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M (e the Jfrsults nf'thn Jteeenf
Tidal ireua and Cyclenln Disturbances
' What WUl Uie Harvest Jler"
Oh the average, employees in the
manufacturing establishments ofDetriet,
Mich., madeu $391
during the year covered by the census of
1880. Ten years later they were aver
aging $494
each per annum. In tfiy former year the
establishments in- question paid
iri xcages, and in the last
census year
or nearly three times as much.
A'ew Yerk frets.
The Spring Hill cellerles, the largest
in Neva Scotia, has been clesed by a
strike of the miners. One thousand
people are thrown out of employment.
Let's see; don't Neva Scotia enjey the
blessings of Free-trade?
If Jay Gould had lived te be as old as
Vanderbllt did, it is calculated that he
would have fCCO.COO.OOO, had a first
mertgage upon the earth, and been first
President of the Milky Way Transit
Company. But new he hasn't' a cent.
Twelve cars leaded with raisins from
the Cajen .Valley, California, passed
through Sua Diege a few days age
bound for the fcast. Mr. Cleveland and
his Solid-Seuth rulers will step this "un
constitutional" raisin business in Cali
fernia and send us te Europe for our
- There is -such a geueral demand for
the further restriction and supervision
of immigration that it seems certain
that a strong attempt will be made in
the present Congress te carry out the
popular will en that point. On the
ether band, the appearance of at least
two well known steamship lobbyists
around he Heuse of Representatives in
dicates that none of the proposed legis
lation can be enacted without some op
position. The Atlanta Constitution says the
census bulletins make a fine showing
for Southern manufacturing.
In ten years seventeen Southern cities
have increased their manufacturing
output 90.9 per cent. The value of At
lanta's products in 1880 was $4,801,727.
In 1800 it was $11,239,591.
" In 1880 the Seuth had only 1G2 manu
facturing branches of industry; new
she has 234, showing the establishment
of 02 new lines of manufacturing.
Seme of the farmers who voted for
Free-trade, and especiaUy commended'
. the policy of the free wool bill with
their friends, are beginning te'thlnk
what it means. This la well illustrated
by the following letter from a corre
spondent at Ledi, N. V.;
The Democratic farmers held a jubilee
here the ether day and ene of tlieui, who
is a large sheep owner and wool producer,'
was telling te the crowd around htm that
they would seen get woolen goods very
much choaper, as the manufacturers
would have froe raw material and their
wool would net cost them near as much
as It does new, therefore could make and.
soil cloth cheap.
I happened along just thou and asked
him.Uew much that was" going te benefit
him? He replied, that he thought it
would raake $15 par year en the clothing
used in hia family, I asked him hew
x much wool be usdally sold. He said
' about 1,000 pound's. I then told him If
lie was going te gire the factory free woeV
that lie would have te drop 10 per cent, a
pound at least en his wool clip, which
would amount te $100 per year te save
$15, and that he would be about $85 out
of pecket, He was quiet for a memqnt
and when it get through his head hew
the thing would affect him, he said thq
wa who proposed free wool was a d d
fc-ql, and I then suggested te him that the
farar who would vote for froe wool
should' be clawed in the iame lUt. At
tkt suggestion he quit talklnf fiut I
rtekea that ha and hia brother ifmera
Who kwd it are doing seme llvely think
In , ew that the fact atom then la the
fe. They think tUy ars getting a very
mmU ptfe for wool new, but after
M k miirjrtii M.nrH fee rtMm,
WfMJfmsjfmrta i tetFt
Vff'lf Iftu havefrtentlt visiting ieti, or if you
err ening away nn a visit, pluut drop us a note
te that effect.
Mrs. Frey and chlldren are visiting at
Jehn J. Burns of Chicago wns "hore the
early part of this week.
Hewell Baikley of New Yerk is visit
ing his parents in this city.
Jeseph 0. Gels of Cincinnati Is spend
ing the holidays here with his mother.
Miss Bertha Craig of Augusta is the
guest of Miss Fannie Paul of the Fifth
Miss Mary Tolle returned te Manches
ter after a pleasant visit te Miss Flera
. Mrs. Mary Smith of Cincinnati is here
en a visit te her sister, Mrs. Dr. J. II.
Hei ten.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Means of Cincin
nati are visiting her parents, 'Squire Mil'
ler and wife.
