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, ixVAJU,
tele ,
Snllro tfc Snllce,
Court Street, (soplOdly) MAYSVILLE,Ky
Justice of tlio Peace,
Will advertise and sell real estate. Nocharees
whatever unless a alo Is consummated.
Deeds, morUrnRes Ac. written nt rates as low as
any oue'B. Olllce Llbnuy Building, Sutton
Jfo. 21 Market St., nearly opp. Central Hotel,
Office Open at all Hours. MATBVJLLE, KY
m iyl81y.d.
Watches, Jewelry
No. 48, Second Street, 8 doors West of Market.
Dealor In
Groceries, Hats, Caps.
Hoots and Shoes, Queensware and Hardware.
Highest, cash price paid lor grain and country
Produce. Jyl5d AiT. OLIVET
ZEstablislieca. 1SS5.
No. 0,W. Second St., Opp. Opcrn Honae,
yrnltsandVeeetablesln season. Yonr
respectfully solicited. J14dly
Baker and Confectioner
The only manufacturer of PURE STICK
OANDY In the city Orders lor weddings and
parties promptly attended to. myodly
Plumber, Gas and Steam Fitter.
Keeps constantly on hand Bath Tubs. Water
Closets, Wash Stands, Force and Lift Pumps,
Wrought Iron and LeadPIpo,IoboAv.gloand
Check Valves. Steam and Water Gauges.
in tho celebrated Calumet brand of Sewer
and Drain Pipe. Jobbing promptly attended!
to anu an woru warranted, aecouu street, two
doois nbovo Ueo. T, Wood's. il(ld8m
Home-made Yeast Cakes,
Manufacturer and Inventor of
Made Double or Single for men or bovs. Address
care T. K. Ball & Son,
apHdawly Maysvlllo, Kjr,
J. C. Kackley & Co.
-Dealers in-
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes.
Hats Caps and Clothing.
ood always what they ara reccommended
to 1m. Mala fetreet, Gormantown, y.
Through roof of glass tho sunllKlitstreams,
Life, HgluS and warmth are In Its boama,
Tho air Is tilled with odors sweot,
And bright tho oyo do moot;
Tho iuImhIoub of theso floworo fair
Are various as tho names thoy bear;
Thoy sido hv sldo In beauty bloom,
Some tor tho bridal, some the tomb ;
Theso shall tho brow of bouuty grace,
Or wither In a costly vaao;
Three may to somo poor suffororlnf'nr
Tho thought of childhood and of spriinr,
Tho Mayflowers' fragrance sweet recall
The babbling brooks, the old Btono wall
(n which ho stood, that ho might sou
The bird's nest hidden In tho troo.
This rosebud, cro Its lo.ivos unfold,
May tell a talo that's very old,
Yot always now and sweet to hear
When Hrst It falls upon tho our;
Oi burled long in homo old boolr,
In token of homo word or look,
The owner wondering some day why
Sho kept that dower so old and dry.
To prima donna theso aro tossed,
Ho ( aring llttlo what thoy cost,
Jlor nmnio ho his soul has thrilled,
And with her charms his heart is tilled.
T.ds hunrh of iolets, fro-di and bright,
Ero Htm shall set another night,
Stiewn lound a nario , tiny l)ed,
O'er which a m ither's toaisare shod,
May then ho .shut from light away,
To wither with tho lovely clay.
Yo pinks, what fragr.mre uxhalol
Yet in that hand m still and pale,
And w ith the brow whore genius flowed,
And lips from which siteh bouuty flowed,
Your sweetness ami your life shall fudo
Within tho silence and tho shndo,
With hopes of many n true, warm heart,
Of which his life had formed a part.
Ohl Mot'ioi ICarth, wit hlu thy breast
It is not all that's laid to
When our lovod ones to thee wo trust,
To mlnglft on-e a.ral'1 with dust.
Our hope, ambition and our prldo,
The greensward o'er thy mound doth hldo;
Our minds in darkness gropo, nor seo
Tho light that mav arise from thco.
Tho skdlful gardonor trains with earo
Tho vino and tho oxotic rave,
And so tho mother florist trains
Hor flowers with much of caro and pains.
