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Bmf'' wiym
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il lf'"h HMMNfcl
ii,dt Adwt
-V S&rA
IThe Editor of TnE Ledeeii Ib net responsi
ble for the opinions expretwd by Correspond
ents! but nothing reflecting1 upon tbocharoo tbecharoo tbochareo
torjonhablta of any persen will be ndmlttcd
te these columns.!
mrCorrapenAenU wfll pleate send LctUrt se
a te rtatiiiu net later than 9 e'clnck a. m. G(p
faett tn em Jew uvrcls at powtete. We uxrnl
twufc in thUi department, and net advertttlng
notices or vdtlOeal preument.
" The foUewlnflr are authorized Ajtents for
- Thb Public Ledeeii In thelr respective local lecal
ities: Moranburg Mntthew Heffman.
Helena-Hebert n. Cord.
Minerva Frank W. Hnwcs.
Sarclta IKO. Origsby.
Oranoetmre C. H. Hees.
SprlnaMU C. C. Oejraan.
Jwattfttefc-Cbarlcs Whecjer.
Vaneefcure Mrs. Jennie Stewari.
At t. OomeJ-Kelly & Foxworthy.
AUQUtta Leander Tully.
Peed Jeseph1 W. Williams.
BIucllfcSprIne-J. H. Hunter.
Subscribers will save tbe trouble of letter
writing by paying their subscriptions te the
.Agent at their place.
Mrs. Andrews' was burled at Shannen te-day
Bern, te the wife of Willis "Wiggins, a -flne
Miss Mlnnle Willlt and MlssXIxxle Mulllcan
were In Maysville Saturday.
, JaniesThonipienand.MIss Melcena McCar
thy nre'fe be majrled aPthe brlde's home en
the d Inst.
We are seen te bare a no w store In our town.
James Pyles is bringing en goods. He will
sell at the old stand of Suit & Orever.
Qua Origsby, G. W. Dye and W. T. Temlln
have brought en Christmas tricks. Origsby
has the largest stock. They are anxious te
sell. Santa Claus Is looked for by all the little
folks. The boys are beginning te pep around.
.Jatnca Sweet Is suffering with a felon
-r'ihump.. L -"
tT.K'CrueyandwIfe visited friends In Lewis
county Sutfday. 4 "
Miss Kilgere or Esculnpla Springs is visit
ing relatives here.
Thore are no known cases of diphtheria In
our community nt present.
Mrs. J. Trumbo and son Juceb visited rela
tives near Ilurtenvllle several days this week.
Miss S. A. Smith returned home Tuesday
r ewcek's vlslLte C. C. Degman of Maple-
Eldertlunft of Fleming county closed a few
W4 J.flilMAnltnf!! DliimtrlOn ?.r 111 At fjtwVa
,-J UJO UlVVItUllt Ufc ilUIMUMW VU w.fc
One of the pters of tbe Bird's Hun bridge Is
' caving In, caused by therlbblng underneath
'' being built tee high up stream.
Ollver II. Trumbo, the, vcnerable Elder of
the church at Bethany, se seriously hurt last
week, Is still In n critical condition.
A Christmas entertainment will be given by
tbe school children et the Pleasant Hill Scheel
en Friday night. A pleasant tlnie Is antici
pated. OIlev. A. K. Gelgles begins a protracted mi et-
'ing at Betbany en Monday night, December
28th. Preaching at night during the early
part of the week.
Memerial, services of .our aged friend and
brother In Christ, Daniel Themas, will be held
at Sand Hill en the fourth Lord's day In this
month, conducted by Elder W. H.'Morrlsen.
Som.e Jl.pe. ttfVk. flaw.Jess belonging te Mr.
Hamrlck of Lewis county are resting by the
Sides of tbe plke beyond the Baird's Hun bridge.
thoJweiAeBfdcegdltioif of that structure
making ltinsX e te take ihem across.
Our citizens are juBtly indignant ever the
eutrage perpetrateu. against William MolTett
en Friday nighty Sfr.MeSett hog been an em em em
ploye of the C. and 0. at this place for sevcral
years. He was very faithful in his service, a
quiet and unoffending citizen. He has a wife
and sevcral children residing here.
Ashknhuhst's safe vrns blown nt Cen-
3? -cord anil some Jewelry stelen.
