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1 I n c y
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IIr Clark County INCORPORATED ConstructionCo 1
Think of the
mud and hili
climbing tax
paid each
On the Basis of Equipment and the ap
plication of Economical Business
Methods we solicit the construc
tion and repairing of all kinds and
conditions of reads public or pri
vate streets or alleys
Crushed and Betiding Stone Always on Sale
We purchase Dynamite Powder Cement andI
Sand in car lots and wi98 be pleased to sell I
same in any quanitydesired I
The putting an of all classes of Concrete a
specialty and satisfaction guaranteed
i = nteedJ
I will on ebuary 17th pay
to the person who first supplies the greatest number of the missing
words in the advertisement given below Mail the slip with the miss
ing words inserted to Puzzle Department Winchester News You
may have as many trials as you have slips Slips will be printed each
Tuesday Thursday and Saturday until February 15th The Editor of i
the News has the advertisement in his pOssessionin a sealed package
and the seal will not be broken
until the right of Feb 15 09
Fill blank and mail to PuzzlejDepartment Winchester News I
It will = worth 1 for to fiill
hese but a policy of 7 in of
0 I
Agency will bevery it r for
It s
P 0 Address i
Much Timber Goes to Waste I
S A writer in the London Times esti
mates the yearly destruction of tim
her by rotting for lack of use in the
itforest of Uganda in the region I
near the source of the Nile at not
5leer than one billion cubic feet
THE NEWS by mall 3i year
a S x I
r canI
No Road can
cost the Far
mers as
much as a
poor one
Angels Gifts
1 If instead of a gem pb even of Ii
i flower we could cast the gift of a love
ly thought into the heart of a friend
that would be giving as the angels 1
suppose must glve George Mac
t w Fpundi for sate for ient ad
Vne in 4he classiied column
I 1
The Devotional Gait of Smart
New York Girls
It Napoleon Bonaparte Came Back He
Would Find That Fashions Had No
Changed From Those of His Ow
Day High Waists Buttons and All
My Dear Elsa Never in my life
have I been more In need of Aunt
Elinors advice about self control than
during thq pasbrweek You remember
dar dont you the little talks we
used to loathe that she gave us on so
cial amenities I can hear her this
minute saying Do try to exercise self
control girls It Is a finer social asset
than pink cheeks French frocks and a i
motor car of your own Well the
other day I was obliged to draw on
this social asset to keep from shriek
Ing aloud In church No there wasnt
a service going oh I had merely gon
down to old St Pauls the churc
Washington attended when he was
first president of the United States
with a friend of mine who revels in
to bstone lore While she was gather
Ing data I stepped into the sacred edi
fice to rest Sitting in one of the com
fortable old pews inviting my soul
really taking forty winks I was
aroused by a masculine voice saying
Ina businesslike tone Step a little
more briskly please Having thor
oughly convinced myself that I was
not in an elevated train or a trolley
car I looked about and in the dim re
ligious light saw four stunning girls
walking slowly down the aisle with a
man In front directing their steps
Now what on earth do you think it
was A wedding party practicing their
paces Nothing of the kind The man
was a physical culture instructor
teaching his class how to walk in
I learned from the sexton pardon
the beadlethat these girls had been
taught to walk correctly in the street
in the drawing room In the theater
and this day they had been brought to
church for a dress parade Great fa
fliers I gasped What next So
you see I am in a position to tell you
that the devotional gait of the smart
New York girl is subdued and digni
fied She Is not allowed to lope swag
ger skip or mince her steps when
going up the church aisle as she might
do on the avenue TwIxt you and
me its not so much the sacredness of
the occasion that she wants to be pre
pared for as It is the Impelling fear
that If she goes the usual pace her
new tight skirt will jumble her up
physically even more than the jig saw
puzzle does mentally
Im mighty glad I played peeping
TQm at the show for my new suit has
a skirt so tight that I had serious in
tentIons of asking one of the ushers
next Sunday to assist me to my pew
Itthe skirt I mean Is exactly two
yards and a half rIde at the bottom
and as tight as a meal sack all the
way up and as for sitting down since
trying it on I have concluded to stand
up You know its thinning and the
object of every womans life nowa
v 1 1 if
days is to be vno fatter than draped
vertebrae Now Rlsadear if you do
decide to have your winter suit made
with a wder skIrt than mine be sure
and have a habit back Nd self re
specting skirt would bis seen with an
Inverted plait adorning the placket
opening And you would be considered
archaic in Gotham should you appear
with a waist line where It ought to be I
Vvliy even the tailor made skirts are
high walsted and the belts or girdles
meet the directoire blouse just under
the bust Absurd certainly but fts
back to the woods for you If you put
your belt In the place where the good
Lordintended it to go
