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Fhe climax
I --
KT 18 1891
1 akl lioni
lee local
Pure Taint at W C
LkV l
ftay your gas
Vgtonon in
bills or the gas will be
Demotion day at College Hill ceme
t Ja Mtt at 2 oclock
fete and candy hont on the
m of Urn I R Irvine at an early day
Rurton Minstrels liomj talent
wM house and gave a good
I rks afternoon train left at
i its usual hour
ying delegates to tiie State
td has t he heft look -
lu iiirivuuii u 11 II llie
I the Big Hill pike
i menu oi tie lour
in Richmond published
tax Individual ceposits
v IV Imkerton iirotucr ot rrol
- been nominited by
for Rejiresentiitive of
agal ust Hon S II
ac in town one t ay last
thai some of his friends
I MVn imbibing too freely
pri and weigh seven
Hhil ten of the magistrates in
aant to vacate their offices
I them and tl e new
allow but eijht to
r Mr a r
he l iieenui orders a society oi
1resbvterian church
r their Miiiday school will give
M r I V Bales residence
1 Thursday evening be
koek All are solicited to
tfon Walker and Kzekiel Field have
law store ot M B Ar
line sjK oinien of litho-
i their lands in
is foncd in
kvafrw localities in the world We
tli men have a rich fine
Sale tf Ltts
he valuable business and resi cnee
Iroiiston estate near Three
I to lie sold publicly See
id attend the sale
I eks hence the ladies of
nrcii win give an
rt housc for the ben
lrviue has ordered a f200
ii oiittit which will add im
pactions Kverytodv
lyto p and keep on the
1 the dav and date
ioi tf New Cssstitatisi
i Icrk Hill kmdlv furnished
thousand copies of the new
sent to him by the Sate
l Thev are in pamphlet
1 in clear tyiK mid
lor erusal and refer-
ad them to our county
with this issue of the Climax
fur Karairrs
i son have several
purchase Madison
Iarties having such to
oiisult these
issue a
I -Late for sale in
il by the middle of
1 i lexsure in
ad think they can
all parties
lintan Assiarat
r in hardware and
made a voluntary
to II C Hariris
I as a short wiy
isineas Ijurt years
tat for this year afe
I with
so he de
tune by the forelock bo
ned He will nav
fer 1 r tll 1- a f
Jark The Ititrr
and Wednesday
tilings in the
ACr IMllells Vvitl u ber
wire coverts with
considerablv ir -
I sack growtlis care
en not to allow the covei
in A stick slightly tall-
r vine or plant will
1 r and nn venl ilinaw
I that the peaches gener
Muiy forest trees tens
Hi Is Irviif
witli two en-
force of workmei
the laving of rails on the
Iroal cast of Richmond
tenal rails tics plates bars
I the depot in stash-
un will carry the supplier
icr i the work
an ill go steadily on until
sashed At present not more
a Uiile a day will be laid but
increased The road-
condition and excellent
Inn Viui 11 1 -
- i jik Mium i
iths6 ir M veral weeks past
oodhion of the ground and a
fis me prevented
Kssr Ears
lfrtliHt Unfortlinato fimo nt i or
k do most alxmnd The ever-
1 Ur leijcel chicken ami
- 1 V 4l
ity It often happens
travel five or ten miles to
tlaBBB hloik of mini an
kg be even a freak to an
TTet that his mother nrnnmc
lias hurt K l fV K
omethinjreoiuilly distressing
is living ner Red House
witV Of the Iiuuik tint lira
i u
- inii n win iuur
Ugh it cannot
t -car driver As the
it hath cars but hears
1 well and hopes
may find you enjoying
UirliBioiid Editsr Killed
ngham who started the
bmond twelve years ago
a here two or three yean-
b story window of the Au
lnatic Asylum on Saturday
d and was so badly injured
Tuesday The remains
esday going to
d and the fact of the ao
e known He had beet
fined in the asylum only a few days and
was sitting in the window and fell out a
distance of sixty feet striking on his head
Deceased returned to Springfield from
Richmond and made a race for Congress
Removed to Kansas City and began the
practice of law Married in Missouri a
young lady who had visited relatives in
Richmond while be lived here The
union was not a happy one Finally we
hear there was a separation and Cun
ningham finding little in the practice of
law got a position on one of the Kansas
City papers Heavy work and financial
embarrassment bore too bard upon an al
ready erratic mind and he was brought
back to Kentucky by a brother with the
hope of restoration but he grew worse
and was sent to Anchorage
Merry May is Unisville
The L X will sell excursion tickets
at one fare round trip on following dates
May 11th to 15th inclusive good to re
turn until May 19 MM May Kith to
18th and trains arriving in Ixmisville be
fore noon of May lth good to return un
til May 24th On May 12th to Kith in
clusive Music Festival at the Audito
rium under auspices of the Commercial
Club Boston Svniphony Orchestra 60
performers grand chorus of 250 voices
and celebrated soloists On May 14tli to
17th inclusive Scott h Irish Congress In
teresting exercises and addresses by the
Rev John Hall and other distinguished
Scotch Irishmen residents of the United
States On May 17th 18th and 19th
Klks Reunion This reunion will with
out doubt lie the most interesting ever
held by this benevolent order The pro
gram will consist of a society parade and
ball at Auditorium on Monday an old
Kentucky barbecue and gorgeous spectac
ular and illuminated parade on Tuesday
OH May 13th to 22nd inclusive Jockey
Club races spring meeting which bids
fair to eclipse all former meetings of this
celebrated club On May 20th to 23rd
inclusive DufTs Comic Opera Company
with Marie Tempest at the Auditorium
