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Editors and Proprietors.
A Word with our Subscribers and
Readers !
TV 1av Qrm nnmp-J on OUT books and
- Kn- tn-.v thev are like Aniels I
visits-few. very few and far between." who !
bave neglected to remit us the amount of
their subscription.
We stated at the outset, our terms for the
Bulletin was One Dollar per annum, invari
ably in advance, for we believe cash is the
only true way to transact business, aud the
only plan on which a newspaper can be con
ducted with profit to its publishers and to
the satisfaction of its patrons. It will be
our aim to make a creditable and valuable !
paper, and it is because we cannot afford to j
make such a paper aud give it away, that i
we ask and receive only the patronage of !
those who pay in advance, we therefore '
trcst that those who have neglected to com- I
ply with our terms will remit us I
promptly and cheerfully. Uur paper nas
been established on a basis that cannot fail
In a pecuniary point of view and we feel
proud in saying that it has met with a sue
cess far surpassing our most sanguine ex- j0 C10CK en- T9 arr:vcJ on loe ue,u ,ru""
pectations, and the confident assurances of j Culpepper, accompanied by McDowell and
our friends, justify us in believing that it j ' Prt of McDowell' corps. The battle was
influence and usefulness are co-extensive substantially over, Banks holding the same
with its circulation. We have placed our 'Sr0UDl1 he occupied at the beginning. After
terms o low that there is scarcely anv mar- j the arr5vaI cf thero w"s an artilIcr
gin for profit, consequently we'rely' upon ntesf, luting at intervals till 12 o'clock.
our frisLds and subscribers ro make some The rls Placted battery against Mc
- i . ; Do weli'3 center, where Generals Pope and
specui eCTcrts to obtain more new tames, as :J 1 '
we desire to give it a still wider circulation. ! w"e- bri"2'nS both of them under fire,
so its influence may be still farther extend- 1 ha General and staff were so near tberebe.
tu. ... c is a ;
only has to be shown to commend itself Id
every individual in its behalf, especially to
those who belong to the Democrat party
and believe the success of its time honored
- t ;t . . : . . i
IlLibllCS Walt piUIUUlU IUU IblCIWL?, iIJUl
and elorv of our baloved cour.trv. We in-
rite and'ask the co-operation ofour friends
very where, simrlv submitting it to them
-viV. ,t. -.u . i
ly and effectually ifiuece true conseivative ! tack- Pt by artillery. Banks evidently
principles among tbe masses, we shall be ! expected the assistance of McDowell, on
grateful for thoir co-operation. Tbe terms J Saturday, but did not get it. neither that
of tbe Bulletin", which must be strictly ad- General or Sigel arriving in time to partici
bered to, is Ose DoLLAa per annual in-I Te. OnSunday, when Pope had effected tho
TBriably in advance. ! concentration, of three corps of his army, and
Medary's Crisis.
n0g -u iue rot aoio interesting fac wUb tbe baUlg fielJ ;n pcsses3ion of the
and valuable Democratic papers received in ; federalSf led many t0 cl.lim it a federal v:c.
our office, therelis not one more deserving of torv. but u j3 reajny seen, that Jackson,
favor and patronage than the Crisis. 'having accomplished his purposa retired.
Governor Sam. Medary, the old wheel e:ther tostnko a sudden blow elsewhere or
horse of tbe Ohio Democrary wields a : bavic, leAjed tho feJora, Sk.jvatiC9t t0 pro.
trenchant pen, and as be is familiar with par9 for tha re3t tru;;ge at Gordonsville.
every National and State interest, he finds J 0n SanJav p0I3 soern3 tJ have been puz
bo difficulty in giving a clear and ft7s zled flt ,LeBUjjcn jiaajpearanco of Jackson
expression to his sentiments. True to his j A flUik morement was fearedf and prepara.
fa.th he is still battling for the rights of tho J t;on3 ma(o t0 gHjrJ an6i it. Tha ulora.
