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Public ledger.
A. F. CURrtAN, Publisher.
How fashion doth inako fools of us
Thoro Is no propor season for plant
ing dynamlto.
vPumpkin plo begins to draw upon
tlio culinary horizon.
What effect would synthotlo rubber
have on tho chewing gum Industry?
If tho women reformed tholr clothes
tho modistes would loso a lot of
Boys wore playing Indians and ban
dits long boforo tho ndvent of tho
Nicaragua Is no longer than an
American state, but It 1b fuller ot
Now Jersey holds tho chivalry cham
pionship. Thoro women aro girls un
til thoy aro forty.
No man can tell how a marrlago
will turn out, but any woman can
and usually does.
If the Astor baby had his way ho
probably would trade his $3,000,000
lor au all-day sucker.
' Thoro aro four dozen wild buffalo
In Yellowstone park. Wo suppose tho
tourists niako them wild.
Every woman hatoa to see her lit
tlo son go to school or her daughter
married for the first time.
Red apples may produco red cheeks,
as a fruit grower says, but green
apples mako a little boy blue.
Thero Is a shortage In tho cranberry
trop, but thus far no shortago In tho
turkey crop has been reported.
' Explorers In New Mexico recently
iiavo found n prehistoric flat, but even
tho Janitor had become extinct
That electricity can cure hunger has
teen demonstrated by many a man
who has mingled with a live wire.
Once upon a tlmo a man thought
be knew a mushroom from a toad
stool. A large family survived him.
Eating lunch every day In ten min
utes is another form of speed mania
that Is responsible for many deaths.
That St. Paul woman who wroto a
novel .with her toej certainly handled
r o subject with a good understand-
'Some men aro born liars, some
nave to He for a living, and some Ho
because their wives are too inquis
itive. ' "When thero are so many great men
and women in tho country it makes us
few common
people feel awfully
Somo women pay more attention
to their dogs vjhan they do to their
husbands, but then maybo tho dogs
growl less.
A woman In Washington was mar
ried eleven years and never told It.
This shatters another long-chcrishnd
Another defectivo golf ball has
broken into print by exploding, but
as a rule It is tho defectivo golfer who
Is explosive.
Food supplies aro to go through tho
malls, and the cancellation of stamps
on packages of eggs should bo con
ducted gently.
Tho trouble will not bo over until
we find out whether tho American
Er the National league champions aro
ho better ball players.
Sclentisto claim they havo dlscov.
ered the germ of measles by experi
ments on apes. But measles Is not n
thing to monkoy with.
A Pennsylvania man died at a ball
gamo while rooting for tho winning
team. From a "fan's" view ho died
at tho summit of earthly bliss.
The, Now York commissioner of pc
'lice had his pocket picked. Under
present conditions In that city this
eeemn liko adding Insult to injury.
Tho picture of a Juggernaut on a
Joy ride is Indeed ono to causo a tem
porary suspension of pedestrlanlsm on
tho highways and byways of tho land
A New York man recently died of
old ago at 2G. Ho was probably ono
9f thoso who sang: "Better twenty
cars of Broadway than a cyclo of
tfew Jersey."
Tho now $100 bill Is said to bear
.Alexander Hamilton's portrait, but wo
'ear wo shall havo to tako somebody's
-rt for it.
Kaiser Wllholm is afflicted with
a .rheumatism, which hurts qulto ns
-badly In German, wo aro Informed, as
'' 'It does In English.
f.. .
r i i
(t jv rcnnByivaiiiii woman suing ioi
divorce charted that sho has had hut
y t two now dreasos In twelve years. No
, utronger enso or oxtremo cruelty was
' ever made out
Speaking of pikers, the treasury
, dop'artmont announces that thoro la
a gang at work counterfeiting pen
,nlos. Wo aro to bo blessed with a large
crop of oystors. Lot a hope that the
tabasco sauce will bo equal to tho de
oflnd. Now thnt rnvnl nrlnrrnrxi nr .t.
if U I- , nnn.. ... ..! JL.I.
wur u mo fuyuiR uj liming JOOII
'towels stolen, stage stars will hart
" to'rellnoulsh this favorite device and
if - laltn In cnmtilnr Iaiu itIrniil
F - - - -w ........ .www ..IWMVWU.