?! ' -'
Adlai E. 8TEVKN80?f, Vlce-Presldcut-
iiR.clect will be entertained this week by the
L -citizens of Atlanta. Gii.
i CuATttEs L. Mahtin and Miss Minnie
Rcnaker of Uynthinni were married by
?, JUdejrpiswrvusturuy. ,
Railway postal scrvlce has been es
tablished en thu Kentucky Midland, be-
'-ltween Paris aud Frankfort.
.FitiDAV'a Leuekh will be the largest
(single nowspaper ever printed In Mays Mays
Lvllle. Have you secured your advertising
Pi .
XH i .
a'" About two hundred mo're miners will
RQ from the Boyd county mines te work
ln Missouri, This will make about uve
hundred that have gene West. '
TjtE BuqclaviRchoel of. the Christian
jChurch has scdurcd llev. C. C. Kline te
give a storeopticen and musical entertain entertain
feent next Monday night ut the Church.
OTlie publie invited.
.IneNTON has repealed part of her Sun-
duy ordinance se that i( is new possible
Ite procure a buggy from a livery stable
in which te attend a funeral en Sunday.
JOr go out into the country te call en
Sveur Sunday glr).
ffJl Allen T, Wheatley fermerly of this
ThIrd National Ilarik, 8t. Leuis. Three
iplh'er ex-MaysvlIllans are in the eame in
stitution F'rnnk Wheatl'ey, Jntnes'Bharp
und Isaac Balleuger.
K2 n i i
R David A. AVklb sayg that $10,000,000,-
1,QW has been wasted during the last
fertrgytajw w thlflfcy aid 64her Intexi-
,ct& A,f'OKi!loper (Ieihks tne correct cerrect
jfMN V Mrf tVeIU's ftntwient. He
m famk tkftt memj pRt for an article
Vmm immm ttrlRka or wmcn will
MAkrl ft mm fl M 1? Ue ewhJ all of
' ., UH4 WW mhI prt e( Cwtftds
tjiy vexni hand at avuasiNQ
aezn airjsir away.
Wlie M'Ut bf the A'ext Mnrthal, Collector ami
Treaturer and Attester? "Tlie Icdger'a"
iScUeme 'for Your Amutement.
In order that the roaders of The Ledeek
may have seme diversion with which te oc
cupy their minds, and desiring at the same
tlme te attract publie attention te our newsy
phper, we have concluded te propeso a guess
ing contest, and hope that our subscribers and
readers may become. Interested In our effort te
afford amusement.
Publio Interest during tbe next few weeks
will be mero centralized in the ensuing city
election than In any ether local matter, and
we have, thorefero, selected that as the basis
of our guessing contest.
We have selected as the races te be guessed
upon these three: City Marshal, Collector
and Treasurer and Assessor, for the reason
that they seem te be' the most complicated,
and mero Interest will probably be manifested
te them, as thore are three or mero candidates
for each ofllce. The butcome In these contests
will be harder te anticipate, and, thorefero,
our scheme will preve the mero Interesting.
Fer the oince of City Marshal thore are six
candidates announced, as follews: M. E. Mo Me Mo
Kellupi EjW.Fltzerald, Jehn V. Aloxander,
Jehn V. Day; James Redmond and W. B. Daw Daw
eon. "
Fer Collector and Treasurer thore a.re two
centestants: Jntncs W. Fitzgerald and Hora
tio FIcklln.
Alse three for Assesser: Charles D. Shcp
ard, Fred W. Bauer and Jehn Walsh.
Tho-e are 1,422 votes registered.
We propeso te give In prizes (17 GO In geld,
as follews:
The urst prlze of 910 In geld will be given te
the flrtt pcrsan who names the winner In each
contest and also guesscs nearest te the exact
number of votes received by each.
A scceud prize of $5 In geld will be given te
the person making the next best guess.
A third prlze of (2 CO In geld will be given te
the person making the third best guess.
In making guesses the following rules must
be ebserved:
Firtt All guesses must be made out en the
following form cut from The Ledqeh and for
warded by mall or handed In person te this
Sfcend Guesses must be made In each of
the three contests In order te rccolve censid
37ilrd Your name and PosteDlco address
must be signed at the bottom of your guess
In awarding the second and third prizes no
account of the Jlme theyjire received will be
taken Inte consideration. These prizes will be
given te theso entitled te them by reason of
tbclr iruesses, no matter nt what tlme said
guesses are received.
