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New Arrivals!
Whito Star Coffee, N. O. Molasses, Post
Tavern. Specia New Layer Figs, Red '
Kidney Beans, Navy Beans.
" mW
Geo. H. Dinger.
ia.il y r vulw ledqeb-um.
SsSiiv '- " ',, - u, .it' . i. rrrarrrr
BitTS nrw.ii )
&1HM'-.K. A 1
. l4'ifvKrijfl lUAWttffiM V-WnM
The thing that goes the farthest to making
life worth while,
That ooat the least and dooi the most is just
a pleasant smile;
Tho imlle that babbles from heart that lovei
its fellow men,
Will drive away the cloud of gloom and
sunshine cornea again,
Il'a fall of worth and goodaea too, with manly
kindneaa blent
It'a worth a million dollars, and doesn't cost
a cent.
Attend Hunt's Fur opening today.
Daring the month of October there were
1,714 visitors to tho Public Library and 925
books wero taken out.
Should Bo Abated
Tbero is a general complaint made by resi
dents of Wood street regarding the blocking of
said street At the intersection of Wood and
Third streets by C. and 0. freight cars left
standing on tho siding and blocking thorough
fares for an unreasonable length of time. It
is a nuisance that is annoying and vexatious
and should be abated. It is Jhopod the C. and
0. authorities will remedy matters without
further warning.
Government reports show the Bteady
output o! coal during tho Inst tew
venrs 1ms made tho dealers push tor
wider markets, Wo are going to get
more trade your trade by giving
you a greater value tor your money.
You will never get out ol debt uulesB
you buy wisely.
nn on r. us.
Wanted Good cook Apply at this office.
urThe Public I-KMlg-er, local ami long
PUniirt'lhoiifNo. 10.
tfPKsaBB-S 0
attEkaaaaLKribjiX BJ
WiffW I
A substantial cottage ot three rooms with
large porch, located in Sixth Ward, is of
tired for eale at a bargain. Terms easy.
Seasonable Talks!
IfflJil """Jl JinifJJii.
a3Hl MM
Now is the season of the year to get ready for hunt
ing, hog-killing time, Thanksgiving and Jack Frost. Let
"ushelp you get ready. We've a complete stock of Guns,
Hunting Coats, Leggings, Shells, Lanterns, Butcher Knives,
Lard Presses, Food Choppers, Sausage Mills, Rohes,
Blankets, Acetylene Buggy Lamp?, and in fact anything
you need. If we haven't what you vvant in stock, we
will take pleasure in getting it for you without any loss
of time.
Mike Brown's is the Sportsmen's Headquarters!
Mike Brown is your friend !
We invite you to make our store your own. Come
in Buggy buyers-in-waiting, if you want some rare bar
gains in buggies, just say so. If you show us the money,
you can make the price. We would rather have the
money, just now, than the buggies. Come in.
Mike Brown
Rev. J. Wl Ligon, who tendered his resig
nation to the members of his congregation as
Pastor of the Christian Church at North Mid
dletown, has reconsidered his action, and will
remain in charge of the church at that place.
Galanty & Alper'a Great Sale
The great special sale recently Inauauratid
at the Market street stor of Galanty & Alper
tarted off In a most giatifying manner and is
gaining momentum eacl day.
This sa'o Is under the management of The
Mercentlle Special Sales Company of Cincin
nati, jgl which Mr. L. Itelchmao is the Sec
retary'lnd Treasurer. The latter, wbo Is a
corteoos' gentleman, is In charge of tho sal,
which Is an assurance of Its success. This is
sot the tint venture ot Mr. Relchman in our
city, however, as he conducted a sale for the
local firm two years ago which prove! a great
Hut there is every Indication that the sale
now In progress, will eclipse a'l former ef
forts, as It is attracting great crowds of
--- ;
latest lews
Roosevelt Is tea votes ahead of Wilson In
Governor-elect Hatfield of West Virginia is
at the point ot death with pneumonia.
la a wreck on the ('. II. & D. at Iodianapc
II fifteen were killed and twenty lujjred.
John Cheney of Breathitt county nnd fire
members of bis family met death and anotber
may die.
Tho Greenland up from Cincinnati to Pomp
roy tonight.
Looking twenty years older than ya
really are. Being made the laughing stocl
of your friends and the butt ol their joke
"Old Age Class" simply because grq
hairs are so closely associated with old age
It is very humiliating to be grey and ball
when your age doesn't Justify cither to b,
classed as a r,Has Been" and set aside fa
vour young friends as too old for them ti
be turned down possibly, in your opplica
Hon for that new position because t
Get the best of the grey hairs don't le
them get the best of you.
