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JXbe first witness in the Lisle will
H I case Tuesday was Mr James Eubank
lie with Prof D H Thompson at
I tested the will of Mr Lisle He cor
roborated the testimony of Prof
Thompson that was given on Monday
The first witness for the contesbants
was Mrs Esther Couchman a grand
daughter of Mir Claiborne Lisle
Shortly after her testimony was be
I gun the presiding judge was asked
for a ruling on testimony proposed to
be introduced to show that undue in
fluence was exercised on Mr Lisle in
the execution of his will The jury
was retired while the attorneys pre
sented authorities bearing on the
The testimony of Mrs Frank
Couchman was finished at 11 30 and
Jack illislfc was the next witness
for the contestants called and he was
on the stand when court adjourned
for noon recess Mrs Couchman
who was Miss Duckworth before her
marriage testified as to who cared for
her after her parents death and also
who paid for her schooling and other
necessary expenses Her uncle Mr
Marcus Lisle for the greater portion
of the time was her guardian and
her grandfather Mr Claiborne Lisle
assisted her very little Mrs Couch
man testified that one or two occa
sions before her grandfathers death
that she was at the home of Mrs
Hodgkin where he was and that on
each occasion some member of the
Hodgkin family was in the room while
she was there
Mr Lisle in his testimony also
stated the same facts and also stated
that his grandfather had threatened
to cut him out entirely if he did not
quit being so extravagant He said
that while at school his grandfather
corresponded with him and seemed to
think a great deal of him He often
consulted with him in regard to bus
iness matters Both Mrs Couchmcn
r and Mr Lisle stated that before Mr
f Lisles death he was very weak and
in their opinion was not capable of I
making a will i
Work is Progressing Rapidly and 1
Completion oft uilding With the
Specified Time is Assured
The new St Joseph Catholic church
vail be under cover the latter part of
this ecilThe work on this new
1 building has progressed rapidly and
there is very little danger now of it
nut being completed in the time giv
en the contractor Mr N A Powell
J Most of the slate roofing has been put
4 m and the work on the inside of the
iuilding has begun
I Ipie Read Who Sways Audiences at 4
His Will to Appear in This City
at Early Date j
Iat =
Ole Read famous lecturer phil
asopher and author will speak at the
iollege on the evening of November 1
m the subject Old Lim JucklinI
Opie Read is like no one else in the
world His very presence lends u
strange enchantment to his stories
toil may nave enjoyed his books in
hc TsfjlitnTle cjf your library per
cJI11iIdcolr1i been stirred by hi
> fay4 ° Brspenfr delightful halfhours
itt ure 1Vcirclnglbf his clever character
> kefches but V unless you have sat
vltiiin the sound of his voice and
heard from his own lips the quaint
tales that originate in his brain you
do hot fully appreciate the splendid
genius of the man On the platform
Nlr Read shines v itiha brilliance all
hilt own Everywhere he is receivel
with enthusiasm The indescribable
ivitchery of his words the charm df
his voice and manner the influence of
his personality combine to weave the
Magic spell that holds his hearers en
tiforalled One minute roaring with
laughter at some humorous bit the
licit staring at the speaker through
hot blinding tears with a feeling
that you will never smile agai 1onb
to break into fresh screams of laugh
ter immediately afteryou realize
that this remarkable man has the
povfer to sway his audience at will
Mr Read is always entertaining His
program is varied and each number
is a gem In all his readings he
shows himself < to be a wonderful dew
linqalpr of character and an artist
uf the interpretation of his own work
4nlly you have misunderstood the
point of my communication In that I
I referred to the fact that in a pub
lie address in New Hampshire you I
had charged me with folding a cer H
tam view ofa point of law I tliei
stated that I did not hold that view
