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' JT. A. McOANN,
i;ug25 ly.
A Sure (.'ure Found at Last Xo One
Need Suffer!
A Mire cure for blind, bleeding, itching and
ulcerated piles has been discovered by Dr.
William, (an Indian remedy,) called Dr. Williams'
Indian Ointment. A single box lias
cured the worst chronic cases ot twenty-live or
t hirty years standing. .No one iu ed suffer five
minutes after applying this wonderful soothing
medicine. Lotions instruments and
do more harm than good. Williams'
Ointment absorbs the tumors, allays the intense
Itching, (particularly at night alter getting
warm in bed,) acts as a poultice, gives instant
and pulnloss, relief, and is preparcTed only
for piles, itching of the private parts, and nothing
Read what; the Hon. J. M. CofHuberry, of
Cleveland, says about Dr. William's Pile Ointment;
I have used scores of pile cures, audit
allbrds me pleasure to say that I have never
found anything which gave me such immediate
and permanent 'relief as Dr. Williams' In
dian Ointment.
For sale by George T. Wood or mailed on receipt
of price, SI.
HENRY & CO., Solo Prop'rs,
02 Vesey Street, N. Y.
Front St., 4 doors nest of Hill House
Grand, Upright and Square Pianos, also the
best make of Organs at iowest manufacturers'
prices; Tuning and Repairing. nl7.
Fire, Life and Marine.
til' Cm d & w
Tlie and most elegfaut assortment of all grades of
Carpets, Lace Curtains
Is constantly to be found at our extensive wnrcrooms. Special attention paid
to non-resident buyers.
Geo. F."Otte'CcC':
183, "VST. JPoixjrtto. JSt.9 OJQ.oiia.iai.tii O.
A Knowledge of Housekeeping Such as
the Grandmothers Used to Acquire.
Baltimore Sun.
I3y all means let the girls learn how to
cook. What right has a girl to marry and
go into a house of her own unlcs she knows
how to superintcd every branch of housekeeping,
and she can not properly superintend
it unless she has some practical
knowledge herself. Most men marry without
thinking whether the woman of his
choice is capable ot cooking him a meal,
and it is a pity he is so short-sight, as his
health, his cheerfulness, and indeed his
successsin his life depend in a very great
degree upon the kind of food he eats; in
fact the whole household is influenced by
their diet. Feed them on fried cake, fried
meats, hot bread and other indigestible
viands, day after dayand they will need
medicine to make them well. A man will
take alcohol to conteract evil effects of
such food, and the wife and children
must be physiced.
Let all the girls have a share in the
house before they marry ; let each superintend
some department by turns. It need
not occupy half the time to see that the
house has been properly swept, dusted,
and put in order, or to prepare puddings
and make dishes, that many young ladies
spend in reading novels that enervate
both -mind and body and unfit them for
ever-day life. Women do not as a general
rule get pale faces by by doing housework.
Their sedentary habits, in overheated
rooms, combined with ill-chosen food, are
to blame for bad health. Our mothers
used to pride themselves on their house
keeping and line needlework. Why should
not we?
A Story from Fompeii.
Our(Daily News)Naples correspondent
writes : "Two or three weeks ago a touching
discovery was made during the excavation
at Pompeii. In one of the narrow
streets were found signs of human remains
in the dried mud lying on the top
of the strata of lapilli reaching to the sec
ond floor of the houses, and which the
usual process of pouring plaster of Paris
into the hollow left by the impression of
a body had been accomplished, there came
to light the form of a littte boy. Within
the house opposite to the second floor
window of which this infantile form lay
were found a gold bracelet and the skeleton
of a woman, the arms stretched toward
the child. The plaster form of this woman
could not he obtained, the impression
being too much destroyed. It is evident
that the mother, when the liquid mud
began to flow, had put her little boy out
of the window into the lapilli in the hope
of Saving him, and he must no doubt have
been overwhelmed. The plaster figure of
the child has not yet been 'placed in the
little museum near the entrance of Pompeii,
but is kept in a house not far from
the Temple of Jsis."
A Franklin street man awoke on Satur-
pday night to hear some one on his stoop.
he went out there and caught the intruder
a stranger. " Who are you?" demanded
the householder. " I can not tell a lie,"
replied the stranger, in a rather thick
voice, " I am Vennor." The shock was so
great that the owner of the premises went
over backward, and striking on his head
saw stars enough to keep his entire family
in weather for months to come.
A countryman climbed out of a wagon
entered a music store, and said he wanted
to buy a piece of music for his son. ''If
your son is not very far advanced, perhaps
this would do," said the clerk, handing
him over a piece of sheet music.
" How much does it cost V" " Fifty cents."
"Well, that's too easy for him. ThD last
piece I bought for him cost seventy cents.
I reckon he knows .enough to play a piece
worth $1.25 at least. A 50c. piece is too
low, I want a higher piece." The clerk accidentally
found an operatic piece that waB
difficult enough, and the proud father
shelled out the cash.
i I fti
J)r. Frazier's Root Bitters.
Frazier's Root Bitters are not a drain-shop
whisky beverage, but are strictly medicinal in
every sense. They act strongly upon the liver
and kidneys, keep the bowels open and regular,
make the weak strong, heal the lungs, build
np the nerves and cleanse the blood and system
of every impurity.
