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Many a man curses his luck who
novor had any.
Tho door of adversity haB "push"
omblazoned on it.
It's tho undor dog that always howls
for tho peacemaker.
Sometimes it takes moro than n dor
rick to ralso our hopes.
Publicity consists larcoly of being
V F. CUP.RAN, Publlshor.
Girl born In Pennsylvania has a
transparent back. Well backed up,
i A.
P i
3 i
r r,
aTflPBiPw.,' n
1 sHHEytraIx
If the men compelled tho women to
wear such clothes thero would bo
London physician says veils mako
woman's noses red. Sort of a veiled
A Jow York man ran up a laundry
bill of $3,530. But, then. Now York
Is a Btrnngo city.
Half tho population of Franco la
agricultural. And tho other half lives
In tho Latin quarter.
Largo crops of prescrvos aro report
ed by housewives, not meaning tho
peroxide kind, either.
A Kansas dentist succumbed to In
Juries whllo playing golf. And golf Is
nald to bo n harmless gamo. ,
Dy tho way, what becamo of thoso
fominlno faddists who wero going to
wear socks Instead of stockings?
Autumn undoubtedly draws closer
tho bonds of devotion witness tho
fond clinging of tho affectlonnto flyl
A man has written a newspaper to
ask how to get relief from snoring.
Why don't ho keep tho snorcr awako?
Esperanto may have been Invented
eo that tho dovo of peaco would bo
tumbled to coo In a universal language.
Scientists say It will tako a long
tlmo to stamp out tho hookworm.
Well, It took a Ions tlmo to discover
Tho movement against tipping Is all
right, but It takes a whole lot of moral
courage for a man Ao llvo up to tho
A famous Enrillsh physician says
that by tho year 3912 human belngn
i ill look like gorillas. Wo should
Now the fool who rocks tho boat
will bo succeeded by tho sorrowful In
dividual who didn't know it was
A London nerve specialist" says
modern dress Is actually killing
women. He's a nervo specialist, all
A New York alderman has been
caught In a blackmailing trap. He
should congratulate himself ho never
was on the pollco force.
A Chicago chauffeur who ran past
n. halted street car contrary to law and
killed a man has been censured by
tho coroner's Jury. Which, of course,
is a consolation to tho relatives of tho
'voUst says that lovo is
as. Ho Is not tho
iho divlno frenzy, but It
-oitced In passing, that lovo
.uman Institution has survived
its critics.
Evon if prisons nro all that they aro
alleged by critics, they ought to be
quito good enough for tho man who
rocks the boat, and who needs the
most drastic kind of treatment to rid
society of bis species.
An Austrian professor, bound for
Mars, via tho United States, has been
cent back. It is ono of tho few in
stances in which wo aro forced to con
fess that European estimates of our
resources aro entirely too high.
In very many cases apples are
jbrought to market loosely packed and
9n wagons without springs, almost
(invariably with barrels on end, and
this short journey is many times
harder on the fruit than the long car
transportation to tho distant market.
Following In tho footsteps of Luther
Burbank a Denver horticulturist has
produced a rasp-strawberry. Now If
somebody would produce a plum-peach,
and combine some of tho other fruits
It might bo possible to get ahead of
tho pests which ravago tbo orchards,
by baffling them for a fo wsoasons at
A youth attending tho Michigan
State Agricultural college stocked a
pond with frogs and is more than pay
ing his way by jupplylng frogs' legs
to tho Chicago market. It Is said he
has shipped as many as 6,000 In a
single day, and that they netted him
$900 last year. Tlmo was when boys
wero glad to catch frogs and sell their
legs for ten cents a dozen, whereas
the prlco now Is half a dollar and up
ward. Tho uso of socks by women will not
bo" opposed by mere man. Then he
will unfailingly find a pair In condition
for service whenever bo looks in the
bureau drawer.
Chicago society women are having
jinx parties to shake off tho hoodoo.
But the only suro way yet found to
BhnlrA ntt ftlA Phlpnpn hnnrlnn 1 in
' '", shako Chicago.
I 1 Them aro still a few miMnn lf
sbut hunters who aaplro to pot ono had
better make their arrangements early.