and never had and requested that
you retract your charge
The view which you describe as
hat of the Republican party is the
t new AMhieh is generally taken by
iourts and lawyers and was explic
tly taken by me iiivniy arkem
American railroad law la paSsage
to which I refer you in my letter of
October 24
It is a part of the general Amer
ican common lau resting upon prin
eiles of right and justice that have
been generally accepted by the peo
pIe of the United States
III did not complain in my former
letter nor do I now of your charac
terizing me as having been a retro
gressive IYou have statedyin public that I
took the view that if was competent
for the workman when driven to ac
cept any employment to bind himself
not to be compensated if he would
lose his life or limb in that occupa
tion I have denied that I ever took I
such a Anew
I will add that I have long been in
favor of the principle of workmen
compensation acts though not una
ware of the constitutional diffibultie
in applying it in this country and
was nominated to the office to which
yon referred by a party which call
ed for such legislation in its plat
91 now repeat my request that you
retract the statement of which I com 1
plain Iask it as a matter of fairI
ness to one whose reputation as v
lawyer is of value as well as in thei
interest of the tpith
It would seem to me that in yourI
reference to the Iloxie case infyoui
second undated letter that you not
only go wide of the question bu1i
write under a misrepresentation ol
the rules which govern the decisioi
of legal actions
The main questipn in the Iloxh j
case wfcs whether a Federal statutr i
had altered the common law as ad 1
ministcml in the slatnjeg of Connec 1
ticut That the fellowservant ruU
vas part of this common law in Con J
necticut AVOS not qiustinnod by nit
of the able counsel who took part in
the argument
NEW YORK Nov 1 Colonel The i
odore Roosevelt swept almost fromc
end to end of Manhattan Monday s
night delivering nine t8peeches in Be b
half of JLIcnry L Sti son the Re c
publican nominee for Governor AtE
the nine stops he spoke fifteen min j
utes at each following close on the
trail of Stimson who had preceded
him with an equal number of briIt
campaign talks Both made Tam
many Hal Ithe brunt of attack I
At his second stop on the IOAVCI I
East Side Colonel Roosevelt charged
that those who are supporting Tam
many Hall and the Democratic ticket
are the men who have been foremost
in endeavoring to nullify the child la
bor lw and Avho > havc protested
I ngainsl the regulation of the hours of
Three hours of mystery interming
led with many laughs and with rea
enjoyment is the peculiar mixture of
fered by The House ofa Thousand
Candles that Anil be the attraction
at Vinchester opera house on Sat
urday evening Just as The Old
Homestead has the rural atmos
phere The Lioirand the Mouse the
financial atmosphere as The Man of
the Hour is based on politics st
The House of a Thousand Candles
has its own original air of the wier
and the unusual This can toest be
described by its synopsis which run I
PS follows Act IAt the Gate The
first apparition of old Gleuann The
mysterious shot Act 2 Roprn in
the house of a thousand candles
The unknown and unlocked for The
declaration of Bates Act 3The
door of bewilderment The attack on
the mysterious house The ghost of
old Glenarm Act 4r The gate again
The joke that was on Pickering
Tracy and Stok ly agents for Al I
fred Patton sold his house and lot on
Sycamore street in North Park Ad
l dition to Logan Edge of Bstill coon
ty for 600 and other considerations
MrE Jgewill move here about No
el vember Some 1st people aviqtsatisfted v isithi
the milk > tof human j km f < faess 3 f = they I
want the cream 0 r
POOL Will BE f
At Meeting of the Burley District
Board to Be Held in Lexington
District Board of the Burley Tobac
co Society met here Monday after
noon and Tuesday sessions will b
held in the courthouse The under
taking to pool the 1910 crop official
ly ends with this meeting and this
is bhe matter of first importance t l
come up
By resolution passed at the July
