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wednesday eve., sept. 20, 1832.
rosser & McCarthy,
c ! a s s S
g 3 2 c
- re
Space. 8 c.
c. g ft ft ft a
Ouo inch 50 60 70 80 90 1,00
Twoinclies... 70 83 1.00 1.15 1.30 1.45
Three inches ttO l.lo 1.30 1.50 1,70 i,w
Four Inches 1.20 1.45 1.70 1.95 2.20 2.45
Halfcol,, 1.80 2,20 2.00 3.00 8 40 .3.80
One col 3.00 3.50 4.U0 4,50 5.00 5.50
Local notices ten cents a line; subsequent
insertions five cents a hue.
Wants, three lines, ten cents, subsequent insertions
live cents.
Special rates where advertisers use both the
dally and weekly,
Oue inch in the Daily bulletin for one
year costs S3, and for six months hut S3.
Omt brethren of the quill who come,
To see the Maysvllle fair,
Where'er they turn, we hope will meet,
With icind words everywhere.
And while they're taken here and there,
To wine and diue and sup,
We hope they'll give the Bulletin
A chance to "set 'em up."
Business men desiring to make use of
the columns of the Daily Bulletin during
the week of the fair will please hand
in their advertisements immediately, otherwise
we may bo obliged to disappoint
some of them as our space is limited.
New stock of Hats and Caps cheap at J.
"W. Sparks & Bro.
The hogs in Greenup county are dying
rapidly of cholera.
New Dress Goods, Sackings and Cloak-
ings just received at J, "W Sparks & Bro.
Mn. Richard Harris has sold the Mt.
Carmel omnibus to Mr. J. J. McCarthy.
Stocks full and complete. New goods
received every day at J. W. Sparks & Bro.
Headquarters for Shirts, Collars, Socks,
Handkercheifs and Neckwear at J. IV.
Sparks &Bro.
' --- m 1
The steamers Handy, Mountain Girl and
Clipper, ply every hour between this city
and the fair grounds.
Joseph Owens, son of Mr, Lud. Owens,
died this morning of malarial fv?r. He
was a good boy and very promising.
Business men can have thefr advertisements
ono inch in length printed in the
Daily Bulletin for one dollar a month.
The circulation of the Daily and Weekly
Bulletin, combined, is 4,900 copies each
week. Our ad vet Using rates are the lowest.
The first number of Lexington's new
daily, the Advertiser, is before us. It is
neatly printed and it appears to be carefully
edited. Capable newspaper men are
at tho head of the enterprise.
The oldest minister of the M. E.
Church, is tho Rev. Dr. Peter Akers, of
tho Illinois conference. He was ninety-two
years of age on the 1st inst, and on the
third preached a sermon of an hour's duration,
which is said to have had great
force and vigor.
Every gentleman attending the ball tonight
must have a ticket made out in hiq
name. Tho ladies nee no tickets. The
(loor managers for to-night will bo( If, T.
. Pearce, B. F. Thornas, B.jB. Foynfz, C. S.
YQung, W. B. Phister, E.J. Blaine, E. P.
Browning, Walter Watson.
Last night special policeman Fred,
Bodio arrested a negro for obstructing tho
sidewalk and took liim to the station house,
but before ho could bo confined he broke
from tho officer and ran. He was ordered
to stop several times, a'n,d; not obeying the
command tho Qfllcer shot an,d inflicted a
slight wound ii the1 negro's hip.
Six Good Reasons For Insuring Against
1st. Thev will happen in all occupations
and situations.
2nd.; Thoy will happen whether you
travel or not.
3rd. They cost money, valuable time,
and even life. -.
4th. Accident insurance costs but a
sinall premium.
5th, It guarantees a good round sum in
case of accidental death.
0th. It secures weokljv.jndemnity for
wholly disabling injury.
Thirty thousrfijd aeddont tickets. at'feo
cents a day. "jnured fpr any number of
.days. ' M. F. Marsh, Agent,
'' Court Street.
brrison, GROCERY MERC No. 19 Second Street-
Third Day, Thursday, Sept. 21, 1S32.
