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John 0 New of Indiana has been ap
pointed Assistant Secretary of the treasury
A petition 5000 feet long is in Washing
ton asking the abolishment of bank de
posit check and draft tax
Tiik Kentucky Central Railroad Com
pany has decided to build a new passen
genger depot at Paris in the spring
A bill has been prepared for the Ohio
Legislature authorizing a levy for the
building of a morgue in Cincinnati
DGilman Houcii of Covington Ky
for some years in the treasury department
as storekeeper under Custodian Pitney
has been removed
Tiik National Board of Health reports a
slight increase of small pox in various
parts of the country particularlv in St
Louis and Michigan
Intelligent friends of President Ar
thur are beginning to look upon the pres
sent management of the state department
as the leading defect of his administration
TiiiiWmbers of the Kentucky Hemp
Producers Association met Monday at
Lexington and decided by resolutions to
adhere to 6 as the minimum price for the
present hemp crop
The Ways and Means Committee it is
reported have decided to reduce the tax
on whisky and tobacco to the extent of
bringing the amount realized by internal
revenue taxation down to S0000000
A dill has been reported in the lower
House of the Legislature providing com
pensation for Circuit Clerks in common
wealth cases giving these oflicers 20 per
cent of all fines and forfeitures which may
be hereafter paid bv virtuu of anv jiul
ment in favor of the commonwealth
Tn the Ohio House Tuesday a bill to so
amend the Stubbs Law as to prohibit the
sale of fermented liquors on Sunday as
well as other liquors was lost on its pas
sage Before its defeat Mr Lockes pro
position to amend so as to include Christ
inas New Years Day the Fourth of July
St Patricks Day and Ground Hog Day
was voted down
The growing andcoriupting evils of the
spoils system which are steadily fastening
themselves upon the country and to
which may be traced many monstrous
crimes among them the late brutal assas
sination of President Garfield it is the im
peraive duty of Congress to provide and
that speedily some horoughly effective
remedy If our representatives in the Na
tional Legislature fail to do this important
duly for the people the matter must come
before the masses who will doubtless
send a Congress able to meet the dif
ficulties and to provide for them the nec
essary remedy An amendment to the
constitution proposed by Jiylge Geddes
taking away from the President the power
of appointing persons to oflice and the
proposition to amend the constitution
and substitute a Supreme Executive Coun
cil of Three for a single President intro
duced in the House of Representatives by
Mr Southard at a former session are
steps in the right direction and are
worthy of the serious attention of patriots
and statesmen It is not difficult to antic
ipate the dangers that the present corrupt
system may bring to the free institutions
of the country It is merely a question
of time when the conflict shall come unless
Congress shall speadily adopt some effi
cient and thorough measure to arrest the
manifest danger and remedy the evil
Ellis Crafty Statement -From
the Catlettsburg Democrat
We have received the following from
Ellis Craft since his removal to the Lex
ington jail with a request that it be pub
Gcd being my judge who cannot be de
ceived I now explain to the world the
whole truth and nothing but the truth
I see no chance for me and I would not tell
anything but what I know to be the truth
God being my helper the truth I shall
give you as to where I was the night the
murder was committed
Monday night before the murder I
promised a young lady to comedown town
and go with her to my cousins Win Rug
gles about one inileand a half from my
boarding house On that night I went in
company with Ollie House to Ashland I
think about six oclock I left him at the
post oflice and went to Geiger Powell
Fergusons store and bought me an over
coat from them I went to Mrs Burdetts
to call on the young lady and go with her
to Mr Rufrgles I got to Mr Burdetts
somewhere between 0 and 7 oclock I
waited for the young lady to get ready
when I think it was 7 or after 7 oclock I
think it was about 8 oclock when we ar
rived at Ruggles where I remained until
I think somewhere between 11 and 12
oclock I hadno watch and cannot say ex
actly as to time I went the road until I
came to Winchester street and then went
up Winchester until I came to the pike
before God I did not leave the road until
I got to Mr Houses gate I went around
the house to the porch opened the door
went in and up stairs and pulled off mv
clothes and laid them down and went to
