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tt35"Trcuis: Tim Kvkntng Rui.t.ktin Is
published dnllv, Mini rved tree of postage at
J(!nts per wvek ; 2.") cenis per month; 76 cents
per three months ; Sl.r0 por six months, tintl
C3 ner your, pavahleln ndvnncG.
l,VKMA(i ltVlil.ICTBX h n
daily circuliw ion of MX lEUKIKt?:i
coplPM, ii fiifl to which the attention
of advert In ciillcd.
OUF2 following poisons
nrutimiiuihoiifU 1 for the Daily nvu
I.ETIN at tho places named. Contacts lor
Mihscription or adveitlslng nuiy be mnde
with them:
Shannon Win. Clary.
Minerva W. 11. Haw.
Mt.Ol.ivkt Peter Mycin.
.1. A Jackson.
Fi UN Li'AF Hurry lUirgoyne.
J. Kaekley & Co.
Washington Mrs. Anna Thomas.
tuummjLM litoiml
Tnrc interiiiil revenue receipts for tho
venr will iiinount to $1415,000,000.
Mismanagkment always tcsults in
crime, general demoralization of tho
people and deadening of the public sense
of light. The n.iMuans'gement of the
Lnghsh rulers in Iiehmil ...,,i the .v.;
management of the Republican rulers in
America are as notable instances of the
fact in modem as any that can bo found
lu ancient lilstoiy. In Iioluntl it lmo
render, the people so .hat
pome of them are losing their natural
detestation of the murderous methods
now daily reported bv telegraph. And
, " , , ,
wo all know how gently, we havo como
to deal with official thieves in this
try since Repubican administrations
have made them so numerous and
Tiik following important railroad in-
form ation is printed in the Cincinnati
. , , , ., , . , .
commercial oi mo mii inst: jne
cinnati and Eastern load is njniin on tho I
boom. A syndicate has been formed
which will ,;t the ,, . ,,. shape,
and place it beyond the danger line, as it
were. The syndicate will issue bonds to
tho amount of 82,000,000 at 0 per cent.,
tho proceeds of which will be used in
taking up the $500,000 sevens first mortgage I
and $300,000 sevens second mortgage I
bonds. The remainder of the new
issue will be used in completing tho road
to Portsmouth, or beyond to Gallipolis.
There are twenty-nine miles yet to build
before Portsmouth is reached. Tho dis
tance from Portsmouth to Uallipolis is
fifty-four miles. The road will bo made
standard gauge at once. T .,tmc',r")t)r8 i
of the syndicate are: President McGill.
General Manager Woodward, General
Superintendent Wilbur, and other heavy
holders of tho Cincinnati and Eastern,
who will bo joined by E. W. Woodward
and W. II. Clements; also by tho principal
holders of Chattaroi securities, which
will induce Mr. John Carlisle and
to enter the syndicate. Itis.tho
intention to ultimately consolidate tho
Cincinnati and Eastern with tho
road, and oxtond the latter to the
great ore-beds of North Carolina, and to
n connection with the Norfolk and Western,
which will give Cincinnati another
connection. Tho stocks and
bonds of Uio Cincinnati and Eastorn will
bo sold in blocks, with a pcrcontum of
stocks as a bonus.
Ilanlan hna left Toronto for Washington,
to train for his race with Kennedy.
T. P. Hodgson has been arrested at the
suit of the Hunk of Montreal for $118,000.
Tho Rhode Island Supreme Court sentenced
Katie A. Judd, the house-burner,
to twenty-five years.
Tho New Jersey House has passed a
hill forbidding the dismissal of policemen
and fireman without cause.
K. 13. Edwards, of Batavia, III., while
repairing a wind engine at Roanoke (Va.)
Stuck-yard fell and was killed.
Action has begun against the Customs
Collector at Montreal, who refused to
pass the works of Paine and Voltaire.
The Governor of Pennsylvania has
signed the death warrant of Silas Gray.
The execution will take place the 24th of
To save Buck Mountain and Mammoth
veins, at Shenandoah, Pa., from a culm
bank fire, it is estimated that 300,000
cubic yards of material will have to bo
An outbreak is feared of the miners
who aro on a strike at Uniontown, Pa.
A Molly Maguire was shot and killed by
the Superintendent of the Youngstown
Coke Company.
It is mentioned as an inteiesting de
tail of the recent grand costume ball at
Berlin that 10,200 wax candles, or 1,700
pounds of wax, were burned in the various
chandeliers throughout tho castle.
Chicago has 5,000 bars, or one to 120
inhabitants, while there are not much
more- than twice that number of stores
for the supply of food. Fifteen blocks,
covering three-tenths of a square mile,
contain 223 doggeries.