--zk. .'.1- " ".'.'V'Vj ' , "' '- ' .
i .i
By Rev. ntANK
IT IS wonderful what you enn do if you will only keep your chin up.
This is a Btrango world, nnd 6no of tho strangust things nhout
it is tho way it sympathizes with success.
Wo arc supposed to sympathize with failure and grief, hut we
I nra going to tell you tho truth ahout this naughty world, and the
truth is that whichever way you're going, up or down, people want to
help you along.
If you aro going up we all want to boost; if you are going down we
all want to push. That is what wc call sympathy.
You hear complaints that the rich nre growing richer and the poor
poorer. That has always been the case, simply. because it is human nature.
Society has always been organized to increase the wealth of the wealthy and
tho power of the powerful; also to make the weak weaker.
There's no use whining about it. It is simply one of the flinty laws
of nature. The only thing to do with nature's laws is to adjust oneself
to them and not complain.
This might bo called the law of the inertia of prosperity.
You arc guilty yourself. "Whom do you want to see? The man
everybody wants to see. And you read the book everybody's reading and
go to tho store where it is "the thing" to go. ,'
"Follow the crowds," says the advertiser, with the shrewd knowledge
of our makeup.
If you havo a. hundred dollars ahead to whom do you want to hand
it? To tlje poor man who needs it? Not nt all, but to the rich banker
who doesn't need it.
If I ask you for the loan of a quarter you will pass it over to me with
out a word if you think it is a trilling matter to me; but if you suspect I
really am in want and need the quarter to buy a little 'food with, that's
quite another affair; you can't encourage that sort of thing; I should go
to the Associated Charities.
Now, the way to use this law is to feign prosperity even if you havo
it not. Keep your chin up.
Wear good clothes. Don't withdraw from the society of the prosper
ous. Look pleasant. Don't let yourself get down at tho h6cl. Don't get
that poor beggar look on your faro.
It isn't hypocrisy. It isn't pretense. It is sheer courage. It is let
ting the world know that while you live you propose to fight, and that liko
old General Taylor you "don't know when you're licked."
Keep smiling nnd an unfriendly universe will not know what to do
with you ; so it will crown you.
Says Alfred de Vigny: "All those that struggle against the unjust,
heavens have had the admiration and secret love of men."
Fate is a bluff. Face her, defy her, and 6he will fawn on you.
Fate is cruel, but only to the quitter.
ol the
City is
I DyJamesP.Burnell.Allantn.Ga.jj
U --. MIT f -fl
Men are casting about for reform, and they don't know where to be
gin, so vast and so deep is the problem.
Figures compiled each year show that the denser the population, tho
greater the death rate in other words, tho closer men live together,
the quicker they die.
In a certain English city, to prove that congested dwelling-placc9
caused death, a certain area in the slums was demolished and modern,
tnnitary tenements erected in their place. Tho death rate sank some
thing like 73 per cent, as n result. And yet tho hordes of men crowd
into the city, and conditions grow more congested, crime gains a new
impetus and death increases at a horrible rate.
Understand mo, I do-not mean that every new recruit into tho city
means that that person is evil and that crime increases as a direct re
sult. The point is that wherever conditions are congested and where
poverty reign6 crime increases, as figures have proved, and poverty is one
of the most prolific Bourccs of crime.
The problem of the city is a hydra-headed oncand sociologists are
beginning to realize that, while it demands instant attention, they do
not know how to cope with it.
a B first
FoFgJet His
Sicrameah, CI.
Did you ever get turned down? Then
you know what a delightful sensation it is. How would you like to havo
that hideous experience, which has caused you much inward anguish, to
6ay nothing of humiliation, blared abiond to an unsympathetic public?
now would you liko having to wear a button or a badge boldly dis
played on your coat lapel signifying that you belong to tho great wan
dering family of Turned Downs? It wouldn't set well, would -it?
So I declare, in the causo of common courtesy, that it wouldn't be
fair to tag the bachelor.
Let him forgot his lonely misery if he can.
Qon't doom him to remember his troubles every time ho puts on his
Let him alone and maybo some day when- nobods paying much at
tention to him ho may manage to slip through the big gates. You novM
can tell.
Life's Turning Points.