Democracy and the prosperity of the old j ,oss ia kiIIedi W0!in,jed and missing, is
Union as ft teas an! the Constitution as it is. placeJ at fiftcan hundrod. it fan3 the
Such a paper as the Crisis, is an invaluable I heavie8t upon 0hio troops who bore the
puniication. it is issued in octavo torm lor .
binding, and will form a book at the end
of the year worth five timrs the cost of the
paper, and a record of passing events that
cannot fail to be of the greatest valu9 to
those who desire to "keep posted up," in
reference to the affairs of the country.
Believing as we do that it is the riht
paper in me ngot piace ior tne 'mpen-
ding cnsis.wewish it ail the success and
prosperity imaginable. My it have a
V . . t , r . . ...
uoc lrUe ana stauncn menus wtio wiu
give it a patronage m keeping with its mer-
O 1 1 . a m ...
oeou auuget it, terms only 1 wo JJoIIars
year, or One Dollar for six months in ad- .
T"C0' Address S. jNlEDABY, Columbus. O-
0711 is estimated that, when the paper
money schemes adopted 1 y Congress at its
late session, are carried into effect, tho pa- '
percurreocy of the country will amount Q
the enormussum of $560,000,000, bein an
increase of $100,000,030 in the last few i
(rTbe grape crop of Ohio is threatened j
by rot, which prevails to an unusual extent '
At the late meeting of the Vino Growers'
Association in Cincinnati, several members
stated that they would lose one half their
crop. j
(rename is tbe first btate to report her
1UOI ,u"' nnuer lae "ll Ijr oUO.tVO men. '
It is not only tuil, but there is a surplus of
OrMajor General II. Richardson, of
Michigan, and Capt. U. T. Bank, of Ken- ;
tucky, have been dismissed from the service. !
Causa cot stated.
KT Governor Mors n. on behalf of the ''
State ofNew York, assumes the resronsibil-
ity of proclaiming aVoHnty of $50 for each
tew recruit ctder tbe lecect call for troops. '
. ;
CCT" 1 be weather still cottinuM alrnoQt no
hot as ceeds be for any reasonaU,. -
Th , v, J:fr..tablarUrr0eC'
i'iiio u .uercrcn
tween ,
mianigni and noonday, so far as any renef:
is afforded to the human system. Oh! for '
th drgPt of September. j
one hundred and thirty-tbrce prisoners, 6ix .
wsgons with horses, and equipments fur four '
companies. Ou tbe same davtherebuU tonk '
fourteen prisoners at O. leen Creek.
Tbe details of the great battle fought near
Culpepper Courthouse, on last Saturday, be
tween the federal armies of Generals Banks
aud Pope, and the rebels under Stonewall
Jackson, are sufficient to determine its char-
acter. Gen. Bayard, of McDowell's corps
witb bis cavalry brigade, had been engagedf
on Friday, on the extreme advance, near
the Rapidan river, skirmishing and maneu
vering, killing some and taking somo prison-
er3 euding, with slight loss, in baffling the
fft'a of a larSe forc8 t0 uonod and cut
them off. Saturday morning he was en
gaged for some hours before Banks came up ,
and with four regiment cavalry, he delayed
and embirrassed the enemy's advance. The
rebels, under Jackson and Ewell had cross
ed the Rapidan in force, and their advance
guard, lo.COO strong, was attacked by Banks
about six miles south of Culpepper Court
house. The fight was almost wholly with
mery at nrsr. nut me iniaoiry uecan.o
eng-i-ad about six o'clock, and a determined
on1 mot bloody contest ensued. Banks'
right 'ler Gen. Williams suffered severely,
Tho rtbcl position was in the wods, while
the troops which attacked them were oblig-
led to cro. open around. It was not unin
i about 6 o'clock that it became evident that
the rebels were attacking in force. The
whole rebel force suddenly attacked in over
whelming numbers at all points; at 8J
. lines, that a sudden charge of rebels was
j mada with a view t0 calluro tLera' lhe
j attenlI 1 wa3 reused by a vigorous fire from
; McDowell's troops, and the Generals and
their lM lha SrounJ under a cross fire
froin the rebels and their troops. Tbe fire of
the rebel Latteries was afterward silenced.
j Pr. on arriving, sent fresh troops to the
1 front- t0 taI;e the flMe of 1'ilLks' exhausted
' co'.umcs. The rebels did not renew the at-
; was limy prepare l io meet ciison, it was
' discovered that Jackson Lad vamosed. This
brunt of lho batlie
Another British vessel has been captured
while attempting to run the blockade. Sh
had a heavy carj;o on board.
