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a r t It
f How a Coin Can Be Flipped Up the
y Sleeve to Mystification of Friendt
Take a quarter of a dollar between
the thumb and forefinger of the right
hand then by a
rapid twist of the
fingers w twirl the
coin by the same
motion that you
would use to spin
a teetotum at the
same time rapidly
close your hand
and the coin will
disappear up your coatsleeve you can
now open your hand and much to the
astonishment of your audience the
coin will not be there
This capital trick may be varied in
a hundred ways One good way is to
take three dimes or quarters and
concealing one in the palm of your
left hand place the other two one
each between the thumb and fore
i finger of each hand then give the coin
In the rigKt hand the twirl as already
described and closing both hands
quickly the coin in the Tight hand
will disappear up your sleeve and the
left kand on being unclosed will be
foand to contain two quarters while
that with was in the right will have
JJeJIredThus you will make the
r surprised spectators believe that you
conjsrefl the coin from tfhe right hand 1
lKte tthe left i
f a fork or any ipolnted article
1aa tithe wall about Sour or five fee t
t tfhe floor and ton the end of it
jSaofi a piece of cant then tell Som
jpersun to place his forefinger by Qre
side of the candy when fcte has meas
reil the height tully tell him to
iwauttc backward
about five yards
then shut one eye
and walk forward I
ann try to knock
the candy off the
work withone
ffilbw of the fore
finger The proba
bilities are that fee
Will make the at
tempt a dozen
times before he is successful When
the is successful lie may eat the candy
Easy to Catch the Little Animate with
Box Contrivance
Make a box from boards or slats
JSxlO inches and 2 feet long nt one
end make a door aind hang it at the top
with leather hinges Make the door so
that it will open inward at the botto m
The Sox Trap
and so that when f shut it cannot open
outwardly Mate an opening in the
Ihottom of the door Ashape and large
enpugh that the gopher can push his
mose through anflAwhen in the box the
dloor will fall behinfl him and you have
him says Farm and Home Place the
1lhox at the mouth cof the hole xo that
the cannot get out without goins into
the trap
TFWD Beautiful New Scenes Suggested
for Childrfirtfe Parties
tTte following tableaux are ajnpro
jprl e for the hollSay season and are
very < pretty The first one describefl isis
j Little Red RidingHood For a back
ground a large folSing screen was
Brent rout in various ways A fooxs
head appeared lookh gSover the tot rof
< me < oitts folds and lattle Red Riding
Hood stood knocking sat another lear
as if fit were a door She was dre stddays
as usual and with a Ibasket on fear
I sm Large plants aatd ferns wesne
platter on ibenches of different height
P1 to from a background Din the secotuS
secoi dr
i csafi the foxs head was on a pillow
in a ihed which was axinanged with
bfcuaists ani sheets Red jRidingHoodf
r stoot fljy wtQi her hand on tthe bed and
her basket on the floor The plants of
course were removed for this scene
gays to Peoples Home Josxnal
Boon tea was the next tableau
A small able was set with Httle tea
thing aud at this table one little girl
was seen standing with a milS jug in
her hand opposite a child sitting
down with a large oldfashioned bon
net slung on her arm The child stand
Ing up was dressed in an oldfasaloned j
lilac muslin dress very full and rather
long shortpuffed sleevesa broad old
gold colored sash and beads round the
neck The other child wore a pink
dress with crimson sash and white
i beadsITV
17 I
I How wall thr WrtMir Firtyr
I Great TBjire wa a ftite birthday
r eke the caadtes n it were the best
ever uiud Hew York Feral
Necessity of Advertising and Meeting
Competition Given by the Large
City Department Stores and
MallOrder Houses
The midwinter period is generally
the dullest in the retail trade Why
this is so Is hard to explain Farm
ers find a time of rest during Febru
ary and March and a portion of April
and the weather is generally such
that they like to keep by their own
firesides While the country retailers
may find a lull in business It is dif
ferent with the mail order houses The
farmers leisure time affords him a
chance carefully to go over the large
catalogues and other advertising mat
ter sent out to him and quite often
he Is attracted by the alluring de
scrlption of goods and the supposed
low prices Thus it is that the mail
order houses benefit while the local
merchant loses
lOne of the faults of the average
merchant is that during dull times he
makes no effort to increase trade Het
puts into practice a system of false
