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I ?; . " SIXTH YEAR.
IT if. i. 1 , i
t3ff" If you have friends visiting you, or it
7011 are going away en n visit, please drop us a
mete te that effect;
Mips Maude Hoynelds of Fernleaf Is the
guest of Mies Marlen Wermnld.
Mr. Charles D. l'oarce has been In Loulsvllle
and Frankfort soveral days en business.
Mrs. L. V. Davis and Miss Mollle T. Edmonds
are In Clne.nnatl today nnd will return to te
.morrow, Miss Teble Farrew roaehed home last night
from Ormend, Fla. Irs. W.i II. Cox and
daughter Miss lleberta will return the latter
part of the week-.
Z3Slf you have an item ej news,
please call tip The Ledgeb, Telephone
33, and send it in.
Flre Insurance Jehn 0. Everett.
W. W. Walking has been ill for several
Mrs. Phcube Evans died near Ellsberry
a few days age, aged 83.
Mrs. Julia Harding died in Aberdeen a
few days age, aged nearly 7G.
Themas J. Hughes of Covedalc has
secured an Increase of his pension.
Mr. P. M. McCarthey has a geed con
tract for painting in Flemingsburg.
The many friends of Mr. Jehn T. Smith
were glad te see him down town Satur
day. Majer D. J. Burchett of Louisa en Sat
urday filed his application for the Brazil
ian Mission.
.1-1-1 m
"Kentucky Wonder" Beans for plant
ing; cheap Geerge U. ileiser, 117 West
Second street.
Mr. James II. Rains, one of our best
citizens, is quietly observing his 74th
anniversary today.
Mr. and Mrs. Walker Baugbman of Cir
clevillc, 0., are rejeicing ever the arrival
of a flne daughter.
Maysville is new represented by two
telegraph operators at Richmond Messrs.
Will Yicrey and Alfred McCormick.
Sce our bargains this week in Gray En
amel Ware at our new slore, Ne 41 West
Second street. McClanahan & Shea.
Remember that Ray's Rainbow Ready
Mixed Paint is guaranteed te be the best
and net te chalk, peel or crack. Found
at Ray's Postefllce Drugstore.
hi m m
Farmers and gardeners should inspect
Landreth's Garden Seed at Cheneweth's
Drugstore befere buying ethers. They
arc superior te any en the market.
Captain J. C. Bryant of Ashland is in
Washington City looking out for the Uni
ted States Marshalship, for which he
is strongly indorsed.
A musicale will be given in the Chapel
of Hayswood 8cminary this evening at 7
o'clock. The friends and patrons of the
school and these interested are cordially
Invited te be present.
See my Sample Beeks Wallpaper evtr
400 new styles same as shown in Alfred
Peats's mammoth Chicago and New Yerk
stores. Paper Hanging and Painting
done ia best style. P. M. McOAivriiBY.
Harry Ewing, who killed Isaac Griffith
of Aberdeen at Legan's Gap, had his ex
Amlning trial at Georgetown. His bail
-was fixed at $1,000, which Crane Bres, of
Cincinnati furnished and he was released
te appear at next term of Court.
County Clerk W. D. Cochran is an
neunccd today as a candldate for re elec
tion, subject te the action of the Repub
lican Convention. Mr. Cochran has been
a very efficient officer, quick te dispatch
public business, and courteous te all.
i m i
The funeral of the late James H. Lira
crick was largely attended yesterday
-aftornoen from his residence In the Sixth
Ward, 128 Oddfellews ahd 08 mombers of
the P. O. 8. A. forming the civic proces preces
sion. Beth Orders officiated at the grave.
The Ledger, was in error in reporting
'the marrlage of Miss Sadle Lawwill and
Dr. Steen. The bride is au aunt te the
Hiss Sadle Lawwlll who is a niece of Mr.
Austin Helmes and Mrs, G, W. Gelsel of
this city.
Mrs. J. D. Cuihman died at Dever at
7:45 Friday night and the funeral took
place yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock,
' -with services by Elder W. W. Hall. The
was 04 years of age, and leaves ene son,
Mr. W. D. Cushman, a well known citi-
' sen of the county.