Deserters from thellehel army at Mobile
report the forts there as poorly garrisoned
and capable of but a feeble resistance. The
latest information from that quarter entirely
d;ss;pates lhe statement that ten Brititb
built iron-clad gar-boats had entered that
Soma alarm ;3 rainifested about Xorfolk
j and Fortress Monroe. Tbe federal pickets
have been twice driven in at Norfolk. Thi
;9 tbe first effect of the rebel movement
fiouth from Richmond, and which gave rise
t0 tbe 8Sory of the evacuation of Richmond
A dispatch from federal Gen. Mor
?an, at
. Cumberland Gay, says: 'De Courey's bri-
'le aDd lLe 14th Kent"cky, on the 5th and
Gib inst., had several engagements with
Stevenson's rebel division, in lorco. The
rbeIs 'St 225 kiHed and WOUDde,J. a
Lt. Col. Gordon, of the 11th Tennesssee
j taken prisoner. Our loss was three killed.
fllteen wc uni3etl anJ fif,y taken prisoners.
1 u' C0tllrl3l-'s ot the lbth Ohio were sur
r0UIued h- tw0 rebel "giments, but they
succeedeJ 1:1 cutting their way out. We
Ci,rUirfil1 a l-rSQ !t of forago, tobacco, horses
aE 1 mules.
The telegraph brings us the intelligence,
that Independence, Mo., was attacked on
Monday by 100 rebels, under Cols. Hu-hes
and Q-urtrcl, and aftr four hour hard fif-ht
ir.g, tbe federals surrendered.
QC7 Au order of tho War Department
proh ibits 'ail citizens liable to be drafted in
tho military service .from going to a foreign
country. i?nch persons absenting thetu-
scUes are EU,j-ct lo arrest
no11T oriier Irom tbe war department
u:rccts tho arrest anJ imprisonment of any
r"o'i3 wl-o may be engaged by act or speech
or writing, in discouraging volunteer enlist-
et i- ach case the writ of habeas
corpus is supe nded and the offender is to be
tried by a military Commission.
QCrA dispatch from Mcmthis. dated on
Satnr lay, reports the rebels under Bra
within eight miles of that city. A stron"
L"-J1 D0 crops of kans is are said to be in
( nne coriJit:ou and
j abundant than ever.
promise to be more
From tho N. Y. Express, Aug. 9
There has baen a great demand for pas
sage tickets to Liverpool, Dublin, Hamburg
and Breemen, and many of the intended
voyagers sold out bouses, lands, stocks and
household furniture to leave the country .
This desire appeared to be increased by the
Government order issued last evening, for
bidding all persons liable to military duty,
from leaving tbe State or County in which
they resided, and a rush to the European
ticket offices was the consequence ending
in disappointment to many who would Tain
be under the Bniisb.Gerraau, or French flags
till our civil war should be concluded.
One of the steamers most liberally pat
ronized was the Etna," as she was adver
tised to sail to-day at noon. Her dock is at
the foot of Spring street, North River, and
this moruiug it presented many extraordi
nary scenes, which must furnish abundant
material for the historic annals of our time.
The police were out, in tho words of one
of them, "bright and ecrly" to accomplish
the desire of our Government, to retain cit
izens of the Republic on our shore. Many
of tho would-be passengers, who would
have gladly stowed themselves in the spa
cious vessel, had their purpose thus over
thrown. At 10 o'clock, a vast crowd of both sexes,
and all asres and conditions of lilo, gathered
on the dock, somo having emerged from
vehicles where the "Jehus" is posed a spe
cial tax on their departure to the exorbitant
price of the trip.