Come and visit with us Ask F B Can
tor tickets at reduced rates
A Wrll Armed Sqaaa
Mr A C Buchanan this place re
calls a bit of war exierience that was
unusual and at the same time had
its humorous as well as serious
pases Marshall had come in from
Virginia with his army and upon the
return suffered the separation at
Mt Sterling of his artillery from his
armv One hundred men with twelve
cannon started out by way of Jackson
and Campton They were unacquaint
ed with the route aud captured Buck
as a guide They went into camp about
a mile from a high mountain Buck
felt entiiely safe as a dozen guns half of
them 12 pounders were certainly enough
for a hundred men Before daylight a
citizen came into camp and informed
them shat five hundred Home Guards
were gathering on the high mountain
and at sun up would attack the camp
When the morning was sufficiently
light the officers brought their glasses to
lear on the joint in question and true
to information Home Guards were there
The Captain ordered six cannon trained
on the enemy and they were fired in a
volley Gewhillikins The whole earth
shook and tree tops fell as if a tornado
were in progress on the mountain One
discharge was sufficient By the time
the guns were re loaded theie was noth
ing to snoot at Mr Buchanan carried
the squad through without further war
except garden truck poultry yards
and the like After all he enjoyed his
An Old Time Rare
Apropos of the candidacy of Hon John
Young Brown for Governor we chronicle
the fact that in 18140 years ago
Archibald Dixon the father-in-law of
Mr Brown visited Richmond as a candi
date for Governor on the lug ticket
Gen Cassius M Clay was the anti slavery
candidate and Lazarus W Iowell the
lieniocratie candidate Powell was elect
ed by only 850 votes and Gen Clay got
600 votes in Madison mostly Whigs
thereby reducing Dixons vote Gen
Clay received ifiBO votes in the State
Hon Robt N Wicklitfe of Lexington
uncle of Rev I L V Moffet of Rich
mond was the Democratic candidate for
Lieutenant Governor and was defeated
by i14o votes
Dickson made a speech at the Court
house and there being considerable flux
hereabouts of which he was afraid he
went home with Cant P P Ballard who
then lived at Russell Spring and nassjl
the night
Russell Spring is twelve miles south of
Richmond and is named in honor of the
man who had the contract for furnishing
the shine for Gen Green Clays house at
White Hall eighteen mile from the Joes
Rick Knob Quarry probably a century
ago The spring is a mile or two from
the Knob The editor of the Cum ax
with bis lunch basket and Capt Ballard
in the spring last
as a guide dropped on
Sunday and ate dinner at this pioneer
spring The water is abundant and cold
A grapevine twenty seven inches in cir
cumference grows up into two cedar trees
that stand over the spring
This was the first election under the
present Constitution
The Kdwards KsUtf
The Climax is informed that the Robt
Edwards estate in New York City of
which mention has been made in the
Climax comprises Trintity church
with thirty five acres in the city taking
in part of Broadway on both sides It is
valued at two hundred and twenty six
million dollars The direct heirs to this
estate we are told are Rev J J Ed
wards of Estill county father of Mrs
ML H Pigg of Richmond and others of
Madison e ounty G F Edwards and
sister and Mrs GKleon layior near
Richmond Also Mrs H H Fowler of
Meadville Pa who visited relatives
here last year
Concerning the Edwards estate a resi
dent of Richmond one of the heirs
sa ft
The Robt Edwards heirs are to meet
at the Willard Hotel in Louisville Ky
on Thursday May 21 1891 Among the
heirs that we are posteei on are W T
Edwarels G T Ed warels and their is
ters the two Mrs Pigg all of this
place C T Edwards of Whitewright
Texas Mrs IL IL Fowler of Meadville
Pa Rev J -G Parsons Louisville Ky
and J G Taylors family of Maelison
The Rev James Jesse Edwards the
father of the Richmond heirs is a son of
Dr George Edwards of Virginia and he
was the son of Jesse Edwards and broth
er of James Edwarels now living in
Jonesville Va Jesse Edwards was
I toe son oi luuter r ow anis w no nan oiu
i two children the said Jessie and Bettie
tried a Knight Here is where
tea in as a close heir
Before the Revolutionary War Baker
Edwards Robt Edwards and John Ed
wards brothers came from Wales
and settled on Manhattan Island
where New York City now stands
About the time the war broke out Robt
Edwards leased between 80 and 90 acres
of that Manhattan land to the Colonial
Government for ninety five years and
went into the arm v and was lost at sea
in a naval pnga uicnt The lease
has expired and the most valuable por
tion of New York City now stands on
the land and reverts to Robert Ed
wardss heirs according to that lease
It is expected that the whole thing
will be explained at the meeting in
Louisville A lot of valuable old rec
ords wiil be shown
Mrs Will Scott of Clark
Mrs C T Fox
is visiting
Miss Mattie McDowell is greatly im
proved since last weeks notice
Mr Carr of Bourbon came over last
week to visit his son Mr F B Carr
D J W Whitney of Lexington was
called here in consultation last week
Hon W B Smith and wife returned
yesterday from a sojourn in California
Miss Nannie H Parrishof Winchester
came over last week to visit Miss Mag
gie larrish
Mrs Millie Basjan of Missouri is visit
ing her brother Mr Alex Cornelison
near Richmond
Mrs Soger of Ashland formerly Miss
