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Democratic Ticket
noM Hugh McCuHocli Secre
tary of Ibe Treasury in the Cabi
wets of Presidents Iinooln Jolin
son and Arthur says that lie will
vote for President Cleveland
I am Um heaviest manufactur
er of lroakloth in tlw country
the tariff on it is 60 per cent
30 per cent goes to pay labor and
40 per cent goes into my pocket
not a penny goes into the nation
al treasury l
The Republicans of the Sixth
Kentucky district have nominated
Robert Hamilton of Covington
to oppose Speaker Carlisle The
Democrats are confident of a five
thousand majority and bets are
being made that Carlisle will carry
the district by six Uiousaitd
It is said that negroes from
tliis State are Hocking into In
diana to bolster up the waning
fortunes of the Republican iarlv
in that State The Democrats of
the lloosier Stale should be very
vigilant however and use every
endeavor to checkmate this move
oft he enemy
The Chicago Tribune says that
unless Oki Hatch allows his
debtors to settle at far less price
than lie fixed at least twenty of
the largest firms in the Board of
Jrade will be compelled to go
under A committee has asked
him to settle at 160 and it is
reported that be refused
After twenty eight years of high
taxation to foster American in
dustries the farmers still furnish
75 per cent of all our exports and
the manuiaciurers only twenty
per cent And tlie prices of tle
farmers products is leveled down
in the old world market while all
lie buys is enhanced in cost by
taxes to heap up a surplus for the
politicians to spend No wonder
the grangers are kicking New
York World
Chief Justice Fuller look the
oath of office and assumed his seat
upon the bench last week Tlie
Supreme Court now contains five
Republicans and three Democrats
Fuller Lamar aitd Field Blatch
iotxl and Bradley have passed the
age of retirement Iiowever and
should Cleveland be re elected
tlie complexion of the Court will
sooti be Democratic This would
be desirable if only to convince
Mr Murat nalstead and others
that the country would not imme
diately go to the bow-wow-wow
Hon Carl Sehurz has written a
strong letter announcing his pur
pose to vote for Mr Clevelands
re election He bases his conclu
sion upon a general approval of
tle course of Mr Cleveland his
devotion to Use public interest
his sound views upon tlie tariff
which if adopted will enlarge the
rumunerative activity of industrial
labor and secure a steady devel
opment of the general prosperity
and above all the good he has done
by dispelling the impression that
one half of tlie people were dis
loyal and dangerous to tlie Union
At Lexington Cal Jake Cor
bet of the Democratic Slate Cen
tral Committee and Col Hunt a
Republican and night clerk of
the Phoenix Hotel have made a
novel wager If tlie Democratic
ticket is successful in November
Col Hunt is to ride in a hack
with Hon M C Alford Chairman
of tlie Stale Central Committee
and is to wear a plug hat with a
large red bandana tied around it
If the Republican party wins Col
Corbett is to drive an ox team
through the street by himself and
carry a United States flag and a
large lithograph of General Harri
Col Hunt should at once pro
cure a bandana
The Democrats of Jessamine
county are wide awake to the in
terest of the party They had on
yesterday a grand rally music
speaking and a good time gen
erally Hon James B McCreary
was the chief speaker Saxton
Trosts Band furnished Uie musk
Jessamine never does things by
The New York State Conven
tion of the American party was
held atyAlbany last week The
platform advocates the abolition
of trusts opposes Catholic paro
chial public ecliools provides that
so foreigner should vote before
residing in this country twenty
one years and disfranchises any
one detected in selling his vote
Considerable discussion ensued as
to the advisability of placing a
State ticket in the field It was
decided that it would be unwise
to do so this year It was the
sense of the convention that a
State Committee should be forra
odfor the purpose of owning a
State txeket next year
The Democratic party is the
party of the plain people Its
mission is to govern for the gener
al welfare Its corner stone is
that the humblest citizen is -en
titled to the same protection as
the most exalted It therefore
wants all the plain people with
out regard to race or color to en
dure for over that it may pre
serve free government and that
it may strike down every monop
oly or other powerful engine of
despotism and oppression Jsvans
ville Courier
A shocking railroad disaster
occurred near Wilkesbarre Penn
last Wednesday night in which
the loss of life was something ter
rible to think upon and still more
terrible to the traveling public
who so constantly place their
lives in the hands of the railroad
employees Fifty seven human
souls were hurried from gay scenes