Ba22h?e of all kinds, in boxes, trunks,
portmanteau-; bedding, bound in patchwork
quilts, household relics of family furniture;
women with bonnets slurg carlessly Over
their shoulders, fainting with hf.it; men of
all ages, melting with perspiration, and nl
mosfovercome with excitement, children in
their mother's arms, peevish and cryiig;
boys clamorotu were all witnessi-d in jux
taposition on the olilong dock to the sde
nf which the Etna was moored. Many oi
tbe strange crowd roamed up and d.wn to
discover some point by which they milit
set on board without being subjected t the
scrutiny of the police. Th.-y were disap
pointed, however, for the officers sentinelled
every point of ingress.
The only entrance to the ship was by the
central gang-plank. The rush at eleven
o'clock to get on board was terrific; so much
so, that tho officers after using tha utmost
forbearance were oblige. 1 to draw batous.
Still the concourse, many of them women,
pressed forward with such force that the offi
cers were obliged to clear a sp.ice by which
the male pa.-scnizers might bo examined as
to the right to leave in the ship On the in.v.n
deck of the steamer directly opposite the out
side fficers were other policemen, who nar
rowly scanned tho passengers as they pro
ceeded, j-iy fully, and sometimes defiantly,
to their respective berths iti the ship.
Many of the p.i'sengcrs presented pj?s
port3 but the police, it was stated, refine 1
to recognize such of them as were dated
within the hist ten days. An Irishman, of
s'out build but d iininutivo stature, teeming
with perspiration, his back, arms and hands
loaded with a wonderful assortment of bag
gago, succeeded, near noon, in getting en
board the ship. Those who were not so for
tunate, and who were in possession of the
secret, spread the Celt's movements from
tongue to tongue, till it reached the police.
A search was soon made, and the Hibernian
was discovered, luggage and all, and ordered
to go on shore.
In Brooklyn, during tho past week, a large
number of families have been settling up,
and picking up, preparatory to their depar
ture fjom the city, to avoid tho draft. In
fact, tlio eioilus from tlio citjr become ro
2re3t that somo portions were about being
depopulated, and landlords were looking on
in consternation. 1 hose leaving were prin
cipally foreigners, though many bad been
naturalized and were liable to ba drafted.
It is thought that nearly enough have al
ready got away to have made a regiment,
and as mary more were making prepara
tions to leave some for Germany, some for
England, Ireland, Scotland s.nd Canada.
Property has been sold at a sacrifice, and tho
proceeds turned into realy cash.
Oue gentlemon, residing in Bocrnm street,
disposed of $30,00'J worth of property this
week, and has paid a high premium to have
a large amount of bis money turned into
gold, intending to take his departure for Eu
rope at the earliest moment. The number
of persons who have disposed of their busi
ness in Hudson avenue, to leave the coun
try, is astonishing. Liquor stores, grocery
and other stores bave been sold out, either
at a great sacrifice or under the auctioneer's
flag, so that the owners might get awiv. A
man whokepta little gin mill near the Xavy
Yard gate had saved up $500 in silver, and
sold out his place for 300, which ha turned
into silver, and was to leave the city to day.
Two conductors on the City Railroad had
resigned their situations, and were also to
leave to-day, but the order of Secretary
Stanton has interfered with the plans of all
these runaways.
Many Irishmen are endeavoring to claim
protection as British subjects. It is needless j
to say that the orders from tho War Depart
menl yesterday fell with a heavy weight
upon the hearts of some who had indulged
in the hopa of bidding adieu to this land ot
troubles. They were ready to exclaim, in
the language of Cowpar
"O for alodre in somo v:ist wihlorness,
Some bauiic.iless contiguity of hade,
Wlicrerumo! of apprehcii-i.n and deceit
Of uiiMicecssfal or successful war
Might never reach nie more. My car is pained,
My soul is sick with every day's report,
Of wrongsand outrages with which tho earth is
Several arrests have already been made in
Oswego under order of the Secretary of War.
Over fifty left on the boat last night, from
all parts of the State, and probably 100
would have gone to-Light. While on this
sulject we convey the lollowing from one of
the Canadian papers, it is headed "The i
Coward's Welcome to Canada." !
'The call for 300,000 more men across I
the line will be the means of drivin? bun - i
dreds from that country into Canada. We '
are informed that quite a number have al
ready made their appearance in this and the
adjoining counties. Thev have ignomini
ously lelt their country in tho hour of her
peril to escape couscription. Three times
three groans for tho sneaking cowards!"
