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MKs Bessie Bullock of Danville
died In Lexington last week
I irk Morgan a well known black
smith of Lexington died la9t week
Miss Nolen Zimmerman late of
Danville and who graduated last June
de 1 at DaytonKy last week
ElJer Evans of the Shaker com
munity at New Lebanon Columbia
entity X Y has just celebrated his
ijIi birthday For 65 years lie has
a -tallied from eating fish and flesh
Kev Moses Rogers died at River
IhatlL Saturday aged 94 years
He had served in tlie Alelliodist minis
try fur 70 years ami was a direct des
ci mlent of John Rogenf who was
turned at the stake iu England in the
I1 u century
The danger of a premature burial
wis illustrated a few days ago iu a
cjs at Paducah A colored woman
apparently died on Saturday and was
to have been buried on Sunday The
body was prepared for the grave and
all arrangements for the funeral made
As the neighbors were gathering for
tliP s ad rites the supposed corpse sur
piiMd everybody by sitting up in her
The Jews in Russia have a liard ex
perience As fast as the great
Empire annexes a fresh slice ot
territory the Jews whose families may
have been settled there for generations
receive notice to quit The latest in
stance is the annexation of two prov
inces in the Don Cossack region A
great proportion of the Hebrew popu
lation u ho are driven out are coming
to America
The retirement from active business
cf Daniel Swrker for thirty five years
President of the Mohawk Bank at
Fonda N Y on account of a physical
infirmity he being ninety years of age
leaves Colonel Samuel Shoch Presi
dent of the Columbia Pennsylvania
National Bank beyond doubt tlio old
est Bank President in this country
Colonel Shoch was ninety years old on
the 2StIr day of last Slay having been
bom in Harrisburg in 1707
There has probably not less than
lot 000 acres of mineral privileges ex
changed hands iu this county within
the past sixty days as a result of the
possibility of a railroad being built in
the near future The current price is
50r 75 cents per acre the donor always
retaining the right to mine coal for
hnu ehod purpose Greemay Litch
field Barrett Trigg are I believe
Hie largest buyers withT A Stratton
of Chattanooga Tenn a good second
Judge Kilgore of Wise county Va is
conducting the buying for the former
Fifty thousand acres were donated to
the Chattaroi railroad in the event
said road is built to Fikeviile and
oilier points in I lie country by the first
of October 1868 Pike County Cor
Rev George O Barnes created a
s iiation Sunday night in his sermon
at Morel lead -when he snid Dear
friend- do you know why I am here
I ansver for you no but 1 will tell
you it Is because I got a letter from a
cul man dated the 8h of June and
h IIiBt I could have only been here
bi ure that fatal 22ud when the writer
IM his life In that letter he invited
me to come to Morehead bring my
fmnlj and slay at hi9 house and it
uoiildnot costmea cent The letter
1 refirlo was written by CraicToliver
Jti t before the speaker sat Boone
L iau who had killed the desperado
He turned deathly pule and seeing that
all eyes were centered upon him he
arose and walked quietly out of the
Miss Annie Kilson the young lady
w ho was shot and seriously wounded
by Bill Taylor died of her wounds
Sunday at her home in Monterey
Owen county Ky It will be remem
bered that last February Taylor in a
drunken ppree and from no apparent
cause shot his sweetheart Miss Annie
Kiison and inflicted what has proven
to be a fatal wound The citizens of
Owen county at the time of the shoot
ing became so indignant at the outrage
that Taylor was 6ent to Louisville or
safe keeping and has ever since been
lying in the Louisville jail to await the
result of the girls Injury Taylor was
very much distressed at the news of his
victims death says lie thinks lie
deserves hanging
Money is very tight In the Louis
ville market at this time said the
handsomest and most gallant of the
young bank Presidents this morning
The cause of it Is that nearly all the
available supply is used by the tobacco
people There I 60000 thousand hogs
heads of the weed being carried by the