meeting the Board vested the povei
of declaring the pool off or in effect
in the individual growers their volt
to be by the ballot Three week
ago when an array of buyers created
a selling stampede among nonpool
growers it became imperative for tilt
Board to release those who had sign
ed their tobacco but solepower lo
finally vote the pool offremained with I
the growers
Ballots have been furnished all
counties and Tuesday f1ll1liShedalll
be technically voted offand tin
Board take action under the follow
ing resolution adopted October followI
That we set the date for votin
the 1910 pool on or off at the various
precincts in the different counties foi I
the first day of November 1910 fron
ton to twelve a in and that caeI
county chairman or county secretary
be requested cither to telephone oi
telegraph us the vote of his count
as soon thereafter as possible an <
not later than G00 p m of that date I
so that the District Board may de I
dare the pool on or off per vote tak 1
2 1
After witnessing the best per
formance of the season at the Awl
itorium theatre Monday night ii
be to decide
would quite difficulty 1
which of the two acts w as the featun
jet The opening act on the bill wa
Lillian Carson and Company who L
presenting the Maid of the Gratto it i
spectacular and Irrnsfonnatioi j
lancer The spccia Iscenury geor 1
gous electrical effects and magnifi
cent costumes was undoubtedly the
lel test that has ever appeared at
the Auditorium Paris Bros Avlu
closed the show in their coined > j
sketch entitled Noodle Noode is thI
best comedy team that has alUl1SetJ 1
in audience at the Auditorium foh
ome time Their act is fast anf
unny throughout intermingled Avitl
plenty of good singing and talking
These two splendid acts in connec
jno with two new reels of picture
ire on the program again for Wed
nesday night 1
Earl Faukner Lies Unconscious Un
der Spell of Gallano the Menta
Marvel in Show Window
Earl Faukner was put to sleep bj
jillano the hypnotist Monday night
and will remain until Tuesday night
yhen he will be awakened on the
stage lIe is in the vacant room in
the opera house block and is at
racting large crowds as they past
the roomI
IWhen the Sheehan English Grand
Opera Company comes to the Win
chester opera house Thursday eve i
ling November 10th for an all star t
performance of Verdis famous II
Frovators there will be heard in
thiS city more renowned artists tl il
jave ever appeaicd here before at
one time i
First and foremost of these stars I
is Joseph F Sheehan acknoAvledged 1
4he greatest of all American tenors
To those who haAe ever heard Mi
Sheehans wonderful voice little IICC l
be said hjs remarkable power com j
bined with a rare sWeetness has I
placid him in a class by himself
It is not surprising that critics cv i
eiy where declare this company the I
foremost ever heard in ft presenta I
ti lof the beautiful Verdi operaII
TroAaroro The engagement here isj
for one performance only Thursday
evening November 10th and popular
i iS
prices will prevail in order to give all
Jan opportunity of hearing what wit
no doubt prove to be the biggest at
traction of the season
ILittle 35 HorsePower Machine Mak
es Flight 9714 Feet in the Air Ex
ceeding All Former Attainments
NEW YORK Nov 1A baby
Wriglit roadster with Ralph John
stone at the wheel glided to earth in r
the twilight at the close of the in
ternational aviation meet at Belmont
Park Monday evening with a new
worlds record for altitude The lit
tle machine of only 35 horsepower
hqd been up 9714 feet exceeding bj
528 feet the height atatined in France
on October 1 by Henry W Wyninaloii
of Holland
But Johnstones stay climbinb feat
was not the only notable incident of
the closing day GrahamcWhite the
Britisher who earned away the Gor
don Bennett trophy sharpened the
sporting appetite with a challenge to
John B Moissant of Chicago for an
other race from the park around the I
statue of Liberty Moissant who won J
10000 for the fast flight around tin
110000 Snday ignored the challenge
Then Grahamc White denied an
other chance for a visit to Miss Lib
erty sent a thrill through the spec