(rGen. Boyle has issued a special order,
which prohibits all perocs from purchasing
of soldiers, now or heretofore in the service
of the United States, clothing, arms, equip
ments, or govern meet military stores of any
kind whoever. Any violation ofthisorder
will meet with the severest punishmeut.
From the Hartford (Coun.) Times.
An Eloquent Voice of Warning In 1848.
Messrs. Editors I send you the enclosed ,
thinking that perhaps you mightbe disposed
to republish it in the Times, and oblige
A Subscribes.
Enclosed with the above letter we fonnd
tho following article. Itwas originally pub
lished in the Cabotville (Mass.) Mirror, and
copied into the Times, August 12th, 1818.
What terrible troubles might have been
avoided had its eloquoncp and prophetic
warnings been heeded!
We have read of two bitter foes meeting
on a plat of ground, beside a deep precipit
ous chasm. They engaged hand to hand,
steel to steel, in the strife. One of them at
length, feeling that Ihb opponent was getting
th e better of him. grappled in, and strove to
bear his antagonist to tho ground. They
struggled, they wrestled, the bent back wards
and forwards, and swayed on either side. In
the fierceness of the strife, they approached
the edge of the cliff. Suddenly one of them,
by a mighty effort, and Hinging his whole
weight and strength towards the brink, bore
his foe ot.ward, and, in a deadly embrsoo.
they both fell crashing, bloody, lifeless,
down iuto tho abyss below.
After all the blood and treasurp, toil and
puftering;afterall the prayers and watching,
faith and hope, in which was laid the glori
ous Union of these United States; after all
the glorious results, and rich fruitions of this
Union; after all the power, the happiness,
jthe wealth, the prosperity and the harmony
i which have fallen into the lapse of two
' gei er itiiins, as tbe fruits of that blessed
'Unio'),' is one general sovereignty of many
independent States; alter all the triumphs of
i war an I peace, which have add id glorv to
! L'lory on tbe bright escutcheon of the nation;
after all the h a I lowed, and holy and subli me
' deeds and events of tlio p.ir-t, and brighter,
greater, holier visions of the future; after all
! the fond hopes and strong faith of millions
of the oppressed and tl iwn-tr "i let) in t tie
old world, who have gazed and watched our
i rising brightness as the glad star of promise
to the world; aftir all this, nd after c have
attained a position among the nations of lhe
i earth . such as was never reached since tho
j creation, powerlul. peaceful, harmonious at
i home, honored abroad, Lappy and Ir.-o now
! with insane m nines, we must stir up the
bitter waters of contention between the
i Xortii and theS mth. With a suicidal r-ck-!
Jessiiess, we will urge on the crisis. What
though we cm hear the silken cr.ls of fra
: temity cracking, ami sec thread after thread
parting, wo w ill not falter. No! taunt the
hot Southron with the black plague-spot
which ho caught from Northern cupidity;
; curse him for his misfortunes; p'er him for
his prejudices; madden him by our power;
twit him of his poverty, and then sneeringly
i dare him to sever the Union.
j Oh, it is vastly fine, it is trauscendently
j bum mo and philanthropic, for us to talk and
declaim about slavery, to mount the car of
: liberty and ride in triumph over one half of
j these peace ful happy States. It is high and
t.o'ole conduct after a series of gross attacks
' and aggressive movements, which have com
I pelted tlu South to Maud on the defensive
; then to hold up our hands in pious horror at
'the deep depravity of the South,' and affect
to wonder men can bo so wicked. II .w
i lovely, how beeomirg in us, after piling in
! t-ult and indignity on tho slaveholder, and
' arousing the fiery spirits of tho fervid South
j a'moft to frenzy, to raise our hands and eyes
to Heaven, and give thanks that we are not
: as other men are, even as those slaveholders
'yonder. Oh yes; and at them again. Ap
; ply the scourge; talk of humanity and l.itigh
! at your brother. He is a slaveholder and
: you are not he Is weak and jo.i nro .trona
' be is a sinner and you are a saint. Hedge
him in; t-urrouud him with a high wall;
i chain him to a rock; laugh at his struggles;
! boast of your own strength and riches and
! then dure him to secede Irom tbe Union.
