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Editors and Proprietors. -
Henry Clay's Remains. -
t After in Interment of twelve jeara, the
Vemrimof Hkwbt CiaT were remOTtd lest
week upon the deeth of bis wife, and placed
side ' by Bide with here beneath tbe beauti
ful monument erected to bh memory in the
Tihicton Cemetery. : Connected with this
Tent, the Observer seys the wreath of im:
hortetfes pUced upon his coma by his friend,
the gifted poetess, Mrs.: Ann 8. Stephens,
prior to the rem oral ' of, the - bod y. from
Washington, wu fonod to be in an almost
perfect state of preservation, being bat little
fsded, whilst a gold ringbearing the Initials
"J. W" which rested near the wreath, was
as bright as though just from a jeweller's
tor. -' " - ' ' "
CirThe French paper . of Philadelphia
oblished an article taken from the Opin-
ion Nationale of Paris, which includes offi
cial document, and declares that the French
Government is quietly conniving with the
efforts of the confederate agents to have
iron-clad war Vessels built in France for the
r" confederate service.'
From the revelatiata of the Opinion it
appears that parties at Nantes and Bordeaux
have been for months at work building war
vessels, ostensibly for China hot really f-r
the rebels. Mr. Dayton last fall laid be
fore the French Government proofs of the
real destination of the vessels, end after
much delay the work was stopped by gov
. eminent orders; but during the last two
months the Opioion declares that the work
has been resumed, and two of the 'vessels
are ready to be passed over to the confed
erate agents. Lieut. Msury and Captain
Bullock have been prominent in theae ne
gotiations. ...
These vessels are Iron-clad, and the reb
el authorities hare ordered an entire fleet.
OTGold closed Monday, in New York,
CCT'We find the following among the re
ported proceeding of the debate to expel
Mr. Long:
-: "Mr. Schenck asked Teaveto eay a word.
Mr. Long I will not give-way. Tou do
not command this department. It is sug-
gested the member is not a Brigadier-General
on this floor. Thank God 1 -
Mr. Schenck (in an under-tone) Tf I
were I would have sent you over the lines
long ago.- (Laughter in that locality.)
fr5A hogshead of tobacco was sold at
Louisville on Thursday, for 170 per 100
- lbs, the highest price ever paid in tha t city .
It was grown by J. B Cook, of Hart coun
ty. The first bid was $100 per 100 lbs.
(7-Governor Brsmlett has induced the
War Department to credit Kentucky on the
draft 27,000 troops who have Joined the
Confederate army. A recruit to the Con
federates is considered by our liberal War
Department equal to a recrait to the Fed
erals. t
(KTFourteentb. Btreet, Washington, is said
- to contain throughout its whole .length.
South or vVillareVs not one house that is not
a house of ill fame. A contract has just
been made to baild a house of the same
character, which ia to cost $80,000.
ftyMeasures for restocking the lakes
and rivera of Switzerlvnd with fish hava for
some time past been io operation. Up to
the present time a million and a half o'
young trout have been introduced into the
Lake of Zurich.
00Morae & Co, extensive stock brokers
topped payment iu New York on Monday.
(Ojoho Daley recently hung io Cali
fornia for mnrder.left a fortune C $30,000.
which reverts to bis mother, a poor, hard
working woman of Albany, New York.
(KrJ. Flint, Esq., bas been appointed
bv Governor Bramlettei Commissioner and
Agent for and on behalf of the State of Ken
tucky, to visit the camps cf negro troops and
obtain sncb evidences of enlistments of
Kentucky negro troopa now is Tennessee
and other organizations ss will enable the
State to obtain proper credits therefor.
Catlittsbubo, April 18, 1864.
Messrs. EdiTom:
The Federal troops under G. W. Gallop,
left Paictsville In pursuit of the Rebels ana
surprised them at the Burning Fork of Lick
ing.' A courier reached Louisa, direct from
the scene ot -action, Friday night, and yes-
y terday I saw several Lieutenants who had
been captured. .
.' There are many rumors as to the result of
the engsgement; tbs most reliable of which
appears to be that the Bebs were surprised,
bat made a stand, and were finally driven
frm tha fiald with a loss of Ten or Fifteen
killed and Thirty or Forty prisoners, most-
ly wonnasa.