Thoy side bv sido in beauty bloom,
Somo for tho bridal, somo the tomb,
Mr. J. W. Norcrosa, in Boston TrancripU
Tlio following artiolo, contributed by
& valued correspondent, is so true, and
so thoroughly illustrates the matter
treated, that wo publish it verbatim:
41 there is nothing so annoying to
those which aro brought into contact
with it as ignorcso is. Ignoront people
aro unablo to understand those things
which tho overage mind should comprehend
at onct. Education opens tho
mental vision, as it were, and presents
to tho thinking mind a vast
of beauty, while to tho course
and vulgar eyo of ignorenso there is
nothing attractive.
" daniol webstcr oncct said that
is power and his great dictionary
is adequate proof that no was no slouch
himself in the education lino. L have
often saw people who became tho victims
of their follow men because thoy
wore not informed upon thing- of
which thoy should have obtained a
nolledge, 'while others who had obtained
a thorough education could tako
a pencil or a piece of chock and add up
" Tf I had a child and could give him
an education or a sle p ranch. I would
give him tho education and then lot
him acquire the sheep ranch. If 1 hail
a son and could give him a largo
herd of cattle or a good education, I
would educate him, aiid ho would get a
sore-back mule and a Texas stujr and
let nature lake its course.
" I know at one time a boy who was
bent upon going to colltdgo although his
folks was poor and he persevered for
iiftcon yoars through thick and thin till
ho came out with a diploma and a tapo
worm. You can acquire almost anything
at collidgo from a Greek education
to a hectic flush. Another young
man who I knew first aa a poor boy with
red hair, applied himself at his studies
patiently and industriously till ho was a
good ponsman, and then ho wrote a
check by whioh ho got $2,000 and
oightocn yoars in the penitentiary..
Other boys would have boon contented
with ten. but he was . ambitious, and
onct said that ho would not be satisfied
with anylittlo fool potty-larceny racket.
" I can count over among my own acquaintances
a hundred I should cackle-late
who had as good opportunities to
acqu'ro a prominont position in life as I
did, but thoy would druther cach cattish
and curse thoir future with
and vise. Had they applied themselves
while young, thoy might as well
havo been in tho jogisfaturo as I for
thoy possessed tho same natural heaven
born genius that I did if they had improved
it as they ort.
"When I was young I tackled tho
moro difficult branohes with great ardor
and bot'oro I was nineteen years old
could reduco fractions to a common do-nominator
readily with one hand tied
behind me.
"Do not dispiso learning. Men stand
in Congress to-day as tho rosult of thorough
and studious labor in school who
otherwise would perhaps bo unknown,
unhonoreil anu unsprung. They orked
hard at shool while other boys "were out
at recess. Thoy toiled on at noon eating
thoir bread, and cold beof with ono
hand while with tho other they worked
out thoir sums in algebray.
"If George Washington had neglected
his studies in his youth, where would ho
have boon to dayP Ho would havo filled
an unknown grave, instead of resting in
a stone milk-house at Mount Vernon
with hundrods of Americans coming
there day after day to shed tho scalding
weep over him. Adams & Joflcrson,
Forepaugh, Alexander the Great, Jesse
James & Queen Victoria were all
alike poor boys, but they acquired a
nollodgo of the spelling book and slate
early in their lives and now thoy are
well heeled.
The pen is might'or than the soard
and a thorough nollodgo of grammar is
bettor than a farrow cow in ily time.
If it was tho last words I could utter I
would say: Got wealth if you can,
but if you can't, got an education and
marry rich." Nye's Boomerang.
i Lady's Complaint Against the Customs.
A lady fashionably attired called upon
Deputy-Collector David W. Gray tt the
Custom-house, and said sho ha.l a nilk
ress which she desired to send to hor
in France for certain alterations,
and wished to know if she could
.lo so and havo it returned free of duty.
When tho dress was made and sent hor
from Paris full duty was paid, and s-he
shought it ought to be her privilege to
send it back for tho necessary changes
without being required to make fuithor
payment. Mr. Gray politely informed
her that tho Customs laws made no provision
to meet the case as sho desired
it, and as ho was governed altogether
by those laws, he could see no way for
Iter to csoapo tho duty. Tho deciiiou
thus given excited her greatly. She expressed
herself freqly concerning tho
of tho Government and left in a
hull'. Baltimore Day.
