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Eomaktio youth, rlieumantio ago.
. A DOuaHMESTio difficulty Heavy
bread, f
The mulo always puts his best foot
You may be left at first, but try to bo
right at last
11 Time makes all things even" except
odd numbers.
What spring is ever dry, yet keeps on
running ? A watch spring.
Take care of the pence at a prize-fight,
and the pounds will take care of themselves.
Bald-headed men are sensitive to
draughts. It is not the kind of fresh 'air
they want.
Gen. Tom Thumb gave a banquet recently
in St. Louis. ' Simon says
Thumbs sup." I
The "fours of habit," siud the gambler,
softly, as he dealt himself all the
aces in the pack.
Embroidered mustard plasters are now
recognized as a necessary feature of Aesthetic
Mr. Cobb recently married Miss
Webb ; he knew that they were intended
for each other as soon as he spider.
TfnE girl that has the most freedom
and runs at large most persistently at
this age ii the one that's maid fast.
Old Deacon Dobson always boasted
that he was " prepared for the worst,"
and his neighbors thought he got it
when he married his second wife.
At a concert in London the fog was so
thick that the musiciaus were invisible
to the audience, and the cornets and
trombones had to be replaced by foghorns.
Very nearly: Auntie "You go to
school, Charley ? " Charley" Yes."
Auntie "You don't play the truant? "
Charley "No; but I'm learnin' the
A FAiiMEit once hitched to his plough
A jaded old aes and a cough;
This team, strange to euy,
llefueed to obey.
And ran at the sight of a sough.
"Did you get that girl's picture,
Brown ? You remember that you said
you were bound to have it." "Well,
not exactly," replied Brown; " I asked
her for it, and she gave me her negative."
Sophia (sentimentally) "I dearly
love to listen to the ticking of a clock.
It seems to me that a clock has a language
of its own." Mr. Smart "Yes,
Sophia, the clock has a language you
might say a
A celebrated lawyer said that the
three most troublesome clients he ever
had were a young lady who wanted to
be married, a married woman who
wanted a divorce, and an old maid who
didn't know what she wanted.
" How do I manage to rid myself of
bores?" said a woman of the world.
"Nothing is easier. When I want to
send a man away, I talk to him about
myself. When I want him to stay indefinitely,
I talk about himself."
" How beautiful the dome of heaven
this evening!" said Angelica, as she
leaned heavily upon his arm. "The
stars seem to look down upon us "
"Oh, yes," said practical John ; "it's
impossible for them tolook up to us, you
know. They cawn't. "
A lecturer was explaining to a little
girl how a lobster cast his shell when he
had outgrown iteSaid he-: y Whado
you do wifcli yourTclotlies yh'enVbuye
Precedence and age : There i3 a
story of Solomon not contained in the
"Book of Kings." Two of his court
damsels llad a row as to precedence.
Sotomdn looked kindly, and said :"" Lfet
(he oldest go first," and th6 damsels
and went in together with entwined
" No, young man, it doesn't hurt you
a particle to sowyour wOd'oats. Go
ahead and sow as you wisli. ' Butits tbe
gathering in of the crop that will make
you howl. And you have to gather .it,
too. . If you don't, it gathers you in,
and one is a great deal worse than the
outgrown mem. xou cast tnem asiae,
don't you?" ""'"Oh, no !" replied ; the'
little one,'.! wd let out "the tucks.!t
JXo. 21 Market St. , nearly opp. Central Hotel,
Ojflce Open at all Iours. MAYSVILLE, KY.
in .yl31y.d.
;kew designs in
China and Glassware
which I will sell very low. Clocks repahed.
myodly G. A. McCARTHEY.
TEAS ! ! TEAS ! !
r HAVE n lull supply ol the best
L DEHTEA In the market. Give me ntilal
myOlyd GEO. H. HEISER.
Queensware, Glass and Tinware,
For sale at KEDUCED rate nt
15 Market St., East side, between 2nd and3id.
mod (5m
Ventilated Egg Case.
Patented Februnry 15, ltSSi.
Indispensible to Merchants Shippers
And Producers.
The outside fiameofthis carrier contains five
trays, held in place by fasteners at end of case,
as seen in cut. These Trays are constructed in
reversible halves. The above cut shows one
whole tray filled ready to be placed in case, each
egg resting in ita cardboard socket in such a
manner as to be readily counted, candled, or
transferred irom tray to tray, or case to case
without rehandling.
For cold .storage this case will store CO dozen
with racks made to receive the half trays, hence
this is the cheapest storage case manufactured,
saving largely in space.
The manner ol holding the eggs on end prevents
oscillation, addling, or breuage, and adds
greatly to their fredmes when carried long in
storage. Size of 80 dozen No. 1 cases 2oxl2xH
weighs 20 pounds.