Minnie Walker of this county was here
last week visiting friends
Mr ampU 11 of Bethany West Va
brother of Mrs B C Hagerinan is visit
ing his sister at Madison Female College
Mr John H Cornelison ot St Louis
and Dr Alex Cornelison of Chattanoo
ga came last week to be present at the
burial of their mother
C M Owens one of the Climax force
went to Knoxville last week to accompa
ny his mother aud sister Mrs Dr R B
and Miss Lizzie A Owens to Richmond
returning Batmlaj They will likely re
side here in the future
Editor Thin Column I beg leave to
have a slight misrepresentation correct
ed A year ago or more the Climax
wrote me up at length and gave my age
at 113 I had a wife then and did 1t
care how old I was But things have
changed my good wife has gone to the
great beyond and I am well you know
how it is with a widower and that is
what makes me say what I do of course
no young good looking woman wants to
marry a man who is 113 years old And
I am not that old I am suie I cant lie
more than 55 or GO The Register writes
me up every week of late and I want it
to dont at least till I can get married
some more Seems to me any way
that if I were realiy 113 the subject
would be yours by right ot discover
And again I dont see why the Register
wants to write me up three or four
weeks in succession More than that I
I used to in slave times belong to the
Tiptons and 1 sort o like to stand in
with them yet I wish you would kind
o norate it around among the women
the good looking young ones that Im
on the turf again or the carpet which
ever is right and help me to lasso one
of em Ill be everlastingly obleeged to
you Truly
Maxyon OimiAM
Rev J A Sawyer of London
the pulpit at the Methodit church
last Sunday night
The Union Sunday School Convention
will lie held near Foxtown on the first
Saturday in June Program published
next week T E Baidwix Sec
Rev J W Harding of Winchester has
been called to Autioeh church for this
fear and w ill preach his first sermon on
Sunday next Irrhie Eagle
Sunday next is Whit Sunday which is
celebrated by all Episcopal churches as
the day npou which the Holy Ghost
descended ujon the Apostles at Jerusa
Christ church services and the Holy
Communion Sunday morning at 11
oclock a am Evening prayer and ser
mon at 8 p m Sunday school at 930
a m Rev D L V Molfett Rector
Rev Alexander Henry of Versailles
an eloquent and educated feaag
minister has taken charge of the Presby
terian congregation in Beattyville and
will make this place his borne Beatty
ville Enleryrite
Rector Moffett has had posted in the
hotels bar rooms barber shops and
other places iarge cards cordially invit
ing all visitors and other transient per
sons to attend services at the Episcopal
church during their stay in town
The following gentlemen have been
chosen as the Vestry of Christ Episcorial
church Richmond for the year ending
Easter 1892 J Stone Walker Senior
Warden F B Crooke Junior Warden
and Treasurer French Tipton Clerk
B W Turner Claude Smith I Shelby
Irvine Orville Kennedy Edward Pal
The Lexington Stock Farm has an ar
ticle entitled How to lay off a mile
track We can tell in three words how
to do it employ an engineer
General Garfield the trotting stallion
record 225 was sold at Youngstown O
to William Sly of Cleveland feir 3500
the price to be increased if he gets a
mark better than 220
A special from Nicholasville says The
large stables of S C Lyne situated near
Brannon on the Cincinnati Southern
railroad were destroyed by fire late last
night and five valuable horses were
burned His stallion imported Deceiver
which cost him 7000 was so badly
burned that he mav die
The bay horse that Dr II R Gibson
bought of Wm Gentry this county and
sold to Mr Bayless of Paris for 400 has
been re sold for 1 000 He was out of a
plain mare and by King Richard one of
Stone Arbuckles stallions now mak
ing a season near Richmond King Rich
ard has perhaps sired more high
priced horses than any stallion that has
ever made a season in the county
Among the commendable things Uiat
wire done by the Chicago Convention
was the ree ognition of the pacer in the
charter of the new Register Association
That instrument provides for the regis
tration of trotting and pacing horses It
was proposed that a similar provision be
inserted in the by laws A delegate sug
gested that the pacer was secondary to
the trotter Major Campbell Brown of
Tennessee wittily retorted not al
wavs The provision in the charter
was deemed sufficient however to an
thorize the insertion of pacing pedigrees
Stock Farm
The Ladies Delighted
The Pleasant effect and the perfect safe
tr with which ladies mar use the liquid
fruit laxative Syrup ot Fig under all
conditions make it their favorite remedy
It is pleasing to the eye and to the taste
gentle yet effectual in acting on the kid
neys liver and bowels
J Z Croxton died in Paris aged 47
Billy CunduTdied in Lee countv agenl
8S years
Daniel Pence died in Scott countv
aged 84 years
Quite a strike prevails among the
miners in the Jelico coal regions but no
serious trouble so far
Dr W H Bowling Dean of the Ini
versity of Louisville died Tu
morning aged 51 years
Dr R L Davis of Chie ago married
Miss Belle Bollards daughter of Ir W
O RoBards in Boyle county last week
Contractor Stephenson while pulling
down the old Methodist church at Ash
land was killed by the fall of some tim
Jos Payne of New Castle received