All guesses must be made se that they will
reach this oince by 5 o'clock p.m. en Satur
day, December 31st, 1892.
Any one, man, woman or child, can guess.
Fill out this blank as Indicated and cut It
out and forward by mall te Public Ledqer,
Maysville, Ky., or hand in person te this oince.
a Receiving votes.
Receiving votes.
i .,: ;;....:.-.....:
rltcctlvlng votes. J
Slgned).....'. i
The World's Fair Commissioners who
ware appointed te act under the bill that
was declared unconstitutional reported
expenditures amounting te 810,000 te the
Hquse expended boferc'tbe validity of
the bill was'qucstinncd.
in Open Ballet!
Heme-made Mixed Candy 08
Taffy Mixed Candy 10
l"l ne French Creum Candy 10
Crystal Mixed Candy 10
Pure Stick Canity 8
New Figs and Dates 10
Mixed Nuts.. .7. .'.I 12K
Flerida Oranges per dozen 20 te 40
Fancy Bananas per dozen 10 te 20
NewRalslnsBH te 15
Flne Chocolates 20 te.,...,.., 60
Hund-made Creams 80 te.. . W
Oysters, Celery, Crackers, .
Cranberries and Apples.
111 R. Third Street, MAY8VIU1K. KY.
h.j.oeohham, MA.raviLLis,Kjr
. D. oeownAw. ) 1 '
A. V
Thiitrtl y 4 Lw.
An American Finds the French
Situation Alarming.
Fault of the People te Distinguish Gov
ernment Frem Its Servants.
JTew Outside of Franee Have a Concep
tien of the Dangers of the Situation
A Revolution Thought te De Im-
mlnenU-Koglnecr Ktflel Talks.
Paiub, Dec 31. The political peril of
France does net diminish. These who
are best informed and whose judgment
is soundest are the ones who fear the
worst. The head of one of the greatest
banking houses in the world, with
headquarters in Paris, said te one of
the American delegates te the Ilruesels
cenference: "I believe we ere en the
ove of a revolution. Few eutside of
France have conception of the dangers
of the situation. The temper of the
pcople is net understood. They can
net and will net discriminate between
the government itself and the indi
viduals, who represent it."
It is new generally understood that
the popular mind must be further ex
asperated by mero revelations of cor
ruption in high places. The Panama
story has net half been told. Every day
odds a fresh chapter. A feature of
great interest te Americans will prob
ably seen be mode known. It involves
.a banker of world-wide reputation, as
well known in New Yerk as in Paris.
4Ie Is said te have been a heavy benefi
ciary of the Panama Ce. without having
rendered any tangible pre qua Rumors
about him wcre circulated in high
financial circles some months'age. At
that time he took an active interest
in the proposed monetary conference.
He was Indiscrete enough te show
a letter en the subjet writ
ten te him by Socretary of
the Treasury Fester. The effect was
te discredit te some extent American
motives in calling the conference, and
'the co-operation of the strongest French
financiers was almost lest It is need
less te say that the reports connecting
the banker with the Panama scandal
were entirely unknown in America at
the time. Slnce then the gentleman
has net been In American interests in
international plans. In certain finan
cial quarters Tuesday reports were cir
culated questioning the stability of his
firm. The rumors were net credited in
the best Informed circles, for though
certain losses, amounting te $10,000,000,
are ascribed te the firm, its entries
are mere than sufficient te meet them.
It has been reported for a day or two
that Eiffel had lied te avoid arrest A
reporter found him at Rue Rabelais.
"I have net run a way, "said he, sharp
ly. "I am ready te account for my
conduct If I have been successful in
my transactions with the Panama com
pany it Is nobody's business. I never
attempted te bribe any member et par
liament If I gained enormous profits
the money is quite safe where nobody
will get it, and my family will net be
in need if I should be unjustly molest
ed." It is currently reported that Eiffel
recently withdrew 9,000,000 francs from
thcUank of France and transferred prop
erty te his wlfe amounting te 0,000,000
francs mere.
Archblihup Ireland Denounces the Canten
Inilew Foeuihness.