Seasonable Suggestions !
Just received, NEW Evaporated Peaches and Apricots,
Buckwheat and Pancake Flour, PURE Maple Syrup,
Fancy Eating Apples. Join the throng of satisfied
dainkers of El Perco Coffee. We can furnish the best
Aluminum Coffee Percolators at manufacturers' cost.
The Quality Grocer.
Masonic Temple Bldg.
a?fMfjfalfafB f Shingles!
9flf ny 1 t? Shingles I
A Million of Them!
Wo htutjiiRt received two cnrlorulH of Clcnr lied Cctlnr. Wo unupht
tliom when tho prico wr9 low and wo will hpII thorn nt tlio IO west Possibles
I'rlcr. Wo also hnvo Cypress nnd Poplar SIiIiirIu nnd wo ixro over-stocked
ami forced to Hell. Briii your whkoii with you. Wo Kiturnntro prioen, and
will morn tlmn meet competition. Coiuo in and sec. And don't you forjret
that now is tho time to jret Shingles nt
Cor. Limestone and Second Streets. 'Phone 5119.
laonts for Peering Machinery. Maysville, Ky.
A. A. McIjAUOUtilN. Ii. N. RKI1AN.
Petition For Revivor
Yesterday, through her attorneys, Worthing
ton & Cochran, Nancy J. Uerndon, Executrix
of II. C. Uerndon, docesaed, filed salt la the
Vinson Circuit Court against Omar Dodson for
Plslotiff prays that this action be revived in
her name against the defendant, Omar Dodson
nnd for a summons against him on this peti
tion. She prays also for a judgment against
the defendant In the sum of $15,600.
Ur. Uorndoo fell down an elevator shaft In
the Dodson Building.
fll Ptir eV h
r s
H U jlAD dt T.VA
Mr. J. L. Owens of Forn Leaf was in Mays
vlllo yestarday.
Mr. and Mrs. G. C Browning rococtly of
Richmond, Ind., bavo moved to this city ubero
tbey will take up their permanent resldonco as
soon as they can secure a dwelling.
Mr. George C. Keith nnd family of Charlef
ton Ilottom hive tnken up their residence
with his mother, Vrj Lucy Keith on Front
street. They ore heartly welcomed back to
the city by their 1 'gion of friends bore.
M'ss Jennie II Monro will attend a lecture
In tho Symphony concert Rven by Lou s
Victor Saur at the Col'oo of Music, Cinci
nail, Friday afternoon. She will sbo attend
tho production of Julius Cnesar Fridy eveiing
aui tb9 Symphony concert at llniery Hall
Suurday evening.
Hunts arc di?(lj)ing a beautiful line of I'urs
Mr. Lowry 0 r of Logan V. i , who
underncDt an operation nt Wilson Hospitel
last evening, is reported this morning as c'oing
Miss K len, tho bright eleven-year-old daugh
ter nf Mr. aril iUe. KlwarJ Wbittlnston of
the But Ktid, Is cjnvalescin from a severe
nick spoil.
Vr. H. G. Whito :inJ Uisi Mottle Clift. buh
uf the Minerva neighborhood, uere marriud in
parlor of tho Central Hotel this morning by
Uev W. W. Hull.
M'ss Catbcrite WcIIvanej's funeral will
take place tomorrow morning nt I) o'clock
from St. Patrick's Iburch, with sorvloa by
Rrtv. Father V. 11. Jones. laterraent in Mays-
villa Cemetery.
Cold Weather
From now on anil we arc ready
to serve yon with good, warm
Underwear, Sweaters,
Yarn Sox,
Gloves, Gaps,
And New Winter Suits
One lliinp, when you buy hero
you will come luck nnd buy
n;ain. 'J hat's why we are
known everywhere as MayB
ville's Foremost Clothiers.
Geo. H. Frank & Co.
Maysville's Forcmosl Clothiers.
There It nvue Catarrh In this section ot tht
country than hi1 other diseases put togethor, and
until the last few years was supposed to be Incur
able. Koragroat many years doctors pronounced
It a local disease and prescribed looal remedies,
and by constantly fulling to oure with local treat
ment, pronounoed It Incurable. Solenca has
proven catarrh to be a constitutional disease and
thereforerequtresaonstltutlonaltreatment. Hall's
Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney A
Co, .Toledo, O. , Is the only constitutional cure on
the market. It Is taken Internally In doses from
lOdropstoateaspoonful. It acts directly on the
blood nd raucous surfaces of the system. They
ofTerone 'i u ire I dollars for any case It falls to
oure. Send for circulars and testimonials. Ad
dress, V. J. CHENEY A CO., Toledo, O.