Shipper's So. 1, 30 dose. Case with
complete 05 C'eiiiH.
Farmer's A'o. I, 18 dox. Case with Fillers
MmpIets - 55 Cents.
,ardhnrl Fillers for refilliii;?20Ceiits.
15 per cent, discount on lots of JJ0 cases. .
Unitholder's FprTeslor, tstih: G doz.
at once, saves to buyers many
times its eost each season.
Price $3.00.
By special arrangements made by
this case most Railroads will receive
them as lourth class height
The IS dozen case made especially for Farmers'
use, sent to any address by expros, with
out nailing, with lull directions lor setting up,
on receipt of 50 cents. Every Farmer and consumer
should have one ol these cases, it will
save its cost every month. Agents wanted in
every county. Address,
(In ordering mention this paper.)
09 South Water St., Chicago.
Buggies ! Buggies ! !
We have for sale the celebrated
from SO.') upward, - T.'iK. BAiiL & S02J.
Cor. Sixth and Walnut Sts.
o 1 3xr o i par axr -a. t i , o
LeWis Vanden, Proprietor.
For Ripley, Dover, lliirirfusort,
Chile, Foster, Moucuu, Kev
Iticlnnoml and Cincinnati.
Sioitxixc; aiAlli E.S. Morgan, Master
V An Shed and Roby McCall, (Jerks.
f 1E&
Cincinnati, Wheeling ami Pittsburg.
J.N. Williamson, Sup't, Office 4 Pub. Lan'g.
Monday SCOTIA F. Maratta.
Tuesday St. LAWRENCE-Wm. List.
Thursday HUDSON Saulord.
Friday Muhleman.
Sat'y EMMA GRAHAM-H. Knowles.
i relent received on Mc
Coy's wliarfboat. foot Main
St.. at all hours. J. Shearer
& Co., Roase & Mosset, Agents.
Vanecljnrtf, MaysvUlo ami Cincinnati
W. I THOMPSON H. L. Redden, Capt.
31 oss Taylok, Purser.
H. Redden and A. O. Mofse, Clerks.
1 JHbal
- Leaving Maysville at 11:30
I la. in. Arriviug at Cincinnati
at 5 p. in.
Vaiicebnrjr, Itonic, Concord. Blanches
tor and Maysville Daily Packet,
HANDIr .i Bkuce Redden, Capt.
R. L.Hhuce. Clerk.
t i r;if:.'..ri I
jueve.s vauceDiug unijy at
5 o'clock a. m. for Maysville.
Leaves Maysville at 1:80
Goes to Ripley Mondays, Wednesdays and
Friday. Connects at Manchester -with stage
for est Union. For freight or passage apply
on board.
WKSOyOBxj .1
Leaves vaiicoburs: Sundays,
Tuesdays and Thursdays.
'Leaves Cincinnati Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays. For ireJght or passage
apply on board. '
Cincinnati, Portsmriith, 11 tg $an?y t
1'omeroy Packet I'oinpany.
John Kyle, Pres. H. E. Gkeene, Sec.
L, Ulenn, Tieas. W. P. Walkek, Jr., Agent.
C. and O. R. R. Packet kok Huntington.
For Pomeroy and All Way Landings.
OHIO Mondays, Thursdays, o P. M.
TELEGRAPH Tuesdays, Fiidays, 5 P. M.
POTOMAC Wednesdays, Saturdays, 5 P. M.
Portsmouth, all Mail and Way Landings.
BONANZA, Tues'ys, Thurs'ys, Satur'ys, 12 M.
Maysville, All Mail and Way Landings.
MORNING MAIL Daily. Leave Cincinnati
7 A. M. Maysville. 8 P. M.
Freight received on wharf-boat,
loot of Broadway. C.
Union Insurance Co.
Incorporated 1MM. Cash capital, $500,000.
M. F. MARSH, Agent,
il8 No. 12 Court street.
THOROUGHLY competent teacher desires
to ive lessen on the Violin, on leasonable
1 terms, For particulars apply at
mayctiu THl UPFICIS.
Baker and Confectioner
The only manufacturer of PURE STICK
CANDY in the city. Orders tor weddings and
parties promptly attended to. myodly
MRS. M. W. CuULTER has reopeued the
HILL HOUSE and is prepared to turuish
board by the day or week. Meals furnished to
transient customers at any hour during the
day. mylSGm
President. Cashier.
House and Sign Painter.
Paper Hanger, Grainer, Glazier, fec. Orde
leit at Geome r, Wood's druu store will be
attended to. All woik Avarranted.
Charges reasonable jatf
3 I. LX JE eJC
Fire5 Life and Marine.
ConrfH Circuit Court,
Judge A.E.Cole.
Commonwealth's Attorney T. A. Curran.
Clerk B. D. Parry.
Jailer Ed. Gault.