St. Paul, Minn., Dec. 2L The in
vestigatien by an expert of the Canten
church wludew was made partly at the
request of Archbishop Ireland. The
archbishop afforded special facilities
for such an investigation. The result
has been te prove ,the falsity of all
claims made In regard te this "mlracle
window. It is new probable ,that the
Assumption church at Canten will
be closed, at least temporarily. wnen
the fact was stated te Archbishop
Ireland that during the last three days
there had been a ronewal of the special
train service for carrying pilgrims te
Canten, the archbishop uttered an ex
pression of sorrow. lie believed that
there had been fraud conniving or abet
ting it either en the pari of Father
Jenes, but thought it likely that the
priest might have erred in being tee
"Is it safe te say that the church will
be closed?" was asked of the arch
bishop. "Yeu rany say that no time will be
lest in checking the pilgrimages."
Htanibeul sold for 4 l.OOO.
New YenK, Dec. 91. Stamboul, the
stallion king, with a 2:07K record, was
sold at auction Tuesday morning at
the American institute building for
$41,000. The bidding Btarted off with
$30,000 and went slowly up with jumps
of $3,000. The purchaser was IX II
Ilarriman, banker, of this city. Five
minutes' after Stamboul was sold Mr.
Cerscn, one of the executers of the Ilo Ile
bart estate, said he would give Mr.
Ilarriman $5,000 te withdraw his bid.
Mr. Ilarriman had then left the build
ing. A ItatlreaU Murder Jlyitery.
Teledo, 0.,'Dcc. 21. The Wabash
car inspector found the murdered body
of an unknown man en a pile of corn
In a newly received car. It had been
shipped from Sarenvllle, Neb., and re
ceived by the Wabash at Chapln, 111.,
December 17. The body was covered
with beards, every poekot was turned
inside out and a blew en the brain had
caused death. The man was of medium
size, had red mustache, sandy hair and
were geed black clothes.
KiiglUli Murderer llatigeiL
Londen, Dec 21. Jeseph Meller wan
hanged at Manchester Tuesday for the
murder of his wlfe, Mary Ann Meller,
at Oldham, in September last The
execution was uneventful Meller met
hit fate quietly and U said te have ac
knowledged the jostteeof the sentence,
A KeB efTwrer,
Mxmnux, Mbwi, Dae. SI. A reUa of
ttrrer mWU Ih Kereysr ewnty, bJ ev
ery eHke wke had Mytktf ledewlth
Mm haayUy et U mm TilWt u4
liWwtlug Tw wA WHr TalWrtte
m W Im awIv Aa4 t m.
While an Expreii Agent Is at Dinner thi
Safe I Opened With a Key and S7,0O(
Peivr Iltfiteu, Mich., Dec 2L One e
the most successful robberies that evci
occurred in this vicinity wospcrpetratcc
at the Canadian express office at Sarnia,
Ont, Tuesday, when $7,000 was takes
out of the safe in the office wblle the
clerk was at dinner. The robber, ei
robbers, if there were mere than one
mode geed their escape, apparent!
without leaving a single tangible clew
Themas Cook, jr., agent of the com
pany, has been blck abed for the pas'
.few days, and the office was in chargt
'of James McMohea At 12:25 o'clecl
McMahon locked everything valuabli
'into the office Bafe, which is en old
fashioned key-lock affair, and, aftei
locking the front deer, went for hit
mid-day meal Upen his return, at fiv
minutes before 1, he found the deer e'
' the safe open, with a key sticking Ir
the key-hole and $7,000 in currencj
The porpetraterof the jobbery galncc
'cntrance through a rear deer in tht
basement, which had been left open fet
the delivery of seme coat
The SpeclalUt, Make a Statement Con
cerning Mr. lilalne'a Mulltlen.
New Yernt, 'Dec. 21. Dr. Alfree
Loemls returned te this city Tucsdaj
night from Washington, where he had
been te see Mr. Blaine. Te a repertct
he said:
"Mr. Blaine is in a very critical con
dition, yet he can net be said te be in
any immediate danger. He is a very
siek man and may die at any moment,
or he may live for weeks. It Is impos
sible te tell anything mero definite
about his case at present" r
A dispatch ' from Augusta, Me., says
it Is known that Mr. Blaine suffered an
attack similar te Sunday one week age
last Saturday. Ills friends in Augusta
are. c-dlshcartencd and fear that they
will net see him again in life. One ei
Mr. Blaine's relatives says that Mr.
Blaine has been losing strength ever
since he apparently recovered from his
Illness two years age.
A Londen Building Firm Robs a llalldlne
Society of Millions.
