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Heavy Rains in the Seuth and
West Swell the Rivers.
Id Some Localities the Floed is the
Highest Ever Known.
Many Lereei GWIng Way and the Sur
rounding Country Inundated Prea
i pact of tha Uroateat Floed en
Itaoerd at Nashville.
Gavin, Ark., March 20. The water
rose two inches Thursday night Fer
many miles the country is flooded, and
the water is up te the Iren Mountain
tracks. Hundreds of section hands, arc
striving te keep the water back with
dirt bags. At every station the No Ne No
grecs are gathering, waiting te be
taken away. Many get en the trains
are carried without pay. Superin
tendent Rec, of the Iren Mountain,
has given orders that nene are te be
put off. ,
The list of fatalities is enormous
and probably will never be known.
Mr. Middlesten, who arrived here
with his family from near Rosebud is
land, four miles from Arkansas City,
reports the death of a woman and five
children Wednesday night- The wa
ter came up, and though the unfor
tunates climbed en the tables and
chairs, the flood finally reached ever
their heads.
William Cartwrightand William Cox,
working en Judge Iledge's farm at
Rosebud island, lest their lives Thurs
day. They were in a dugout starting
for stock and the current upset the
dugout. Cartwright could net swim
and Cox tried 4e save him, but both
Jake Carter lest his life at Qavin
Thursday night His dugout was up
set by rushing water. Ills compan
ion, Sterling, was saved by climbing a
Amanda Chapman, an old colored
woman, lust arrived from below,, re
ported the death of six persons she
could net name. A father tried te
save his wife and children In a dugout,
and it tipped, drowning three. The
water killed ethers in the house.
Charles Uurlkey was drowned while
trying te save his hogs Thursday night
near Oavin. lie could net manage a
A mountain of household goods is
piled up at every railroad btatien.
Whites and Negroes beg for help from
every train crew. Houses along the
read are submerged te the reefs, and
cattle standing in the fields with only
their heads above water. Many corpses
of hogs and cows are washed up by
the water.
Nashville, Teun., March 20. The
Cumberland river Friday morning reg
istered 40 feet en the gauge. Rain fell
all day Thursday, all Thursday night
and continued te come down inces
santly Friday. There is prospects of
the greatest flood en record. The
highest recorded water in the Cumber
land river was in 1S83, when it regis
tered 55 feet, U higher than new. The
outlook new is that this mark will be
exceeded. Much damage has already
resulted from the overflow in the low
land, and mere will fellow when the
flood increases.
Large sections of East Nashville
have been under water for several
days. The river is already climb
ing te the business houses en Frent
street Beats are new anchored te the
sidewalks and the prospects are that
the first floors of the building will be
Dispatches from the southern coun
ties of Tennessee and from northern
Alabama report 30 hours of rain fall
and terrible floods In that roglen.
Great damage has been dene te bridges
and fences. Trains have stepped run
ning en the Nashville, Florence &
Sheffield railroad.
Helena, Ark., March 20. The river
at neon was within two inches of the
highest water en record here. The sun
shene Friday after one of the most pro
longed heavy and downpours of rain for
years, and conditions are mere hope
ful. The observer here Bays that from
the leeks of things above he would
net attempt te estimate, and urges all
the people In the lowlands te move out
at once te higher ground.
The levees in front and north of the
city are having the attention of the
officers of the city and the levee
beards and the levees are being raised
and strenghtened. Heavy rains Friday
and Thursday nights have p'artly in
undated a portion of the northern
. suburbs of the elty, but the water is
new fast receding.
A report from Medoc Friday morning
is te the effect that the levees are still
holding, although a report Thursday
night at 10 o'clock was that they could
net be held until this time. A reporter
who returned from there Friday morning-says
that, with the recent recruits
te the already large army or
leveb' workers, there is new a
brigllt chance of holding the
levees, but If the water continues te
rise' It does net leek possible, as there
is but 12 te 18 inches clear levee in a
great many places. The levees en the
Mississippi Bide appear te be In geed
shnpd, and as they have plenty of men
and, money and no comparatively new
levees te leek afier, it is hardly pds pds
slble'there will be a break en that
Milwaukee, Wis., March 20. The
heavy rainfall during the day and part
of th,e evening caused the Menominee
rjver te overflow its banks Friday
night ai Wauwatose, a suburb seme
mile's distant from Milwaukee,
add from a point at Fortieth
street and Mount Vernen aven
ue the whele neighborhood for
a 'distance of ten, blocks is submerged.