and joyous festivities into eternity
and as many more were injured
The almost reckless carelessness
of some railroad employes is hor
rifying and when we read of
accidents like this our hearts go
oet in pity to the afflicted fami
lies while we feel condemnation
for the criminal carelessness of
somebody At Hazelton 20000
people had assembled to do honor
to tlie memory of the temperance
apostle Father Theobold Mat
Tlie Associated Press dispatch
gives this description of tlie scene
The testivities of the day are
ended The multitude joyous with
the grandeur and success of the
occasion are boarding the trains
for the journey homeward There
is no thought of danger for they
think not of the sad fate that
awaits many of them the im
pending disaster that ere three
iiours shall have passed will send
a thrill of terror from the Lehigh
to the Lackawanna shrouding the
three valleys in a cloud of gloom
and making hundreds of happy
Itomes the abodes of untold agony
Two sections cams through safely
The third is nearing home The
fourth composed of Jersey Cen
tral cars and freighted mostly
with Lackawanna people stops at
Mud Run a station between Penn
Haven Junction and White
Haven for water The fifth is
following close behind Passen
gers on it watch the lights of the
one ahead as they fly through tlie
darkness for a long way and as
they finally see the third section
standing a little way ahead at the
Run they wonder why their train
does not slacken its speed As it
dasiies along at full speed fireman
Hugh Gallagher at the fourth
directs the attention of his en
gineer Harry Cook to the signal
lantern of the third and jumps
from the cab The engineer fol
lows him An instant later the
crash comes
Tlie fretting fuming puffing en
gine ploughs its heated body
through nearly the entire length
of rear car scalding jamming and
killing the unfortunate occupants
This car is jammed into the next
ahead ot it and that into the
third the three cars being a total
wreck The lights are extinguish
ed and darkness adds terror to
the scene The shrieks of the
injured and groaii6 of the dying
are heard on every side and the
strongest liearts quail
Our worthy representative in
Congress Hon Jas B McCreary
is moving right along in his earn
est active canvass of this district
He has been a most faithful pains
taking and honest representative
of his district and it is believed
that he will have an increased
majority this year We have re
liable information from a gentle
man of high standing of this city
whose business not long since
made a tour of this district neces
sary that the entire district is all
right and that Democracy is far
in the lead and every thing in
harmony We quote a few of the
notices complimentary to Mr
The various Democratic Clubs of
Jessamine are expected to be oil hand
next TtMMiay to Rive their gifted rep
resentative ft hearty wcome He de
serves it He has proved himself hon
est competent and faithful
Prepare your ballots atnlcast them
for McCreary and Cleveland 011 the
6th ol November and tave the country
from a reign of Radical infertile high
tax and corruption Tlie record of the
Republican party should be a warning
to us Lancaster News
Speaking of Gov McCrearys fre
quent occupation of thd Speakers olialr
ean any oue imagine how the little red
hog would look or how be would rattle
round if by the irony of fate he filioukl
ever be called to occupy that elmir
Even ebo aBswera No TbeimttK
inatfou draws tlie line at attempting
mtM an impossibility Stanford Jour
Oar Owrt lkouse was filled to over
flewlMg to day to listen to Hon James
B McCreary wito epoke for nearly
two hours His argument was made
so plain that the tariff ebouM be re
duced thst the humblest citfoen in
Iba land could understand Every one
was deMgted witlt his great speech and
afterwards gave him a perfect ovation
He iiad oue of the most appreciative
audience ever assembled in Shelby
ville every oue remaining to the end
of hl sjeedi aud Interrupted him fre
HiHHttljr with pnriaaged applause He
Has cheered the Denioetaife hearts of
Shelby who wilt show their apprecia
tion by giving him not less than 00
majority next Novemlter Shelby Cor
We liojte the Demnreats of Boyle
will turn out en wtoMe on next Mon
day and extend to Gov McCreary a
hearty reeepttou He comes to us to
give an aeoount of bis work as our Rep
resentative and give 1 reason fur the
fulfil llwt h fit him as a Democrat of
the oM school He has estabMehed a
reputation in Congress that Is alike
creditable to himself and the dbtrlet
and the ooustitueucy whom he has so
faithfully served should give him
words of cheer and encouragement to
continue until the great principle of
tariff reform Is engrafted In our
economic system This is the only
real issue iu this campaign nnd we
are gratified to state that the great
advance tiiat has been made within a
year is largely due to the earnest and