Londen, Dec. 21. J. W. Ilebbs, the
well known builder, and O. II. Wright
a solicitor, who were arrested en De
cember 12 en charges of forgery in con
nection with the recent failure of the
liberal or permanent building society
and the land investment trust have
had additional charges preferred
against them. Ilebbs, in addition te
"having te answer the charge of for
gery, will also have te answer for the
theft of a large sum of money belong
ing te his own firm J. W. Ilebbs &
Ce. (limited), builders and contractors.
The new charge against Wright Is that
he stele a check for 2,500 belonging te
the society. Wright was formerly
financial manager of the society, and
Ilebbs was its managing director. It is
said that Ilebbs & Ce. ewe the society
An Killer's Hack Iny nnd Pension.
"La Pertk, Ind., Dec. 21. Elder Sam
uel Mlller.ef this city, has been notified
that he is about te receive beck pay
and pension money amounting te some
$0,000 for services in the Black Dawk
war. A team belonging te him was
pressed into service, and net wanting te
leso it he enlisted and went with It
Fer seme reason he was never dis
charged, and about a year age he pre
sented his claim against the govern
ment and is likely te get a hatful of
money in liquidation of the claim.
The Kxtreme l'ennltjr far Manslaughter.
Marien, Ind., Dec 21. Charles Fert
was convicted of manslaughter here
Tuesday," and sentenced te twenty-one
years in the penitentiary for the killing
of Michael llulpin at Jonesuero, in this
ceuntv. July 13. In an altercation Fert
struck llalpin with a club. This Is the
first instance in which the extreme pen
alty fee manslaughter was ever fixed
in this county.
lticltcrcl Letters Melen.
Peoria, 111., Dec 21. Four registered
letters containing In the aggregate $SO0
mailed here, failed te reach their desti
nation, Lacresse, Wis. The theft was
traced te Dan German, dellvery clerk In
the Peoria office. When arrested he
breke down aud confessed. lie said he
was tempted te take the money because
his wife was sick.
A J lube In JalL
Mt. Stkiiline, Ky., Dec 21. Miss
Martha Roberts, of Mt Savage, Carter
county, with a young babe in her arms,
is a guest at the county bastlle, charged
with violating the postal laws in send
ing an obscene and threatening letter
through th malls te Mr. J. II. Tyrec, a
merchant of Rush, Boyd county.
Oen. Ilesfcrans Going te California.
Washington, Dec 21. Gen. Rose Rese
crans, register of the treasury, will
leave iere Wednesday afternoon for
Les Angeles, CaL, in the hope of recov
ering bis health. Ills daughter will ac
company him from Washington, and
Gov. Teele, his son-in-law, will join
them at Chicago and go as for as Junta.
Mary A. West's Remains.
Chicago, Dec 21. A dispatch from
Teklo says that the remains of Misi
Mary A. West, the noted temperance
advocate, left Yokohama Tuesday fei
the United States, A delegation will
be sent te Vancouver from this city tc
receive the remains and act as escort
Held for Counterfeiting.
CeLUMnua, a, Dec 2L Fred W.
Davis, the counterfeiter, was taken be
fore U. 8. Commissioner Jehnsen Tues
day for trial lie was bound ever in
$3,000, and in default of bail was com
muted te jalL
MlnMter Kn lias HtsUeri,
Nkw Yerk, Dee. 21. Hen. Patrick
Egan ulled Tuesday afternoon en tht
steamship Columbia for Asplmvall, en
his way fartte W his pest la Chill.
Dropped Dm WM4 at Werk,
JaAmfex, !., Dec 21. Mr. A. B. Q
SitMi, ft wUkQwft blacksmith of Uk
WMi X4, ftff4 MVr, ttaiffwd Am In
BWslpWWBBsW iBI Brsp sk wJ H T irTsBJBi
Astounding State or Affairs In Berne
European Countries.
Washington, Dec 21. Seme valuable
Information relative te European labor
was glven the joint committee en immi
gration Tuesday which, met te consider
Senater Chandler's bill te suspend im
migration for one year.