tators when at the close ofa speed 1
race with McCnrdy of the Curtis I
team his propeller snapped his mon
oplane dug into the ground in front
of the grand stand turned turtle frontI
buried the aviator underneath He
was uninjured and won the race
Moisssiits winning of the 2000
distance prize offered by the Aero
Club of America was the other big
event of the day He traveled about
S7J miles in two hours In landing
sflcr winning the event he smashed
his propeller and broke a running I
wheel buteeaped unscTatchcel
The Wright brothers were jubilant I
at Johnstones success It was tin
first time he had ever flown the 1I
tiny roadster and he had set a now
mark for aviators of the world neI
As the crowds about the judges
stand cheered the announcement of I
Johnstones wonderful air feat J
Armstrong Drcxel swooped down li I
the earth He had been battling in
the clouds with the Wright pupil but j
had attained only 8370 Johnstone
had easily won the grand altitude
event with its 5000 prize j
Mrs W A Beatty bought Tuesda
from Mr T YoL VanMeter th
handsome residence on Maple slrec1
The family will move there sometinv
this month
Government Pays Railway Mai
Clerks 800 to 1400 a Year Fret
Scholarships Are Offered
Uncle Sam holds examinations rooI
railway mail clerks postoflicc cler1 I
or carrier custom house and depart I
mental clerks Prepare at once fo
the coming examinations
Thousands of appointments are ti
be made Common school cducatioi
is all you needcity and country peo
pIe have equal chance Start to pre
pare nowfree information Free
scholarships this month Write im
mediately to Central Schools Depart
ment A 38 Rochester N Y
Clay Hail 23 Years of Age Has
Head Almost Severad Following
Halloween Celebration
Hall 23 years of age fell in front
of inlerurbau car No 11G here Mon
dav night auel was instantly killed
His head was almost severed lie
rwas a country boy having been to
town enjoying the Halloween cele
bullions The car was in charge of
U torman James Rhorer and Con
ductor J R Jordan both of Versail
les The car Avas passiugStation No
74 between the Daly and Asylum
switches on the outskirts of Frank
forl Asat slowed down Hall deliber
alelywleft the pike and dived under
rtl1 can His skull wasf raptured
H f
t Ji
Partly Cloudy Tonight and Wedn s
day Cooler Wednesday and in West
14fiUDJ uOlJDd I
First Witness Tuesday Corroborates
1 Evidence of Prof D H Thompson
x1fhat Was Given on Monday
yThe f taking of testimony in the
jLisle Avlil case was begun Monday
afternoon After the attorneys fo
both sides had stated the case t <
thVjury a recess was taken anti
330 o clock in order that Col John
R Allen of Lexington one of thu
leading attorneys for the contestanh
could arrive Prof D H Thomp
son was the first witness called ti
testify He was called by the de
fendants who thad to prove that the
will was properly executed Prof
Thompson was one of the witnesses
16 Mr Claiborne Lisles signature
and testified as follows
T tL live in the city of Winchestei
I have been teaching school for 30
years I was acquainted with Clai
borne Lisle Knew him for 30 years
The signature signed to this will and
codbcil is that of Mr Claiborne
Lisle I saw him sign them at his
home in the county I witnessed the
will and this is my signature Mr
Claiborne Lisle and J D Eubank
were present I was iequested to at
test the vAll by Mr Lisle We sign
ed this Avill and only three of us Avert
present Mr Lisle Mr Eubank and
Cross examination It was Mon
day evening about 5 oclock W <
left Mr Eybanks house and went t
Mr Lisles house together Mi
Lisle and Mr Eubank were fin
friends I Avent to the home of Mi
Lisle upon his request Mr ltf
and I had been sitting up atnight ii
his last illness prcAious to the mnkin >
of the will I do not mean to sayw
had been sitting up with him bu
with Mr Sam Hodgkin so I was in
formed asked Mr Eubank and my
self to come over It might haA <
been about 5 oclock when we tatre V
for the house Mr Phil Lisle wen
with us I had never seen the wil
before going to Mr Lisles home A
the home of Mr Lisle Was Mrs i
Hodgkin Mr Sam Hodgkin Mrs 01 j