Mr. Jehn U. Donaldsen of the Sixth
"Ward Is anneunged in today's Ledqkii as
a candidate for Chief of Police at the
-coming Novembor election, Mr. Donald Donald
eon Is a worthy gentleman, and if elected
premises te glve his best efferts te fill the
-office acceptably,
, .. iic ,-t i .cJK a
.sm xayiLLS
Court of Appeals Sustains the
Masen Circuit Court.
There had been few cases in the Masen
Circuit Court in recent years mere warmly
contested than the suit te set aside the
will of the late Jehn Bramcl.
After two long and tedious trials befere
Judge Harbeson the lest Jury sustained
the will; whereupon contestants carried
their case te the Court of Appeals, which
has just handed down a decision affirm
ing the judgment of the Masen Circuit
The opinion Is by Judge DuRelle, as
First The testator having by his will
disposed of his property in an apparently
rational manner for the benefit of these
with whom he had lived the greater part
of his life, who had cared for him in his
declining years and with whom his rela
tions were necessarily cleser and mero in
timate than with any ene else, a verdict
of a Jury sustaining the will should net
be disturbed unless manifestly against the
evidence. It appearing that the will was
itself a rational one; that under the cir
cumstances thcre seems te have been no
undue influence exerted ever the testator
and that the fact of his testamentary
capacity was supported by disinterested
witnesses, the verdict cannot be said te be
against the ovidencet
Second Although an instruction that
"if the Jury belleve from all the evidence
that the instrument of writing read In evi
dence was subscribed by Jehn Bramel in
the presence of two crcdible witnesses,
who subscribed it with their names in his
presence, and that said Jehn Bramcl, at
that time, was of sound mind, they
will find said instrument te be his will"
is objectienablo en the ground that it put
te the Jury the question of whether the
paper was properly executed, which is a
question for the Court, it was net preju
dicial te the rights of the appellants, for
the Jury found that it was se subscribed,
which conclusion the Court must have
reached us a matter of law.
Third The submission te the Jury by
the instruction the question of the credi
bility of the attesting witnesses, although
erroneous, was net prejudicial te the ap
pellants. Fourth The fact that one instruction
told the Jury te find for the propeunders
of the will if they believed from the evi
dence that the testator was of sound mind,
while another told them te find against the
propeunders if they believed the testator
was unduly intlucnccd.was net misleading
te the Jury.since the instructions arc te be
considered as a whole and the emissions
in one may be supplied by reference te an
other. Fifth The instruction that "if the Jury
bcliuve from all the evidence that said
instrument of writing is consistent in its
previsions and rational en its lace, the
presumptien is that said Jehn Bramel was
of sound mind at the time of its execution,
and the burden shifts te contestants te
show that he was net of sound mind at
that time," was net reversible error un
der the established rule in this state as te
the shifting of the burden of proof.
Sixth An oljectien te au Instruction
as tnisleadiug because u statement of a
mere abstract preposition upon the sub
ject of testamentary capacity cannot be
sustained where the Instruction proceeded
te givea correct definition of the capacity
required te render a man mentally com
petent te make a will according te the de
cisions of this Court.
Seventh The instruction which stated
that the capacity required te render a man
competent te make a will was "te knew
bis property and the natural objects of
bounty and his duties te them" was net
objectionable as stating by implication
that the testator owed duties te the de
visees named in the paper.
Eighth The words "settled purpese of
his own" as used in the instruction are
net materially different in meaning from
the approved language "fixed purpose of
his own."
Ninth The objection urged te the ro re
fusal of the Court te permit appellants te
prove by appellee that en a former trial a
dovisee testified te a certain conversation
belween tUe appellee and the testator can
net be sustained, since it is net an ad
mission against the devlsee.
The attorneys for the appellants were
Mesrs. E L. Worthlngten,,W. U. WatiB WatiB
werth.' J. N. Kohee, A.'D. Cole and O. D.
Newell, while the appellees were repre
sented by Mcsrs. Cochran is Sen and L
W. Robortsen.
The gross earnings of the L. and N. for
the secend week In March were $380,750,
an Increase of 821,080 ever 1890, of 830.5S0
ever 1805, of $12,035 ever 1604, but & less
of $41,80 ns compared with 1803.