Walter Griffin, agent of the United
States at Llgerne, France, who made a
tour of the principal countries of Eu
rope for the purpose of considering
labor conditions, said he discovered
after a searching investigation, that
secret societies existed among the work werk
ingmen Jn many countries, many of
them befng criminal in their nature
In Switzerland the workmen were
thoroughly organized and strikes were
rare In Italy Mr. Griffin found a most
deplorable state of affairs. The upper
part of Italy centnlned an honest and
energetic people, but they did net im
migrate. Immigration was confined te the
lowest and worst class of Italians;
who wcre oemmunists and socialists,
the great majority belonging te se
cret societies criminal in their intent
and which the Italian government
had in vain tried te suppress. Twe
hundred thousand of these people left
Italy last year, most of them going te
America. , They believe the United
State is the haven of the world and will
de anything te get here,
In the German province of Ertzgeber
ger the people would emigrate en masse
if they could. Clubs were formed in
many districts te aid people te go te
She Sends 875,000 te Kettle the Baltimore
Washington, Dec 21. The $75,000
paid by the Chilian government in set
tlement in full for all claims arising
out of the Baltimore affair at Valpa
raiso was covered into the sub-treas
ury at New Yerk Tuesday. The draft
for that sum was brought te this coun
try by Minister Egan in October last
It was drawn en the bank of France,
and called for payment thirty days
from date of presentation. Mr. Egan
gave it te the secretary of state. It
then went te the secretary of the treas
ury, by whom it was sent te the assist
ant treasurer at New Yerk. Its nego
tiation was then intrusted te Sellgman
& Ce., bankers, by whom collection was
duly made through their agents In
Paris, and this part of the transaction
was closed by the deposit of the money
at New Yerk Tuesday.
These necessary preliminaries having
been performed, and the money being
in the actual possession of the govern
ment, arrangements will be made as
seen as possible for Its equitable distri
bution te the people for whom it is In
tended. This important branch of the
transaction Is in the hands of the secre
tary of the navy, and it is expected that
the matter will be closed up satisfactor
ily during the present administration.
Streng Lungnuge Used by the Governer of
Seuth Ciirelliitt.
Celvmdia, S. C, Dec. 21. The bill
putting the absolute control of all the
railroads In the state in the hands of
the railroad commission, from whose
decision there shall be no appeal has
been signed by Gov. Tillman. A mass
meeting of railroad empleyes was held
in this city Monday night and a commit
tee was appointed te wait upon the
governor In regard te the bill. After
hearing their mission the governor said:
"The bill has already been signed and
is new a law. The opposition of 8,000
or 10,000 railroad empleyes docs net
amennt te a compared with the 50,
000 or 00,000 farmers demanding its pas
sage" The effect of this, was rather
inflammatory. A mass meeting of all
railroad empleyes In the state was
called for Thursday night next, nnd
the battle crv will then begin In earn
est against the Tillman movement
the Oeanel of Islam te lxi l'rcurlied In the
United State.
Bombay, Dec 21. Alexander Russel
Webb, who recently resigned his office
as U. S. consul at Manilla te preach
Islamism, is new at Hyderabad solicit
ing contributions te a fund te be spent
in sending Islamite missionaries te the
United States. He is having Immense
success. By a few days work in this
city he secured $5,000 for his work, and
in Calcutta and Rangoon $10,000. In
Hyderabad the subscriptions of the
Mehammedans already amount te mero
than $11,500. He will use much of the
money secured in India te establish
Islamite newspapers and lecture courses
in American cities. He will also pub
lish a new translation of the Keran.
Increased latild Iteserve 'talked Or.
New Yerk, Dec 21. A report Is cir
culating in Wall street te the effect that
when congress convenes after the holi
day recess, a bill will be introduced au
thorizing the issue of $100,000,000 bends
for the purpese of increasing the geld
reserve of the United States treasury.
The Pest says in connection with the
report that Secretary of the Treasury
Eester Is te come en here te confer with
New Yerk bankers. This Is accepted
by the "street" as confirming the bend
Issue rumor.
Yeung Fnerstel's Methods.
St. Leuis, Dec 21. The methods
adopted by the suicide, Feerstel, in em
bezzling from the city treasury wcre
these: Bends te the amount of $45,000
were reported by ' him us redeemed,
when Instead the money had gene into
the defaulter's pocket Bends te the
amount of $4,000 were unlawfully hy
pethecated. The remulndcr, $14,030. 10,
was taken from the cesh, checks, etc,
passing through his hands.
Deputy Wilsen's Murderer Captured.
