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" .j
ttlaysvllte Weather.
OTbnt Mht lie Kxprrted Here During (lie
Next Thlrtyalx Heur.
tPAUe streamer faih;
.Blue-n a ix or snow;
Black xnevK-'twlll waiimkb grew.
Black DKKHATH-COLDKH 'twill be;
If Black't cot shown no change we'll see.
BBTAe atone JertcatU art made for a period 0
eMrttpilz heurt, ending at I o'clock tomorrow eve
ning. WW If you have friendi vltlting you, or if you art
ijeing en a vtilt, pleate drop ut a note te that effect.
Mr. A. M. Slack is visiting at Midway.
Rev. W. T. Spears is at Chautauqua,
N. Y.
Mrs. Ed. Hreen of Cincinnati is visit
ing relatives here.
Miss Mary P. Chambers returned te
.Lexington Tuesday.
Miss Mae Miles is visiting Mrs.
Jehn Y. Ingles of Millcrsburg.
Miss Emily Ferman is the guest of
Miss Jennie Weed at Washington.
Master Jimmle Shaw is visiting his
aunt, Mrs. Dera Jehnsen, at Ripley.
Miss Lida Weed returned from a visit
at Mr. Jacob Rescr's near Lewlsburg.
The Misses Hesor of near Lewlsburg
were visiting at Washington yesterday.
Mieses Jesio and Cera liacen of the
county have returned from a visit in
Mr. Hayes Themas, who has been
visiting at Hed Oak, O., was In the city
Mrs. J. W. Foxworthy left this morn
ing for a visit te Mrs. W. E. McCann at
Misses Mary and Carrle E. Ferman
-are visiting friends at Richmond, their
afermer home.
Mr.3. L. Froldell will loave today for
ills home, Dansville, N. Y., for a two
weeks vacation.
Miss Nannie Heward of Maysllckhas
been the guest of Miss Mary Rummlns
at Paris the past week.
Mrs. Lyne Hernden of Louisville is
visiting her perents, Mr. and Mrs. Jehn
Hradferd, at Aberdeen.
Miss Florence Darnall arrived home
last night from a visit te relatives at
Lexington and Nichelasvillc.
Mrs. Isaac Levi and children of Ports Perts
211011th are visiting her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. M. Davis, of Market street.
Mrs. Jehn Y. Dean and daughters,
'Misses Anna and Elizabeth, are visit
ing relatives at Springlield and ether
points in Ohie.
Miss Ltda Mills, who has been the
charming guest of Mr. and Mrs. L. M.
Mills, roturned te her home in Flom Flem
ilngsburg this morning.
Mr. and Mrs. T. A Ferris of Waxa
liutchle, Texas, who have been visiting
Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Coulter the past
week, left today en a trip te Niagara
Miss Nannle Smith of Cyuthiana and
blisses Lillle Williams and Mary
Archdeacon of Mayallck have roturned
Jiome after a visit with Miss Mamle
The Rough
Rider Hats
Have met with a splendid roceptlon. They are certainly well adapted for knock
about wear, with a style about them that gives the wearer a doeldodly laiinty ap
pearance The various shapes, such as Cavalier, Lawten, Ladysmlth, Marl
borough and Dakota, all te be found in our stock, are absolutely the very latest
nd will be most popular for fall wear. They ceme in many colors. Prices 7He
te J 1.89.
Shirtwaists at
We liave detnrmlnntl net te earrv
will be offered te seli 'cm nulcklv. Prices have been still
whother you need a waist for this or next
..A... t Uln.nl.ta nn ..r... liQn tl.n t r 1 II ft
down te 60e, and se en through the list. They ceme both whlte and colored. All
Is called te our Silk and Dress Goods Department. Frem new until the fall sea soa sea
sen la fairly epened there will be new arrivals in theso dopartments almost overy
lay. We haye already en baud evor fifty difforent fall shades of plain Taffeta
Silk. 60ld olsewhere at f L prlced liore at 89e: mero te ceme. New French Flan
nel. Sybolines, Beliels, Granlte and Venitian Cleths, Cheviets, llomespuns,
Storm Herges, Olay Worsteds, Henriettas, Gelf Suitings, Plaids. 60e te f 2.50 yard.
iresenad mm
J MF ".Lm
Mrs. Geerge Ellis of Wellington,
Kas., Is visiting her brother, James
Rurgle, of Ferest avenue.
