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f Judge Benlra and President Frost Address A Meeting of Representa
live Men At tie Court House on Tuesday Night
1Ihe gathering that greeted Presi
dent Frost of Berea College at the
court Louse Tuosday night to hear
the plans for the new colored Indus
trial School that is soon to be es
tablished in Kentucky discussed
could not be considered large but it
was a splendid representation of the
s fintelligent influential arid wealthy
l 1 class of our citizens all of whom at
the close of President Frosts re
marks heartily endorsed the move
ment he represented and signified
their theirb
power to help it along t
Among those present at the meet
ing were Judge J M Benton Judge
AY M Beekuer Judge F B Pendle
ton Col IL R PoriyD T Matlack
Judge J Smith Hays Woodson Mc
Cord C k Lyddane J W Cham
bers Robert Profit J W Burgin
Jj orge M Hart George McKinney
r Will Eekley and Horace Colerane
coloredJudge ColeraneI
Judge Benton Presides
i The meeting was called to order
by Judge Benton who was chairman
of the committee on the meeting and
after a short talk he introduced Pres
ident Frost Judge Benton presided
in the Circuit Court and renderad the
decision to separate the whites from
the blacks at Berea In that decision
Judge Benton expressed his personal
opinion on the matter which is given
in full below and which he repeated
at the meeting He said that he was
glad to know that his hope was rap
Idly being fulfilled
A Blessing to B tea
t j lIf this case reaches the higher
o I courts and the views expressed in
fthis opinion are sustained and upheld
t is the personal view of the judge
ml this court that the act of the leg
islature which is now so vigorously
assailed by the defendant will prove
r to the colored as well as to the white
youth of Kentucky Instead of the
usefulness of Berea College being
hampered it is the opinion of the
t judge of this court that its power Jor
good will be greatly extended and
enlarged If it should be determined
by the trustees of the College as the
I judge of this court hopes and believes
it will be to continue the college at
Berea for the reception and cduca
iion of white boys and girls and to
establish at someother point in Ken
tucky beyond the prohibited distance
a college for the reception and educa
tion of colored youth the prejudice
G which has heretofore existed to some
extent in some quarters and from
> brae persons against Berea College
t because of the cooperation there of
the two races will completely vanish
and the generous openhanded peo
pie of Kentucky will extend their
sympathy to and give substantial aid
and encouragement to both institu
Mons to an extent to which many
r Kentuckians have heretofore been un 1
willing to do These views of course
k do not affect the legal questions in
k volved in this case but they cause
the judge of this court to be better
1satisfied with the conclusions reach
ed as to the legal aspects o fthe case
than he could be did he not believe
that beneficent results will surely fol
r Iowa cheerful compliance and ac
quiescence in the Day Bill by the de
t President Frost Speaks
f President Frost then took the floor
and explained his mission The prin
cipal part of his address was an ex
planation ofwhat the school would
be and a statement of the amount of
R money already subscribed and the
amount needed Already there has
been 34000000 given for the school
outside of the State by such noted
givers as Andrew Carnegie and Mrs
Russell Sage and other philanthro
pists on the condition that the re
maining 6000000 be raised in Ken
Colored People Raise 12000
iOf the 5000000 the colored peo =
pIe are expected to raise 2000000
and the white people the remainder
Already there has been 120000
bscribed by the colored people
1700 in Winchester at the first Meet
Jjng of the campaign to secure tkis
money held in the State Tliis aural
has been increased o1 OQ f or l the
i Ji1 < I ti J a
1 i1 > pc r
1 r
S tiA
town and county
Dr Frost said the agreement that
these philanthropists of the East who
have responded so nobly to the call
to give this amount provided we raise
the remainder is a challenge ous
here in Kentucky and one that we
certainly ought to have pride enough
to meet promptly I I
The Plan of the School I
The followingis the substance of
Dr Frosts remarks regarding the
plan of the school
The management will be in the
hands of Berea College until a new
and representative board of trustees
can be organized The teaching force
will be partly white and partly color
ed The location yet to be selected
will be in the country rother than in
any town and accessible from all I
parts of the State The courses of
instruction wil Ibe for the training of
teachers who shall have an interest
in industrial training and for cul