The water at midnight was from 8 te 0
feet deep and is still rising. About
150' small houses are located in the dis
trict, but up te midnight no fatalities
hare been reported. The work of res
cuing the victims of the flood has been
going en all evening, the veterans of
the National Soldiera' Heme helping
with small beats. At 0 o'clock the
Milwaukee pollce department was
m n'jmm uiiii wwK'i i .
asked for help red a beat was pen
out. The life saVla-'tlen en Jo-je
island was notified ...n't jwe bne.ii
were taken out 4e i: a aeane of the
flood by the fire tig Iiy. The res
cue work was geitftf e u,l night
Cuebekee, la., Maruu 20. The LitsJe
Sioux river is highe? than at any tine
since the floods of 1G0L All railroad
communication except ever the Illi
nois Central south of Ons-wa Is out off.
Three large bridges are washed out
between here and Sioux Falls, S. D.,
en the Illinois Central. Wagen
bridges are generally Bwept away and
all communication cast is cut off. The
people have sought the highlands and
much hay and grain en the bottoms is
In the Vicinity of 8leax City, la., Grewi
Sioux City, la., March 20. Though
many of Thursday night's rumors of
drewnings were unconfirmed Friday,
the actual situation is growing worse.
The Floyd river had carried out every
bridge from Lomers te a mile above
Sioux City, and is still rising. The val
ley is full from hill te hill, the towns
of Merrill, Ilinten and Sioux City sub
urbs of Springdalc, Lynn and Leeds,
flooded and many houses in this city,
it is said, are surrounded by water. On
the Big Sioux, many bridges arc out,
and at Hawarden, the water is report
ed five feet deep in the streets. The
North Western is said te have net a
bridge left between Huren and Ha Ha
werden. The Missouri Is still frozen
here, but is rumored te be breaking
and gorging at Onawallk, seme dis
tance further down.
Jacksen and Walling Ilcpudlnte Their
Confessions Nerer Ilenrd or Dr. Wag
ner Until the Trial.
NEwreiiT, Ky., March 20. Scott
Jacksen has repudiated and denied
his confession.
Hardly had that signed statement
left the Alexandria jail by special mes
senger en its way te Gov. Bradley be
fore the deemed man who wrote it,
pacing the cell which he was seen te
leave for the scene of his execution,
was once again protesting his inno
cence of Pearl Bryan's murder, and
crying aloud his lamentations for the
mistake which he had made.
It was an extraordinary and dram
atic Bcene.
His sister, Mrs. Edwin Pest, of
Greencastle, was with him at the time,
and sbc is the authority for the state
ments which fellow.
Jacksen and his sister were talking
of the confession just made by
the convicted murderer, and Mrs.
Pest did net at that time, nor
until she read it in the papers,
knew that her brother, ever his own
signature, had branded himself a mur
derer under the laws of Kentucky.
She did net knew what story he hud
told of the fatal night
Suddenly Jacksen, turning upon
Mrs. Pest, cried eut:
"Sister, 1 have made a mistake, an
awful, terrible mistake."
"What have you clone, Scott?" she
"I have sent Gov. Bradley a false
story. I have written te him that I
knew hew Pearl Bryan died, and I
gave him the details, but they are
false I"
"Was net your story the truth?" ex
claimed the unhappy woman, appalled
at her brother's words.
"The truth!" exclaimed Jacksen.
"Ne! net a line. Net a word!
I did net realize until new what
I have done. Fer the past four or
five days I have been driven almost
te distraction by theso whom I
thought were my friends, who have
urged me te confess 'that I killed her.
They said the governor had absolutely
refused te interfere unless seme en
tirely new statement was mode.
"They spoke te me about Dr. Wag
ner, of Bellevue, and said he was in a
lunatic asylum.
"I did net knew what te da Wall
ing and I talked it ever, and finally
decided, as the last chance, en
a desperate attempt te put it
en Wagner. We thought we might de
it, or least say enough te make the
governor grant a respite "
At 12 o'clock Friday night Jailer
Bitzer ordered hamburger sandwiches
for the two men. Jacksen, with an
appatitc that never seems te be ap
peased, eat three of the sandwiches,
whlle Walling ate but one, and ex
pressed himself as thoroughly satis
ed. Whlle the men were eating the
sandwiches the rumbling of wheels,
as though of a carriage, were
heard driving down Fourth street
Jacksen went te-the window, peered
out and saw, net a carriage, but Un
dertaker Ceatlgan's wagon, driving up
te the enclosure surrounding the scaf
fold with the oeflin that will ba used
te take his body from the scaffold te
the undertaking establishment, where
it will be prepared for burial.