Deputy County Clerk Uernard JL
Pollitt -will loave today at 1:33 for a
visit te frlends in Philadelphia and
Hurlingteu, N. J;
Mrs. Clarrle Hratten andchlldren of
Dayton and Miss Maude Gessott of
Newport are visiting Mr. and Mrs.
Charles Hratten of this city.
Lexingten Lender. Miss Denne Jean
Mitchell has been spending u month
with relatlves at Maysvllle and reached
home a few days age. She it new en
the sick list.
Mr. Jack Harry is ill with flux at his
home in the county.
Fer the purest Paris Green call at
Ray's Postellice Drugstore.
Mr. Richard Frlstee is still quite 111
at his home in the East End.
ISTMrs. Joe Weed, bearding, 23 East
Third street, Convent property.
Flux is very bad in the Pleasant
Ridge vicinity, West of Washington.
Mr. Charles II. Cooper has moved
from next deer te whero he new lives.
Mr. William Prather is ill with flux
at his home en the Pleasant Ridge pike.
Mr. J. J. Fitzgerald the Plumber is
laid up with a magniilcent boil en his
USTMrs. L. V. Davis has all the new
shades and shapes In "Reaay-te-Wear"
Mr. Jehn Brisbols new has charge of
the Maysville Bottling Works, Mr. W.
C. Jehnsen retiring.
Mr. James Molen and family left last
evening for Newport, where they will
reslde in the future.
Mr. S. P. Hrewning's new West End
residence is fast assuming shape and
presents a nice appearance.
G. W. Rogers ik Ce.'s whisky is
guaranteed te be strictly straight and
pure. Ne spirits orrectliled goods sold.
The Neptune Fire Company put out a
geed-sized blaze en the dump en Sec
ond Street Extension yesterday after
noon. The remains of the infant child of
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kreutz were buried
yesterday aftornoen in the Maysville
Mr. Jessle Calvert Is putting up a
menument at the Catholic Cometory at
Washington In the let of the late Mr.
Patrick Quinn.
The greatest skin specialist In America
originated the formula for Banner Salve.
Fer all skin diseases, all cuts or sores, and
for piles It's the most healing medlclne
J. Jas. Weed & Sen and Armstrong & Ce.
Everybody bought Lard at 5 cents per
pound yesterday from 2 p. m. te 4 p. m.j
watch us. a. K. Ijaxcidex a- co.
J. W. O'Denuell, Manager.
Dr. R. H. Garrett will assist Rev. J.
W. Perter in a special meeting at the
First Haptlst Church, beginning the
first week In October. His many frlends
will give him a hearty wolcemo.
Mrs. Ewlng, who lived at Frent and
Wall streets, died yesterday aftornoen
at 4 o'clock and was burled at Wash
ington this morning at 10 o'clock with
services by the Rev. H. E. ft ah by.
The law sol health require that the bowels mmi1
once each day, anil one of the penalties for vio
lating this law Is piles. Keep your bowels regular
by taking a dose of Chamberlain' Stomach anil
Liver Tablets when necessary anil you will never
have that severe punishment Intllcled upon ou.
Price cents. Fer sale by J. Jas. Weed A Sen,
Soe Murphy the Joweler's olTer In
Diamonds, Watches. Jowelry and Sil
verware These bargains cannot be
equaled in this city or elsewhere. Spe
cial prices 011 all goods In stock. New
is your chance. At the prices we are
making you can alTerd te lay the goods
away until you need them.
Less Than Cost.
ever anv Shirtwaists
Every inducement
mera reduced, and
season's wear it will pay you te buy
am ltQf HlfiRf? tllllt Wnm 7firt iim mAfKnfl
USTNew Veillng for the Fairs at Mrs.
L. V. Davis's.
The dove law in Kentucky has ex
pired. Catlettsburg will have a Street Fair
September lUth te2Jd.
The wife Rev. Geerge P. Taubman is
sorleusly ill at Portsmouth.
JSTMrs. L. V. Davis is showing cor
rect styles In Felt Hats for fall.
The persenalty of the late Jesse H.
Reper has been appraised at $760.85.