It Is impossible to mako a distinc
tion between tho course of our llvos
and tho course of our thoughts. Hut
both aro subject to chango, sudden
and unexpected. Thero are turning
points In our characters no loss than
In our care, nnd often tho two aro
so closely related that thoy cannot
Do considered apart It Is worth
while sometimes to trace back to
their source our Ideas and Impres
sions, bur new linos of thought .So
much wa owe to training, so much" to
Many Little Helps
in Calling Fate's
CRANE. Chicago
The greatest problem which confronts
the economists and the social workers of
America today is tho problem of the city.
Eery jear the population of the cities
is increasing and that of the counties
diminishing. Men are deserting the
country in droves to come into the city
They nre leaving the green fields for the
dirty highways, the clear atmosphere for
the pollution of the city, and with every
new recruit the problem of handling
them and the vice which grows among
them becomes more difficult and more in
I cannot Eee the advisability of tagging
a man because ho is a bachelor. In the
place, it is cruel, to say the least. Just
to be left outside of matrimony's hospitable
gates there is no reason why we should
throw it up to him. There are very few
men who have not met nt least one girl
whom thoy would like to marry, and thnt
they have failed to qualify up to the lady's
requirements is no sound reason for un
seemly mirth and merriment from the
world at large.
elected study and chosen companion
ship, so much to the lessons nnd ex
periences of tho Hfo wo are leading
Dut If you glanco back you may sot
that what has most deeply moved you,
what has most sharply doflected yout
way of regarding Hfo, wao something
entirely unlookod for. Anna Wood
ward. Lees Display at Weddings.
Simplicity In Weddings Is the u
eipected 'Blgn.,of rgffsffgg&,. tjtf ,
Kngusn rutocgarajgHK 'y
. i-jk xmsKmr -
DISPATCHES from American nnvnl officers Indicate that tho Insurrection In Nicaragua Is on tho wane, but thero
are still many bands of rebels engaged In such bush warfare as is bhown in tho accompanying photograph
taken near Recrio.
Capt. W. H. Chelton Held Record
as Rescuer.
t'ook Many Desperate Risks, Braving
Gales and Iceflowo In Chesapeake
Bay to Get Perishing Crevs
Baltimore, Md. Capt William II.
Chelton, a Chesapeake bay command
er, died at Mr homo in Lawsonht, a
suburb of this city, tho other day,
aged sixty nlno years. Captain Choi
ton hart been a Bailor fiom his outli
and commanded a vessel when he was
fifteen t'nr3 old.
Captain Chelton had a record un
f qunlcd in America for saving human
llvos, the score to his credit being S3,
und his work In this direction begin
ning In August, lS.'D, when, as a boy
of fifteen years, he leaped into tho ba
sin In Baltimore, at the foot of Cal
vert streot and saved a girl who hud
fallen oerboard. An effort was made
to raise a purse for the lad, but he re
fused to accept anything nnd ho never
for his subsequent refacucs earned a
To his dying day, however, he was
proud of a United States medal
awarded by congress In 1902, follow
ing tho publication In tho Sun of an ac
count of his llfework of humane en
deavor. Captain Chelton. though n great Hfo
saver, hns also taken a life. This
was when ho was a deputy sheriff of
Somerset county. On May 2S. 1907,
ho attempted to nrrest Frederick
Long, who was wanted for larceny. Ho
ordered Long to surrender, hut tho
man fired twice at htm and then Chel
ton used his pistol The mnn shot
twlco nealn and ran through a Held,
whero hevas found dying with a bul
let In his lungs. On that occasion,
too, h drovo several miles with the
wounded man to get medical aid.
Captain Chelton was horn In North
umberland county, Virginia, In 1844,
but lived in Maryland during nearly
all of his life.
Ho was of medium height, but had
the breadth of shoulders nnd depth of
chest which betoken great strength
nnd a pn'r of sturdy legs which stood
him In good stead In many feats ot
swimming by which ho saved men on
the deep. Ho also mndo sovernl res
cues on land and saved three women
from being killed by trains.
Ho is said to havo had amplo cause
for believing republics ungrntoful, for
he Joined tho Union army at tho out
break of the Civil war. expecting a
bounty of ?300 resides his pay for a
long service. When his term of en
listment was over and ho settled up
with Undo Snm ho received a check
for ?6 which, ho was told, was all that
wnB coming to him. Ho never cashed
the cheek, but kept It as a souvenir.
