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o 2
if t
flt Be Held in Louisville on Feb
15 and Mr Wainscott is Kept
ti Mr G L Waiuscott will be busy
tiiis week sending out notices to the
bottlers of the stale notifying them
o J the semiannual meeting of the
Kentucky Bottlers association which
will be ° held in Louisville on Feb 15
vMr Wainscott is secretary of the
association and the largest bottler in
the r tale
IsHeld Saturday Afternoon for Pur
pose of Transacting Important
Business 0
i A hurried call signed by five
members Saturday afternoon
brought the city council together
Saturday night in special session
he petition stated that the object
of the call was to pass ordinances
regulating the shooting of fireworks
during the Christmas holidays in the
city limits and to transact other
important business After they had
assembled however it vas found
that there were already enough ordi
nances on the books to take care of
this matter and the important busi
ness was then transacted
The y important business was to re
ceive the resignation of Mr C G
Busti as councilman of the First
yrard and to elect his successor Mr
Bush recently moved to the Citizens
Bank building which is in the Fifth
ward and was not eligiblejo act at
councilman from the First ward
log er
The choice of naming the one who
wasltd succeed Mr Bush was left to
0 Mr Geo Hoii who is also councilman
f root tHe First ward and he present =
ed the name of Mr H B Scrivener
whom he said he would vouch for
ma Air Scrivener was unanimously
In order that there would be no de
lay or hitch the county clerk was on
hand and administered the oath oi I
office to Mr Scrivener An orde
iyas issued ordering the clerk to pay 1
all the city officers on Dec 23 in or
der that they would have some money
for Christmas All the councilmen
were present and Mayor J A Hughes
presided ACCIDENT ON
The Two Victims Leading a Jaded
Bay Horse Return to the City Aft
er Varied Experiences
Amusing things occur especially
since the whisky war in the North
End has been on
v Last Saturday night two men were
driving out Main street andattempt
el to turn into Boone avenue They
made a close call for the new Catho I
yicichurch but finally got headed out
jjoone avenue When they reached
the residence of Mr t II Bush they
afire talking rather wildly the driv
e r wanting to stop and make some
iinclnirieswhile his companion was
urging him to goon saying All you
deed is ii little more judgment and
Vie will get there
V Tlie driver finally prevailed and
putting his hore up asked a passer
iby4jir he could Jell how they could
f r gift to Ford They were told to just
< wee p Pn the way they were goingand
< hy would soon get there The driv
ei gaVe the horse a rap with his
K avlip find as the horse plunged for I
t the other fellow said Watch
iJJ ienofagim go and he was
< going some
o Twenty minutes later a man with
a noticeable limp and a meek expres
Sion was seen leading a bay horse
II Bret with sweat and with a few strings
of harness on him down Main street
Another man was walking along the
pavement with the rest of the har
t ness on his arm The man who had
directed them to Ford saw them and
e ifald tp tlie one who was carrying the
t <
r r i > j
> t
ate 0 O
harness Partner you didnt get to
Ford He said No we met a fel
low out here who ran into us turned
us over and broke our harness
Partner can you tell me where I can
find a harness shop to have our har
ness mended 9 He was told and
they went happily on their way
Mrs DelaneyBush Withdraws From
Firm on Account of III Health
Business MayBe Reopened
The restaurant business conducted
by Mrs Jennie Delaney Bush and
Miss Hoskins in the Conway building
on Court street was closed Monday
They had only been in business a few
months and quit on account of the
ill health of Mrs Bush
It is probable that the restaurant
will be reopened under a new man
agement in the near future
1H f
Bargain Counter Whisky Is Partial
Cause of Briskness of Business in
Police Circles
The bargain counter whisky was
partly the cause of business being
brisk in police circles Saturday night
Five arrests were made Rich Moon
of Bourbon county heard of the cut
rates and came all the way here to
get his share He got itand the
Mullins house got him Owen Gilvin
was so unfortunate as to get disor
derly and he found his way to the
same place Gilvin was accompanied
by Sam Morriswho acted disorderly
with him Dexter Bell and Blank
Charles got hold of the fighting kind
and they art waiting at the Mullins
house for Judge Pendleton to pass
