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rosser & McCarthy,
One Inch
Two inches .Y
Three Inches
Four Inches ,
Half col,
One col ,
c 3
o O re r, (0
a 2. o. e.
I W -05 02 t3
50 (JO 70 80 DO
70 85 1.00 1.15 1.30
10 1.10 1.30 1.50 1.70
1.20 1.45 1.70 1.95 2.20
1.80 2.20 2.60 8.00 3 40
3.00 3.50 4.00 4,50 5.00
Local notices ten cents a line: subsequent
insertions Ave cents a line.
Wants, three lines, ten cents, subsequent Insertions
five ceuts.
Special rates where advertisers use both the
dally and weekly.
One inch In the Daily Bulletin for one
year costs S5, and for six mouths but 33.
It used to be we said of him,
Whose mind was broad and deep,
He is the kind ot chap, you know,
Who can a hotel keep.
But now in talking of a man
Who's smart in every way,
We say he can a bridge put up
And make the blamed thing stay.
Little music boxes, playing very faintly
one tune, are now worn at the waist
belt, dangling from a bit of ribbon. They
are of Swiss make, and hold hair pins and
glove buttoner.
JRev. R. B. Garrett, of Carlisle, will
preach In the Baptist church in this city
next Sunday morning and evening. Those
who heard him at Augusta are enthusiastic
in their praises of this gifted young
man. Rev. J. K. Pace will occupy Mr.
Garrett's pulpit at Flemingsburg.
On the 25th of June last, Dr. J. W. R.
Corlis, of Brooksville, Ky., assisted by Dr.
T. S. Bradford, of Augusta, Dr. E. O. Dim-mitt,
of Germantown, and Dr. D. J. Waller,
of Brooksville, removed an ovarian
tumor weighing thirty-five pounds, from
Mrs. George "W. McDonald, of Bracken
county. Mrs. McDonold, nee Miss Sallie
Crawford, was born and raised in Mason
county. She has entirely recovered from
the operation and is now going about, attending
to her household duties. It is
needless to say that this was an exceedingly
difficult and delicate operation, and
that it proves the high ability of the operating
surgeon and his assistants.
The Pier Washed Away by a Freshet and
the Structure a Wreck.
Harrow Escape of Several
The fine iron bridge over Limestone
Creek, constructed about two years ago, at
a cost of eleven thousand dollars, fell on
Monday afternoon about three o'clock and
now lies in the bed of the creek a complete
wreck. The pier on the east side, weakened
at the foundation by a freshet in the stream,
cracked first on the south side and crumbling
where the supports of the bridge
rested let the structure fall. A few moments
later the front of the pier and the
great mass of earth that it confined
toppled over upon the bridge and
crushed it into a thousand fragments.
At the time tfie disaster occurred a large
number of persons were at the east side of
the bridge watching the swollen stream,
"but fortunately the alarm was given in
time and no one was injured. Two or
three persons were on the bridge when the
vpie&vg&Ye.way4utwe quick eno$gb'jn
Bhowarof.niud 7nl waferthat .was threw
up frbm'tho Head of the'strearii. The
erase votbra4idt iftT&ttributea: Ufainly
to the faulty construction of ,tho pier.
(toggles Camp Meeting.
The Most Successful Day-Such
Day in the History
of this Camp
Many Ministers on the Ground and More
Arriving Raiu, Rain.
Fi'om our Special Correspondent,
The sunrise prayer meeting was conducted
by Rev. J. P. Walton, local preacher of
Main street, Covington. At 9. a. m., .Rev.
O. J. Howes conducted a prayer and experience
series of great interest and power.
At 11 a. m. Rev. James A. Bonsman, of
Augusta preached from John 1:9: If we
confess our sins he is faithful and just to
forgive us our sins and to clean us Ironi
al unrighteousness. He showed that confession
of sin was not apologizing for it,
nor to declare openly we are sinners without
any desire to quit sin, but to plead
quilty before God honestly and sorrowfully,
raised with a desire to turn away
from them, that forgiveness .is an act on
the part of a faithful and just God whereby
he releases the soul from the penalty of
transgression, and this is followed bythe
cleansing work of the Holy Spirit so thoroughly
that all sin is taken from the heart.
The sermon was earnest, clear and logical.
Bro. Bonsman is a graduate of Asbury
University, Greencastle, Indiana and
upon his senior.master. The
altar exercises which followed' -were of a
most .thrilling character, a number professing
passion and others sanctification.
Rev. E. B... Hill preached at-3 p. jn.
JoJml4:13, If ye believe in. God believe
also in me, etc. The altar. exercises .following
showed that the sermon hadtaken
deep holcLph the people. A large number
came forward and nearly ail professed
either pardon or sanctification. The meeting
running on until near sundown.