tivating manual skill and efficiency
There will also be scholarships to
assist students who may profit by
longer courses of study in other in
stitutions so as to raise up an in
telligent leadership The equipment
must include a school building in
dustrial buildings for both men and
women jvigirls dormitorv with board
ing hall for both sexes a boys dor
mitory a home for white teachers and
a home for colored teachers barns
and a large tract qf land Cooper I
ation will be qpttghB with all existing
schools sand all the religious bodies
of the State
An impossible Thing
Berea College was by the Day Law
forced as it were to do an impossi
ble thing namely to fofor two groups
of students separately what it had
been doing for them together This
could only be done by large addi
tional resources and Berea must
stagger under the burden till the Ad
justment Fund is raised The his
tory is peculiar
Berea was started before the war
by John G Fee Cassius M Clay and
John Rogers for the mountain people
After the war a few colored students
were admitted as at Northern
Schools and Berea was at once over
whelmed by the task of training
teachers for the new colored public
schools r Many gifts at that time
came through interest in the colored
race v t
Set Aside 200000
Forced to separate the trustees se t
aside 200000 for the benefit of the
colored people and have been using
the income to send promising young
colored people to Fisk Tuskogee and
other distant schools Now the Ad
justment Fund is to provide 200
000 to take the place of this capital
withdrawn from the mountain work
and to give another 200000 for the
colored people so that the total
equipment shall be 400000 The
large initial pledges of Mr Carnegie
Mrs Sage and others and in fact
the whole Adjustment Fund is to
benefit both races <
At the close of Prof Frosts ad
dress a motion was made to have
Judge Benton appoint a committee to
solicit funds for the school here but
the appointing of this committee was
deferred until sometime Wednesday
There will be another meeting held
next Saturday at 130 p m at the
court house and every one is invited
to attend
On Wednesday morning Judge
Benton appointed the following com
Judge W M Beckner f
Doctor lf S Browne
Professor B Ti Spicer V
B R Jouett 0
JiW Chambers
R R Perry
D T Matlack
The V Volunteers for the First Pres
byterian church held a meeting Tues
day afternoon and elected new offi
cers as follows
Virgil Eary President
Arthur Green Vice Presidtaty G
fitter Rise Stcretiiry i
Nf Bean < LrftlMlrrift r h f
r sr i f r
The wife of the Japanese ambassador is one of the best dressed women
In Washington She is also a great favorite in society at the capital She
has traveled ftstensivelr and is well acquainted with nearly all the European
diplomats Ambassador Takajuni and his wife have given some of the most
elaborate dinners and receptions held in Washington this season
E L LaMarre Convicted of Stealing
Horse and Buggy From
r x
Clyde Gaines
The jury iii the case of E L La =
Marre charged with horse stealing
returned a verdict Tuesday afternoon
giving him two years in the peniten
tiary LaMarre it will be remember
ed came to this city last summer
accompanied by a young lady who
he claimed had eloped from Buffalo
New York with him and put up at
one of the hotels and where they re
mainjjd for about a week when he
took a notion that he wanted to see
some of the famous Bluegrass sec
tion of Kentucky and applied to
Clyde Gaines for a horse and buggy
saying he wanted to go to Paris and
several of the other a joining towns
and that he would be back the next
not show up and Mr Gaines started
an investigation about his horse and
came to find out that he had cut out
as much of Kentuckyas possible
and had made a line for the Buckeye
State When found he was in Ports
mouth Ohio and it is alleged made
several attempts to sell the horse and
He was arrested and brought back
here where he has since been in jail
and his companion was sent back to
her home in Buffalo
Ten Days in Jail
Clay Robins charged with illegal
pale of liquor was given ten days in
Will Meet at BrownProctoria Hote
Wednesday Night at 830
The annual banquet of the Mer
chants Protective Association will
be held at the BrownPrctoria Hotel
Wednesday night Several interest
ing addresses will be delivered by
the local merchants and the meeting
promises to be a very enjoyable as
well as a pr fitable onei
Mr Dallas Edward Barnes of
Paris Ky and Mrs Lucy Guy of
Mt Sterling were quietly married at
the residence of Rev H D Clark
oft tSerling January 25th The
bride is a sister of Mrs Sallie ek
mam oftkis city >
K ii7
J > 7 t i J
Home at Dunbar Pennsylvania urn
etl Parents Also Serious
VT ly Hurt VvL
Spepiii to The News
DUNBAR Penn Jan 27Four
children of AM Kendall perished in
a fire that destroyed their home The