judgment on their case of engaging
in an affray
Motion Is Arqued by Attorneys and
Executors Will Appeal to the
Hiaher Court
The Lisle will case was called be I
fore Judge Lewis Walker Monday
morning in the circuit court on the
motion for a new trial made by the
executors The questions were ar
gited by Attorneys J F Winn J M
Stevenson and Robert Harding for
the executors and Attorneys D L
Pendleton and V W Bush for the
The grounds for a new trial were
exceptions to the rulings of the court
in receiving and rejecting testimony
on the former trial the instructions
given by the court and improper ar
gument of counsel
After a hearing Judge Walker
overruled the motion for a new trial
and the executors excepted and
prayed an appeal to the court of ap
peals which was granted
Officers Boone and Madigan Arrest
George Bush in Poynterville for
Violation of Sunday Closing Law
A raid was made Sunday on sever
al places where it was suspected
whisky was being sold unlawfully by
the police department The raid was
madeby Officers Boone and Madigan
The only arrest made was George
Bush colored vho was selling liquor
in the store of Oren Bates in Poyn
tersville He was tried before Judge
F P Pendleton and fined 60 and
Always remember that if a man
knows where he can make a dollar he
1will not tell you about it he will go
after it himselfAtchison Kan
Realistic Snow Storm May Be Seen
on Interior of Building and Win
dows Artistically Done
A pretty idea for Christmas deco
ration is carried out on the interior
of the spacious store of McCord
Hundreds of cotton flakes are
I strung on invisible threads in such
a way as to give the effect of a win
ter snow storm From the center of
the ceiling is an immense aircraft
with miniature Santa Claus enjoy
A small motor above one of the
display windows puts the snow
flakes in gentlemotion and the en
tire effect is very realistic
The windows are decorated from
the stock of the splendidly filled
store Princeton and StacyAdams
shoes for men and Princess for la I
dies being displayed to the best ad l
Autumn leaves are used profusely
in one window in connection with I
shoes and other suitable gifts for
ladies while a splendid display of
mens furnishings compose the con
tents of the other window
To the Editor of The News In re
spnse t the query in Peples Forum
of Saturday allow me to make a
tergoricalanswer to those ques
tions for I recognize the right of
The People to know the What and
Whyof the acts of their supposed
servants The board of councilmen
answering the first question Why
was the city judges salary raised
would answer for a minority of the
council In the first place five coun
cilmen were pledged to the act
Secondly In scrutinizing the cel
ebrated Richmond Kycase decid
ed in 3906 in which Judge Benton
decision was reversed by the court
of appeals this latter court held the
police judge under the charter of
fourthclass cities entitled to a dep
uty clerk and after much abstruse
reasoning decided that the city and
not the judge must pay the salary
of the clerk Also that he might act
as his own deputy and receive the
salary for the extra services With
this mandate of the law before our
eyes the board almost unanimously
decided to be agreeable and nol
force the judge to appoint a clerk
and collect by such the salary More
over wo had it authentic that the
incumbent was in a conciliatory mood
and willing to waive all claims foi
the time pastII months 330on
condition that we unanimously voted
him the pay for a deputy The latter
we could not secure therefore the
back pay was allowed On this lat
ter point the city attorney ruled that
no suit would lie for collecting the
claimed back pay but for the sake
of harmony and to prevent litigatior
to the hurt of 0 the citys business it
was allowed with but a single dis
senting vote This answers question
Nos 1 and 2
The answer to question 3 Why
allow the architect so much for city
hall plans 590 or about that It
was the opinion of a minority ap
proaching closely to a majority that
the allowance was excessive The
architects proposal was to charge
2 per cent on the plans but consented
to let the council decide what was an
equitable fee The claim was re
ferred to a committee of the mem
bers of the council who from experi
ence as builders and contractors
were best judges of the value of
such services This committee re
fused to recommend any reduction of
the claim Therefore it was unani
mously allowed presuming it to be a
just one and not exorbitant as at
first supposed Very sincerely yours
Winchester Ky Dec 19