bed When I got up next morning I put
on my working suit I think it was about
12 oclock when I went into my boarding
house Being tired I soon felfasleep and
did not wake until Mrs House waked me
next morning to go to the fire I got up
as quick as I could I said to Mrs House
Maybe it is only the light shining on the
window I jumped up hurried on mv
clothes and ran to the fire I done all I
could to get the furniture out and God
knows this is all I know about the fire or
the murder I did say to George Ellis to
throw down the ax and take out something
more valuaole I was only joking Geonze
in Ashland about him leaving the furni
ture and picking up the old ax that was
not all the coversation we talked about
coal AVe did not meet at the cemeterv
God knows this is the truth and the
man was ivnstuicen
This may all be disputed but remember
the truth will come sometime It may bo
too late for me but it will come and show
that I was hung for nothing Then the
people who have worked so hard against
me will be sorry I just feel to day that
the 14th of April will come and aninno
cent man will die but oh how pleasasant
when God savs Come unto Mo all vp
that labour and are heavv laden and I
will give you rest I need rest dont
you think I do dear reader I have been
kicked about and run from one place to
anther guarded handcuffed and mv legs
chained This is hard but God is just I
feel He is so good I am satisfied of one
thing J will get a fair trial the next one
will be fair thank God I will not be ar
raigned for the murder of those children
oh no I wish to God evervman was as in
cent of that crime as I am The children
would be alive to day and the house would
be standing I always treated the chil
dren kindly and with respect In the
brickyard we all joked betwen ourselves
one as much as another but thouirht
of it Ellis Oka ft
Mrs Love of Pittsburg convicted of
forging pension papers has been pardoned
by the president
The Philadelphia Mint is declared to
turn out coin of a better character than
any other in the world
The report of a treaty of peace between
Bolivia and Peru is confirmed Bolivia be
ing left without a seaboard
Heavy reduction in tresh oysters fish
and canned goods John Wheeler
lmd h 31 Market street
The residence of Geo Jordan at Tolles
boro was destroyed by lire last week His
loss was S00 and there was no insurance
The latest news from the hens is en
couraging Eggs are abundant and the
dealers have reduced tlie price to lGjj cents
a dozen
Fire Life and Marine
f3 Gmdw
Dr Fraziers Root Bitters
Fraziers Root Bitters are not n drain shop
whisky beverage but are strictly medicinal in
every sense They net strongly upon the liver
and kidneys keep the bowels open and regular
make the weak strong heal the lungs build
up the nerves and cleanse the blood and sys
tem of ever j impurity
For dizziness rush of blood to the head
tending to apoplexy dyspepsia fever and
ague dropsy pimples and blotches scrofulous
humors and sores tetter ring worm white
swelling erysipelas sore eyes and for young
men suflering from weakness or debility caused
fiom imprudence and to females in delicate
health Fraziers Root Bitters are especially
Dr Fruzier I have used two bottles of your
Root Bitters lor dyspepsia dizziness weakness
and kidney disease and they did me more good
than the doctors and all the medicine I ever
used From the first dose I took I began to
mend and I am now in perfect health and
feel us well as I ever did I consider your med
icine one of the greatest blessings
Mks M Mautin Cleveland O
Sold by George T Wood at SI per bottle
HENRY fc CO Sole Proprs
62 Vesey Street N Y
A Sure Cure Found at Last No One
Need Suffer
A sure cure for blind bleeding Itching and
ulcerated piles has been discovered by Dr
William an Indian remedy called Dr Wil
liams Indian Ointment A single box has
cured the worst chronic cases of twenty five or
thirty years standing No one need suffer live
minutes after applying this wonderful sooth
ing medicine Lotions instruments and elec
turies do more harm than good Williams
Ointment absorbs the tumors allays the in
tense Itching particularly at night alter get
ting warm in bed acts as a poultice gives In
stant and painless relief and is preparded only
for piles Itching of the private parts and noth
ing else
Read what the Hon J M Cofllnberry of
Cleveland says about Dr Williams Pile Oint
ment I have used scores of pile cures and it
affords me pleasure to say that I have never
found anything which gave mo such immedi
ate and permanent relief as Dr Williams In
dian Ointment
For sale by George T Wood or mailed on re
ceipt of price SI
HENRY fc CO Sole Proprs
02 Vesey Street N Y