Mr. and Mrs Jehn UIsc of Cincinnati
are visiting her mother, Mrs. Clark, of
the East End.
Miss Resa Parker left for Covington
yesterday after a delightful visit te Miss
Nollle Weaver.
0. O. Stealey, Washington correspond
ent of The Courier-Journal, was at the
Central yesterday.
Mrs. Chnrlotte Perter and daughter of
Covington are spending a few days with
relatlves In the city:
Miss-Sallie Burgess of the College of
Music, Cincinnati, is spending the holi
day vacation at home
Reland U. Layteu of Lexington spent
Christmas with his parents, Mr. nnd Mrs.
O. O. Layten of Lee street.
J T. Meran of Catlettsburg spent
Christmas with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Themas Meran. of the Fifth Wrd.
Mark Donevan of The Winchester Demo
crat spent Christmas here with his par
ents, Mr. and 'Mrs. Themas Donevan.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gerheld of Cin
cinnati are spending the holidays with
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. Dawsen, of
the Sixth Ward.
Miss Hattle Hamilton, a pupil at, the
Cincinnati College of Music, is spending
the week with her parents, Captain and
Mrs. J. Hamilton;
Mr. nnd Mrs. Jehn Fisher, recently
wedded in this city, are at home te their
friends at Ninth and Barker streets,
Flerenco, Kansas
Harvey L. Schatzmann and little daugh
ter Edith returned home yesterday after
spending Christmas with his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Geergo Schatzmann, of East
Fifth street.
MesBrs. W. 0. Gregery, W. A. Innman
of Blanchcster, Q., and J. Vf. Innman of
Cincinnati spent Christmas with'Profcsser
Ji. H. Rowland. The Mesara. Innman are
brothers of Mrs, Rowland.
Clarissa lets her olenk ullp down,
And my huturiy eyes beheld her,
I bee, nbove her low-cut gown,
A dazzling nook und sboulder,
I stand with royercnoe drinking In
Her beauty pure and simple;
The smooth expanse of baby-skin,
With delicious curve and dimple.
And sometimes, tee, tbe casta aside
The cloak of her worldly training,
And Jets me see what she fain would blde,
A eeut well worth the gaining.
When her soelal triumphs soem te fade,
When ahe drops the chilling earer,
And the grande dame sinks In the simple
Ah, It's then It Is then I lere her.
.Mns. Maria Sruxr, an Adams county
pioneer, dled near Winchester, aged 0.
WenTON Lizan of Lair and Miss Ira
Middleten of Paris married iu Coving
ten. a
Hbnry B. BcnuLKR of Covington shot
ad killed Pouem Boebray, a chicken
thtef, and the Court said ha did right.
Kkt, D, Okeiwh H. Cmum, for Iw
ma rarizzi
Leuis OrrtuuiBiMER, a well-known
and wealthy distiller, died in Louisville,
aged 03.
Mns. Saiiah IIuunks died at Shelby
ville of pneumonia, aged 09. She leaves
six children.
iiiKLAND has occupied one-bnlf of the
time of tbe Heuse of Cem me a a during
the last twelvc years.
m 1
The business soctlen of Headquarters,
Nicholas county, was destroyed by Are.
The less Is net known.
A pull line of Children's 'Jursey
Lcggins at Miner's Shee Stere. Just the
thing for this cold weather.
Tub thermometer registered 10 above'
zero curly this morning, n rise of about
4 en the previous morning.
Tiieiib was a row In a colored saloon
at Paducah, and policeman Buck Mount
shot ene of the leaders, It Tjcing his
fifth victim.
A cery of Will S. Hays's famous song,
"Little Jake," can be had by inclosing the
jelly Captuln a two cent stamp te his ad
dies? at Leulaville
Resbuvkd scats will be opened for
" Our Irish Neighbors" en Thursday,
Decembcr 20th, at Nelsen's. Prices 25,
35, 50 and 75 cents.
Willuu Milieu, en examining trial,
was held ever without bail en the charge
of murdering Sam McRee, another negre,
at Danville about ten days age.
GovEimeit Buchanan of Tennessee
pardoned twenty-flve convicts from the
penitentiary at Nashville Saturday. Col
onel H. Clay King, contrary te expecta
tions, was net en the list.