Tuesday after Fecond Monday in January
April July and October In each year.
County c:ourr.
Judge-G. S.Wall.
County Attorney J. L. Whitaker.
Clerk-W. W.Ball.
Second Monday c: tach month.
Unnrle. ly Court.
Tuesday alter seconc Monday in March,Juue'
September and December in each year.
Magistrates Courts.
Maysville, No. l.-W. H. Pollock and J. L
Grant, first and third Tuesdays in March, Juno
September and December,
Maysville, No. WVrai Pepper and W. D
Holton, first Saturday and lourth Tuesday
same months.
Dover, No. 3 A. A. Gibbon and A. F. Dobyns
first and third Wednesday, same month.
Minerva, No. 4-0. N. Weaver and J. H . Watson,
first and third Tuesdays, same mouths.
Germantown, F. Pollock and James
Fegan, first and thiid Saturdays, same months.
fciirdis, No. 0-J. M. Ball and J. W. Tilton
second and fourth Saturdays, same months.
Mayslick, No. 7-C. W. Williams and J. D
Raymond, second and lourth Fridays, same
Lewisburc, No. 8 J. M. Alexander and
Abuer Hor'd, second and fourth Thursdays,
same months.
Oianseburet No. 9 W. D. Coryell and W.J.
Tally, first Saturday and last Monday, same
Washington, No. 10 John Ryan and James
Smithers, fourth Tuesday and third Wednesday,
same months.
Murphysville, No. 11 Lewis Jefferson and
E. L. Gault, fourth Monday and thiid Thursday,
same months.
Fern .Leaf, No. 12-S. E. Mastin and J. B.
Bnrues3. second and fourth Saturdays, same
Maysville, No. 1-J. P. Wallace,
Maysville, No. 2 W. L. Moran.
Dover, No, 3-W. 11. McMillan.
Minerva, No. -i James Runyon.
Germantown, No. 5 Isaac Woodward. -
Sardis, No. (1 J. A. Collins.
Mayslick, No. 7 Thomas Murphy
Lewisburg, No. 8 S. M. Strode.
Orangeburg, No. 0- Thomas Hise.
Washington, No. 10 James Gault.
Murphysville, No. 11 W. R. Prather
Fern Leaf, No. 12 B. W. Wood.
Society 3Icetiuy:s Mosonit!.
Confidence Lodge, No. 52f flist Monday oi
each month.
Mason Lodge, No. 3-12, third Monday of each
Maysville, Chapter, No. 9, second Monday ot
each month,
Maysville Commandery, No. 10, fourth Mon
day of each mouth.
Plsgah Encampment, No. 9, second and
fourth Mondays in each months at 7 o'clock.
DeKalb Lodge, No. 12, Tuesday night, each
week, at 7 o'clock.
Ringgold. No. 27, Wednesday night, each
week, at 7 o'clock.
K. of 1
Limestone Lodge, No. 36, Fiiday night ol
each week.
I. O.IV. 31.
Wednesday night each week, at their hall on
Second stieet.
Sodality B. V. 31
Second and fourth Sundays in each month
at their ballon Limestone street.
Father 3Iatlicw T. A. to.
First Sunday in each month, at their hall on
Limestone street.
St. Patrick's Benevolent Society
Second Sunday in each month, at their
on Limestone street.
Ciar 3Iakers' Union.
Fhst Tuesday night in each month.
I. . U5
Monday night ol each week.
K. C. R. R.. anives at ;30 a. in. and 8:15 p. in
Departs at 5:45 a. m. and 12 m.
Bonanza, down Monday, Wednesday and
Fridays at 0 p. in. Up Tuesday, Thursday and
Saturday at 8 p. m.
The Board of Council meets the first Thursday
evening in each month.
Mayor Horace January.
President L. Kd. Pearce.
First Ward-Fred. Bendel,E.D Nute, L.Ed
Second Ward Dr. G. W. Mai tin, Thomas J
Chenoweth, M. C. Hutchins.
Third Ward Matt. Peaice, Richard Dawson
David Hechinger.
Fourth Waid-Dr. J. P. Phister, B. A.
John W. Alexander.
Fifth Ward Win. B. Mathews James Hall
Ed waul Myall.
Treasurer and Collector E. E. Pearce.
Clerk Harry Taylor.
Marshal-E. W. Fitzgerald.
Charles McAullfl.
npmitipq J
Wln; Dnwsoili
Whnrfmaster Robert Ficklin.
Wood and Coal Inspector Peter Parker.
Marketmaster M.T.Cockerill.
City Physician Dr. J.T. Strode.
Keeper of Alms House Mrs. S, Mills.
NICE nice lot ot Walking Canes just re
A ceived, which we will sell cheap. Give us
a call. A. SORRIES & SON.Second street,
mCtld above Yancey & Alexander's stable

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