The coffin was a plain one, and a
better casket will be used te ship the
remains east Saturday evening at 6:30,
ever the C & O. read, te New Jersey,
where the interment will take place.
The grewseme sight did net disturb
Jacksen's equanimity, as he lighted a
fresh cigar and began te smoke.
There was a startling rumor going
the rounds of Newport Friday night
that Scott JackBen will confess every
thing even te the whereabouts of the
head when he mounts the scaffold Sat
urday. Boevel 114 Net Ilean DaaUhed.
New Yeiik, March 00. Sylvcster
Scovel has net been banished from
Cuba. He may be allowed te contlntfe
his work thorp as correspondent pro
vided he remains safely within Span
ish lines, where Dens can watch him.
Ordered te Vaeal Tfaalr Feata.
Londen. March CO. According te a
dlspateh from Larlsaa, the Turkish
consuls la Thessaly have been ordered
by the perta te vacate their pests and
return te Constantinople should they
deem such aotlen advisable.
xiimi'ii i ii ri'iXaw
C:'J .adley Decides te Let the
r.aw Take Its Course.
juifisen and Walling Will Hang in
the Newport Jailyard Saturday.
The Onvnrnnr Carefully Considered the
Centrsslun of the Twe Unndmnd Alan
IJnfern Ills Decision The Story
Doubted Troepi Ordered Out.
Fhankfeht, Ky., March 20. Gov.
Bradley has again decided net te In
terfere with the sentence of the court
In the cases ugalnst Scott Jacksen and
Alenzo Wnlllng. The execution of
both will take place Saturday. He
publicly announced his final determ
ination in the case after carefully read
ing the confessions of the two men for
a second time.
He made ene reading of the confes
sions Thursday night and studied ever
the records in the cases until 3 o'clock
Friday morning.
At 0:35 o'clock he rcappored at the
executive office, and puttiug te ene
side his ether duties, again took up the
confessions together with the state
ments mode by Druggist Foertmeyor
and May Smith.
He had practically mode up his mind
Thursday night, but wished te make
no mistake. The result was as above
stated. Gov. Bradley believes that
justice will be satisfied only by the
hanging of the two criminals.
The governor's deepest and tender
est sympathies had been touched by
the tear-blotted appeals for mercy from
the mothers of the two men. He had
wept and prayed ever them, but said:
"My conscience and my oath demand
that I de my duty before Ged and
GnnENCASTLE, Ind., March 10. Alex.
Bryan, the father of Pearl Bryan,
after reading the confessions of Jack Jack
eon and Walling, gave the opinion
that their statements, compared with
the defense of the two men in their
trials, proved beyond any doubt that
they tire fake confessions, get up for
the purpese of securing a respite from
Gov. Bradley.
He says that Dr. Wagner may have
had something te de with the murder,
but the testimony of the wife and
daughter is strong evidence that he
knew nothing of it
One member of the Bryan family,
when questioned by a correspondent,
said that he had net thought enough
about the confessions te even read
them. Nene of the family will attend
the hanging.
NEWrenr, Ky., March 20. At 1:30 p.
m. Friday Sheriff Plummer arrived in
Newport with Jacksen and Walling,
who had been brought from Alexan
dria in the "Daisy." They were at
once taken te their cells in which they
will remain until the final summons
shall call them te their death.
Newport, Ky., March 20. Wm. L.
Ucndrin and W. S. Hendrin, brothers
of Dr. Wagner's wife, have made affi
davits regarding Dr. Wagner being at
the home of his father-in-law in Jessa
mine county from January 23 te Feb
ruary . Dr. Mclvin Kehrer, first
assistant physician at the asylum also
gives an affidavit stating that Dr,
Wagner is new cured of his mental
trouble and is in condition te make a
statement intelligently. The affidav
its were sent te the governor with the
request that he respite the murderers
until a full investigation can be made.
On Which Scott Jacksen and Alenzo Wal
line Will l'ay tha Penalty.
NKwrORT, Ky., March 20. The di
mensions of the scaffold upon which
Jacksen and Walling are te die have
been changed somewhat slnce the first
specifications were submitted te Sher
iff Plummer. The correct plans arc as
Frem the ground te the fleer upon
which the prisoners will stand, 9 feet;
from the fleer te the cress beam, 8 feet;
total height, 17 feet; fleer, 10 feet by 12
feet, which also represents the outside
measurement of the scaffold from top
te bottom, the corner pests, G inches
by 8 inches; cress beam, the same;
fleer joists, 3 by 8 Inches; fleer beards,
X inch; iron belts, 1 inch thick.
