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j X
> i 4 to 1 tw 1 4 j f 1 r > rt Fe4 f ofr 1
l fI r 11
Irfi II jf a t r ° It I t
s t r rt r r I x H
I r S It t IIt f f i 1 i 4 t pr
fw Cw P I r t r It t f Ar t 1 4 J Jr 1h f
I > > 1 < A F L i 1 v > 1 L > < > > I < p < t t t I >
t r r i x or IC Y > 1 C jj 1 4THE WlHCHESTEifl NEMtSS IIt t Il 1pf Vft
1 N
rhePzi sophy jGiV
and GetTo Spanker
Noto ankLon t
Lives Alone W01ne
ire Martyrs
4 1Poor gull I am sorry for her
Sirs Popular looked overat the lonely
t r wallflower as she spoke
Some ope ought to tell her how to
he liked in this world remarked Mrs t
Clever °
L f ow to be liked mat dp you
SeHETf vv i
The secret of life getting what you
radiate Thenyou go near Miss Wall I
flower do you feel that she hikes you
Very much x
juWell she has rather a repelling
manner I always thought Jt rather
unfortunate t f
tnIt is not so unfortunate as it is self
r lsfi She wants to be liked without
liking anybody f Now that sort of
t thing doesnt work in this world You
i get just what you give to others If
you are suspicious you beget suspicion
i If you are jealous you inspire jealousy
t and if you are cold and selfish you
cannot possibly expect warmth and
Miss Wallflower simply wants a
good time She does not think for one
moment about giving it to others She
has a sour expression on her face and
yet she expects people to chine up and
smile at her She is quite indignant
that she is left to sit by herself all the
evening and yet she hasnt sense
enough to gtop and wonder whs If
she would cease wondering about her
self and would begin to think about
making other people happy if she
Would honestly ask herself what is her
attitude toward those around her
What she does for them what her in
fluence on them is Im sure she would
set her feet oh the road to happiness I
Seriousness 6f the Sex I
Woman is too serious
lI take as an example the I programs
presented for the entertainment of t 1
I Wghbrow when it is necessary believe
me but when I want an afternoons
14 1
anx y
x club that presents an entertainment
J consisting of doleful songs and ad =
y dresses by different clergymen on an
I > cient and modern art That is what
happened to me the other day when 1
attended the monthly luncheon of a
Well known social club
Ye gods and little fishes Jiriagine a
mans club under similar circum
r circnmStances
tr BtancesI you what the men know one
thing we dont know much about and
that is how to enjoy themselves Wo
men are born martyrs They just love
to suffer
t 11 Spank Early and Judiciously I
To spank or not to spank the child
Is now the burning question and Im
sorry to gay I believe in a good spank
t judiciously administered earlyvery
early In life when necessary
There are certain model children who
can oe Brought up on moral suasion
but there are others of such a perse
i vering nature that nothing but a se
vere shock will brIng them to their
senses I think the mother should
spare herself some and the mother
I who attempts to bring upa large fam
Iif children on moral suasion is apt
to become a nervous wreck Besides
sometimes life gives us worse spank
tugs than those we should have re
ceived from the maternal hand It is
better take it all in all to have the
objectionable points in our character
removed early in life than later on Jt
hurts less
11Get a Mate I
Women never reach their best devel
opment if they lire in loneliness i
Woman was meant to bestow her
affection on others to look after them
and to receive little kindnesses in re t
turn Being meant for the bomeyher
outlook on life Is naturally narrower
than that of man When she lives
f Rlone it becpmes positively iinnaturaC
> She becomes self centqrcd ImelancKblyr
Rnd decidedly Ipeedsh >
t SOtit1 >
fpi i y t1
v S a X Y
Pity th One What knows a Little
t About Everything > c
What if talented woman
Yes but she will never mount to
anything She does too mans things
thing at once and has asmattering ofeveryj
I have heard that the ability to dab
ble In different n is a curse
It jSarid you would realize it If
you Visited this Romans apartment
ing machine is wide open and under
the needle lies a garment partly Tipped
and put together The pianois strewn
with sheets of music On the rack lie
< he penciled notes of a news lg she
is trying to compose he herself is
seated at a desk doing fashion notes
for a Sunday Per for that pays the
rent In tb 1 colT
Tir COI1
Ill >
ored servant trying to make herself
heard about matters in the kitchen
Oh And on the mantel please note a
J3gx of water color paints and on the
ys a lopsided sketch or two Now
t oman could make a success of
L yt r lathing if she stuck to It but
she uiisnt and so she only gets the
returns of the usual amateur
That Is the trouble with a great
many women by the way Agencies
and Young Womens Christian asso
ciations all have tie same report
Women come here to apply for work
and they cant do ant one thing well
Ask them what they are and they
dont know They can doa little sew
lug a little writing or a little teach I
ing consequently it Is almost impossi
ble to place them
Remember this you girls who come
to the city Learn to do one bran h
of iVQrk r well and you will make a
good income It is the lower rounds of
t e ladder that are crowded There is
always room at the top If you air
competent and experienced through
faithfully practicing one accomplish
ment you hare nothing to fear
They Should Be Simply Furnished tc
IThey Look Well
I The small dining room should be
I carefully furnished in order to make
It appear as little crowded as possible
Heavy leather chairs and massive
tables are out of the question
Notice the room in the illustration