The attraction at the Winchester
opera house for three nights begin
ning Thursday Dec 22 will be n
repertoire of rollicking musical com
edies by A Bell Boy company with
Johnny Galvin the Geo M Cohan
comedian and Ella Galvin the win
some little soubrette as the chief
funmakers of the big company rep
resenting the productions
Rcs del being full of amusing com
edy situations witty dialogue bril
liant lyrics tuneful music andall
that goes to make up high class mus
ical shows A Bell Boy company
has a number of big bets and novel
ties that place it in dl < class all by
itself at the very frontof attractions
of this order Everything is new
and bright The scenery a special
10foot carload ofi > is described as
being beautiful the costumes gorge i
ous and the mechanicaland elec
trical effects such as have never be
fore been attempted outside of New
One of the sensational l scenes is
a song by Ella Galvin in which she
introduces a regulation sized tour
ing car with a bewildering blaze of
light furnished by ov rtwo hundred
eleotric globes Another brilliant
electric effect is the great Moon
scene a magnificent spectacle in it
self introducing the charming little
Ella Galvin as Cupid riding a huge
electric moon The latter scene with
the electrical scenery painted for it
the costumes and the chorus prop
erties and electric effects is said to
bo one of the most costly single
scenes ever used in a musical comedy
employing as it does the entire
strengthof the company
This will be a rare treat for Win
chester theatergoers to see musical
productions up to a standard of the
4 150 shows for the ptfpdlar prices of
25c 35c and 50c The company car
ries 30 people including a large
chorus of pretty girls
Seats on sale at Sfrodes drug
By Which Grover CFish Hopes ti
Obtain Possession of His Infant
RICHMOND Ky Dec 19 Attor
neys for Grover C Fish filed a peti
tion Saturday afternoon for a writ
Sjiacklefoid for the purpose of se
curing the possession of Fishs in
fant son from the Welch family ir
Dcrca with whom the child has beer
since about a month before Samuel
EL Welch was killed last spring by
The child was virtually held as rl
prisoner by Welch the attorneys say
for several weeks before his death
and since then it has been carefully
guiirded by the members of the
household including Fishs wife for
the purpose of preventing Fish from
obtaining possession of the child
The Welch family has < refused to
even let the father fee his child
Fishs attorneys claim Th childI
confident that they will obtain cus I
tody of the child
The case grows out of one of the
most dramatic startling tragedies
ever enacted in the history of the
county Last April Grover C Fish
shot and killed Samuel E Welch
who was his fatherinlaw in a drug
store in Berea Fish surrendered
himself immediately but was re
leased in the Madison circuit court
on bond
The venue of the case was there
after changed to Jessamine county
on application of the commonwealth
on the ground that it could not have
a fair trial if the case was tried in
Madison county because of Welch
character and standing The trial
will take place during the second
week in January in the Jessamine
circuit court at Nicholasville
Deputy Sheriff Bush Resigns and
Makes Arrangements to Go to His
Farm Near Richmond
Deputy Sheriff Bush who has btll
acting deputy sheriff under Mr W 0
Brock since lie has been sheriff re
signed Saturday and began moving
to his farm in Madison county Men
day Mr Bush has been one of Ijc
leading deputies in Mr Brock 3 of
five and has made a good officer
Some and + n are so dense that about
the only time they ever get next is in
a barber shop r
Complete stock of new furs re
ceived today from factory Latest
styles guaranteed quality best of
values CURRY ffiBy GOODS CO
V It W
o S >
Committee Declares That He Would
Have Had Maiority of Three Votes
Without Fraud
WASHINGTON Dec 19 Senator
Lorimcr of Illinois was given a clean
bill of health Saturday by the sub
committe of the senate committee
on privileges and elections which in
vestigated charges of bribery made
in connection with his election to
succeed Senator Hopkins The re
port of the investigation was made
to the full committee on privilege
and elections which then adjourned
until Tuesday to give the members
opportunity to study the evidence
and the subcommittee report
passed between certain members of I
the Illinois legislature was not ig
nored by the subcommittee but it
was declared that if the votes of I
members charged either with reedy
ing or paying money had been elim
inated Mr Lorimer would still have