iver When AVC went on this occa
sion I do not know whejre they Avere
when Mr Jesse Hodgkin met us at
1 the door and took us to the dining
room I was at the house about an
hohftmid 1mlfre sat in the din
ng room some time but we did not
liscuss tile willTe were in the sick
I yoom about an hour Isav both
Mrs Hodgkin or Mrs Oliver at the
oineT and believe both were in the
1 ick room Mrs Oliver was in the
sjck room when Mr Sam Hodgkin
took us in He was in the room most
pf the time I did not see the will
until Mr Clay Hodgkin brought it iilI
We had been in the room a few min
utes When Mr Clay Hodgkin brought
the will in We did not say anything
to Mr Claiborne Lisle about the will
When Mr Hodgkin arrived he took
thewill out of his pocket and said
here is a writing Mr Jim Winn sent
yoiu It was in an envelope sealed
Mr Clay Hodgkin opened the cave
lope At the time Mr Hodgkin hand j
edr him the will Mr Lisle was sitting
up in the bed He was very weak
He took the will tint andread it
Mr Clay Hodgkin left the room
while he read the will Iam not quite
sure but 1 think Mr Phil Lisle re
mained in the room while he read the
ill1 saw him read the codocil
He did jot read the codocil beforei
signing the will When he got ready
fo sign the will he said If you
think I have sense enough to make
this writing I want you to witness it
After signing the will he read the
codocil and then asked where CIa >
was Clay was called and Clay came
in He asked Clay if Jim sent any
word He said there should be an
other paper and that paper would ex
plain the codocil The paper Avas
found which explained about the at
testing clause of the codocil I do
not know what became of that paper
When the will was signed Clay
brought an envelope and the will was
put into the envelope by Mr Clai
borne Lisle and it was scaled He
told Clay to take it the next day and
put it in his box
After this nothing was said about
the will
4Redirect examination I think
4 Phil Lisle was in the room and re
mained in the room until the will was
read He began reading the AVill
without glasses After reading the
will he called for pen and ink and
I furnished a fountain pen There
were no others present besides Mr
vEubank Mr Glaiborue Lisle indo my
lf J
k t
Many Pranks Were Played But Nc
Serious Damage Was Done on Mor
day NightI
Halloween Avas quietly observed ii
the city Monday night Little band
of men women and children promen
aded the streets in costumes ant
many were the pranks played
Owing to the strict watch kept bj
Chief of Police Me Cord and his po
licemen very little property was dam
aged A policeman was in each one1
of the city and one on Main street
Early in the night several boys will
their buckets of paint were caught
and taken to the police station TIn
paint Avas taken aAvay from them
and they were warned by the Chief
that if any defacing of property was
done by them again they would bc
put in jail and this had its desired
In the suburbs gates were removed
benches and lawn swings carried
away and other loose articles moved
Many Meet at Orren Bates Store
and Declare Unanimously For Mr
Byrd For Congressi
That many of the negroes of the
Langley this time was evident Mon
day night when a large number of
the negro citizens met at Orren Bate
store in Poyntersville and by a unan
imous vote declared for Mr A Floyd
Byrd the Democratic no ineeI
The organization thajjget isjthu
Independent Colored Club composed1
of some of the leading colored citi
zens The club has been meeting for
several nights last week and Aviii
probably holdan open meeting to
wards the close of the week and sew
eral orators will be on hand Orren
Bates presided at the meeting and
Jim Nickels and Dennis Daniel acted
as secretaries
Score is 45 to 0 in Favor of the
Winchester Colleges Husky Eleven
In a onesided game of football
oid of any sensational feature play
Kentucky Wesleyan College Monda
defeated the Ml Sterling Collegiat
Institute team of Mt Sterling by a
score of 45 to 0 The lineup was as
Mt Sterling Moss Hall centerI
Williams Ledford right guard Boy
ins right tackle McCormick left