9000 in a suit against the L Ac N rail
road for personal injuries received while
in the employ of that road
Judge C E Kincaid arrived hers Tues
day and will remain with his mother in
this county for several weeks He is
looking well Danville Adinenl
A cyclone passed through Paducah on
last Saturday evening and destroyed
twenty thousand dollars worl
ertyand injured several
Mrs Fan n v B
the fire at the home of her son-in-law
T I Chestnut in Boyle county and was
so badly burned that she may i
Mt Sterling had fQtXOOO lire Thurs
day consuming the Commercial Hotel
Cockrell it Cos livery stable the Pres
byterian church narrowly escaping
Mrs Robt Ransdall has a snare drum
which was used by her grand father in
the war of ISIS It is in a tine state pre
servation and quite an interesting relic
Part it
A California Chinaman refused to ac
cept a paper dollar from the President in
Iiymeut for a trinket Mr Harrison
had to put up a silver dollar before the
trade was e onsummatcd
Dr B F Jones the colored physician
who came here from Ohio and located
last fall is receiving a fine practice He
is a graduate from one of the best medi
cal colleges in Ohio Peril V
Jeihn Carroll a white man has been
sentenced at Mayfield to life imprison
ment in the penitentiary for the murder
of a ne gro hi 1889 Carroll has recently
been dilltargcd as cured from the West
ern Kentucky Insane Asylum
Although electric roads have been in
operation only five years 50lX0nKi
hare been invested in them Hone
cars on the contrary have been in use
sixty years and the investment in them
at the present day is but 5UX000
While a e ompany of amateurs were
rehearsing a play in the opera house at
Troy Ala the building collapsed and
about twenty young ieople were buried
in the ruins Two young ladie s were
killed two seriously injured and many
others hurt
What is calkd a tariff picture show s
that the wage s of jewellers in Protec
tionist Germany are only 80 cents a day
while in free trade England they amount
to 150 The teachings of this picture
obviously is that tariffs or their absence
elo not regulate w
Dr R P Townsend President of the
Bank of Adairville was fatally wounded
by Marshall Myers son of a prouiineut
Adairville merchant between whom
and Townsend there hail been a feud
The weapon used was a shot gnu i
with buckshot tihelby Stmt
Winter Brewer one of the most pop
ular and successful stock breedV
Mercer county elied a few days ago at
Harrodsburg of pneumonia He leaves
a wielow and a grown son and a large
family connection The funeral servi
ces were conducteel by Rev F S Pallett
and were largely attended
Mary Baker a negro woman of Bowl
ing Green while walking down Main
street Saturday morning stepped on a
dynamite cart ridge- w hich exploded blow-
the pavement There were three of the
cartridges and then had been laced in so
public a place by some devilish boys The
woman is in a serioafl condil
Frank the ten-year-old son of Bob
Closky a cooper in the employ of Mr
G White was run over bv the yard
engine at the K C freight depot late
yesterday afternoon and his left foot
badly mashed and his left thigh broken
He was standing near the track and the
steps of a car struck him knocking him
under the wheels Iaru A
Mrs C L Railey left last week for
New York City to make a visit to her
husband whose business engagements
detain him in that city after which she
Bhe will take passage in a French
for Europe to lie aliseut several months
On her return home from Europe Mrs
Hailey will be accompanied by her
daughter and sister Misses Ada Bailey
and Dixie Pepper Midway CI
The Georgetown Times says Eight
er nine years ago at the Paris Fair Mr
Thos Smith of this county lost from his
watch chain a gold locket which was an
1 eir loom and greatly prized Sunday
vhile at Capt Boytons exhibition at
Switzer Mr Smiths brother Mr Ed
Smith saw a negro man wearing the
locket and paid him 5 for it He claim
J to have bought it from another man
Washington Jefferson Madison Mon
roe and Tyler are buried in Virginia
Jackson Polk and Johnson have their
tombs in Tennessee Both the Adams
ai e buried in Massachusetts Van
ren Fillmore Grant and Arthur rest in
New York Harrison and Garfield are
buried in Ohio Taylor rests in Ken
tucky Pierce in New Hampshire Buch
anan reposes in Pennsylvania Lincoln
in Illinois The Cadet
The Allen Countv Batik of Scotsville
which assigneHl Tuesday owes its deposit
ors 20000 and creditors 55500 addition
al The members of the banking firm
nude individual assignments and the
crash has carried down several of the
most promiuent business houses of the
face Scottsville suffered greatly within
the last few mouths anel was Dealt
stroved bv two fires In the last one tiie
bank building burned It is thought the
bank will pay its creditors in full
The Court of Appeals has affirme d the
judgment of the lower court in sentenc
ing Will Jennings the pal of Wilson
Howard the outlaw of Harlan county to
imprisonment for life Jennings and
He ward were chargeel with the murder
of John Bailey in Harlan county and be
sides this crime they committee
oui others which gave them a terrorizing
notoriety in that part of the State rei
ing the presence of the militia to ke
peace during the exurt trials I
ly an
i g Camp grounds and adjacent proper
ty and it is the intention of the parties
interested to makeva big thine of Parks
Hill and the grounds roundabout It
iitemplatcd to build hotel and a