. Among the prisoners is said to be Colonel
Zeke Clay, of Bourbon county, who lost his
right eye' by 'a musket ball. -R- . '
Dispatches from Vicksburg to the 3 J say
that the confederates attacked Rook's plan
tation, which is'beinz worked br ibe Gov
ernment, near Snydersville, on lie Yazoo
"river, on Friday Isst and destroyed all val
uable buildings and machinery.
Ot the beat manufactories, at from $25 to
$50 less than tiuclHSATI uasn prices.
decl7 R. ALBERT. Second street.
- ttSTA Stradivariua vJolio . that once be
longed to the Mediei family,, was recently
cold at auction, In Paris, for $1,119.
-' From tbe Cincinnati Gazotto.
A correspondent of tbe St. Louis Demo
crat, tvbo'was oo board the steamer Platte
Valley, gives a detailed description of the
massacre at Fort Pillow. When about three
miles below the fort, on, its way up, the boat
was aigoaled by a flatboat on. the Missouri
ahore and took oo a colored corpora) and
three wounded men, who gave tbem the
first account of the fight. On reaching the
fort, tbe rebels raised a white flag and asked
the boat to atop agreeing on a trace, till 5
P. M. about nine hours. The writer went
ashore and walked about, talking freely with
tbe rebel officers. We quote as follows: ;
We have gleaned the facts of ihe . fight
from authentic sources, and they may be
relied upon as truthful. The rebels, under
Forrest, appeared and drove in the pickets
about sunrise on Tuesday morn'og. The
garrison of the fort consisted of about two
hundred of the 13th Tennessee volunteers
and four hundred negro artillery, all under
command of Major Booth; the gut. boat No.
7 waa also in the river. The rebels first
attacked the two rater forts, and in several
attempts to charge were repulsed. Tbey
were constantly re-enforced, and extended
their lines to the river on both sides of the
fort. The garrison in the two outer forts
were at length overpowered by superior
numbers, and about noon evacuated them
and retired to the fort on the river. Here
tbe fight was maintained with great ob
stinscy, and continued till about 4 P. M.
Tbe approach to the fort from the rear is
over a gentle declivi'y, cleared and fully ex
posed to a rakii g fire from two sides of the
fort. About thirty yards from the fort ia a
deep ravine, running all along the front, and
so ateep at the bottom as to be bidden from
the lorts, and not commanded by. its guns.
Tbe rebels charged with great boldness
down the declivity, aod faced without
blaochirg a mnrderous fire from the guns
and small armsCT tbe fort, and crowJed in
to tbe ravine, where tbey were sheltered
from fire by the steepbank, which had been
thus left by some unaccountable neglect p.
ignorance. Hero tbe rebels organized for
fioil cbarga npon tbe fort, after sending a
flag of trnce with a demand for surrender,
which waa refused. Tbe approach from the
ravine was through a deep, narrow gully,
and the steep embankments of the fort
Tbe last charge waa made about four P. M.,
by the whole rebel force, and was success
ful after a most desperate and gallant do
Two or three Federal band-box officers oo
board the Platte Valley, one ef tbem with
his young bride, made themselves conspicu
ous ia fawo'mg around the rebel officers
Tbey brought General Chalmers, and sever
al subordinate cut-throat looking officers, on
board the Platte Valley, drank with- tbem.
introduced them' to their wives, aod invited
tbem te dinner. They made room for them
at tbe ladies' table, and they aat down to
dinner, but it happened either by accident
or from a just idea of the fitness of things on
the part of our high spirited Captain, that at
that moment tbe signal bell for moving was
beard, and tbe rebel officers,, leaving their
soup untouched, skedaddled. Geo. Chal
mers, soliloquising as he hurried past your
correspondent that he had learned to mo as
well as to fight. In tbe conversation pre
ceding the dinner, Geo. Chalmers said he
did not countenance or encourage hs soldier
in killing captive negro soldiers, but it wss
right and juatifitb!e.