had a majority of three votes Tin
subcommittee was a unit in assert
ng that the evidence did not show
that Mr Lorimer had been connecter
with the alleged distribution of t
jackpot or any money to influence
the legislature in the preferment ol
himself for the senatorship
Mr John W Murphy Gives Reniin
iscenses of the Life of Joel T
Our old friend J W Murphy knew
Joel T Hart intimately
Mr Murphy has given us sonic ad
ditional facts about his life am
The last stone chimney built b
Joel T Hart is at Mr Hortons av
Flat rock in Bourbon county II
was engaged for some weeks on hi
work which he completed in splendid
style meeting the praise of the eu
tiro family Every good rock ha
Joel T Hart cut on it Mr Hal
was asked why he did this7 He re
plied briefly that the day wouK3
come when they would know Il
knew the genius he possessed and hi
answer proved his immortal future
After leaving Mr Hortons he wa
engaged to work for Mr Pat Doyl
at Lexington Mr Doyle was ar
Irishman and I believe was the best
workman in marble and stone Lex
ington ever had His shop was bur
the corner of Upper and Secone
streets This shop had a room 6xf
feet in which Joel T Hart workout
ate and slept This was a dimintitiv
place to shelter a man of such f
grand and splendid genius Here hI
toiled early and late and even Mi
Doyle his boss was no more than
an uneducated boy just beginning u
learn the trade
Mr John S Wilson a druggis
lived the second house from the shop
and at once saw the talent and skil
of Mr Hart and helped him finan
dally This was an incentive U
genius and an honor to Mr Wilson
It was not until Mr Hart cut a
bust of Chief Justice George Robert
son of Lexington that his gem1
was recognized This only lacked
breath to be Mr Robertson
His next model was the Hon John
P Crittenden which was perfect
Then he took a cast of Henry Clay
and went to Florence Italy to begin
his glorious career He cut three
life statues of Mr Clay for which
he received 10000 each
After this he began the figure ofa
woman on which he spent 21 years
stating that it took the Lord that
length of time to accomplish a beau
trial woman His name will never
die as long as the sun beautifies tht
Referring to Woman Triumphant
Mr Murphy says
Mrs Mary Woodward living on I
the corner of Limestone and Consti
tution streets at Lexington Ky of
fered to furnish the money free ifi
the city would employ an engineer
to draw a waterproof and fireproof
building in which to keep Joel T
Harts magnificent statue Woman
Triumphant Many citizens thought
the court house was the proper place
to keep the figurejrso that the thou
sands might gaze upon this immortal l
dream worked outin Carrari marble
YO j i J
Co v
IThe place was sought by thou
sands and the figure was the admi
ration of every person Handmarks
showed upon it and it was cleaned
and finally it was enclosed in a large
glass mold It was still the praise I
of every tongue and remained in
its grandeur until during a school
entertainment in the building some
waste paper and trash caught fire
Many persons wanted to carry the
figure out Others believed the fire
could be extinguished without dam
age The flames increased so rapid
ly that they reached the steeple or
cupalo andsoon consumed the
woodwork of the large bell which
was over this figure and fell crush
ing it to pieces
This was a great loss to mankind
andno model had been kept by our
poetsculptor Joel T Hart
The ladies of the First Episcopal
church will have a Christmas sale on
Tuesday in the Opera House block
The patronage of the public is solic
Jay Young and Louis Robinson Both 1I
Colored Are Given Jail Sentences
in Circuit Court
Jay Young colored was tried in I
ihe Clarkcircuit court Monday morn J
ng on two charges of petit larceny 1
and sentenced to seven months in
the county jail Louis Robinson col
ored was also sentenced to 60 day I j
n the county jail on a charge of pet
it larceny Young stole two pairs of
boots from the store of R Frank and
Robinson was charged with stealing
i pipe from the B George drug store
oil North Main street
After these two cases were finis ed I
the petit jury was discharged until
Wednesday morningJ
Mr Andy Henry L
Mr Andy Henry aged 57 died at
his home in Lexington Sunday mornI
ing of complications I
Mr Henry is ta brother of Mr I
Luther Henry of this city and be
sides a widow is survived by five chii
dren The body was brought to tin1
city on the 12 oclock C 0 tnl n
and taken from here to North Mid
dletown for burial
Poets are bornbut unfortunately
they seem to live as long as othe