Tirana arc new fifteen warehouses en
the Louisville tobacco breaks, which will
be increased te sixteen en the 15th of
next month, when a new 0110 will be
started with a capital stock of 50,000.
TnE " Mikade" wns recently presented
In Lexington by home talent, and every
body speaks in highest pralse of the
performance The Press pays this com
pliment te nn ex Mnysvllle man who
bore a prominent part. "E. R, Blulne
makes a typical Nankl-Poe, being a
handsome blonde, with pretty curling
mustache and shapely limbs, shown td
decided advantage In flesh colored tights
He has quite n sweet and well trained,
though rather light, tenor volce, and hl
acting in no way savored of the amateur."
Get the Best !
Ytsterday's " Ledger"
iras a geed papsr, and
it will continue te be a
geed paper throughout
the year. It will give
you all the news every
day at the low price of
25 cents a month, ei
ther by carrier or by
mail. New is tlm time
te subscribe.
Gbobee D. Reynolds of this city,
through Jehn Walsh', ponslen 'atterney,
requested a duplicate of his discharge
from the U. S. Army, as he bad lest or
mislaid the original. Tlie application
was made December 21st and the papers
were roceived three days 'later from the
department at Washington
An official cnll for the Congress of
Catholics of the United States te be held
at 'Chicago during tbe World's Fair has
been Issued by Archbishop Fccham The
ceugrcss -will consist of delegates from
each diocese nnd vicarate In the United
States, but Catholics all ever the world
will be welcomed. The subjects te be
considered are important social questions,
Catholic education and the Independence
of the Hely See.
Efferts emluatlng from Louisville and
ether points are being brought te bear te
have a petition signed by a majority of
druggists et the state, asking the Legis
lature te repeal the law requiring a state
tax en the sale of whisky in drugstores.
T;he conscientious druggist knows full
Well he cunnet apt withqut snqlv license
guch n tax is just and when he pays it
he is toleased from the thought that
whlle escaping a daw, he isperjurlug
Tus Fraakfert end of, The Covington
CemfHOfitetal says tharo.'iijAJde be a
bombshell of lare proportions prepared
with fuse and rendy te light with'an ex
plosion tlmed en or nbeut the 2d day of
January, (n. state gqver.a,ent circles'
Qeq of the state Institutions Is affected,
and 'tis said that the lax manner of its
management for the past few years has
resulted fa eerieirt leaks, If nethiag worse.
Tt Mttw Will M thoroughly lrd
tfUfi Ula iLalLvfl ul main IlVajIa 111
j.t.wiw4i-'j -iarimmrh-VK-rv1'H
Fuank Breciium, a colored deaf mute,
was found murdered near Midway.
! 1
TiiKHU have bcen 415 deaths, caused by
railroad accidents, in tbe state of Ohie
during the past year. ,
The cold weather of the past few days
has dispelled the popular idea that the
days of cold weather are past.
At the feet of Mt. Blanc stands the
eldest chestnut tree In the world. It has
a circumference et 213 feet, and is 2,030
years old.
RenEiiT Conn, fermerly
and an employe of the C.
wed Miss Stella Kelse at
of this city
nnd O., will
Bcllcvue this
Evbiiy tlme a bank In China falls they
cut off Urn bank officers' heads, and no
bank has failed there for ever llve hun
dred years.
Mas. Ellen Gisii, wlfe of Dr. D. J.
Gish, one of the most prominent physi
cians of Southern Kentucky, died at
An unknown clipped thrce long braids
et hair from the head of Miss Rese
Tuder at Cincinnati, slipping up behind
her and using a razor.
The ice harvest has begun in many in
stances in Maysvllle and vicinity. The
Ice is 01 and 4 inches thick, and of re
markably geed quality.
The Georgia, a small packet running in
the Irenton nnd Huntington trade, beat
the Telegraph in n sheit trial of speed
above Ashland one day last week.
The Official Beard and the Buildini;
Committee of the M. E. Church, Seuth,
dined sumptuously with the family of
their Paster, Ruv. C. J. Nugent, yester
day. Mns Jennie WnrrFiELD, of a bad
tribe from the headquarters of Bitter
Crcek, killed her paramour In Christian
county, after having driven her husband
from her home.