The following is the fair programme for
to-morrow :
John tl. Wilson, Directors.
D. Hecuinoek.
Allanlhials contending for premiums must
be exhibited at tho discretion of the directors.
Best! Stallion 4 yeats and over 3 20 00
HestStalllon3yearsauduuder4. 15 oo
Hest Stallion 2 years and under 3 10 oo
Best Mure 4 years and ovr 20 OtJ
Best Mare 3 years and under 4 in 0)
Best Mare 2 years and under 3 10 0)
Best Saddle Geldlug 4 yearn old and over. 2. 00
Best Saddle Geldlug 3 years old and under
4,., , 20 CO
Best stallion any age $ 25 00
Best mare any age 25 oo
Best saddle horse mare oi celdlug i 00
Best walking mare or Gelding 20 CO
Fiee for all. Entrance 415, to cloe dav of
race, best two in throe, added by the association
359. First horse two-third's. Second home
Best pair of roadsters, regardless of color
orsex , $ 25 00
Given by young men of Maysvllle for
fastest mare or gelding to bo driven
to bugzy by owner, mile heats,
2 best in '3 1st 3 30 00
2d 15 on
3d 5 00
No professional driver allowed to enter. The
horse driven must be ued regularly as a roadster.
SPEED IKG $300 00.
For horses that have never trotted better
than 20, mile heats, three in Ave.
First horse 51S0 00
Second horse : .' 90 0
Third horse ;. 3J 00
Prepiiums Awarded on the Opening Day.
The attendance at the fair yesterday, the
opening day, as expected, was not large.
The exhibits in all the departments were
good, and premiums were awarded as follows
Best stallion 4 years and over to F. Maun, of
Carlisle, Ky.; premium 25.
Best stallion 2 years and under 3 to Dick
Young, of Maysvllle; premium $10.
Best mare 4 years and over, to Northcott &.
German, Florence, Ky.; premium $25.
Best mare 3 years and under 4. to Lee Thomas,
oi Helena, Ky.; premium $15.
Best mare 2 years and under 3. to Harvey
Thorne, of Mlllersburg,Ky.; premium 3i0.
Best llartit harness stallion of ae. to F. M.
Tolle. of Germantown, Ky.; premium $25.
Bestllzht harness mare or any aire, to Harvey
Thorne, oi Millerhburc; premium $i5.
Best light huness geld 1 use of any age, to
Dick Young, Maysvllle; premium $25.
Best stallion 4 vears and over, to J. W. Mc-Garvey,
Bentouvllle, O.; premium $25.
Best mare 4 years and oyer, to James My eta,
Ripley, O., premium $25.
Wins in Three Straight Heats, Nannie
Talbot Gets Second and Vazoo Third
Money in the, Race on First Day.
A '. , 1 ;v ' M
The race in the class for horses that had
never trotted better than thr.ee minutes,
on the first day 6f the fair, tfas easily won
by the bay stallion Wick, ownqdby Smith
& Coons, &f Lexington, Ky. The betting,
what little was done, was in favor of Wick
all alongi The first heat was won in 2:37,
the second in 2:31, and the third in 2:30.
Nannie Talbot came in second, and Yazoo
third in each heat. The brown stallion
Whipple, Jr., was distanced on the second
heat.,: There were but fbur horses started
although seven had entered.
All the arrangements have been made to
make the two hops this week delightful in
every respect. Michael's celebrated band
from Newport has been secured for both
nights. Owing to the limited size of the
rooms the gentlemen have been obliged to
adopt Qnie means to prevent them from
being s8 iWded Ad 'spflil fife comfort
and pleasure of those preseut; jthis being
th6 only unpleasant feature of the balls of
Jast year,, The plan, decided upon la expedient
as it secures the entertainment of
the visitors, and limits the crowd without
the possibility of offending any one. No
invitations were issued to tho home people.