Sold byDrugglsts, 78.
Take Hall's Family Pllltf oroonstlpatlon.
Tub Public Ledgkr from now untilJar.uary
1st, 1914. for $3.
Tho Only Place in Muysvillo
To see a representative line of Victor-Vic
trolss. Every style $15, $25, $40, $50 up to
$200. Murphy, the Jeweler, will gladly play
them for you. adv.
7 (HSUMnHKs3JjvH3EPvvkt
Horn, to Ur. and Mrs. Gordon Triplett of
Dayton, Ky., a fine son. Mr. Triplett was for
merley a Uaysvilio boy, and his relatives and
friends hero extend congratulations over his
llrst born.
Rose Clycerine CREAM !
Our own make of Glycerine Cream
for chapped face and hands. Keeps the
skin soft and white. Insures the most del
icate complexion from rough, chapped skin
MC UfBI I I'AIIG & ftfl MB0 Drugstore Wtli
p Ta WflLMftffia CX llUi the Little PriCe."
Tn Maysvillo. Our Imported Chinchilla ami Fur Beaver Overcoats are wonderful garments for warmth and
comfort. No dead weight to these coata. Most of them double-breasted with the new shawl collar. "Very
stylish. " Price range, $25 and $a0.
A splendid line of Cheviot and Melton Overcoats, range of prices $8.50 to $15.
Our customers tell us we have the best lino of Children's and Boys' Suits and Overcoats in town.
The little ones are tickled with our belted and convertablo collar overcoats. It gives them the air of little
men juat like papa wears.
You have noticed from time to time our advertisement of a $10 Worsted l'laid-lined Raglan Sleeve
Raincoat. We arc now receiving the eighth duplicate express shipment of this coat. Ask the Adams Ex
press Co.'s Manager. It is the urcatent garment in the country for the money.
Maysville's Leading Clothing and
Shoe Shop.
i County Court
J Ao Inventory and appraisement of the per
sonsl estate of Daniel Coughlio, deceased, was
i produced in Court, filed nnd ordered recorded.
I I. M. Lane was appointed Administrator of
Thomas Flynn, deceased, with V. Fred Tbomas
'surety on bond
Cincinnati comes to the front with one of
the most unnatural infanticides of the age. A
young married couple, Mr. and Mr. Fred
Kipp, aged 22 and 23 years, threw their ten-days-old
boy baby Into tho Ohio River at 11
o'clock Monday night and then crept to tboir
home, Tbey are
his "wife diJ It."
In Jail and the man said
Herbert Smithers of Carmel street, employ
ed in the construction of the Home Ware
house, while engagod at work on the roof
stepped on a loose board and fell to the floor.
Dr. A. 0. Taylor attended the injured man.
$1.00 and SOc at Drui Stores or direct uppi
receipt ol prlee and desler'i name. .Send 'Iv'J
trial bottle, fhllo Hay Spec. Co., Newark, N. J
For Male unit KoeuinnMniled b?
T, J. Clieiiowelli.
Try a pound. It is a lull N. x. Cream Cheese with tho Pimentos
Bade into it.
We carry BlUOk', LIMBURGEll, ROQUEFORT and any kind you
wast, $
pfaose 4& Trrr & conrad.
The afternom euchre party at tho homo of
Mrs. Buckncr W. tlooJman in West Third
street a few diys ago is said tn have been one
of the prettiest and most enjoyable of the
season. Tba prizes wore of elegant cut glass,
while the luncheon was beautifully served by
the charming and hospitable hos'e'.
Tobacco Market
At Cicclnnati 427 hogshead) sold at $2 to
$21 par hundred.
Loulavillj 350 hogsheads went at $1 to
Piano Tuninrj
Ur. R. C Shearer, lano tuner, of Cincin
nati will bo here on bis regular trip for one
witk, beginning Monday, November 18th 0.
ders may be left with Mi's I.Ida Ilerry or Cen
tral Hotel.
Well, Forevor Morel
Washington, Novembrr 13tb. Sectional
fueling was revived today when mombers of the
Kentucky delegation of the Daughters of the
Confederacy, which meets here tonight at a
spocisl sesiloc, proposed a petition calling on
Iho Kentucky Legislature to remove the
statue of Abralnm Lincoln, which now stands
In thoStato Capita', and rrplacs It with ono of
Jelferson Davis, President of the ConfoJeracy.