j sanitarium on the hill with pleasure
grounds adjoining A fine race track
splendid grand stand stables Ac w ill
lie made in the magnificent bcttom oc
cupied by Col Parks farm The sani
tarium will lie supplied with Blue Lick
water from the Upper and Lower Blue
Lick Springs and shipped to all parts of
the countrv The undertaking has long
lx cii talkeel of and if successful will he a
great thing to Nicholas county The
I otusville and Nashville is said to lie
interested in the of the se heme
A mad dog player havoc in the neigh
borhood of Atoka Boyle county He
Brat made his aftperance iiimh the farm
Of W A Calilwell where he bit a fine
jennet valued at 1000 Toe jennet will
die The dog reappeared near the same
place next morning and near the blacksmith-shop
of Joseph Vanarsdall attack
ed VanarsdaUs little son and badly
wounded his right wrist After that he
attacked and hit five dogs four cows ami
three steers all of which will have to be
killed The animal then laid down in a
field and W A Caldwell came up with i
-un The ailed to kill the
n and re
ceived thi
I t - yesterday bit a
son of Wm Leathers Both of the boys
bitten were taken to Junction City and a
ma lstone applied to their wounds but
their fiieins are fearful that they will
contract hydrophobia
The Farmers and Drovers Stockyarels
Cincinnati will be opened May lfith
Cattle 15 cents calves 10 cents hogs I
cents sheep 31 cents
- tr Haas A Co of this city have
bought 101100 pouud8of wool during the
past week from various parties at IS to
25 cents jer pound iMtnviU Aliv itc
Save your Kentucky Blue Grass seeel
with Kings Patent Hand Seed Strippe r
Warranted to strip 20 bushels pe r day
Order from voiir de aler or direct from
R C Kim Carlisle Ky eVftk
It is said that the firm of Furst
Summers who fattened 1000 head of
cattle at Glenarme distillery will make
over 170U0on their cattle Thev paid
Mr Geenbauiu cd 1000 for his siop
Midway dipper
Hon E Kenton of Robertson has a
cow that has given birth to three sets of
twin calves in succession The first set
as yearlings brought 56 The sire of
the riiuarkable cow was a twin calf as
w is also the ether
M Kahn shipped last week the 306
head of cattle he has been feeding at the
G G White distillery near Paris They
were TenneaaM e altle and averaged
1090 pounds and were sold to M Gold
smith for something over 20000
SicholatcilU Democrat
Aoout 400 cattle on the Paris marke t
court day and all but one bunch found
ready buyers The best brought 4 to
S425 A few mules anel horses on the
market Only a niotlerate attemlanee at
e ourt on ace ount of the farmers being
busy planting corn and plowing
J T Estill of Madison called on us
rday He is the father of Mrs Jno
Cunningham His brother Col Cliff
Estill the notenl bachelor has been con
fined with grip since last March Mr
Estill built the first tobaero barn in Mad
isonand raised the first hurley He dehorns
all his e attle Pari sTwsWhnw CUiun
The largest shipment of live Stock
from this place or some time and possi
ble the largest simile shipment ever
made left last week for Jersey City N J
The shipment consisted of V car loads of
e attle numbering 1015 head owned by
Mr Soiunie rs and slopped at Glenarme
distillery About 50 of the number were
bullocks and the rest steers They were
all in excellent condition and would av
erage in the neighborhood of 1700
pounds per bead VYefiraj Clip
Gb IS Y mi v
Covington Ky -May loth 18L
LViieving in the motto Live and let
live we have cut the yardage on live
stock down to one half the previous
charges viz Cattle 12 eta instead of
lets Hogs cts instead of ti cts
Sheep ZfCtB instead of 5 cts This re
duction will be in force on and after the
alwve date
Our yards have undergone thorough
repair and are second to none in the
country for convenience and all desira
ble accommodations and we guarantee
Hiitisfaction to all patrons old aud new
W A Peter Supt
Kentucky State Weather Service in
co operation with the U S Signal Ser
vice for the week ending May 9th MM
The weather of the past week was
characterized by excessive sunshine de
ficient precipitation and the lowest
on record for the season
Very severe and genera frosts were re
ported throughout the State on the 8th
and seventh In the Northern and
Eastern counties minimum tempera
tures at and below freezing point were
recorded The greatest damage from
these freezes appears to liave occurred in
the sections referred to In all parts
of the State however the results are
very serious to fruits and gardens In
the vicinity of Louisville grapes are al
most totally ruiued The injury to
peaches and other large fruits may not
be so great as it is now thought to be
The frost caused much of the fruit to
fall from the trees but ao they were
too heavily laelen this may be beneficial
There are some reports of damage to
wheat and corn but it is confined to low
ground Some time will be required to
form an approximate estimate of the
damage done Tobacco plants are re
ported to be very plentiful and of fine
quality Rain is very badly needed and
this combined with the cool weather has
greatly retarded growth of all vegetation
Dr K A Grant Director
A Pltasut Resort
Last week while in Lexington we drop
ped in to see our olj friend J C Bryant
on the corner ot Mill and Main streets
who has one of the finest and most elabo
rately equipped drug stores in Central
Kentucky He has lately rcfurr