You surely do have queer turns these
days Yesterday morning I was visu
ally sure that Napoleon Bonaparte was
sitting at the glove counter of a large
department store trying on a pair of
the one buttoned taupe gloves that are
so stunning this winter but on closer
inspection the flesh proved to be a
pretty girl got up Ind feminine form
Of the little corporal to the life She
wore the same long gray cloth army
coat with which we are all so familiar
the sleeves trimmed with deep fur
cuffs military revers and his saucy
looking corporals hat with a gold
cockade The coat fastened with large
Napoleonic buttons with the crown
N in gold on a jade background
The costume was a bit startling but
mighty fetching
What do you think of the capuchin
evening hood of white satin chiffon
frills and a spray of marguerites
These hoods are the smartest things
out for evening wear and are as easy
to make as a work bag for theyre
nothing more than big round hoods a s
picturesque as possible and trimmed
with flowers chiffon laces and ribbon
Dont forget the wide ribbon strings
though for they are too becoming to
be missed Such a confection will fit
perfectly over your Psyche knot and
not rumple it a particle
Yes I think your new stationery is
lovely but the next time y 4 u order
paper have your thumb print in gold
at the top of the sheet and note cards
instead of the monogram done in blue
Your mark on your stationery is the
last word in Individualism Ever most
sincerely yours M ABELr
No Drawstring to Break cr Get
For a long time the familiar variety
of laundry bag done in two colors
embroidered and held together at the
neck by a string has been an item
among the holiday gifts but in spite of
its prettiness the annoying draw string
renders it impractical
Here is a laundry bag that solves the
difficulty It has not only the capacity
for holding many articles of clothing
but the easiest possible way of receiv
ing them Simply lift one rvg from
the hook by which it is suspended and
the ling is opened wide It is equally
ready to take in or dump out its con
The necessary materials are one and
a quarter yards of art ticking or cre
tonne two crocheted rings one inch in
diameter or larger one and a half
yards of featherbone and one roll of
white bias binding onehalf Inch wide
Cut a four inch strip fjoni the entire
length of the material Now cut two
pieces twentythree Inches long and
twentyfive inches wide Round the
corners on the lower edges pivlde
the featlierboiic in halves and stitch it
en the underside of each piece ten
inches from the top as represented by
dotted lines in the illustration From
the ends of the feathcrboue shape to a
point In the middle of the top Care
must be taken to match the pattern
when the large pocket is stitched on
the outside Join the two pieces to
gether by stitching each to the four
inch strip of cloth with the seams on
the outside Find first the seams and
last the upper edges Sew the rings to
the points at the top
1 A bag expressly for tablecloths and
napkins may be made in the same way
from white linen or any other suitable
material and it large embroidered or
outlined initial or monogram takes the
place of the pocket
Guest and Hostess
No hostess should fail to be fully
dressed and ready for the first guest
It is unpardonable to let the first com
er see that he or she Is too early If
necessary neglect other things Never
defer your own toilet until the last
It isl not necessary to introduce each
newccimer to the guests already as
sembled It embarrasses everybody
An Informal word of general introduc
tion perhaps mentioning the stran
gers name is all that is essential
Later see to It that the guests meet in
The younger Is always presented
to the eldsrrthe man to the woman
Mrs Smith allow me to present Mr
Jones Never present Mrs Smith
to Mr Jones
Are Th yln Your Guest Room
> A ci9c kti
Stationery I
V j
Coat hangers <
Sonic late magazines v V 1 1
A bathrobe and slippers 1 4
Powder a hand mirror V and a
clothe brush v
A table at the side of the bed to use
as a night stand
Candles or a lamp on this table In
case qf sleeplessness on your guests
Friday January 29tt
The Hilarious Rural Comedy
A Pair of
Country Kids
The Realistic Explosion
The Wharf Scene
Rescue from the Waves I
The Country Dance
The Lively KfcN
The Funny Old Folks
A Scenic Production Complete
io Great Specialties and
flusical Numbers
A Guaranteed New and
First Class Production
Popular Prices
25c co
corner Clay Street and Mt
Sterling pike originally
owned by J D Jones
Will sell at highest bidder
in front of Court House on j
SATURDAY FEB 6th r i909
AT 2 P M
Will offer separately and
as a whole
Terms made known on day
of sale
Miss Mabel Daniel was theo nes
of Miss Cora Pace several days last
Misses Ethel Merritt May IJubank
and Ruth Daniel were guests of
Misses Mamie and Bessie Haggard
of Winchester from Friday until
Mrs Lena Moore was the guest
of Mrs Lena Rankins Saturday and
Sunday H C Skinner of Red l river was
the guest of Mr Yancy Merritt
from Saturday until Monday
Miss Bee Hill of Wiucheser was
the guest of her brother Mr J W
Hill several days the past week
Mrs Eliza Lisle has been waiting
on Mrs Ealer Dykes for a week
Mrs Dykes slipped and fell and bas
been confined to her bed