Poland is possessed of salt mines
Mhat havo been worked for tho last
, 600 years. Thoy ought to bo Bottlnc
' down to the salt of tbo earth by this
i ,It is announced that the American
woman's foot is getting blggor. This
-wui be an tne Der lor nor in these
empnauc aayo wnpn sno is putting 1
Now tho family furnace will begin
Vdo its lltUe beBt to prove that thf
Si:sapRly is Bot,lMxhuUbfe. -
OUR illustration is from a photograph of tho Bulgarian generals at tho
Bulgaria, is seen at the right, Indicated by a cross.
Scientists Charter Yacht to Visit
South America.
Characteristics of Country and Habits
of Tribes That Live There to Be
Studied for Months by Mem
bers of Expedition.
Philadelphia. Aboard the Mermaid,
a 120-foot steam yacht, tho members
of the University of Pennsylvania
South American expedition left hem
for the Amazon. The yacht will voy
age by way of Porto Itlco, Barbados
and Trinidad to Para, at tho mouth
of the Amazon, and will then steam
up the great river into one of Its up
per tributaries, proceeding up tho un
charted stream until tho shallows
check her. Sho will then bo moored
and serve as headquarters for the ex
ploring parties, which will use tho gas
olino launch and canoes with which
she Is equipped In order to reach thoso
points on the river which are not
navigable by tho yacht herself. When
the observations shall havo beon com
pleted 'in any given locality tho collec
tions will be assembled on tho yacht,
which will then pass on to tho next
tributary to bo explored. Para or
Manaos will servo as a base of sup
plies, according to tho region of the
Amazon basin to which the expedition
directs Its attention for tho tlmo being
Tho main purpose of tho expedition
Is to study tho Indian tribes of tho
Amazon valley, which havo not been
studied in detail, and to collect for
tho university museum specimens of
their arts, industries, customs and
modes of life. Their songs will bo re
corded on tho phonograph, and their
dances and various activities will be
reproduced by tho moving-picture cam
era. Systematic studies will be made
of tho natlvo languages, religious and
social systems and decorative art. In
brief, tho expedition seeks to furnish
as completo a record as modern meth
ods can afford of tho natlvo Ilfo of tho
Amazon valley and to Illustrate those
studies by adequate collections assem
bled In tho university museum.
Tho remoteness and seclusion of
many of tho tribes which will bo
studied is indicated by tho fact that
such a condition as that reported on
tbo Putamay river can exist In the
face of modern civilization and with
out Interference from any local gov
ernment. While tho study of native llfo forms
the main object of the expedition, oth
er aspects of exploration will not be
neglected. A modlcal investigator will
accompany tho party for tho purpose
of studying beriberi nnd other fatal
diseases peculiar to tho Amazon re
gion, and tho flora and fauna of the
country will receive duo attention.
Tbo man selected by tho museum to
have chargo of tho expedition is Al
got Lango, whoso experiences in the
jungles of tho Amazon two years ago.
when accompanying a party of rubber
hunters, nearly cost him his life.
With Lango will bo associated an
ethnologist, n naturalist, a physician
and a movlng-plcturo photographer.
Tho physician chosen for tho post Is
Dr. Franklin Church of New York.
Weather Director Seeks to Introduce
Barocyclometer In the United
States. ()
Washington. Tho "barocyclome
ter," an instrument so sensitive as to
dstect a hiirrlcano COO mllos away,
thus enabling ships equipped with it
to steer clear of storms, s to be in
stalled la all of the naval stations. on
tbe AtlauUe, 'coast' aaiperaafia ea,tke
.MmmmmP8&az. Mit i
N'o danger Is anticipated from the
natives, who aro peaceably inclined
and hospitable to strangers. In deal
ing with theso tribes many simple
gifts will bo mado In exchango for
feather work, bows and arrows and
blowguns, drums and musical Instru
ments, decorated calabashes and pot
To Be Only One In World When She
Grows Up, Declares Her Father,
Athletic Director.
Minneapolis, Minn. To become tho
world's moBt perfect woman, physic
ally, Is tho futuro mapped out for
Margaret Terry HudBon Grant, two
years two months old, by her father.