Scaffold en Which the Men Will Hang.
There are 14 steps en the stairway
leading te the platform. Ne nails were
used in the construction of the scaffold,
screws and belts being used. The tim
ber used was rough pine of the best
quality, and the foundations consist of
blocks of weed, the whole structure
being braced securely against the
workheuso building.
The dimensions of the Inclosure ar:
Twenty-six feet high; first length of
upright beards, 14 (cot; second length,
12 feet; slze of lnclesure, 52 feet by 03
feet; pests are 4 by 0 inches, 5 feet in
the ground and 8 fqet apart
The inclosure is made of plnu and Is
very substantial. The ends rest
against the workheuso and jail re
spectively. A brick walk leads from the kitchen
deer tb a deer in the northwest end of
the inclesure, which opens upon the
scaffold steps. .
" a iff m ft
W- 1 II la
B W Hfl Jl
(ill I rM
Uathared Vram All Part af tha Country
by Telegraph.
The Des Molnes river at Ft Dedgo,
la., is the highest in years Manu
facturing establishments en the bot
toms have closed.
Edward Gibbens and Jack Perry,
amateurs, sparred Friday night at the
Banner club, Philadelphia. Perry tried
the FltzslmmenB blew and landed ever
Gibbens' heart The latter collapsed
and died in half an hour.
The supreme court of Michigan do de do
clded Friday that the ofilce of mayor
of Detroit became vacant when Uuzen
8. Plngree took the oath of eflica as
governor of Michigan en January L A
new election must be held te elect a
new mayor for Detroit
Heavy rain fell at Red Wing, Minn.,
Friday. Hay creek overflowed its banks
and did great damage. The Cannen
river Is above its banks. In this city
water is Inundating cellars. Many
country reads in this vicinity are bur bur
ied under several feet of water.
A cyclene passed Utlca, Miss., early
Friday morning, with a southeasterly
course, blowing down several cabins
and letB of timber and fences; also kill
ing J. O. Hill, a farmer, and Injuring
his wife. A country schoel-houso was
lifted from its foundation and turned
When Murat Halstead left Washing
ton a few days age he said he was net
after anything, and stated positively
that he would net be appointed consul
general te Cuba. Tins was the only
position connected with his name, and
it is learned he has no application en
file for anything.
Mr. McDowell, clerk of the house,
has up te this tima received official no
tice of nine contested election cases
and mero are expected. Among the
cases filed are: M Godfrey Hunter vs.
Jehn S. Rhea, Third Kentucky dis
trict; M. S. Vanderburg vs. Thes. IL
Tongue, First Oregen district
Official dispatches received from the
Island of Crete say that the Cretan in
surgents attacked the Turkish position
at bitia Thursday. The French and
British warships each fired a shot,
whereupon the Cretans retired. There
were sharp engagements between the
Turks-and Cretans outside of Iletime.
Water four feet deep in places fills
the streets of Hawarden, la. The
railway bridges across the Big Sioux
are impassable. The water is rising
six inches an hour. People en the bot
toms are living in the becend stories of
their houses. There is great damage
done te loeso property and much stock
has been drowned.
CeL E. W. Scbuns, of Denver, has
closed a deal by which an English syn
dicate purchases the Gelden Cress
Greup of geld mines near Ogilby, en
the Colerado desert, for 81,500,000. The
mines are seven In number and are
turning out about 10,000 per month.
The new company will take possession
within 00 days.
Judges Wallace and Lacombe, of the
United States circuit court of appeals,
New Yerk, decided in favor of the
railroad companies in the suit of the
United States versus the Joint Traffic
association. They have dismissed the
application for an injunction restrain
ing the companies from operating un
der the joint traffic agreement
In an old hovel at Eighty-sixth street
and Housten avenue, Chicago, Adam
Adamieck eelebrated his 11-th birth
day. He is the eldest man in the
United States, It Is claimed. He is
hale and hearty. He sleeps 13 hours u
day. He was born at Minsk, near
Warsaw, In 1785. He has smoked near
ly all his life, but he has been a total
abstainer from liquors. His wife is S7.
