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OFFICE-Rsti!" ?mi Ae'" "au
MX Menth..
. 7
dxliyxrxd a r OASSIJCS.
rx Metli..m......33 Ceata
rTM te carrier t end et month.
Advertising rates uniform and reason reasen
ubU and made known en application at
ts office.
Bebscrlbers who tall te ret
Tb Ledger regularly will'
confer a favor by reporting
ttae fact AT THB OVFIOK.
It tvu9 far-seeing General Grant who
originated the aphorism, "The surest
way te get rid of n bad law is te on en
force it." Therefore, let tis have a
rigid application of "Civil Service re
form" a la Mister Cleveland.
The Democratic papers are trying
mighty hard te bolster up the silly story
that Governer Bradley has gene or will
go into a combination te defeat Dr.
H0.VTER. Governer Bradley has done
and will de no such foolish thing.
Like every ether true Republican, he is
for the nominee of the caucus.
The Administration of President Mc
Kinlxt will give the country a Protec
tive Tariff. .Meanwhile Mister Cleve
land's Free-trade Consuls will continue
te held their places throughout the
world, as their "great and geed friend"
nailed their places down with a Civil
Service spike. And being Free-traders,
these Consuls will naturally de all they
can te cripple President McKinlky's
policy and his Administration.
Many people wanted "Gentleman
Jim" Cobbett te whip Jehn L. Sulli
van, simply because the latter was a
big, bluffing blackguard. He did it,
and seen became as noted a "dnffer" as
SrjLLiTAN himself. New that Fitz Fitz
simmens has beaten Corbett, the hope
Is that someone may whip Fit, and
that someone else may break the victor's
neck with n club and put an end te the
succession of professional brutes.
Mr. Gage, the new Secretary of the
Treasury, has given the office-seekers a
practical illustration of his Civil Ser
vice policy. In filling the vacancy
caused by the death of Judge Rees of
Kentucky he promoted a Clerk in the
Department, instead of asking te have
the place exempted from competitive
examination. It gees without saying
that the Clerk was a Democrat, and
therefore the only person competent te
held the place. Republicans have no
right te expect office as long as any of
Mister Cleveland's Democratic ap
peintees are willing te All the places.
Dr. J. C. Steen, a well-known Dentist
of Ripley, and Miss Sadie, daughter of
Mr. Jacksen Lawwill of Manchester,
were married Wednesday.
The Seventeenth Annual Commence
ment of the Manchester High Scheel will
be held Thursday evening, April 15th
There will be eighteen graduates.
A full line of Notions, Novelties and
the latest styles of Millinery just opened
by Miss Anna Frazar, 207 Court street,
second deer from State National Bank.
Goods new, artistic and of latest style.
Satislactlen in material, make up and
price guaranteed. Will appreciate pat
ronage of all old friends as well as public
generally. Call and inspect.
e i
Lube Farrew Passed Away at His
Heme in the Ceanty.
. 4 Mr, Labe Farrew, aged 32 years, son of
the late Champe Farrew, died yesterday
.morning at 5 o'clock at his residence be
tween Orangeburg and.Mt. Gilead, after
an illness of some three or four months of
Be leaves a wife who was Miss Nan
nie Wallingfprd and three children, one
girl and two boys. His mother and one
sister Mrs. William Terry of Lexington
also eurvive.
The funeral will occur this afternoon at
& o'clock from his late residence; burial
in the family burying ground.
A Valued Correspondent's Vlewt of the Dnck
Hnntlng Administration.
Duck hunting has had great honor put
upon it.
Duck hunting
new has a National
We suppose Mr. Cleveland may new be
considered a "dead duck."
We understand the key te all these
duck hunts was "whiskey."
Ne wonder duck hunting was se fasci
nating with "Jehn Barleycorn" as com
missary. What occasion had the Government te
furnish the means of locomotion for the
last duck hunt?
There's nothing mean or low new
about duck hunting unless perchance the
ducks should lly tee high.
Mr. Cleveland In his duck hunting
craze posed something after the fashion
of the monkey climbing the pole.
We don't knew whether duck hunting
alone pays; but when it gees partnership
with the Presidency it's net te be sneezed
Hew would it de for the Democracy te
take up the duck as their National em
blem, and discard the noble bird under
which they went down In defeat?
Mr. Cleveland has "feathered his nest"
se well during his duck hunting Admin
istration that it will net be necessary for
him again te hang people for a living.