banks of this city at the present lime
When the article was very low pur
chasers went into the market and
bought liberally and as it lias advanc
ed rapidly and prices are expected to
go higher holders will not sell and the
money market remains light Ifthere
is any further advance it is likely that
a great deal of tobacco from Europe
will be brought back
What is money worlli4iow
Seven per cent to regular custom
ers Other than these we have no
supply of accommodations Post
Hon H B Hogg the Representative-elect
for the counties of 4layr
Owsley and Jackson was born iu
Booneville Ky July 27th 1863 be
ing eligible by only four days at the
lime or his election Mr Hogg is one
or twins his twin sister Mrs Dr Jas
Olass is living in California He Is the
eldest eon of Mayor S P Hogg form
erly Circuit Clerk of Letcher county
oi d grandson of Hpn Hiram Hogg
who served many years as Representa
tive from Letcher county this State
Mr Hogg attended the public schools
-- OlJdlJ
BY v
of tiie county and spent
iho Literary and one iu
Ertjatntjjf Ann Arboi
Bieuuer spare made jounc
or easy and pleasant aildfesfl
two years Jul
the iWTSe MJ
ri JLHQh He isji
as a
PPTVTTWn fl1eakerllls without experience He
rTAY -Pr
M rJiIItlllfbrt bO to epiluuiaaue and ready andnTlT
make aood
Wm G WHITE Editors
business member orih
next HftusdBesttyville Enterprise
James Guthrie of Shelby county
sold 100 two-year-old mules to W B
Leonard of New Orleans at 155 per
P T Gentry sold toKratz Saturday
147 head of fat cattle at 4 cents and a
premium They are extra and will
average about 1700 pounds Danville
totenms Alexander living near
Wolff Greek ha3 D acres In grapes ami
will ship this year 10000 pounds He
sold them at 0 cent per pound Breck
inridge News
Kratz bought 52 cattle averaging 1
050 pounds from Geo W Duganat
S415 C C Fox bought in Garrard 20
feeding cattle weighing 950 pounds at
25 per head S B Caldwell and J
W Irvine bought ofjHudson Smith
of Adair 125 scrub ewes at f8 per head
DaifWe Atff 8cate
M T Threkeld bought of Dr Kyle
40 hogs from 150 to 200 pounds at 4J
Major Campbell bought 18 head of
1200 lb cattle from the Shakers for
which he paid 3J cents Robinson
Hugueiy have driven quite a thriving
trade iu breeding ewes for sometime
Thfy have sold in the last two weeks
1200 eW atprlces ranging from 2 50
to 8 and have 500 mi hand for which
they paid S240 Harrodsburg Demo
Judge L H Parrish in the capacity
of auctioneer sold at the Court house
door Monday the property of Johnson
Sellers decM I he farm known as
the Jim Singleton farm situated 3J
miles south of Versailles ou the Nlch
olasville pike was bought by Jerome
Sellers at 00 per acre The home
farm containing about 250 acres was
bought by Joseph Seller at 25 50 per
acre The distillery property was sold
to Zach Sellers for 3000 Versailles
Nearly a yearjjgoT J Goffof North
Middletown bought of G W Rash 42
steers at 5 cents a pound They were
delivered last week and weighed 1523
pounds Mr Goff sold them to Geo
Becker at 4 cents Lem Rush sold
Monday to Moses Kahn CO cattle
weighing upwards of 1000 pounds at
4S26 S P Kerr has bought about
00000 bushels of wheat at an average
price of G21 cents He has shipped
none of h but is grinding it at the rate
or 500 bushels per day Winchester
At the Court house door at Versailles
Monday fine farm and a distillery
were ollered at public sale by the heirs
of the late T J Sellers The farm
oflered was one containing 25Tacres 5
miles from Versailles good laud and
improvements It was purchased by
Joseph Sellers at 5275 per acre on the
same terms as above - The distillery
capacity 3 barrels per day with about
90 acres of timbered and arable land
was sold to Zack Sellers at 3000
Midway Clipper
The sale of Mrs A E Govert effects
yesterday was poorly attended but
fair prices were realized The house
hold and kitchen fnriilture sold at
remarkably hich prices Horses
brought from 55 to 75 2-year-old
mules 05 25 yearling mules 71
5-year-old jack 200 milk cow 2B 75
milk cows and oolves 25 to 37 50
yearling steers at 3 05 stock hogs 4
GCMta mountain ewesl 95 The farm
of 70 acres was sold io Will Murphy at