persistent work of our Representative
who has stood shoulder to shoulder
with the President aud the tariff re
formers of the House His triumphant
re election will be an endorsement to
whioli he is farely entitled Danville
Tlie Impression has gone abroad that
Gov MeCreary will be elected without
much opposition and it is not a matter
ofsupteme importance to get out the
full vote At the last Gubernatorial
race the same idea prevailed and if
Mr Wm O Bradley had been running
for Congress instead of Governor he
would have been elected for the dis
trict gave him a very baudsomo ma
jority Now tills fact should arouse
our friends to the necessity of organ
izing very thoroughly to poll the Dem
ocratic vole of tlie district We urge
upon every Democrat to be prepared to
do his duly lo his party and that duty
oan only be fully discharged by casting
his own ballot aud doing all that he
can to see that his lukewarm neighbor
follows his good example Danville
The Danville Advocate of yes
terday gives a full account of Mr
McCrearys speech in Danville
It says yiat he literally slaughter
ed Nooe and Ewell
In concluding Gov MeCreary said
that of the five most important bills
passed by this Congress he had the
honor lo have presented four of them
Mr Ewell wanted to enter iuto a con
tract to use 110 money or whisky in
tlie election and the Governor told
him he oouid easily heat him w Itliout
using either A voice of an old farm
er in the audience said We will
elect you withauc a cent And we
think he is correct judging from the
enthusiasm of his hearers
As one of the charter members of
Water Works Cnmpauy aud Secretary
of bauie I ask to wiy just a few words
to the citizens of Richmond through
your valuable paper It seems as
though there is a very great misuuder
stauding among tlie citizens as to the
30000 of stock they are asked to take
111 this enterprise Pint of all I wish
to make lhkJ9iatemeutBefure any such
proposition was ever mude public to
the city jour honorable Council bad
the Companys charter for at least six
weeks read re read aud digested it
Then this same body of gentlemen rep
leeeutiug the citys interest framed to
their entire satisfaction the proposition
that is now before you They voted
iin it as a unit with the exception of
one member who was compelled to be
absent on account of sickness iu his
family This member however had
been preteut at all preceding meet
ings aud at the framing of the proposi
tion aud every thing he asked for was
included in it
The Couipau a object has been is
now to Irtish the enterprise Why if
we begin operation at once we cannot
expect to more than complete it before
-111 the distance will be iieard the
moaning of the coming train on the
Louisville Southern bearing to us men
women and children worn aud feary
from travel aud sutleriug for water to
diiuk to say nothing of the amount
required for domestic use When you
increase tlie population of a city from
oue to two tboustmd where in a dry
time i ou can not buy uor beg a bucket
of Gods beverage to drink how can
you expect to hold them ns cilizeus un
lets jou are prepared to furuish this
necessary Why at this very moment
I can sight you to a man 011 First
Street who is pa ing a man daily to
almost steal water for him
Now as to the amount of private
stock taken in the enterprise we have
30000 worth already taken and are
etlll open to any citizen who chooses to
subscribe We earnestly solicit and
are very anxious to have every dollars
worth of stock taken that it requires to
complete the works We could only
guarantee that amount that we knew
would be taken aud paid for when
issued We could not give the public
any definite answer as to the amount
the works would have to be mortgaged
Iu case there was no more stock taken
until after she received bids ou plans
aud specifications that had been sent
outThese were received aud opened 011
Saturday last October 13th Mr M
Philbin of Chicago III the builder of
Lexington water works being the low
est bidder 7614144 was his estimate
Now the Company is able to say and
will bind themselves to not mortgage
tlie works for oue cent moreover and
above the valued subscription to tlie
enterprise than they really cost or if
the citizens prefer will not issue one
dollars more worth of stook than it
really takes to construct them unless
they tlie City Council and Compauy
think it best for the prosperity of the
enterprise to issue tlie full am ount of
stock 100000 and then the city is to
have her prorata iu same I merely
submit this to the public because I
think it due to the charter members
of this Company that they be properly
understood in the matter
F n Adair
Mr W R Green olork at W A
Powells store has a little inflamation
of tlie parotid gland mumps
Rev Mr Ware will preach at this
place on the fourth Saturday night of
this month Also Rev O P 8p eegle
