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DAILY EVENING BULLETIN, !and thostntoof the coal trade show that
- .no pressing demand exists.
Fill DAY EVE., APRIL 28, 1882. i All signs point to big crops this year
- ' and big crops means prosperity ; but
BarTEiois :-Tho Evening Bulletin is pub- dent men will note, at this juncture that a
lished dully, and served lree of postage at 0
cents nor week: 2.5 cents per month: 7o cents
per three months : S1.50 per six months, mid S3
per year, payable In advance.
The Farmer's Interests.
fourths and a little over, of the crop year
is now gone, and the United States, which
grew three-quarter crops last year, begin
to feel the pinch in prices. Wo fed the
world last year. We have not this year
more than enough to feed ourselves. If
the demands of Europe were this year as
great as those of 1SS0 or 1SS1, and the
"United States and England, which eat a
quarter of the world's wheat, were bidding
against each other for the diminishing
stock of wheat, flour would be at war,
not to say starvation, prices As it is,
steamers lying in New York harbor are
paying people to fill them up with wheat,
the call for wheat is so slack abroad;
while the Chicago elevators grow emptier
and emptier, so little wheat is there in
this country. The char.ces are that supply
and demand will have a close race in
meeting the supply of this country alone,
whose surplus enabled it a year ago to
send abroad 175,000,000 bushels, but which
this year, with the new crop three mouths
off, has just about three months' wheat
rations. Any accident, a May or June
drought, or one in July to curl the corn
heavy rains at the wrong time, danger, or
the serious threatening of danger, to new
crops will drive food up' to prices not registered
for years in this country. As it is,
the United .States, which consumed in the
last crop year 330,000,000 bushels, has no
large margin this year, after starting with
430,000,000 bushels, all told, exporting 70,
000,000 bushels of this year's crop and
adding from all sources, over 2,000,000 to
its consumers. It will surprise no one
that a nation, running so close to its food
margin, has in sight only half as much
wheat and two-thirds as much corn as last
year at this time.
In outline, this is the wheat outlook because
it the key to the present situation.
The future is as secure as ever, and United
Staffs bonds, whose value rests not on
this year's profits but upon the aveiaged
resources of a century, rose still higher
last week. So did bonds whielrpartake of
the character. But till railroad stocks
whose value pivots on tho national truck
ruled lower. In a nation which sends
nothing abroad but its crops, railroad receipts
must depend on crops, and the most
careless see, as the yisib'o supply gets
lower, that there is less-to move. Purchases
from abroad continue, sales to Europe
are light, and gold would have gone
abroad la t week but for the fact that
great many manufacturers will hold up
next fall until tho November election de-
cides how tho tariff is to go the year after, ,
that an export of gold grows more and '
moro probable, that a very serious strain
will fall on our currency next winter in '
the reorganization of National banks,
less congress does something, and that it i
is barely possible we may have next fall a
Savs the Philadelphia Press: Three-1 reat oal more wheat than we can sell.
Thus far the U. S. House has passed
about three hundred and twenty bills, and
the Senate has passed about three hundred.
There have been introduced in the
House this season six thousand bills, and
.in the Senate nearly eighteen hundred, irrespective
of joint resolutions, &c.
Below we give the counties comprising
this Superior Court district and the vo'te
of each, based upon the Hancock vote:
Boone- ') Boyd 1
Gallatin 8 Elliott .'!
Kenton 20 Menifee '1
Campbell 15 Morgan
Bracken 8 Lawrence 5
Pendleton . 'J Powell '2
Grant 7 Johuhon 2
Owen lU Martin 2
Harrison 11 Wolfe 3
Robertson ;1 Lee
Mason Kt Estill
Scott 8 Bteathitt
Nicholas 7 Magoflln
Fleming 8 Floyd
Bourbon S Owsley
Kayetto ii I'nry
Clnik 0
Montgomery (1
Bath li
Rowan I
Lewis h
Greenup -1
Carter y
Letcher 2
Leslie 1
Harlan 1
Bell 1
Total 218
Necessary to a choice 12.5
Gross earnings of railroads in Missouri
for the year 1SS1, amount to $25,000,000.
A business block in Searcy, Ark., was
burned Wednesday morning, loss about
Dr. J. M. Morehead Briggs, a prominent
citizen, died at Bowling Green, Ky., aged
eighty-five years.
Michael O'Connor, song-and-dance man,
known as " Cincinnatus," died at Xenia,
Ohio, Wednesday.
Win. Dudley, a well known young man
of Lexington, Ky.. was fuund dead in bed
Wednesday morning.
The Anti-Monopoly Convention at Al
bany, N. Y., beginning Wednesday, has
four hundred delegates.