For dizziness, rush of blood to the head
tending to apoplexy, dyspepsia, fever and
ague, dropsy, pimples and blotches, scrofulous
humors and sores, tetter, ring worm, white
swelling, erysipelas, sore eyes and for young
men suffering from weakness or debility caused
from imprudence, and to females In delicate
health, Frazier's Root Ihtteis are especially
Ur. Frazier : I hae used two bottles of your
Root Bitters tor dyspepsia, dizziness, weakness
and kidney disease, and they did me more good
than the doctors and all t lie medicine J ever
used. From the first dose J took I began to
mend, and I am now in perfect health, and
feel us well as I ever did. I consider your
one of the greatest blessings.
Mils. M. M auxin, Cleveland, 0.
Sold by CJeorgeT. Wood at SI per bottle.
1IKNRY & CO.. Sole Prop'rs,
(J J Vesey street, N. Y.
- -
bills r hf I
Bulletin (JmceS
President. Cashiek.
Skin Diseases Cured
By Dn. Fkazi kk's Magic Ointment. Cures
as if by magic, pimples, black head or grubs,
blotches and eruptions on the face, leaving the
skin clear, healthy and beautiful. Also cures
itch, barber's itch, salt rheum, tetter.ringwonn,
scald head, chapped hands, sore nipples, sore
lips, old obstinate ulcers and sores, ic.
F. Drake, Kq., Cleveland, O., suffered beyond
all description from a skin disease which appeared
on his hands, head and face, and nearly
destroyed his eyes. The most careful doctoring
failed to help him, and alter all had failed he
used I)r. Frazier's Magic Ointment and wim
cured by a few applications.
The first and positive cure for skin diseases
ever discovered.
.Sunt If. mail on receipt of price, fifty cents
HENRY it CO., Sole Prop'rs,
(W Vesey Street, N. Y.
For blind, bleeding, itching or ulcerated piles.
Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Ointment is a sure
cure. Price SI, by mail. For sale by George T.
Wood, druggist.
A Genius of til? Frontier, and What He
Hid When Put Upon His Mettle.
The most original and ready of all harsj
was an old army scout who settled in
Western Texas. He had won such a reputation
that a general of the army, in
passing his cabin to a military post, halted,
and called upon him, informing him that
he had heard of him so often all along the
frontier that he desired to make his acquaintance
and hear him tell of the strange
sights he had seen in the far West. The
old scout thereupon proceeded to say that
he had indeed seen strange sights out
West: that upon one scouting trip he had
come upon a high mountain Hint consisted
of a single crystal of diamond, so clear
that he could see through it herds of elk
and deer on the other side, and that when
he was going around to get at them he
came upon a buffalo that was in a standing
position and was entirely petrified ;
even the end of the animal's" tail, which
was in an erect position over his hack, as
he was about to charge when petrification
set in, was also petrified.
"Stop," said the general, "now I've got
you. The gravity would have cause'd the
ond of the tail to drop down."
" No," replied the scout, " the gravity
was petrified, too."
A widdw in Japan who is willing to
think of matrimony wears her hair tied
and twisted around a long shell hair-pin
placed horizontally across the back of the
head. When a widow firmly resolves
never to change her name again she cuts
her hair short on her neck and combs
it back without any part.
Piles have been lately driven by electricity
across the River Lea, at Hatfield
Parkj the seat of the Marquis of Salisburj'.
These piles are to support a coffer-dam.
The power was transmitted by two
machines connected by two conducting
wires, to a pile driver on a barge
in the river. The "dolly" weighed from
four to five hundred-weight, but was
moved with easv and regularity.
- -ft?
The Atlanta Constitution's, spring poet
tells all about time " when blackbirds' call
and cow-bells' clang break on the fumed
air." They are spreading manure in
Dr. Strother, Kentucky lecturer, holds
that the Garden of Eden was the Mississippi
valley, and if that is so we think Adam
and Eve were very fortunate in being
chased out.
John Drumniond, an inmate of the Dayton
(0.) Insane Asylum, was choked to
death in Wednesday night, by
a room companion, upon whom he had
made a violent assault.
Health Officer Miles reports one hundred
and fifty-nine new cases of smallpox
in Cincinnati since his last report, March
22d. The Board of Health ordered free
vaccination to be resumed at once.
The music teachers hold a State Convention
at Columbus, Ohio, with a good
representation from all the principal cities.
Committees were appointed and arrangements
to form a permanent association.
In consequence of the overflow in tho
Mississippi valley Talmage will postpone
his proposed lecturing tour through that
section. How wonderfully does providence
temper the wind to the shorn lamb.
The Ohio Senate reconsidered the vote
by which it passed on Wednesday tho bill
to prohibit the issuing of railroad passes
to Stato officers, legislators, editors, publishers
and others. The bill was then
put on its passage and lost by a large majority.
Among the signatures to n protest against
the Channel tunnel on the ground thilt it
would involve England in military dangers,
are Lord Lytton, Sir, Richard A. Cross,
Manning, Alfred Tennyson, Robert
Browning,Professors;Huxley and Goodwin

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