The magnificent Columbus fountain,
the gift of Jehn Drake of the Grand Pa
cific Hetel te the city of Chicago, was
formally turned ever te the municipal
authorities Christmas Day.
Cincinnati's new independent tobacco
wareheuse, Which is backed up by a capi
tal of $1,000,000, has leased the South
west comer of Vine and Water streets,
and will seen be ready ter business.
1 1 '
J Aeen ScnwAEOKULE of Newport has
died suit against St. Geerge's Benevolent
Society for $5,000. He claims tbe society
expelled him without any cause whatever;
but will think it e. k for the sum named
Mns. Fleha Millbk, wife of the late
James Miller, se long proprietor of Mays Mays
vllle's only soap factory, and whose resi
dence is en Lee street, fell en the Icy
pavement In front of the Central Presby
terian Church one night last week and
dislocated her wrist and sustained ether
As Tnu Denvernnd RioGrande pay cur
was going down Marshall Pars, West West
wardbeund, the englne jumped the track
and turned ever, killing Fireman James
Lewis instantly and injuring Engineer
William Shaw seriously. The Maysvllle
Pilgrims who took that wild ride can ap
prcriate what this means.
"Neunt" CLAnK and who doesn't
knew Nobby 1 swooped down en Cin
cinnati Christmas. He had just returned
from a circus tour through Flerida, and
Was net long in getting his tank full.
He then made -nn assault en his wife be
cause she wouldn't give him inoney, and
the officers locked him up.
iTitE Sunday school scholars of the
Centra! Presbyterian Church will be en
tertained Thursday evening in the main
auditorium of tbe church There will be
sjnglng and recitations. The officers ex
tend a special invitation to'the rengrcga
tien. The doers will be open at 0.30 p.
m. and the excrciscs will begin at 7:80
p. m.
i..-.. -11
Andkbw ReTn, aged 23, a carpentcr In
the ompleyo of the C. and O. read, was
severely Injured shortly hofere neon yes
terday while at work near the feet of
Limcstone street. He was engaged in
Jacking up ttic track when the welght
fell and caught his arm, breaking It above
the elbew. sHe was nlsd badly brulsed.
He was lemeved te the home of Mrs. C.
W, Blorley, who Is a relative where his
wounds were dressed by Dr. Owens.
1 m . I
Rev. Dh. Jojin F.. Pinewy and Miss
Busan n. Hlggins were married recently
at the home of the b.rde In Elizabeth, N.
J, Dr, Pingry, who Is ene of the host
'known' Presbyterlan Divines in Nw
Jersey, is 74 yeari of age, whlle Mies
Ulggtns is about 80 years his Junier. Fer
a half cwtury or mere Dr, Pingry baa
conducted a preparatory school for boys
In KllMhttl, MIm Ulf$glM hM ale oo eo oe
m i rftM Hkw tot )& kWwil
- 4JJHVU il'&VU IT' a r' i'i.ui'ji.iLjr:
Still a few mere cases of cholera and
some deaths In Hamburg,
See the warm Jersey Leggins for
Children at Miner's 8hee Stere.
O. O. Stkalky, Washington correspon
dent of The Courier -Journal, is in Flom Flem
ingsburg tospend a ceuple of days with
his mother and sister. He is accompa
nied by his daughter Fannie.
Tub poeplp of Hartferd, this state, are
deeply incensed ever the conduct et
William Milligan, Postmaster at that
place. Recently the sixteen-year-old
step-daughter 01 Mllllgan died under
suspicious circumstances. He refused te
allow an examination befere her burial,
but a Corener's Jury exhumed the re
mains and finds that death was produced
by a criminal oporatien. The Post
master's arrest was ordered immediately,
but se far he has eluded the officers of
the law.
"1 ' ' m m -
A. De Owen writes from Sandusky,
O., te Postmaster Davis, stating that his
wlfe was born in Augusta in 18-10 and
lived for a whlle In Maysvllle. She was
a daughter of Vincent Estep, whose wife
was a Miss Goedc. After the death of
Mr. Estep, his widow moved te Maysvllle
with her daughter. The mother died
about 1850, and was buried at an old
stone church about nine miles from this
city en the "Georgetown" pike, as lfe
says. Mr. De Owen desires te knew it
the old churchyard is still used for inter
ments, as his wife Is very feeble and has
expressed a wish te be laid beside her
mother. He probably meant te say that
the stone church was en the Germantewn
pike. If any reader of The Lbdeek can
give the information desired it will be an
appreciated service te Mr De Owen
Frent Xctvburg.