Richard Grant, director of track ath
letics of tho University of Minnesota,
and over since sho was threo weeks
old, tho baby has beon training for tho
placo she Is somo day to fill.
Systematic exorcise, under tho care
ful supervision of her father, who him
self was formerly a track star at Yalo,
and who has "made" many Minnesota
athletics, Is ns much a part of little
Margaret's dally life as tho food she
cats. Mr, Grant explained the other
day while tho baby went through her
regular course
Sho weighs 28 pounds, without
ounce of fat on her little body.
Sho can walk up throo nights
stairs and back without stopping.
The llttlo girl, though beginning to
talk, delights In her daily physical ex
orcise. Tho moro common of theso
A wand drill to strengthen and do
velop her chest muscles.
"She Is going to be perfect physical
ly when she krows up," confidently as
serted Mr. Grant, "and probably that's
something tht can be Bald of no wom
an In tho world at this time."
Man Imprisoned on Trade Before
Train Attempts to Use Knife on
Captured Limb.
Chicago. Caught on a railroad
track like a fox In a trap, with a pas
senger train due in a short tlmo, Jo
seph Kowanskl, 51 years old, did what
the animal would havo dono. Ho at
tempted to sever his foot
Kowanskl, a watchman in tho Chi
cago & Eastern Illinois railroad yards
at South Leavltt and West 43rd
streets, was making his rounds at C
o'clock in the morning when his left
foot was caught in a frog.
Knowing a fast train was duo In
half an hour, Kowanskl twisted and
wrenched at the imprisoned leg, but
in vain. Tho terrific strain broke tho
leg in two places Almost unconscious
from pain, Kowanskl then attempted
to cut off his foot with a knife.
Just as he was starting on the oper
ation Alexander Gnta, a fellow work
man, happened along. Ho opened the
switch and released Kowanskl., The
train passed tho "trap" threo minutes
after KowatiBkl had been rescued.
ships of tho Atlantic fleet. This In
strument Is tho invention of Ilev. Joso
Algue, director of tho Philippine
weather bureau. Whllo In Washing
ton recently, Her. Mr. Alguo conferred
with Cnpt Joso L. Jayno, superintend
ent of the Unltod States naval obsorv
atory, relatlvo to tho rechartlng of tho
Atlantic ocean for tho uso of the
This instrument has been in use in
tao( Philippine and China naval 'atj
uobb ana on tne mhp.t uie,Autje
fleet aiy years
pasti :disa
Ferdinand, czar of
Ruminant Butts Man Off Perch and
Strips of His Uniform Officer
Sent to Quiet Him.
Chicago. John Boland of 1700 West
Twenty-second street was a thousand
miles from Chicago In his dreams,
slpeplng on a chair on tho back porch,
when a largo Angora goat, with a
snowy beard and a determined ex
pression, butted him off the chair nnd
Into wakefulness.
Boland ran a marathon to the wood
shed Just In time to feel tho Impact
of tho goat against the door Mem
bers of tho family, aroused by his ap
peals for aid, telephoned tho police
nnd Charles Tlckey, a bravo patrol
man, responded.
Tlckey learned with ease to distin
guish between both ends of a healthy
goat. As ho groped about In the dark
yard something .went nmiss He be
lieves that he collided with tho goat.
At any rate, ho sustained a terrlllc
shock where tho high cost of living
Is most felt
Neighbors notlllcd tho pollco again,
this tlmo that a riot was In progress.
They also suspectod a Mexican In
vasion nnd a decisive battle In the
Boland back ynrd. Policemen who
crowded a rosponslvo patrol wagon
deduced the fact that tho goat had
disappeared, as they failed to sus
tain tho shocks that almost sent
Tlckey to the hospital.
Boland, who hns forsworn tho chair
on tho porch for sleeping purposes,
told the pollco ho did not know what
kind of an animal he had to deal with.
He almost suspected that a white elo
phant was loose.