on the following Sunday
Walter Richardson continues very ill
with fever
Corn is heavy nud good worth 126
to 160 in crib
Died on theSrd Inst of fever infant
child of Jno W Johnson
W J Kelly fa convalescing from a
severe case of Typhoid Malarial fever
Rev John Adams of Clark ceunty
began a protracted meeting at Station
Camp 011 the 5tli Just
Mr W H Martin of Richmond de
puty collector of Internal Revenue
passed through here ou offical buisiuess
on the 64 li iiMt
Mr Curtis Gentry s prominent mer
chant of this place left ou the 3rd Inst
for Cincinnati for sundry purposes
1 attemt the exposition buy goods aud
we suppose to take to himself a help
mate ae lie wm accompanied by one
of the fairtex Tim intended bride is
Miss Settle Bruce daughter of Mr
Jamas Bruce of thU pkoe
The dead body of Phllip W
an advertising agent was foun
ing against a street lamp post a
burg Pa It Is supposed he ceoa
suicide by taking poison
John Robinsons Great ttg Bran Ncv
Shows All Coming United to
alond October 27th
The old reliable comes this year
before the public with the biggest aud
best show ever owned by him iu his
whole managerial career of sixty four
years with its enormous circus with
its three rings in which are given 150
new and novel acts of all kinds and
classes riding acrobatic and gymnas
tic feats and monster elevated stage
for Olympian games and dramatic
exhibitions Over 110 American and
foreigu artist are employed Three
great menageries are consolidated
Over 1000 rare and costly animals
among which will Le found a drove
of giant Giraffes flocks of Ostriches
and Kangaroos white Nile Hippopot
amuses two Horucd Bhinoseroses aud
every auimal known to the Animal
Kingdom Among the special features
are the Baby Elephant Giant Horse
Giaut Mau Giant Ox Giant Hog
Tattooed Woman tribes of Zulus
Afghans and representatives ol every
Known nation
Over 1500000 feet of canvas was
used in the construction of its tents
The S800000 Free Etreet Parade with
Its eight separate bauds four steam
musical wagons two steam organs and
steam calliope troupe of jubilee singers
and tife and drum corps female brass
band thirty one hun bright chariots
sixty carved lairs aud dens 300 horses
100 ponies aud the genulue Wild
West containing tribes of Indians
scouts cowboys the genuine Dead-
wood coach all followed by a host of
Dames and Knights the many funny
clowns the mountain train of Burros
and an enormous drove ot Elephauts
Camels Water Buffaloes all as free as
the air you breathe each morning ju
10 a jl Re iu lime aud secure n good
location on tlie morning of October
27th to see the greatest show ou earth
Cheap excursion rates from all stations
ou the K C Railroad It
The American Magazine
The American Magaziue for October
is an exceptionally brilliant number
It opens witii a riclily illustrated de
scriptive paper by Lieut Walter S
Wilson on the Seventh Regiment of
New York which introduces a series
entitled Americas Crack Regiments
Dr Wm F Hutchinson furnishes an
other of his charming South American
papers describing in this issue the
Orinoco River Another very interest
ing contribution Is a Summer drive
with peu aud pencil iu tlie Valley of
the Connecticut by Juhn R Cliapin
Helen Strong Ibompson contributes
an illustrated paper ou the Sacred
Quarry in the Great Red Pipestone
country and Florence A Davidson has
an illustrated paper ou Pioneer Dis
trict Schools
Miss Tinckera aerial Two Coro
nets is continued aud the idstallmeht
is a particularly stroug one Mrs Elia
W Peattie furnishes a very forcible
short story entitled The Sandwich
Mau Hamliu Garland coutiuues his
poelie prose reminiscences of Boy
Life ou the Prairie
A paper thai will attract considera
ble attention among the literary fra
ternity is a criticism of Beauty iu
Fiction by Alice Wellington Rollins
Mr Geo Edgar Montgomery has an
essay ou A Poet of American Life
iu which he deals with the life and
works of Geo Lansing Raymond of
Princeton Iu addition to other valua
ble literary features are a series of
papers on practical questious of the
A few of the many legitimate ways
in which The Surplus can be utilized
are forcibly sliowu by M W Hazeu
MrHazeua paper is a very forcible one
he makes a strong plea for a Nutlonul
Train iug School aud shows how it
could be conducted Mr M M Estee
has a paper showing the effect of Free
Trade on Pacific Coast industries
Mrs J Ellen Foster Chairman of the
Womens Natioual Republican Com
mittee argues that Prohibition is not
a National Issue and Mr Enoch
Eusley of Tenuessee gives A South
erners Natioual View of Protection
Dr Wm F Hutchinson contributes
his usual monthly paper giviug sea
sonable Health Advice and Literature
and Book Reviews receive special
Rev Preston Blake is conducting a
protracted meeting at the Viney Fork
church with the pastor J I Willis this
The usual services will be held at
the Methodist church next Sunday