Seme men are born great; ethers
achieve greatness, while ethers still have
greatness thrust upon them. Te which
of these shall our distinguished duck
hunter be charged?
'Don't fail te place your "ad" in TnE
Ledeeu if you want the most for your
Tayler Bres, at Washington are selling
22 pounds of Uavemeyer's Standard
Granulated Sugar for $1 and 8 pounds of
either Arbucklc's or Lien Coffee for ?1.
Wanted, a young or middle ai;ed man
as partner in an established and rnpidly
growing stamp trade; big profits and
quick returns guaranteed. Applicant
must have from $300 te $1,000 cash te
invest in the business, and will be amply
secured against less. Further particulars
by addressing
T. L. Green, Ceuntv Clerk.
Mt. Olivet, Ky.
All rerfnns havluir claims against the estate
of F. H. Tritxel, deceased, are requested te
present tiiem at once, proven according te
law; and nil persons Indebted te the estate
will please call and settle.
March Iflth. 1KJ7.
marlT 2v
Proposals will be received until Saturday,
April 3d. 1897, by the Masen County Turnpike
Commissioners for building about two miles
of turnpike read from thoNenh Forket Lick
ing alongtbe old Uluellck Hend te the Janics
M. Mitchell residence, and ler one ralle of
turnplke read In Charleston Bettem.
Alse for about one hundred und fifty
perches of masonry for North Ferk Bridge.
r or imormauen ami epeeiuuiiuuus "i'i'i w
WELLS. Sew..
MnyBvllle, Ky.
rsiiti Aiiy lite-TiMiMQ.
7. rVLr.n.nnt AdMrMseretiifmwt
iyO VlKlTyei the heading of Ult
Wanted,"" Lett,"" Found," it.,nfanactvta
ble neturs, and notte exceed thrceltnet.enlMi
page, are FREE te ali .
out pay.
IfantwertfaUta eemeihcArttmc,ceinvitt
at many repetitions as arr. necettarv la tecuu
uhatvouadvertinefer. XYevtitb the itdvertltcrt
tofeelthatthcuarenntimpettngoH uijine
Adrerttiereentic:n tie leftntourefle ter tent
the pvm.ic r.annr.n company,
WANTED-Te borrow, nfte at 5 per cent, In.
terett, for two years, payable seml-nn-nually.
Apply at tblaenlce. marl7 lw
TIT ANTED Hounewerk, In city or country.
Address UAJvniA JiEKvra, ADereeen,
mar!7 tw
WANTED Te lean en Improved real estate,
11,000 (arSS years at guaranteed net cost of
only t310, or ter te years at Mitt, and ether aurra In
proportion. jectlSly) A. E. COLE A BON.
Pert SALE Guaranteed S per cent. bends, ran
nln 10 years or leas; coupon payable semi
annually at First National Bank of Maysvllle, Ky,
QCtaiy A, K. COIiK A BdN,
IJOR WENT The late Champe Farrew Farm of
80 acres near Orangeburg, containing a brick
dwelling-house with six rooms and outbuildings;
also a tine apple orchard and dlitlllery. Apply te
A. E. COLK & BON, Attorneys for Columbia Fl
nance and Trust Ce marSOlw
TJOn RENT Frame Cottage en Lee utreet. Ap
Third street.
. . uiv u vxiaw risi! at wa-ui iu. 3j r.aiii
marl tf
Wanted-An Idea
Who can think
of tome simple
thing te patent?
Pretwt rear idMi fhy may tirter you wealth.
wuk iftuv wvunrpniTDir v it. ,.
nays, Washington, D. C.er their I,aue prUe offer I
and list oMwe hundred invention wanted.
The Tariff Measure .Under Con
sideration by Congress.
The Republican Members of the Sen
ate Finance Committee Will Net
Wait for the Final Action of the Heuse
They Have Begun an Inform! Exai
Inatlen of the Dill Other Interest
ing; Notes Frem Washington.
Washington, March 20. Without
waiting for the heuse te take Anal ac
tion en the tariff bill, the republican
members of the senate committeo en
finance have begun the informal ex
amination of the measure. They will
gire the subject careful attention, and
it is understood their meetings arc te
be held somewhere down town away
from the crowds that always hercr
about the committee room when this
subject is under investigation. The
republican members have decided that
no hearings will be granted.
