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Yknnous cold spell arrived just in time
to save the prophets reputation
The Louisville School of Ltnv
From Kentucky Law Journal
The second session of the Louisville
School of Law will begin January 16 1882
which vill be a good time for students to
enter the school as most of the topics of
importance in the practice are yet to be
treated The school we are gratified to
learn is in a prosperous condition and
under the direction of Hon William
Chenault LL D is properly ranked
among the best law schools in the Union
Professor Chenault is not only a learned
lecturer but an enthusiastic devotee to
the great work which he has undertaken
This being the only institution of the kind
in the State every Kentuckian should be
concerned in the welfare of the school
Ehom present indications it is very
probable that the Mormon question will
come up in Congress and that a long earn
est and fierce debate will ensue ending
only when Mormonism and polygamy
have been turned inside out The fight
will begin when it is proposed to seat
Cannon the Mormon delegate who was
placed on the pay roll of the House as a
delegate by Clerk Adams in place of
Campbell who holds a certificate signed
by the Governor of Utah as the delegate
elect The transcript of the election returns
which have been forwarded to Washing
ton however and signed by the Secretary
of Utah Territory shows that Cannon re
ceived 18568 votes and Campbell but
1357 A majority of the Democratic mem
bers of the House hold that the transcript
of elections returns entitle Cannon to be
seated on a prima facie case The Repub
licans are opposed to the seating of Can
non on the ground that being a Mormon
he is not a citizen of the United States
and is not therefore entitled to admission
to Congress This point will bring up the
Mormon question and will probably re
sult in some decisive action regarding this
infamous crime against civilization and
An evidence of the return to the reckless
extravagance that drove Grantism out in
disgrace is given in the recommendation j
o the Secretary of War that the standing
army be increased to thirty thousand men j
Ibis increase which the exigencies of
the country in no wine demands would
add five thousand men to the present force
- mm - mmiihim i m
Theodore Smith killed by cars at Deca
tur Ind
Win Sparks killed by a falling tree at
Wm Huffman was found murdered
near Magnolia Ohio
John Leslie committed suicide at Day
ton 0 by taking poison
Gip Clay shot in the shoulder by Frank
Gatewood at Mt Sterling Ky
James Kinsey probably fatally injured
in a saw mill at Lebanon Ind
Benjamin Sidenstick dropped dead at
Yellow Springs 0 Heart disease
One third of the street car horses of
Columbus 0 are sick with pink eye
G X Tuganfields grocery store a
Piqua 0 burned Friday loos 20000t
Geo DifTenderfer and John Craig were
kilcd by the wrecking of a train near Lan
caster Pa
The total number of arrests of persons
engaged in the recent riots at Warsaw
Poland was 3000
An attempt was made by cowboys of
Tombstone to assnssinate Deputy United
States Marshal Earp
Dr Boynton has declined to receive
compensation for his services at bedside of
President Garfield
Henry Reynolds a negro was arrested
at Florence Ky tor the rape of Dora
Stoneman a white girl
The Governor of North Carolina has sent
militia to Plymouth to quell the riots that
have disgraced the town
Dr J C Alexander committed suicide
at St Louis an account of a broken engage
ed revolver irom a child of Harry Weis
singer a larger tobacco merchant of Louis
ville accidentally discharged the weapon
and fatally injured the little one
While waiting ior the jury to return a
An Immense stock at Special prices
until January 1st Buy now and
save money J E BLAINE CO
27 ESecond St Maysville Ky
ment with his sweetheart
two voung men named condra was shot Ad miss ion 50 cts Reserved Seats 75 CtS
ana kinea ov a sixteen year old boy named
Cardwell near Knoxville Tenn
Wm Henry Erb was hanged for murder
at St Louis Ed Belton and Paul Prin
gle were hanged at Mansfield La
In the New York walking match Friday
Titomrnlrl linrl Rnnrprl U39 rnilna onrl utoci
Forty students at the Keotuik Medical
college at Chicago have been taken down
has been quarantined
I nv
At Pewee Valley near Louisville a young
daughter of Judge Muir in hiking a load
Heg leave to announce to their friends and the public generally that they arc displaying un
questionably the handsomest Hue of fancy goods and other articles suitable to the holidays
ever exhibited In the city
Ladies purses in plush Russia nnd Calf Ladies satchels in leather the latest styles Odor
cases in variety ot styles Put boxes toilet sets soaps of all Kinds Brushes of all kinds and at