his house throughout and among the at
tractions is a large and handsome soda
fountain where at all times one can
procure a cooling draught of this delight
ful beverage His stock of toilet articles
and fine perfumes is complete and the
ladies will find this at all times a pleas
ant place to call 1 1
Gas Tamed Off
ice to consume- ebv given
that the gas will be turned off from all
day Water Lioht Co
it M N Driggars Supt
want to buv a Sulky Surrey
Buggy or Carriage call on Do nelson for
ie latest best and cheapest 5-
TiEPORTof thiKltllonaf the W
rv National Bank l Kiclnnonil
OI M lll i
May 4th 1WJ
ucky hi liie clone of
paid in
lu llie
Loans and discounts - UKVBS SS
Overdraft seemed and unsecured 6ki Mt
D 8 Bond to aecare orculxtion SOOmi Oil
stlocks securities claims etc iUU U0
Hue from approved reserve agents Ssh St
line from other Nations Bnnks S t
Hue from MMlv Hunks and bankers 580 TS
Hanking - house furniture anil
5 500 0
Other real estate and mortgages
owne1 tjm m
tun ent ex peuaes and taxes paid 1406 10
I hecks and other cash Items 6412 IX
Rills of other Banks 614 00
Fractional paper currency nickels
and cents 17 40
Specie 10611 00
Redemption fund with L St Treas
urer o per c eut of clrcnluliou XJSO 00
Total 356612 35
Capital stia k J1VUW OS
Surplus fund 50090 00
Undtridad protita 58227
National Bunk notes outstanding 4500 00
Individual depositssuhjeet to check lr22S 3
Hue mother National Hunks
Hue to Stale Banks and bunkers I
inly of Madison
I st s Parkes cashier of the abOTS named
bank do solemnly swear Uiat the above
statement is true to the best of my know
it id belief
8 S PA RKES Cashier
Subscrilied and sworn to before ue tins lllli
day of May 1891
Robt R Euknam Notary Public
Core ect Attest
-Hi rectors
Miss Leila Peyton daughter of John il
Peyton died in Madison county on
Thursday May 8th 1881 Buried in
Richmond cemetry
Mrs Mary Cornelison wife eif Alex
ander Cornelison died suddenly and un
expectedrr near Richmond on Wednes
day night May 8th 1881 aged perhaps
ti i yeais Was burieel in the cemetery
She hail been seriously ill but was
much improved
Frank White dieel on the 14th of April
at 4 oedexk in the morning He was in
his 80th year and had been in very fee
ble health for several weeks and then
took the grippe which soon put an end to
his sufferings He was a brother to
Bob White at one time assessor of
this county and a man whom every one
likexl and respected He was burieel at
the graveyard near Judge Chandlers on
Wednesday The family have the sym
pathy of that entire section Beattyville
Frank White lived for many years at
Four Mile Ferry in Madisem county and
was a son-in-law of James Isom who
lived at the same place and was nearly a
hundreel years old when he dieel
Tribute of Respect
Wiikbeas It has pleased the Al
mighty tiexl in his infinite wisdom to
remove from our midst our beloved
brother Albertus Iarke who departed
this life May 1st 1891 in the 37th year
of his age He was a consistent Chris
tian gentleman having lieen a member
of the Baptist church for several ye ars
Also a worthv member of Bush Union
Xo 1728 F L IT and was burieel by
the honors of that order the following
day of his death at his home And
while we mourn his loss we bow in hum
ble submission to His will knowing that
He doeth all things well That our loss
is his eternal gain Therefore be it
Krwlved That in the death of brother
Parke we sustain a great loss his wife a
kind and loving husband his children
an affectionate father the church a true
Christian the vicinity a niodel fanner
2nd That we cherish his memory in
our hearts and extend to the bereaveel
ones our heartfelt sympathy and com
mend them tu Him who doeth all things
ord That the members of Bush Union
wear a badge of mourning for thirty
4th That a copy of these resolutions
be presented to his family one spread
on the Secretarys boeik one sent to the
Climax and one to the Home Journal
tor publie ation
Samvki ilili
W N Kuis VCom
L E Parker J
Adopted May Mi I88L
A company his been organized at Hir
ing to take charge of Daughters
College at that place an institution in
which many voung ladies of this county
received part of their education It will
still be controlel by President Williams
A Moon stone Pin set around with
pearls was lost between First and Second
Streets on Main Finder will please re
turn same to this office and receive re
ward ol 10
48- Miss Sue Bennett
One Sleeve maker and a Skirt
hand in dress making room over Busy
Bee Store it
Caotoa Stock Farm
MrAL Thomas Supt of Caton Farm
at Joliet III remarks I enclose you
amount for six bottles of Quinns Ointment
As a rule I am conservative about saying
anything but atter one yearrs trial I must
confess that it will do all you claim for it
Tomato Cabbage and Celery plants for
sale fresh from the bed by L Schlegel
The Richmond Ice Manufacturing
Co propose to sell the best Ice as low as
the lowest
Little Barker Skp Krawe
George T Little has removed his bar
ber shop down street to the house former
ly occupied by Sanders cigar store sec
ond door from Herndons corner He
invites his old patrons and the public gen
erally to call Customers promptly
waited upon Everything clean and first-
class and the best of work done 12
The Ice Factory asks for your patron
age See their Agent 4S 8
Good front and back rooms on Main
street suitable for young men Cheap
Apply at Climax office 33-
W P Baxter painter and paper hang