In the evening at 8 o'clock Rev. T. Han-ford
preached on Coll. 1:27. Christ in you
the hope of glory. The sermon was a
setting forth from what Christ was in
heaven, and what he became on earth,
and what he does in heaven, and what he
is in us as the foundation of our hope of
heaven. There was humor, pathos, and
poetry in the discourse and touched the
hearts of many. The presiding Elder
exhorted and called for seekers ot pardon
and purity. About a dozen came. It was
not long until souls began to emerge into
the light and liberty of the gospel. There
weire eigb "professions, gome pardoned,
others the blessing bf a clean .heart. Two
had professed'irfr.ar'teiit beftfretothe' eight
o'clock service began.
A children's meeting was held by Mrs.
Whitridge, of deep interest. Her instructions
to the lambs of the flock are of
great' importance to them once so put as
that they can understand them. A young
people's meeting was led- by Rev. E. B.
There was also a woman's meeting held
in the tent of Mrs. Morris.
It has rained a groat deal to-day and
this evening, yet the people, come and
geem deeply Mnterested?3Che.y(.Hnger after
the services- close, as "ttibugh spell
bound to the spot. ' . WJ7
There arrived this evening ?Revs. Thos.
Hanford, S. G. Pollard, H. C. Northcott
and Mr. George Eastorl from Maysville.
Over 100 have professed the blessjng of
pardon or of a pure heart, and some professed
both, A good many backsliders are
returning, giving almost as much joy as
tlje first repentance of a sinner.
This is regarded as the greatest day of
themeeting ingpirj.tualresulte sojar.
Wtfomltted in
meeting to notice the speech of Rev.
V. G. Bradford, which was, though brief,
pungent, clear, and eloquent. Brother B.
pidq'fair'to tnakGi a distinguished .niarlc in
the great ' conflict betweett righV "and
Exchanges report the Texas cattle fever
prevailing to an alarming extent in Ohio
and West Virginia, among cattle recently
brought" from tue southVest, and' many
' ' ' ' ' '
haYO died.
Right of Way Granted for Connecting1 line
Between the M. and B. S. and K. C.
Committee Appointed to Build a Temporary
Bridge Over, Limestone Creek
The Public Sewer.
A called meeting of the council was held
on Thursday evening, President Pearce
presiding and all the members in their
seats. On motion, the committee on Internal
Improvements was instructed to ascertain
the condition of the public sewer running
through the jail lot and the cost of
carrying it to the grating in Grave Alley,
and also to ascertain the proper size and
cost of cleaning out, and how much toward
the extension will be given by
property owners.
On motion "permission was given and
right of way granted to the Maysville and
B. S. R. R. and the K. O. to construct and
maintain a road uniting the line of said
companies upon and across Bridge and Second
streets within the city at any point on
Bridge street, between the intersection of
said street and the lot of A. T. Cox and
wife, and at any point on Second street on
or near a line from said crossing of Bridge
street to the.DistiUeryuildingj.now occupied
by Wheatly& Co.uridef!prescribed
A special committee composed of T. M.
Pearce, J. H. Hall, K. Dawson, D. F. Ben-dell
and M. C. Hutchins, was appointed to
take into consideration the immediate
building of a temporary bridge over Limestone
Creek. Mr. Bendell declined to act
and Mr. Myall was appointed in his place.
Mr. Mathews was also added to the committee.
' ,.
Baptist Association.
Close of an Interesting and Proiitdble
Meeting-'-Church Statistics.
From our Special Correspondent.
The taunt that the Baptists are but a meri I
handful with neither culture, nor
has long since passed out of use. In
the bounds of the Southern Baptist Convention,
embracing fourteen states, Baptist
number 1,715,794; total in United States
2,322,993, or more tlian one in every
twenty-five of the inhabitants. In the
south they have 1G colleges and one Theological
Seminary. So that it is seen that
the body which "met in Augusta, representing
2,4G9, is but a small part of the great
Baptist brotherhood.
Sunday was a good day in A ugusta. The
Protestant churches kindly invited the
mini, ters present to occupy their pulpits.
All, it is said, spoke with credit to themselves.
Your correspondent heard those
at the Baptist church, Dr. Skillman of
Georgetown, and Mr. Riley of Mayslick.
Both sermons were forcible and impressive.
-At 3 a. m., the S. S. mass meeting
was held in the Baptist duirch. Augusta
does not lack children if we may judge
from the way they crowded in to take the
front seats assigned them. There were
several addresses interspersed by sweet
songs. All the little ones seemed happy,
and kept awake through the wuole hour.
