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Daily evening bulletin. [volume] (Maysville [Ky.]) 1881-1882, December 03, 1881, Image 1

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Kentucky Central R R
Time table In effect March 31 1881
Leave Lexington 730 a ru
Leave Maysville 5J5 a in
Leave Paris 82 a m
Leave Cynthiann 8V a in
Leave Kalmouth I0ii a hk
Arr Cincinnati 1145 a m
Leave Lexington AV p in
515 a in Cincinnati Express
215 p m
1 230 pm
p in
a 10 pm
44i p in
030 p in
Maysville 81 p m
Free Parlor Car leave Lexington at2lo p in
Free Parlor Par leave Cincinnati at2C p in
Close connection made in Cincinnati for nil
points Nortli East and West Special rates to
entrants Ask the agent at the above named
places for a time folder of Blue Grass Route
Round trip tickets from Maysville and Lex
ftnston to Cincinnati sold at reduced rates
For rates on household goods and Western
tickets address CH AS II H AS LETT
Genl Emigration Agt Covington Ky
Genl Pass and Ticket Agt
Covington Flemiugsburg ami PoimiiI Gap
Connecting with Trains on K C R R
Leave FiiEMiNGSBURG for Johnson Station
S l n m red in such a manner that no one
702 pm Maysville Express may reach that first narrow entrance to
Lea ve Johnson Station for Fleiningsburg on iPV nBHo whiV h nrinnn F1om1c
the arrivnl of Trains on the K C R R
02a a m 4uu p m
948 a m V37 p m
Regular Cincinimii Maysville fc IoriM
moutli Packet
BONANZA E R Moork Commander
D W Young and C Walkkk Clerks
Leaves uinci n na u every Tues
dayThursday and Saturday
at 12 oclock in
Leaves Portsmouth every Monday Wednesday
and Friday at 11 ooL a in Stopping at
Maysville either way between the hours of 6
and 7pm Freight received at all hpurson the
wharf boat Ron rut KirKMN Agent
tflnysvnienll Mall and Way Landings
E S Morgan Master Frank Hryson Clerk
Leaves uincin nan Aionuny
Wednesday and Friday
Leaves Maysville Tuesday
Thursday and Saturday Leaves wharf foot ot
Broadway For freight or passage apply on
board or to RorertFicklin Agent
Vnncefoury Maysville ami Cincinnati
Tri WooUIy Packet
Moss Taylor Puiser
H Rkdden and A O Moksh Clerks
Leaves Yanceburg Sundays
Tuesdays and Tinmunys
Leaves Cincinnati Mondays
Wednesdays and Fridays For lreight or pas
sage apply on board
Homo Concord
and AlayNVillc Daily Packet
IfANOV Bruce Redden Capt
It L Rruce Clerk
Leves vanceburg daily at
f oclock a in for Maysville
Leaves Mavsville at 2 n m J
uuuii iu ivipiey Mondays Wednesdays ana
riday Connects at Manchester with wtngt
r West Union For freight or passage apply
oo board
Front St 4 doors went of Hill Hoiine
Grand Upright and Square Pianos oIro the
best make of Organs at lowest manufacturer
prices Tunelug and Repairing nl7
Translated from the German by V
Wood B A Wallingford W F Ilonan
and A L Glascock of Maysville Literary
Why did I yesterday carry my gun in
the city to get it cleaned lie would not
rise again his skin would now he mine
aid I might have justly plumed myself
on it all my life
The prince whose military experiences
were also in good stead as he had already
found himself in situationsvhere unavoid
able evil threatened from several sidessaid
hereupon What security do you give
me that if we spare your lion he will not
work destruction in the country among
my people
Here this woman and this child an
swered the father hastily promise to
tame him to keep him quiet until I bring
up the cage then we shall bring him back
again harmless and uninjured
The boy appeared to wish to try his
flute an instrument of the kind which
they otherwise are accustomed to call the
soft sweet flute it was short beaked like
the fife he who understood it knew how
to draw the sweetest tones out ot it In
the meantime the prince had tosTTed the
keeper how the lion had escaped But
this one answered
Through the hollow way which wal
led upon both sides has ever been the
only entrance and shall remain so two
foot paths which yet led up we have
spirit and talent is intending to make out
of it
After some reflection during which the
prince looked around to the child who
had still gDne on as if softly preluding he
turned to Ilonorio and said Thou hast
done much to day complete the days
work Occupy the narrow way hold your
guns ready but do not shoot unless you
cannot otherwise scare the creature back
and at all events kindle a fire of which he
is afraid if he wishes to come down The
man and woman may attend to the rest
Ilonorio began quickly to obey the com
The child followed its melody which
was none a tune without a rule and per
haps on that account so touching the by
standers appeared as if charmed by the
motion of a song like melody when the
father began to speak with becoming en
thusiasm and continued God has given
wisdom to the prince and at the same
time the knowledge that all the works of
God are wise each after its kind See the
rock how it stands fast and does not
move in spite of the weather and sunshine
ancient trees adorn its head and thus it
appears crowned far and wide around
but if a part plunges down it v ill not re
main what it was it falls dashed into
many pieces and coveis the side of the
steep But they will not remain there
they wantonly spring deep down the
brook takes them up carries them to the
river Not resisting not obstinate angu
lar nay smooth and rounded they win
more quickly their course and go from
iver to river at last to the ocean where
the giants in swarms draw themand dwarfs
swarm in the deep Yet who praises the
glory of the Lord whom the stars praise
from eternity to eternity But why do
you look around in the distance See
here the bee she gathers busily yet late
in the fall and builds herself a house rec
tangular and perpendicular as master
and companion behold the ant there
