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lT ' nPUC FiTTni T T TirnUX AtSt! Louis, 18 year old Glndya Arnold riTrifyrn euur corpowtion lawyers nay poa.t. i tLE'mm " humms'iisS
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msra " m i w m tr . m i a h - b m sih bbi s n --
HP" A. P. CURRAN. Editor and Publisher. ,,.,.,, .,
mfc1 Looaunain, a,l 4Q ,........... tho.rl.vc9, declared that sho did it -for tho
T UUtanooTotwplnne '. 4U. naTaTtu.s. kt.
PJV ' "" lovo of cxcitcineut." Sho might havo done it
Hf a ' suusuiiirrioxs-nY maiu
:f. F Onr Ts-nr 8 00 !.. f! I,
Hp. ni Moutu. u tor tho lovo of iUtkc.
H' Tbrc Jloutlia - - .
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VJK' '' I'cr Montti aSCciila
K . Payable to Cotlector at tntl of ilontS.
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In n recent published etnteuiont Prosidcnt
Taft had this to Hay about tho political futnro:
"The slioet nuchor of popular government
is in the division of the pooplo iuto two groat
parties and no more."
N Mr. Taft duals with the Bull Moose m vo
ment in considerable detail. "I was suprisud
at Mr. Roosovolt's sttviigth in tho election," ho
says and add?, conuneutiiig on the Progressive
"The ditliculty I lind with tho presout Pro
gressive program mo is that it contemplates the
impossible. The country cauuot afford to turn
itself over to a class of men who do not desorve
to liguie in any nioro honorable light than
quicks do in tho praetico of medicino. It
would bo too great danger to tho body poli
tic. "When a party like the Bull Moose party
conios forward aud proposes to tear down all
t'he checks and balances of a well adjusted,
democratic, constitutional, republican govern
ment, then the issue affects the permanence
and continuance of our government.
"Tho danger is from a party whose tendency
is thus necessarily destructive of what has been
laboiiously established for tho good and hap
piness of mankind by the struggles of ceutur
ies and which is headed as clearly for Social
ism as tho Socialist party itself.
"It behoove us, therefore, as Republicans
to look forward to the time whon in the na
tural course of. events, tho Democrats shall
havo disappointment tho public, to bo ready to
prevent that dissappointod from being used by
the Bull Mooso and Socialist combination to
get ,into
political iitfeings
Houston Post. We are glad President Taft
was beaten, but wehall utter uo word of com
mendation for tho Republican highbiuders who
stabbed him in the back.
Qkic.iyo Inter Ocean: Incidentally, wo note
that for the first time siuce he became champ
ion Jack Johnsou had to take off his own shoes
Friday night.
Baltimore Sun: What a trustful, simple
minded man Henry W. Blair id! He wants
U- Roosuvclt to promise to quit running for Presi
- i '
New York World'. It is a safobet that tho
man that started tho story that Mr. Roosevelt
b to adopt a policy of silence is a nature
Detroit Free Press: President-elect Wilson
is pledged by the Democratic platform to one
term, unless ho changes his mind.
Notice to Telephone Subscribers
Telephoned installed linco last Directory was issuod by tho Maysville
Telephone Company. guha:rihers aro requested to paste this list of names
in their Directory for reference.
?(1 Hojtl, II. h . H'IJeno6, Front strest.
M9-1U 1Ioob, h. T., Iteilelence. 11, 1). No. I. ,
lit) llrmnol, Mr. Mury II, UeildHi.oe. VKW Kit Second ttreel.
ITI-J Clark-, Lunrencr, llesldenoe, 300 Bust KourlU street.
J Ml Central Warehouse Computy, Poplar street.
fi7ft.li Divli, Mr. Knuule, Ilusidencn. Kant Snd srreet.
,23d It Frederick, Homer, residence, 28 West Front ilreet.
Ml' W3 Holey, Thoinie J., Residence, It, D. No. 1,
MO JI IliiKhei. N. II., Hoildeucc, It. D. No. I,
COO Homo Warehouse Company, Koreit arenue aid Leilogtou Street.
689.R3-llulier.Auilel, Itxitdouce, It. D. No. I.
AHI Independent Warehouse Company, forest annuo,
614 Keith, Mr l.uoy, Residence, Front ilr't.
3uu II Mackey Trsiter Company, Fourth ttreat stable,
MU-W Morgan, 8. J Studio, Caproul UulldluK.
fj87.Lt Moore, W II. Rrsidenoe, Sharon, Ky.
rR7-ltl Morgan, G M , Residence, Sharon.
