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I i I i TI < iI J i
S J w i 5
An Independent Newspaper
JPublished by
K The Winchester News Co
r Office South Main Street
r i Daily Except Sunday
Entered at the Winchester Post Of
fice as mail matter of the
second class
The Winchester News is delivered
eby carrier at 10 cents per week By
mail in advance
1One year 300
Six months 150
One month 25
New Phone No 91
There seems to be a misunb
derstanding among a few of our city
patrons as to the subscription rate to
The News when it is delivered by car
I jiers In the city the rate is 10
Cents per week or 45 cents per month
by mail the rate is 300 per year or
25 cents per month
The difference in the rate to city sub
scribers by carrier and the mail de
livery is caused by the difference in
c st to The News In the city the
boys must be paid for the delivering
and the collector for making the col
lection While on the r ral routes
> rall j his expense is done away with
and nothing is to be paid except the
x postage which is by the POUIid1
t Both parties have had their earn
paign speeches in Winchester
The Democrats crowded the Court
TJouse to hear ExLient Governor
Thorne and Mr Smith the Republi I
cans filled the Opera House to listen
to Senatorelect Bradley and Con
gressman Langley Judge Taft was
welcomed by several thousands on
his whirlwind tour
Have any votes been changed
We doubt it The Taft men are still
going to vote the Republican ticket
F the Bryan men the Democratic
Still the campaign orator wakes up
the patriotism of the voter and adds
to the gaiety of nations
ye are glad the race is nearly
over In about ten days we will
avow the result and will all settle
down to our accustomed daily tasks
Business will pickup with the mer
chants People will have time to de
cide on what they want fcr fall The
farmers are already rejoicing The
S rain of Friday and this morning have
let us hope broken the long drouth
These showers have aided the wheat
and rye and will if thev keep up
replenish the streams and wells
We can look forward to a good
fall trade and a gradual return of
J business conditions to the normal
Few merchants have exceeded their
> trade of a year ago but nearly all of
them have equalled it or nearly so
1907 was a phenominal year in bus
iness And when we compare the
trade of tins ytar with last there
seems a falling off But on a com
parison with 1906 this year is still
A good one
JThe News proposes to issue its Sat
> today afternoon edition by three
f I oclock in r order that all who
live > on the rural routes and who are
in town on that day may be able to
get their uaper and take it home with
them for Saturday and Sunday read
We have endeavored also to make
the Saturday paper especially inter
sting to our city and country sub
soribfcrs 5 In the present number we
have a special department for women
containing facts of interest to the
Borne and soitiething of the fashions
For the farmer we have in today s
paper articles on road and farm im
pBovement on horses cattle and
0 she s Nor have we forgotten the
i yonng people The News contains a
junior column for the boys and girls
These special features in connec
Lion with the high class serial story
we are running ought to make the
paper interesting to all
And in doing this we shall not
jugleet the local and > lher news We
M 1t1pve endeavored to improve from
day to day in these departments and
trust we Have succeeded From time
I to time wWexpect to add still other
features to make The News welcome
in every home of Winchester and
Clark county
Japanese Battleship Scene
of Gaiety
Stern Old Admiral Is Forced to Run
Gantlet of Thousands of Enthusias
tic Orientals as He Passes Through
Streets of Tokyo Yankee Tar
Draws Plaudits of Populace by Res
cuing Japanese Flag From Burning
Yokohama Oct 24The series of
Incomparably brilliant functions
which have characterized Japans re
ception of the American battleship
fleet came to a close here with a
dinner on board the battleship Fuji
the guests of which were confined to
the American ambassador rear ad
mirals and other officers There was
also a brilliant reception on the battle
ship Mikasa to which all the prom
inent Americans here were invited
with the accompaniments of an illu
mination of the fleet fire works and
torchlight processions on shore
Rear Admiral Sperry endeared him
self to the Japanese people oy person
ally attending the funeral of Gen
Count Nodzu and placing a wreath on
the casket Later a luncheon was
given at the Shiba palace and the ad
miral accompanied by his aides walk
