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;;$ SHIPS.
DAILY & ' ;
Ex-Secretary Blaine, While Prop Prep
ped Up In Bed,
Leeks Upen the Flowers in the Lawn
in Frent of His Window.
We Building ej Them" by Can
for the Lakes
I '
HU Improvement Only a Postponement e(
'the Inerltable The Iteinnvnl of the
Putlant te a Warmer Clime the
Doetor Hefniet te Dttcus.
Washington, Dec 23. The Improve Impreve
mcnt In Mr. Blaine's condition Is a mat
' ter of pleasant comment en nil sides,
even though It means no mera than
what nil pcople 'believe a mere post
ponement for a little while of the Inev-
fc Wednesday afternoon, about 2 o'clock,
Mr. lilaine felt se well that he insisted
upon being braced Up en the pillows se
that he could leek out of the win
dow that his bed faces. Under
this window are the lawn and
summer flower beds in the open space
adjoining the department of justice.
, Beyond that is IVmnsylvanla avenue
with its moving current of pe'destrltins,
fashionable premenaders, line turnouts
' of every description and clanging cable
' cars. Acress the avonue te the eyes of
the dvlnir statesman nnnear the Granite
".i walls of the treasury, the graceful
'f front of the whlte house, and beyond
& tnem t splendid white shaft of the
ty 'f Washington monument outlined against
K azure bending ever ,the pillars of Ar
y&, Hngten heuse upon the far Virglnle
heights. Fitting it is that such a com
bination in such a picture should be the
," last upon which his eyes rest
' The change in the woather doubtless
' bes had milch te de in the improvement
of Mr. Blaine's condition, se sensitive is
' he te all influences. Fer the first time
in a week the sun shene into his win
dows Wednesday morning and he greet
ed the bright light with a smile and
whlspered a request te put the window
shades higher.
While Dr. Jehnsen speaks with pleas
ure of the condition of his distinguished
patient, he shakes his head sndly when
asked if there is any hepa of ultimate
recovery, and did the' same w hen asked
" "by your correspondent If he thought
thore was any probability of Mr.
Blaine's being able te stand a trip te a
sunnier and warmer climate.
"Mr. Maine is much better this even
j ing." said Dr. Jehnsen, in reply te th
usual Inquiry. "I called te soe him be
tween six and seven o'clock Wendesday
night, and found him exceeding!;
cheerful for ene In his condition, lilt
- voice was much firmer in tone and hit
eyes brighter. In fact, he is se much
improved that I shall net repeat mj
-visit Wednesday evenlntr unless sum
mened by the family, and that I de net
"Dees Mr. Blalne sit up during anj
portion of the day?"
i "Oh, yes. Mr. Blaine Is much strengci
than the outside world has been led U
beueve. in (act, bis condition at nc
time has been as critical as has beet
5-iinted In the newspapers. It Is true
that Mr. Blaine was for a few minute:
a very sick man, at one time Sundav
last, but he was net as near te death as
believed by some. Mr. Blaine is still
very ill, but he Is in no immediate dan
ger of death."
"De you think that Mr. Blaine's pres
ent show of improvement will warrant
his removal te a mere congenial cllmatt
In the near future?"
After meditating a few seconds, the
doctor said; "I can net say as te that)
It Is useless te leek that far into the
While Mr. Blaine's physlelans are as
discreet in their utterances as men can
well be, their tone .and manner of ex
pression Impress these who converse
with them daily that Mr. Blaine's case
is hopeless; that while he Is in no im
mediate danger, his malady must prove
fatal, and that his span of life Is meas
ured by the progress of the dlsease with
which he Is afflicted.
A New Canadian Annexation Organ.
Terente, Ont., Dec. 22. The first
issue of an evening paper called The
Sun, made its appearance heW Wednes
day night Its avewed object Is te ad
vocate the annexation of Canada te the
United States. In Its "salututery" It says:
"We have no hesitation In saying our
lack of like progress has been and is
entirely due te our unhappy separation
from the republic of the United States,
i With England we have no quarrel, net
are we unmindful of her great services
en behalf of human freedom, but out
hearts and energies should be dovetod
te improving the condition of our own
Suicide 1'eerttel's Funeral.
