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11 hew to the line let the chips fall where THEY MAY
per wekk six gexts
jw rwm a
Having routed tho storehouse- lately occu
pied by H F Thomas we will pay the highest
price at all times lor eggs butter leathers
poultry e Alsoa well
Selected ine of GROCERIES
kept to suit ollhor country or city trade Give
ns a call and wo will ondeavor to suityou in
price and quality
mar21 YOUNG tfc SM Im
myrAYRVILLE and Limestone
Toilet dressing cnses linnd mirrors jewel coses handkerchief and glove boxe1 fancy plush
card cases porlein onaics writing desks auinorrieres shopping hags card reeeiveis photo
albums autograph albums silk and linen handkerchiefs silk cashmere in u tilers dressing
combs laee tlehues and collars papeteries wall pockets ink stands embroideied tidies and
other articles loo numerous to mention Call and examine JNo charge
clwiw Respectiuily K G S1100T
3ESTlB3L2SI3e30 1865
for Choice FamiliesJRnpplies Try iur SI tea the bestin
special inducements to cash buyers Highest
aidlorlancy Duller tresn egusfat poultry c
Your patronage is respectfully solicited dlO 1m G W GKISRL No 0 Second street
Kentunky Central R R
Time table In ellect March 31 1881
Leave Lexington 730 a in
Leave Maysville 5Ao a m
Leave Paris 820 a m
Leave Cyntliiana 8o5 am
Leave Falmouth 1000 a m
Arr Cincinnati lklia in
Leave Lexington -kilo p m
215 p m
1230 pm
i p ni
3IU p in
li p in
U30 p in
Arrive Maysville 815 p m
Free- Parlor Car leave Lexingion at215 p m
Free Parlor Car leave Cincinnati at 200 p m
Close connection made in Cincinnati loFall
points North East and West Special rates to
emigrants Ask the agent at the above na med
places for a time folder of Blue Grass Route
Hound trip tickets irom Maysville and Lex
ington to Cincinnati sold at reduced rates
For rates on household goods and Western
tickets address CIIAS 11 HASLETT
Genl Emigration Agt Covington Ky
Genl Pass and J icket Agt
No 21 E Market St Ilnysville Ky
a mwfmwar iii m wm --
Published every afternoon and
delivered in this city the sub
Tlie Disagreeable Work Performed
Female Prison Attache
Iy a
urbs and Aberdeen by Our car- foumI concealed undereacharmpitasplen
i r nnnTmn i dill bead cord and tassel One smuggler
riers ah o OiiiJW To a wecic
It is welcomed in the house
holds of men of both political
parties for the reason that it is
more of a newspaper than a po
litical journal
Its wide circulation therefore
makes it a valuable vehicle for
business announcements which
wq respectfully invite to our
Advertising Rates Low
Liberal discount where adver
tisers use both the daily and
weekly For rates apply to
iiosser McCarthy
Of all kinds neatly promptly
and Hlcrli 1- K 1 1 i a G
Grade Patent Process Flour Mlilillln U11UU 1Y UUIlt Lib liUO UliiCti
tiblpstuftb and Bran on hand at all times tf UTY ttw
llflfftiONtprJceimid for Wheat JuJy8 lj V1 tIlc 1A1JJl ajuuijcji in
Detroit Post
Perhaps searching female prisoners is
not one of tho most grateful tasks in the
world but that is the vocation of a lady
who resides in the Uawloy block and has
lived there steadily in the same suite of
rooms for sixteen years Mrs Hoose the
lady in question is a pleasant looking wo
man still young Nothing in he appear
ance would indicate any unusual strength
or determination She was not at all aerse
to being interviewed nor did she seem
to think there was anything unusual or
unpleasant in her calling
I dont mind it at all she said when
ladies are sober but when they have been
drinking they sometimes make me a good
deal of trouble They are all innocent
every one of them at least they say they
are and when I iind the goods on them
they wonder how they could have got
there I searched two colored girls the
o her day who were accused of stealing
SI 500 from a man who strayed into their
den They laughed at me and asked if 1
thought they wouldnt be smart to carry
they money around with them Anyhow
they didnt have it
Have you many shop lifters
Yes they are my best customers One
was brought to me not long ago who
pleaded pitifully She said she would
give me all she had in the world if I
would only let her go that her husband
was a respectable man and it would break
his heart I had to search her and I
whom I searched had no underwear on
whole i ieces of goods were rolled around
her her hair was very thick and I found
several pairs of kid gloves twisted up in it
Her husband never came near her but
her brother tried his best to get her
Do the women you search belong to a
very low class
lL search the worst and the best Many
cases never get into the papers AV ell
dressed and respectable women get drunk
and disorderly and brought in and they
send lor me to go to the station and search
their pockets for their names and address
and for morphine as these women are all
morphine chewers
If her husband is sent for to take her
home and pay a tine he always lays her
wrong doings to morphine There is an
other ciass of women old maids who
work in shops by the day who once or
twice a year go out on a spree with some
