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I If flUNR
Jacksen Makes Anether Confession,
Exonerating Walling !
Special te JPybMc Ledger. .
Cincinnati, 0., March 20th, 1897.
Newport, Ky. Scott Jacksen said te have
made a complete statement exonerating Avai
ling from all blame. Dispatch has gene te
Governer Bradley. Great excitement. Ne
further action till Sheriff hears from Frankfort.
X3BT If you have friends visiting you, or It
you arc going away en a visit, ploase drop ua a
note te that effect.
Colonel E. llebcrt Itlnlne of Chicago Is lothe
city cu reute home from tlie East.
Miss Cnrrle Sidwell of Flemlngsburg has
been the guest of Mrs. II. O. Wells this week.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Samuel S. English left for
Loulsville yesterday after a visit te Mrs
Frank S.Owens.
Mr. Jehn O. Urldgcs and family of Ports
mouth were In the city last evening en a visit
4e Mrs. A. M. Bridges, mother of Mr. Bridges.
Z3TTf you hate an item ej news,
please call up The LEDaEit, Telephone
33, and send it in.
Fire Insurance Jehn 0. Everett.
Moses Hull of this city gets an increase
of pension.
Geerge Brown has moved from this
ity te Aberdeen.
Harvey W. Secrlst of Concord has hsd
Lis pension increased.
M. E. Ingalls. President of the Big Four
and 0. and O., baa geno te Europe te be
absent eight weeks.
Farmers and gardeners should inspect
Landreth's Garden Seed at Chenewoth's
Drugstore befere buying ethers. They
are superior te any en the market.
IIeeflleh'H Cath Baraninn.
New Dress Goods 39c. for GOc. quality;
Japanese Rugs all sizes cheap; 12 und 15c.
Matting at 8 and 10c. yd.; Curtain Poles
free with Lace Curtains at reduced
Our Shew
Tell the Story,
Price and Style
.v Our various lines of Spring Garments for
Men, Beys and Children are simply match
less, v Our lines of Colored SHIRTS are the
town talk, v Our HATS cover all. v Our
NECKWEAR well, you want te see it. v
Don't want te bother you with tee much
reading matter.
T Onr Shew Windows Tell the Story, K
4S Beth in Price
tiechlngerCe (
vam.' ' w
m. !?$
sia. wv -3B u-.T- jatf
.jm xayiLLx
A. N. K.
The Manchester Fair will be held the
first week in September
J. W. Wallingford of Nepton will run
for Representative In Fleming.
Four hundred barrels of whisky were
shipped this week from the Q. Q. White
Distillery at Paris te Dreincn, Germnny.
Ex-junited States Marshal D. J. Bur
chettx)f Louisa is in Washington, carrying
an application for the Consulship at Rie
Janeiro, Brazil,
Items of Interest te LBcal Knights
of the Grip nnd Pass.
On the read this week J. B. Russell in
Fleming county, Geerge F. Brown nnd J.
C. Kackley in Ohie, J. L. Nichelson in
Lewis county.
Monday being Court Day at Flemings
burg, the usual number of our. C. T.'s
will attend.
Beys, ask Hudsen what the "girl" said
te him at Vanceburg Monday. He will
undoubtedly set up cigars again, as it lias
already cost him about one-third of his
The following arc the officers elected
at the meeting of Maysville Council, U.
C. T., lust night:
Senior Councillor T. M. Russell.
Junier Councillor J. B. Russell.
Past Councillor J L Nichelson.
Secretary-Treasurer Gee. F. Brown
Conductor J. C. Knckley.
Page E. M. Breen
Sentincl J J. Fitzgerald.
Executive Committee, two years C D.
Russell, J P Wallace
Executive Committee, one year J B
Russell, J D Muse
and Style! w
fVhnt We May Ejcvect Fer the Xext
Ttcvtitwfeur lfnurg.
WMU streamer ?aiks
WIlhBUick A DOVE 'twill WA.HU5H
If UtaeVn nicNBATn ceLDErt'twlll
JU" Wnck't shown no nhnucre
nae" foreoats ft'1 mart. 0? a
Xr 1 r 1 1
eried of '
period of li'i'.Hl he iffi.-.
'IIiii V-ivy
All kinds of Fancy Mixed Drinks at
Repor's New Era.
' 1 1 -
A fifteen-year-old daughter of Oeerge
Iliracs of Eat Ferk, Lewis county, died
after thr,cp days illness
The First-Written Document is
Admitted te Probate.