Instead of invitations, tickets of admission
have been issued for all those taking
part in giving tho halls and no one is to be
admitted without a ticket, that is the gentlemen
and the chaperones, the young ladies
of course do not need tickets. The
young men have tickets for distribution to
the strangers only, and all are expected to
see that all visitors aro "provided. These
tickets are neatly printedwhite lor Wednesday
and colored for Friday with a
blftnk space for the name of tho bearer
and one for tho namfe Gf the party giving
the ticket. Tho tickets are not transferable.
Tickets are distributed to only those
of tho townspeople who have aided in
giving tho balls, as no ono can get offended
because they have no tickets and can
not attend.
This is done not because everyone is not
wanted, for the young men would be glad
if all of bur citizons could attend but there
is nQt room to accommodate them. The
entertainmepts are not pjtiljlic hops but' are
more Iilco private parties. -' l
Points About People Here and Elsewhere.
...... Tr .Trthti Pmvliim. nf ritirliilf inHhft I
w Ml v w.. .-- w
Capt. J. R. Wilson, of Augusta, is here
to see the fair.
Miss Rosa Ronsheim, of Ripley, is visiting
friends in this city.
Mrs. G. K. Day, of Klizaville, Ky., is
here taking in the fair.
Mr. James Dudley, of tho Flemiugsburs
Times, is hi Maysville.
Major Thomas A. Ross and family have
returned from Covington.
Capt. Bruce Champ, of tho Bourbon
News, is attending the fair.
Mr. Brainard T. Smith', of Cincinati, is
visiting friends in Maysville.;
Mrs. Sue Dreunan, of Manchester, is
family of Dr.' G. W, Martin.
Mr. Adolph Schreiber and wife, of Cin
cinnati, are visiting friends in Maysville.
Ccl. J. Stoddard Johuston,and Mr. Ralph
Sheldon; of Frankfort, arrived last night.
Col. J. Gi Craddock, of tlio Paris True
Kentuckian called to see the Bulletin
Mr. John Blunchard, of Cincinnati, was
here yesterday on a short visit to his
friends. , " T ? '
Miss Emuia Fleming, ofFlstriinxsburg,
is visiting her cou3in, Mrs. Lucy Darnall,
of this city.. :: I . . ' "'.. '..
JIis3Sallie Remington of Paris and Mrs.
Green R. Kellar, of Carlisle were in
Miss 3Iary Conroy, of Jt. Sterlinaml
Miss Welsh, of Lexington, are the guests
of the Misses Shea. , . i
Miss Myra Mvall, of Mn.wlick, and Mi-s
Katie Myall, of Ilutchistm Station, are
visiting Mrs. S. S. Rilev.
MissSallie Ellsburv, nffGeor.:4ovn?QM
is visiting .the family ;of McF Samuel
Smith, of west Third atnnl.
Mrs. Maria Hardestry, of 'Lebanon, Ky ,
will be the guest of her brother, Mr. Ot'.m
Adams, west Second street, during tin
Miss Ella Belt and Mi. Mamie C'per,
two charmirig belles of Flemitusburir, an
visiting Mr. Andrew Garnahan, of
Avenue, 3th ward.
Mr. Pres Tyler, for many years proprietor
of the 'bus line between this place and
Germantown, but now of Newport, 'Ky.,
is spending the week in this city.
Mr. O'tho Adarns'bf 'the
Company, has' returned from a pleasant
visit to relatives at Lebanon, Ky. He
was accompanied on his visit by his son
Governor Black1 urn is expected to arrive
to-night and will be the guest of Col.
Frank S. Owens. The Emmet Rifies, un
der the command of Capt. E. W.
aid, iir escort hull ,fivjn 'the U'ojrw . i
b t itoMBatt if
-"? TTA llsilfrs.