Such seems to bo the chosen course of
I seme of our superfine patriots and philan
j tbropistsof the North, if we may judge by
; the gusto with which many journals lling
i ail manner of taunts and opprobrious f-pi-j
thcts at the "slaveocracy" ol the South. It
j is not a labor of love, but one of bitter bate,
j Keason is thrown to the winds; kinonessand
fraternal feeling has given place to a strug
gle for supremacy. Xo sympathy is felt for
their misfortune; no allowance is made for
their position; no consideration for the iu-
hrmtties of hii man nature; but w ith whip and
tliey ciasn
when revolutions, insurrections, and in- ;
ternal wars shall lav waste the land: when
vexatious tariffs shall lay waste tholan l;
when vexatious tariffs shall hedge up the
commerce of one Stat with another: when
i.,-. i ... i . . '
i.n.mei ojeeis oroiuer in oaltle: when our
I"" luvy on "Pnn eir southern OCT We insert below an editorial from
brothers. Ibis is all noble, humane, and ' ,un World f ii,. is nr - i -,i
h:gh-inindednow. ( tne Woild.of July 18. Our readers will re-
i, ,u0 ,l i , , o i member that the World is a leading Repub-
Dut when thev have goaded tho South!,. , ,. , , . a p
on to the very brink of desperation; when. ! IlC;in P:,Per I)ubllsh'J i tho city of New
as the legitimate and inevitable results of York.-
their own mad ca-eer, they shall hear crash - j 'The friends of the rebels should not com
ing around them tho tumbling fragments of plain of Congress for passing an act at the
our own once glorious and magnificent tern- ; close of the session depriving: the con fed er
ple; when our land shall be full of petty ' ates of their property , as that" body with rare
1 owers, rival States, and jealous Princinali- ; magnanimity inaugurated a scli,.mJ. a ii,
. i i , , , , - -T " " j .-uo.-.i v o ilea
land becomes, like other lands, the scene of sury issues h ive quadrupled the cost of war
misru.e, strife and ruin then, perhaps, these ' by depreciating our currency; thev have
philanthropic, patriotic, humane lovers of created an intolerable annoya'uee and waste
their kind may begin to think that there was j in all the avenues of trade bv drivin- small
some reason lor the earnest and supj licatory ; change out of use; they are deprivin- us 'of
cry fo, hear. It is pleasant and delightful real money by necessiutin ' its "export
now to rail at. those who strive for peace abroad, and they give a hevybonus to for
tnose who will not pluck out an eye for the I eign commerce by inflating the price of ex
sake of removing a mote which is in it I change. Ln the rebels be consoled; Con
lou who are so abounding in love to oil ! gress in its financial measures has done more
mankind that you aro willing to plunge your j injury to the loyal North thau to the dis-
country in all the horrors of a c;vil aud ser
vile war. go on from your Northern and
your Southern parties threaten, bully and
taunt each other; call all those who have
the courage and the independence to act for
the good of the whole, in spite of all outward
pressure "doughfaces;" yield not a hair
breadth you are the advocates of libefty,
the opponents of slavery; you alone are right;
on with the glorious work wheu instead of
destroying slavery, you shall have destroy
ed .rreedom itself when you shall have
overthrown our present government which
contains a power in itself, if carried out in
the spirit of its founders, to cure this very
evil of slavery when you find yourself sit
ting, like Marias of old, amid th. ruins and
desolations of your own making; when, the
mockiDg shouts of tyrants and the hopeless
wailings of the oppressed shall ring in your
ears, then you may proudly survey the wreck
and say this, all this, is the work of ,
But the South dare not secede! Men will
dare every thing, when driven to despera
tion. When their passions are aroused, they
will dare even dea'h itself, if they can in
volve their enemy in their own ruin.
'We are no prophet, and outs is no raven
throat to croak of evil; but, if wo are to have
our sectional parties, and the North is to be
arrayed against the South, and men are to
plunge headlong into tbe strife, this Union
will as surely and as speedily be torn asund
er, as that night follows the day. Let it
come, yon sap! the South will suffer more
than ourselves. Yes, it will be rich consola
tion, while the South is dead.