morning and evening by the Pastor Dr
J A Henderson
Rev J W Fitch of Winchester
and RevE M BenyofElizabethtowu
of the Christain church will have a de
bate beginning Oct 30th at Sonora
Ky Subjects Action Proper Sub
jeofr and Scriptural Desigu of Bap
Rev Mr Crow of Richmond preach
ed at thePtesbyteriun church last Hun
day momiog aud even iug in the ab
sence of the pastor Mr Moffett who
had gone to Mt Sterling to assist in a
meeting at that place Blue Grass
Clipper Midway
The Jessamine Journal says of Prof
C P Williamsons meeting which
closed at Unit place last Friday The
attendance has been quite large some
nights the house being crowded beyond
its seating capacity A lively interest
has been excited and several confessions
been made Prof Williamson Is a
man of large brain power extensive
reading careful cultivation and earn
est piety He is logical convincing
and persuasive Tlie meeting at Prov
idence church closed yesterday after a
10 days continuance The meeting was
one of much interest and profit
To night the weding of Miss Coralie
Walker to Mr Hanna of Cleveland
Ohio will take place at the residence
of the Misses Walker on Main street
The iHiuse has been very elegantly and
elaborately decorated aud the marriage
will prove the eyeut of the season iu
social circles
The coming marriage of Miss Susie
Prc stou Hart of Versalles to John M
Camden ot Parkersburg W Va Is
engaging social circles just now The
ceremony will occur at St Johns
Episcopal church ou the evening of
October 16 nt 730 oclock Rev J W
VenabJe of Hnpklnsville formerly of
Versailles will perform the ceremony
The bridesmaid six in number will
be Mi8 Sallie G Humphreys nnd
Pearl Yoorhles of Versailles Miss
J3a water Gibson of Lexington Misses
I Alexander and Jennie Scott of Louis-
Mies Johnson of Virginia
re will be six groomsmen aud six
ere After the ceremony a recep
tion upon an elegant plan will bs tend
ered the friends or the bride and groom
at the home or Mrs Harh Although
2000 or more Invitations have been
icBtied to the church ceremony only
about 200 or 2o0 have beeii sent obt for
the reception and these to only Iiili
male friends and relatives The bridal
party will leave on the Chespeake
Ohio train at 10 oclock the same night
for a tour though the East All the
rooms nt the hotel at Versailles 1 nd a
large number of npartments at the
Phconix Hotel at Lexington have been
engHged by gueMs from a distance who
will witness tlie marriage Blue Grass
Prewitt Rankiu infant son of Isaac
Rankin died at the home of C R
Estill near town last Friday morning
aged one year The remains were tak
en to Clark county for iutermeiit
One night last week some oue enter
ed the room occopied by Judge Johir
E Cooper in the hotel in West Liber
ty nud stole a package of notes and
other papers to the value of five thou
sand dollars
Wm L Scott is the richest man in
the House of Representatives He was
page hi Congress In the days of Clay
and Webster His fortune estimated
at thirty million dollars was made In
mining and railroads
Isaac Lifter a peddler was torn to
pieces by three bulldogs belonging to
James Rife of Shlppensburg Penn
They dragged his body a quarter of a
mile from tlie place ot attack Litter
lived but a short time
James H Goodman a New York
lawyer should have his name enrolled
among the meanest men Besides de
frauding his clints woman aud or
phans of 23700 he stole 10000 from
liis wile and ran away to Canada
Willis Rally a colored man of this
city aged about seventy years was
struck by a passing train near the city
September 27th several ribs were
brnkeu and other injuries inflicted from
the effects of which he died Wednes
day Winchester Democrat
Emperor William or Germany the
tramp arrived in Vieniin Wednesday
and kissed about all the male attaches
of the Austrian Government Tills
sort or tiling may suit some people
but we place our kisses much more
satisfactorily on this side of the water
Rev Geo Barnes h now developing
and advertising the vegetarian idea at
least he Is argnning that Jehovah did
not intend for the human race to feed
on animal food He supports his po
sition by some metaphysical and misty
deductions from tiie history of the Is
Tlie Macon Ga Telegraph says
A gentleman from Cartersville tells
your correspondent that the Rev Sum
Jones is worth over 5100000 aud con
tinues to pile up wealth faster than any
man hi Cheroked Ga All this mouey
lias been made by Mr Jones original
style of preaching
A syndicate beaded by Jay Gould
and Russell Sage has bought about 7
000000 second mortgage bonds of the
St Louis Arkansas and Texas railroad
This gives Gould and Sage complete
control of the road The latter has
been a competitor in apart of the Mis
souri Pacifics territory
Chas Parrisy an Italian fruit dealer
of Henderson was bitten on the linger
by a tarantula which was imported in
a bunch of bauanas just arrived from