80 20 Stanford Journal
Several of our hemp growers have
purchased machines for cutting
hemp It will be remembered llixt
during the cutting season last ycartlfe
negroes struck for higher wages and
farmers were forced to import lalxir
from other counties The machines are
siild to be a fcuccessj their cutting
capacity is said to be about ten acres
per day Winchester Democrat
A Texas newspaper says that there
are only 60000 cattle under contract
for the trail against 100000 a year ago
and that cattle that sold for 50 three
years ago only bring 33 now The
reason assigned for this is that the up
country grazers instead of buying cat
tle for breeding purpos now take
only fattening steers whice will bring
them quick returns
Mr Kahn shipped last Saturday 348
head of beaves oue of the finest lots
that everJefl here He paid generally
4c with premium for extra lots He
got of J W Ferguson 120 averaging
h595L Ardery 83 averaging 1635
J W Harmon 20 averaging 1020
Jno I Moore 82 averaging 1575
Jack Wrlgli 20and Jollu Tate 17
averaging over 1450 Paris Ken
Notwithstanding the terrible drouth
aod alleged destruction of farm pro
ducts generally throughout lhe yest
fhe exikirts 6fbreadstufnviu July reach
ed 15730218 an excess of foar millions
and a quarter over thosVof Uuly 1885
while the exports of beef ptirk and
UJiirjf products reached 8577451 an
increase ofubout a million dollars over
those for the corresponding month
last year
One of the stables atLatonia Jockey
Club Orvlrkfori Ky containing
twenty eight stalls was burned Wed
nesday morning Mrs James Burgher
Glendale O had four valuable trotters
burned namely Paragragh record
240 J31Uy JlocrelUrs3acJd
30 Miss Burgher Rogers record 23T0j
andtfouutry Jake rerd3222 These
four were ValuetlatflOOSbt A number
of sulkies harness and blankets be
longing to different parties were burn
Do you want pure drags and the best
brands of tobaccos and cigars Yoo
can find them at I J Brooks
Junesj tf
r Austin Dispatch
The prohibition managers are not
discouraged but say they will proceed
at once to effect a permanent urganiza
tion and continue the fight two years
Baltimore American
Henry George and his Anti Poverty
party should move to Iudiaua That
State is dead broke and any effort on
his part to raise the wind would meet
with hearty co operation
Boston Globe
Senator Frye of Maine is authority
for the statement that James G Blaine
same State may stay abroad a year
and may return iu November It all
depends upon that little boom
Galveston News
The New JiTork Tribune announces
that the Republican party stands now
where It stood in 18S4 And it should
have gone ou and stated that it will
stiiudlu the latter part of 1SS as it
now stands away from the fleshpots
Philadelphia Times
In addition to being too much of a
socialist for people who are not social
ists Henry George seems to be not
enoiigh of a socialist to suit socialists
A man who tried to ride two horses
going in opposite directions once came
to grief
Patersou Daily Guardian
The New York Tribune denounces
President Cleveland for turning out all
the Republican office holders The
Sun denounces him for keeping them
in The World denounces him for
both Is it not perfectly clear that de
nunciation is the main tiling with all
and that whatever the President did
would make no difference to journals
which are agin him for political and
personal reasons
Richmond Dlsiteli
It is a harsh word but is it not true
that the northern Republican leaders
are traitors to the republic In order
to gain or retain the offices of the gov
ernment they are willing to keep the
country iu a state of unrest and turmoil
from one years end io another
Twenty two years after the war be
tween the States ended they are found
pummeling the defunct Southern Con
federacy and striving to perpetuate a
solid South as a means of perpetuating
a solid North
Philadelphia Record
Itis better to keep up the whisky
tax to pay the soldiers pensions and
tobacco tax to pay the interest on the
war debt By so doing the tax on the
ntcessaries of living and on the crude
materials out of which we make metals
cloths medicines and the like may be