M8 Maokey, Miss Irene, Restdeure, 315 West Third street.
flj.Vl-Perrlnf,J.U Residence, It. D. No, 1.
Ml Rogers, J, C, Krsldenoi. West Seoond street.
(S87-WI Ross, .1, A,, Residence, Sharon, Ky.
Ml Kefd, J E , Residence, Kit Third street.
5I&-5 Richardson, N, It., Residence, Jersey Ridge,
4vd Iloser, Mr..8mli, Resldenoe, ill Kast Frout street.
181 J Spears, K. K., Residence, Aberdeen, Ohio.
4HJ..L. Scott, Mrs. U, II., Residence, 8(0 Market street,
iBM.l-tildwell O.'ll . Residence, R. I). No. I.
K87.L.1 SoliweUkart, Mrs. Lottie, Residence, Sharon, Ky.
rm-J Sherwood, Mrs. Mamie, Residence, Lexington street.
3M) J Whtltlngton, Mrs. Kd , Restd nee. EastSeoond street.
183-ft, Warren, Miss llssi , Re Id nee. Aberdeen, Ohio.
4.17-L Itojse. Mr. George, lies dunce, 307 Loilngtou pike,
E. S. WELSH, Manager.
An rfrticlo on "Tho Boy of Tomorrow,"
which is tho fust prize essay on education in
t.ho World's Work contest compare tho
schools of yesterday aud today, and forecasts
what thoy will bo tomoirow, when wo trans
form our experience into an intelligent pur
pose. We cop ouo paragraph as follows:
"The school of tomorrow will have over it
door 'Wo conserve tho whole boy.' Tho watch
word of the school of yesterday has been 4We
preserve tho entire course of study.' Those
who managed tho schools of )esterday thought
that children wero created for tho exemplifica
tion of tho curriculum. In tho schools of to
morrow tho curriculum is arranged to setvo the
ueods of tho pupils. In placo of nn chine
operatives in the factory of instruction we shall
have teachers who beliovo that they are rend
ering the right servico when they teach boys
and not merely subjects. I inquired onco of a
group of teachers what they taught. Ono
said mathematics; another replied Eoglish;
still another science; but thofouith God bless
tho little prophotoss merely said, 'Pioaso sir,
just b6ys.' "
If every member of a Board of Kducatiou
(for they are responsible for educational con
ditions would sit down and study that pain
graph for au hour, aud got at its meauing,
they would begin to realize tho great necessi
ties of tho educatioual field. Wo associate the
tho course of study with education so much
that we assumo they are one and the same, and
such an idea is utter treason to education. The
course of study is a help, not an object, and
yet wo make it tho latter. Wo will havo to
take a higher stand than that i( wo wou'd
mako out school a first class investment.
Hero is anothor paragraph from tho same
thoughtful article:
"In short, I would look squaroly at tho life
itself and see what the day afier tomorrow re
quires of its citizju-to-bo, and I would center
my energy and his energy upon the mastery
of these things health, character, interest in
and capacity for service, appreciation of tho
beautiful and true, and such details of theories,
facts aud tjast accomplishments as will mako
possible tho development of humau etii
cioucy." There is education as it should bo looked at
by those in authority. Learning grammar and
arithmetic is not oducation, unloss thoy aro
made helpful in tho creation of tendencies, tho
inspiration of purposo, tho formation of habit,
and the adjustment of oneself to tho demands
and duties of his environment ;and the textbooks
do not do theso things of themselves. Whon
wo got on to that fact we aro prepared for a
forward step and not before. Ashland Independent.
Brooklyn, N. Y., Woman Found
Relief in Vinol
Did you erer cough for weel? Tain jus;
think how distressing it roast ha to have a
cough hang on for tbreo montbs.
llrr. Maria Primroje of 87 Newell etreol,
Brooklyn, N. Y., says: "I had a iery heavy
cold which settled into a cbronlo couh which
kept me awake nli;uta for fully throo months,
and fell tired all the t me because my rest waa
broker. The effect of taking your cod lirer
aod IroD remedy Vinol ia that my cough la
none. 1 can now get s ood night's rest and
I feel much stronger lu erery way." '
It is the combined action of tho medical
elements code' livers aided by the blood-male.
riog and strength-creating properties of tonic
iron which makes Vinol to efficient for cbronio
coughs, colds and bronchitis at the same
time bolldlDg up the weakened, rundown
Try a bottle of Vinol with the understand,
log that your money will be returned if it does
not help you, John 0. Peoor, Druggist, Ways
Tills, Ky.'