Mary E. McDaniel of Aberdeen has
been granted a pension of $12 per
Mrs. R. A. Dearlng, mother of Hen.
W. G. Dearing, died at her home at
Poplar Plains, aged 5S.
Colonel Richard Dawsen hus again
been confined te his room at the New
Central for some days.
Mrs. Matilda Lee, aged 65, an aunt of
Mr. J. P. Nash of this city, is seriously
ill at her home nearTollesbero.
The Prohibitionists will held a State
Convention at Louisville August 21st te
select a candidate for Govorner.
Moihedlst Bishops began their round
of cenference in the United States this
week and de net close till March.
Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Cochran are en
tertaining a handseme new daughter at
their resldence In the Sixth Ward.
Rev. James S. Kemper, formerly Pas Pas
eor of the Presbyterlan Church at Paris,
dled Monday at Dayton, O., aged 86.
EIFTax receipts for 1900 are new in
my hands for collection.
J. W. Fitzeekald, City Treasurer.
Mrs. Alice F. Rlchesen has quallfled
as guardian of Lida A. Rlchesen, with
Ed. L. Rlchesen and W. W. Hall suro sure suro
tles. An examination for white teachers In
the Public Schools of the county will
be held at the High Scheel Huildlng
City Treasurer Fitzgerald advertises
elsowhere the sale of property In Mays
vileo for delinquent taxes for the years
18!)7, 1893 and 18!i9.
Aaren Clutter dled yosterday after aftor aftor
neon at the Almshouse, aged 80. The
funeral services will be held this after aftor aftor
neon at 2 o'clock.
The discriminating public will find
Rogers's "Limestone" bottled in bend
and consequently absolutely pure, for
sale Eddie Glenn's.
Everybody bought Lard at 5 cents per
pound yesterday from 2 p. m. te 4 p. m.;
watch us. 11. E. Laneden A- Ce.
J. W. O'Donnell, Manager.
U. D. Hramlet of Carllsle wants the
authorities te leek out for a team of
horses stolen from him. He eilers f50
for the recovery of the animals and $100
for the thief.
Mrs. W. T. Martin took the premium
at the Maysville Fair for the hand
somest embroidered centorcleth, her
name being inadvertently emitted from
the list published last week. ,
Fer dlgestlve weakness, nervousness,
pains In the side, flatulence, dizziness,
wakefulness headache und ether annoy
ing accompaniments of cestlveness, Her
blne Is a prompt and uncqualed remedy.
Price, 50 cents. J. Jas. Weed & Sen.
Of the troops in the Philippines the
number of sick in the hospitals is set
down at 3,863, and in quarters at 1,261,
making a total of 5,129 sick soldiers, or
8.47& of the entire army ill the archi
pelago. NOTICE.
The farm of the late Christian Schatz
in aim will be sold at public auction en
the premises Saturday, August 18th, at
10 o'clock a. m. This farm contains 110
acres, situated en the Fleming pike
about three miles from Maysville.
At 2 o'clock p. m. a house and let
situated en Fleming pike in Fourth
Ward of city of Maysville, Ky., will be
sold at public auction en the premises.
Tenus made kuewn en day of sale.
W. A. Dkiiseh,
Professionals New Head the List in
the Hetweather Tourney.
Last night the Professionals beat the
Senators two straight. Messrs. Dye
and Hepper of each side didn't bowl,
se their respective "averages" were
M. O. RubseU 103 10(1
T. M. RllSBel! 113 162
C. 1). Newell ; 153 160
Dr. P. G. Smoot 117 172
J. I). Dye -.'. 130 130
616 733
615 650
31 83
H. A. Carr 103 111
W. M." Archdeacen 131 15(1
W. II. Cox 12S 1211
J. H.Russell 120 121
C. C. Hepper 130 130
615 650
Standing of the clubs is as fellows
I'laued. Wen. toil. JYreent.
lrofeMlena!s...10 '!
llubes, - i . 2J
Senators- .10 5 J Sfu
All Hern...... 8 a 4 JTJ
The Rubes and the All Sorts will have
a tilt tomorrow night.
Craddock's Modicated Hlue Seap, 10?
per cake, at Choneweth's Drugstore.
EJTCeunters for sale, at less than cost
of lumber. Apply te 1. M. Lank.