What We May Exjtect Ear the Xeact
Ticentv-feur Hours.
White streatner FAin;
Blue iiain or snew:
ttfll.TfrH.l. . .n. J....III n . ntr.li
I'liuututn UU.A ll.Ulff AnVBH
1 be:
Unless lilacH't shown no ehanire
t3rThe noete forecasts are made ter a
period of thlrty-slx hours. endlntr m o'clock
All kinds of Fancy Mixed Drinks at
Reper's New Era.
Ilecllch'n Vault IlarpittiiH,
New Dress Goods 39c. for COc. quality;
Japanese Rugs all sizes cheap; 12 and 15c.
Matting at 8J and 10c yd.; Curtain Poles
free with Lace Curtains at reduced
Meals served at nil hours at Reper's
New Era.
The Court of Appeals has reversed the
decision of the Masen Circuit Court in
the case of the C. and O. Railway Com
pany vs. Smith.
E. T. Lewis, claiming te be a Methodist
Preacher of Munferdville, was held ever
at Bowling Green en the charge of at
tempting te pass forced checks.
In the Garrard Circuit Court Geerge
Dunn was sentenced te the penitentiary
for life for housebreaking. He had been
convicted of felony twice before, and the
life term was given him under the habitu
al criminal law.
Michael Thornten, ex Police Judge of
Millersburg, was found dead in the lock
up Saturday morning. He had been ar
rcBted for drunkenness, and Marshal
Charles Themas had struck him ever the
bead with a billy. Thornten was well
known in this city.
De you need a geed clock? If se, P.
J Murphy is offering the finest Clocks
ever offered for the money. An elegant
Eight-day, either "Oak" or "Walnut."
strikes hours and half hours, 22 inches
high, only $3 25, reduced from $5, war
ranted a geed timekeeper.
Mr. Lee B. Gray is new in active charge
of the Street Railway line, and in a few
days four cars will be started and kept
running with some degree of regularity.
This will be welcome news te persons
who have for some time been obliged te
walk if they were in a hurry; and The
Ledger predicts that the regularity of
trips will largely increuse travel.
Mr. Christian Frederick Zweigart Died at
"Kosement" Yesterday Morning.
Anether old and respected citizen has
been called te rest.
Mr. Christian F. Zweigart died at his
haridsome suburban home. "Rosemont,"
at 0 o'clock Sunday morning, March
21st, 1897, after an illness of seme nine
He was born near Stuttgart, Wurtum
burg, Germany, December 20th, 1823,
ami was consequently in his 74th year.
Mr. Zweigart came te Maysviile in
1840, with no capital save indemitable
energy and scrupulous integrity, and the
application of these had crowned his
labors with success, enabling him seme
years since te retire from business with a
competency and with the esteem of all
who knew him, He maintained through
out & long life that sturdy honesty which
is se characteristic of his race, and while
frugal in his own tastes and habits he
was ever ready and willing te extend aid
te every worthy cause.
Surviving he leaves a widow and five
children two daughters and thrce sons
Misses Roslne F. and Carrie, and
Messrs. Jehn G Christian F., Jr., and
Charles W. Zweigart, all grown and all
residents of this city.
The funeral will take pluce from
"Rosemont" at 1:30 o'clock tomorrow
aftornoen, with services by the Rev. Dr.
Jehn S. Hays of the First Presbyterian
Intcrment at Maysviile Cemotery.
CW-fi" C7V7.
Senators at Washington Declare
the "Reform" Run Mad.
Republicans Must Sit Rack and Sec
the Democrats Fill Olllces.
Chicago Ttma-Hcralii.
Senater Frye of Maine stirred up the
feelings of the Republican Senators by an
attack upon the Cival Service order issued
last summer by President Cleveland. A
great many Republican Senators are try
ing te induce President McKinley te re
voke parts of Mr. Cleveland's famous
blanket order, which extended protection
te twenty or thirty thousand Democratic
officials who had entered the service by
appointment. It has been discovered by
candidates for such pests as Collectors
of Internal Revenue that the Deputy
Collector, a Democrat, is under the Civil
Service, and, therefore, net removable.