A party of Americans from tho Provv
deneia Mine, Sonora, were attacked by
Mexican rusiiers in camp, ynu
can was wounded and the others
,.df llrinR oulnumi,erod. The loss of the
Mexicans is unknown.
Tn0 Speaker of the British House of
Commons, begins his Parliamentary din-
"o with the Cabinet always, and grad-
"j, iWjJStt n't leai
$5,000. His salary is $25,000, with a
splendid furnished abode adjoining the
Tic-use. The Lord Chancellor, though
Speaker of the Lords, does not ofiicia y
fe,d Uiem.
A ,novomont anticipatory of the battle
of Dorking took place in England by the
combined forces of ShorncliH'e, Dover
and Canterbury, upon tho approach
roads to Dover. The purpose was to test
the practicability of protecting the mouth
of !ho Oluwiiol lunnel from invasion,
and everv manoeuvre had that result for
its object . This demonstration will form
a very important portion of the evidence
to bo given bofore tho select committee
'XZ tZhJtiZ?
egic work was inimical to the tunnel,
Thp Loml()n Mei,(Jal Preg8 aml cimi
!nr 8avs: "in Abyssinia it was found
that after a time thosoldiers were unable
to digest the coarse and imperfectly
cooked rations issued to thorn, anil that
i thou' strength was rapidly giving away,
but with an allowance of spirits all this
became changed. Jn other words, the
military efficiency was maintained on
that occasion by rum. It is on record,
also, that during 'the Ashantee campaign
a taste of navy rum helped a favored
regiment on an occasion when many
would havo broken down completely.
ft in fKri oliiiu lint tliti nca iC iiUmt.
x in niv1 tii'unv iiwt ii i w uni ui on u ml;
1 drinks in tho army that is to bo con
The International Literary Association
announces that a convention of authors
of all nations will be held in Amsterdam
in September of this year, at the same
time with tho world's fair that is thon to
take place in that city. Tho association
also offers prizes for tho best essays upon
"Holland and Freedom of Thought and
Utterance in Europe in tho Seventeenth
and Eighteenth Centuries." The essays
aro not to exceed in length 1,000 to 1,200
lines of forty letters each, and French
will be preferred as the language to bo
used. They may, howovor, bo written
ink other languauos, but such as win
prizes will bo translated into French
at tho expense of the association before
they aro printed. Tho first prjro
is to be a modal of silver. old plated.
The other prizes are to bo medals of
bronzo. Authors of ovory nation may
Fresh arrival of Spring Goods to be sold at Ibc lowest possible
prices, A Complete line of latest styles and best niako of
for men. youths and children. Positively the finest line of
Piece Goods, imported and domestics, ever brought to this oily,
which we are prepared to make up in the latest styles and fashions.
Perfect fits guaranteed. Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods
including many novelties. Hats, Caps, Trunks and Valises.
Call and see us.
si second st. ITicroy Ik Lee.
w homo for a good girl sixteen
voars old. to do general housework. A o-
plyul in&i&wtf THIS OFFICE.
knocked out of prices
VV In wagon making. James M. Frnzler desires
the people to know that he Is prepared lo
do all kinds of wagon work, cither repairing
or new worn, ai reasonable prices. reisons uo
siriug a uoou joo win picase can.
i:i20d&wlin Helena. ICy. .
.MHISALK A nnew'ilnntdesk nenrlynew
cost 81b. will not-old lorsiu. Apply at
mltfdtf THIS OFFICE.
jMEt douhlo barrelled nun with
(lllflkll.lllttintltu l.lttllttttlltlL!tkltUlSir
4V,lW lll.lllUt4 kn 1JUI1IIMMIVU t)lVOI bUOV V '
will bo hold for?i2. Annly at
mlildtf. THIS OFFICE.
NAIiU OK house In Chester
. eoutaini:iK5 looms and a kitchen, garden
and henery for a la rue lot of poultry, stable
and house for buggy. Apply to
mar I22ri tl ' J A.MUS J ACO HS.
SALE Farm oflll acres near
ton. Caldwell county, Ky. Railroad runs
throuuh the county. Pi Ice 8700, will exchatifie
lor Texas land or other property.
m'JL'dlw Al.K. MARSH,
Library Inilldln. Sutton Street.
,iK SAIiT. Warehouse and lot. corner of
i 1 Wall and Second, three story brick corner
.Market and Front, two resldcnceson Seoood.
and one on Fourth street. Apply to
lL'81m ARRl''D'Jl!NVAJLJrfl
I'mi Rccontfhnnd'sphar .t
C'o's.biick; 50 squaies roothiK tin nearly
newr'JV'O feel of nearly new lumber of
kinds. Atiply to
mlOcUtwtf O. M. WILLIAMS
Frame cottage of rooms
1 and kitchen, V. acre of ground attached,
ono mile from Ma'ysvllle. on tho Flomlny
pike Apply on the premises to
Onohnndrel acres ofhest mad
. in Mahon county, with good dwelling anil
tine tobacco barn. Twentj acres of new land.