By the consent of the parties in the
suit of Sallie Longnecker nnd ethers vs.
J. D. Riley, in the matter of the contest
of the wills of the Ihte Geerge Riley, the
facts were submitted te the Circuit Court
nnd Judge Harbcsen decided that the
will of said Geerge Riley dated June
21st, 188S, with codicil thereto dated
June 21st, 1890, be admitted as the true
will of said decedent, nnd that a subse
quent will dated December 22d, 1801, and
which was admitted te probate by the
County Court, be reversed and set aside.
The will admitted te record by order
of the Circuit Court is as fellows-
I, Geertre Ulley of the county of Masen and
state of Kentucky, make and appoint this mjr
last will and testament, revoking all former
I gire nnd bequeath te Benjamin Long Leng
nccker, In trust for my ten Geerge Hllcy and
the heirs of hi body, one-half of my farm
upon which I rcelde, which contains about 390
I alee glve te said Longnecker, In trust for
said seu Geerge and the heirs of his body,
I gire te said Longnecker, In trust for ray
daughter Elizabeth Riley and the heirs of her
body, one-half of the above-named farm.
I also glve tn said Longnecker, for said
danghter Elizabeth and the heirs of her body,
If either Geergu or Elizabeth should die dur
ing my llfe, or if leaving 110 bodily Issue, then
what I hare hore given te the ene se dying, or
if both should se die, what I Imve here given
te both, I give, together with any amount
which may Imve accumulated from unused
rent nnd Interest, te the children or my daugh
ter, Sally Longnecker.
After paying my Just debts and tlie iibere-
named bequests, I give the residue of my
estate te ray ethor thrce children, Jacob D.
Itlley, Samuel S. ltlley and Sally Longnecker,
te be divided equally among them.
I appoint Jacob 0. Itlley, Samuel S. Itlley
and Itcnjamln Longnecker Executers of this
will without bend.
Written with my ewu hand and signed by
me this Sltt day of June, 18SS.
Gkouee Uilev.
S. II. Mitchell.
Slnce tlie execution of my will above, my
son Samuel S. Itlley has departed this life,
and my will Is that bis widow, Mary Q. Hllcy,
shall share with his two children that part of
my estate willed te him; and new by this
codicil I will and glve te her one-third of that
part te be absolutely hers, hit t 0 children te
bae and take ene of the two-thirds of that
part equally.
Witness my hand and name this -let ituy of
June, IStO. Geokee It i lev.
Following the judgment of the Court
the heirs have mutually agreed upon a
distribution of the estate, which amounts
te $70,011 53, the sums given te each
being as follews:
iieujaniln Longnecker t 6,000 00
Geerge It. Longnecker 6,000 00
Uenjamtn Lengnecker, Trustee of
Elizabeth ltlley 5,000 00
Oenjamln Longnecker, Trustee of
Geerge Ulley 5,000 00
Jacob D. ltlley 11,804 88
Mary ltlley, widow or 8. S. ltlley. .. 8,210 tti
Mary Ulley, Guardian of Sallie ltlley. 10,657 00
Mary Ulley, Guardian of Lizzle D.
ltlley.., 10,857 00
Sally Lengnecker , , 15.4P0 SI
Total , $7,01163
The agreement is signed by all the
heirs and the settloment is final,
Special Corrtipendence Public Lcdgtr.
WAsniNOTON, March 10th, 1807,
This has been a week of stirring and im
portant events in Washington both as te
their present and prospective effect upon
National affairs and party organization.
Everybody of course knows that Presi
dent McKinley sent his message te Cen
grcjp en the first day of its meeting, and
that it was concise, clear, and businesslike
It showed the remarkable deficit under the
existing lewTariff Law and suggested the
importance and .necessity of instant action
in the way of net only aa increasc in reve
nue but apen & protective asis. Then it
The raeiiBge reached Cf;rcss during
the first feTr hours of its stW-.ti and, be
fore that day's letsicn '.,vJL ended, the
Heuse htd erganised, the Srerer had ap ap
peintsd a Ways and Moure Cf:nmittee, the
new Tcriff Bill had bejj ireduced and
famished te every meinj". of Congress,
and before semet of thr.t ay a call was is
sued for meeting, en lae following day,
of the new committee with the understand
ing that the bill would be reported back te
Congress befere tLe end of the week and
passed by the Beuse bcterc the end of the
Thus the new Administration and Con
gress begin their work of restoring order
fied prosperity in a vigorous business-like
manner. Contrast this action with that of
the Cleveland Administration and Free
trade Congress. It was nine months and
fifteen days from the date of the inaugu
ration of Cleveland until his Free-trade
leaders presented their Tariff Bill in the
liouse. It was nine working days and
fifteen hours from the time William Mc
Kinley was inaugurated President until
he had his Protection Congress in session
and the new Tariff Bill ready for con
sideration of its members.