It has white woodwork which sets off
chdrmiiigly the foliage paper Thr
French window is filled with plant
leg J 0 t tI 1
4Dhe mahogany round table and the
chairs with their light frames are
Very well chosen An oriental rug of
gay colors covers the floor and adds
it note of cheerfulness There are no
pictures on the walls which adds to
the appearance of space t
Clever Dress In a Hurry
Never let it be your boast that you
can dress In five minutes my dear girl
No woman who has any respect for
her appearance or her clothes will at
tempt to dress in even double that
time It is as true In dressing iis In
anything else that where there is the
more haste there is the less speed It
Is particularly trying for a woman to
dress in a hurry She gets flurried
and in her attempt to fasten her brooch
the pin sticks Into her finger She gets
cross over this and then every thing
goes wrong Buttons come off shoes
or laces break gloves and veil are not
to be found until boxes and drawers
have been turned upside down and
then the missing articles have been
found on the dressing table Mien
she does at 3ast get r ndyj heis con
scion ofappearhiga her rprsL <
< i < I 1 i
Ii I 1
4 4t to t Ii
1 1
Th > Big Hat Brings Big PricerDirec I
toir Shirt Waists l
The gigantic hats call for costly
feathers and 100 and upward Is not
ai unusual price asked this season
for a hat with ricji ostrich plumes
Jet has returned to favor find its
Effectiveness is demonstrated by its
use on some of the most exclusive
models Of the season
IHrectoIre shirt waists are conspIcu
ous in the wardrobe of the girl with
A pattern of this princess jumper dress
may be had In four sizesfor children
from six to twelve years or age Send 10
cents to this office giving umber 4329
and it will be forwarded to you by mail
a preference for tailor made costumes
The features of these shirt waists are
the applied shoulder yoke the long
straight narrow tucks iu front and
the plain sleeve with slight fullness
at the shoulder
A tulle evening gown in black has a
charming type of decoration large
flowers cut out of coldred brocade and
arranged at the back of the tulle to
show through mistily This effect
may also be carried out in cretonne
Combs and barrettes in filigree de
sign have replaced in popular fancy
those of plain shell
ChUdren find the same delightful
comfort in the princess jumper dress
that older people do and the design
shown is very graceful and childish
A Striking Effect In RuffsDyed Irish
Lace a Smart Trimming
A variation from the usual pierrot
ruff is one cotnposed of white and
gray malines from the collar of which
spring minute tails of browii fur
On account of the craze for em
broidered nets and braids lace is not
used in such quantities as last sea
son Baby Irish lace dyed to inq tchl
A pattern of this nine gored skirt may
be had in six sizes from 22 to 32 inches
waist measure Send 10 cents to this of
flee giving number 4326 and it will be
promptly forwarded to you by maiL
the gown finds Its way Into the most
ultra costumes
Many of the very narrow evening
skirts have godets Introduced in the
seams at the foot Tulle Is a favorite
material for dancing gowns this sea
Sets of Jeweled hatpins are one of
the gifts now bestowed upon the fash
ionable bride The set usually con
sists of five pins
A very exclusive haberdasher in
Paris Is Introducing mens handker
chiefs with monograms three Inches
iongand half an inch in width
One of tub recent touches on the
ready made white net waists is a black
cord l > ound the lower edge of the col
The nine gored sklrt seen In the cut
Is fin sheath style i and Is one ot the
very newest ofa the winter modelsJ
t E < > t 1
Ji 1
Effective Improvement Methods
Adopted by Wellesley Mass
Three Village Improvement Societies
Are Always Working to Beautify the
Town Their Activities Quite Di
versified Pstfent but Wide Awake
Nature and man have joined effort to
make Wellesley Mass one of the
most beautiful suburban towns in the
United States Abrupt hills r flowing
brooks placid ponds and < a charming
lake with many a noble tree and a
wealth of the preen things of earth
are the contributions of nature which
man has molded and directed tp make
of all a harmonious whole in which
the modern house of wood or the vine
clad stone looks at home
It is an Important item in the daily
concerns of the Wellesley inhabitant
this thought of the beauty of his
town There is no intention on his
part to wake up some day and find
that unsightly buildings have replaced
the elms and pines that now adorn the
wide streets and cover thehill slopes
where pretty homes nestle There Is a
passion for the good things 9f nature I
among the dwellers In this college
town and they let slip no Opportunity
to get another chance at the open air
of heaven or to direct the energies of
those who would build a real prac
ticalre or office where nature
has erto had her waY unhampered
There are three village improvement
socJrtfes in Wellesley with its 6186 in
habitants of whom 1000 are college
students These societies have not ex
pected to make the town perfect all at
once along all lines or any lines They
are patient but always wide awake
and pushing some new Improvement
says the Boston Herald The latest
st phas been the campaign of the
Falls and Hills Village Improvement
society to secure the purchase of the
Elm Park hotel property so that the
square at Wellesley Hills may be
made 0f a beauty that will accord
with the rest of the town
The activities of these societies are
quite diversified They have secured
the adoption of an attractive street
sign of which many have already been
set up and have planted and secured