St. Leuis, Dec 22. The funeral el
Edward Foerstel, late assistant city
' treasurer, who committed suiolde Mon Men
. day, took place at 11 o'clock Wednesday
from his father's residence In Foerstel Feerstel
vllle. The funeral was private, only
relatives and Immediate family friends
being present The remains were in
terred In Bellofentalne cemetery.
'J he Coining Duel.
'Pabib, Dec. 22, The coming duel be
tween M. Clomenceau, editor of La Jus
tice, and M. Derculede, who was called
a liar by the editor in the chambers
Tuesday, Is attracting great attention.
uiemenceau nas neon granted me oneico
'of weapons, and both men say they In
tend te fight a duel te the death.
Dire Settlement or a Judgment.
Gethrix, Ok, Dee. 22. A white man
5 named. Cera recently sued a Creek In
- dlaa for unpaid wages and seoured a
jadgraent in the U. S. court A party
of Iadlaaa called at the man's heuse,
bound and carried him Inte the weeds,
where hk body was found hanging te a
Mt WhltWer Memerial Services,
Xaykmxul. Hasa.. Dec CO. The
WMMier memorial eer vleee, under the
aaaptaee a cwmltUe appointed by
it aHjr awHMiV waa k14 latMf fattl
JTiWa"y S jtWH P"R TTa aaaaja
aflaaaaalMaLtafl H aaft HaaaHug
Opinion aa te this Jtinultn of the llicent
Tlilal irVtre and Vyilenln Vlntnrbance-
" What II Of the llartett Jlcf"
Average yearly earnings of empleyes
in manufacturing iin Detroit were
. $391
in 1SS0. During ten years of Protec
tion they had increased te $191
StgggZMffigiSZIIIMWtl I' 1 li IMimHI
in 1S90. In the meantime the numGer
of hands who found employment g)cw
from 16,110
te 37,162
Protection aids the worker most of alt.
A'cw Yeih Prcti.
Congressman Harter's bill te reorgan
ize state banks gees te the oxtremo of
state's rights. His bill would make
the banks amenable only te state laws
and out of the reach of Congress
With silver produced nt a cost of 45
cents nn ounce, the actual silver in a
standard dollar is worth 35 cents and
the free ceinage fanatics want Congress
te issue an edict that henceforth 35
cents shall be 100. That U about the
size of the situation.
Perhaps the able gentlemen who
think the repeal of the Sherman Silver
Purchase )ill would slop the experts of
geld are also of the opinion that a
flannel string tied
areuild one's little
linger will step nose-bleed.
The opera
tien of the law of- cause and effect
seems te be equally lively In both cases.
The SupreniB Court of Louisiana has
declared unconstitutional the law passed
two years age and known as the "Jim "Jim
crew" law, making it compulsory -en
railroads te provide separate cars for
negrees. While our own Supreme
Court lias its hand in, it might take a
whack at Kentucky's Separate Coach
General Dryonferth, the Texas cloud
puncher, calls himself a scientist, mul
all because of his unsuccessful efforts
te knock rain out of the sky by explod
ing dynamite in the upper air. It is
much as if n man who speuds his time
in chasing tiie perpetual motion phan
tasm should call himself nu inventor
and a discoverer.
' The foreign steamship lines eay they
will try te destroy the World's Fair if
their business of bringing pQverty, pes
tilence and crime te this country is in
terfered with by the United States
Government. The first overt' act en
their part In the direction they uame
ought te meet with a rebuke from this
country that would result in their bank
ruptcy. The declaration of the transalantic
steamship companies that their suspen
sion of steerage passenger business
means fewer vessels and higher prices
for European travelera who want te
visit the World's Fair next summer is
merely a threat which is full of sound
nud fury, signifying nothing. The act
ive principle of competition among the
steamship companies will keep passen
ger rates down te a fair basis in spite
of all efforts te lift them te the level-of
monopoly oxtortien. Morever, the com
panies would hardly advance rates te an
unreasonable basis, even If It were pos
sible te de se. They have nn undis
guised fendpess for the goeso that lays
the golden eggs, and are much mero
likely te pet her than te kill her. ,
A Ohm fur Croup.