gentlemen friends who are sure to accuse
them of stealing their pocket books One
man dropped his pookec book on the street
and had a lady arrested whom he said had
picked it up I searched her but found
nothing and she was let go
Are they very much frightened wher
you examine them
Yes and they ofler mo everything to
let them go but I tell them 1 must do my
duty and usually coax them a little but
if they resist they know I would use main
force Sometimes I have such hard char
acters to search that the policemen who
bring them in are afraid to let me go in a
room alone with them But they never
offer me any harm Some of them are
dressed beautifully and with good taste
too It is not allowable for the men to
search them but one respectable lady
who was brought in for shop lifting or
kleptomania as they call it now refused
to have me search her and the captain of
toe precinct searched her I tell you it
would melt a heart of stone sometimes to
hear them go on The old ones get hard
ened to it and dont mind but thoso that
are new in it just as soon as 1 iind the
goods will wilt right down
Tho room in which she conducts the
searching operation is furnished with
apertures which give the public the op
portunity to watch both tho inspector and
inspected thus destroying any possible
chance of collusion
Vol 1 No 35
The Secret of the Davis Johnston
Washington special As public attention
is all agog over the specie I deem it a tit
opportunity to write something in refer
ence to the origin of tho coolness that hus
for years existed between Mr Davis and
General Johnston As too often the case
it may be traced directly to the hdes of
their respective households Gen John
stons wife was Miss MoLane of Balti nore
a lady of groat beauty and commanding
presence and in her veins coursed tl o
bluest blood of old Maryland while her
husband belonged to one of Virginias best
old families They were were young and
Me was quartermaster general of the
vJnited Stttes and they were very natur
ally tho toast in Washington On the
o her hand Mr Davis had married a sec
ond time his first wife being a daughter
of Gen Taylor this time his wife being
Miss Varina Howell of Natchez Missis
They were married in that city She
was a brunette with dark fine eyes was
very Spanish looking and she was enor
mously rich living the daughter of a mer
merchant of that city but social history
says nothing of her pedigree She was
the wife a United States Senator an ex
secretatry f war These ladies were lival
leaders of fashion Mrs Johnston with
all the pride of birth c Mrs Divis
with money and Mr Divis as a husb md
The caldron fumed in Washington and the
bitterness was renewed when they appear
ed in Richmond fch was thyn the wife
of the Pressident and Mrs Johnstons
husband was a lieulen nt general and
right here it is reported that M rs Presi
dent Davis undertook to ignore Mrs Gen
eral Johnston This of course was not to
be quietly borne General Johnston was
winning fame every day Finally si the
gossips have it Mr Davis espoused the
cause of his wife and hencefortn General
Johnston was impeded at every point in
his brilliant career Many persons believe
that had it not been for Mrs Divis jeal
ousy of Mrs Johnston no unpleasant
ness would now exist between the gentle
Enquirer special I did not entertain
Mr Davis on that occation because we
were not friendly but Reagan Lieuten
ant Johns and Moses stopped with me and
I believe I would have been informed of
any such fact as the effort to convey away
so much treasure I know when B dec kin
nidge left he sent back in a few hours by
his own son a sack of specie p rhtps 0
000 which he found it impossible to con
vey safely and it was thrown over into my
front yard I had it turned over to an
honest gentleman in my towiuor the pur
pose of buying food for returning soldiers
buta Captain Abrams from an Iowa comp
any took most of it away from tho gen
tlenian and I have never heard of it since
I was forced to escape but 1 heard after
my return from Europe that an escort to
about 250000 belonging to the Rionmond
banks had been overpowered and plunder
ed by the soldiers and lawless men who
filled that section of the country at the
Gen Toombs refuses to believe the story
as told in tho press and prom sjs your
correspondent some fuller info mation as
soon as the exact data can reach him fr mi
his home
Money was sent Ly a Detroit woman to
her daughter m England to her with
her husband and two children to this
country When the remittance was re
ceived tho husband was ill in a hospital
and tho wif i was in lovo with another man
The bold plan of having the latter personate
the husband wnum tne motnerhad never
seen was immediately carried out Too
elopement party were cordially received
by the relatives in Detroit and the fraud
might not have been discovered if one of
the children had not made a casual remark
about liking its old papa bettor than the
new one Thialed toanexposure pi thetruth

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