The rebel officers were generally well
clad, but bad very little to distinguish them
from the privates. General Chalmer bad
airoply a black feather in his hat, and tbe
other officers stripea oo their collars. Their
horses also were in fine condition and mucb
better than ours.
It was stated by some of tbe rebel officers
that they bad only about twenty-five color
ed prisonere, and tbey were old servants of
white omceis, add that all colored soldiers
were killed. This I believe to be true.
I have unquestionable authority for say
iog that at least three tiroes before the at
tack upon Fort Pillow, military authorities
in Memphis were notified that Forrest was
within forty mile of tbe Fort and preparing
, for an attack. Whv were oot re-eniorce-
menta sent up? One tbonsand infantry
would have rendered tbe post secure, and
the Fort is but seventy miles from Mem
phis. Where is Gen." Grierson7 Since h is
celebrated raid through the rebel States to
Baton Rouse, in which be managed to avoid
aBy fight, be has never fouod be enemy
lie went oot in pursuit of Forrest, fouod
him. and, under pretense of being too weak
to attack him, retreated. Where is be now,
and what is he about? The country would
b9 glad to know.
Tbe wonnded bad laid out on the cold
ground from tbe close of the fight (five
o'clock Tuesday evening), until 10 the next
day, without the least attention beiog paid
to their sufferings or tbeir wants. .
fjyTbere seems to be an impressioo in
the minds of some, tbs t Col. Wolford was
dismissed from the service aod then restor
ed. Such is not case. The gallant soldier
is now out ot the service of the United
States, as the following order will show:
Was DsrABTXCNT, Adjutant Gfnl'b Omos-1
Washington. D. C, March 24.
General Orders ifo. 117:
By tbe direction of the President of the
United States, Col- Frank Wolford, First
Kuntnckv CvAlrv Volunteer, is dishonor
ably dismissed from the service of tbe Uni
ted States for violation of the fifth of the
Rules and Artistes of War, in using disre
spectful words against tbe Presideutof the
United Slates, for disloyalty and for coo-
duct unbecoming an officer and a geotle-
By order of tbe Secretary of War.
E. D. TowssiSD. .
Official: Arsistant General.
E. D. Townsend, A. A. G. -
Notkwoktbt Gold is now at s premium
in New York of 72 portent., and alill rising.
fay your debts and be in readiness lor s
crash.- Its coming is.only .a. question of
A number of failures aroonz business men
occurred in New York within tbe last
week. Tbe leading merchants of tbecitv
are selling goods at less than cost. This
means that the crisis is coming. . We be
seech our Irtends to be prepared for it, for
the next six months are pregnant with dis
aster. Everything points to such times as
have never been witnessed in this country.
Wheat GaowlMO IS THE SoDTH. It is
eatlmatad that the increase io the number
of acrea tn the Southern States planted io
wheat, corn and DO'atnes. sines tbe war
broke out. is from 10 600.000 acres in 1861,
to 13.930.000 in 18RJ, tn 17,200,000 to
1863, and 20,650.000 ia 1884
. From the Irish Times, March lrU-:,:-.
Federal Enlistments In Ireland.
"On Saturday last 600 able-bodied vourig
men left tbe North Wall for; New York.
They had been collected from this city sod
tbs suburban districts, snd were brought to
the qoaya In grouse of four, 'ten, fifteen cr
twenty. Wherever in the neighborhood ot
Dublin laborers' work was Droceedin? there
the Federal agent appeared, picked out the
atrongest men, talked tbem over, and gene
rally succeeded In buying their lives. The
meu are not told in express words that the v
must cuiwi id me reoerai armies, but tbey
know very well what thev are ranuimd ta
do, and what they must do. They are os
tensibly engsged to work at the construction
of a railway for three months. The where,
abouts of the railway, we have been unable
to discover. Their passage, clothes, and
food are paid for, snd they are nominally
allowed a dollar a day until the expiration
of . the three months. Their account will
be settled, and tbe cost of their passage,
clothes, and keep, Is to be deducted from
the money due from the quarter's service
When that settlement - is made, the men
"may enlist in the Federal armies if they
please," or, if tbey prefer it, they may seek
work. The Northerners are s sharp people,
and they take good care that tbe "three
months men" must enlist iu tbe Federal
army to keep tbemielvng from orison.