If your children are subject te croup,
always keep a bettle of CksmbrlIa's
CeUgh Itewedy at haad. It I prompt
aad crtla cure. If glvea as tern m
Um wmipy it will pramt
taa MUafc. Far nOa by Fewer A !
TIT" If Vn hnvefrtauU vMttng ieh. or If ou
ire nelim atcau nn vtult, pcat dreji tin a note
te lUnl effect.
Mrs. G.
8. Wall has returned from
Mrs. Jehn M. Hunt Will spend Christ
mas with relnlivcs nt Irenton.
Mrs. Duke Watsen and daughters
spending the week at Cincinnati.
Hen. C. B. Poyntz, Railreiul "Cominls "Ceminls "Cominls
slenei. was in the city yesterday.
Mrs. D. C. Ellis and niece. Miss Nellie
Chnmbers, are visiting G. W. Chambers,
Ne. Oil Ferest avenue.
Mrs. Mary Dudley left yesterday after
noon for her home nt Hilltop, after a
visit to'tlie family of Postmaster Davis.
Miss Plucbc II Ferman of the George
town Tciniilc Seminniy will nrrivc te day
te spend the holidays with lier mother nt
Miss Mary Spillman, the accomplished
teacher of music nt Hnyswoed, left yes
terday te spend the holidays nt her home
in Garrard county.
Mnrj1, who ewncjl the little lamb,
Is married new, jqu tnew;
Her first born son la ten rears old,"
And he te school (loes no.
He oft excites the teacher's ire
Uy fracturing the rule,
Then, as of old, tbe children laugh
Te bce the "Inm" at school.
Dtlrelt Ficc Pn.
Yesterday was the shortest tln in the
Kkuben T. Lwvsen nnd Miss Minnie
T. Browrfef Springville mnrricd Tuesday.
The prospects of establishing n new
bnuk at Hlgginspert have gene glimmer
OutLDiiEK's Ten Sets, Bisques, Cups
and Saucers. &c , &c, nt Themas's China
Stere, nt hnlf price.
Mt. Steiiline has fournewspapers and
it is said that the fifth, n Sundny edition,
will seen blossom forth.
Andhew W. Tiiomi'sen nnd MIssNollie
E Zuhnis were nuieng the recent wed
dingers of Greenup county.
'. The amateur train lebbcrs in the jail
nt Huntington nre proving grent nt nt
tractiens for curious people.
Jamks Thompson nnd Miss Melvie Mc
Carthy will be married te-day nt the home
of the bride nenr Murphysville.
Samuet, Maiiti.v and Miss Clara Fulton
were mnrricd at the home of the bride's
fnthcr, Jeseph Fulton, in Aberdeen last
TiiEdouble Issue of The Ledeeii will
be a daisy, if we de say it. You'll miss
dollars if you don't spend n few dimes
for nn advertisement in it.
"-'- J nine
In view of the steady advance in the
price of whisky, it is possible- te expect
an advance in augnr. These commodi
ties are often observed te rise and fall to
gether. We nre requested by Jehn Walsh,
enndidate for City Assessor, te state that
the report in circulation, especially in
the East End, that he would withdraw
from the rnce is absolutely false.
A. Dena will net be open Cluistmas
Day, Theso desiring a 'nice Basket of
Fruit, Bex of Fine Candy or anything in
his line will plcnse call bufore Sunday.
Extra nice Malaga and Catawba Grapes.
Flerida Oranges, 20c. per dozen.
Chuistmas has arrived already at the
Postefllco, nnd geed old Santa Claus is
keeping the clerks busy recelving and
dispatching packages. Santa always
rogisters articles that he wants te reach
his friends safely and In geed shnpc, and
these that go Iu ordinary mall ought te be
well wrapped in strong- paper and tied
with a stout string, The Postefllco will
be open every night the remalnder of this
wcek, from 7 te 0 o'clock, for the rccop rccep rccop
tlen and delivery of packages.
Fretn fletcburg.