. rnit t i
PJ ' 1 I MD l Jl rt f Lt I X -.1 1 J '
iw5tilthrhltfcihavln4 a ftpri'duj! V-
insdfcUtiovesof Indlaa:vJt.vlUluir3latlves
iioro.?! 'j;ni 1 s..:Aft-J 2a n i
A meeting of the lair company was held Saturday
F. A. Browning oar popular drusNt. Is
vjywto relatives iu
v ( - j -'.$ - . I- i :
J. C. Browning apU R I). Llnvllle fitartel the
first of last.weelc.to utteuU medical schawl at
(ylnclujiatjf started oTxlday, to
attend medIcaLuool -at Philadelphia -
What community Is there that can neat this
one, lu tiha production or tobacco? -Whenever
a tobacco contest Is hold, some, ealer lu this
place Is usually victorious.
'The Hillsdale band accomplished by the
baud favored our town Saturday
with some tnuslc r
J, A. Thoinpsdn'teturned last woeK.twUh m
steam thresher. lie has ueeu threshimr lu ttie t
vicinity of Dpver nnd in Ohio, . The number ot
ousneis tnreseu oy nim,nis season wm amouui
to neariy tweifty thousand 'buBhelfl. P,
L..aM.wVavniifiU..h.,nniinAnAWpirnlnArfM '
very lutreSUunieetlngs, BfbrCrlS" quite a I
Dleaslnznnd at the same tune free snoken lect
urer. He touched niany faults prevailing in
the church here, which the membeifl should
endeavor to remedy. His reputation as a vocalist
was, if Much could be, more thau sustained.
Every one seemed delighted with h1i proceed
lugs, aud we hope that hW tiorts lor the improvement
of the Chinch aud Suuday school
have uot beeu lu vain. Dot.
two LICK.
Warm and dry here,
Not muph seeding douo yet.
Hogs are scarce and commnnU high prices.
Several persons from hero attended Elder
CliueM lectures in Germantown last week.
The Elder is a No. 1 singer. 5
Rev. W. D. Powers has beeu seut to this circuit.
We extend a cordial welcome to Elder
Rev, T. E. Tiller is visiting lils mother In
Iowa. We hear It printed that Rev. T. expects
toeutor into the bonds of matrimony soon.
We extend our congratulations in ndyauco.
1,000 Unlaundriod Shirts, with Linen
Bosoms, at 50 cents each at J. W. Sparks
& Bro.
The Now York Republican State convention
meets at Saratoga., It.is generally
admitted that Cornell' will lead 'on the
lirst ballot. The convention, it is belie v-.
ed, will be a protracted 'one; ' "'
A covering of tobacco stems at the roots
of a rose butdi, to remain all winter, will
prevent the ravages of all buss which are
foes of the plant, and is a sure death in-
- -
iiuence on the slug. When treated
in this manner the bush produces a more
vigorous rose, rich in coldr, because the
roots are more cap.ible of performing all
the work nature designed them to do. In
regions where cimr making is carried on
extensively roses ought to be raised in
great perfection.
Euglisli Boys Want to Learn Farming in
Maysville, Ky., Sept, 18. 1882.
Editor Bulletin: Will you be kind
enough to give me sufficient space in your
columns for the following which may be
of interest to farmers. An English "firm
of good standing has been corresponding
with me for sometime past relative to procuring
positions for young Englishmen on
Blue Grass farms. These young men are
sons of gentlemen, and desire to learn how
to farm, with the intention of locating in
Kentucky. Some of them will have
means when they come of aire and otheis
will have to depend upon their own exertions
to secure capital. The firm alluded
to makes the following proposition:
Upon the agreement of a farmer to take
a young man, the latter will leave England
as early thereafter us practicable, nay
his own passage to Maysville, and there j
expect to be met by the farmer. He will I
enter upon a time (one month) of trial, and
at the expiration n mat tune, n ue gives
satisfaction, a bonus of $120 will be paid
the farmer, and he .iu return ska 1 receive
S10 per month waes; the, contract to ex-
pire at tae emi oi twelve montn. inei
joun,' man shall perforin the uul labor j
required oi" a farm hand, but he shall be J
treated as a farmer's son, he tnurt have a '
separate room furnished him, an J his.
board, washing, l'ghts, etc.