The new bill is based te a great extent
upon the McKinley Law, but is much mere
advantageous te the farmers than was
that act. This is especially true with re
ference te the wool schedule about which
the farmers felt great anxiety. While the
rates of duty named by the bill are the
same as theso named in the McKinley Law
a change in the classification and sched
ules will prevent the bringing in of wools
suitablefer clothing under the carpet-wool
schedule as,was dene under the McKin
ley Law, This was the most unsatisfac
tory feature of the McKinlcyLaw; that the
importers of wool were able te bring in
clothing wools under fraudulent represen
tations at carpet-wool tates of duty. The
new bill takes advantage of the experi
ence of the old one, and will shut off this
fraudulent practice en the part of the
wool importers, and thus make the new
law very satisfactory te the wool produ
cers, while its ether features relative U
farm products will entirely meet the ap
proval of the farming community.
Speaking of farmers and the attitude of
the new Administration and Congress to
wards them, it is interesting te observe
that members of Congress nre expressing
the highest appreciation of the methods
which the new Secretary of Agriculture
is inaugurating in the management of
that Department. Be is proving a happy
combination of practical farmer and
scientific student of intelligent agricul
ture lie has set en feet a system of in
quirleB and experiments through which
he hopes te greatly diversify the farm
products of the country, and incrcase
very largely the earning capacity of the
farmers, and at the same time keep at
home a hundred million dollars of cold
cash which we are new sending abroad
every year. One of his first acts was te
distribute several tens of sugar-beet seed,
sending packages te every county in every
state where beet culture seems at all likely
te be successful. Thcse are te be util
ized, and the beets which are grown from
them sent te the experiment stations of
the states for analysis, thus proving a ba
sis of intelligent study of the capacity of
the various atates for producing the sugar
for which we new pay te ethor countries
a hundred millions of our geed money
every year. In many ether details of
farm work and opportunities for improve
ment of the class of farm productions the
I new Secretary baa already Inaugurated
Mere Talk
About Time.
Seme people are peculiar in the matter of
buying a Watch. A silver Watch is geed
enough for one man se long as it keeps geed
time. Anether one wants something a little
mere showy a geld one, but it, tee, must
keep geed time. Seme want a high-priced
Watch, ethers a cheaper one, but after all
everybody wants a correct timepiece. We
selected our stock with time in view, and can
sell you a high, low or medium-priced Watch
and any of them will keep time the
essential point.
We repair Watches se that we can guaran
tee them te keep time. Charges low.
Seuth Side Second Street.
new systems, which he believes will ma
terially increase the earning capacity of
the farmers of the country.
President McKinley is moving forward
in bis preparations for bringing about in
ternational action en the silver question,
lie is as prompt and busincis-like in this
as he is in his action en the question of
Tariff and revenue. While a definite
plan of action has net yet been announced,
a statement has been made that he will
probably appoint ene or two special com
missioners te visit Europe and efUcially
pave the way for the holding of an in
ternational conference. All Indications
point te prompt and intelligent action
upon this subject based upon the beBt in
formation pessiblq as te the method most
likely te be effective.
The Democratic brethren have devel
eped a beautiful family quarrel and have
proceeded in the midst of it te knock out
William J. Bryan te use the language
of the sporting arena just new popular.
Congressman Bailey of Texas, although
a silver man, could net swallow all of
Bryan's heresies in the campaign, and de
clined te be a candidate for reelection te
Congress because he was net willing te
take the chances of being embroiled with
a President with whom he could net agree
en important National methods. This
made a distinct issue between Bailey and
Bryan, who were, while in Congress to
gether, the two youngest men of the
Heuse. Mr. Bailey, however, was fi
nally induced te allow his District te re
elect him te Ceugeess, and when the Dem
ecrats of the Heuse of Representatives
the ether day selected their candidate for
Speaker, the anti-Bryan men rallied
around Bailey and by an enormous ma
jerity elected him as the representative
of the Democratic party in the Heuse by
nominating him for Speaker. This is
looked upon by politicians as a virtual
repudiation of Mr. Bryan by the Demo
crats of the Heuse of Representatives and
a notice served upon him that he is wast
ing time in posing as a perennial candi
date for the Presidential nomination in
future campaigns.