The sixty-third anniversary of Odd
Fellowship in the United States was celebrated
at many points Wednesday.
The U. S. Senate has passed a bill appropriating
$30,000 for the erection of a
public building at Fort Wayne, Indiana.
Judge (J. M. of Newark, Ohio,
who was run over by a St. Louis street car,
Monday night, died from his injuries Wednesday.
Frank Schultz, of Logansport, Ind., a
Greencnstle student, presented and had
cashed by Fletcher Sharpe, of Indianapolis,
two forged drafts for $400 and $355
John L. Sullivan, the champion prize
figh tor, has been sentenced to three months
imprisonment in the Boston Work-house
asS;llllt suul battur' committed in
an a
were one cent to carrv j
yiloon row
a bushel of grain across the Atlantic. This! ,,., . .,, ; . . .
ill.,..., . ., Senator Ben. Hill's t.imilly despair of his
enabled the foreign buyers to pay the
American price since the distance was
wiped out and commercial bills eased oil
the demand for exchange. In all centres
of distribution, the spring purchaser is
still just around the corner, and the chief
sign of activity .is in speculative purchases
of food grain and pork. After working
down through February, price in those articles
has been steadily working up, with
a break occasionally. One came Saturday ;
but the break will not stop the advance,
"wlrch promises to make the next ninety
days pinching ones for all to whom the
current price of food is a vital matter.
Manufacturing runs along on its momentum;
but the course of the cotton market
permanent improvement. It is reported
that his physician has told him that tho
most he can promise is that he can live
for six months.
A passenger train on the Cincinnati
Southern railroad was ditched by a misplaced
switch at Luxing'on, Ky., Wednesday,
making a bad wreck. Engineer
Driscoll was killed.
Rev. M. Koeher, German Lutheran minister
of Manistee, Mich., has been severely
fined in court for sending through the
mails insulting communications to his
wife, from whom he has separated.
Two detected burglars at Dayton, Ohio,
leaped from a third-story window eighteen
feet to a shed, and then sixteen feet more
to the ground, dashed through the crowd
which had counted on capturing them,
and escaped.
A Sure Cure Found at Last No One
Need. Suffer!
A sure curejfor blind, bleeding, Itching and
ulcerated piles has been discovered by Dr.
William, (an Iudlan remedy,) called Dr. Williams'
Indian Ointment. A single box has
cured tho worst chronic cases of twenty-live or
thirty years standing. No one need sutler live
minutes after applylugthis wonderful soothing
medicine. Lotions instruments and
do moro harm than good. Williams'
Ointment absorbs the tumors, allays the intense
Itching, (particularly at night altor getting
warm In bed,) acts as a poultice, gives Instant
and painless relief, and is proparded only
for plies, itching of the private parts, and nothing
Read what the Hon. J. M. Cofllnberry, of
Cleveland, says about Dr. William's Pile Ointment;
I have used scores of pile cures, and it
affords me pleasure to say that I have never
found anything which gave mo such immediate
ami permanent relief os Dr. Williams' Indian
For sale by George T. Wood or mailed on receipt
of price, SI.
il ENRY & CO., Sole Prop'rs,
02 Vesey Street, N. Y.
Mi in Diseases I'ured
By Dn. FiiAzrRit's Magic Ointment. Cures
as if by magic, pimples, black head or grubs,
blotches and eruptions on the face, leaving the
skin clear, healthy and beautiful. Also ura?
itch, barber's itch, salt rheum, tetter.riugworm,
scald head, chapped hands, sore nipples, sore
lips, old obstinate ulcers and sores, Ac.
F. Drake, Esq., Cleveland, O., suffered beyond
nil description from a sic in disease which appeared
on his hands, head and face, and nearly
destroyed his eye. The most careful doctoring
failed to help him, and after all had failed he
used Dr. Frazler's .Magic Ol'ntmeut and was
cured by a few applications.
Tho first and positive cure for skin diseases
ever discovered.
Sent lv mail on receipt of price, fifty cents
HENRY & CO., Sole Prop'rs,
fi3 Vesey Street, N. Y.
For blind, bleeding, itching or ulcerated piles.
Dr. Williams' Indian Pile Olnimeut is a sure
cure. Price Si, by mail. For sale by George T.
Wood, druggist.
Dr. Frazier's Root Iliitcrs.
Frazier's Root Bitters are not a dram-shop
whisky beverage, but are strictly medicinal in
every sense. They act strongly upinPthe liver
and kidneys, keep the bowels open and regular,
inalce the weak strong, heal the lungs, build
up the nerves and cleanse the blood and system
of every impurity.