ed from the palace to the Shimbashi
railway station passing along the
Ginsa the principal street of Tokyo
which was massed with people The
admiral was recognized and almost
mobbed by tons of thousands of en
thusiastic people but everywhere was
treated with respect Thousands
sought to shake him by the hand and
the ovation lasted the whole length of
the street The stern old admiral
evidently was impressed deeply and
at times stopped shaking hands with
some individuals who speaking Eng
lish halted him for the benefit of
When the special train moved out
of the station there was a constant
din the cheering of the people ming
ling with the blare of three brass
bands The route to Yokohama as on
the occasion of the going of the Amer
icans to Tokyo was lined with school
children singing and waving flags
The same scenes were continued in
Yokohama along the route of the
Americans to the wharf where the
launch of the flagship Connecticut
awaited the rear admirals and the
cheers continued until they reached
the shift reachedI
A single incident will Illustrate the <
spirit in which the American sailors
accepted the welcome of the Japanese
A triumphal arch at the entrance ot
the principal street of Yokohama
caught fire the blaze reaching up to
wards a Japanese flag floating from a
flagstaff at the top and threateing to
destroy the flag An American Jackie j
dashed up the frame work of the archI
through the blaze broke off the staff
and carried the flag safely to the
ground This act was witnessed by
thousands and created a profound im
pression The youngster received a
great ovation aIi
The famous laple club of Tokyo
was the scene of one of thQ most r
brilliant functions of this entire week
of unsurpassed entertainment The
American Friends association of
which Baron Kaneko is president and
Baron Takahashi vice president en
tertained 250 officers and a number of
the most prominent ladles of Tokyo
The association is composed entirely
of Japanese who have visited Amer
ica a number being university men
and all speaking the English language
The entertainment Included both
Japanese and European dinners
dancing and flrework During the
course of the evening Baron Kaneka
in a felicitous speech presented to
Rear Admiral Sperry a picture of the
landing of the men of Commodore
Perrys fleet at Kuihama
One of the most striking features of
the weeks stay of the Americans In
Japan has been the perfect order
maintained by he sailors while on
shore Nat a sihsle case o ttisorder
ly conduct has occured otiHhe streets
The governor and mayor said that one
of the most impressive features of the
visit of the fleet wasa the excellent be
hav for of ihe American blue jackles
In this respect the navy has covered
itself with glory in Japan The
American residents here are partic
ularly proud of the officers and men of
the fleet and the effect of the visit
politically commercially and socially
has undoubtedly bean enormous
Injunction Is Refused
Bt Ixrfiis Oct J4The United
States circuit Court refused to Issue
an injunction restraining the Inter
state commerce commlMi n from put
ting Into effect an order reducing
rates oafcattle ° shipments from the
S uthw8t territory to Chicago St
Louis Kansas City ant other paints
that you buy from this yard hav
ing less waste than any other be
cause it has teen selected from
the best kilndried superior lum
ber that isc cut and dried
When you want us to figure on
lumber for you we will give
you an estimate that yill defy
Eugene V Debs the Socialist nominee for president began his cwnpafsn
before any of the other candidates and has already covered much of the
country His private railroad train known as the red special Is scheduled
to comploto a campaigning tour of 30000 miles before election dajn
Discussed by Candidate Bryan to Im
mense Crowds In New Jersey
Newark N J Oct 24New Jersey
poured out her hosts to greet William
J Bryan Refreshed by a long sleep
following two laborious days In Ohio
and West Virginia the Democratic
candidate was in spendid form and
took advantage of this to inject into
his utterances a spirit which enabled
him to impress his audiences every
Traveling at a nerveracklng clip
over a zigzag course in a handsomely
equipped special train in charge of
State Chairman J R Nugent Mr
Bryan was enabled to talk to great
numbers of farmers laboring men
and others in the farming and Indus
trial centers of tne state Evidently
inspired by President Roosevelts re
cent declaration on the subject of la
bor In which President Samuel Gom