On Tax-Dodging
County Judges and At
torneys Meet and Urge
Appointment oL Spe
cial Counsel To Assist
Attorney - General in
Tax Suits Involving
Justus Goebel Makes Strong
Speech at Meeting.
At a mooting of the county Judges
and county attornoya of tho State held
nt tho Houso of Representatives,
Frankfort, Ky., on Nov. 8, tho follow
ing resolution was adopted:
"Resolved, That we, tho county
Judges and county attorneys of the
State, In convention assembled, heart
ily approve and Indorse the action of
the State Board of Valuation and As
sessment In placing upon the great
corporations of the State, enjoying
valuable public franchises and privi
leges, their Just share of the burdens
of taxation and we commend their acts
to the poople of the State as consti
tuting the greateat tax reform of many
years, and while we entertain the very
highest regard and respect for the
ability of the Attorney General and
his assistants and the Hon. John L
Rich, of Covington, employed as as
sistant counsel, we are unwilling that
any lack of counsel on behalf of the
State should endanger the Just and
patriotic action of the State Board of
Valuation and Assessment, and we
recommend to the Attorney General
and the Governor of the State that an
emergency exists and that the most
eminent counsel be employed to de
fend the action of the State Board of
Valuation and Assessment In the
United States Court."
JuatUH Cloobel, of Covington, ruado a
Bpoech boforo tho ausemblage, plead
ing for tho employment of additional
counsel for tho State. Mr. Goebel
"Mr. President, Gentlomen and My
Brother Kuntucklaras:
"I am moat happy to meet with tho
county Judges and county attorneys of
tho Statu. I am grateful beyond my
powers of expression for tho Invita
tion of your President which permits
my presouco here, and asks somo ex
pressions from me on this occasion.
"You, tho gentlemen of the respect
ivo counties of the State, who havu
been elected to offico and charged by
law to protoct tho interests of widows
and orphans estates in tho hands of
trustocs tho every citizen and taxpay
er who votod for you or against you, us
well as those who did not vote at ah;
you, all of you, in your olllclul capacity
havo sworn duties to perform, aud out
of gratitude to thoso who havo hon
ored you, you must havo great desire
to perform thoBo duties well. With
refcreuco to tho business of this day
to tho subject-matter hero to be dis
cussed your sworn duty is to protect
tho Interests of every taxpayer of thu
county you represent.
Corporations Deny People Rights.
"You aro hero to consider a mutter
of iufinlto interest to your people as
a whole. Tho subject involves an in
herent and constitutional right wblcu
has long been denied them bccauBo of
corporate avarice and greed and the
weakness, if not dishonesty, of sows
In whom tho people in tho past have
placed their trust.
"That tho great common people
Bhould bear only their fair and Just
proportion of tho burden of taxation
is ouo of tho greater blessings to our
kind for which my brother, William,
labored and prayed and because of
which ho was finally assassinated.
"Is It surprising then that I am hero
filled with a profoundly earnest do
slro that tho pooplo of my Stato, ot
tho Stato of my martyred brother,
shall como into tho enjoyment of it
right to which lu all law and lu com
mon honesty thoy aro entitled?
Unjust Taxation Upon People.
"Too long, altogether too long, htu
there been unjust discrimination
against tho people, unjust and burden
some taxation upon tho pooplo ub com
pared with what has boon required to
bo paid by the big corporations ot our
- i-.vw - -- - - --..-- nun
BUter Corporation lawyers nave coast
ingly said 'Tho death at William Doe
bel was a boneflt to the corporations,'
If this wore true, tho quostlon is, how
much longer shall the peoplo be hold
In bondage because of his death?
"God knows tho corporations now
suing tho Stato havo been able to
procuro (aud the word procure fs used
advisedly) Immunity long enough from
paying ttielr Just snaro of tho taxes,
People Aro Awakening.
"A hundred million dollar Increase in
tho vnluo of corporation property for
-taxation opens a new ora lu tho State's
affairs and has awakened tho peoplo
and brought thorn o a realization of
what has boon dono to them through
nil tho years ot tho past. As certainly
as truth, though crushed to earth, will
rise, Just so certainly will thoro bo a
further awakening which will correct
abuses equally as great as unequal
taxation, nnd its effect will bo that
henceforth every mnn who would hold
ofllco by preferment of tho peoplo must
bo a progressive, and no Imitation, no
mero pretender will satisfy them;
thoy will swoop asldo and Into ob
livion as old chaff any man who hesi
tates or dares to stand in tho way
of Improvement nnd betterment of
conditions for tho whole peoplo.