lessened and the lot of poor men and
workingmen be made comfortable
That Is the Cleveland policy and it is
the true Democratic policy
St Louis Dispatch
The platform of the Iowa
cans declares it to be the intention of
the Southern people to degrade the
negroes into a servile form of cheap
labor but the same platform is as
dumb as an oyster about the Pennsyl
vania coal miners who receive about
half as much as Southern negroes
doing the same kind of work If is a
tenet of Itepublican fail htlmt an op
pressed laoorer is entitled to relief only
when he wears a tjluck skin and is
the Caucasian played out
Boston Herald
The Columbus O Journal says that
the returning of the rebel Hags is a
lest question of patriotism iu Ohio
Then we fear Ohio must be in a bad
way But our impression is that the
people of Ohio are all patriotic or so
nearly all that it is not worth while to
make note of those who are the excep
tions This flag business Is really the
test of the IacK of intelligence or the
extent of prejudice that remains among
her people There may be still some
left who are influenced by it but for
the credit of the State we hope they
are not mauy in number
St Louis Republican
John Shermans supporters in Ohio
are convinced to n moral certainty
that Foraker is in alliance with Blaiue
and there support of him is on this ac
count far from enthusiastic Shermans
persistence in forcing the Presidential
fight into the State Convention makes
it impossible to keep it out of the State
campaign and there is much suppress
ed ill feeling betweeu the Sherman
and Foraker factions Itis understood
ou both sides that if Foraker could be
elected by an increased majority Sher
mans chances of controlling the dele
gation next year would not be worth
Philadelphia Record
When Mr Randall wasa candidate
for Speaker toucceed M C Kerr of
Indiana ho wrote a letter to the Gal
veston Cham ber of Commerce for the
purpose of quieting the suspicions of
the Texas Representatives as to his
soundness on the tariff question In
that letter he was somewhat vague
and In general language he expressed
himself Iu favor of a change of policy
The country he intimated had out
grown the industrial conditions then
existing and what is needed most in
hisjppinlon was an outlet to the mark
ets oflhe world As the -old maxim
has if Treachery lies hidden in gen
eralities On the strength of this let
1 fi itzry
ter however Mr Randall received Hie
support of the Texas delegation1 for
Speaker but it was not lqng before
they found out he was fooling them
The people of Texas are a confiding1 aS
well as generous people but he neyer
cheated them again
Most men who write several columns
each day have necessarily written a
great deal of nonsense This statement
is Intended to Include Mr Henry Wat
terson But when Mr Watterson
wrote that Governor Hill of New
York could not for a moment think of
seeking the Democratic Presidential
nomination Without the consent and
approval of President Cleveland then
he wrote very good sense But has it
ever occurred to Mr Watterson to
think that such consent and approval
may be given Stranger things have
Courier Journal
That Federal aid is not needed for
the blacks is freshly shown by the
speech upon 8tate a flairs wliichjGJjy
Lowry of Mississippi delivered at
Vicksburg last week Mississippi is
oue of the three Southern States in
which the negro imputation exceeds
the white the figures for 1880 belog
650291 of the former to 47939S dr the
latter and if thelilair Bill were needed
for any State it would be needed for
Mississippi But Gov Lowry o speecli
shows again as the reports of superin
tendents of- education have shown
before that Mississippi is able to edu
catcher children black as well as
white without turning beggar 0ur
common schools he said are in a
far better condition than they have
been hitherto and I may safely assert
that there is uot a boy or girl while or
black that niay not get a a fair
tion by availing themselves of schools
convenient to them for if is the object
of the law making power of the State
to so establish the schools that every
child can be reached I may say in
this connection too that under the