Search for a Dollsr Whip Dlyloses
Stolen Property Worth
York, Pa. In trying to locnto a
dollar whip, which had been stolen
from tho buggy of Michael Dougher
ty of Chanceford, Detective CharleB
White unearthed at tho homo of Adam
S. Kecscy of Spry, about two miles
from this city, stolen proporty to the
amount of $2,000. which had been car
ried away from tha Pullman Automo
bile works. Tho plunder consisted of
all parts of tho machinos.
Kecsey broko down and confessed
his guilt and said ho bad been selling
tho loot for Junk. In default of ball
he was sent to Jail. Tho accused man
has a wifo and five children.
Citizens of Douglaston, L. I., In Queer
Predicament Over School
Now York. Having failed to find
moro than fifteen children In Douglas
ton, Long Island, ono of tho outlying
villages Included within the limit of
Greater New York, of tho propor ago
to attend a klndcrgarton, the citizens
of the placo will offer prizes to any
ono who will furnish throe more chil
dren to attend tho school, that the
salary of tho teachers may bo paid
by tho board of education of Now
York. A state law provides lhat a
city klnddrgarton must have at least
eighteen children.
Uses Champagne In Auto.
Jacksonville, Fla. Simon David
Paddock, eighteen, "the millionaire
kid" of Atlantic, N. J., had a nurrow
escapo from death In a collision that
resultn ' from substituting champagne
for jllne as motive power for his
ra . automobile.
With the Old; On With the New.
w iork. Although her first bus-!
Dan 4 naq noon aeaa less than a
mo Mrs. Lulu Qoldssilta has, a
tail Hccs'se to wed axalai
army maneuvers.
'either toasted or roastod.
Evon tho broker's sins aro not al
ways tho sins of commission.
You never strlko a man favorably
if you hit him when ho's down.
Don't tlesplso tho llttlo things. Even
tho mlcrobo may bo a lady killer.
Tho modern prayer Forglvo us our
debts as wo forglvo our creditors.
Many n woman's capacity for lov
ing Is expended entirely upon herself.
Thcro isn't any keynote so elusive
ns that which opens tho door to suc
cess. V
No man is so thoroughly on his up
pers that ho can't land on hlB feet
It is hotter to begin at tho bottom
of tho ladder than to tumble from
the top. f
It's easier to got pcoplo to listen
to advlco than it is to Induco them to
uso it. .
A man has reached tho Jumping off
placo when ho is no longer ablo to feel
About ono man in a thousand over
succeeds in catching up with that
promising future.
It Is Just as easy to let others make
a fool of you as to do It yourself, and
It costs less effort.
Sometimes it happens that a woman
has reason to be thankful because of
her husband's neglect.
It's awfully hard for a woman to
pretend not. to know tho things sho
knows sho ought not to know.
When a girl finally discovers her
Ideal man It's up to her to tamo him
and make a husband of him if sho
After a man has mado his mark in
the world somo other man is apt to
come along nnd discover thnt it isn't
quite perfect.
Every man la tho hero of his plpo
It' takes nine tailors to finish a self
mado man.
Most of us get what wo deserve, but
fail to rccognlzo it.
Thero is nothing moro convincing
than eloquent sllonco.
You can always got something for
nothing in tho form of advlco.
The first time a girl Is disappointed
In lovo sho begins to map out a ca
reer. After his fiftieth bjrthday a man
dootn't havo to pay tho fiddler so
A man has an awful tlmo when his
wifo is away from homo and ho needs
fresh socks.
It Is impossible to make something
out of nothing with tho possible ex
ception of a bathing suit
It takes a mother to explain that if
it wasn't for tho other bad boys her
"Willlo" would bo nn angel.
A woman will always stick up for
tho man who lives next door if oho
happened to see him Just onco out
In tho front yard holplng his wifo wa
ter tho flowers.
A hot temper requlros cool treat
ment. A woman hater Is merely a man
who nover flatters.
It doesn't take much pull to start
a fellow down hill.
Many a man haB beon left because
his watch wasn't right.
It is always easier to spot our en
emies than our friends.
Tho broad-minded man isn't alwayil
the ono who is chesty.
Ono Bwallow doesn't mako a sum
mer nor quench a thirst
All that glitters Isn't gold, but It
seems to satisfy a lot of us.