0. P, Moero S: Ce,, prominent drug
gists of Newburg, Ore., says; "Slnce
our customers have Wome acqualated
with the geed qualities of ChaaberUla'i
tieugfc tUaMdy, we sell but, little of aar
ekekia. CbMtUrlali'i 4klM all
fcriaft Maal aaatt Wa Aa V
erfaj JptyajQ aaaaeseajajpvTi a w rW VJ
iapak Jk VaMMiilJ TsaBAafJ
Wi law jewjsWTWw jerwP(Wl
The Resclnnd Secial Club will give a
hop at Neptune Hall te night.
i 1 1
The health of Andersen Finch con
tinues te improve nt Themnsvllle, Ga.
i .in ... e i i ,
Chaiilks II.1 White, who has been 111
for several days, Is able te be out again.
Hkniiv 8mittsen, a Christian county
fanner, fell from n wngen, wns run ever
nnd fatally hurt.
A meii traveled 120 miles te hang a
negre in Whitley ceuuty, but the Jailer
kept them at bay.
Vases, Mustache Cups, Biic-n-Brac
China nnd Glosswaie. at Themas's China
Stere, at your own price. He is de
termined te close out.
James II. Autiiuh, an cvcltfrcn of
Masen, has bought the Grceu Leer Farm
of fifty-six acres nenr Mlllersbuig, the
prlce paid being $85 per ncre.
Man nants little here below.
Whoever siild thnt lied.
Unless liu's jret n bettle of Hegcrs' Old Stock,
HuV never eatlllcd.
G W. Iteat:iis & Ce.,
li" Market street, Mursvlhc, Ky.
TiifeitB is no ene person stHrred in "A
Secinl Session" every chnrnctcr Is in
terpreted by a -clever artist nnd each hns
full power te make his individual part as
great a success as possible. We ceme te
your city with n record of five years of
solid success and the praise of pi ess and
public from ocean le ocean.
JVef rreiii it Financial Stamljielnt.
"I de net recommend Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy from a llnnncial stand
point, for we have ethers in 6teck en
which we make a larger profit," says-Al
Maggini, n prominent druggist of Brad
deck, Pa., " but because many of our cm cm
temcts have spoken of it in the highest
praise. We sell mere of it than of any
similar preparation we have In the store."
Fer sale by Power & Reynolds, Drug
gists. jl Secial Ncssten.
A "Secinl Session," ene of the most
sparkling farce comedies, hns been re
written nnd levlsed nnd it new appenrs
a novel and attractive creation, full of
fun nnd studded with gems of music and
songs. With the company is the cele
brated Black, Hussar B ind and famous
star eichestrn A Secinl Session will
held the beards nt the Opera houe Satur
day night, and nn evening of mirth is
premised all who nttend the perform
ance. Complimentary.
Rev, W. O. Cochrane will preach his
fniewcll sermon nci Sundn morning.
He gees the first of the year te accept n
call te the church nt Maysville Mr
Cochrane nnd his family have endeared
themselves te our pcople during their
four j'cais residence here, and wc are
loath te give theln up Maysville may
well feel proud of securing him, for they
can find no mere able Minister nor
comteeus nnd Christian gentleman. Wc
bespeak for him every kindness, help and
courtesy in his new field and trust lie
will often return heie te see the people
who love him se well Millmburg Cor
respondent Ktntuckian-CUizen.
Attll (i Hyutery.
William Moffett, the injured Q. and 0".
track-walker, is still in a semi-conscious
condition at Brady's Hetel en Second
Dr. Owens, the Surgeeu en the reat1,
says: "He is getting along very well
His injury is new complicated with pnou pneu pnou
menia brought en by the expesure he
was subjected te before found. Te my
knowledgo he has made no connected
statement ns te hew he was hurt. The
shock te his brain is se severe that no re
spenslbility can be attached te any utter
ance he might make. His mind Is com
pletely clouded nnd It will be scvernl
days befere he can talk rationally. One
of his hallucinations is thnt he wns in
jured thirteen years age and has been
asleep ever since. The chances nre that
he will ultimately recover."
Don't atuxxl the l're:
A newspaper is the medium through
which the people nre kept informed of
incidents and events which transpire in
the world around about thorn. That is
its mission and that Is what the patrons
and subscribers of a paper expect of It.
It is true that there nre griefs and loves
tee sacred te be babbled te the world nnd
ofttimes things of a detnestie nature
trunsplre in which the public has no in
terest. Such things a decent respect for
the feelings of ethers prompts the pro
prietors of a paper te refrain from pub
lishing. But thore are happenings in this city
almost dally which all the poeplo knew
about and which are the common talk en
the streets, and yet some one will rush te
the riewtpaper offices nnd request ai a
personal favor that such thing be net
IWJErnWieTTwe .