Tree Plantintj at Frankfort
Frankfort, Ky., November 13th Arbor
day was celebrated here today by the plantlig
of over bO trees on the grounds at ttio rear of
the Capitol and by appropriate exercises.
Fully two thousand people were present to
bear the speeches und watch iht represents
tlves from thi various counties throw tbo last
shovel of dirt on tho tree.', which had pre
viously been planted by State Forester Uarton
and his assistants.
Ti-e Duckeyo tree from Mason county was
one of the 80 planted.
Passed Away
Mr Kercoy Walliogfordof Tollesborf, whoso
illness has been mentioned in those columns,
died last night at ll:25 o'clock of typhoid
fover at WUon Hospital, where he had been a
patient for soma timo, aged CI. He waa oce
of Law's county's upright and good cit zna
and for yosrs bad been connected with the
Postofllce at Tolleaboro,
Ills wife died seven yoars ago, ond he is
survived by one daughter, lire. Geo'ge Lyklns
of Tullesboro, and two step dtugbters, Mrs. U,
C. Grlgsby of Tollesboro and Mrs. Amos Ma,
tingly of Oklahoma, Okla.; also three trailers
and two sisters.
Tea funeral will take place tomorrow at 9
nVluek from hli lata horns titular the ansnlora
Ii... AJlf.ltAv. mA Duilm.n nt MiIiIaI. I, a I
U4 IUO vuuinium bum Itsuuivu, ui wuiuu us
waa an honored member, Interment in East
Fork of Cabin Creek Cemetery.
If you have never experienced
comfort of slipping into a soft,
fleecy, furry night robe on a
cold winter night be sure to
buy one of our flannellette
night gowns or shirts. They
are comforts easily procured, as.
the prices are only 50c. 75c
and $1 The 50c garments are
made of pretty striped flannel
ette. The 75c and $1 garments
come in either plain or fancy
Superior Suits
Look around and prove to yourself the superiority
of our Suils- The materials are bettet than one finds in
suits costing $5 to $10 more. The tailoring exactly dupli
cates that of made-to-order suits. Styles for womenwho
want small, average or extra sizes. All prices from $1Q to
$40. Some very effective models were recently sentAus
frum New York by Mr. Hunt. V
Dainty NeckFixings
25c, 50c, 75c, $1.
Robespierre Collars for Coats or dresses, lace, em
broidered swiss and pique collar-and-cuff sets for suits or
New black velvet steel trimmed bow-knots, crescent
trimmed charmeuse bows all colors, flat bows, bows with
dangles, every sort of bow New York is wearing has just
been sent us by Mr. Hunt. Also a complete line of net
and lace rufflings for 19c, 25c, 39c, 50c yard.
1852 HUNT'S 1912
93moka Masnnian and La Tosoa, 5 cents
The Louisville & Nashville Itiilroad Com
pany iocroased Its copitol stock from $60,000,
000 to S72.000.000 and paid into the State
Treasury $12000. This Is the largest amount
that any one corporation has paid for articles of
Incorporation for years.
t-W-Now Is the time to buy your wider
coal. See Dryden, Limestone street.
The most select tine of Red Seal records
ever in Maysvllle. November records also on
sale at Murphj'a Jowelry Store. adv.
pf When needing dental work call on CBrtmel
The Fleming Gazetto, a staunch, reasonable
and solid Republican weekly newspaper, has
been greatly improved and enlarged and is now
one of the best weeklies in Kentucky. This
speaks well for Editor Wilt and bis proud little
city, Flemlogsburg.
The Ledger Giving Dishes Away
We have 20 sets of beautiful blue and gold
enameled dUbes, 4G pieces to the set, good
enough for any Thanksgiving table, $3 per set
to new subscribers paying one year In advance
$G in al). Come In and examine them.
Why not wear "Queen Quality" Shoes instead of just shoes?
Why not wear a "well tailored fitting" Suit instead of just a suit?
Why not cover with "all-wool" Blankets instead of part wool?
Why not let the "kids" wear "Black Oat" Hosiery instead of just black hosiery?
Why not wear 'all warm Underwear instead of part warm?
Why not wear a "Nemo" Corset instead of a corset?
Why not wear a "Royal" Waist instead of a waist?
Why not wear a "Merz" Coat instead of a coat?
' "Kg?!?
' 3$KP
- - . . -. . ,-, 1 ..$HH&
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