the planting of hundreds of street trees
They provided free of charge plans
for a nefg telephone building at Wel
lesley Hills square Many small im
provements have been secured by th m
in the lighting and care of rallrIS J
stations and grounds and the handling
of carriages at the stations They have
Issued a pamphlet on the planting and
care of trees The tree warden of
Wellesley is a man of means who does
the work for love of it These militant
societies preach in general and in par
ticular in the local paper They have
started a system of removing ashes
arid rubbish r
Wellesleys real estate and personal
property have a taxedvalue of 18352
OS022 which sum includes exempted
property to the amount of 3455
14022 of which the larger part is the
college property f
Of the improvements in the town is
Hunnewell park of eleven acres On
the top of the hill in this park is the
beautiful stone building for town hall
and library This park and the build
ing were the gift of H H Hunnewell
who also gave the books for the libra
ry and 21000 for a library fund and
also a playground of eighteen acres
This playground Is over the stone
fence just off Washington street Wel
lesleys principal artery of commerce
Itis laid out in ball fields tennis courts
and gridirons the whole being a strik
ing example of good caretaking
The town itself has taken many
acres of land along Fuller brook be
tween Wellesley Hills und Wellesley
which in course of time will be devel
oped into a parkway This parkway
will extend from Wellesley Hills
square to the Charles river at the
southwesterly part of the town a dis
tance of three mlles It borders on the
Hunnewell p playground and when com
pleted will be a very beautiful feature
of the town
The four railroad stations In Welles
ley from the plans of the late H F
Richardson are tastefully laid out and
planted with trees and shrubs They
form a fitting introduction to the vis
itor who is to see the greater beauties
beyond Recently there has been co
operation between the railroad and
the town In the leasing through the
suggestion of the Village improvement
society to the town by the road for a
long term of years of a piece of its
unused land in the vicinity of the
Wellesley station This piece Is being
developed by planting bushes and
shrubs of decorative value
The three Wellesley Improvement so
ck ties are distributed through the vil
lages of the town The Wellesley Vil
lage society is at the Wellesley end
In the village known as Wellesley the
Hills and Fells society at the Hills and
the eastern part of the town and the
Fells society at the Fells In the south
westerly part of the town The Welles
ley club organized to consider and
discuss questions relating to the wel
fare of Wellesley was organized in
18S9 and meets seven times during the
year at some hotel in Boston It has a
membership of 110 with a long wait
Ing list At its meetings it usually
discusses some live question intimately
related to the municipal and social life
of the town
Berlins Good Move
It is announced that the Berlin po
lice ire taking steps to regent thede
facement ok streets by electric SiSat
t 1 g v 4
c j
t J
6B 1
A differet selection on each side
They fit any machine
That tells the whole story except
that at 6cents for the Columbia
DoubleDisc you get a better record
on each side than you ever bought be
fore ao I rr the same two selec c
tions Get a catalog I
Winchester Drug J Co c
No 5 South Main St
will on It ebruary 17th pay
to the person who first supplies the greatest number of the missiog
words in the advertisement given below Mail the slip with the miss
ing words inserted to Puzzle Department Winchester News You
may have as many trials as you have slips Slips wilLbe printed each
Tuesday Thursday and Saturday until February 15111 The Editor of
The Newshas the advertisement in his possession in a sealed Package
and the seal will not be broken until the mhtof Feb 15 09 >
Fill blank and mail to Puzzle Department Winchester JTewsi
It il1worth for to jfiill
these = I j buta policy of = lnTf r t
+ itb > for v
> < k
Name J i
< w P pi Addr s tH t t
Received M IQOQ <
t 1909 t
Size of Pail Indicates the Size of the SquashH
Our illustration shows a yellow mammoth squash which was raised by
a member of the Grew School Civic league of Hyde Park Boston
Their exhibit of various garden products took place In thE exhibition 1 11t
which was appropriately decorated with asters and goldenrod arid prizes of
blue red and yellow ribbons were given as well as honorable mention to the
successful young agriculturalists the superintendent of schools and a ladY +
member of the school committee acting as judges
The squash which took the first prize was raised by John D Conant 11
years of age The seed was planted May lo 1908 the squash showing form
July 12 It was fed with liquid dressing quite frequently and when picked
September 16 measured 671k inches in circmference and weighed 70 pounds
A special prize of a book was also given for his efforts
As an additional inducement to the members of the schools raising tlie
largest squash before September 30 a prize of ten dollars was given by a
local dry goods dealer and Master C mint won that also Master Conant
considers himself quite well paid for his time and trouble and he expects to
realize Mill more from the sale of the squash
Spain Exports Much Olivs vI
Spain exports Jcl least J 3000 000
worth of oliVe x il a year aHd la iKf
of iarg crops twice that air t
f tl 1
r r
9 f r
May use aWhlted Sepulcher j
It is a wonMULs way to think thtrii
fs always some good Ina manV wlo
wiwrs a white vest n lvestojn News
f c ft
f t

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