the South The insect was young and
medical attention saved the young
mau from dying from the effects of a
bite which is said to be fatal when in
flicted by an old lurautula
Prof Wiggins who makes n special
ty of predicting dire disasters says the
cause of the yellow fever in the South
is purely astronomical The Professor
declares that tlie earth has been drawn a
few miles nearer tlie sun since 18Sland
this teudeucy to cultivate a more inti
mate acquintauce with the great heat
giver lias resulted iu cyclones earth
quakes floods cholera aud yellow fev
Policeiutiu Jas Turner of Hender
son chased two little boys Willie Mil
ler nnd Casey Hart who had been
hanging on the steps of a street oar
Hart was caught but Miller being
about to escape Turner drew his pistol
aud fired at him Tlie next day the
dead body of miller was fouud ou the
river bank with n ghastly wound in
in his head the result of the act of
Turner who claims that he shot over
the boys head to scare him
During the Roman chariot races at
the fair grounds at Kuutztown Pa
Saturday eacii chariot drawn by four
horses hitched abreast they had mude
one circuit of the nice course when
one of the team became unmanagea
ble and dashed iuto the crowd of spec
taloes Daniel Kwan aged seventy
was fatally Injured and many others
badly hurt The horses came from
Buffalo New York and were announc
ed on the bills as untamed mustangs
Wm Knolls a farmer residing near
Hopkinuville tells this remarkable
snake story In passing through a to
bacco field several days ago he happen
ed to run across two snakes one a cop
perhead and the other a chicken snake
-wrapped around each other in a deadly
embrace aud lighting with all the
strength and venom they possessed
Taking a long stick Mr Kuolls carried
them to an open field where they con
tinued to battle until the copperhead
was killed Sliming it over the chick
en snake proceeded to swallow it
whole after which it was allowed to
escape The chicken snake was 7 feet
long and the copperhead five
Some new corn in the field has been
sold iu Fayette couuty at 150 per
At Danville Anderson Haas Foley
bought 8000 bushels of wheat at 100
per bushel
At the sals of the effects of the late
Prof Abram S Drake in Fayette
county last Thursday 700 bushels of
wheat sold at 06 cents aud corn nt
135 per shock
J W Yerks of Danville Instayear
Ing filly by Gambetta Wilkes 226
dam by Garrard Chief She MI while
being broken and striking the top of
head received injuries from wlilch she
The famous cow Rlby Marchioness
is dead She was bought in 1875 for
the magnificent sum of 0016 although
then only 5 months old She has pro
duced ten calvea all noted animals of
great merit
The sale of James Rsgland was well
attended 10 yearling steers weight
685 lbs brought 3 cents steer calve
Sll60 to 14 25 1 auokliug colt 5760
1 broodmare 10200 hogs 5J cent
Winchester Democrat
A B Bowling and sons sold to
Geo Mitchell 100 head breeding ewes
at 51 each James H Maconnthy 60
head nt S4 John H Blackboard 62
head at 54 Granderson Smitli 50 head
at SI Joseph Frayer 84 head at 4
Lexington Gazette
The wheat crop of Dakota Is nearly
a total failure Tlie following is the
reported average yield of different
crops Wheat 9J bushels rye 18
oats 26 barley 20i bushels Average
condition per acre is as follows Buck
wheat 77 potatoec 80 sorghum 67
sugar cane 78
The Connecticut apple crop is more
than unusually abundant this year one
man at South Glastpnbury having
over 2000 bushels of Baldwins upon his
trees In many places the branches are
hardly able to bear up their burdens
Onions are unusually plentiful retail
ing throughout the State at sixty cents
a bushel
The Stanlord Journal records the
sale of 270 mountain ewes at 275 a
car load of 200 pound hogs at 5 cts
a lot of 000 pound cattle at 3 65 a
bunch of 1150 pound cattle at 4 cents
and nu extra lot ol feeders same
weight at 4 cts several 1500 pound
cattle at 4J cts and 40 acres of corn
at 150 per barrel iu the field
Hon W T Jones of Jessamine has
sold to Foster and Ott of Lexington
forty five head of extra fine beef cat
lie twenty five of them heifers that
weigh 1200 pounds to be delivered No
vember Itt This is perhaps the finest
lot of fat heifers that will be killed iu
this market Lexington can therefore
expect good bjef after the first of No
vember Lexington Press
According to Prof Sargeant the
strongest wood in the United States is
that of the nutmeg hickory of the
Arkansas region and the weakest is
tne West Indian birch The most
elastic is the tamarack the white or
sheellbark hickory standing far fceiow
it Tlie least elastic and the lowet in
specific gravity upon which In general
depends value as fuel is attained by
the blue wood of Texas
In the Eastern States the wholesale
methods that distinguish modern farm
ing from the older ways have reached
even the apple orchards Buyers not