Talkquau, I. T., Dec 21. Henry
Starr, the noted desperado, who last
week shot and killed United Sty tea
Deputy Marshal Floyd Wilsen, was cap
tured Tuesday by United States Deputy
Marshal "Hick" Bruner and posse
Oetd Wetker at DabBe.ee, La,
DusuquK, la., Dee. 8L TwetAty
wh th oeldeet day ef the teacea. The
tHrmeiWr mark IB ckfrm below
mm fttvl K la ftewteff lir
Gathered Frem All rarte of tise Conn
ny Telegraphs
Peter Grosscup, whose appointment t
as United States judge for the nerthers' ,
district of Illinois was confirmed by the'
Senate Tuesday, used te live In Ash
land, O.
A panic has been caused among the
200 convicts working en the Iren Mpun-
tain read at Helena, 'Ark., by the death,
of four from arsenic in their feed. Oth
ers are in a critical state.
The North American Endowment as
sociation has gene into the hands of a
rcceiver. The concern has about $25,
000 in assets and about 1,500 members.
It formerly had 8,000 members. .-'
p Sheriff Brown lest two prisoners
shortly after supper. Burglar Tem
Heward and Geerge Wilsen pried off a .
bar at the Wooster, O., jail, over
powered the turnkey and escaped.
The divorce suit of Mrs. M. M. Gard
ner, maiden name Sadie Polk Fall, wife
of a prominent stock farm owner at
Nashville, Tcnn., en the grounds of cru
elty has caused a society sensation.
Senater Hale entertained a party of
senators at lunch in his committee room
Tuesday afternoon, te meet United
States Minister Rebert T. Lincoln.
Among the Invited guests was Senater
The probate of Lord Tennyson's will)
has been granted. The gross personal
estate amounts te 57,206. The entailed
estates descend from Hallam Tennyson
te the succeeding male heirs. The will
was executed In 1884.
The Atlanta has left the Portsmouth
navy yard te relieve the Kcarsarge at
La Guayra, Venezuela. Before sailing,
Lieut-Cemmander W. H. Webb, being
sick, Lieut-Cemmander W. IL Bcknel,
of the Franklin, succeeds him 'en the
Atlanta. v
Oliver Hernbeck, a farmer, living a
few miles north of Willlamspert, O.,
has lest a valuable horse, and has
several ethers sick, with a deadly dis
ease, which the veterinary surgeons
claim they never heard of, and can find
no remedy for.
A meeting Tuesday of the Bub-com-mlttce
of the heuse committee en judi
ciary, charged with investigating the
alleged illegal use of Plnkerten men at
Homestead, was productive In showing
that no two members agreed as te the
character of the report te bcnade te
the full committee
Edward Wildman and Herman Wittlg
were arrested at Chicago, Tuesday,
charged with using the mails for
swindling purposes. The men -were
doing business under the name of the
Illinois Lumber Ce. and Wildman & Ce.
They came here from Philadelphia, and
the complaints are sworn out by In
spector Griggs, of that city.
iScnnter Teller introduced a concur
rent resolution for the assemblage of
the two houses In the hall of the heuse
of representatives, en Wednesday, Feb
ruary 8, 1S03, at 1 o'clock In the after
noon, pursuant te the requirement of
the constitution and the laws relating
te the election of president and vice
president of the United States.
Cincinnati, Dea 2L .
Fieun Winter patent, I3.7S4.15: fancy,
fllSaiM. family, I2.35I&2.G0. extra. tl.80a2.2S;
low prafle, ei.0fta2.00. spring'patcnt, M.2V31.50;
spring fancy, tXbVQXn; spring family. (3.00(3
HO. Kjeneur,fH0a3.0a Buckwheat, 12.003
Z.2S per 1U0 S sack.
Wheat The market was quiet and easy at
633 C7e for Ne 2 red, although one fancy let
sold en local milling account at 680 for pressing
requirements. Ne. 3 red quotable at CS&CJc.
Ceit.v The demand was chiefly from distill
ing teurceaand offerings of goecTANo. 8 white
Ne. 2 yellow and Ne. 2 mixed were taken at 45c
Seme choice Ne. 3 white was held at 46c, hut
abeve the views of buyers. Ear firm at tl&Ue,
according te quality. ,
Oats The market was steady en the bulk
of offerings. Ne. 3 nhlte quotable at S7t3Se
and Ne. 3 white 3SQ3)c, according te quality
and requirements. Ne. 2 mixed and lower
grades dull und easy. Ne. 2 mixed quotable at
Krs Ne spot offerings and market nominal
at 65&Wc for geed northwestern and 53 (Moter
Ohie, Indiana and Illinois samples.