It is said by those who know, that this
has been the most profitable meeting this
body has had for years. During the next
year we have the hope that our missionaries
will be able to occupy new fields in
addition to those already occupied. The
Protestant denominations of Augusta seem
to have vied with each other in their
kindness to their Baptist friends, and your
correspondent returns many thanks for the
kindnesses shown him by those whose
hospitality he so much enjoyed,
Tho ministers appointed to preach on
Sunday were, Revs. Keys, Bent, Felix of
Covington, Nunnelly, Garrett, Tiller, Skill-man,
Riley and Given.
Information Wanted.
Ed. Daily Evening ''Bulletin : Will
your camp meeting correspondent be kind
enoucrh to sav wnat kind of a man a
sanctified!' one ia.
August 19,8?.
Points About People Here and Elsewhere.
Mrs. E. J. Hawkins, of Mayslick, left
yesterdav to visit her sister in Tuscarawas
county, O.
Mr. George Crawford and wife, Misses
Addie Cockrell and Laura Mitchell, attended
Buggies' Camp Meeting on Sunday.
Killed by Lightning.
Monday afternoon, about half past one
o'clock, during a violent rain storm, a bolt
of lightning struck the toll house, on the
Burtonville turnpike, kept by Mr. Ambrose
Owens. Mrs. DeAtley was instantly
killed and her husband severely shocked.
Mr. dvens and his two daughters
were also severely injured though not seriously.
Mrs. DeAtley was the daughter
of Mr. Mat Ball, of this city.
August 20th, 1SS2. at the residence of Ft. R.
Housh, Maysville. Kv., Mm. FANNIE KIMBALL,
of this city, to Mr. J. D. THOMPSON,
of Lewis county.
Sept. wheat 5
. porlc...
" com
22 )o
12 -lo
Corrected dally by G. V Geisel, srocer, Second
street, Maysville, Ky.
Limestone 3 7 25
Maysville Family U 25
Maysville City 0 75
Mason County (5 25
Kentucky Mills 0 00
Butter, V lb 2 '25
Lard, "0tt J"
Egi?s, doz 15
Meal's peck m
Chickens : :ioa
Molases, fcincyt tsO
Coal Oil, ft gal :. SO
Sugar, granulated g) to 11.
" yellow ft It.
Hams, sugar cure J ft to..
Bacon, breukmt ft to..
Hominy, ft gallon
Beans ft gallon
Potatoes ft peck
Furniture Polish.
VERY useful and oxcellent uril
belnj; latvoduceil in tliis cit. , ' a
:le now
manufactured and sold by MR.M J RKCUOP.
It has beeu tried oy very mu'iy of our leading
citizens, who are warm in their recommendations
of its excellence. It can oe used on
pianos, furniture of all kinds and fine vehicles,
it gives a very supkiiiok and lasting gloss.
Tho followiuu who have used it are referred to:
Hechiuger Bros., A. Finch, State National
Bauk, Central Hotel, D. R. Bullock, W. W.
Ball and E. Lambden. Ky.,
refferonces: Fleming .& Botts. ('. N. Weoion.
Judge W. S. Botts, J. W. Hetlln, banker, H.
Cushman, H. H. Stitt, L. F. Bright, V. -. Fant.
Poplar Plains references: Ben Plummer, Dr.
Hart, Mrs. L Loan. B. Samuel, Rev.
and Summers &, Bro.
Tie FoUowlne are Ageuts for M, J, Blschof
& DINSMORE, Furniture Dealers. Carlisle,
Ky.: T. M. DORA, Germantown, Ky. ; A.
K. MARSHAL & SON. Marshall Station K- O.
R. R.; R. M. HARRISON. Helena Station.
Commissioner's Sale.
Mason CircuitrtCouit.
Louisa M. Gilmoro, ndmln'x, Ac. Plalntlflfe,
Against Equity.
Louisa Gilmore et als. Defendants,
By virtue of a judgment and ordqr of sale of
tho Mason Circuit Court, rendered at tho July
term thereof, 1382, in the above cause, I shall
proceed to offer for eale, at the court house
door, in Maysville, Ky., to the highest bidder
at public auction, on
Monday, September 11, 1882,
a'tl oclpck p. m., upon -a, credit of six and
twelve niouths, the following described property,
to wit: a double frame house and the lot
upon .which It stands, situated on. Fourth
street, in the Fifth ward of Maysvlllle Ky.,
and extending back4 to a private alloy, and
adjoining the lots of Andrew .Hunter an,d son,
and Samuel Dauguerty, or sufficient thereof to
the sum of money5 to bo made, towlt :
Jiroduce the purchase price, tn$ purchaser,
with approved surety or sureties, must exeouto
bouds. bearing legal Interest from day of Sale
according to law'. Bidders will bo prepared to
comply prouiptlywlth these terms. Bonds
payable to , GAURETTS. WALL
au'.Mw3t ' Master Commlsaloner.

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