Fish cakes: Take any sort of cooked
fish, well picked from tho bones, and
mince it. Put tho head-, fins and bones
into with sufficient water or
stock to cover them; add ono or two
onions, somo herbs and a little pepper
and salt. Now put to the fish a third
part of bread crumbs,' a little chopped
onions and parslev, and season with
white popper, salt and a little mace, if
liked. Mix these ingredients woll together,
and then make into small cakes
with white of m, a llttlo melted butter
and anchovy sauce. Fry a nice brown,
keeping a plate over the top while doing.
Strain off the fish stock, thickon
it with butter and Hour, add catsup and
a glass of white wkie, then put it back
into tho stew-pan with tljo , cakes and
Bimiuor gently for a tmurtr q( an hour.
Tlio President or tho Liuio-Kiln Club
on Slang.
"If Bruddcr Pizarro Grant am in do
hall to-night ho will please stop for'd,"
began tlio old man as Samuel Shin struek
tho trip.nglo and sent its quivering notes
dancing along the coiling.
Brothor lMzarro was present, and ho
stepped, his eyes having a s juint of
alarm and his knocs losing thoir sand
with every motion.
"Bruddcr Grant," continued tho President,
"you am a young man on do
of life; you w'ar wery tight
pants an' a wery short coat, an' a wery
narrow hat, and you look decidedly
Do great world am be-to'
you, If you begin right, no man
dares bet two to one dat you won't sit
in a Gobornor's clm'r bofy' you am fifty.
If you begin wrong it will bo safe
to bet 1,600 to nuflin dat you will bring
up in State Prison bofo you am ton y'ars
"Yes, sab, Izo tryin' to start right,"
said Pizarro, as Brother Gardner stopped
to swallow a pint of water.
' I hopo so I hope so, but I doubt it,
Bruddor Grant. Izo had my eye on you
fur somo leotlo timo baok. I doan' link
you would lio or steal or burglor or
forge, but you has fallen into ono very
bad habit Do odder day you mot a
friend in front of my cabin, an' when
he axed if you war gwino on do excursion
you replied dat you would gasp
to gurgle.' On anodor occashun I
heard you remark dat you would 4 nix
to murmur.' Again., you observed dat
you would 'sigh to stifle. Only an hour
ago you told Waydown Bebeo to choeso
it,' an' you advised Piokles Smith to
' bet his sweot life.' What does all deso
iings mean, Brudder Grant?"
" I doan' know," replied tho victim,
as he stood on ono leg and scratched
liis head.
I "Nor I, cither. Izo looked up do
Latin an' French an' Gorman an' Greek
languages, but I can't find any sioh
as hire a hall,' see you in do
grave-yard,' or 'I should smifo.' Why
do you make uso of 'cm?"
i "I doan' know."
"Den stop it! If plain English am
not good 'nuff for you to 'spross your
thoughts in, Tarn Spanish or Chinese.
Jt am all right for a sweet young gal
who has been frew col logo to romark
dat sho would tittor to grin, but sioh
, 'spreshuns doan' sound well comin'
from a young man. If I should go
homo to-night an' tell my olo woman
dat I would perspiro to ovontuato, or
lithograph to animosity, sho'd look mo
straight in do eyo fur thirty seconds an
den would come a climax, in which mv
hat, head an' a broomstick would bo ail
mixed up.
I "Keturn to your seat Bruddor Grant;
go baok an' sot down wid a
to avoid slang an' do your talkin'
sqtuir' from do shoulder. When you
git tired of beof go into a grocery an'
ax fur codfish in plain Lnglisli, an'
doan' uso any mo1 oratory dan am necessary
to socuro full woight an' git rid
of a quarter wid a hole m it. Vo will
now purceed to split do reg'lar order of
bizness down do back air let out do
sleeves. Detroit Free Press.
i Tho (hizcttc Man' i inn de
in ils news regarding ocean
disasters, relates the fnllow'ng curious
oxamplo of tho formidable ownr of
molecular forces: Tho Italian ship
Francosca, loaded with rice, put into
rort on May 11, at East London,
considerably. A large forco of raon
was at once ptu on board to pump out
the water contained in tho ship and to
unload her; but, in spite of all the activity
exerted, tho bags of rice soaked in
water gradually and swelled up. Two
days altorward, on May 18, tho ship
Was violently burst asunder by l tho '
g welling of hor cargo. -ft ,

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