Such may be tbe humanity and philoso
phy of others, but for ourself, wo are frank
to sav, that we can hope for no political sal
vation for tho slave, black or white, in the
old world or in the new; no golden hope of
progress in constitutional freedom, and in
dividual rights, except in the preservation
of the Union of these States. Preserve tho
Union, and all is preserved, freedom itself
will become universal; but destroy the Un
ion, and all will be destroyed slavery will
bo perpetual.
Let charity which thinketh no evil and
is not pulled up, guide our actions and dic
tat our words towards each member of this
great family let tbe same spirit of kindness
and forbearance which actuated tbe founders
of tho republic, actuato us, and tbe Union
will still be preserved, and Heaven stil!
bless us.
The Jackass Artilleht. It is related
that during the campiign on tho Shenando
ah, one of Fremont's batteries of eight Par
rot guns, supported by a squadron of horse,
wasTn a sharp conflict with a battery of the
enemy near at hand, and shell and shot were
flving thick and fast, when the commander
of tho battery, a German, one of Fremont's
men rode suddenly up to the cavalry, ex
claiming in loud and exciting tones, 'Bring
up the shackasses, pring up th' sh.i:kasses;
for Cot sake hurry up the shickasses. i in -me-dially.'
The necessity of this order
will be obvious when it is known that the
shackasses aro mules carrying mountain
howitzers, which aro fired Irom tbe much
abused but valuable anim.il, and the imme
diate occasion for 'sh.ickasies' was tint two
reg:m-nts of rebel infantry wt re at that mo
ment discovered descending a hiil immedi
ately behind our bitteiies. The shackass
es, with the howitzers loaded with grape
nnd canister, were soon on the ground.
The mules squ irnd thtjtn elv.:s, as they well
knew bow, It r the shock. A terrible volley
was poured into the advancing column,
which immediatly broko and retreated.
Two hundred ac.d revo My - eight d-al bodies
were found in tho ravine next day, piled
closely together as they fell, tho eif -cis of
that volley from tho backs of tho 'shack
asses.' (rj-Democrats may well feel gratification
at tho changed aspect of things at Washing
ton. In the first place, the Breed dent is firm,
and will apparently rem ai rs so, in resistance
to the pressure of abolition upon him. In
the next, tho recent c nduct of the war has
been set aside, and Gin. Ila'leck, a Demo
crat, and one of nw.-l capable Commanders
of the army, appointed General-in Chief,
with the understanding, undoubtedly, that
there shall bo no interference from any
ooarter with his management of the war.
In tho next, place, there is tbe most happy
accord between Generals IJ.illeck and
McClellan, find th'-se great captains will
have Gen. McCIel'an's friendship in all
things. They will conduct the war. Thus,
the conduct of the war is in Democratic
hands, with the President, I dare say, sick
of Abolition Generals nnd determined to bo
rid of them in all responsible siiions. We
repeat. Democrats may well feel gratification
J at. the changed aspect ol things at Wasbirg-
ton, and iney may, without misgivings as
to the result, put their shoulders more de
terminedly to tho wheel than ever.
Let us all put our shoulders ti thn wheel
and help tho 'resident and Generals Halleck
and McClullan through with tho war. Chi
cago Times.
Gunboats fr the Ohio. At tbe solicita
tion of citizens of Ohio tho Xavy Depart
ment has promised that a heavy force shall
at once ii put to work to fit up ten gunb -u's
for exclusive use on tho Ohio river. The
boats are to be iron -plated in the most ap
proved stvle and to draw only two feet cf
water. Each boat is calculated to carry two
guns, and to be able to patrol the Ohio riv
er anywhere from the month to Pittsburg.
These boats will be hurried through r.ioun"
ed, and put in to commission immediatly.
It is believed that when they are placed in
tho river, nil danger of guerrilla invasion
will be at an end. Covington Journal.
beginning of the session, to injure as much
as possib.e, the property ol loyal people. It
is safe to fay that for every one dollar the
confiscation bill will lose to the South, Mr.