parents were seriously burned
An Enjoyable Evening is Promised
For All Who Attend
The final touches for the firemens
reception that is to be given Thurs
day night are about completed The
reception will not be conducted on as
large a scale this year as it was last
but the spread that will be laid at
this one will eclipse all former ones
Everything possible is being done to
make it a very enjoyable evening for
the members and those whom they
will entertain
Will Deliver His Address at College
Chapel Thlrsday Morning
at 945
President H K Taylor will deliver
his lecture Cuba When and Ten
Years After the Spaniard Left it
at the chapel of Kentucky Wesleyan
College Thursday morning at 945
The lecture is primarily for the stu
dents but all friends of the institu
tion are invited to be present The
Glee Club will sing
Local Five to LineUp Against Un
j beaten Team in Broom
I The Wonders of Lexington and the
Auditorium five will line = 1Ipirf broom
ball at the local rink W0dfoesdav
night The Wonders have la y e4 and
defeated every other tJ ant in the
league except Winchester and will
make a strenuous effoit tit l eep up
their unbeaten record Tk gwne
will e called prompti at 9 ofcloet
AP l >
Senate Committee in Embarrassing
PositionWhat Bonaparte
Said I t
Washington Jan 27Th t the sen
ate has no right to call upon Presi
dent Roosevelt for information which
he may have obtained from the Unit
ed States Steel corporation when he
countenanced that concerns absorp
tion of the Tennessee Coal and Iron
company is the opinion of the spe
cial committee on judiciary appointed
to investigate the matter The situa
tion is proving decidedly embarrass
ing to the judiciary committee but
regardless of this fact it has been
decided to proceed with the inquiry
and report to the senate Nether the
president had authority to permit tho
When the committee called upon
Attorney General Bonaparte to ap
pear before it at a recent meeting a
reply was received declining the in
vitation This invitation was not
made public It is now known that
Mr Bonaparte directed the commit
tees attention to the act to establish
the department of commerce and
labor and argued that it is a bar to
any demand for such information as
the president may have acquired con
cerning the necessity for the absorp
tion of the Tennessee concern Under
the act the commissioner of corpora
tions is empowered to gather from
corporations engaged in interstate
commerce such data and information
as will enable the president to make
recommendations to congress for
their regulation This provision of
law concludes as follows And the
information so obtained or as much
thereof as the president maydirect
shall be made public t
The data supplied to the president
by Judge Bv H Gary and H T Frick
according to Mr Bonaparte comes
I within this clause of the commerce
and labor act Without this informa
tion it is difficult for the committee
Ito proceed and the feteel trust bffiT
cials may be subpenaed to testify be
fore the committee
Although several meetings have
been held the judiciary committee
has not been able to decide upon any
course of procedure which would not
seem to threaten a quarrel with the
president There il5a disposition on
the part of a majority of the mem
bers of the committee to proceed
with the inquiry although no pro
gram has been arranged
Popes Subjects in United States
Now Number 14235451
Milwaukee Jan 21There are 14
235451 Roman Catholics in the Unit
ed States according to the advance
sheets of the 1909 Wiltzius official
Catholic directory The statistics are
furnished by the archbishops and
bishops of the United States after the
taking of a census in all dioceses
Adding to tho 14235451 the num
ber of Roman Catholics in the Phil
ippines Porto Rico and Hawaiian
Islands brings the grand total of
Catholics under the United States
flag to 22474440 as compared with
12053000 Catholic subjects under the
British flag
I Nebraska Has Quake
Norfolk Neb Jan 2 IA violent
earthquake shock was Salt through
Pierce and Knox counties The noise
resembled a powder explosion Cattle
stampeded horses became frightened
and chickens cackled The shock
lasted but a few seconds
Ends DY With Five Votes Less
Than at Start
Springfield 111 Jan 27The en
trance of Charles S Wharton and
Robert T Lincoln into the senatorial
fight is not expected to have any im
portant bearing upon the situation
Starting with a total vote of 90 Hop
kins finished the day with a loss of
five Foss starting with 13 finished
with 17 votes
Big Boom For Wireless
Washington Jan 27 As an out
come of the triumph of the wireless
in saving the lives of the passengers
and crew of the illfated White Star
liner Republic congress may require
every oceangoing steamer that
leaves an American port to cross
either the Atlantic or Pacific to be