system adopted by the present State
Superintendent we have a better class
of teachers than heretofore The
Governor reported the higher institu
tions of learning also in a favorable
condition saying of the oue for colored
youths The Alcorn College for col
ored boys is prosperous and succeeding
admirably Its President and faculty
are working in harmony together aud
the trustees who are composed In the
main of the citizens in the vicinity
look after the finances of the institu
A occtilist says that only one man
in GOO knows how to take care of his
eyes Thats lucky for you sonny
Boston Herald
If it were as hot in Central Africa as
it is iu New York one would see each
Hottentot grow hotter and totter N
Y Commercial Advertiser
The most afflicted part of the house
is the window 11 is full of panes and
who has uot seen more than one win
dow blind American Inventor
The country may as well make up its
mind to the inevitable Jefl Davis or
the forgers of his letters do uot propose
to give it a rest Dallas News
It is estimated that there is one Cow
to every four persons iu this country
The young lady with the red-shawl-
always gets her share Philadelphia
Ca I
TIh npvpr Ion liitp In do trnnil
Reckon thats why so many waitunlil
they ate goiug to die before they begin
to do good Kentucky State Journal
Did it ever occur to you that the
woman with the new bonnet and the
man with the new shoes always occupy
the- front rows at church Youkerg
A poor little college does not make a
man bigger by giving hima title that
is to be added to his name aud becomes
a nuisance forever Nev Orleans
He What a lovely complexion yoti
have Mis3 Maud
She It ought to be lovely it cost 1
u box Detroit Free Press
The Chicago Journal sayg Jliework
of tlie funny man on the newspaper Is
certainly improving No reforrn ever
had more room to slash round in
Lowell Courier
If you can show us anything prettier
at this season thau a girl of 10 with
golden hair rosy cheeks ruby Hus and
dressed in white tulle with a blue rlr
boti around her neck letusseeife
Boston Courier
No mau knows bow much he really
loves a womau until she has presented
him with the worked- canvas far the
sides of a natty traveling bag and ho
has paid 7 or 8 for having it made up
Lowell Citizen
There are several ways of maklug a
bustle of newspaper of wire or other
material But the largest sized aud
most complete bustle Is made by the
small boy who lets a live rat loose iu a
sewing bee Texas Sittings
Wont some of our kind friends
please send us a photograph of a dollar
It has been sVfougsince weliaveseen
a dollar thatwearo afraid will uot
know it when we see one again if
we ever do WoodstocK Virginian
There Is a church in OIney III
without hypocrite in it The other
Sunday the clergyman invited the
hypocrites to stand up and shovvJIbem
selves and not a single persoiiXarose
The pastor must havebeeu greatly
pleased Detrot Free Presa
You musut call me a salesperson
said a prettyHop glrjrirridliujj la a
rather elderly co worker
Theu youshoulJnt have told Mr
Crash that it was very appropriate jjut
tlng me at tlie remnant counter was
the indignant jrepiyLife - u
A hopeless case Waals the matter
bub Inquired a Philadelphia citizen
of a little boy who waV crying My
k klte wont Qyfi sobbed the lad
Well no wpntier add
ujuu CAauillllllg ii u is IlHIU Mie
editorial page of the letlger Life i
What is that terrjIeJckeaou
asked a - Whitehaller as lie passed a
house on Queen street and heard a
child yelling at liie lop of Ps voice
Oh thats nolhingi exclaimed his1
companion if is simplv w woman
oaugiug ner iieir wnitemu Times
One thing said iufaorof bicycles1
observes thePblladelphiaNorth Amer
ican is that a man was nevetf known
to come home druti on one of them
Perhaps not hut he- has been known
to come liome looking as if he had
been on a six weeks tear aud in
several fights after having been on one
of them Norristown Herald
The Waco Day asks who ever heard
of a man smoking his way Into
heaven The News wout undertake
to answer the question but wHlslmply
suggest that the Gtod Book tellsus
that the prophet Elijah wento heayeii
in a chariot of lire and where there