C. F. Moero & Ce , prominent drug
gists of Ncwburg, Ore., snye- "Since
our customers have become acquainted
with the geed qualities of Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy, we sell but little of any
ether kind. Chamberlain's medicines all
give geed satisfaction." Fer sale by
Power & R jynelds, Druggists.
The Hirer.
Steamboat traffic is almost suspended.
h The river has net been frozen ever at
this point for many years, and the sight
would be a novel ene.
The river is full of floating ice and a
blockade Is imminent. It would preba
bly have occurred befeie new had there
been lower water.
I. O. O. F, Election.
Last night DeKalb Ledge Ne. 12 chose
these efficers for the ensuing six meuths:
N. O. Jehn T. Parker.
V. G. Themas P. Beyee.
Secretary Jehn W. Thompson.
Trenf urer ltobert A. Cochran.
Hoat-slehn W. Thompson.
Flnance Committee A. A. Edmonds, A. F.
TiiemHS, O. W. Wardle.
Knight of Hener.
At the regular meeting of Maysville
Ledge Ne. 2778, K. of U., held last night
the following officers were elected for
tbe ensuing year:
Past Dictator W. H. Wadsworth, Jr.
Dictator Isaac M. Lane,
VIco-DIctater Charles Beaslcy.
Assistant Dictator Ooerge V. Rogers,
lleporter Jeslah Wilsen.
Flnanclallteperter J. L. CbambcrlAln.
Chaplain Q. W. Sulser,
Oul(le Jehn Kllpp.
Treasurer Jehn !. Shepard.
Inside Sentinel -W. O. Shackleford.
Outftlde Sentinel C. II. Pearce.
Trustees J. F. Barbour, C. B. Pearce and T.
K. Klcketts.
Medical Bxaralner Dr. 11. K, Adamsen.
Grand Representative M. H.Wadswerth,Jr.
Ledgo Deputy W, II. Wadsworth, Jr.
Flnance Committee T. K. WeU'tts, Jehn
Kllpp und O. W. Sulser.
Columbian Fulr.
The Columbian Fair, given under tbe
auspices of the Knights of St. Jehn at
Neptune Hall this week, is proving a great
attraction te the people.
The musical program is well rendered
and is very enjoyable. The Juvenile
D.rum Cerps shows thorough training and
performs the work with admlrable pre
cision. Much omusemont is derived from the
mnny nnd varied features presented.
The Fair will continue all this week,
and It is a most desirable place te spend
a pleasant ovening.
A mock city election Is held at which
any one can vote by secret official ballet
for flve cents. Each night the result of
the vote en the preceding night is an
nounced. Monday evening's vete wns as
K f..
Pearoe,... 3
Haulman 13
Fltxgerald , 13
Dawsen ,. 2
O'llare. ,, 0
HoDeuglo...... 6
Collector mid Trtaiurer,
Fitzgerald 13
Pleklln 4
Walsh ,.,... , 4 '
Wtejard ,,. 4
Itaeer a
Fnwih H'enl Oeetui.
, u.ijiJjF.a
TJjjrrarar nAxb' At dttmanrtt J
IX' y
ir.y, trm A. ti.M .'. 'tni miu1.m4 ' VkS
Trmitrrer and AnvrT "Th Zerfer" f
Sehetne for Tour Amusement. fll
In order that the readers of Tax Ixsemm
may have same dlrefsl6d'wltH wblehHej-'
cupr laeir minaz, ana aesunnc k1 mm 1
tlme' te attract public attention te our newsV
paper, we have concluded te propose a gties?
Ing contest, and hope that our subscribers ah4
readers may bocemo Interested in our effort te ,
afford amusement. !
Publle Interest during the next few weeks,
will be raore centralized In the ensuing cHyY
election than In any ether local matter, and
we have, therefore, selected that as the baste
of ourgueselng contest.
We have selected as the races te be gueseed
upon tbese three: City Marshal, Collector
and Treasurer and Assessor, for the roaseu
that they eecm te be the most complicated,
and mere Interest will probably be manifested
fu them, as tbore are threa or mere candidates'
for each office. Tbe outcome In thoseooatosta
will be harder te anticipate, and, thoreferd,
our scheme will prove tbe mere Interesting1.