The many frlends of Miss Ella Wal
lace will be pleased te learn that she Is
much improved after a ten days illness.
- .
The dread of people with weak lungs
who suffer from stubborn coughs Is con
sumption. Feley's Heney and Tar, if
taken In time, cures the cold, heals and
strengthens the lungs and always cures
Incipient consumption. J. Jas. weed &
Sen and Armstrong & Ce.
. .
Mrs. Sephia Sheoler dled recently at
Mt. Olivet, aged 85, and the remains
were interred at Germantewn. She
was the mother of Mr. Jacob Sheeler of
near Moranburg.
. .
Plies are net only In, and of themselves
very painful and annoying, but often
greatly aggravate and even cause ether
grave and painful affections, and should
therefore, net be neglected. Tabler's
Buckeye Pile Ointment is a great been te
sufferers as It will euro them. Price. 60
cents In bottles. Tubes, 75 cents. J, Jas.
Weed & Sen.
The meeting at Mt. Carmel Church In
Hourben county, cenducted by Rev.
Heward T. Cree of this city, resulted
In seventeen additions. Rev. and Mrs.
Cree are new enjoying a trip in Colerado.
- .
Constipation, impaired digestion and
a torpid liver, are the most common ail
ments that are responsible for that tired,
listless, fagged-out feeling that makes
the summer n dreaded period te se many
people. Herblne will cure constipation,
It improves the digestion and arouses
the liver te normal nctlvlty. Price, 50
cents. J. Jas. Weed & Sen.
The Ripley Bee has these kind words
te saj- of Maysville's big Fair: "The
Masen County Fair held at Maysville
last week, was a success in overy par
ticular. The attractions were the best
we evor saw anywhere. The exhibits
in the different departments surpassed
all previous efforts."
"I am a switchman," writes A. J. Jen
nessee, of IKXll Butler, St., Chicago, "and
am out in all kinds of weather. I took a
cold which settled In my kidneys, and
was In very bad shape. I tried several ad
vertised medicines with no benefit until I
was recommended te take Feley's Kidney
Cure. Twe-thirds of a bottle cured me'
J. Jas. Weed & Sen and Armstrong & Ce.
Under a recent decision of the Court
of Appeals holding that fraternal or
ders are subject te taxation the same as
Individuals, the city authorities have
demanded back takes of the 1. O. O. F.
and Masonic Orders in Flemingsburg
te the amount of several hundred dol
lars. Ne taxes have bceti paid by the
fraternal orders at that place since prier
te 1895, and the amount of all taxes
may reach something like $1,000.
A MlnlKt-r'n (1 ami Herk.
"I had a severe attack of bilious colic, get a bot
tle of Chamberlain's Celic, Cholera and Ularrhiea
Itemedy, took two doses and was entirely cured,"
says He. A. A. Power of Emperia, Kas. "My
neighbor across the street was sick for ever a
week, had two or three bottles e( medicine from
the doctor. He used them for three orfeurd.iys
without relief, then called In another doctor, who
treated him for some days and gave him no relief,
se discharged him. I went ever te see him the
next morning. He said his bowels were In a
terrible lit, that they had been ruunlngoirselong
that It was almost bloody Mux. I asked hi in If he
had tried Chamberlain's Celic, Cholera and Dlnr
rhien Itemedy and he said, 'Ke.' I went home
and brought him my bottle ami gave him one
dose; told him te take another doe In fifteen or
twenty minutes If he did net 11 ml relief, but he
took no mere and was entirely cured " l'er hale
by J. Jas. Weed .t Hen, nniKglsts.
Delegates Frem This County te
the State Convention.
At the last called meeting of the Ex
ecutive Committee of the Masen County
Sunday-school Association the follow
ing Delegates-at-Large were appointed
te represent the county In the State
Convention te be held at Hewling Green
August 2Sth, 2!th and 30th: Mr. Jehn
Houlden, Mr. J. S. Asbury, Mr. J. W.
Hramel, Mr. James Childs, Miss Anna
Hauer, Miss Lyda Weed, Prof. I. S.
Kay, Mr. D. C. Hutchins, Mr. Jehn
Wilsen and Miss Hessie Martin.