If The contract, is dissolved before the
stipulated time of expiration, then the
farmer shall return a proportionate part
of the bonus. In order 'that the young t
men m iy get on farms of respectable size,
the firm desires to locate them with no
farmer who-e farm has less than 200 acres,
with 100 acres under cultivation, and
vrhoe stock consists of not less than seven
hors-s, seven yows, and twenty-live head
of other cattle. The firm would, however,
prefer stock farms. A special provision
of the contract will hu that the young
men shall be permittod to attend divine
service on Sundav.
I have necessarily been brief, but for
any further particulars I will be glad if
those who desire young men of the kind
and under the eiivum&lauces mentione 1,
will appjy to me.
Several youngUnen under the auspices
)f this firm have settled on farms iu Fayette
and Bourbon counties, but 1 regret
that I am unable to say with how satisfactory
results. I am informed that two
oung men are now anxious and ready to
come out. I am sir,
Very truly yours,
W. Dudley Powers.
Uuiia wn eat. .... .................. j i
' ''1 -l I
Maid 12 .p
I oo ru ..'. ;ii...i.i". ......i. .... jVg
stioiiB. 'i . ". ;
...ii m -
(;rrctid dallvby G. W. Oeiskl, mocer,
street, Maynvlile, Ky.
"- Ijl : . FLOUR. r u
Maysvllle Family ...?...1. vr.7.f....f.. i 00
Maysville Ulty 50
Masou County.., j.00
Ktiiitucliy AlUN o'7o
Uuttei't pi tu,, ........ .., jjou
i aru , Tfro .......f... ... ......-..................... '
doz .., - 0
Meul peolc.. 30
Chldceus.. n0a.3j
loiases. taucj .... ........ ....... ..... '
Coal Oil, V Si rJ
Suirar, urauulated M b ;1
. It A " 'Mi,'Y'X'y. ... ,.... ........... lT
iV. 1 JO.. 4....
yeiitfw omo
Hams.smjar.cure'l fa a..j ; -. 1
Bacon, breakfast ltW.M...t ........ ' .u
iiomtuy, (fi zaiiou. .........-.... .... ...,.. .
Heaus uallou. ,.., 5"
Potatoes .: ......f. 20
Uofl'eo. 13H10
Will make hourly trips every day during the
r'nir. Will leave every eveulus at six o'clock
tor Vailcebnrg.
Y WIUL well Anturdiiy Hoptomhor ;aoth,
Ato.thO highest bidder, a desirable small farm
contalnlng'about 77 acres, in a high state'of
cultivation and well fenced. 23 mile wen oi
MayMlok, on Uayslick and Sardls Turnpike,
Comfortable frame dwelliug of six rooms, two
new tobacco Icarus, smoke house
and all necessary splendid well
and stock water, excellent truit of every variety.
Terms made known ou day of sale.
For Information call ou oraddress
10dlw2t J, Hr AiirH.UR, Mnyillck, Ky.
Hunt& Doyle's.
Oysters ! Oysters !
slldlm at JOHN WHEELER'd,
Wholesale and Retail
Jiii Goods House
Are now opeahrj ouo of the most complete
Hues of
Dry Goods
And Notions
Ever offered for sale In this city.
From . tlie'lontns of EugViml Fruce and Oer-
j.. .1. ..i. .-..I. ,.!.. i...h.. rn.....n
iiuiiiy iu ill ii iMJuuiifi icuu
cotuianii Cadet Blue
01 Goods
Silk Embroidered Robes
In the most popular shaded.
Hamburg Edges.
Cassimeres and Jeans, ,4
Popular .Shades, prices guaranteed.
Georgetown, HlUsboro, nud Murphysvillo
stocking, ad eoloisat factory prlce.s.
Ginghams and Calicoes.
In endless variety.
DETERMINED not to bo undersold by anyone.
Ouo of our Arm has been in the eastern
markets tor several weeks, he has Just returned,
and we (eel confident we can pell goods at
wholesale or retail at prices that defy competition,
Merchants and consumers aro solicited
to give us a call,
A. R. Glascock & Co.
No. 20, Becoud Street, MAYSVILLE, KY.

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