Fer the offlce of City Marshal there are six
candidates announced, as follews: M. E.M&
Kellup, E. W. Fltzgerald, Jehn W. Alexandcr,
Jehn V. Day, James Redmond and W. B. Daw
Fer Collector and Treasurer there are two'
centestants: James W. Fltzgerald and Hera-i
Ue Pleklln.
Alse three for Assesser: Charles D. Shep'
ard, Fred Y. Bauer and Jehn Walsh.
Tlinn nrA 1 i t-ntiA r.rtfitnre V
We propose te give In prizes 117 E0 In geld, ' 7.
as follews:
The first prlze of $10 In geld will be given te
Vie flrtt penten who names tbe winner in each
contest and also guesses nearest te the exact
number of rotes received by eacb.
A second prlze of 15 In geld wUI be given te
the person making the next best guess.
A third prize of f S 60 In geld will be given te
the person making the third beat guess.
In making guesses the following rules must
be ebserved:
First AU guesses must be made out en the
following form cut from Tins Lsoerr and for
warded by moil or handed In person te this
Sectitul Ouesscs must be made In each of
the three contests in order te rocelvo consid
eration. rilrtl Your name and Postefllco address
must be slgned at the bottom of your guess.
In awarding tbe second and third prices no
account of the tlme they are reoelved wiU be
taken into consideration. These prizes will be
given te these entitled te them by reason of
their guesses, no matter at what tlme said
guesses nre received.
All guesses must be made se that they will
reach this ofllee byS o'clock p.m. en Satur
day. December 31st, 1803.
Any one, man, woman or child, can guess.
Pill out this blank as Indicated and cut it
out and forward by mall te Public LznaEB,
Maysville, Ky.,or band In person te this offlce. '
Receiving votes.
Receiving votes.
Receiving , votes. ,'
Tub Demecrats of Harlan county have
organized a permanent club. A club will
be organized In each county of the';
Eleventh District.
Illnh Selinnl.
Itcpett of the Maysville High Scheel;
for month ending December 23d, 1692:
Monthly enrollment, 29
Average daily attendance 27 '
Per cent of attendance 93
Rell of Hener. Gorden Sulser, Her
nce Wilsen, Jehn Power, Henry Haniil-'
ten, Elmer Downing, Holten Hey, Heed
Chunn, Samuel Egnew, Willie Alexan
der. Courtney RcBpess
, m .
Lut of Atlrertltetl Letters. vxj
...... - .
uciew is b list or inters remaining -uneaue,
for at tbe Maysville Posteffloe for Jbe, week'.'
ceding December 27th, ltt;
Armstrutz, llArbara Inake, J. D.
llratteu, Charley 11. Lyens, J.
UurgoTue, Miss Dellla Martin. Harry
Cobb, MUs Nettio MoDewd, Maggie
Cragir, Miss Emma Miller, Miss Mary
Cunnlughum, Sarah Mlller, Miss Hattle
Daugheity. Ui)v. J. W. Perklnn, Mrs. Charlie
Drlden, Henry Bhmle, Karl
allien, lhemas Blley, warren
(lro-e, U. C. Stuart, Henry
Hart. 8. 8. Tueker. O. A. .
Hazelrlgg. Jeff Warner, Mrs. Annie
Heffman, William Williams, Mrs. Jeuls
. . .... . .."!
PfOne cent due en each of abevt ' -v yM
persens calling for these letters will picas i
sav that thev are advertised. 'i
1'iieuas A, Davis, Pustnuutw.
,U I Along the Line
is heard pralse of Dr. Hale's HousekoWj
Ointment. Mrs I. S. Jacobs of Farmiag
(An XTntnn wrtlea fVief t)m RHrTnrA1 4A1
years with varicese" veins and Xyie tm
nlng Eores on'herleg, and was cemim
cureu Dy us use. j, a. rniuy, piwwry,
Vt., writes : "We canriOt l)ve WitiKwi K;
It relieves my sister of asthma ar:e; 'fe
cures a burn or hurt of aay'ktai UMk
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R. H. Bimpseu, Lerey, N.Y., iriOwt
used uaiea eiatmcnt for tbm
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