Te publle pre ought te be held u A
te eril-Meefi ad aet be iiaMl-
What e Slay Expect IMireen Thti Time
and ToSterrow Evening.
i i
U7i ll streamer rAiris nine iiain or snow;
With Ulack aiieve 'twill waiimeu ktew.
If niack'n nr.NRATit cet.DEii 'twill be;
UnlvBiUlarh' shown nocluuiee we'll see.
CWTlie ubote forecasts tire ruude ler h
period of thlrtj-slx hours. enUInif at B o'elock
te-morrow evcnlmr.
The two negrees who se brutally as
saulted Mr. Richardson vf Paris have
been captured and placed in jaih Rich
ardson is at the point of death.
Heniit Adam, one of Masen county's
most estimable German citizens, breathed
his last at his home four miles from this
city en the Mt. Carmcl pike. Funeral
te morrow at 1 p. m. from his late resi
dence, Tahlten Kennedy of Dexter nnd Miss
Tillle Williams of Gurmantewn were
married at the Clerk's Office yesterday
ufternoen, Judge Themns R. Phister offi
ciating. The groom is 19;nnd the bride
18 years of nge.
DeKauj and Ringgold Ledges of this
city have been invited te attend the dedi
cation of the new Oddfellews' Hall at
Manchester en Tuesday evening next.
There will be a banquet and that means
n geed denl te a hungry, man iu Man
chester. They are somewhat like Mays
vlllc, and never de things by halves.
A mvn named Davis from Lewis county
filled up en boezo yesterday nnd get se
unruly In Rosser's saloon, Frent and
Limestone, that Mr. Resser sent for the
officers. Officers Maugan and Bland re
sponded, and when they undertook te ar
rest Davis he pulled nn iron ring which
he tried te use as his knuckles He was
overpowered and arrested
Deubling the Size!
Deubling the Issue!
In order te accommodate
Holiday Advertisers, THE
LEDGER will, en
Friday, December 23d,
print an 8-page paper. The
edition will be a large one,
and intending advertisers will
please give their orders and
copy te our representative as
seen as possible net later than
neon of Wednesday next.
.lit. Invaluable llcmnly for t'eliln.
Sheriff Hardman of Tyler county, W
Vn., was almost prostrated with a cold
when he begnn using Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy. In speaking of it he
says: "It gave me almost Instant relief.
I find it te be an invaluable remedy for
colds." Fer sale by Power & Reynolds,
Eieaptil Frem the .tiiylutn.
Twe escaped inmates of the Asylum nt
Lexington have been wandering around
In the neighborhood of Marshall's Station
en the L. and N. for the past two or
three days. One of them is named Lee
who is known in that locality. He was
sent from Lewia county a few months
The ether party claims te be from Ohie
and says he was sent up from Covington.
They slept in a barn near the station
Monday night having applied at Beveral
farmhouses and being rcfused. When
they left Tuesday morning they caute in
this direction.
As Lee's mania ie burning harm the
people are mucli aiarned.
NterM Alecaatler hae notified the mi
Means a Declaration of War in th
Opinion of Gen. Miles.
A Direct Violation of tb Treat? of 1817
Wlileli Mmlu the War Veiiels of the
I. United Stutet and Oraat Britain
lie See Ureafcers Ahead.
Chicaoe, pec. 22. "If Canada baa
built and armed three vessels for serv
ice en the lakes as described by the of
ficers of the revenue marine service at
Washington It amounts te a declaration
of war," 6aid Maj.-Geu. Nelsen A. Miles
Wednesday, alluding te the report that
the dominion has increased Its armed
force en the great lakes. "I de net
want te be quoted as saying that Cab
ada or Great Britain means war," said
Oca Mllea "The fact la, though,
that these three vcssels are in direct
violation of the treaty of 1817, which
limits the war vessels that cither our
government or Great Britain can main
tain en the lakes te a certain number
and limits their gun power. The action
of the Canadian authorities in building
the vessels described .by the officer of
the revenue marine service violates the
treaty In both particulars.