Chase's legal tender note scheme will cost
the Xorth twenty dollars. Excessive trea-
loyal South.'
Or Isadora Morrison, a female rehel
spy, tried to commit suicide in prison at
St. Louis on Sunday. The attempt was
fruitless however.
fjCrCommodore Porter, of the mortar
fleet, has started for the Xorth to recruit
his health.
OCrTho report current two or three days
ago, that Morgan, at the head of a large
force, had again entered Kentucky, has not
been confirmed.
00- Gen. SchoSeld has issued a general
order for the immediate organization of all
the malitia of Missouri, for the purpose of
exterminating the guerrillas that infest that
fr5"TheXashvitle Union learns that Gen.
Xelson has ordered five hundred negroes'
belonging to rebel masters, to be sent tohim'
for the purpose of putting them to work for
the benefit of tho army.
V Stand, embracing two large and elegant
threo story Mores on Wall Street, I continue to
carry on, with increased stock and facilities, my
Ionr established business of furnishing Families
in City aud County, Fanners, Merchant nad all
othe is, most oi tho essential commodities con
Mimed in li lo, all which I am selling at tho
most favorable rates for cash or such country
produce as units the market. Thankful for the
liberal patronage so long extended to me in the
past, and which lias enabled me to otfer greater
inducements to customers hcrealter. I respect
fully solicit a continuance of their favors. I5e
low will bo found advertisements of a fewr of my
specialities; but it would take up a whole news
paper to emiinmerato all the commodities of
(Miieral necessity which I habitually keep on
hand. No one can examine my stock and go
away unsuited us to quality and price.
Old Stand on Wall Street.
Maysviile, July 17
OlL) HAMS. 200 two year, old can
vassed of a lot of somo thousand of my
own euriug, still romaiuiug for select use.
VTEW HAMS. 500 canvassed Hams 'of
iN my last year's curing, sweet, sound, juicy
ami of unrivalled llavor.
OLD rcOUHnOS. 50 Brls. choice Bour.
tvn Whiskey very old. r.uro, highly flavored
andoilv. ALEX. MADDUX.
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. l iiTO,;t-.. r,...-. r,
four years old. lw:ivs kept ou'httnd for sal'j lo-.r
by LVI or gallon. " ALSX. MADDOX.
COMMON WHISKY. An abundant
supply of cctnunu Whiskeys, at very low
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MMILY KLOUIt The choicest bran!a
always kept
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wav kepr in lull supplr
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V sub.-tit utij for Colfjd. ALEX MADDOX
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all mzc, from a plough line to a ships caUa
always on hau l. ALEX MADDOX
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' I) LOCK AND TACKLK-Au assortment
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STONE WARE Every kind of vTsli
ol the uost manufactured carthcrn ware,
SALT 13i.st Kanawha and Ohio River
fall by the iiri. aud Table Salt hy the b-i?.
! " khi. mi in. . i. . . , , . . : '
. . -.. Ui ,or Un-pJ
ryM)LLo-Choice brands of Star and
V i allow candles, adapted to all seasons.
K.;ai ii, country-made, lor wushin dollies,
sci ujonig, 0., and choice toilet and iriumcd
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)t 1.lluve bought out John A. Oobiirn'
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i l'ro'ln for storage or mile always re
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ralu' ALEX. MADDuX.
h is W .'rT''U iln l ttlc Pblic, that he
iioiwueuE"..:r la,- ioto1' 8'rov &'
Ulih 10 OKDEi:,Jl art.cles iu the line of
iisulwlf14" al?J exa,ni"e Goods and Prices,
tionto alT -i CUt 1 Ctt" give entire satis.'uc
X" 1 l "y.'or rao with their putron
Lower th. . " gollu of the above ood
bovver Uiu any other house in Maysviile.
t;io. V. TUDOit,
M arket St., bet. 2ud & 3rd Sts.,
Mv-v;n r nexi,do'- William Walkins.
Maysviile, Juno 1. lS.2-y
Attorneys at Law,
2T"Prompt attention paid to Colleetin.g-J
june 12, 1S62.

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