economy He generally curtails his
advertising bills and its goods re
main upon his shelves that a slight
effort in the right direction would re
move The midwinter and the
months of eat spring are the beat
months for the live merchant to ar
range his campaign for the year It
is a time wihsn the residents of the
rural communities have not much else
to do but to tread A little stroke oof
enterprise on ipart of local merchants
at this period Us more likely to accom
pUsh good than at any other time
Well prepared circulars quoting
prices so that comparisons caa be
made with Uhe mail order house cata
logues will result In bringing consider
able trade that otherwise would fee di
verted by tthe large catalogues
It will paythe merchant in thermal
town carefully to study the methods of
the large department stores and to
beenflt by the work of the mall order
concerns The large houses If not lie
down during the dull period They
make an extra effort to gather in
trade and tthese efforts generally win
The present season is an exceptional
one Universal talk of panicky times
has madea great class of people more
economical in their every day affairs
They are looking for opportunities to
save money Low prices attract them
The merchant realizing this condition
can turn matters well to account by
making the right kind of effortt This
is the time when intelligent appeals
to common sense and the preaching of
evils of concentration of capital and
the necessity of protecting home In
dustries Will have the most beneficial
effects The home merchant has all
the advantage over the foreign insti
tution He has the goods to show
the people before they pay their I
as good values as the largest con
cern TTis expenses are not onehalf
according to the amount of business
he transacts as are the expenses of a
large city department store ontite mail
order houses
The trailing away from horns evil
is up to the local merchant He
must realize that these days the back
number the hazy man and the incom
petent ones cannot well succeefl in
mercantile Offe There is competition
that must Tae met and It must be met
eare t I
relever that the catalogue houses gas e
hk t
use of advertising space and < of Sri
vertising methods The prfaiciples
that apply to tike largest concern rateo
ofapply to the smallest one It fa irara
ly a matter of fiegree The merchant
who does not use printers ink these
days cannot expect to make a great
rsuccess in his chosen field
dDriven Out by Pure Food Law
During the past half dozen years
ddhere has bees a constant cry for pare
flood and this clamor has caused near
2y all the states and the national gor
eernment as well to enact pure food
laws If there las been need forre
fonn it has been In bettering the
classes of foods whidk are intended
td feed the millions as well as keep
rltheir ririgo6d health and improving
the conditions under which they are
Suck frauds had grown up in food
stuffs that it was Imperative that
erstringent measures be taken to pro
tect the lives and the health of the
people Unprincipled persons engaged
in manufacturing of baking powders
flavoring extracts the selling of spices
and coffees and teas and their prod
drugs and other materials These
goods were disposed of to dishonest
grocers but the chief way of selling
them was through traveling agents
and direct by mail Not many months
ago the pure fqod department of a
western state secured a shipment of
more than a dozen different articles
of food from a concern that sold its
products direct to the consumer
Analysis of all the articles pnJved
each and every one adulterated Bak
ing powder was composed of cheap
flour starch tartaric acid and alum
what was labeled pure spices con
concentrated favdring substance go
it if as with atl the genes sjiacethe
pure op Jajrs have Mlae t
Hair of these concerns hare knit
Court Refuses to Complicate C H d
D Receivership
Cincinnati 0 Feb 9Priority of
claims against the Cincinnati Hamil
ton Dayton railway and routine
matters connected with > the receiver
ship were heard by United States Cir
cuit Judge Lurton The matter of a
protest by certain dissatisfied cred
itors bondholders against the contin
uance of Governor Judson Harmon as
sole receiver was not considered be
ing deferred Indefinitely The court
announced that he wanted to bring
the receivership to a close as Quickly
as possible and ne declined to per
mit any actions which would by com
plicating matters delay tnat object
Prohibition Drink Fatal
Harrodsljurg Ky Feb 9A solu
tion of Jamaica ginger and alcohol
which it Is claimed is being used as
a substitute for liquor in communi
ties where fecal option is in force is
thought to have caused the death of