About the freshest things to bo
found on a farm in summer acre the
city boarders
The first of the new year is ap
proaching and every merchant needs
Money The News is no exception tt
the rule It has a large amount of
money due on the rural routes and by
mail Every subscriber that is de
linquent will find the date to which lie
has paid up on the margin of the pa
per It is hard for this office to reach
yon hut it is mighty easy for you to
drop in while in town on a Saturday
or some other day and give us a few
dollars Kindlv remember your sub
scrintion the first time you are in
Winchester Dont nut it off
After the first of the year The
News will be compelled to cut off all
subscribers who are in arrears three
months This is not because we are
not willing to trust you but because
of the postoffice department Under
the rulings no daily paper can be sent
throuoh the mails at the renular rates
to any person who is back three
months in his subscription We know
you do not want to stop the paper
therefore aid us all ou can and help
our pocket also by coming in right
away and paying up
No moving picture theater gcom I
pletc without a good singer for illus
tra tea songs so Messrs Bloomfield
Ratliff who Auditoria
urn theater and who are endeavoring
to give their patrons a good show
have engaged Mr Fred Dakin to sing
illustrated songs Mr Dakin was to
sing last week but on account of ill
mess was unable to sing until this
week The song selected by Mr
Dakin for Monday night is very
ea fnlJand4 connection with
toA f X iS
c I t
2000 feet of the latest and newest
pictures makes u splendid show A
comedy picture entitled Advertising
for a Wife and a drama A Life for
CHICAGO Dec 17 Wheat If it
were not for the big holdings of bull
leaders in this wheat trade and the
uncertainty as to what they will do
on a break or bulge there would be a
much better trading market and prob
ably a decline in prices As it is the
pit trade and the country go very
slow about selling on the dips and
stop buying quickly on the swells It
makes a narrow market Argentine
news is conflicting as to the surplus
the estimate this week is 65000000
to 119000000 The foreign markets
most vitally affected seem to regard
the harvest season south of the
Equator as favorable and recent
cables seem to anticipate an early
and large movement of new wheat
from that quarter after the first of
the year Except as the market gets
a rally from covering by shorts or a
show of support from the bull lead
ers we think the tendency will be
CornThe one surprising thing in
the corn trade of the past couple of
days has been its stubborness in the
face of selling pressure and theheavy
receipts Only yesterday when the
run of corn on this market was 510
cars May prices lost but 35 of a
cent There is a very limited Eastern
demand and not much call for cars in
that direction It looks as if stocks
will pile up here fast With con
tinued fine weather and large receipts
there is uncertainty enough in the sit
uation tt > induce active selling on all
hard spotsS >
OatsSome active people in the
oats trade were on the buying side oC
December and May yesterday and
with moderate receipts and large
shipping sales the market is showing
considerable firmness
Provisions Celts says 11000
hogs against 15000 last year Until
the January option is out of the way
we are liable to have unsettled con
ditions as it is a question to be set
tled between the longs and shorts as
in ribs and pork there are no stocks
as yet and only a few weeks to make
them Surrounded by above condi
tions makes it impossible to judge the
action of the market for the near fu
CHICAGO Dec 17Cattle rc
eeipts 200 head steady beeves 4 15
Ca7 35 Texas steers 45 10 Yes
ern steers 4 55 85 stockers and
feeders 3 355 10 cows r heifers
2 356 calves 79 25 Hogs
receipts 10000 head dull at 6 70o
7 75 Sheep receipts 15000 heart
steady natives 2 40430 West
ern S 2 304 30 yearlings 4 30i
5 65 lambs native 4 255 3D
Western 4 5062n
receipts 34 steady fair to good ship
pers r4 605 65 common 2 25Cii
3 75 Hogs receipts 2493 head
strong 5e higher butchers and ship
P ers 7 857 90 common 5 75 rr
7 90 Sheep receipts 30 steady nt
253 65 lambs steady at a3ro
55 50
LOSt A black fur piece for neck
1 between corner of College and
Boone and BrownProctoria Mon
day morning Return to Bobbin
at News office 1210tt
FOR RENT My cottage on Alabama
street close to Hickman school
building Mrs Geo D Fox Home
J phone 594 East Tel i 176
I 4 BWV I 12183t
iiiv 1 r
i Jl
rli f T
y r
J yc

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