Somo of us expect to get our reward
in heaven, and no questions naked.
Thcro Is no time a man wants tho
earth as much ns when ho is seasick.
Among tho fruits of old ago tbo ap
ple of discord should not bo num
bered. Find Unknown Qoddeso.
Athens. Tho discovery of a hither
to unknown goddess, whoso head is
described aB that af a second Venus
do Mllo, Is reported to tho Archaeolog
leal society by Judge Ampolaa of Volo
In Theasaly. Tho discovery wns mado
on tho site of tho ancient city of Fa
as sal.
Insult to Injury.
New York; Becauso vho was swear
'at: and shaking his lists, at a aan who
had snot t Him twice, .David Rya
KS.'.Yi.."' .-.. . ,
" J jTBSMtgsL . . i jSBSSSsrTycMnagagfcg;, . , . , , ma00,m t M
Mr. William A. Rmlfonl will answer
questions and ulvc advlco FKE13 OP
COST, on all subjects pertnlnlnu to tho
sub'JtxJt of bulldlnp, for tho readers of thh
paper. On account of his wldo expcrlonco
ns Kdltor, Author nnd Manufacturer, lio
Is, without doubt, tho highest authority
on nil theso subjerts. Address nil Inquiries
to William A. Kadfonl. No. 178 West
Jackson boulevard, Chlcntro, 111., and only
encloso two-cent stamp for reply.
A full two-story soven-room houso
of n stylo like tho ono hero shown Is
vory popular generally In tho smaller
cities. As It is only 22 feet in width
this houso can bo built on tho or
dinary narrow city lot.
It Is just as necessary tu specialize
in designing houses as it is in any
other lino of business. Living condi
tions differ a great deal as tho town
Increasos in size, aud wo uro obliged
to build houses to fit tho changing
conditions. When a village has ono
First Floor Plan.
hundred Inhabitants, twenty or thirty
houses will hold them all. Each house
may occupy a corner, and havo an
ncro or two of land for air space and
for growing fruits and vegetables.
Thero aro no sowers, curbs, or pave
ments; tho streets are not lighted
at night; thoro aro no policemen or
other public servants to pay; so tho
tax ltfvy on a two-acro lot Is not very
oppressive. But when tho boomora
got to work, advertising tho won
derful advantages of tho placo, tho
population Increases In somo places
with great rapidity; then grafters
como nlong with their various im
provement schemes, and expenses
soon mount up until a two-acro lot
loses its charm when the tax man
makes out his hill.
Fresh nlr Is then sacrificed In pro
portion to tho ambition of tho vil
lage prorrioters, until, In tomo In
stances, ono of theso old-fnshlonod
holdings Is carved Into twenty llttlo
Second Floor Plan.
lots, and yon get your deed from
somebody's subdivision of lot num
ber two, allotting to you thirty feet
frontngo, tho sumo extending back
ono hundred foot, -moro or loss, to nn
alley. This llttlo burial plot thon bo
comes tho last restlug placo of many
unsatisfied hopes of fmo outlooks,
plenty of elbow room, fresh air, and
bright sunshine.
nxrtz.v rJl
J -i til mi
i psdt
I ana- a"
ceo kox ail
bid froatt itrotc
But tho modorn architect hac mot
tho many changing and shifting prob
lems with a bravo conlldenco In his
ability to deliver onough condensed
houso comfort'to compeusato tho now
ownor fully for his many disappoint
ments. It was for tho purpose of fit
ting a comfortablo bouse to such a
lot that this narrow houso was do
Blgnod. It is only tho width of ono
room and n good hall in tho front
part, and dining room and bathroom
In tho center, with an extension tor
tbo kitchen. A kitchen with throe
Ides to tho weather fits a lot of this
kind to perfection. You cannot get
too much, light and air Into a kitchen.
It Is the most Important roost la the
house a roctn 'where' a .weoaaa
.-. V.'