Friday afternoon Dr. Travis of Eagle
Greve, la., and a farmer named Kirk Kirk
berger, were drowned while attempt
ing te ford the Beene river near Web
ster City, la. The team, buggy and
occupants were swept away. At six
o'clock Friday evening the Beene had
risen seven feet and is rising at the
rate of a feet an hour. The large
bridge at Lehigh was swept away and
ethers are threatened.
Forecast for Saturday.
Washington, March 2a Kentucky Fair,
followed by local showers in the afternoon or
night cooler Saturday night, winds shifting
te northwesterly.
Ohie Rata, followed by fair weather In
southern portion; winds shifting te westerly)
cooler Saturday night.
Indiana, Illinois and Missouri Lecal show
ers; oeolcr winds, shifting te northwesterly.
Cincinnati, March 10.
FLOUn Spring fancy, 817504.10, spring
family, 3.4X&3.T0. spring patent, H3iai70;
winter patent, Ha&&i.7i; faney, M.153&4.S0;
family, taca&TO; extra. IZWtaeO; low
5rado.fi5eaii.ro; rye, northweJtcrn,liBSaire;
e. city, 2.ti&2.7a
Whsat Sales: Ne. 2 red. track, 91c.
Cerk Sales: Ne. S yellow, track, 54 ci
yellow car, traek, Me: Ne : mixed, track, 'Jee;
Ne. 2 white, track. J5e.
Oats Sales: Ne. 2 mixed, track, lOHe.
Hoes Select shippers, M0O&3.8J. aelect
butchers', $19033 05, (air te geed packers',
13 WaiOO; (air te geed light, ta80SJL9J, com
mon and roughs, I3.10&35.
CUtxie Ealr te geed shippers', 14.7334., 60;
experts, K63Q5.00; geed te choice butchers',
(1034.50, (a(r te medium butchers', IXCeQ
&7S; common. t3.60Zft3.OOt
Sheep and Lauds Sheep: Extra, ?t3X
.75t geed te obelce, U7iiJ4 2i, common te
fair. t50O3.50. Lambs; Geed te choice,
l5.003e.Si; common te fair. fl.7JiH.74.
Vbal Calvbs Fair te geed light, K4J&
5 50; common and large, tlWil5U
Weel Unwaahed, line merino, lOQltc pr
lb; quarter-bleed clothing, lid I te; medium
delaine and clothing. 13 01 ter bralJ, UAlSa;
medium combing, lttMSc Washed, tine me
rino, X te XX, lSc, medium olelhlng, l5loe;
delatns fleeee, lKftlOe: long oeabing, l3l7e;
quarter-bleed and low, 13314s; oemmoi
oearae, ll&lSe; tub-washed, choice, 19c
Nbw Yeiik, March 19.
VfHsur-Na 2 red, May, 80H i80e; July
f8HT8Ue; September, 763761,0-
Conn-Ne a. May, 30K430tfe: July, 3t;C
Ne. z, xtHftiOMe.
Oats Ne. 2, May, 21Jfe b: western. ZlOSOe,
CniOAOO, March 19.
WnxATMarch, 7e; My, TJe bid; July,
73a; September, 70 Ve.
Conn Harch, lilKe: May, Jl)Jc; July, SoKe
asked;: Septembsr, HHe asked.
Oats March, Ue: May, 17H517Ke; July,
I8Mcj September, 19c,
PiTTSDcnen, March 19.
Cattlv Supply light; marketateadr.
Ueqb Iteeslpts light: market easy; prices
SHiir Supply light: market arm at Queta
KMmamrnuimmwmt m n m
y cry likely net. It's a new brend, bnked
vlrtuonndKeodnessof tliobeetold.way bread
Never u raw streak, never an
overdone spot. The baking is uniform. PL
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done everywhere.
And Housekeeping Goods Generally Always en Hand
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I Ne. 19. 5:30 . v.
Ne. I.. M0a. e.
Wel ' Ne. 17. iSli.ni.1
NO ... 413 p.m.
INe. 15. 5'lSp. m.
Dally. Daily except Bundar. F. V. V.
Llmlted Ne. 2 arrives at Washlnitten 6:50a. m.,
Baltimore 8:05 a. m Philadelphia 10:25 a. m.,
New Yerk 12:53 p. m. K. F. V. Limited Ne. 3
arrivegat Cincinnati at 5:50 p. m.
Washington Rxpress Ne. 4 arrives at Wash
ington 3:50 p.m.. New VerkP:06 p. m. Clncin
natl Fast Line Ne. 1 arrives at Cincinnati ai
8:05 a. m.