she knows her way and does not lose it she
builds herself a habitation from blades of
grass little crumbs of earth and fir need
les she builds it aloft and arches it in
but she has labored in vain for the horse
stamps and scatters everything apart See
it treads down her beams and scatters
her plank impatiently it snorts and cannot
rest for the Lord has made the horse
as companion of the wind and leader of
the storm that it may carry man where he
wishes and woman where she desires but
in the palm grove steps forth the lion with
earnest steps marchs over the desert there
he rules over all animals and nothing op
poses him Yet man knows how to tame
him and the fiercest of creatures has rev
erence before the likeness of God also af
ter whom the angels are made who serve
the Lord and his servants For Daniel did
not fear in the lions den he remained
stronir and confident and the wild raarinir
aicrnot interrupt his pious song
This speech delivered with the expres
sion of a natural enthusiasm tjie child ac
companied her there and with sweet tones
but when the father ended it began with
clearer throat purer voice and skilful pas
sages to intonate whereupon the father
took the flute made himself heard in uni
son but the child sang
Fiom the cavern here in the grave
1 heard the piophetlc song
Angels hover to refresh him
Could the good man there be afraid
Lion and Lioness up anil down
Hover around him here
Yesthesott pious songs as
Have made them so
The father continued to accompany the
strophe with the flute the mother joined
here and there as second voice But it
was peculiarly impressive that the child
now shuflled the lines of the strophe
through one another to another arrange
ment and thereby if lie did not produce
a new sense yet heightened the emotion
by exciting in an and through itself
Angels hover up and down
To refresh us in tones
What a heavenly song
In the den in the grave
Could the child be there afraid
Theise soft pious bongs do uot let
Mihfoitune come nigh
Angels hover up and down
And so it is uone
Here upon with emphasis and elevation
all three began i
For theeternal one rules upon earth
His eye rules over the sea
Lions shall become lambs
Glittering sword falls powerless in its aim
Faith and hope are fulfilled
Miraculous is the love
Which reveals Itself in prayer
Everything was still heard and listened
and not until the tones died away could
tme notice and observe the impression
Everything was hushed each moved in its
way The prince as if he now for the first
time surveyed the mischief which had
threatened him a short time before lpoked
down upon his wife who leaning on him
did not forbear to draw out Her embroid
ered handkerchief and cover her eyes
with it It did her good to feel her
youthful heart relieved from the pressure
with which it had burdened the preceding
moments A complete silence ruled the
multitude they seemed to have forgotten
the dangers the conflagration below and
the rising of the dubiously reposing lion
By a nod the horses were drawn nearer
the prince brought motion into the jroup
for the first time then he turned to the
woman and said You also beiieve that
you could appease the escaped lion
where you meet him by your singing and
the singing of this child with the help of
theso flutes and then bring him back
harmless as well as uninjured into his
confinement They affirmed it assuring
and asserting The keeping of the castle
was given them there as a guide The
prince withdrew with all possible speed
with a few the princess followed slowly
with the rest of the train but mother and
son ascended to the steeper part of the
Before the entrance in the hollow way
which opened the entrance to the castle
they found the hunters occupied in heap
ing dry brush wood that they might at
all eventbe able to kindle a great fire
There isnftneedK said the woman
it will all happen peaceably with that
Further up they perceived Honorio sit
ting on the fragment of a wall his double
barrelled gun on his lap in a position as
if prepared for any event But the ap
proaching party he appeared scarcely to
notice he sat us if involved in deep
thoughts looked around as if wondering
in mind The woman spoke to him with
the request not to let the fire bo kindled
yet ho appeared to give little attention to
her speech she spoke on lively and exj
claimed Beautiful young man thou
hast killed my tiger I do not curse thee
spare my lion good young man I will be
bless thee
Tloronrio looked straight before him
where the sun began to decline upon his
courc Thou lookest to the west ex
claims the woman thou dost well at that
yonder there is much to do only hasten
do not tarry thou will conquer but first
conquer thyself Hereupon he appeared
to laugh the woman ascended farther but
could not forbear to look around again at
the party remaining behind a ruddy sun
shone over his countenance she did not
believe ever to have seen so beautiful a
If your child the keeper now
said playing the flute and singing as you
are convinced can allure and pacify the
lion wo shall master him very easily as
the powerful animal has laid himself
down quite near the perforated vaults
through which the main door has been
placed we have gained an entrance into
the castle court If the child allures him
in I can with little difficulty shut the
opening and the boy if it seems good to
him through one of the small winding
stairs which ho sees in the corner can
steal to the animal We will conceal our
selves but I shal place myself so that my
bullet can at any moment come as aid to
the child u The precautions are not at
all necessary God and skill piety jnd
fortune must do best

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