was so muchiflre there must iiave been
some smoke Deuison Tex Nes
Spacious hotels witli broad piazzaSji
over which in moonlight and sunlight
fffirwdiiren drinh gIeamiilK6urmiTeT
costumesU western puft for
a summer resorl Boston papers local-
izmg wjII save themselves from the
charge of plagiarism byJnterpolating
something about the reflected light
from the eyeglasses Waltliam llmesl
Pears to me said lluele Pete as
he leaned his hoe against the corn crib
and extracted a pebole from itis shoe
pear td me like Uar was some kind
of misdecomporishum in all dis talki
about babies cuttmteef pp wayIseJ
cum o look at it hits jde teef clittin
de baby Leaswlse dats de way hit
looks hi tlte case ob1 cnllud chtdeu
An old farmer came into a suburban
village oue day this week to hire help
for mowing But Ihey wereuob to bet
bad at imy price and the old granger
left disgusted saying It beats all
days and
rthey want twice asbhuch
liertrwuth Tlljsl Vobln
wages as
will tax the jumbo Intellects to tiud
what there wuth Providence
Mrs Goldleaf newly grodiiatedfronij
a very numoie spnere ot ine is lonu oi
using a French word now and then
and this she always does with strikiug
effect As for instance when speak
ing of some duty her maid servant had
left undone she remaked In a light
and airy manner Pauline is a good
servant a very good servant but I
must confess she is apt to ber neglige
Harpers Bazar
ABostunphysiciarUellsnfncasp nq
an attack of hay fever that was arrest
ed by tlie Jatlent breaking his leg
Hay fever victims who go several turn- J
uitqiuiies iruui iiuiiitvuu escaiKj Miei
disaasesbould ciitthis oof aliil paste It
on their handkerchiefs If breaking a
leg should fail to eflect a cure iu some
cases breaking the neck would be cer
tain to go right to the spot Beware of
imitations NorristowH Herald
Tell me lie- wliispered with tlie
hoarsenessqfemqllon wlifsperedjis ff
lie icoi utiiijuuMyli VU UK1
catch tlie questjoljaiul eaj it to some
other ears
you ever
She trembled She -hesitated for nJ
mnineiit andh thought he felt jier
blushes glowiuto his eyes She trem
bled and iu a still- soft whfsper gentle
a4hesummer breeze answered
Not this summer San Fruicisco
Ch roTiiole
Twiri fijends lartftfwalkiifj along thej
treetj one oi inein rroiiiing
but illirnouglltu make apnqn sid to
look Why s8rCHu account
of its history for despite its calm and
8ereiiesurrouuiliics it was built iiuou
riot S koWs through
N -fl
A farmer stood at thelthlca gas well
yesterday and sadly declared that it
was just ruining liible prophecyjoditrl
such things On being asked Io ex
plain he said fIf the7oiranit gas is
all pumped out of the ertlidonjt it
stand to reaspnjhatjnere wilfbejiotl
lug lelt inside for tlie liual burning up
of tlie world It is just spoiling Bible
prophecy and ought to be stopped
Elmira Gazette
extension Is made another to Lancas
Urtvill follow and at Lancaster the
Chesapeake4iiil Ohio systetri will be
Altogether tUe probability is
great that Louisvilles deV outlet to
the South will -quickly spring- into
prominence by reasoii ofita important
connection -
Few perpuseice3tPrthose who live
alolig trio line have any conception
of the magnitude ofthe work that has
been done on thellueof the L6nfsville
Southern1 indeed any one who has
watchedtheworK from itacommence
ment until ilrtw will be astonished at
the rapidity witli which it has1 moved
if he wllltake tlie trouble to ride over
thb rfoht rif WaV J -
SbelbyvIIIe Lawrenceburg and Har
rodsburg the three principal towns
along -the route have caught the
spfritvof progresi from the approach
oftlienew enterprise ami are getting
ready for the arrival New houses- are
goiug up alone with- tlie price of town
lots and business lis preparing a
Philadelphia Times
iMany able and earnest men have
mado -battle againstthu gigantic Pa
cific railway steal to get a chance
for an honest account between those
corporations and the Government that
gave them life credit and fortune
Instead of giving the Government
opea books and honest accounts the
few men who controlled the Paclflo
railways have- systematically robbed
the Government amassed fortunes