all prices Combs perfumery etc Pure old whiskies brandies wines and gins for medicinal
and holliday purposes The public will And at our establishment the choicest goods at reason-
ble prices dl31m CHENOWETH CO
FRIDAY and SATURDAY and Matinee
Saturday afternoon Dec 30th and 31st
MATINEE PRICES 15 and 25 Cents
No reserved seats for Matinee Tickets to all performances for sale at Taylors News Depot
XXJ3E6XjX3Nr T- ATVT in the New and Roaring Comedy of
ahead of the best record ever made TQfcVQ O JC TVTlV 15JT K T tfYNTTP t
At Aurora Ind Friday August Bloom
died from a blow administered by his
brother Albert Bloom
A scaffold on which four men were
working at Logansport Ind fell sixty
feet killing Henry Wefel and John Evans
and fatally injuring John Wefel
Or a Search for a Mammoth Potato
DANS DILEMMAS or the Driver the
Darkey and the Dublin Colleen
Mr James Hearne
Miss Sadie McGill
Mr Jas R Crowell
Miss Kitty Clifford
Lost Treasure
PADDY MALONE a broth of a boy James Hearne
Ebonezer Stebblns a Vermont Fanner Lon Henderson
Julius his colored servant J R Crowell
Mr Ttnrfrnm nn Ainorinnn tourist Will McGill
-- ---- i
tj ii r lp --
witn sman nox jc was communicated i nose urady a cnarnung coneen minsoacue mcum
asubject they were dissecting The Nellie Bertram Daughter
of Mr Bertram Miss Kitty Clifford
Mr Wm Ashton
Mrs H ONeil
William McGill
Prof J R Wallace Musician
The wholo to conclude with
Lon Henderson
and would cost annually at least five mil- verdict in the Dresbach murder trial at m n MBB B B 1 B I I
i dolh At pnaoni rolrtr ta J IjonB Oo fgyp Ifffjg MllqelOHCal 1 aOlGOMX
SMluiently guarded and u it was not the
j fjpht to while awav the time The Hon W
thousands ol idlers who throng about the J John S knocked lion Thomas 11 down
itm y posts in various parts of the country ad then friends interfered
doinir little else than drawing their py
might be used to make the service efficient
The country does not need a larger army
The present force is more than ample for
all the contingencies that are likely to
arise and largely more than ample It is
only General Sherman and the old Military
Ping who are demanding more troops at
this time and it is merely to supply places
for certain army favorites of these great
men and also to prepare for such events as
were witnessed in 1870 when Mr Hayes
by the aid of bayonets was put into an
office to which he had not been elected by
the votes of the people The move signi
fies a restoration of the methods in vogue
during the time of Grant and a return to
the wild legislation and looseness of that
period The party that votes this increaso
may expect to be put out of congress when
ever the honest voters of the country havo
the opportunity to express at the polls
their condemnation of such action
There is nothing new in the murder
mystery at Ashland at present with the
exception that a colored barber named J
Willis Hockaday who made some remark
which indicated that he knew something
about the murder has been arrested at
Louisa Ky Detective Norris still sticks
i to his theorv that old man Gibbons com-
I mi tied the horrible deed
A story is afloat at Washington of seri
ous trouble between Congressman Black
burn and Gen Burbridge It is said that
Dr Ousley of Kentucky wanted an office
in one of the departments there and went
to Blackburn for help mentioning Bur
bridge as his friend Blackburn denounced
Burbridge in violent terms because of his
war record saying his district was dotted
with the graves of men murdered by Bur-
uijugc a umuia uuiiug mo wiir jLins lan
guage wns reported to Burbridge and he
wrote to Blackburn demanding a retrac
tion No reply has yet been received It
is understood that Burbridge justifies his
course in Kentucky by claiming to have
merely carried out the orders of General
Sherman and that he has the order in
F H TRAXEL aC8r anc Confectioner
Holiday Goods In great variety Candies Nuts Fruits and Confectionery generally fresh
of the best quality nnd at the lowest prices
Served at an nours in any siyio uesireu aim iwsu uuuimhuu uy mu uun
and half can Weddings Parties juuI Balls served on short notice
1 HTRAXEL Confectioner
Election NOTICE I G
NOTICE is heroby given that the annual
election of otllcers of tho Mason County
Building and Saving Association to seive the
ensuing year will take place at the council
ER 31st 1881 J J WOOO President
M CRUSSELL Secretary dJOd
Cnrt Street
nnd Gomity Judge
Office in Court House MAYSVILLE KY
Will practice in Circuit Courts of MaRonand
adjoining Counties and Court of Appeals
July 12 1877 ly
Eiazier paper nanger sc second street oppo
Hlto pork house
win give prompt aiionuot
rlc In SflV lino and ask but a reasoaa
all rark
price morU

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