pers and himself were severely sift
cased Mr Bryan chose for his main
text the labor question and in all of
his speeches of which there were 16
made merry with the president
He accused the president of butting
Into the campaign and deposing Mr
Gompers ana said sarcastically that
he expected oefore long that he him
self would be deposed and Mr Nicho
las Longworth the presidents son
inlaw placed at the head of the De
mocracy He never lost an opportu
nity to define the difference between
the platform of the Republican and
Democratic parties with respect to
labor and explained with minute de
tail the pledges which the Demo
cratic party made at Denver to se
cure remedial legislation for which
he said labor was crying but to
which the Republicans had turned a
deaf ear
At White House seizing upon the
name for a witty preliminary to
his speech he said I am here at
last It has been rather a long Jour
ney but happily ended
And Two Merchants Arrested In Ten
nessee Night Rider Case
Samburg Tenn Oct 24Because
of threats against the life of goVer
nor M R Patterson who Ia person
ally directing the investigations of
night rider depredations in this vlcln
ity the regiment of troops assigned
to safeguard the governor has been
Increased and additional precautions
taken to prevent any attack on the
military camp here Guard lmesLhYe
been doubled and reinforcements or
dered to report to Colonel Tatom who
lIs in command of military forces
I T C Ward proprietor of the hole
at Walnut Log from which Captain
Quinton Rankin and Judge R Z Tay
I lor were taken by a band of masked
men Monday night and Knox Morgan
and B ner Tate merchants were
taken into custody With their arrest
the situation became so acute as to
call forth instructions from the gov
ernor to Sheriff Dawson of Dyer coun
ty to report itt once with a posse and
the recruiting at Union City of an
other posse of picked men to work
In conjunction with the military and
the forces of the sheriffs of this and
Lake county irhoYacit alrqOli thee
i 4f
W ifjJ J
> <
4 h
< 1
t < i
Is Forecasted by Increased Buying of
Raw Material
New York Oct 24 Bradstreet
says Retail trade still reflects the In
fluence of ward weather and tha
approach of election breed conserv
atism as regards heavy buying and
the projection of new enterprises
However there Is more doing and
more confident buying of raw material
by manufacturers who apparently
forecast a change for the better in
the latter part of this year or the early
part of next Tho large movement
of wheat Is responsible for the op
timistic tenor reports from distri
butive centers in the northwest Ef
fects of the drought are shown in
almost total suspension f steamboat
traffic on the Ohio river and its trib
utares the holding np of a large
quantity of coal along that stream
the prevalence of destructive forest
fires and the low stage of water sup
plies Reports as to collections vary
being best in the northwest and poor
est at the south
The situation in textile lines Is in
teresting and not without encourage
ment While jobbing trade is confined
largely to small immediate shipment
or filling in orders there is fair ac
tivity in the Chicago district and
farther west where the breaking of
the drought has helped sentiment
Robbers Secure Valuable Jewels
Newark N X Oct 24Three
masked men cut the telephone wires
outside the fine Perkins home at
Morristown entered the house knock
ed down one of the three maid ser
vants attacked and choked Mrs H
W Miller a sister of the three
Misses Perkins who were In the
hous and then ransacked the place
The robbers who are believed to be
the ones who cut the wires and looted
the home of banker H B March in
Orange a few nights ago obtained at
least 2000 worth of jewelry in the
Perkins house and some money
Smoke Suffocates Live Stock
Sebree Ky Oct 24That tract of
forest land known as the Green River
flats extending for several miles
along either bank of the Green River
Is on fire Already the flames have
devoured much valuable timber
While no lives have been lost as yet
the smoke is suffocating and live
stock on the farms in the region has
suffered greatly therefrom
Cold Catches People Unprepared
St Joseph Mo Oct 24rWith the
thermometer at 31 degrees following
day of heavy snow fall the first of
tie season thousands of St Joseph
people are shivering in unheated and
unlighted houses as the result of the
natural gas supply given out Most
of the people were unprepared for the
cold snap and there is much sufferng
Cardof Thanks
We wish to thank those who were
so kind during the illness and death