rating up in millions for themselves
and lavishly employed the Govern
ment nloney to corrupt Congress and
accounting officials thereby hindering
just settlement
Senator Thurman was successful in
breaking through tho corrupt nnd
powerful lobby that has long besieged
Washington to prevent accountability
by tuePacIfic railways for the millions
they Obtained Worn the Government
uaturfIielpaInHinirTloimnTTiTfwalAfter a most desperate battle with
the lobby and with corruption In
atid out of Congress the Thurman Bill
waspassed in reasonably fair shajie
but although years have elapsed the
operations of the Tliurman law have
been systeinatiqally defeated The
millions of wealth acquired by indi
viduals who misappropriated the mon
ey and credit the Goverment gave to
tho Pacific railways have been ued
without atlut to control the politics of
the Pacific States aud to purchase
United Stales Senatorshlp3 and elect
Cougressmento protect the organized
robbery of tlie Government Among
the millionaires who have bought
Serialofships out of tjie Pacific railway
plunder is Senator Stanford who was
lately a witness before the commis tiou
that is now Investigating the question
by direction of Conxresn
For tlie first time since tlie Govern
ment has attempted to obtain an ac
count witlithe Pacitic railways it has
ajcommissiou of investigation that not
only means to Investigate but that
know how to Investigate When ex
Gov Pattison was placed at the head
of the comissiou it ment not only
honest inquiry but fearless aud search
inn inquiry and when Senator Stanford-
informed the ex Governor that
his questions were tingentlenianly and
declined to answer because he wanted
to know exactly what had been done
with Government money the commis
sion promptly applied to the JTuited
States Circuit Court for an order re
quiring the Senator to answer The
J court will doubtle grant the order
a3 tlje Government H directly iutev
estpd in tiieexpeudtureofthe Pacific
corporation and then the Senator will
either tell the truth aud convict him
self and his associates of employing
Government money- to plunder the
Govern en t or he ill land iu prison
Tlie - Government is fortunate in
having so fearless Tnlll capaple a head
to lite Pacific Railroad Commission
asex Governor Pattisori aud there Id
now forthe first time a fair prospect
f an investigation luat will thorough
jvestigate and render an honest ac
count between the Pacitic railwaysand
tlie Government Scores of millions
have been- literally atolen by these
railway combinations nnd the stolen
moneylargely used to corrupt authori
ty and prevent an account but we
Richmond KY
Beef Cattle Butcher-
Sugar Cured llams
Bacon Hams Country
tjlroaiis tears waiiijiiyidiblodlfj seem at last fo be wlthni sight ofopei
widows orphan old men and strug
gling women iou dont say mi
Wasjit built by arailrosdmonopolist
Ohiio by a deutist 7Arkansaw
I fcl Ull Mill- - -A
- V iVM is i i i -
i i - J yt Oil ill ii I
Courier Journal
The raefchauts arulither business
men of Louisville are deeply interested
in the building Of the LOuiavilieSoutii
ern It opens npto therria fertile ter
ritory from which they have hitherto
adords them a competitive connection
with the Itfortlt Sout1V ami JfiasU
There is no doubt that altectiie Wt
ofnext February Cinciunat i Southern
trains Will come into Louisville liver7
the new road and the freight1 tariffs of
lie older ihorouglifare from RuVgiri to
Louisville wjil be glyen to the younger
- The prospect Is excellent that the
Frankfort- Paris and GeorgetrM n rail
road wJU be extended frpmFraulfirt
to Lawrenceburg The peopje iof An-
put up all the money that Is required
to secure it It already secured
subscfipl Jonslo tle abnouol of SOfjQd
inFranklin and Bourboi couiUiesaud
the likelihood Is that Scott county will
gbeismwaorerrpad Is m
assured fast and its connection wlfen
built- with the Louisville Southern
vJbuld be a great thing foHLbuisville -
There is also gtropg probability tlfatj
a branch of Hie Loulsvillo Southern
will be built to Lexington by way ol
Versailles If that branch shouhile
builij it jwljl affordMri uitpgtQif fi