Pullman Sleeping Car Bervlcc . Uichmenrf
Jd Old Point Comfert by trams s and 4.
Direct connection a: Clnclnnatti for all points
West and Seuth.
Nes. 1,2, 3 and 4. de net step between May
vllleandNowpert. Ky.
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6-.S0 3:00Lv... Frankfort... Ari 11:55 7:20
8:00 4:3(1 " ..Goenretown.. " I 10:40 fl:,'W
8:40 ft:10Ar Paris Lv! 9:20 3-3(1
0:30Lv Paris ...An 7:47 3:1)
... I 8:251 " ....Maysvllle... " I 5:52 1:9)
Uatl With Delight
Nine and one-half
hours from Cincin
nati te St. Leuis..
IcJa g
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signed for rates and you will save money.
C.W.PARiB.As't Gen. Pass. Ag't,
ContralDepet.Clnctnnat. 0,
iiiimin.nw i imwi
in a netvway-In a qitakkr PAN. Every
and semethlnK mere.
O E3IH&CEiI I fl Pfll
Ul flU9dE&BBsi k UUlf
Every member of
Every family en
Every farm,! in
Every village in
Every Stateer Territory.
news of the Natien.
Leaves Mavsvtlle at
6:52 a. m. for Paris, Lex-
mend, Stanford, Llv-
Ingston, Jclllce, Mlddlesboreugh, Cumberland
Gap, Frankfort, Louisville and points en N.
N. and M. V., Eastern Division.
Leaves Maysvllle at 1.-30 p. m.fer Paris, Cin
cinnati. Lexington, Winchester, Richmond
and points en N. N. and M. V.. Eastern Divis
ion. Northbound.
Arrive at Maysvllle at 8:45 a. m. and 8;2t
p. m.
A ltruins dally except Sunday.
Ticket offices, N.W. corner Fourth and Tine,
and Central Union Station. Third and Central
avenue, Cincinnati.
Eatt and Nerthtatt.
Only line running through cars Inte New
Yerk City without ferriage or transfer, land
ing passengers In the Orand Central Station.
Forty-second street: only through car line te
Bosten, and only line running solid trains te
Cleveland, and 47 miles shortest.
d Daily. Except Sunday. Sunday only.
T7inme? Train.
N. Y. and Bes. Seuth,
western Ves. Lim. .
Bes. and N. Y. Express
Clev.,N. Y. and Bes.
Clev., Buff, and N.Y...
Celum.and Springfield
Columbus Accommeda.
Day. and Springfield. . .
d6:00 p.m.,dl0:55 a.a.
d9:00a.m.i d6:55p.m,
(18:45 p.m.)
3:15 p.m.!
d6:15 a.m.
04:15 p.m.,
d6 :05 p.m. I
5:15 p.m.
d8:45 a.m.
9;30 a.m.
3:10 p.m.
7:50 a.m.
Formerly C, S. and C. Railroad.
7:30 a.m,
d2:10 a.m.
d9:65 a.m.
Wctt, Nnrth and Nerthuett.
Solid Vcstlbuled Trains, Dining Cars, Wagner
Compartment and Standard Sleep
ers and Parler Cars.
lndianapnU$, Lafayette and Chitaoe.
Chicago Train
Arrive nt theiiew Dafr
'12:30 p.m.
d8 :30 p.m.
'3:00 p.m.
d6:3l a.ra,
d7:29 a,m.
senger station, feet
eiutn street
dll :10 a.m.
de :10 p.m.
11:10 p.ti.
3:15 p.m.
Wet. Seuth and Beuthxettt.
Peoria. Terre Haute I
andMattoen f
Terre Haute and Mat..
d8:3Q a.m,
12:40 p.m,
d7:40 K.TB.
3:15 p-B.
Ths Elkhart Line Formerly Cincinnati, Tfa-
bath and Michigan Railway.
ltnsh., Andersen. Ma Ma
reon, Warsaw, Cedar
Boaeh, Geshen, Elk
hart, Benten Harber
and St. Jeseph
Andersen, llushvlUe,
5:80 a.m.
3:30 p.m.
0:00 p.i
'10:19 a.!
Fer full Information as te rates, apply te
THOMAS A. OAHKI OAN, Southeastern Paw
enger Arent, Huntington, W. Ya., or D, B.
Hkj.iS. RMIill
ESTflT 1 WJ&
k-AM a frfs-a'ifrl
. r v
'-VJ t Ml
i- ,..,...:.:

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