 Govern
ment is net going into bankruptcy. It
ii still selvent, thanks te the provident
wisdom of Republican statesmanship,
ahd its. credit is higher, its resources
greater and its bends mere eagerly
sought after than these of any ether
Natien en the earth.
.. ..
Frem the Hen. Reger Q. Mills's
speech at the Reform Club's banquet en
Saturday night It appears that the
Democrats have coined a new term te
express' the Free-trade idea. "Commer
cial emancipation" is the .pollte phrase
wlqhja.jiow'te describe! the policy of
acomplete surrender of the American
mafket te the; foreign monppellst. It
hi the thing, n6t the name, that is Im
portant, The reduction of the work werk
Irjgman's wages will prove inevitable if
the Democratic Tariff policy Is carried
eat, whether that policy is known as
'.'commercial em&n'elpa'(l6nH or plain, un
adulterated Free-trade. '
A Curtfbr Croup,
If your children are subject te croup,
always keep a bettle of Chamberlain's
Cba Iiemedy at haad. It U a ptept
awl certain cure. If given u seen as
Um ew.wpy cetMh afpsaw H will prsviat
ta &. rW sak y Peww sr-
ti i
0i - m ,4 -9
iwy:wu!ha,vtfiiefiii VOtMtw wwler A vw
,ltt. nnd, Jklra. Thue
" ' I
Power nre in,
Mntile Lee-Mftnncn nt Cbvlnglen. '
Captain Geerge W. Tuder will spend
Curlstmng lu New Yerk with his son.
. Mr. nnd Mrs. James Whnlcy have re
turned home after a pleasnnt visit te her
pnrenta. . ; , t' -
Miss BusrIe Owens will seen be the
guest of Miss Mattie Lee Mnnnen at
Mrs. Dr. Garr has returned te Flem
ingsbttrg after a visit te Mrs. Mattie
Jenes at the Hill Heuse.
Colonel Rebert N. Stockton of Denver
is in the city visiting relatives. Ue Is en
his wVyT'heni(?f rem Washington City.
Mrs. Sadie Pike has returned te her
home nt Temple, Texas, after a visit of
several weeks te her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. W. Aj Steckdsle.
Miss Martha A. Mas tin, who is attend
ing school tit Danville, Ind., will spend
Christmas with her parents, 'Squire S.
E. Ma8tln and wife of Fern Leaf.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wheatley and
Allen T. Wheatley of St. Leuis, who ac
companied the remains of their father
here, have returned. They were ac
companied by their sisters. Misses Mary
and Martha Whoatley of Cincinnati.
Celd, bitter cold;
The winter wind
Diews down In front
( f And up behind.
J -I hosltate,
And ponder when
The iiimmer days
Will co uie '.again.
Is stlirin hock heck hock
8lgne vlnces,
What a sbeckl
Tbe ticket's all
I have, get te show,
Dut 1 can't wear
That, don't youknew.
. .
Tiierk were nine sudden deaths re
ported te the Cincinnati Corener Sunday
and Monday.
Miss Andkusen of Bowling Green has
failed te identify as her assassin any of
the parties arrested thus far.
i ! ' ) ..
Jacod KnEiOEii, ex-President of the
defunct Masonic Saving Bank, Louis
ville, died a few days age of a broken
At a negre dancp. near. Russellvllle
"Bud" Tayler, colored,' shot and killed
Will Speran. They had quarreled about
a woman. Tayler is in jail.
The authorities at Paris havp paid ever
te the Covington police" the' $500 reward
offered for the arrest of Fred Bovine,
who' bunkeed old hayseed Colcord out' of
TnB, Newport and Cincinnati Railway
Bridge Is te be romedelod se as te make
the wagon and passenger ways wider and
a mero even grade than they have at
present. '.
The Carrell bill, appropriating $100,000
for the World's Pair exhibit, was tnade a
special order for January 4th. by .which
time Its friends hope te crystallre enough
sentiment in Its favor te pass it.