"No ono doubts, hnd William Goobel
been permitted to liVo, that that which
was recently dono by tho Board of
Valuation and Assessment would havo
been dono moro than a decado ago,
and today, Instead of tho largo public
servico corporations fighting in the
courts and by sinister methods en
deavoring to pcrpotuate unjust nnd un
equal taxation; attempting to throttlo
tho action ot tho present Stato taxing
board, tho first to act fully in the in
terest ot tho peoplo, such corporations
would long ago have been paying Into
tho Stnto, county and city treasuries
tholr Just proportion of tho taxes.
"Equality Is all I want."
"Some of you may think this is mere
Bpoculatton hut to those who so think,
I sny I know whereof I speak, nnd 1
believe tho railroads well understood
whnt he would do wero ho permitted
to llvo.
William Goebel's Way.
"Had William Ooebol been per
mitted to live, one of his first acts as
Governor would have becu a demand
on tho Stato taxing boards to delve
Into tho matter ot values of tho prop
ertles of tho wealthy public servico
corporations of the State, and furthei
that thoso properties bo adequately
assessed. If tho Railroad Commission
or Board of Valuation and Assess
ments had failed or declined to make
assessments according to what was
Just and fair he would Instantly have
called an extra session of tho leglsla
turo and had it appoint a committee
with directions to thoroughly lnvestl
gate, to find and roport tho truo fair
value of tho proporty of such corpoia
tions. The facts thus obtained aud
presented by that committee and its
exports ho would havo given to tho
public and simultaneous therewith
would havo gono forth his demand
upon thoso Stato boards to assess
thoso properties for taxation lu ac
cordance with tho truth; If then the
State board had still failed or i of used
to do their sworn duties to tho peoplo
he would havo impeached them und
driven them from ofllco. If the presout
Board ot Valuation and Assessment
had not done its full sworu duty h
tho pooplo, that is just what should
havo been dono to them, but, thank
God, for onco it has acted in tho In
terest of tho people.
"Necessity for action lu tho Interest
of tho peoplo has grown us years have
passed, until It has developed Into
what Is today a crying shame from
which relief must como.
"It is very evident that In Kentucky,
as In other States, big corporations
will never pay a cent mora ot tuxes
than they aro made to pay.
"Gentlemen, I am going to prove It
In a few minutes. Take the case of
the C. & O. Railroad. Where Is Mr.
Wall? I would like for him to hear
Low Valuation of C. A. O. Railway.
"Take tho case of tho C. & O. Ball
road. In 1911 that road on its entire
system lu Kentucky paid taxeB on it
total valuation ot only ?9,313,J70,
whereas, tho street railway company
of tho city of Loulsvlllo was made to
pay on a valuation of $ 10,800,000,
Think of it, gentlemenl
"Tho C. & O. It. It. in 1901 paid
taxes on a francnlso valuation ot only
J2.171.189, and In 1911 on a valuation
of only $2,743,350; whereas, tho board
found that their 1912 assessment
should bo J18.798.G30. Tho C. N. O. &
T. P. R. B. In 1901 paid taxes on a
franchlso valuatlou of only $3,110,197,'
and in 1911 on a. valuation of only
$3,559,320, whereas, tho board found
their 1912 assessment should be $10,
674,200. Tho I. C. in 1901 paid taxes
Continued on Third Page,
A pistol Is a dariRsroui bai-fullow.
Wood aliohol tempts many
a trper to his
Dables are about the only IUdks that are
cheap. They are throwing them lo tho river
at Cincinnati.
Mrs. Saga seems possessed ot mors senti
ment than wis bar hatband She Is now gti
log attention to the protection of.blrdi,
lii IHjjfl
!l!y v - wB
i5;s3ffrS'S3i; :241;3y
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ifSr 'jsK li$PaHsM
w,K9BBBsr7ApP'rJgK I
ilf SsMllPril-MsMlM
Up ilw1-3r'
.:x.J:il- pjjyini
U.V.TIsili t'll-t--eJ-a.ai--WSa,-tiiit- iti- -
"-. r'alk.. ..
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The bablt of carrying pbtols go's people
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MONY If the roaJer wants stronger prouf than the
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i?!r 4

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