er does the best work See him and get
a good job 29-
Domklson has a quantity of new Sul
kies Surries and Suggies of the newest
and most popular pattern and at very
reasonable figures 5-
By Ulover A
Tobacco Market
Durrelt Louisville Tobacco
Wiuv Houae
Sales on our market for the week just
closed amount to 2515 hdc with receipts
for the same period of 1 057 his Sales on
our market since January 1st amount to
6 hds Sales of the crop of 1S90 on
our market to this date 3039s neli
The characteristic feature of our market
this week has been its irregularity neces
sitating an unusualy large per cent of re
jections at the same time some remarka
bly fine sales have been made of the good
and fine grades of leaf and all
grader with color have been higher in the
past few days than at any time during the
The following quotations tairly repre
sent our n
Tr 2 00
to 3oo
Co 1 3 SO to 550
to 1200
Common Leaf 7 00 to 1100
Medium to Good Leaf tt joo to t6oo
k to Fine Filers 16 OO to 1200
ect Wrappery Tobacco 22 to t
of condition of the af adiaon
REPORT -1 lUt at Richmond In llie
mate of Kentucky
May 4 law
the close of business
Umna and discounts 410454 28
eivenlrafls secon d ami lA558 51
I H Bonds to secure circulation 5SJU6 St
t S Bonds to secure deposls 75JNS S
Hue from spprovi d reserve ngenls 134a 64
Hue from other National Banks 1185 41
Hue from sitate Banks and bankers 5771 74
Banking house furniture and
Oxtnres - MJg
Current expenses aud taxes paid- 893 59
Bills oi other Banks - 08
Fractional paper currency meaeis
and cents
iwal tender notes -
Redemption fund wllh U Treas
urer to per cent of circulation
Ma M
42M 00
Total MMl 5
Capital stock paid In - 200400 00
Surplus TIMS 00
Undivided profits 2HJ0I 07
National Rank notes oulslandin tiull im
liidividnsldepoKiMsiihjeettocbeck lti4 tfi
Uuite1 Mates deposit Sllis 40
Deposits of s distun sing officers 14107 00
Hoiks lt01
Uo wiil bankers 4576 20
Totai fossil 65
Couniv ot Midisoti
I C Ii llii nault Cashier of the above
named bank do solemnly swar that the
Bbovestalenieiit Is true to the beat of my
knowledge and belief
C Ii lHKNAUIT Cnshler
Suliscrllied and sworn to before me this
Uth day of May 1801
H P Dkatukbaue Notary Public
CoKBkci Attest
it nnLiNtniAM
Coke Kor Sale
An coke for sale at
the new gas works Price
40- Richmond Water and Light Co
For Krai
New House of five rooms Gas latest
style on Fifth Street
45 4S Mas Katr G Wiggins
Ice lira
By the gallon or any large quantity for
families or parties Best cream at rea
sonable prices
4- Joe Giunchighliani
Buy your ice from
Manufacturing Co
the Richmond Ice
4 i8
11 e Stock Commission Merchants at Clucin
nail Union Stork Yards nud Covington
stock Yards
Cincinnati Ohio May It 1891
Good to Extra 5 501 5 60
Fair to Good 4 73 00
3 75 4 50
Common and Rough
Good to Extra Oxen 4 7c
Fair to Good Oxen 4 501
Common and Rough 1 y
Good to Extra 5 lyt
Fair to Good 5
Extra Fat Steers 4 io
Fair to Good Steer 4 75a
Good to Extra Cows 4 2et
Fair to Good Cows 3 J0
Common Cows 2 ptf
Rough Cows and Oxen 1 oo
Best Shipping 4 Je 4
Best Bologna 34
Fair Bologna 3 cot 3
Fair to Good Feeders 2 2scb 2
Common and Thin 2 oo 2
Good Extra Steers 4 to 4 75
Fair to Good Steers 4 ooii 4 25
Good to Extra Heifers 3 23 3 50
Common and Thin Stockers 2 o 3 00
Best Grades 42 50945 00
Fair to Good 20 oo30 00
Common 10 oo2o 00
5 00
4 7S
3 50
5 4
5 40
5 s
S 00
4 So
4 00
3 00
Best Veal Calves c 7t 6 00
Fair to Good 5 2ii 5 50
Common and Heavy 3 oo 4 10
Select Butchers 5 io 5 15
Fair to Good Packers 4 653 5 00
Good to Extra Lights 4 75d 5 00
Light Pigs 3 751 3 90
Extra 7 50S 7 75
Remaining unclaimed in the Post Office
at Richmond Ky for the week ending
May 12th 191
Brock Mary Morgan Jas B
Burton Jeinie Mrs Moore Bell
Chambers May McMillian C A
Coan Mike Nave J A
Dickerson Wm Park Thomas
Ellitnore Ann Qum Mary
Faucette Win Riclu y James F
Green r Betv
M Mrs Sharker Ja R
Keiier Nora Smith J
Louis Leevia Tribble Alex
Lamp Paul Vaughn T C
Jenkins Taft Young Annie
Post Office hours from 6 a m to 7 p m
Money order and registered letter hours
prompt 7 a m to f p m
We call the attention of Painters and
everybody to our celebrated
Pure - Read - Mixed - Paint
which we sell under the following posi
tive guarantee We guarantee our Ready
Mixed Paints when properly applied to a
good surface not to crack chalk or peel
and to give perfect satisfaction as a first
class paint and if after three years wear
it fails to meet the above requirements
we agree to furnish paint free of charge
to repaint building
Ha A full stock of these paints on
hand and for sale by
SHOBTEST and qjjickest between
Cincinnati and Frankfort
Only direct line between
Frankfort Oooigatown Pxia and
Richmond Vo Omnliraa Trantr
Trains run by Central Standard Time
Time Table December 15 1890
a n r u r
TRAINS EAST No i No 3 No 7
Pus Psss Mixed
Ly Frankfort 5 45 3
Elkhorn 5 5 1 3 J5
Switzer 6 07 3 so n
Stamping Ground- j 334 107
Georgetown 6 55 4 05 1 oj
Newtown 7 4 o 5
7 4 3 45
Ar Para 7 4- 4 5 3
Lv PsmVuTK 11 it I 5 37
Winchester- u 10 6 15
Ar Richmond- 1 jt I 7
a m r M m r u
TRAINS WEST No s No 4 No 8 No 11
Pus Pus Mix Mil
Lv Bichatowd via 6 10 1 oj is 30
7 5 1 5 3 SO
4 SO
4 5
i 5 3S
Ar Ftankfcr i o n i I I 4i
Trains daily except Sunday
Vfrnon CtAKKGen Pass Agt
Ubsbhal Office Frankfort Kt
of the cond lion of the bich
xomd natiohal bank at Richmoid
In the mate of Kentucky at tb close of
baaiuesa May Itli Ml