For arriving at New York the 'emigrants'
are placed by themselves either on some is
land or in an isolated depot. While there
they must buy food, water, boots, and cloth
ing. They are charged ten dollars for what
ia worth two. Temptations are offered to
them of every kind. If tney have no money
so raoco the better. An accommodating
dealer io greenbacks attends every com
pany, and cashes their notes in advance at
an enormous percentage. Oo tbe expiration
of the three months the em:rant hs had
some experience in digging treoches. more
tn drill, but be is overwhelmed with debt
He bas been exposed to tbe rapacity of a
.warm cf harpies and to a legion cf seducers.
tie is told be may find emplnvment wbere
be pleases, when At ha paid his debts. Io
bis difficulty be ia offered 165. in green
backs, a sum which will clear off his lia
bilities, and-rve him some capital to com
mence a new score, until that too is wasted,
and tben be ";s sent to the front."
There never was devised a more iniqnit
oua scheme of deception, and, unhappily,
never waa a wicked devica so successful.'
Misguided young men are hired and then
plundered, and tbey are plundered to com
pel them to enlist. When tbey are once
regularly enlisted, they have notbiog before
tbem but death- death either io the sudden
shock of battle, for they will be placed, as
usual, in tbe van or on the forlorn hope; or
death after lingering suffering, when tbey
have been abandoned wounded on the fiuM:
or death by fever, which kills tbem off like
flies in pestilent hospitals, whose very walls
are impregnated with disease.
Out of every hundred men who leave
their sweethearts, their families, and their
work behind them, not ten will be alive at
this time next year, aud of these more than
half will be maimed and crippled for the
brief term of their days. A more deadly
war was never waged than that between tbe
North and tbe South deadly by wounds,
deadly by hardship, deadly by disease; and
in .this war five Irishmen have been slain
for one native American,
From the Cairo Democrat, April 17.
Fort Pillow Evacuatrd. .
Tbe rebnls have evacuated Fort Pillow,
destroyed the town entirely before they left
and dismantling the fort and carrying off
all tbe cannon and small arms that they
From the citizens who came up from Fort
Pillow, on the Glendale, we glean some
interesting facts in regard to tbe late fight
at that p4ce:
They repoTt that the Fort never surren
dered as a command at all. but that the sur
rendering was made individually by tbe
men as the rebel soldiers approached them.
They saw Forrest himseTf, snd conversed
with him. lie had six cannon two 4t
pounders and four 6-pouoders' and took six
guns that he captured at tbe Fort.
They state that tbey saw Forrest shoot
two of bis men who commenced plunder
ing before the place waa captured. After
they had complete possession of tbe place,
tbey commenced an indiscriminate pillage
of tbe place and tbe Inhabitants. .There
was about 9100.000 worth of goods there,
and they were all taken or burnt The
rage among the rebs was for cotton, cards
and boots, they seemed to prefer these to
everything else.
Tbe negroes were nearly all killed as
they were ronuing towards the river, after
tbe rebels had sea fed- the works aod bad
got inside tbe fort.
The citizens are left perfectly destitnte
the gentleman we conversed with thinks
there must be great suffering among tbem.
A Good Chance Oily tongued persons
who have the faculty of influencing other
men (and boys) to "do what tbey are too
cowardly to do themselves, have now a
splendid opportunity to turn their ability
to account. 'The best government on earth
is now paving to 'loval men of the above
description $15 00 for new recruits, and
$25 00 for veterans of nine months service.
A great number of men are getting rich at
this busineas snd it Is tbe opinion of them
all as we can learn, that no one can be in
favr of peace, without being an enemy of
the Government. They call all such "cop
perheads." These extraordinary bounties
paid to recruiting agents are intended mere
to buy up tear sentiments than to fill the
ranks. The people at last are pegmmo
to see these things and some of these days
they will do some voting that will astonish
tbe soouodrels who are robbing them of
tbeir substance, .Yelling copperhead 1 trait
or J &e. is about plsyed oul.-rEinpir$ .
: .