During a greater part of his tlmo In
tho army ho was piloting federal gun
boats In Maryland nnd Virginia wa
ters on blockade duty In this service
ho piloted three gunbonts In an attack
on Cherrystone, tho fight lasting from
early afternoon until tho next morn
ing. Rescues by Capt. W. II. Chelton:
1859 August Rescued girl nt head
of basin.
18C3 Fourteen United States sol
diers. 1SG3 Two men nt Pungoteague,
swimming 100 yards to roach them.
1871 Man clinging to North point
1871 John W. Crlslleld at Crlsflold.
1872 Girl at Crlsfleld.
1874 Girl, llfteon years old, Crls
fleld. 1878 Nino men from a boat off
Sharpo Island.
1878 Nino momborn of crow of
schooner Northampton In Magothy
18S7 Captain nnd crow of flvo from
sloop Samuel Iiruster at Hog Island in
tho Potomnc.
1888 Cnptnin and crew of three of
Chlof Food of Poorer Classes In the
Fathorland, According to State
ment In Reichstag.
Berlin. Tho agricultural chamber
of Rhino province has Just published
torno statistics which afford a strik
ing corroboration of a statement mndo
recently by a, Socialist in tho Reich
tp. to tho effect that potatoes are
Ihn .ht.4r Att nt iha nnnrAr (-IniRnn in
tfrlgo sections of Gormuir.
schoncr Steifull at Tally point, Mary
land! 1889 Captain nnd son and crew ot
four of pungy Floetwlng In Tangior
1889 Picked up two men adrift In
boot on coast of North Carolina.
1890 Man, two girls and a boy at
Tangier Ibland.
1893 February 13 Captain and
crew of llvo from schooner E. C.
Thomnn at Point Lookout.
1S95 February 15 Thirteen men
from E(iiooner3 R. II. Dougherty and
Lightning, lauding them In tho Patux
ent. Rescues on land:
Woman at Salisbury pulled from In
front of an engine.
Misses Mary Tawes and Nottlo
Crockett, knocked Into n ditch at
Salisbury, Md , from In front of q
Ship Has to Provide a Special Berth
for Giant Pole, Twenty-Two
Years Old.
Philadelphia, Pa Ignatius Zlcmaz
us. who arrived hero with C14 other
Immigrants on the Prlnz Adalbert of
tho Hamburg-American line, from
Hamburg, came to tho United States
to grow up with the country.
His ambition would seem to be
doomed to disappointment, for Igna
tius, who is twenty-two years old, has
thriven bo well In his native land
that ho stands seven feet two inches
nbovo tho earth.
ZlemnzuB comes from Pound, and
Is a farmor. He had to occupy a spe
cial berth because of his size, and it
tablo no ono could sit opposite him bo
cause of the length of his legs.
To tho immigration inspectors ho
6aid ho would go west to purchase a
farm, and If ho met a sultablo joung
woman ho would mako her his wife
Zlemazus was well supplied with
Had weather la chronicled for near
ly every day of tho voago In the log
of tho Adalbert, which arrived ono day
late. Its 138 cabin passengers, mpst
ly tourists returning homo after a so
journ In Europe, remained below
decks during a greater part of tho
Tho dark hold of the big liner was
a veritable child's toyland, thero being
nearly threo hundred big cases filled
with playthings
Dr. Forbes Wlnslow Declares There
Will Be More Insane Than Sane
In 300 Years.
London. There will bo moro luna
tics In the world than Eano peoplo
threo hundred years hence, was tho
prophecy Dr. Forbes Wlnslow made.
This prophecy Is based upon tho pres
ent rate of the growth of lunacy ns
revealed by recent returns.
Doctor Wlnslow cxprepaed strong
disagreement with tho statoment
mado at tho Eugenics congress by
Doctor Mott to tho oflect that Increase
In lunacy was more appnront than
real, ami told a press representative
that in mnklng such a statement Doc
tor Mott apparently refened to Lon
don only. Dr. Forbes Wlnslow said
that from his knowledge of tho prog
icbb of lunacy In all parts of tho
world ho hnd como to tho conclusion
that "wo are rapidly approaching a
mad world." Ho added: "In evory
part of tho world conization is ad
vancing, and so insanity Is nlto bound
to advance. Thero were 3G.7G2 regis
tered lunatics In 1859. but 133,000 at
the present day. That showed the
alarming Increase."