They will, however, give full at
tention te printed or typewritten
briefs which should be lett with the
committee en finance. These briefs
should refer te specific paragraphs
relative te proposed changes in the
beuse bill, or any ether chance that
may be suggested in existing customs
Reported In the Ilente by Sir. Dingier,
Chairman of the Ways and Means Coin,
Washington, March 2a After the
reading of the journal Friday Mr.
Dlnfjley (rep., Ma), chairman of the
committeo en ways and means, re
ported the tariff bill. When he rese a
great hush fell upon the house and
galleries, both being filled by an un-
usually large attendance. Mr. Ding
Icy said:
"Mr. Speaker: I am instructed te re
turn house bill 370, entitled, 'An act te
provide revenue for the government
and te encourage the industries of the
United States,' with a faverable re
port I ask that the bill and report
may be erdered printed and placed 911
the calendar of the whole heuse en the
state of the union." As he concluded
there was a slight ripple of applause.
Ne objection being offered te the re
quest of Air. Dlnpley, the speaker an
nounced that it would be granted.
A resolution providing for the con
sideration of the tariff bill, the vote
en its passage te be taken en the after
noon of March 31. was passed, 17't te
132. A resolution was then reported
by Mr. Hendersen, (rep. Iu.) te pass
the appropriations bills which failed
at the last session the sundry civil,
general deficiency ae;ricultur.il and
Indian with 40 minutes debate en
each side.
Washington, March 20. At the ex
ecutive session of the senate Friday,
Jehn Flay nominated te be ambassador
te Great Britain, and Herace Perter,
te be ambassador te France, were con
firmed. A Minority Repert.
Washington, March' 20. The demo
cratic members of the ways and means
committee have authorized Mr. llailey,
of Texas, te prepare the minority re
port en the tariff bill. It will be laid
before the house en Monday next.
A Floed In Minnesota.
Minneapolis, Minn., March 20.
The rain began falling again Thurs
day night and still continues Friday
morning. This with the large body of
snow, said te be 12 inches en the level,
is causing an immonse flood of water
te pour into the Mississippi river, which
is still ice-bound. Reports from North
and Seuth Dakota say that the same
state of affairs exist there. People
living en low lands adjacent te the
Red river and Jim Rlver are already
deserting their homes.
Illinois Peculation.
SrniNOFiELD, III, March CO. Rep
resentative LaMonte, of Cook county,
Friday introduced a bill in the heuse
prohibiting the exhibition in the state
of Illinois of pictures of the fr'itzsim-mons-Cerbett
prize flght at Carsen
City,, Nev; The bill provides scvore
penalties, net only for these who show
the pictures, but also for persons at
tending the performances of which
such pictures are displayed.
Death of Rev. Dr. llaher.
Baltimehe, March 20. Rev. Dr. Wal
ter A. Baker, widely known as a pul
pit orator, polished speaker and writer,
died Friday of heart failure, ajfed 49.
Prier te coming te his city Dr. Baker
held pastorates at the Church of the
Ascension, New Yerk, Trinity church,
Covington, Ky,, and St. Paul's church,
Twe liny Drowned.
Cuattanoeoa, Tenp., March 20. A
small skiff in which were three boys
was enpsized Friday in the Tennessee
river near Chattanooga island, oppo
site the city. Twe of the boys, Jehn
Davis, aged 10, and James Edwards, IS
years old, were unable te awira in the
swift current and weredrewued.
Wind and Hail Storms In Germany.
Berlin, March 20. High winds and
severe hall storms prevailed through
out the greater part vi Germany 1 unabletobuyanythingexceptencreilltt
(Thursday night, doing a great deal of ' if -we -had no money te pay down te en
damage In many places. Several lives ' bUl us t reap the ail vantages of cah
were lest aud many persons injured. raymenta, we should begin te be fret-
JS "" til
Many Parts of the Seuth
West Have Ne Menoy.
rinslnetm Conducted by Darter A Ho He
mnrkiUilc "Sik-ccU by XV. D.
Dedtrc "What Canned Bry
an's nie Vete.
Mr. W. E. Dedge, one of New Yerk's
most enterprising and philanthropic
business men, was a delegate from the
New Yerk chamber of commerce te tie
business men's sound money conven
tion which met recentl y at Indianapolis.
De was a member of the executive com
mittee of the Indianapolis convention.
A short time after he was chairman of
the arbitration committee at Wash
ington. In both capacities he had ex
cellent opportunities for meeting
representatives from different states.