A man named Phelps, who died at 8a
lem, New London couBty, Conn., recently,
by bis own agrsement, sold his body to a
surgeon in Boston for $1,000, the money to
be appropriated to tbe use of bis widowed
mother, snd hi body to purposes of scien
tific investigation. Hi death was pro
duced bv an enormous tumor growing upon
his back, Jargtr than a bushel basket, and
apparently 100 pounds in weight..- It has
baen growing for oight years. . : '.
The High Pa ice or Provisions. There
is but one cause for the high price of pro
visions, aod that ia the war. It has taken
two millions of producers from tbs fields of
industry, snd mads tnem wasteful consu
mers. Those who find the necessaries of
life getting beyond tbeir reach, and who are
.tm no. mtmrwinrr mav thank thtk nrnsfMMitinn
of the war for it. snd nothing else. I
Mi" . - "J r i
- : ; -r - For "he Bulletin.:
BTJB OF GER'tf-'.10''''
A graceful carriage, Ugore alender," .
And sparkling eyes ( more brijtbt than tender)
And hair that's soft, and floe and brown,
Has charming 8ue of Germabtown.
Her hand, I eall it rather email;
Her foot cant say I've seen it all
It seldom peeps from ont her gown,
-Provoking 8ue of Germantown. .- .
Her smile, so winning and so bright,
.Tie sure s gleam of heaven's own light; . .
But ah! how "stunning'' is her frown,
Bewitching Sue of Germantown.
I hope it is no harm te note,
He very pretty, well turned throat,
To think her cheek ia soil as down,
Uegnil'mg Sue of Germantown.
She ainga and plays with such sweet art,
You'd almost swear she had a heart '
(I'm right hard np for another noun
To rhyme with Sue of Germantown.)
Her wayward mood, abrupt nncertain,
Tie best o'er that to draw a certain;
Yet, queen of hearts, the wears the crown,
Enchanting Sue of Germantown.
She has a thousand "killing" ways,
A thousand more old Nick would craze
Can love I wonder, tame her downf
Vexatious Sue of Germantown.
Her taste in dress is quite complete, :
Ia fine bhe's so "uncommon" swee t,
I'd give yes all this world'a renown,
For charming Sue of Germantown.
How to Discover Shall-pox in its Ear
ly Stages. The Eclectic Journal, in an ar
ticle on small-pox admonished pbvsicians
not to be hasty in passing tbeir opinion that
any eruptive disorder is that loathsome
disease until they prove tbe following di
agnostic system:
'Now we offer this secret to the profes
sionso soon as the eruptions appear, and
by pressure with the finger may be distinct
ly felt tbe email, hard substance, precisely
as if a small fine shot had been placed un
der the cuticle of the skin. This peculiar
appearance belongs to no other disease.
We have applied tbe term secret here; for
while it is and has been known to a few
physicians; it is oot mentioned in any of
the standard authorities, nor does the wri
ter claim the credit of tbe discovery. Af
ter this, all wo k upon practice will add
this unfailing diagnostic system ."
Thb IvorT TeaDE Cialignai savs that
England eonsumes 1.000 0"Xnuds of fvorv
annually. or"lh product 3.333lephants.
About 4000 men are annually killed ;n the
elephant hunts. A tusk weighing seventy
pounds is considered by the trade a first
class one. A short time ago' an American
house cut up a tnsk that was not less than
nine feet in' length and eight inches, in di
ameter, and weighed 800 pounde. In 1851
the same house sent over to the London tx
hibijioo tbe largest peice of sawn ivory ev
er eeeny it wss eleven feet io length and one
foot broad. The dearest ivory is that which
is used for bit lard b-ills. Since the con
quest of Algeria by France, the ivory tr-tde
has considerably increased in the north of
Africa. The hippopotamus also yields ivo-
tv which is mnch harder and less elastic
than that of the elephant, besides being
of much smaller dimensions.