equipped with a wireless apparatus
Sandusky Strike Settled
Sand sky 0 Jan 27Three hun
dred striking employes of the Enter
prise Glass company will go bacK to
work In the factory There within the
next 10 days In conference with offi = j
dials tktey agreed through a commit
tee to accept the sliding scale for
which thai employers jrWd > ou1L
V 1 tu1
4 e
< a
t i r j
ti WEATHER 1 4 >
tiii 1F Mocigrate Temperature f
Says He Helped Rob United States
Government Also Denounces
Obaldia v
Washington Jan 27A sensation < c
al and bitter attack on William Nel +
son Cromwell Roger L Farnham
Charles PJ Taft President Ubali
Panama and others by Mr Rainey ot
Illinois was made in the house of
representatives The postoffice ap
propriation bill was under considera
tion but Mr Rainey spoke under li
cense of general debate and he was
unsparing in his charges of corrup
tion and fraud against the persons
Mr Rainey was particularly bitter
Jri his denunciation of Mr Cromwell
general counsel for the New French
Panama Canal company and counsels
and a director of the Panama rail
road which is owned by the Unit d
States government He charged tha
through the manipulations of Mr
Cromwell the French Canal company
was permitted to steal from the Unit
ed States government three or four
million dollars and that after he
had become an officer in fact of ins
UnitedStates he became a party to <
an attempt to collect from the Unit
ed States a fraudulent claim on the
part of the canal company of 2200
000 He also was unsparing in his
attack upon Don Jose Domingo daI
Obaldia president of Panama who
he said represented uas no other
SpanishAmerican statesman in his
generation all that is corrupt in
SpanishAmerican politics With
out Obaldia he stated Cromwell
career would have been impossible
Without Cromwell Obaldia would <
have been impossible
Reference to President Roosevelts
recent tack on Senator Tillman was
made by Mr Rainey in asserting that
Senator Lodge of Massachusetts was
responsible for the expenditure on
Jan 1 last of over 1000000 for the >
purchase the steamships ShawmntlV
and Tremont for the Panama Rfill
rpad cojnpany which thecanaLcom
mission did not want and did li to
n d but which were bought because
the constituents of the senior sea v
ator from Massachusetts wanted to
sell them
JTr Rainey said that for some
i weeks the secret agencies of the gov
ernment had been at work investigat
ing the senior senator from South
Carolina They have he said udis
covered that herused his frank in
advertently in private correspond
ence and so deprived the government
of revenue to the amount of two
cents and the matter was considered
important enough to be embodied in
a speclal messagje from the president
to congress The senior senator from
Massachusetts I believe is still in
vited to White House dinners is tjne
presidents friend and adviser and
the cabinet maker for the incoming
president I have not heard of any
secret service agents disturbing the
senior senator from Massachusetts
and yet he Is directly individually
and solely responsible that there was
taken out of the treasury of the Unit
ed States over 1000000
Mr Rainey referred to the fact that
there was pending and about to be
adopted in the general assembly of
Panama the most infamous railroad
proposition ever submitted to any
government by which Randolph G
Ward of New York was to be largely
the beneficiary He called attention
to what he said was the failure of
Arnold Shanklin the American con
sul general at Panama to make a re
port requested by the bureau of for
estry last year because he evidently
feels he owes his position there to
William Nelson Cromwell and
charged that certain interested par
ties were seeking to levy tribute upon
the people in connection with these
timber land frauds It will be inter
esting to know who the gentlemen
are who are attempting in this way J
to impoverish the republic of Pana
ma he said aId he mentioned Wil
liam Nelson Cromwell Roger L Farn
ham W S Harvey and C P Taft
These patriotic gentlemen said
Mr Rainey in conclusion therefore
are being permitted not oily to rob
the republic of Panama but indirect
JSfo rob the treasury of the United f
States and in their efforts In this di
rection they have so far the complete
cooperation and the active assistance
of the present administration an io
L the next president of tie United
States °
At the conclusion of Mr Raineys >
speech which consumed over an Ti ur
and a half Messrs Stevens of Minne
iota and Kustennana of Wisconsin
expressed their disapproval of his re
marks and entered a defense of the
Falls to His Death
Zanesvill 0 Jan 27 WhM e
raged in repairing Taylorsrille bridge
Frank Mahoney fell from tbs top off r
span and nlpro1ibIT til <
T Ji
S 7
f N >

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