At Bclle'peint a suburb of Frankfort.
A keg nearly .full of powder, Twe boys
welding a saw en an emery, wheel. A
spark. Ge-whizzl Jeseph Downing, 10,
and Heward Masters, 17, tern te pieces.
Miss 'MAriTjCiuia, a pretty girl of .17,
left MTllcrsurg with, ar traiap-scdne
painter named Leen. " If thSre is no a
wedding there-will be a funeral, for the
young lady's big brothers are nfter the
fellow., .
1 ' 1 ' 1 l 1 ' V
)Wm Nfvimrg.
Q. F. Moere & Ce., prominent drug-
feists of Newburg, Orp., says: "Since
our cuiuuin uktu uutuiuu nuuaiuivu
with the geed qual(tiss of Chamberlain's
C&t neiasdy, waesll hut little of aay
04Mr'll. Caafcerl's MdklM all
(m fd isAWfsMis." Fer. sals by
rWtr !UjrsUs, Dfvfflsts,
Arlnn A i AVdnawirth rMntnerl Iftat nlcriil
o6iWUiy-yJW;m'the West, ,.
A mevkmrnt is en feet at Newport te
lake in some of her suburbs.
A ueckiveu has been asked for
Ohie Farmers' Insurance Company.
Joint DuLsr has, sold te, Graysen Mer-,
ten a lpt in tbe Sixth Ward; considera
tion, f 125.
1 1 1 .
Tub, rcsldcnce lately purchased by
uaroeur iiussen en t,A8i iniru street is
being improved.
ClULnREH'a Tea Hots, Bisques, Cups
end Saucers, &c., &c, at Themas's China;
8tore, at half price.
. 1
Jut Bend, colored, was lynched at
Guthrie for assaulting Mrs. Clarence
Covington, a whlte woman.
Gkohee W. Ress. (Tene) has bepn
granted a pension at the rate of 810 per
month from April 23d; 1893.
Tub. widow of jha .late, Jehn JB. Mcll
vain, formerly ef.-thia city, died in Louis Leuis
villo a few days age ,at au advanced age.
Rev. WniTi,Y WALbner will preach at
the M. TS,'. Church, Seuth, in Washington
next Sunday rooming at 11 o'clock arid
at night at 050. '
The empleyes of the Ashland Steel
Wprka, will banquet op the night, of the
20th, the first anniversary of the plant.
HAWKsvitLB vted en the question of
whether whisky should be sold in the
town limits, and the " wets!' wen tbe day.
A " DEPECTiva flue" set fire te the bag bag bag
gagocaren the Eastbound Flyer 0 few
nights age. Damage trifling. Delay
forty minutes.
The W. R. C. is Invited te meet with
the, Jeseph Heiser Pest, G. A. R., thq
first meeting night In January. Installa
tion of officers.
E. F. Pewehs of MIddlesboreugh will
make that city a Christmas gift of the
Seuth Bosten Iren Works. What will
they de with 'em?
Vases, Mustache Cups, Bric-a-Brac
China and Glassware, at Themas's China
Stere, at your own price. He Is de
termined te close out.
About a dozen men get Inte a drunken
row at Rice's distillery, near Pineville.
Anse Yerk was fatally shot and two
ethers badlv wounded.
The Center College, Danville, and Cen
tral University, Richmond, football teams,
will contest for supremacy at Nicholas Nichelas Nichelas
ville te-morrow afternoon.,
(' - ''
William Meux, the blackest negre, in
Kentucky ahd one of the bc(t jeckey In
the! West, was arrested in Lexington,'
charged with stealing an overcoat.
3. B. Chunk is erecting a business
house oppesito Rains & Oe.'s warehouse
en West Third street. The building will
be 22X80, and will be a thrco-stery.