The following is a part of his some
what remarkable speech before the
chamber of commerce when submit
ting his report of the Indianapolis
monetary conventien:
"I was surprised, sir, te find the
assertion mnde constantly ly men from
the far western states and the south
and southwestern states that it was net
Mr. Bryan and it was net silver that
they ere in favor of, but they needed
some change te bring relief from the
terrible condition of poverty and scarc
ity of money under which they labored.
"They felt that their condition was se
extreme and se painful thnt nny change
would be of value, and when I came te
leek into the matter and talk in a kiud
ly and friendly way with them tbej all
confirmed the same feeling, which I
had found at a long conversation in the
treasury department, in Washington,
that the circulation of the country is
quite out of joint, and the lungs and
heart are congested and that the ex
tremities of the ceuntrj are absolutely
without any bleed.
"I found that there were great sec sec
liens of the southern and western
country where there was absolutely no
money at all, where the most primitive
forms of barter obtained, where every
thing was most disorganized. One
gentleman told me that in his county,
which was quite a rich agricultural
country, by some happy accident a $50
bank bill had coine down Inte the coun
ty, and that he had taken a horseand
buggy and spent four days in visiting
all the towns in the, county striving te
get it changed into smaller bills, but
hnd been unable te de se, and finally was
obliged te send it te Richmond. There
were senators who told me that their
constituents never saw a dollar of mos
ey from the beginningef the year te the
end, with the result that they had con
stantly te go into debt te the local
storekeepers. The local storekeepers
received their pay in kind. In fact,
everything was drifting back te the
old times before money was invented.
And this was net in one section of the
country only, but in large sections.
"We can quite easily understand that
where there is net sufficient money te
establish a national bank under the
very onerous laws at present in force
there is nothing else te take the place.
The samedlfQculty has come up In ether
parts of the world. In Austria and Hun
gary, in southern Germany and in
southern France these difficulties were
understood and appreciated years age,
and agricultural banks have been
founded there, and they have doubled
the value of real estate, and they have
made the peasantry and the farmers
rich and prosperous.
"The same tiling has taken place in
Scotland, as many of our friends knew.
Every town in Scotland with ever 1,000
people has a branch bank of some one of
the great banks of Edinburgh or Glas
gow. A man of geed character who
wants te Uteuta fishing smock or buy
anything for his farm is. able te go
there, and if his credit is geed he is
able te borrow money as cheaply as any
merchant cenld. It has a double effect.
It is net only giving te these neighbor
hoods the money thet they actually
neexl, but it is educating the people in
thrift and promptness. I have talked
with a great many of my banking
friends, who say that the whole thing
depends upon the character of the peo
ple; that the pcople ere speculative and
that nothing can be done for them.
"My impression is that if some
thoughtful plan could be suggested it
would be quite possible te educate all
the agricultural pcople of the country
te understand that n man who Js thrifty
and honest and sober and prompt can
always in some wey get some money.
It is averyharu thing wcde net under
stand it at all hare because we have no
much money moving among us but if
every time we went te a stere we were
ful. I de hope, sir, that the thoughtful
and geed men of the north and east will
be willing te take up this subject.
"It was brought out at the Indianap
olis convention that after the first sad,
serious mistake tnade necessary by the
exigencies of the civil war we hnd gene
en with makeshifts ever since. One bit
of legislation necessary te bridge us
ever a particular crisis has been met
with another. With everj issue of bends
and of greenbacks, and with every ether
form of currency, legislative enact
ments have been made, and they con
tradict and overlap each ether, and the
business of the treasury is exceedingly
hard nnd difficult
"I came nwny from Indianapolis with
this very firm impression, and I have
only ventured te submit it because I
feel it se deeply that unless these of us
in the mere favored parts of the country
understand the condition of our broth
ers nnd our fellow citizens in the ether
parts of the country, unless we wisely
instruct and educate them and bring
about some wise methods for their re
lief, when the year 1000 conies we
shall be swamped with an infinitely
mere powerful vote against us-than dur
ing this last election."
After I'uur Venrn of IiiveNtigrntleii,
.1 up nm Decldca te DlHcnrd Stiver.
On March 1 it was cabled from Yoko
hama that Japan had decided te adept
the geld standard at n ratio of 32 1-3
te 1, the new standard te go into opera
tion in October.