If Doctor Mott's theory Is accepted,
wo bhall wake up when It Is too late
to prevent r. further Increase. What
hnppenod to tho paupor clas3 In Lon
don, as an alleged proof against tho
Tho agricultural chamber, which la
a body legally constituted to gather
Information for tho govcrnmont on
agricultural matters, has boon study
ing how tho peasantry llvos, It pub
llahea the family budgets of 30 peas
ant families with annual incomes
rnngfng between ?71 nnd $290. About
two-thirds of them had tho hlghor
flguro and owned small farms of from
10 to 47 acres.
It was found thnt tho avorngu dally
coniumpilVn of potatoes of thok30fain;
lllcs wL"iioarly.3 l-3,pjuud3 .for each
Ho Does Not Awaken When Thrown
From Wagon Into an Au
tomobile. Columbus, Ohio. Yo wild-eyed vic
tims of Insomnia, who woo tho sooth
ing goddess sleep by all tho means
which fertllo minds suggest, read this
unadorned talo of an every-day event
and wonder.
Tho strango phenomenon of an au
tomobllo running at a rapid rato, hit
ting tho rear end of a vegotablo wag
on, lifting a Bleeping boy out of tho
rear of the wagon, tossing him Into
tho machine, which oped on for n dis
tance, all without awakening tho boy,
occurred hero.
Tho boy was Stanley Cramer, living
fourteen miles northeast of tho city.
The automobile belonged to Walter
J. Joffrej, a local manufacturer. It
wns not known at first that tho boy
had been transferred to tho automo
bllo unharmed, and pedestrians rushed
to tho demolished wagon, expecting
to find tho boy dead and a search
was communced of nearby alleys and
streets. In about an hour tho boy
returned and told of how ho had
awakened to find himself In a rap
Idly moving automobile.
Pair 10 Years Old and 17 Inches Long
Escape From Garden During
a Flood.
London. For flvo months now two
monster Twickenham goldfish havo
had a lease of freedom In tho Thames.
They are tho property of Georgo
Beale nnd his brother of Stoneydeep
house, who. since their dlsappearanco.
havo offered 2 reward for tho ro
turn of either of them.
"About n fortnight ago," Mrs. Beale
said today, "a boy caught ono of tho
pair. Ho grasped It and was startled
beyond measure when he saw what a
monster It was. Just then a police
man appeared and tho boy, thinking
ho had dono wrong, returned It to tho
Tho goldfish swam away from home
when the river overflowed Into Mr.
Bealo's garden, whore they had lived
for many yearB.
Look fcr the Pink Tint.
Washington. D C "Girls with pink
tinted teeth havo a lotng disposition
and will mako good wives." declared
Dr Jacob S Wells, a prominent den
tist of Fargo, N D . at tho Natloual
Dentists' convention here.
real Increase of lunacy, was very
much beElde the question, taken as n
whole. Fifty years ago thero was one
lunatic In 575 of tho population, but
now one In 23C. At that rate of prog
ress, ho said, In three hundred years'
tlmo there would bo moro lunatics In
tho world than sano peoplo.
This Time a Blacksnake; 20 Yean
Ago It Was a Rattle
snake. Moycndalo. Pa Going Into her
"spnro loom" Mrs. Cnrrlo McAtee
found tho bed occuplod by a big black
snake, which sprang past her and dis
appeared. A few hours later eho tip
toed her way to tho sparo room and
thero tho snnko again wna curled up
on tho bed. This time Mrs McAteo
chopped off tho blacksnako'a head
with a hoe.
About 20 years ago a big rnttlo
r.nako got Into bed with Mrs. McAtee
and her grandmother Mrs. McAtoo
discovered tho reptile's prosenco when
her baro foot touched Its clammy
body. When she turned back tho
bed covers sho was horrified to see
a glistening snake with 13 rattles.
Sho nnd her grandmother succeeded
in leaving tho bod without being bit
ton nnd tho snako was killed.
person, whorcas tho consumption of
meat was less than 3 dunces; of but
ter 1.13 dunces nnd slightly moro than
6nc pint of milk, of which nearly half
was skim milk or buttermilk.