"England can send a large fleet of,
light-draught war vessels up the St
Lawrence river into the great lakes,
which could burn every town from Du
luth te Detroit, and the singular thing
Is that the United States could de
scarcely anything by way of defense, se
far as doing battle en the water Is con
cerned, for, while we have some light
war ships that could get through the
canal, we could net get them te the up
per lakes for the reason that they would
have te pass through British posses
sions, aud that Canada or Great Britain
would net allow.
Gen. Miles has a list showing that the
Brjtlsh navy has thirty-five protected
cruisers, eighteen unprotected cruisers,
twenty torpedo vessels, fifty-four gun
vessels, two armored vessels, six dis
patch vessels and fire armed steamers, .
of draught light enough te allow their
passage through the Welland canal.
Knnsai City Electors Will He Fined By
the Court.
Kansas City, Dec. 22. City Counselor
Rosselle brought suit in the circuit
courts Wednesday te compel B. T.
Whipple, a prominent capitalist, te pay
2.50 as a i penalty for net voting at the
lest bpring election. Kansas City has
a clause In its charter fixing a penalty
of 2.50 per capita en all who de net
vote. The recorder of votes' books
show that 18,271 voters did net vote last
year, and consequently they ewe the
city $1,070.50. The suft Wednesday will
be followed by "there, te Include every
delinquent non-voter en the books. The
list of delinquents contains bank presi
dents, capitalists and property-owners
who did net take enough interest te
vote. The result of the suit will be
noted with interest.
Hebbed 111 C)tu Hank.
El Rene, Ok., Dec. 22. -Five indict
ments have been returned by the grand
jury, new in session here, against S. W.
Sawyer, a few months age at the head
of the leading banking institution of
this city, which, he declared, had been
robbed of 110,000 by the Dalten gang,
thus causing failure. It was generally
believed at the time that no robbery
had been committed, except by Sawyer
himself, and a report of the committee
appointed by the depositors, and the in
vestigation and action of the grand
jury, confirmed that belief.
Heirs ler a llair-Mllllen Wanted.
Omaha, Neb., Dec. 22. The family of
Jehn Brenle, which was left at White
Hall, I1L, in 1800, while the father went
te California In- search of a fortune, is
heir te half a million dollars. Attorney
Wm. Mereland, of Portland, Ore,, lain.
Omaha looking for the family. He has
been able te find no trace. Mr. Mora Mera
land offers a reward for information.
A I'nllee Captain Commit Murder.
Jacksen, Tenn., Dec 22. Themas
Gasten, captain of the police, killed W;
C, Strickland, Wednesday morning. The
tragedy was the result of a card pub
lished In Tuesday's Evening Times ever
the signature of Strickland, making se
rious charges against Gasten's official
I he Het bee Unaltered.
Reme, Dec. 22. The emissaries of the
French royalists have utterly failed te
induce the holy see te alter Its present
friendly feeling toward the French re
public, a feeling that has characterized
the policy of the Vatican for the past
two years.
A Fatal Experiment.
Gesiikn, Inti, Dec, 22. Rufus Den-
nls, of Nepanee, attempted te beat a
Big Four express train ever a crossing
Wednesday morning. The locomotive,
hew ever, struck the carriage midway,
and inflicted injuries upon Dennis from
which he died in an hour.
Mar Lese tils Eye.
TAma, Dec 22. Streng fears are en
lertalncd that Baren Alphense de
Rothschild will lese his eye as the re
sult of the sheeting accident en Sunday,
It is probable that a nerve has beca
touched, and It may be necessary te re
move the eye.
naby Farmers en Trial. ;
Sydney, N. a W., Dec 23. Makta,
nnd his wife, the baby farmers, wkef
klllcd thlrteen infanta by piercing thek
hearts or spines with needles, wt
Wednesday committed fer.trlal Beth
pleaded net guilty.
Alleged American Hwlndlers.
Vienna, Dec 22 The mercka-ata
David Oalas and Kuemrael have bee
arrested en the eharjre of beiag Aet
can fugitive from jaUce, aad el Wav
ing perpetrate, fravwta te te
of M,eee,
WJerWeWaw w 'l
LaaeL. Dm. ML m.
WhsMhsA & ftfeAefc VAaftsMaWlal lit stsWa
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