Each Sunday-school In the county 1?
entitled te ene Delegate for every hun
dred pupils, and Superintendents are
requested te have elected or appoiuted
a Delegate next Sunday te represent
their schools In the Convention.
Delegates must call en or send te
Mr. M. F. Marsh for their credentials,
in order te get ene and one-third rail
road fare te and from the Convention.
Alse, they are instrueted te get a cer
tificate or receipt from the ticket agent
showing that they have paid full fare
going and then they will be allowed
ene-third rate returning.
At the close of the Convention Prof.
E. A. Fex will conduct a party te
Mammoth Cave. The additional ex
pense will be only $5. Many Delegates
will avail themsolves of this opportu
nity. 1 would be glad te see a large
delegation go from this county. All
orllalned Ministers are ox-efileio Dele
gates. All Dolegates will be enter
tained by the peeple of Hewling Green,
provided you send your name and ad
dress in advance te Mr. Jehn 11. Rodes,
Hewling Green, Ky. E. Swikt,
Det It I'ay Te Jluy Cheap
A cheap remedy for coughs and colds li all right
but you want something that will relieve and
cure the mere severe and dangerous results of
threat and lung troubles What shall you de?
Qe te a warmer and mere regular climate? Yea,
If possible; If net possible for you, then In either
case take the only remedy that has been Intro
duced In all ctvlllied countries with success In se
vere threat and lung troubles, "Beschee'a Oer
manBymp." It noten)y heals and stimulate the
tissues te destroy the germ disease, but allays In
flammation, causes easy expectoration, gives a
geed nlghtl rest, and curea the patient. Try one
bottle. Recommended many years by all drug
gliU In the world. Fer sale by J. 0. 1'ecer.
C. and O. earnings for the first week
of August show an increase of $17,706.
Since July 1 the increase has been
. a
TO clisanse: Tilt! SYSTEM
Effectively yet gently, when costive or
bulleus, te permanently overcome 1m
bltunl constipation, te awaken the kid
wyi and liver te a healthy activity, with
out Irritating or weakening them, te dis
pel headaches, colds or fevers, use Syrup
of Figs, made by the California Klg Syrup
I3TAmeng the geed Institutions of
Maysville is the Manhattan Restaurant
of Mr. Jas. A. Wallace, Frent and Mar
ket streets. During the Fair it afforded
prompt and satisfactory service te a
vast number of strangers; and visitors
will always find tfiere quick service
and moderate charges. .
MAYSVILI.K, Ky., Aug. fi, 1900.
Proprietor Bend's Specific, Maysville,
Ky.: After taking treatment from spe
cialists in UuiTale, Chicago, New Yerk
and Cincinnati for asthma, with only
temporary relief, 1 have been perma
nently relieved by your Specific. I con
gratulate you, sir, that you are proprie
tor of such a remedy, which is bound te
establish a record for itself unsurpassed
by any medicine en the market. Very
slncerely yours,
Di:Witt C. Fiianklin, I). D. S.
Fer sale at Henry W. Ray and J. Jas.
Weed & Sen.
Chicago meat packers huve received
an order from the United States
Government te submit bids for furnish
ing 1,000,000 pounds of fresh, salted arid
canned meats for the soldlers in the
Philippines and in the Orient. The
total cost will be in the neighborhood
of f225,000.
Theiu Are Hundreds of Mnysville l'eejile
Similarly Sltunted.
Can there be any stronger proof of
fered than the evldence of Maysville
residents? After you have read the fol
lowing quietly answer the question.
Mr. A. W. McClanahan of 119 West
Second street saps:
"The use In my case fully demon
strated the value of Dean's Kldney
Pills. 1 suffered mero or less from kid
ney trouble for twenty years, steadily
becoming mere persistent as time
passed en. My nttentlen was called te
Dean's IvUlncy Pills, and I get a box at
J. James Weed fc Sen's Drugstore, cor
ner of West Second and Market streets.
The treatment se greatlv benefited me
that my only regret is that I did net
knew of this valuable remedy years
age, for had such been the case I would
have been saved much suffering."
Fer sale by all dealers; prlce 50 cents
a bOX. FOSTEIl-MlMlUIlN Ce.,
Huffale, N. Y.,
Sole Agents for the United States.
Remember the name DOAN'S and
take no substitute
The celebrated Egyp
tian Ring, guaranteed te
cure rheumatism.