1Fred Britton who died under mysterious
fterioni circumstances Britton was
seized with violent convulsions while
in a local 1 rug store An examination
of his stomach revealed a large quantity
tity of Jamaica ginger
Potts tto Succeed Quafltrough
Washingtoe n
navy yarn has been selected to com
mand too battleship Ckwrgia taking
the command formerly lield by Cap
tam Edward F Qualtrongn who was
suspended from duty following trial
die Expected to Reach the Atlantic
States by Tomght
Washington Feb a Eastward
across the United States moves a
Storm which is bringing with it a seI
ing toitwill weather bureau predicj
tlons It will reach theMlantic states a
attenSeil by rain over tthe southern
and snaw over the northern districts
Freezing temperature Is promised forj
north texas and northwest Louis i
ana the rcold wave reaching the east
ern lower lake region the Middle AtI
lantlc states and New England by to
morrow I
Companies Fight Ouster Order
prn e
vent the idity from ousting the Cum
berland Telephone Telegraph com
pany from Louisville was filed by thai
company The action is the out
growth of za repeal of the company
franchise by the Louisville general
council Ehe company claims a per
Washington Feb 9In fire house
of representatives practically the el
tire session was given over ItO the
consideration ifif bills pertaining to
the District of Columbia A message
from the president was read Tecom
mending a law requiring oceangoing
npssels to be equipped with wireless
telegraph apparatus
Rafaeys Speech Not Liked by Citi
zen of Isthmus Republic
Washington Feb sC C Arow
mana the Panama minister called at
the state department and filed a pre
test from his government against the
speech made in the house of repre I
sentatives recently by Rainey Ills
in which President Obaldia of Pana
ma was severely attacked The min
ister acted in pursuance of instruc
tions cabled by his government
Columbus Police Mystified
Columbus O Feb 9The finding
Of the dad body of John Weidman
45 in > the churchyard in the rear of
the Independent Protestant church on
Mound near Third street presented
a mystery which the police and Cor
oner Hanes have so far been unable
to solve There were no marks of
violence on the body but indication
point to the fact that the body was
placed in the churchyard after Weld
mans death
Wagner at the Old Stand
P ttsburg Pa Feb 9Hans Wag
ner will be in his old position at
shortstop with the Pittsburg team
during the coming season according
to Barney Dreyfuss president of the
E11t ur pxnit taP t Jeam
About all the praise usually ac
corded the careful man is that ne is
There are Many New Buildings
being erected in Winchester and
we are supplying the lumber for
the best of them We defy com
petition on our estimates and prices
on the same quality of lumber
laths shingles doors and sashes
that we give you We furnish you
with superior kilndried lumber in
any quantity desired which we
will deliver promptly to your order
No 26 Daily E Sun 842 a m
No 22 Daily 1157 a m
No 24 Daily 925 p m
Noe 27 Daily Ex Sunday 6S22 a m
No 21 Daily 803 a m
No 25 Daily Ex Sunday 250 p ni
No 23 Daily 438 p m
No CincinisatiKnoxviGe to
al Hh09 a m
No 33 CuccinnatiJactsonville
imited tQ 57 a m
No 9 MaysvilleSfamford local
with Cincinnati conection at Paris
irrives at 632 departs at 635 p m
No 31 OsucinnatiAifeuata limits
1123 p m L
No 34 1tIanta Cincinnati li itE t
5tOi a m
No 10 Stanford Maysville local
Ronecting 3t Paris for Cincinnati
7i23 am
No 38 KnoxviHeGineinnati 10
cal arrives 250 departs 253 p m
No 32 JaefcsonviUeCincwnajti
lti uted545 p m
All Off these trains will stop at Win
bester also are all daily except
Nos y and 10 which are daily ex
kept Sunday
Time Card in Effect June 21 4908
East Bound I No 2 I No4
I Daily tiJa y
Stations I PM I AM
V Lexington 225 I 735
tI 305 I 813
L E Junction 320 J 826
aay City J 350 J 90 >
Stanton 1 358 1 910
Campton Junction 430 j 93S
Natural Bridge 435 J 95fi
TTorrent 447 j 95G
eattyville June 510 31017
Mhol 537 JlO45
O K Junction 605 015
I Westbound DailyDaiJy Sun
i NolJ No3 NO r
I I Ex I
Sun Onh
Atkol 640 252 7 3c
Be ttyville Janct7 07 320 754
Torrent 730 3 41 atlf
NaG Bridge 745 355 Sc2
Caiapion June 748 357 8 2 Jr
Clay City 8 25 435 98
L ELJunc 9110 507 1 934
L E Junction Trams NOB 1
and 3 will make connection with the
C O Ry for ML Sterling
Caaipton Junction Trains Kos 1
Mcuntain Central Ry for passengers
to and from Campfpn JCy
Beattyville unctionTrains tos
and 4 will connection withthe L 4
A Railway for Beattyville Ky
0 K Junction Traias Nos i
and 4 will connect with the O K
Railway for Cannel City Kyand
way stations
W A1 DOWEL 6 eal Mgr
Virgin Land In Cuba
In the mountain region in > Cuba