A nANDseJtE photograph of the late
Chief of Pelice Heflln new adorns the
walls of the Council Chamber. It was
furnished by Mayer Pearce and the pelice
force. -
Hen. 8. G. Hilus of North Poplar
Flat has erected a medel stock and to
bacco barn combined. L. G. Calvert, the
boss barn builder, was the architect.
Cost $325. '
He tbat buys land buys stones;
He that buys tlesh buys bones;
Be tbat buys eg-ga buys many shells;
He that buys Regtn'i Old Stock
Duys nothing else.
G. W. HOOERfl St Ce.,
137 Market street, Mayavllle, Ky.
On Saturday each subscriber te TtE
LiBoebr win de prescntcu wun a flanu flanu flanu
some World's Fair souvenir sometblrigi
that will inform them as te tbe magni
tude, of America's great exposition.
The "Magnelia Orange Company,"
which has been soliciting business hero here hero
abeuts, is a full-fledged fraud. The Post Pest Post
efllco folks have seme of the parties
under arrest for fraudulent use of the
1 1 m .
A. Bena will net be epen Christmas
Day. Theso 'desiring a nice Basket of'
Fruit, Bex of Fine Candy or .anything in
his line will picaiQ call before Sunday,
Extra nlce Malaga and Catawba Grapes.
Flerida Oranges, 20c. per dozen.
Captain M. C, Uutciiikb has a quan-
tlty of real geed old-fashioned "state
bank Issues" that prevailed in the bloom
lug days of Domepracy and Free-trade,
and te which the present party is com
mitted. Eyery young man ought te soe
the lay-out.
Beginning Wednesday ovenlrig, the
Goneral Dolivery Window of the Postefflco
will be kept open from 7 until 0 o'clock
overy night this wcoker tt rtctpfen qnd
Misery of OKrUimat pakagit. ITax
your packages well wrapped, aad put
your ewa aataa anil addrs'.0, tbe Mp,
per left hatU ersr, ad tke akless
ths lower riht haad cerasr. ad umm.
will bs c trtMtMt.
Ifhat H"e May ErptH tlhiietn Thit Time
and To-Memne Evening,
If7i(e strcamer rAiu; Tllue BAiNer snow;
iUfKCfBaaBATH oeLDeaUwlU be:
nlessBlacVf shown 09 cbapse, we'll ee.
3TTlie nte forecasts are mnde for ti
period of thlrtyU hours, endlnjr at B o'clock
jo-merrow ovenlpg.'
Tnn three-year-eld child of Henry
Ramage was burned te death in Lincoln
A PitEB-reu-ALL fight occurred near
Pineville in which one man was killed
and two ethers badly wounded.
! . --
Oaitai Gibsek of the Kentucky State
Guards aqd Miss Mas Spone will be mar-'
tied at Dayton te-day.
Tub books of the City. Collector of Cov
Ington balance te a cent notwithstanding
he was reperted short.
;, . 1
A. J. Bevd of Harrison county and
liss Mary Boyd of Maysllck were mart
tied at the bride's residence at 2 o'clock
yesterday afternoon.
Frank Leech and Beb Reynolds, hotel
waiters at Ashland, were menkeying
with a pair of butcher knives when
Reynolds get a topographical map of
Eake Erie ever his eye.
Deubling the Size!
DeaMigg the Issue!
In order te accommodate
Holiday Advertisers, THE
LEDGER win; en ,
Friday, Diecepiber 23,d,
print an 8-page paper. The
edition will be a large one,
and intending advertisers will
please give their orders and
copy te our representative as
seen as possible net later than
neon of Wednesday next.
An Invaluable Remtdy for Colds.
Sheriff Hardman of Tyler county, W.
Va., was almost prostrated with a cold
when he began using Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. In speaking of it be
says: "It gave mc aliue&t instant relief.
I ('flnd it te be an invaluable remedy for
rcelds." Fer sale by Power & Reynold?,
Real Estate Trannfrr.
Charles G. Harris and wife te C. B.