This act, en top of many previous
ones, metes Japan completely out of
the ranks of the semi-civilized und into
these of civilized nnd progressive na
tions. It was net taken hastily, but
after two years' consideration of an
exhaustive report made by the Japanese
currency commission nppeinted in
This commission found that, while
certain capitalists, especially these em
ploying many laborers, were benefited
by the falling silver standard the wage
earners were injured from the fact that
their wages did net rise as f.ist ns did
the prices of what they had te buy. The
rejert pointed out what every rational
trader ought te knew that a silver
standard country eah trade and com
pete with geld standard countries only
after paying the less en exchange in
foreign trade. However, as the greater
part of Japan's trade was with China
and India, the two countries of Asia
still using the silver standard, the dis
advantage en this account 'was net con
sidered gTeat.
The silveritcs have lest with Japan
some of their best capital. Of course
they will tell ue hew "British geld"
was used te bribe the government into
betraying its people into the hands of
the money power. They cannot, how
ever, much longer tell us that we are
unable te compete with Japan because
she uses the silver standard.
The truth is that Japan get tired of
being a second rate nation nnd of work
ing with second rate tools, and, after
careful investigation, concluded te get
rin of free coinage at ordinary ratios,
which drives geld out of the country as
fast as it can be coined and which re
sults in the single silver standard, and
te adept the geld standard at a ratio
with Bilver wliich will permit the use of
both metals in her trade. It is a wise
step. Japan is only ene of four or five
nations which have ndepted the geld
standard during the last 18 months.
IJryftn in the Euat.
Mr. William Jennings Bryan is going
nbeut the country preaching' the same
doctrine that he preached during the
campaign in which he figured as a nom
inee for the presidency of the United
States. The activity of the free silver
ierces is net te be winked at. They are
geed and persistent fighters. They re
alize the fact that new men are entering
into citizenship every year and tha
some of them may be wen ever te their
slde of the currency question. They
propose te held the ground they have
and te secure mere If they can. The
free silver advocates should be" met
mere than half wayln this fightthatdid
net end with the victory wen by the
sound money forces last November,
Trenten Gazette.
Japan's Presrreaalve Step,
Japan shows both its pregrcssivcv
ncaa and its financial honesty and sense
In providing for geld and silver coinage
at a ratio of 82 1-3 te 1. This is the
commercial ratio enforced by Jeffer Jeffer
eon and sought by every succeeding
administration until the Blendltea tried
le make a dollar outef 50 cents. N. Y.
Aa Ancient Mnrk-Derrn Sele. A r.inrrBKV wnasr &V
Hewitt-Cattle were once used as eur- AND CKMCTEBY W0KK, ,i-
Jewitt-And I suppose when you J, ft, (HLM0RE, 'O
went, te a ninrk-d.ew-n sole you caw a , w BmO0MO Bt KATBVlLLie kti mi
Calf. Fermer Trice One Cew." saUsfaetery prices, W,H JMaHJ ,
out orriexna.
Maver William n Cox
1'plleoJueifo A. A. Wndswerth
CltvOlerk Charles 15. Urese-
Collector and Troasitrer J. W. Fitzgerald
Celer or Polie DeuKlal'.()n
Assessor..... . a. N.Huff
Weed and Ceal Inspec ter . . . . J. Uanks I )u t roil
Wharfmastcr CM. Phis ter
City Proseoutor Jehn L. ChnmDenaln
C ty Physlelan Dr.Himuel Harever
City Undertaker M.F.OeuKhlln
Koepor Almshouse Mrs. Mary lieflin
MuUFirtt Thursday Evening in Each Menth
William H. Cox, l'rosldent.
First frard.
Fourth Ward,
H. U Newoll,
T, H. N. Smith.
WWi Werd.
Ooergo W.Crewell,
W. E. Btalleup.
Sixth Ward.
Pred Dressel,
M. C. Hutchisen.
It. It. Frest,
Jehn Dersch,
Second Ward.
O. D. Poareo, Jr..
Geerge II. Helsor.
Third TTerd.
L. C. lilatterman,
Jehn Eltcl.
The Ceuncllmen are elocted te serve two
Confidence Ledgo Ne. 63 Meets first Mon
day nigh iln each month.
aiasen ijeage no. ms Meets second Hendty
nlpht in each mentt
Mavsmie Cham
ilaysvlJie Chapter Ne. 9 Meets third Mnr-
day night In each month
MavsviiloCemmandervNn. In. Mnt.fnnvn.
Monday night In each month.
DeKalb Ledge Ne. 12 Meets overrTueedST
Hlnggeld Ledge Ne. 27 Meets overy Wednjo Wednje
day night.