of our beloved mother Miss Laura
C5 Laughlin For the beautiful floral
offerings and for the words of co m
forty our sad bereavement
Mr and Mrs Clay WhQeler and
family v i 1 I
l r f S 1i <
r ji
No Matter What You Pay
The article you buy here
will be the best of its kind
for the price you pay ThatI
is what we started out to
give the public and our in
creasing trade is the best 1 j
evidence that our GOODS
please the people
If you are not a patron of
ours we want to make your
acquaintance come in and
we will show you our large
and complete stock of
Furniture Rugs China
Cut Glass Etc
I c
An English inventor has devised
a process by which it is possible to
purifyrock salt direct and on a ba
sis which is not commercially pro
hibitiver Hitherto in preparing
white table salt it has been neces
sary to depend upon the evaporation
of brine The new process consists
of melting the rock salt andsending
compressed ther
molten mass Impurities are sep
arated and deposited and the salt
is left white and pure The puri
fied salt is found to be exception
ally fine and being anhydrous does
not cake after the fashion of brine
salt Popular Mechanics
In the last cyclone in Oklahoma it
was claimed that a boy ten jears
old was caught up in the air and car
ried a distance of five miles and
dropped on a haystack and tfyat he
at once tookup a pitchfork and be
gan work as if nothing had hap
We can tell a better one than that
A cyclone in Alabama carried a boy
ten miles and dropped him down in
n barnyard and he went at it and
before he even asked the farmers
name Exchange
There will be a number of very
wealthy widows at Newport next
season among them being Mrs Wil
liam B Leeds whose husband died
a short time ago in Paris leaving
his wife something like 29000000
Mrs Oliver H P Belmont formerly
Mrs William K Vanderbilt and
Mrs James formerlyr
Mrs Bhinelander Stewart will be
the other wealthy widows at that re
sort ij o r
jo7i V
jT r w
> V
Rachel Crothers is a young woman
who is becoming quite popular as a
playwriter It is interesting to
know that until a couple of years
ago she was utterly unknown except
to a close I circle of friends and with
the success of her first play she be
came quite welLknown almostimmfri
diately Iyself Bettinais her lati
est play the first one she wrote be
ing The Three of Usl
THE JI EWltIaY > mail25c a umith
i V > t J
that cracking walls and warping
doors are caused by unseasoned
I timbers We will not sell green
lumber no matter how tempting
the profit The lumber you should
have for Jour home office or fac
tory should be thoroughly season
cd full measure in length width
and thickness and free from knots
Let us have your next order and
well treat you square
Gen Sir Beauchamp Duff is gen
erally understood to be the most
probable successor to Lord Kitchen
er in the supreme command in Inn
dia and this will be a fitting reward
for one who has a very fine military
record for hard unremitting work
A short time ago another officer was
trying hard to find out Gen Duffs
recreations Do you play bridge j
he asked < cNot much replied the
general Billiards perhaps
Very littley Chess Badly
Any outdoor sports At rare in
tervals The interrogator then lost
his patience Then what on earth
do you do The rarest thing pot
sible in the British army was
Duffs reply I work j
A New Yorker who visits Scot
land every year says that the cannyj
inhabitants of that land have their
own idea of a bargain day j
tt I suppose the New York man v
once said to a friend in Glasgow
that the shops here have bargain I
days j
Whereupon the Scot returned a
decided negative
Thats strange commented the
New Yorker I should think the
institution would meet with favor
here It wud suit them over weel
said the Scot If they had bar
gain days naebody would buy ony
thin on the ither days
Undoubtedly the most wonderful
record ever made by a salmon hat k
ery is that of Fortmann In the sea
son of 19056 this hatchery took
68715000 eggs of Alaska Bed the 1
most important salmon of northern 1 a
waters and in they sprang lof 1906 g
liherat G7643O00 oun salmon1J
atedQl6 3 QQY9W1K8almoni i
jn the Naha stream Alaska on t
which it is located the loss being
only 1070000 or 15 per cent By
natural propagation the loss on the
same number of eggs would have
been about 90 per cent or in other
words of the 68000000 salmon fry 4l
only about 6800000 would have
been successfully hatched into young
Vsalmon Outing
7jiE a
ANY WANT can be supplied ink i
TrNe 5i dooI1UDia
v Y i r ji kJe

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