! t it f
spunds a great part of her tlmo; and
you cannot mako It too pleasant', or
convenient Nnrrow city lots aro no.t
well calculated to supply light, espe
dally during tho fall nnd early win.
tcr months; but a kitchen built lu
this fashion comes about as near solv- ,
lng tho problem ns is possible to do, Xk$'
Thero la an advantage In a full tv
ntory Iioubo. Tho eura space J
tho upper rooms la worth a grea'K
to keop tho houso cool. Tho shapJvwgttv
height of thta houso gives it a good M
appearance from tho street It does
not look llko a narrow houso. Prob- -ubly
the slzo and shapo of tho veran
da havo something to do with this:
but it is a fact that a houso built like
this looks larger than It really Is.
Such a houso may bo built under '
favorable conditions for about $2,000 ,
or $2,200. A great deal dcpendiKS .
labor conditions and tho dlstanco that,
building materials havo to bo shipped.
Somo communities aro discriminated '
against when It cornea io houso build
ing becauso building supplies must bo
shipped long distances. Somo com- j
muultles havo no stono or sand two j
commodities which aro vory Import- J
ant in tho building line. It is no
ticeable that such communities very"
often havo to bring lumber from con
siderable distances. AH theso thlngB
affect the cost of tho finished bouse.
The New Magic.
A herd of reindeer tramples tho
Lapland Bnows; a polar bear leaps
from a hummock of Ico and dives Into
tho nrctlc sens; a moth breaks its co
coon, dries Its tendor wings a moniont
in the sun and essays its first flight;
a water boetlo darts upon a snake,
sinks Its forceps below tho head and
clings to tho threshing, maddened rop
tllo whllo a hundred fellows Join tho
attack and strlko until a mortal spot
Is reached; an otter sneaks upon a
rock, "slashes a cruel paw Into tho
stream and a quivering bass lies att
his feet
What wonderful stories aro depicted
In tho moving picture Alms.
Tho magic carpet Is outdono. Day
by day tho creatures of tho wild aro
captured In their haunts and led be
foro us. Kings ride to bo crowned;
Moorish potters whirl their whoels.
Tho mystio Nllo Aowb in the glow of
tho dying sun; shadowy camels pr
her banks; pyramid and sphinx sta
ghostly in tho dusk. Italian soldle'
lire from their trenches. A battlo flee
steams out to sea whllo you loan at
your ease and with n tnllsmantc dlmo
command tho world to disclose its
mysteries and parade Its races. Small
wonder that the mddorn child holds
fairy tale3 In slight esteem. Herbert
Kaufman In Woman's World.
Good Idea for Stenonraphers.
A woman who owns nnd manages' a
public stenographic buslneso in ait
eastern city hnB developed a now
branch. Sho has provided herself and
her assistants with telephono opera
tors' headbands und recoivers by
means of which they take dIctatIo;by
telephono directly on tho typowr ' v
from customers, perhaps miles av
This service is to meet thorg.
Inn-vnra Arnttra nnrl bllnlTWi
who havo a few letters to vr
day and yet not enough to.
their employing a prlvato st
or. Letters uro cither si,'
dressed and mailed direct;
oillce or forwaraeu to tuocil
slgnaturo and mailing.
Motor Slaughtel
Roughly speaking, inotl
are killing in tho streets rl
day about twlco as man
wero killed by tho
io )tr
That is a hard fact
disposed of by tho 'mc
thnt ho haa far moro cq
carriage than a horsi? di
Ho has more control,
that only makes It plajj
rrol is not oxerclsei
Up Agai
"Dad," said tho
want to go in for a
"All right, son."
"What would yotl
"I dunno. Polltl
law, medlclno and
"That doesn't ll
opening," said
havo no talent
burg Post.
He Bt
"When lflrsl
Fnrmor hcjch
ner and woi
peoplo mnna
"Well, aeol
out of Wo t:
a myst
s.i. ' . . v " .
.. -ii kf
A 'M
vu.y n
' :,? .u
fil&f - '
Ektfc . AjlmlJMfv oif u t. ran f
f MlMnHll M .MUSS ti JTAjr.AjMEK'tHOUtJv9H9u1A"iKlKn-Ja.iiKffa:,
ffWE2SH&I2i,i . kfWfc -rt
Sei kkb&2b
mWmti f(mmMmMlmm!itt

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