there are many ridges and ralley of
extremely fertile land early all UB
touched and existing practically aa
iarda they did before the tine of the B pI
16pi f J I
You Cannot Answer These Questions I
lWhy do you continue
bathing your knees and elbows
one ab a time when you tan
stretch out illa full bath tem
pered to suit you and can do so
every morning if you wish
2Why pump and carry wat
er for your kitchen and laun
dry work when you can have it
at hand for the turning of a
3Why take chances on
drinking germ = filled cistern wat
er when you can get it from n
large reservoir filtered through
the best filter plant South of the
Ohio River
C F ATTERSALL Superintendent
Winchester Water Works Co
At cor Mapte Street and Lexington Bvenue will tell you all about it I
Youll be snrnriBed at how inexpensive these privileges are
Bush has them
BEST in tHe World f
BUSH or theCorner p
l I
Are You on the Look
out for
book on Stoves and Wood
Mantels TumVour
search ends
30 North Main
Source of Poison Dangers
The action of foods and liquors on
their receptacles may produce deadl
poisons Acid fruits cocked in copper
or zinc pots are a particular source o fof
danger A man who was taken HI Ir
the hunting field with symptoms ol J
mineral poisoning learned that the fine
old brandy he carried in his fineI
pocket had dissolved some of the cop
The Call of Companionship o
Ton often hear a lonesome child of
say T want some one to play withb
Elderly people often become lonesome
and want some one to play with NtII
Alterations on Your Home
or repairing on it requires just a
carefully selected lumber as new
work Dont use any good
enough as some people call the
cheapest grade of lumber they can
get for it isnt economy to do it
Choose superior lumber that will
give satisfaction in the long run
from us
4Why have a dry dismal
looking yard when you cast haveI
it filled with green grass and
blooming flowers and can at the
same time get rid Oi the dust in
the street 1
5Why suffer other incon
veniences when you can have
everything for the comfort and
health of your family right hi
the house
OIs it not true thai the an
swer is not lack of money but °
lack of economy and enterprise
and indifference to getting the
most out of lifet
r 4
Have any of our readers seen ate
cent copy of the Cincinnati Weekly
Enquirer If not it will pay ttt
send for a copy if for no other pur
se than to note its present great
worth as an educator in all thing
that tend to make life prosperous
and home the happiest place od
The editor by asking its readers
to criticise and suggest improve
tnents and following advice thus
obtained is enabled to produce it
paper that exactly fits needs of
family and a material aid to father
mother and children in reaching
that higher level in social life
where content and comfort reigns
Father obtains ample information
that guides in the where when and
now to rtgulate and increase the
income from his efforts The
mother in management of house
hold affairs practical economy
government of children and other
11duties that makes her toil a labor
of love Childrens minds and
hearts are ffc ed from thoughts 61
questionable amusements and fri
volities of life and encouraged to
emulate all that is helpful in plan
ing for a useful future in life
The Grand Ideabeiti fBat leAS
are our Homes so will be the COOJK
lmunity State and Nation w
A most desirable kelp is a nonce
sectarian sermon each week as
preached by that Biblical Student
Pastor Chas T Russell forcHJles
reminder of the spiritual and tem
poral rewards gained by righteous
living as preferable to a Godless
life that brings nought but misery
to the home 1
Other departments and features
are above the ordinary the tmanl
mous verdict of its readers being
U The cleanest and best femilj
Weekly known to themi >
Sample copies may be had i
writing to the ENQUIRER Ccjipjanrj
Cincinnati O
The Thistle in Australia
the thistle was Introduced Into
Australia by a Scotsman who was
sent out to Botany bay as a convict
and took with him a number cf seed
of his national plant and sowed then
round his dwelling The plant SooII r v
made Itself so much at home that Star
spread over thousands of square miles
of territory and the important faUma
of the various provinces havo exp
pended many hundreds of pcanda WR
the effort to repress its growth
a r
IGlcry r A
How many metals make the bro ws6l >
3f Corinth Insults on boards or oar dJur
paper the spot of ink or charcoal eidai4
mud the dregs of heart ot Mind angtl rr
body the dirt of calumny all theHtib7r
under the sun Arj harden turn Isis
bronze solid and brilliant a p I
Drone which is called glory tCat 3ta
6en 4des

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