The Republican who takes the Collector
ship must give big bend for faithful per
formance of his duties and then depend
upon a lieutenant net of his own choos chees
ing or his ewu political faith. Net only
that, practicully all of his ompleycs will
be Democrats. Many Senators think this
is Civil Service reform run mad. Se far
President McKinley has net indicated
any willingness te give consideration te
the preposition that he revise the order
issued by his predecessor. The new
President probably has net had a chance
te give the matter a moment's thought.
The pressure for places Is something
frightful. Every Republican Senater's
mail is leaded down with letters from
men and women asking for places in the
Government service, and although the
Senators tell their correspondents that
there are no offices at their disposal,
and that the only way te get into the
Government service is through the doers
of the Civil Service Commission, the place
hunters de net believe this and continue
te write the Senators telling them that if
they are really desirous of finding jobs for
their constituents there are means of cir
cumventing the Civil Service Commission.
Some faint idea of the number of persons
anxious te serve their country for a salary
can be gained from the fact that for the
140 places te be filled in connection with
the reorganization of the clerical forces
of the Library of Congress there have al
ready been filed 17,000 applications . This
was the statement made by Librarian
Spofford te the Illinois Senators when
they called en him two days age te find
out if they could get a constituent or two
en the Librarian's rolls.
It ought te be generally understood by
this tiine that practically Senators and
members of Congress have no power te
secure places for their constituents ex
cept a few appointments. In the Diplo
matic and Consular Service, and a very
few outside of the classified or depart
mental service. But these places are se
few and the demands are se great that it
stands te reason any one state cannot se
cure mere than half a deien places at the
outside. I have called attention te this
matter befere, but 1 find that men still
continue te write te their Senators and
members of Congress, insisting that
they find places for them, and evidently
in geed faith imagining that if they are
only porsistent enough their demands
will be satisfied. Se long as the prosent
Civil Service Laws remain in ferce the
intlucnce of Senators and members of
Congress is practically nil. Ne person
can be given a clerkship In any of the De
partments jn Washington or in the Rail'
way Mall Service unless he has first
passed the Civil Service examination. Ne
Senater or member of Congress haa
power te change this requirement; net
even the President can de se unless he
revokes certain orders. In view of these
facts men only waste time and that of
their members of Congress when they
write te them asking for appointments.
Mere Talk
About Time.
Seme people are peculiar in the matter of
buying a Watch. A silver Watch is geed
enough for one man se long as it keeps geed
time. Anether one wants something a little
mere showy a geld one, but it, tee, must
keep geed time. Seme want a high-priced
Watch, ethers a cheaper one, but after all
everybody wants a correct timepiece. We
selected our stock with time in view, and can
sell you a high, low or medium-priced Watch
and any of them will keep time the
essential point.
We repair Watches se that we can guaran
tee them te keep time. Charges low.
Seuth Side Second Street.
OhIii One Place Where a 3Iau Could
Xet Get a Drink.
Chicago liccenl.
A commercial traveler tells this story of
Milligan's first trip te the state of Kansas-
Milligan had heard all about Kansas and
Prohibition. He doesn't drink, but, like
every ether man, he wondered if he would
be able te get a drink, provided, of course,
that he wanted one which be didn't, as
I have said. Well, he was riding en the
train and they'd been in Kansas about half
an hour when the train reached Coulter
Junction. It had te step there te change
engines, and Milligan get out and walked
up and down the platform, sizing up the
town. It was the first Prohibition town
he'd ever seen.
A fellow with a suit of overalls was
standing en the platform, Milligan went
up te him and said: This Is Kansas, ain't
"Right you are," this fellow sas
"Prohibition Kansas?"
"Yes." this fellow says.
Couldn't get a drink here, I suppose?"
"De you want a drink?"
"Ne; but I just wondered if I could get
one in case I did want it."
"Say, come here." The fellow led Mil
ligan up te the end of the platform, where
they could see along the main street of
the town.
He eays te Milligan . "De you see that
two-story buildin', about two blocks down
there the white ene with the fancy cor cer
nish?" "Yes," says Milligan. "I see it."
"And right across from it," this fellow
says, "in a low kind of a buildin', with a
window in the side of it."
"Yes." says Milligan, "I see it."