Pearce, Jr., a house and let en Beene
street; consideration, $S10 75 and ether
,E. C. Myall and W..W. Ball and wife
te U. R. Bierbower nnd J. L. Nichelson,
two lets in Sixth Ward; consideration,
Laura A. Robinson and husband and
W. N. Stockton te Mrs. Matilda J. Stock
ton, their Interest in Second .street real
estate; consideration, SI, love and affec
tion. HIM of AdtfrtlMil Lellrrn.
Ilelew Is a list of letters rematulntr uncalled
for at the Mayavllle Postefflco for tbe week
endlntr Dccomber U)th, 18!
Tlradden. J. T.
nrammel. J, V.
Drewn. Charles
Jehnsen, Miss A.C-)
Jehnsen, Miss Mollle
Klinmlns, J. 8.
O'Conners, Jehn
Revd. uoenro 1L
Cae, MIm Amanda
reth, leww
Clark. Hiss Mary
Chambers, Miss T. O.
Clark. Mrs. II. F.
Dodsen, William
OarWien, Prank
flhrrlen. Will
Halt, O. J.
Micks, Themas
Smitb.MlssIk'ssle M.
Tumor, Miss Bra L.
Wedds, Pearl4
Wlllianis, Mrs. Deho
Wells. W, K.
Warren, Miss Maud M,
Obe eent due en each of abevt.
t efteas elMa for these Miera will jlase
Wlf IWK vwQj Istv'ImitvMWvvs
THMAS A. SAVHI, rpWniiMlir.
Six Dead, Twentj-fhree Sufferin-j u
Ten Cul Net Live.
j.!3.. - "OSc J (
Ko-qewObtrtU'Si Vi iV' ttM-re4M
Was Admlnlitered Tbe Keeef tfe
renltcntlary WU1 Werk Ne Mere
CoeleU OdUl4 tk MtaliL
LiTTLfe Rocs, Ark., Dec. 21. K
Appcrsen, the) contractor who has best
working the. convict en tVe rall0d ft ,
I ueiena, arrived here Tuesday with tbt
prisoners. He left HcUsa Taesdaj
(morning with 110 men, four of was
Jwera dead and twenty-five aaflsetaf.
ffrprq arsenical pelspnlng. Tbe, ,aM
.were placed in carriages and ceaveyei"
(te the hospital. On tbe Tead from Om "
fdepet te the penitentiary t We of 'tiW
,dlcd, making the total number of faiil
Itlea six. Twenty-tnfe are new skk
land It is expected tfeat-at IcaM-tea)
these will die, Tbe coroner of- JhllHp
'county held an inque&t Tuesday jSBOth-ing-,
The jury rendered a xcreMei.tkaJ -.
'the mcu died from arsenical pdfceMsngfl',
Ne evidence was obtained t6'aceiadij'
'hew the" poison was admfnlsterecl
There were no strangers abeut'' tW
camp, aud the coekingfor the mea wu
dene by a couple el cenvits alwayi
under guard, and who had no opportun
ity of obtaining arsonle te plaea lathe
feed. Mc Apperson, who repreat
the lessees of the state pcniteMary,
declared-Tueeday nlghttbat- hevSW
accept no. mere contracts te workcon werkcon workcen
vlctfl Bolsde the -waUsfret tHepkcn .
. SHATlh?. CbNTE?T
Fer the Werld's' Cham'plentMp Wn'tri'
' Norweetae. ..
Minneapolis, MJdb., Dec 2t The
first of a aeries of three ekatlaf races
between Hareld tfagen, of Vtbryny?
and Hugh McCpnniclf, of .New" Brans'.
wiclc, for "tnq, wpfld . championship and
II, (ml' took place. Tuesday evening
Hngen wenljy' about forty feeJL The
raceVas three miles and thejik four
and pnerhajf laps te the m Ifcijen's
iimp !5jfl3, &82, ;47. McComleijVteok
the, lead at tbe start, and mafjtawed It
for tbe first three laps, -wTwnTEIalren
came fast and led te tJje finii. IXi,8
ninth McCormick spiirtd .lejr; a.tCi
and it looked as if the rje.visija,
and he would recover the'ljtaelsleet
in Nerway1 a yenr age; btlethe .