only strike a bargain for the trees
but bring their own pickers and pack
ers ou the ground barrel and ship the
fruit so that the orchard grower lias
even less lo do than when he drives
his milk to the creamery or takes a
number of clutches of eggs to the
neighborhood incubator
A writer in the Southern Pioneer of
Virginia agrees to pay 100 to any oue
who gives tiie following a fair trial
and does not prevent hog cholera
Take a sack of salt and barrel of hard
wood ashes mix the salt and ashes
thorouuhly Prepare a box of conven
ient size put it under cover where the
hogcau have free access to it at all
times and keep a supply of the mix
ture Iu it The mixture will cost you
a dollar and some trouble but It will
be sufficient for several hogs for one
Louisville Tobacco Market
By Glover A Durrett Louisville Tobacco
Ware House
Sales on our market for the post
week jut closed amount to 1811 hhds
with receipts for the same period 208
hhds Sales on our market since
January 1st amount to GS277hhdf
The offerings of Burley tobacco this
week have been liberal and prleps itil
ly maintolned on all grades Several
hhds of the crop this year were sold
during the ween and were remarkably
well cured for the time of year The
past few days have furnished a strip
ping season in some localities and it is
probable that quite a number of new
hhds will appear 1111 the market at an
earl date as the disposition to ship
early is very general
The lollowing quotations fairly rep
resent our market on Burley tobacco
Trash not colory and tobacco dam
aged by freezing 3 00 to S500
Colory Trnh 8 50 to 1400
Co mm on Lugs not colory 700 to
Colory Lugs 14 00 to 1500
Common Leaf 1200 to 14 00
Medium to Rood leaf SIHjO toS1700
Select or wrappery leaf 17 00 to
Remaining unclaimed in the Pot-
Oflice at Richmond Ky week ending
October 10 18SS
Alien Mrs Wm Sterens David
Bush Robt Smith Laura
Gentry Mrs R C Spiliman Robt
Mathis Thos Tester H D
Miller Wm Todd Kate
Patter J R Warner Nettie
Rupe C Waters Ben
Steatige Rolins White Lizzie
Post -Office hours from 6 a ar to 7 p
M Money order and registered letter
hours prompt 7 a m to 0 p ar
OCvl Ifor ntouas n I
I JfiS51A Ul Br1 gMCh
i oHi WJCJ lath TOrl L
AHlb IhC 5 OT wnftl lluv
J M1I4 Ool I IWbUbc Cuem
1 Bffkt ib4 BKSlflecau
1 Ytt t work aail crt of
raati loralltj can near mm
hiMnf vivul on pr
oa tu cto loRalHr Itt keD In
tMrtionKtihuw to ttmt wbcll complfllnofaar
nMidUkl vary Kwvu llULitiiuuf BAurixs
Town ttttMaM ttlu Mm wscUw e4 frvtukl afWr 70a
bv tpt flK In fmt boatft tor ic months n4 loom tbtct
tBtBOMWbOBM tuflted tBCT BeOBHI fOBr OWB pTODrt7
ft Is BWIW toBMB lMBTrt oftr BeadjBf U HOLID
tike Bpla In any WcaXty alwayi rcBBlU In a lartc trml for
bafU uurBBBplB -bi Ii a lotiltty fr b moataor t wo
w BBBATy cat ft 9 1 4IOO tn t4lbu t trB from too
rnrrvBJMllB c mssry Taia tbo matt VMHlcrfBt offr arvr
k BBPwnJn mao 1 a OKI r tat Bar B it mar be plaead a t one
VBO tliwy v3 B h f1 kll V AnaHM WrtIO Bl OBC BB4
SMkOHtroaflaartjuM Koaacrtt will becardlranr itbubIo
brralBtevtaBiili taMb may call at toot horn
as yar twward Ta ba woat autlatartory A rnolal card oa
Wales to wrtta aa rrwta bat 1 cnt and altar yoak Dow atttryo
not car to ko farther wttT no barm Udona Batlfyoado
pacd yaar aJareftB at oaca yon can oaearo a It EC ooo of too
brat Bulkl Kxaa welcbM In too world and oar larr line of
CiMTLV rlAJll LCM Wa pay aU ciprrea frrlcht eta
14 22
REPORT oflliectiiidltlon of thearmera
National Bonk at Ktoliraouu iu tlie
Wlle ot KeniuoSy nt the close or business
October 4th 1SSS
Loans and dlsooants 258627 IS
uverunnis teenreu nna bjna T
U a 1 sonus to secure eireaiiinoti
Oilier btoeks bonds and mortgages
uue irora appro vi retwrve agents
Uoe from other National Banks
Rent estate furniture and fixtures
Current expense antt taxes paid
Check nud oilier cash llea
Hills ot other Bankn
KracttouRl paprjcurreney uieSceln
Redemption land with C S Treas
urer 6 per mat ot circulation
- -
50000 00
2000 00
18W5 72
7500 00
997 81
199 42
J00 00
17 97
04S8 00
2250 00
Capital stock paid In lS0CO0 00
Surplus fund 50000 00
Undivided proflu 877 SI
Nutlonul Bank notes oauinudlng 45000 00
Iiidividuuiueposltssnbjecttoheck 1175W 10
Dae to other National Ranks -1091 fcO
Dae to State Ranks and Rankers 478 42
totai wngism
Couuty ot Madison
I S 8 Parkes aauler of aha Above named
bank -do solemnly swtr that the above
statement in true to the best ot my know
ledge and belief
a a PARKE3 Cashier
Subscribed and woru ujbafore mo tlilsIIth
day of Ootober 18W
J so W Oookk J Notary Public
Cobbeot Atteat
Trustees Sale
S Trustee of John C Hagan I will
sell ou
Wednesday Nov U 1SSS
at public auction at his house in Madi
son County on the Lancaster Pike 10
miles from Ricbmoud the real and
personal estate belonging to said Ha
gan The laud consists of
337 Acres
of first rate Walnut Lands fronting on