"Well," says this fellow, "that low
building is a millinery store; that's the
only place in town where you can't get a
The Same Olil Steru.
Chicago Tribunt.
"New, dear, I have one favor te ask of
you "
"It is granted "
"Then, please don't tell me that you
have never loved before, that you never
dreamed that you could love, that I'm the
only girl you have ever been engaged te;
He (Interrupting) I won't.
She (anxiously) But you have never
been engaged before, have you, der?
Spring novelties.....
Tn the Cace Department Rape Just Arrived.
The Applique Brussels, Point Arabian, Irish Crochet, Russian Lace. Point
Gaze are here in tempting array, in widths of 8 te C inches, for neck and sleeve trim
minus Thev are sure te please you Then there's the new Queen Elizabeth Ruff,
a didntv chiffon arrangement for neck and sleeves, 50 cents a yard The new Bole
ros at $1 a pair, and Arabesque all ever, iu black and white, at $1 25
Cut by the new method, five gores, narrow front, circular sides, best velveteen
binding, rauvus faced, rustle lined Hang beautifully Net many in stock. Ne
time te leso in buylnc They actually cost less than the material; count it up for
yourself. Hew cau we make them se low? Bought them at a bargain; selling them
the same way. A few random selections. r
EgrShcpherd plaid, rustle lined, velvet bound, $!rS9.
3TFancy Figured Neveltv, Black, full width, if2 CO
Cgrilandsorae Damasse Black Satin, five yards wide, newest pattern, $7 50.
New let. One dress pattern in each Ne telling nothing but your eyes can
conviuce you of the possibility of getting such charming effects out of cotton and
colorings. 35 cents a yard
Our great lines of low-priced fabrics have pushed themselves into most grati
fying popularity solely en their merits. We seldom lese customers from these
stocks, no matter hew much "looking around" is dene by thorn in ether stores.
Isn't that a tribute te the excellence of styles and Justice of our prices? Here's a
handful of hints:
C-All-wool Fancy Suitings, 25 cents.
CSTAll-woel and Silk and Weel Suitings, 50 cents,
IHTFine assortment of 8uitings, 89 cents.
EarHests of Styles and Shadings. 75 cents.
C-Splindid Variety of Effects, f 1.
D. HXJTDSTT Sc seisr.
Shoes I
Victim of Frlile.
Tramp Remember, boss, I was once
just like you. Algy (giving him a dollar)
Hew did you get se different? Tramp
Oh, 1 was tee proud te live en my father.
. . . -
On an Economical Basin.
Ckieland Plain Dealer.
Maud Jane Thynne gets along nicely
without any leggins.
Mabel What does she wear?
Maud Umbrella covers
On Father's Earn.
"I have written a poem," she began.
"Well!" exclaimed the editor, with a
leek and tone intended te annihilate; but
she wouldn't annihilate weith a cent, and
"1 have written a poem en 'My Father's
Barn,' and"
' Oh'" interrupted the editor, with an ex
traordinary suavity, "you don't knew hew
I am relieved. A poem written en your
father's barn, eh? I was afraid it was
written en paper, and that you wanted
me te publish it. If I should ever happen
te drive past your father's barn, I'll step
and read the poem.'
East Xettcc te Tajcpauers.
By order of the Beard of Council, the
Chief of Police is instructed te proceed at
once te collect the delinquent taxes; and
all property en which the city taxes is net
paid, will be advertised for sale en the 1st
day of April, according te law.
D. P Okt, Chief of Police.
Heir's Tills!
WoefferOno Hundred Dollars Heward for
tnyense of Catarrh that cannot be cured by
F. J. Ciieney & Ce.,
1'roprietors, Teledo, O.
We the undersigned have known F. J.
Cheney for the last 15 years, and belleve him
perfectly honorable in all business trans
actions and tlnaucially nble te carry out any
obligation made by their Arm.
West & Trcax,
Wholesale Drug-gists, Teledo, O.
Waldine, Kinnan & Marvin,
Wholtsale Druggists. Tolode O.
Hull's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally, act
ing directly upon the bloedand mucous surfa
ces of the system. Prlce 75c. per bottle. Sold
by all drus-glsts. Testimonials froe.
1' ' - ' '..

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