For dizziness, rush of blood to the head
tending to apoplexy, dyspepsia, fever and
ague, dropsy pimples and blotches, scrofulous
humors and sores, tetter, ring worm, white
swelling, erysipelas, sore eyes and for young
mensullering from weakness or debility caused
from imprudence, and to females In delicate
health, Frazier's Root Bitters are especially
Dr. Frazier : I have used two bottles of your
Root Bitters for dyspepsia, dizziness, weakness
and kidney disease, and thoy did mo more good
than tho doctors and all the medicine I ever
used. From the first dose 1 took I began to
mend, and I am now in perfect hcUth, and
feel us well as I ever did. I consider your medicine
one of the greatest blessings.
Mas. M. Maktin, Cloveland, O.
Sold by (JeorgeT. Wood at 31 per bottle.
HENRY & CO.. Sole Prop'rs,
G2 Vesey Street. N. Y.
We have reopened our Seed Store on
Market Street one door above tho Red Corner
Clothing Store and have on hand an entirely
new stock of
We have also Seed Potatoes, Onion Setts,
Greenhouse and Bedding Plants, Fruit and Ornamental
Trees and Cabbago, Tomato and
Sweet Potato Plants of all varieties In season,
Also a full stock of Florists' Goods of all kinds
at wholesale or retail.
Floral Designs
mado to order at short notice.
JC70A WEEK. fl'2aday at home'easlly mad
n n osuy oumi iroe. Aauress ',
Augusta, Maine.
Tbdic & Co
Left at tho dental ofiloo of
Dr. Anderson, last Saturday, a silk Umbrella.
The owner can get the nume by calling
at his office,
ANTED A load of clean corn stalks, apply
at (u2itlw) THIS OFFICE.
" A DIES Call and heo our now and
iul line of nniusols.
a'2!w2tdlw A. It. GLASCOCK & CO.
good cook and laundress and
one who can do good housework; family
small, good wages. Apply to
for HAJLE.
7C NAL.K No, 1 Seed Oats, No. I Corn for
? feed. At JOS H.DODSON'S
Grain Warehouse.
11) and 21 Sutton St.
JLONTI I.O VI'! A good fit If you
j do not leave your orders with tho Filth
Ward Tailor. nmrSltf .. II. WEDDING.
Ventilated Egg Case.
Patented February 15, ISM.
Indispensible to Merchants Shippers
And Producers.
The outside finmeofthisoarriercoiitalnsllvo
trays, hold in place by fasteners at end of case,
as seen In cut. These Trays are constructed In
reversible halves. The above cut shows one
whole tray tilled icady to be placed in case, each
1 egg resting in its cardboaid socket in such a
I manner as to be readily counted, candled, or
1 transferred from tray to tray, or case to case,
without rehaudling.
For cold storage this case will store GO dozen
with racks made to receive the.half trays, henco
this is the cheapest storage case manufactured,
saving largely in space.
I Tho manner of holding the eggs on end prevents
oscillation, addling, or breusige, and add
greatly to their freshness when carried long in
, storage. Size of o0 dozen No. I cases 25x12x14,
weighs 20 pounds.
Shipper's No. 1, 30 doz. Cnso with Fillers
complete - - - 05 (enltt.
Farmer's No. 1, 18 dose. Case wltli Fillers
complete, 55 Cents.
Cardboard Fillers lor rcfilliii&rSOCciitH.
15 per cent, discount on lots of J00 cases.
llatchcltler's Egg Tester, t slihjr Uoz.
at once, saves to buyers many
times its cost each
Price 83.00.
By special arrangements made by tho manufacturers
ot this case most Railroads will receive
them as fourth class freight
The IS dozen case made especially for Farmers'
use, sent to any address by express, with
out nailing, with full directions for setting up,
on receipt of 50 cents. Every Fanner and consumer
should have one of these cases.lt will
save its cost every month. Agents wanted in
every county. Address,
(In ordering mention this paper.)
09 South Water St .Chicago.
Plumber, Gas and Steam Fitter
dealer In Bath Tubs, Hydrant Pumps, Iron
and Lead Pipe, Globe, Augleand Check Valves,
Rubber Hose and Sewer Pipe. All work warranted
and done when promised. Second street,
; opposite Whlto & Oi t's. tips
Teas, Tobacco, Cigars, Queensware, Wooden-ware,
Glassware, Notions, Ac. Highest price
paid for Country Produce. Goods delivered to
any part of the city.
Cor. Fourth and Plum Streets,
Manufacturer and Inventor of
Made Double or Single for men or boyH. Ad
caroT. K.Bali fc Son,
Maysvllle, Ky.

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