opportunity Io brug the ClUsapeaKe
and Ohio road into- Louisville on- the
most favorable terms as hewburd tlieli
haVe his choice of two toadil
ItIs0 nearly certain that be Louis
YilIeSoulbern will bo extended from
Harrodsburs to Danville that It may
berBefdown as an ussared fttcr If thia
books with tliiit hitherto invincible and
conscienceless Pagiflg railway1 rings
Chew Chew Chew- It ha be
come a National habit and he or sha
who has not a mouthful of gum or
tobacco upon which tlie energies are
expended is an exception in social
gatherings on the street car at public
entertainments it is the same ever
lasting wagging of the chin Wax
figures of the people of the present will
be mads a thousand yeius from now
with a perpetual motion machine hid
den in the mouth to keep the jaws
moving in order to be a realistic repre
sentation The figure would be a car
icature without it Happy is the gum
manufacturer iri this day and genera
tion forthe cry is still for more of- his
products Retiiied women can rival
the most Inveterate
their power of chewing Like the
flowing of Tennysons Brook their
jaws wag on forever Toledo Blade
- i J - T
-Local Produce Markets
Sept 7 1SS7
Chicfcn Jrii 50- 1 752 ooi
if ioI2C
Wlieat -- 62UIA1C
Flour at 35J xl
Cortjpexbarelv j5qgw 00
Hv ner 100 Itis 1 4ofucoc
Oats iri tjieafjperiboibs 4050
ijard -
L Tallow 7HTT aJ53C
FcatlieswB MijJ
Meal 575c
Oats per bushel 71 50c
Orcn4rdGrassVftjii mt nu ui5
German JMilIet i y jri io
Timothy beedj - - 3 40
Oats in sheafirt jvi i
Choice blue grass seed 4qo
Rti top seed 7S5s
Swett Potatoes 25000
latin iif 4ftJ Ii
i - - V fM J 1
Its 5 ill11 Ii
n r
T ft
Low Prices will Astonish You
June 22 tf
the tnide tlvwt we have a large
and veil selected line ff
ins mm
Eta in which yon can find the
eatoiEs ojaso a
We do net intend tobeTJNDERSOLt
and to ourcu3tiiihers wasay we will
RlyenuU vauejor eyery dollar in
vested wiili nt aiiil irs irRe you to
give us an early eall
I f 1 - sl In I
w bwhete
At Mcat3ss Old Stand
June 22 Oiu
Proprietors Busy Bee Cash Store Richmond Ky
entry Co3
Blacksmiths and Wagon Makers Supplies
Rooliiags fs ntieilngj snd all kinds of Tin and Siieet Iron
brie 15one in the most Workmanlike Manner
37XXO Boss
Farming Implemenst Known To The Trade
Call and Examine our Stock before Hiiying
We Can Please Yon j2Ltf
Attention Oontr actors
Builders Hardware and Building Material
Kept in the county and will furnish from the smallest Cottage to the finest Mansion at crrr prices
We are also prepared to do HOOFING and will guarantee to give you the best and most satisfactory
job you can get anywhere We carry a large stock of best brands of ROOFING TIN PLATE and will
not delay your work We also carry a nice line of
Which we warrant for one year besides a fair line of Tinware Shelf Hardware Garden Implements
Farm Wagons Seed Strippers Mowers Twine Binders Cultivators Grain Drills c
W T EDiyrJkRpS
The Enterprising Young Merchant on Eirst Street carries a full
line of Staple and Eancy Groceries His goods are the best and
his prices the lowest
vrB f Wir wrvan
june 22 tf
Cincinnati Southern and Associate Roads
New Orleans Florida Birmingham Chattanooga
Texas Meridian Vicksburg and all the
Principal Poin
Soni Eas
j r JTfr f
Robinson t Co
from CIdcIbbMI dim Leilftgtoa with
Morniiii and Nislit Trains
important Cities ot the ttontli without ctiaDge
jmBeiuaniiBCttny an 01
drtnninl XTrvf Inn TravrIer ha vo a choice of two kinds ot Sieaetog Cwr oa
lolr Buffet Car and PnllmaaV Finest Palace Buffet Sleeper State Room Pattern
Nearly AU tlie Leading Railroads JdSShSZ
Grand Central Union Depot in Cincinnati passengers boMlsg llekets rta this Mne are
therefore saveit transfer nercsstbo City and are assured a Jeuruey attended witk speed
comfort and cenvenlence
Travel via- Queen and Crescent ltCT Une
General Offices St Paul Building Wet Fonrth Ht Cincinnati Ofate
General Manager UeaeaU FMsencer Aeat
General Buperlntenamt fjneatfj Assistant General Passen gee Agent
We build TEACTION anil PORTABTS TTMnTNT r n t rh ftm
writs for Free Clrealus
i Wantad A
Sivi3RlchmontirLlAZJJrSSSvLJ 1 li
Wy v IMjVir

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