Not Enocou Yet. tlaa there not been
slaughter enough, spoliation of property.
ruin and devastation enouah to satisfy even
tbe Molaeh of ttepublicto ambitiot? A
million of souls would scarcely represent
the number of victims which this gigantic
war has consumed in tbe short space of two
years. There are among us, parents wiio
know what it is to- love a promising son.
there 'are wives who know what it is to
lay the arm, on which for vears tbey lent,
in tbe coid aud mourni'nl grave, there ara
children who can ucdenriand what it is "to
be deprived of a beloved parentand we feel
lhat aucb afflictions are terrible, even wben
they come in the natural course of decay ,but
when, as the avenging scourge ei am inva
ding armv replenished from the dre 'S of Eu
rope, and for no other purpose than that tbe
invader may become sn overwhelming - ca
tion, powerful enough, to- disturb the peace
of all the world whenever political consider'
ation shall offar s puus ole pretext. We feel
then that dea'h snd ruin inacied thus, car
ry with them sfar deeper and intepse sor
row. Hamilton Telegraph-.
Abe Lincoln' a Piomt. Tho Philadel
phia Press the "loyal" Press calls Lincoln
s pigmy. Think of it. "War," it says.
cannot be sadd ld and bud led and ridden
by a pigmy. Bucephalus can be governed
by Alexander alone." . The Press wants
Fremont to take tbe command away from
tbe pigmy.
The Begro regiment forming at Indian
apolis, which atone time was said to num
ber eight hundred, bas decreased to two or
three hundred, it is reported, by desertions.
Many having got their bounties, bare gone
to Canada.
The Only Hope roa Lincoln. The fol
lowing ' plank," was inserted into tbe Fre
mont platform at the Cooper Institute or
ganization, which tbe 1incolnites must beat!
or go under; j
"Absolute equality of ALL MEN before tbe '
law, without any distinction of race or col- !
or I" . ' !
This is pretty bard to beat, but It can be!
done. Miscegenation about offsets it; but
that will not answer. It must be beaten,
and doubtless will be. Indeed, we may
say without breach of confidence, that we
have private information, that tbe follow
ing, stunner' is cut and dried for tbe Bslti
more Convention;
Absolute superiority d the nigger under
all circumtnces' ,
Tbe devil take tho hindmost and the
foremost loo.-rEmpirt.
Lincoln's Relatives Arbested. We
observe, according to the Illinois State Jour
nal, that two of ."A, Lincoln's" c u-ins
were captured among the ''prisoners" &c.
in the Coles county war W. F. Hanks, of
Charleston, and S, i. tlanks, of B-g Creek.
As it will never do for the royal family to
suffer, we shall look for a general amnesty
proclamation from his majesty at Wash
ington, inlbi.case. These "way ward cous
ins" must be extricated from the'r predica
ment by some maD,-7-Spriijrfs,'ii Htgisttr.
GrSenator Wilson states that in ; bis
opinion we have now about forty thousand
deserters, although some represent that wa
have doable that number.
n-Ti. . .i.f. -tat Vr' ara now 40.-
000 sick and disabled soldiers in oar military
b08pitais. - -' t
7 . -:i DIED. ;
i At the residence of Atsx.' Poweb, in East
Mavsville. on Tneortay nigbt. April 19th, 1864,
Mrs. NANCY W1LLETT, in the-Ninty-firet
year of her age.
In Cincinnati, on Sunday morning, April, 10,
18(54, JENNIE FORD, diu.ghter of THonaa Por
ter, Jr., and Jenwi M. Pobtkb, aged 1 montha
and 18 days. -- . . .- .
Thurso ay. April 21,1588.
Sngar ew "rieans, xv io rue.
'Molasses. New Orleans, Bbls 95 cents; Half
RMs. al.
Coffee 45c. to 4te. -' J :' ' -
WHEAT rtea fl oo; ime .
Fxour. Selling at from 87 53 25.
Tin.: l. tA .!-.. Arm Rna & Nawell'a tre-
mium nailing' at 15.
Crnsh Sugar, 23C.
Gran " 25c. '
Loaf " 25e. . ' ' ,
Baoon. Stdesi isc; Hams 14o; Shoulders 12o.
Lrd. 14 to 18c, per BEu
Hemp. $140 per ton.
Tobacco. Selling at 716c Tbs.
R.rrela tU: Half bbls. S3.07
Quarters, No. 1, .00.
salt. .-"C. v ouanei.
Tbon. Bar Iron 4; JSaaVIron 8: Horse Shoe
46c. .