Cattlb Expert steers, MC034.7S, fair te
poed shippers, M.OOlSa Oxen; Geed te
choice, Ml&l.OJ. common te fair. SZ00&3.O0;
select butcher, M 0QCS4.35. extra, fclpher: fair te
geed, laOeaaRS, common, J2.0Oa2.75. Helfers:
Geed te choice heavy, I3.25&& 75,- geed te choice
light, t3.00fl3.65; common te fair, U.75&2.75.
Veal Calvbs Commea and large, C3.503
5.50: fair te geed -light. 16.0036.75; extra, (7.00
IIoes Select heavy nnd prime butcher, SS.69
&6.70. fair te geed packing, fa.40fi8.G0; com
non and rough, 86.002,8.55, fair te geed light,
(0.2536.50; select, 165 te 175 lbs, 14503,6.60; tat
pigs, J8.0O36.-.A
Snr.EP and Lambs Sheep Wethers: 14 50
8.5.00. fat ewcb, M.0OJM 50, common te fair
mixed, (ZT5.a3.75. Lambs: Extra, tV50; geed
te chuice, Si 836.40, common te fair, M.0O&175.
Nkw Yerk, Dec. 21.
Wheat Ne. 2 red weak and quiet without
feature. March, 77 5-l6c
Hvh Qulet and nominal; western, 54&580.
IUltLKY State, 65360c; western. 00280c; Ne.
2 Terente, 81 Ubie.
Coun Ne. 2 moderately aeUve and weaker;
May, 5lXc: Ne. 2, 50aSlHc; steamer mixed,
Oats Ne. 2 dull and easier; January, SflVc;
May, S9c; state, 36347c; western, 36317c.
PiTTSBnnan, Dea 21.
Cattle Murket nctlve at yesterday's prices.
Hogs Market steady ; fair U;ht te best hogs,
W.653.8.TO: 5 cars hogs shipped te New Yerk.
Sheep Market dull and a shade off from
yesterday's advance.
Baltimore, Dea 2L
Fleuh Dull and unchanged.
Wheat Steady; Ne. 2 red spot and Decem
ber, 73140; January, 7JHc; May, 78 Jfe.
Ceiin Easy; mtxed spot, 47Ke; year and
January, 47hc; May, 6140 asked.
Oats Steady; Ne. 2 whit western, 4331.4a
RYE Dull; Ne. 2 58e asked.
Chicago, Dec, 21.
Fleuh and QliAilt.Ciuih quotatiens: Fleur
dull and weak, but net quelably changed. Ne, t
spring wheat, 69j(Q70e; Ne. 3 spring wheat,6Ql
We; Ne. 1 red, 60VS70c; Ne. 2 corn, lKe; Na.
J, 37e; Ne. 2 eats, 9K29Ke; Ne. t white, 34
fl 35e en track: Ne. 3whlte,SlQ3lUei Na 8 rye,
l7Xc: Na 2 barley, Me: Na S, 1. ft b., 3SMe
Na 4, f. a b., 353tte; Na 1 nax-4wed. M.M.
Wheat Na .2 red la expert oltvster, T2J
rac; Na l red December, 7KtbTHe.
Conn Na 3 yellow cm track. 4c; Hww (a
expert eloTater, Te: Ne, 2 yellow la gU Ac
pet, 0c Na S mixed lu expert elevator, 44c;
Nat mixed December, 4843Me.
Oats Na 8 white, sec; Na S whit, 4!; A
choice, 41VJcj Na 8 wbtta, December, Mtttft
10140: January, 89i$40c.
ToLxne, a, Dt. at
WHIATDuU and steady) Ne. Mtt,
Defwbf. TlHet May, TTe eketl.
Oem-bw tea steMyt Ne. I
Utj, H; He. 3, 41ttc. Na i, ,
UAT-Wtl CM, 3W.
XTav-DttKi mH. Me.
ftMMILAsUllaiUiMAiil 9mmLmm saiassi ItMMtl
VtWTTBWIWITmHf I ycimm PMh mm
C HW vJWkv4r kqssf tflMIWI siHM sniQi

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