eleventh Hagcn Increased his lead, and
helot it te the end without any' great
i i ,
Under the (American Flp,
New YOrk, Dee. 21. It haa'beeaa
elded thnt the City of. Nbw 'Ye"siN&i
be the 'first of the twejpman linets'ijCs
te leave New 'Yerk- flylng'the igwiirjisn
flag. She' will leave Liyerpoel-pa her
last voyage txvm that pert about Tebj'
ruary 15. She will net step atQueeaft
town, but will steam direct te New
Yerk. Shee leaves here again en. her
firatirip 'te Southampton at 1:30 p. m.,
February 25. Approprate ceremonies
will precede'the hbbtipa ql the stars
and stripes en the InmajtjJyer the day
before she leaves this pert.
i .
Omubler Kills' Anether.
SnnETjrenr, La., Dea 3L Kid Nash,
a gambler, shot and killed Jehn Mc
Cerk, another gambler, Tuesday. The
killing; was the result of a previous dif-fiquUy-
Nash is well, known te tbe
sporting fraternity, and is said te have
killed men in Arkansas. Beth Nash
and McCerk are considered "bad" men.
.Leuis" Ramageaa, a bystander, was
wounded in the leg by astray bullet,
"Kjd" Harnett was arreBted as an acces
sory and jalicd with Nash.
Receiver ,or Prdr .of .toleon. ..
PrrrBnunen, Pa,, Dec. 2U The court
has decided te appoint a receiver for
the Order of Selens, and the receiver
will be a prominent trust' company- of
this city. Unless there la some excess
ive expense attending the winding) up
of the order, it is said .that the mem
bers wili receive deUar, for dollar for
nil they have paid In.
A New Precess Steel Enterprise.
New Haven, Ct, Dee., 21. A local,
paper says a company with. t3,Q0,0M
capital has had an agent In this city
for seme days past looking ever tha
ground with a view te establishing a
steel manufacturing plant Tbe coot
pany will use a new process, which, U
is expected, will revolutionize certain
btcel manufacture.
i - n ii .
Dees rr. CreUj 011 t-fcT
Londen, Dec ?LThe Berlin cerre
spendent of the Standard learns from.
a private letter, dated at Dir-es-0alaara, '
en November 20, ithat the rumors Si.
pr. Emln's death are orreneoua. Dr.
Emin. .the letter says, is new following
Stan,ley'a route through the Conge.
State and but for an affection of the eyes
is in exceptionally geed health,
Says Americ Can Net Afford It.
Londen, btc, 21. The 'pally News .
says of the Brussels cenference: We -
hope that the conference will net be
resumed. Each country must de Its
best for Itself. Amerka can nat afford
tp delay until May, .perhapa, nqt natll,
January, steps te prevent the defKsehr
tien of her silver notes. t ,
In. the Senate. ,
WxflniNOTON, Dec 21. The array; ap
propriation bill from the house wa
presented te the senate Tuesday awl
referred te the committee en apfvrejsrks-
tlenN Mr, tpawea presented ti .)
euslr sltrned petition from eltlssi
of Missouri, iewa, Kansas, Hljaasa jM
ether states in favor of the rhtViinllsisV
Mil " A'1?' "
Jlra Crew" Law Coustltut4et.
Nxw Osleanp, Dec 2L JafawsirtMie
court has declared cqastlVMWwkl 'ihm
law passed twp year aia.Wfrm
aa,the, "Jim. Orpw," aw, makiBg; a-
puiury uu rnuryaua mi ijtuviue i
VttlQ V UVllUVSt
Dskemejr W
Pabi, De. 8L Ta
1 W '"ie""Ja',,eW
te raws ,m
tvlaMd u.IihL'1 'V
i m ttis,BBMieml
. '.
y U

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