tackle Ramsey right cud Ralph
Greene left end Roger Greene quar
erback Bogie right halfback Tom
Greene left halfback Cravens full
TesleyanHunt center Spoona
more right guard Clark and Hol
Irock left guard Cockrell right
tackle Armstrong left Lane Dv
light end Eagle and Peake left end
Lane and Johns right halfback
Henry and Crockett left halfback
spradling fullback Hendricks quay
Says That Col Roosevelt Has Mis
represented His Position on the
Labor Question
NEW HAVEN Conu Nov 1
Judge Simeon E Baldwin Democrat
ic candidate for Governor sent a
letter to former President Theodore
Roosevelt in answer to the recent let
terofthe latter relating to Judge
Baldwins stand on ceriain labor leg
islation The loiter in part says
ell have receivedyour two answers
to my letter of October 24 Appai
> A M
Up to Tuesday Noon 58 Democrats
32 Republicans and 2 IndepenJIn
ents Added to Roll iJ
inctrtwo hull registetetl at ti s
supplemental registration up to Ttte
day noon There are a largeifiuimbCfr
of Democrats registering tluili Ui
publicans and the regular registrzitijj
which fell some short Aill be greatly
increased FiftAeight Deuxoenit
have registered thirtytwo RepublU
callS and two Independents red
nesday ctl remains for those whtf
were unable to register at the
rt regi l
lar time to do so and both sides are
working hard to get out the voters H
James C Townsend Stabs Wilfianf
Henderson Twice in I ight Tuesday
Noon t
Mr William Henderson a faneR
liAing near Logan Lick Springs thlJ
county was cut seriously and pcfe
haps fatally Tuesday at aboub12j
by James C T rwnseHl ajso a ruJ
mer in the saloon of Jones anetJfJt
Both men pro said to JmAeJKenir
IRoth the influence of liquor anllIe7 >
came involved in Apolitical argument
which linally culminated in a fighfi
Henderson was cut twice in itZ
side Dr Isaac Browne was cnlleel
in and dressed the Avounds Tutey
were so serious that 1tidOonyjt
immediately taken an ai Hntoinobile
to the hospital at Lexington
Townsend has given bond before7
Judge Evans in the sum of 2000 > 1ft
Lexingtons Oldest Citizen Dies at His
Home Monday Night of BrigWs
James ONeil died Monday n rlitfat
L030 oclock at Ins home at thOeoi
ncr of Mechanic und Limestone
streets as the result of an attack of
Brighls disease The funeral will bq T
held Wednesday morning at 9 oclock
t St Peters church the family iufi
leusling especially that no floners be K
ent i >
Mr ONeil was in his ninetythird
rear and had been hale and hearfy
intil com aratively a few monthsngV
hen the dread disease Avhiqh on aejr
ount of his advanced age assuiricfl v
x malignant form I
The end came peacefully and > p
oarently without pain n i
Prof Galiano the Menial Marvel
vho will open his two nights en I
agemcn tat the opera house Tiios
day hypnotized Earl Forkner beTr
tel known at Fatty Mondqyng1f
it 7J5 in the empty store rQdui < uiii
derncath tIJOt opera house ipTofy
Gallano carries with him aytwng
man for this purpose but upon lfipf
arrivjil in town he made itk diif
thai he would prefer a nnkf that
Winchesloi So the young njair 7jl C
unleered and Prof Gallano iiSpiigji
tized him He is b fpret tliputiljg
rnil Prof Gallano issues ir fcp dU r
iuAilation to the duclorsbf lfoyu 1
to examine him itl
cntr I
Professor Gallano prescn L
mental performance Tnesd1i7iik1 I
the opera house Consisting o
reading mental telegraphy andbvpf
notism c MIVI H
The TrQfessor4l1n20OO ftq uut
motion PieturIyJLWt lci 7i
between thefls aiu there will j S
a dullinOTujukoi tub twohqjffjf
v raJll l t
Tuesday night ctTycIaeir 0
Gallano will ivi tuft famous il1ijIt
1 foldcarriagc drive alloviinglpuVr t r r
izcns to tilde two eliffejent ariicteslJijiS j
two different places while the fco ir i I
mitlee is out the professor yijpan
nouncc rjio hides the firs fc articjei y5 f 1
From the report of l iso MOIklu
other localities the people of jjfj
tkJrormce f S
pcrfor ance His Ji ic s wihl4c
within the fe MJl ofralI7ltcen fr
children and 2n nptiLe for idul1slt9
any part of l3ie hoe i r l
> 14 4
1e 1 YiOJ t tjI
t S1ji
J 5
w rlo

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