Plegah Encampment Ne. 9 Meets
and fourth Mondays Id overy month.
Canten Maysvllle Nr 3 Meets third enday
night In each month.
Frlendshlp Ledge Ne. (3, D. of H. Meets
second and fourth Fridays In each month.
kniehts e rrrniAS,
Limestone Ledge Ne. 8a Meets overy Frlda
Maysvilte Division Ne. 6 U. R.-Meets rlrsi
Tuesday In every month.
1. e. n. m.
Meets every Thursday night In the K. or
L it I-lit
Jehn VKeech Council Ne. 10-Mceta overy
Menda night.
P. O. S. A.
Washington Camp Ne. 3 Meets overj Wed
nesday night.
e. a. n.
Jeseph Helsor Pest Ne. 13-Meets flrrt ana
third Saturdays tu each month.
M. C. HutehlnsCamD Ne. 3. S. of V.-Meeu
first and third Wednesday's of the month.
Weman's Kollef Cerps Meets secend net
fourth Saturdays in each month.
Maysvllle Ledgo Ne. 3778. Meets Urai nu
third Tuesdavs in caeh month.
A. O. C. W.
Masen Ledgo Ne. 20 Meets second
fourth Fridays.
dge Ne. 75 Meets excry We-
nesday night.
b. or T.
Fidelity Division. 8. of T., meets overy Mon
day night In G. A. It. Hall.
St. Patrick's Honevolout Societr Me.'
overy secend Sunday.
Sodality of the B. V. M. Meets overy Sul
Father Mathew Total Abstinence RmMrt , -
Meets first Sunday In each month.
Anclent Order of Hibernians Meets flrM
Monday night in each month.
Knights of St Jehn Meets every Tucsdsx
German Relief Society Meets first Mend."
night In each month.
Acacia Ledgo Ne. 24, F. A. M. Meets 6eoen 1
Wednesday night In each month.
Mt. Hormen Chapter Ne. 8, U. A. M. Mee'e
secend Friday In each month.
Palostlne Cammandcry Ne. 8, K. T. Moeto
fourth Friday In each month.
e. u. e. e. r.
Maysvllle Star Ledge Ne. 1949. Meets first
and third Friday night In each month.
Household of Ituth Ne. 37. Meets second
Thursday night in each month.
DAneiiTKns or the taiiehnacle.
Conge Illver Tabornacle Ne. 80. Meets flm
Thursday In eaeh month.
BvanB Ledgo Ne. 9. Meets first Wednesday
night In each month.
u. n. r.
Geed Will Ledgo Ne. 46. Meets first Satur
day and third Wednesday night In each month.
Yeung's Tomple Ne. 44. Meets first Monday
night in each month.
a. a. n.
MoKInnevan r"est Ne. 168. Meets third Sat
urday night In each month.
Weman's Heller Cerps Ne. 28. Meets Are.
Tuesday In each month.
Atutm Second Afemtay in Each Menth.
M.C. Hutchlns, Presiding Judge MayaviU?
Geergo W. Adair, County Attorney.. Maysrtllr
William D. Cochran. Clerk Maysvlll?
J. C. Jofforsen, Sherttf Maysvllle
SamP.PorlnelDonutlo(,l Maysvllle
J.lt.llobersenruopuuo81 Mayslicfc
Jehn Jehnsen, Jailer Maysvllle
Jehn D. Hoe, Corener Maysvilie
J. D. Dyo.Assessor Maysvllle
G.W. Blattorman.Sehool Sup't MaysvlUe
IQuarterly Court meets Tuesday after the
second Monday In January, April, July
and October, and has civil jurisdiction te
the amount of (200.)
cincuii COURT.
Hen. J. P. Harbeson, Judge... Flcmlngsbure.
J. H.Sallee, Commonwealth Att'y... Maysvllle
Isaac M. Woodward, Clerk Maysvllle
J. N. Koheo.MastorCommlsslonor ..MaysTlllri
Ceurtt Meet
Masen At Maysvllle first Monday in Febru
ary and June and third Monday In Nevember.
Flemlnir At Flemlntrsburir first Mendav In
January .Tuesday after fourth Monday In April.
ana tnira Menaay in HoptemDer.
Groenup At Greenup first Monday In April,
third Monday In July antLflrst Monday In Ne1
Lewls AtVanceburg third Mondays In Jan
uary and May and first Monday In Beptember.
i Bracken At Broekvlllo seoend Monday in
March, first Monday In July and secend Mon
day In October.
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