Mr and Mrs J W Hill and little
daughter Estelle and Bee Hill of
Winchester and Jim Dykes of
Boonesboro were guests of Mr J
R Lisle andfamily Sunday
Miss Fannie Bush of Winches
ter was the guest of her sister 1
Mrs Billy Bush the past week
Miss Mary Peters spent Saturday
and Sunday with Miss Lou Ella
Ecton of Winchester
A surprise party was given Mr
and Mrs Matt Gay Ramsey last
Thursday nightby many of the
old and younAllreport a de
lightful time
George Hunt Riland Gordon
and Clay Aldriridge divided the
land of the late Mrs Bettie Hunt
last week Mrs Grinscead Kissen
ger gets GO acres of unimproved land I
and John Thomas gets the house
barn and other improvements with I
30 acres of land I
Mr and Mrs Joe Fox of Lexing =
ton were guests of their parents I
recentlyThomas j I
Thomas Hisle who has been living I
on the Ben Franklin place for three
or four years moved to Estill
county last week
You can not eat all the flour ad
vertised the best on earth and
you can not make a mistake in us
ing Mansfields Best Patent or Mi
Lilly Every sack guaranteed
Winchester Ky
KeltuckvI r
Acording to the last census Ken
tuck has a population of 2147174
The Area is 40400 2147174es 400
of wh ch iswater It has river border
in u en the East North and West
The streaips w thin the State as a
rule head in the South East and flow
in a North Westerly direction this
fact retarded the construction of rail
roads and th development of our re
sources for many yerrs
yerrsThe were built from
the East and went over the more level
territories North of the Ohio river and
South of the Oumberand Mountains
In those days here was only a limited
demand for coal and lumber NQw
Chat the demand has increased rail
roads have been built a id others are
contemplated that will develop our
resources ItY oull seem that ea
kind providence has held in reserve
our almost inexhaustible utilities until
a time when they are most needed by
the country Oir supply of limber = e
united but thee is enough to Ltt
for many years to some
We have a coal irea of ove fifteen
thousand square miles enough 60 sup
ply the world Othor minerals await
development 4
Natural gas and oil ia nay ng quan
ties are bejng1 developed n many local
In Kentucky than in other states in
proportion to population Good peopi6r
regardless of politics or religion are
always welcome
Clark County
Land acres 153176 I
Land assessment 5452120
1 v
Value of real and personal property
including franchises 810940898
Tax rate for all county purposes
SCcts on the hundred dollars
The foot hills of the mountains are
on the Eastern border of the county >
the Kentucky river on the South forms
the county line for a distance of twenty 9M
five miles Ford on the river South of
Winchester has extensive lumber
Three railroads go entirely across
the county Chesapeake Ohio Louis
yule Nashville and Lexington
Blue Grass is a natural product Un
cultivated land will set itself in Blue
grass Crops of timothy and clover
can be raised with profit Corn wheat
rye and oats are the grain crops To
bacco is raised in large quantities
All fruits that are adapted to the
climate can be raised with profit
The census of 1900 gave the popula
tion at 16 694 tr iv
1st Monday in April
2nd Monday in September
1st Monday in December
JM Benton Judge
B A Crutcher Attorney
4th Monday in each month
3rd Tuesday in each month
J H Evans Judge
S A Jeffries Attorney
Howard Hampton Sheriff
J A Boone County Clerk
W T Fox Circuit Clerk
Roger Quisen berry Assessor
W R Sphar Treasurer
George Hart Jailor
I Brinegar Coroner I
1st Dist J C Richards
2nd Dist J Scott Renick
3rd Dist Eli Dooley t
4th Dist J E Ramsey
5th Dist Robert True
6th DistjF F Goodpaster
7th Dist Ben E Wills
County seat area a circle one and af
half miles in diameter Population
census 1900 5964 The city has over
elaped the corporate limits and now has
a population that should be included in
the limits of eight thousand It is lo
cated on the dividing ridge between
the Kentucky and Licking rivers has
water works electric street cars and
did graded schools and numerous
Tfie Kentucky Wesleyan College is
located at Winchester The fire de
partment is one of the best in the
Th assessed valuation of all property
including franchises approximates
three million dollars The tax rate on
the hundred dollars is sixty cents for
city and forty cents for schools
The C 0 L N and L t E
railroads center at Winchester the
geographical location and shipping
facilities make the city a desirable loo
cation for factories New concerns
are given five years exemption from
taxation The Commercial Club will
take pleasure in riving information
J A Hughes Mayor
S B Tracey Clerk e
F B Haggard Attorney
F P Pendleton Judge
Biland D Ramsey Collector
N H Witherspoon Treasurer
JTX Sousley Assessor <
AssessorPOLICE l i
Mal Tarpy Ohief
Albert Tanner
IAlbert Tannerj
Car 1 AzbiilDOARD
Il t Ward
I2nrl Ward I
15th Ward 1
I Deputies I I
John Reese
W P Hackett
i A R Martin
t T L Todd
Doc Pigg
I JQ Boone
J D Jones
G D McOullum
I Sil Dinelli
A R Baldwin Chief
Jno W Harding Secretary
Itn If frrcatIN
GNP Strpther President
0 H Bees becretary ft
4 Hi W r Scrivener Treasurer
Harry Ectonr B Cornett
Jamee Hisle Zena Bf tu =
N g Foster

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