Kails. fs 25 ror iuo.
Rick llo. lb.
Feathers. 54 cents Tha.
Flax Seed. $2 252 85 per bushel
Uemp Sleo. $3.50 per bubbel.
French Millinery!
la prepared to exhibit the
New Spring Styles
IN -
Of the richest designa.
The choicest selection ef
The Ladies of MaysvilJe and vicinity ara in
vited to call.
Mrs. E. J. WROTES,
Second Street,
April 7, 1SG4-3W Maysville, Ky.
TheLatest and Most Important Discovery
of tbe Nineteenth Century,
connected with tho history of tho Materia
Medica of the United Stntcs, or more favorably
known as a pioneer iu medianl discoverv, than
that of JOHN BULL-, of LooUville, Ky. " Hi? in
imitable preparation of SuiSHpuriilu bus lonsr
rtood at tho head of the variima corapoaads of
thiit Vuluable dni$. Iliscomponnd Pectoral of
vv iia cherry hus become a household word
thronehout the Wait and South; and hid Worm
Lozenges, in )esthuo a year after thc-ir intro
duction, attained a reputation as widespread as
the continent of North America. But thecrown
injr plory of his life remains to be attained in his
latest discovery, or rather combination, for he
does not claim te have bren the discoverer of
CKDRONf which- is the basja of the Bitters now
offered t the public. That honor bclong.-i to the
native inhabitants of Central America, to whom
its virtues have been known for m- re than' two
hundred yean. Armed with it. tho Indkin bids
deiinnco to the moat deadly malaria, and handles
without fear tbe mst venomous serpents. It is
a belief with' them that while there is breath left
inr the body tho Cedron is potent to care, no mat
te t w hat the disea.se. may be.
While Dr. BuH is-not prepared to indorse this
extravagant pretension, ho is nevertheless satis
fied from a thorough examination of the evidence
relating to its virtues, that, as a remedy and
preventive for all diseases arising from exposure
either to changes of weather end climate or to
the miasmatic influences, it stand'" without a
rival, and justly deserves the refutation it has
so long enjoyed in Central America and the West
Indies. In
and its attendant train of symptoms, it arts
more like a charm than a medicine. There is
nothing in tbe whole range of the Materia Medica
that can lor a' moment bear a comparison' with
it in tbia disease.-
A full account of this wonderful plant may be
found in the eleventh edition ot the U. S. Dis
pensatory, pnges 1SS7 and 1838.
A sories of experiments, in which Dr. Bull has
been for years engaged, has just been brougbt to
a successful termination, and he is now enabled
to oifor to the public a combination of Cedron
with other improved ton.es, the whole p eserved
in-.ne oesi qnancy or copper-oistilled isurbon
whisky, which he ia couti lout has no equal in
the world. . .
He might furnish a volume of certificates, but
the public have long since Icatned to esti.. ate
ouch things at their true value- Tha safest plan
Is for every one to test for 1 imself the virtues of
a new medicine. Oive the
Cedron .Jitters
one trial, and you will never Use any othors.
It is not necessary to publish a long list cf dis
eases for which the Cedron Bitters are a specific,
In all diseases of tbe 8TOMACU, BOWELS,
In all affections of the BKAlN depending up
on derangement of the Stomach or Bowels;
It is destined to supersede all other remedies.
It (not only cures all these diseases but it pre
vents them.
A wine ulass full of the Bitters tnljen an hour
before each meal will obviate the ill effects of the
most unhealthy climate and screen the person
taking it against disease under the moat try:ng
exposure. ;
. Sold by Druggists and Grocers, generally.
-r. JOHN liDLL'S Principal Office, Fifth
street, Louisville, Ky. ' - .
Sold Wholesale and Retail by
: - - JOHN D. PARK,
- . . Cor. 4tH and Walnut street,
mar 7,I664-ly . CINCINNATI, O.
1 fil V t i LB8 G00D CLEAN COT
which 1 will pay tha highest Market Pr.ce.
feh 4h , B ookstore, 2nd Et.
Britannia and Japanned Ware
trays and WAITEB8, very cheap, at
dedcl7 B. ALBERT'S 2d street
deel? R. ALBERT, 2d street.