the Lancaster Turnpike and about one
mile from the railroad depot and in an
excellent neighborhood The improve
ments are nil good consisting of a
Two Story Uriel Dwelling
and all necessary out buildings The
farm is well watered and is adapted to
all the growths of Corn Wheat Rye
Hemp Tobacco and Blue Grass The
farm can be divided iuto two parcels
aud will be sold in one or two pieces as
will best promote the interest of the
Assignor and his Creditors The per
sonalty consists of
And a Large Amount of Farming Implo
meats and Household Furniture
Also 9 Shares of Kirksville and
Kentucky River Turnpike Stock
Terms as follows The possession of
the lands will be given on January 1st
18S9 when one third of the purchase
money will be due and for the other
payments credits of six and twelve
months with interest from January 1st
The personalty 011 all sums of 20
and under cash in hand over that
sum a credit until January 1st lfcSO
will be given
17 20 Trustee
e miim mun
It Btaada at the head ct all Kood ountna Those who
desire to hare the fcet orjran ahfmlrl acrniaini tawm
elres wltli the merit of our lrwiuuwnta Dont
take oar word for what we ar but wo and test oni
lnnraments K iw laer actls our organs In jqoj
locality write to the raxtorr
fatalojuci etc rre I 13 13 A N ON Xa
9 34
Is prepared to do an Kinds of
Reasonable Hates
Will furnish drawings plans and
specifications at any time
Office at his residence on Hallie
Irvine Street
Juneaa tf
Fine Cartes
apr4 tf Pkoprietos
100000 IH HEW FEMES 1 2000000 BVESTEB I S3BW BMY BPflji
Richmond Saturday October 27th
Iiyp A csmbifesdi1i
JrEl I I
fe3t m mm
sinra 1 pSj ZL
ll i
Ax the seat flnalr and mmormWr nad ret It tan
3k cPBsa ib vwuiyi vi kw bvt aoera fo row
porgliTWhiff terrttorr
lanw ai rmmmmtn win u
Guard against burglars and fire by pur
chasing a burglar proof and fire proot
Every merchant every farmer every
business roan every professkMaal naa
ought to have a safe Account boefcg ac
counts notes checks receipte raotwy
jewelry and other valuables ean be kept
lrotn all harm at small expense
as West Eagle St BuSalo N Y
jtfOnc of the Carey safes can be
esftu st The Climax office 51 25
iflm flirmnflTin
uii uwbuiift
bio laFonsrcs s
Josie DeMotte
Minnie BcMette
Madame Gertrude
Constantina MicM
Emma Houghton
Kate Hail
CarcUii1 Si c -Katie
Mimie iLi jn
Ma tie Kr v
Mattie Ke 1
Katanna Suwarow
Marie Damroff
Roae Pomatcwski
Laura Aahton
Mamie Ashton
Leonore EtT
Oeneverie Siateic
The Onlr Zele
Jennie Kirbr
wiinam DcKittu
Eadie Johns i
Katie Zencbu
Adenut buter
Jemes UeM
John Hobiii
Mons Karlcy
John Brown
Harry Jones
Ge riraWerts
John Ecmbs
Adam -51
Win Ashc Oi
SK Sribestrens
Jchniowo RT
Three Claris
Ash Family of Fire
Charles Petardin
Auguste Foueart
idward Meon
Zurate Brothers
StiffneyBi vs
Charles V 1 -
DeAhnaFi 1 y
Monroe Sm h
Wm Kirfcy
Mens Hebron
The Four DeOelcrs
Theophile DePlessis
IieHord Family
Alexis Moscovt
SenorJunr a C
Harry Mark
McNeil Iam r
Barbary Zebra Esat India Ante -
mere Goats Ebony headed Palst -Spotted
Axis Deer Bison of Cok m A
icsn Jaguar Silver Lion of Calif rr -and
Spotted Hyenas Llama or IVci i
GiantHorse21 Hands GiaBt0i21Hi
Andes Peruvian Alpaca Puma or i
Cougar American Baftalo Sloth Gn v
gima Panthers Senegal Leopard Aus
Kangaroo Bat Kangaroo Tapirs X
Lion Shetland Co w Spotted Tier
Tigers African Porcupines Bad r
versjj Wild CatsWhite and Gnv Cocr
esWeaele Lynx Peccaries Cn moi A
Gazelles Japanese Swine Afn i
Hum Iras Baboons or I v -
Monkeys Armed Ho and B1p S J
Bate Animals
Givea Preo with the GEAND STEEET PAEADE each mcr
Cowboys Scouts Eiflemcn V3cquercs Cowgxrl3 Indians Med
Men Bucks Squaws and Papooses a Herd of Texas Stec s vv
Buffaloes and Mountain Elk Pleet Mustangs Wiry Indian Poil
Genuine Dcadwood Stage Coach
Cages Dens and Lairs 12 Separate Kinds of Music 4Ktic3lTI
ons 15 Trumpeters Troupe Jubilee Singers Chime Bells HI
bright Chariot3 S Distinct Brass Bands Female Brass Bana c
2 Steam Calliopes Pifo and Drum Corps Female Open air Op
Horses 100 Ponies Scottish Bagpipers Steam Organ Droves c
phants Giraffes Ostriches Elands Buffaloes Elk and Zc
WMA kMm Ui UU aoADyy
L n f 11
CiCy I Si -It iHiir
maSS a CUA lunST ft I BBB tal
Ghea p Excursion Rates at all Stations on K
O R R Two Special Trains one from Livingston
and one from Rowland
Greatest Bargains of Your Life II
20 Yards Worsted Dress Goods for S100
16 Yards4 4 AAA Brown Sheeting for S100
12 Yards Green Ticket Lonsdale for 8100
fgOur Stock of Clothing Boots and
Shoes Hats and Caps and Ladies and
Gents Enrnishing Goods is Complete
j j 4 u z Jj jtj
W32S AEi 1 -
Contractor and Builder
Is prepared with U experienced -bands
to do alt kiadi of houc bun i
and repairing Give him x cal
Ftmr eed rooms aw First xtreH m1
Utile Mtitabte for nSiiet or bl
Apply to G W
School Book at Drug re
2nd St near Garnstt Home

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