Situated on' Fleming pike live miles Horn
Maystille. Apply to
mlikktwlm GARRMTTS. WALL.
FOIt SAIjIS A desirable cott::ge ol 5 1 ooms,
on Third htreet, Abeideon, O. Tho room
aro all ou ono lloor, with n nlco basement.
There Ik an abundance of fruit trees, a good
well of water In the yaid and a good stable.
Apply to W. HUHUKKT,
marihl&wlm Aliordeen, Ohio.
Ki:NT Two cottage In goood rapalr.
? Apply at maitllw THIHUFFK'K.
17IOIC HK NT-, Rooms for rent in the central
lart of tho city. Inoulront tho
SAI.K Several of tho best building
I7m In Cliester. PrlcoSItOtoSISOln weekly
or monthly payments. Apply to
Library Building, Sutton Street.
HUNT About six acres of productive
tobacco land, with a good barn and tobacco
stick", with pasture. Thoie Is a good brick
house on the land. Apply to
mHil&wtt THISOFF1CK.
About a week ngo, a plain gold
cross, a gentlomau'B breast pin. Tho finder
will please return same to tuls oftlco and
bo liberally rewarded, xn23dlw
On tho afternoon of Mm, J. It. Camp-bell's
LOST funeral, in Aberdeen, a lady' fur
cape. Return to Thomas Hill's store, in Aberdeen,
or taU office and reoolro reward. m2Ufc
Cluciiinnu, 8ortstnMitEi. IJIpr Sandy &.
Pomoroy 4oiuimuy.
JOHN KYLR. Piesldent.
Lewis Umcnx, Keciotaiy and Treasurer.
v. iiud o. st. ic. aA'ta:TS
For IliiiUiutou.Conicroy, anil all wny
I niuliitu's.
TKLBGKAPrl, Monti's and Thursdays 5 p. in.
KLKKTWOOD, Tuesdays and Fridays, 6 p. in.
BOSTONA, "Wednesdays and Saturdays. 6 p.m.
Portsmouth, all Mall and Way Landings.
BONANZA, TiU'Sdnys.ThursdnysSat'ys, 12m.
Mnysville, All Mall and Way Landings.
MORNING MAIL, dally (Sundays excepted)
Leavo Cincinnati t:.'i0a. in. Mnysville. I n. m.
ji -- Kirignt received on
.llout. O. M. HOLLOWAY.
Ij?ar2cay;v Sunerlutondout.
Dress Goods.
ALL of tho latest stylo colors of Cashmoro
Dress Go ds at
mittdlw MRS. A. J. WIM JAMS'.
J. It. DODSO.V. 1). C. FKAZKK.
New Firm ! Fresh Ooal !
DODON & FRAZEE, succesMirs to J. It.
Dodson. Wo aro now ottering tho best
ol Pomeroy Coal, delivered to customers lu
the city or In wagons at our yard. Wo also
keep constantly ou hand Voughloqheny Coal
for blacksmith purposes; SomlCannel anil
Salt. Olllco and scales Front stroot, between
Wall and Short. Orders Ifft at J. H. Dodson '
gtain warehouse promptly attondud to.
m23 d I in Coal and Leaf Tobacco Dealers.
Rugs, Oi! Cloths and fallings
Will be sold C'HFAP for thonoxt thirty daya.
Call and see them,
utifikllw MRS. A. J. WILLIAMS.
IE3L jL Joij jL7 fc
rpHE Hest brand orShlrlsat LOW Ugurcrt.
JL ('all and exam I no.
Medicated fiuLwflim
A Specific for Dyspepsia and Diseases
of tho Kidneys.
been used with most;gratlfylng
HAS In many obstinate cases. Prof, V.
W. Clark, professor of ChemUtry at tho University
ol Cincinnati sayH this water boloDg
to tho same class with that of the Alleghany
Springs, ol Virginia," tho medicinal virtues
ol which aro too well known lo bo staled here.
-Those who doslro to try this famous water,
aro referred to Captain O. W. Boyd, Levanna
Ohio; Captain O. M. Holloway, Cinolnnati,
Ohio; J. J. Rulpo, Cincinnati, Ohio. For sale
in half barrels nnd Jugs by . .
UUi. SIM mows, 1'ropnevor,
m38dAwU Abordoen, OhH.

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