Notice to Farmers!
at our Foundry, our celebrated
Which ws warrant to surpass any now in nse
Give ua a call and examine our Mill, a fren
confident it will give satisfaction. -
april 21-1 m Maysvillb Foundry,
THE Blacksmiths of Mason County, lra
requested to meet at the Ktrrtsst H.IT
in the City cf Maysville, on Saturday, April
30th, 1864, at 1 o'clock, P.M. A foil at
tendance is requested, as bo sines. of importance
ia to be transacted. By Order of tbe
april 21-iiw -rKESIDENT.
. Eagle copy 4 times in Tri-Weekly.
w. s. Kohs. i.j. mwiiu oxo. w. BOSS, JJ
Foreign and Domestic Liqnor
Corner of Market and Third Streets,
J 1ft A Vs VI LLC. Rt
Homoeopathic Physician,
d"Offlee at Mrs. WiroTiK'r. nar.Kr
V Stand, embracing two large and elegant1
three story stores on Wall Street, I continue tff
carry on. With increased stock and facilities my
lonsr established business of furnishing Familier
in City aud County, Farmer, Merchant ajd all
othws, roost of the essential commodities con
sumcd in life, ail which I" am soiling at tils'
most favorable rates for cash oi such country
produce as suits the market. Thankful for tin
libera; patronage so long extended to me in the
past, r.nd which has enabled me to offer greater
inducements to customers hereafter. I respect
fully solicit a continuance of their favors. Be
low will be found advertisements of afew of my
penalities; but it wotrld taice tip a whole Ttwi
paper to ennmmerate all the commodities of
general necessity which I habitnally keep oc
hand. No one can examine my stock and go'
away ansuited as to quality anI price.
(Hd Stand on- Wall Street.
Ma:svilJe, July IT
OLD HAMS 200 two vear old can
vassed of a lot of some thousand of my
own ouring, still remaining for select nse.
NEW HAMS. 500 canvassed Hams of
my last year's curing, sweet, sound, juicy
aud of unrivalled flavor.
DY I have bought ont John A. Cobum'r
stock of choice Brandy selected by himself in
France, a Miperb-article for Dmsrgirts and Fam
ilies, very old-. -. . . ALEX.-MADDOX.
O "id Produce for storage or sale always re
ceived oa consignment on the most moderaf
OLD BOtfRBON". 50 Brls. ch'oice Uburi
botf Whiskey very old. nrtre, highly flavored'
and oily. ALEX. MADDoX.
BOURBON WHISKY. A-large stock or
pure copper distilled' Whisky, from one to'
fourjears old, always kept on Hand Or sale low1
by Brl or gallon. - ALEX. MADDOX.
COMMON WHISKY. Ad- abundant
upply of common Whiskeys, at very low
rates, always on hand:
AMILY FLOOR. The choicest brands-
always kept ALEX. MADDOX.
CORN MEAL From picked flint gra:
and carefully milled, ever on haai.
- - - - ALEX. MA.DD0X.
SUGARS Cnoicest Brown- and' White
Sogara always on' Land.
rO FFE E .The cboi cest d escrlptions al-
' wajr a.epi. iu tun supply.
; . ALE
TISAS Green and Black of all the best
X gradas. ALEX MADDOX.
I S H Mackerel, Salmon, Herring,
Sardines, lake and other flh -
CORN IN THE EAR Selected sound
corn in the ear always on hand
AKUM Choice prepared always on
nana -. , . A. MADDUi
LOCK AND TACKLE An assortment
embraoing all sizes of superior construction
(CORDAGE Hemp and Manilla ropes of
J all sizes from a plough line to a ships cable
always on, tmnd. ALEX MADDOX
HAVING Purchased the Stock or
PAPER, &o.,of Messrs W.L. Pkabce & Co.,
I propose to conduct .be business at the old
stacd in thia City. I shall be continually sup
plied with a full stock of all articles pertainiog
to tbe business and shall sell upon the most rea
sonable terms.
STA'TIONEBT ianow cpmpleta and embraces
a.11 tbe classes of Books in use by the Schools in
Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio.
BK003IS, .
large supply of hest or aaleby

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