On account of lack of funds, the Beard
of Education of Manchester has decided
te close the school in three weeks.
Ed Glasscock, son of Rev. Themas
Glasscock of near Ellsbcrry, and Miss
Jenuie Greenlee, daughter of William
Greeulee of Aberdeen, were married last
Spring novelties
Tn the Eacc
The Applique Brussels, Point Arabian, Irish Crochet, Russian Lace, Pointe
Gaze are here in tempting array, In widths of 3 te 6 Inches, fr neck and sleeve trim
mings Thcr are sure te please you Then there's the new Queen Elizabeth Ruff,
a dnintv chiffon arrangement for neck and sleeves, 50 cents a yard The new Bole
ros at $ 1 a pair, and Arabesque all ever, in black and white, at f 1 25.
REAIyr-3lADE SKIRTS. : : :
Cut by the new method, five gores, narrow front, circular sides, best velveteen
binding, canvas faced, rustle lined. Hang beautifully. Net many in stock. Ne
time te lese in buying. They actually cost less than the material; count it up for
yourself. Hew can we make them se low! Bought them at a bargain; soiling them
the same way. A few random selectiens:
CSrShcpherd plaid, rustle lined, velvet bound, $3 80
C-Fancy Figured Noveltv , Black, full width, $2 50.
CSTHandsome Damasse Black Satin, five yards wide, newest pattern, $7 50.
New let. One dress pattern in each Ne telling nothing but your eyes can
convince you of the possibility of getting such charming effects out of cotton and
colorings. 35 cents a yard.
Our great lines of low-priced fabrics hove pushed themselves into most grati
fying popularity solely en their merits. We seldom lese customers from theso
sucks, no matter hew much "looking around" is done by them in ether stores.
Isn't that a tribute te the excellence of styles and justice of our prices? Here's a
handful of hints:
CSyAH-woel Fancy Suitings, 25 cents.
CSTAll-woel and Silk and Weel Suitings, 50 cents.
E3TFine assortment of Suitings, 30 cents.
C3Uests of Btyles and Shadings, 75 cents.
tSTSplendld Variety of Effects, f 1.
HXJ3STT &, seisr
J ww Calf ! i
Shoes l ;j
t i
? i
Menls served at all hours at Reper's
New Era.
"Kentucky Wonder" Beans for plant
ing; cheap Geerge H. Heiser, 117 West
Second street.
De you need a geed clock? If se, P.
J. Murphy is offering the finest Clocks
ever offered for the money. An elegant
Eight-day, either "Oak" or "Walnut."
strikes hours and half hours, 22 inches
high, only 83 25, reduced from ?5, war
ranted a geed timekeeper.
Warren Gardner, the man who waB
doing the horseback act through the
Sixth Ward and several ether Wards,
was overtaken at the Cemetery tollgate
by Officer James Melen and yanked into
Castle Jehnsen. Later he was yanked
before Judge Wadsworth and yanked te
the tune of 85 and costs $11 95 in all
and then he was yanked back te Castle
Siwctal Fer Saturday.
Fancy Bananas, per dozen... 10c.
Fancy Cranberries, per quart 5c.
2 dozen fancy Lemens 25c.
R. B. Level.
Last Xetlcc te Tnjcitavcrti.
By order of the Beard of Council, the
Chief of Police is instructed te proceed at
once te collect the delinquent taxes; aud
all property en which the city taxes is net
paid, will be advertised for sale en the 1st
day of April, according te law.
D. P Ort. Chief of Police.
Hetc's TlliH.'
WoefforOno Hundred Dollars Heward for
tnycase of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. ClIENEV & CO.,
Proprietors, Teledo, O.
We the undersigned have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and bellove him
perfectly honerablo In nil business trans
actions and financially able te carry out any
obligation made by thelr Arm.
West & Truax,
Waldine, Kinnan & Mahvin ,
Wholesale Druggists, Teledo O.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is tak en internally, act act
Ingdlrectly upon the bloednnd mucoussurfa muceussurfa mucoussurfa
ces of the system. Price 75c. per bottle. Sold
by all druggists. Testimonials free.
Department fjm 3u$t Arrived.
. vs
I II HMMV ".,- "
il HKfcV
ia.i .'uUtfi. i . ' .. J
-. TjLi;'-mMSLir ' - , .
-.f-mmAt., , tL'AifcJvW$

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