Skin Diseases Cured
By Du Fkazieks Magic Ointment Cures
as if by magic pimples black head or grubs
blotches and eruptions on the face leaving the
skin clear healthy and beautiful Also cures
Itch barbers itch salt rheum tetterringworm
scald head chapped hands sore nipples sore
lips old obstinate ulcers and sores c
F Drake Eq Cleveland O suffered beyond
all description from a skin disease which ap
peared on his hands head and face and nearly j
destroyed his eyes The most careful doctoring
failed to help him and after all had fulled he
used Dr Fraziers Magic Ointment and was I
cured by a few applications
The first and positive cure for skin diseases j
ever discovered
Sent by mall on receipt of price fifty cents
HENRY CO Sole Proprs
OJ Vesey Street N Y
For blind bleeding it chins or ulcerated piles
Dr Williams Indian Pile Olntmeut Is a suro
cui e Price SI by mail For sale by George T
Wood druggist
Of land for saloon Cabin creek Lewis county
Ky Price 320 per Acre one third cash House
orchard and some good tobacco land and seven
or eight acres tiinuor If not sold before will
sell at public action on the premises at eleven
oclock am m on Saturday the 1th day of
March 1882 A R GLASCOCK
Maysville Ky Feb 8 1882 iSillwtmw
Union Insurance Co
Incorporated 1801 Cash capital gsooocv
dfl No 12 Court street
A DIES Call and see our new and beauti
ful Hamburg Edges
irAXTEl To sell first class upright and
square pianos at prices lower than ever
offered in this city before Traysers pianos
and other first class pianos and organs always
on hand We will not be undersold call aud
be convinced F L TRAYSER
Piano Manufactory Front street
flOlwdltw JMaysvlllc Ky
Having removed to my new
quarters on Sutton street below Second I
am piepared to sell tlrst class furniture cheap
er than ever New stock Just received
flo lmwlwd GEORGE ORT Jr
XTOTICE I will do merchant tailoring ai d
li repairing in the best style and on short no
notice Leave orders at George Cox Sons
dry goods store and at my shop in the fifth
ward flOtf H EN RY WEDDING
TiOIt store ond dwelling house
j property of Mr Stevens together with his
stock scnles situated in Chester For terms cali
on J21LSndvjaSUID Court street
foe rent
TWO STORY brick house In Dover con
A taining 8 rooms with good cistern and all
necessary out buildings I will rent this prop
erty on reasonable terms
I have also a lot of bar fixtures in good condi
tion that I will sell at a reasonable price
JJOlmdaw Wst M UNZING Dover Ky
The case ofthese CEIKBRATKD WATCHES beautifully
ciurciii arc mndof thonew eutntltutc for gold called
ALUMINIUM GOLD The movements are of the beat Amer
ican Lever Pattern They are durable nnd reliable and have
the appearance of n 200 gold watch Sent by mall reentered
on receipt of Ji and 5 three cent stamps AiiJrciH AHCADE
JEWULFtY CO Importer 21 Arcade Cincinnati O
For Itinlcy Dover llig insnort A
Kimta Chilo Foster Moscow w
llichmoml and Cincinnati
F A Bhyso and RoiiY McCall Clerks
TTffiffifc IOjMMM
Leaving Maysville at 1130
a in Arrlvlug at Cincinnati
at 5 p m
Vnuceburgr Maysville ami Cincinnati
Tri Weekly Packet
W P TII09I 1SOX H L Redden Capt
Moss Taylok Purser
IT Redden and A O Mofse Clerks
Leaves vancoimrg s una ays
Tuesdays and Thursdays
Leaves Cincinnati Mondays
Wednesdays and Fridays For ireight or pas
sage apply on board
Vniiccbtirgr Homo Concorri Munches
tor and Maysville Daily Packet
IIAXDY BnucK Redden Capt
R L JtHUCK Clerk
a rlfL i Leves Vancebnrg daily at
bffliIXS5J r oclock a in for Maysville
2i3aCTiHB Leaves Maysville at l80 p m
Goes to Ripley Mondays Wednesdays and
Friday Connects at Manchester with stage
for v eit Unon For freight or passage apply
on board
Wlioullnar nml Pittsburg
JN WrMjTAMHoNSu pt Office 1 Pub Lang
Monday KCOllA F Mimutu
Tuesday St LAWRENCE -Wm List
Thursday HUDSON Sanlord
Friday ANDES C Muhleman
freight received on Mc
Coys whnrfboat foot Main
st at all hours J Shearer
CoRoase Mosset Agents
Cincinnati Portsmouth II iy Sandy dfc
Poincroy Packet Company
John Kyle Pres II E Gkkenk Sec
L Glenn Treas W P Walkkk Jr Agent
C and O R R Packet for Huntington
For Poineroy and All Wnj Landings
OHIO Mondays Thursdays 5 P M
TELEGRAPH Tuesdays Fildays 5 P M
POTOMAC Wednesdays Saturdays 5 PM
Portsmouth all Mail and Way Landings
BONANZA Tuesys Thursys Saturys VI M
Maysville All Mail and Way Landings
MORNING MAIL Daily Leave Cincinnati
7 A M Mavsvllletf P M
Freight received on wharf-
boat loot of Broadway O
m auuLUWAi superin
House and Sign Painter
Paper Hanger Grnlner Glazier Ac rders
ieit at Geoigo T Woods drug store will bo
Eromptly attended to All work warranted
barges reasonublo fiJtf

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