"Votes for Women" on Checks,
Nowport In order to advertise tho
suffrago cause, Mrs. O. N. P. Belmont
has had "votes for women" stamped
on all her bank xhecks
, Somo men!s Idea of Juok Is to own
.1 .L .l.l..Tt.. ..
morOiiuou .uic,vum yu?.
Thousands Havo Been Helped
By Common Senco
' Women Buffering from any form of fo
malo ills aro invited to communicate
promptly with thowomnn'sprivato corre
spondence department of tho Lydla E.
Pinkham Medici no Co., Lynn, Mass.
Your letter vill bo opened, read and
answered by a womnn and held in strict
confidence A woman can freely talk of
her privato illness to a woman; thus has
been established a confidential corro
ipondenco which has extended over
many years and which has never bcea
broken. Never bavo thoy published a
testimonial or used a letter without tb
written consent of tho writer, andnover
has tho Company allowed these confiden
tial letters to get out of their possession,
as tho hundreds of thousands of them to
their files will attest
Out of tho vast volumo of experience
which they havo to draw from, it u moro
than possible that they possess the very
knowledge needed in your case. Noth
ing is asked in return except your good
will, and their advico has helped thou
lands. Surely any
woman, rich or poor,
Bhould bo glad to
tako advantage cf
this generous offer
of assistance Ad'
dress Lydia E. Pink
ham Medicine Co.,
(confidential) Lynn,
Every womnn ought to bavo
Lydia E. Pinkham's 80-pngo
Text Book. It is not n book for
general distribution, an it is too
Dxpcnslve. It is frco and only
obtainablo by mall. "Wrlto for
It today.
Aged Darky Could Seo Nothing t
Hl3 Passenger Except a Man
Instituting Lodges.
Dob Ilull, the champion story tell
er of Savannah, had occasion lately
to tako a business trip Into Interior
Georgia. He took his golf clbs with
him. Intending to stop on his wayfor
a match on the famous links at
Ho dropped off tho train at hlo
business destination a Bmall town on
a branch road and carrying his lug
gago climbed Into an ancient hack
and bado tho driver, who waB an old
negro man, tako him to tho local ho
tel. The negro eyed tho queer-looking
yellow leather bag that his passenger
carried with tho peculiar looking
sticks In it. His curiosity got tho
bost ot him finally.
"Boss," ho began, "pleaso, suh,
'bcuso me but mout I nx you a ques
tion?" "Go nhead nnd ask," said Mr. HulL
"Whut kind of a lodgo Is you lnstf
tutln'T" Saturday Evening Pop.
Sweeping Statement.
"Scrlblets Is going to quit bolng a
press humorist."
"Did ho tell you that?"
"No, but ho said ho was not going to
wrlto any moro Jokoa nbout mothers-l.i-law,
bald-headed men, women's
hats. Intoxicated hubbands aid family
A Paradoxical Ballot.
"I should think the women voting
In the now suffrage states would
strike one obstacle."
"What Is that?"
"How can tho matrons of a party
cast their maiden vote?"
"What Is Miss llammerah trying to
play on the piano?"
"In the Shadow.'
"I thought fcho seemed to bo hav
ing some difficulty ,.ki finding the right
Even When the Facts About Coffee
aro Plain.
It la curious bow people will rofusa
to bolIoo what ono can clearly seo.
Toll tho avorugo man or woman that
tho Blow but cumulatlvo poisonous
effect of cnffelno tho alkaloid In tea
and coffee tends to weaken tho heart,
upsot tho nervous system and causo
lndlgostlon. and they may laugh at
you If they don't know tho facts.
Provo it by ccienco or by practical
demonstration In tho recovery of cof
feo drinkers from tho abovo condi
tions, and a largo per cent of the hu
man family will shrug their shoulders,
tako Bomo druga and keep on drink
ing coffeo or tea.
iCoffoo never agreed with mo nor
with several mombers of our house
hold," wilteo a lady. "It enervates,
deprossco and creates a fooling of
languor nnd heaviness. It was only
by loavlug off coffeo and using Potum
that wo discovered tho causo and way
out of these Ills.
"Tho only ronson, I itm euro, why
PostUtn Is not used altogether to tho
oxcluslou of ordinary coffeo lo, many
persons do not know and do not seem
willing to learn tho facta rind how to
prepaiti this nutritious boverngo.
Thero's only ono way according to
directions boll It fully 15 mlnutos.
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