Your money back if
it don't cure.
Jeweler and Optician.
These stocks are gathered with the most painstaking care. Ne ether
store we bellove Is half se particular about the character of its Under-. "
wear and Stockings. The variety, the finish, the fit and the quality
In overy grade are unmatched. e are building a reputation en these
two lines that we guard as zealously as a geed woman does an utitar utitar
nished name. If mistakes occur as sometimes will glve us a chance
for correction. We will be satisfied with nothing less than your un
biased conviction, ours is the HKST hosiery and underwear store.
Here is news today of the very best values, for in spite of low
prices the goods are of exceptionally high character:
Children's fiese
12H'c A PAIR A bargain for the
little folks and a special one at that.
Hlack, fast color of course, extra heavy
knees, heels and tee, line ribbed, olas elas
tic and durable.
OJemeirs Re$e.
ane A PAIlt Fine cotton stock
ings. All black or with white split feet.
Fast black Lisle thread, plain or with
pretty drop stitch pattern. Fer the
same reason that windows are put In a
house drop stitches are put in stock steck stock
ingseor ventilation.
men's Rail Rese.
a5e ami 35c Lisle thread, fast
black, tan and fancy colors all pretty,
all new styles.
Extreme het weather Is a great tax
upon the digestive power of babies: when
puny and feeble they should be given a
dose of White's Cream Vermifuge. Price,
23 cent J. Jas. Weed & Sen.
Mr. Jehn T. Fisher of Carrollton has
taken the position of prescription clerk
at the drugstore of Messrs. J. Jas, Weed
A Sen, lately made vacant by the reslg-,
nation of Mr. Charles Hawes, who is
new In Louisville.
Plump cheeks, flushed with the soft
glow of health, and a pure complexion
make all women beautiful. Herblne Im
parts strength and vitality te the sys
tem and the rosy hue of health te the
cheeks. Price, GO cents. J Jas. Weed &
Country peeple dress as well as
city folks, but te de that they must
have clean and well laundered linen.
Maysville Power Laundry can de your
work and present you. Yeu pass its
deer as you come te town, Ne. 121 West
Third street. Lenve your work.
(Juettlen Anmrered.
Yes, August Flower still has the largeetsaleef
any medicine In the civilized world. Your
n-othersandgrandmetbersneverthouabtof using
anything else for Indigestion or Biliousness.
Doctors were scarce, and they seldom beard of
Appendicitis, Nervous 1'rustratlen or Heart
Failure, etc. They used Aug jst Flower te clean
out the system and step fermentation of undi
gested feed, regulate the action of the llver.stlm
ulate the nervous and organic action of the sys
tem, and that Is all they took when feeling dull
and bad with headaches and ether aches. Yeu
only need a few dose of Green's August Flower,
In liquid form, te make you satisfied there is noth
ing serious the matter with you. Fer sale by J. C.
Leng since demonstrated, net
only te our satisfaction, but
also te the satisfaction of the
public, that only the highest
character of merchandise sat
isfies our patrons. We ven
ture te say that no clothing
house in the state averages as
high as ours in the quality
of goods carried by them.
What we particularly desire
te dwell en in this advertise
ment is our
It is only a short time since
that we added a Men's and
Beys' Shee Department te
our business. When we did
we looked only for the high
est grades of Shoes that are
produced. The result is mere
than satisfactory. Our pur
chases and sales of Fine Shoes
have increased wonderfully.
We are new receiving our
fall stock. Whilst it is tee
early te sell them, we invite
you te step in and see what
we have for you when the time
comes te wear them.
Is greatly reduced. Many of
you are perhaps still unpro unpre
vided with Summer Clothing.
We have made sweeping re
ductions en all light-weight
goods. Take advantage of it
and buy new.
3 ?or se gents.
Light weight, white ribbed Llsle vests.
Lew neck, sloeveless. silk taped neatly
trimmed and finished.
Ue$($ for a Quarter
That have the appearance and net a
whit less wearing qnality than the best
you ever bought for half a dollar. Net
all sizes in each style but yeu're sure
te find your number in the let. It is an
Instance that will repay prompt action.
Customers assure us we have the best
lSe vest en the market and quick salea
prove it.
v. I
' 1
- m

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