Loans and Discounts
Overdrafts secured and unsecured
IT 8 Boods to sreore circulation
Do from approved reserve 1
Due from other National Ranks
Due from state Banks anel bankers
Current expenses and taxes paid
Premium on O H Bonds
Rills of other Banks -
Fractional pa per currency nickels
and cents
Lecai Tender Notes
Redemption fond with U K
orer a per cent of circulation
4B77H4 4B
1S4H 7
t r
148 W
jm s
1124 W
tjffJI 10
Capital stock paid in aM M
Surplus fen 2MM4J
Undivided proflt 946 II
National Hank notes onutandtng 4JM
Individual deposits snlject tocheck 1M9 41
Due to oiker Nitional Banks 21lli II
Hue to stale Bank and bit ikers 2 7i
Not- discounted l
Total 442985 C
Cocsty or Madison- j
I J E Green leaf Cash ier of the ato
nameel bank do solemnly swear that the
above statement is true to the best of my
knowledge aud belief
J E UacaisLBAr Cashier
Subscribed and sworn to before me this Mb
day of May Ml
Jno W Cbooke Jb NotaryPuolic
Corbbct Attest
T s BU RN AM V Directors
At 3 oclock p mon the premises we
the administrators of Thos S Bronston
deceased wil
On Thrsiij M17 Is
Sell to the highest bidder that propertv
lying between 3rd and th streets adjoin
ing the depot of the R N I B R R
consisting of
suitable for residence or lusiness pur
poses each 50x140 feet Also the best
al -
cur d
in Central Kentucky containing early
one acre of ground with a switch leading
into it from said railroad
Sale will be positive and without re
TERMS -One-fourth cash balance in
six twelve and eighteen months at six
per cent with lin to secure deferred
P S Persons desiring to purchase or
inspect this propertv call on
G W Evans Son
Real Estate Agts Burnam Bldng
48 40 Richmond Ky
City Lois lor tos
I will offer at public sale in front of the
Court house door in Richmond Ivy on
SATURDAY MAT 16th 1891
between the hours of 10 oclock a m and
6 oclock p m the following propertv to
pay the taxes assessed againt the same for
the year 1S90
Mrs Rebecca Baxter 4 600 00
Launey Clay 2000 00
Mrs Nannie Faulkner 800 00
Mrs W 11 Grayson 1500 00
Mrs EJ Miller Soo 00
D C Lyman 300 00
Mrs B B McDowell 2500 00
Patrick McMahan Sr 500 00
WEMyers - 80000
Frank Barnes 00
ley Barms ix 00
Mat Campbell Jr 100 00
Mariali Green -00 00
Susan Hollowav 3o 00
Joe Irvine 300 00
Marian Irvine 250 00
Harrison Miller 400 00
Letch Miller gdn Phelps hrs 45 00
Lewis Simpson 700 00
Millie Shearer 200 00
Mineiva Stone 00
Thomas Walker 300 00
Dow Winkfield - 150 00
Charley Yates 250 00
45 48 City Collector
For Liioer MTg Co
of the condition of tha Ssesael
REPORT Ik W at Kirhnaood
State of Keutucky a Uiecloaa of
May 4 IBM
Loans and discounts
Orerdraftx stussrsd and nnsecnrsd
U s Bonds to scare eirealatlofi
D fiuas ajapsorad rsssrTi agwats
line froaa otaar National Ba
Dm I
Bills of otner Banks
Fractional papsr currency uickela
and cents
IJ s
si M
Bill Stuff 16 ft and under per M t2 50
2d Com inch 1 5
xd - 10 00
Sheeting 7 5
Dressed Finishing 2500
1st Flooring and Ceiling- 22 50
2d 18 50
3d 13 50
No 1 Dressed Weatherboards 15 00
2 tJ 5
10 00
Lath IS
Pickett Kb 3 5
akyIn Car lots a discount of ft 00 per
M ft except Pickets and Lath
aTDelivered piices made known on
application Address
47 46 Ford Ky
To Applicants for Water
Notice to prospective Water consumers
If you make application for water while
the pipes are being laid and ditch is open
in front of your premise the tap will be
made without any extra charge If the
ditch has to be re opened afterwards for
the Up to be made a charge of J 50 will
be imposed for the Up Make opplica
tion to M N Driggars Supt of
Stockholders1 Meeting I
The annual meeting of the Stockholders
of the Richmond Water Lie lit Co
will be held at the Companys office in
Richmond Ky at u oclock a m
Wednesday May 13th 1891
Chas S Powbll Secy 48
Notice to Debtors
It being necessary to settle the partner
ship of Jennings Si Gibon due
j them as well as my individual bills nave
I been placed in the hands of Mr P 1 i
ia authorized 10 c
aod receipt them I hope no one will take
I uSTense as my long continued iltnew ren
ders it impossioie icr me to give n nj at
April 7th 1891 43-
and with I
S per cent of ct
Capital stock paid In
Sorplu fund
Undivided profits
National Rank notes oatatandlngs
IiKti vidua deposits subject to check
Doe to other National Bant
Notes and Mils ra djaroanted
1 It iVes no
mature in J
I It does nc
earned ar
largest tie-
- nj
4S1W Tl
fl l
Walker the above-
do solemnly swear that the
mt la true to the beat of my
knowledge and
Safceeribed and sworn to before me this th
day of May 11
R E Tcblby Notary Public
Cobbict Attest
judgment and order
By virtue of a of
sale rendered by the Madison Circuit
Court in the above stvled action a
March Term 1801 the undersigned
Special Commissioner will on
Friday May 22d 1891
between the hours of 2 and 4 oclock P
M sell at public sale on the premises to
and be t bidder the following
J raal estate Ac
situated in Madison coeinty Ky on the
waters of the blast Kork c reek
ind bounded a
linj at a stone and an 1
side of the creek corner to
Scuddct thence up t
S63 E 7 H poles to a si
t E piies to a a corner to
Greens heirs now John jreei
with his line V 57 E- 75i pok
to a
stake corner to J A
with Thomas Eli ons lit W
no poles to a stake in Otter Creek
tnence up the creek
poles to a stake the
E 14 3 10 poles to the beginning
87 1 4 Acres of Land
This Ian
it well watei
ter mile of proposed
which the Countv I
trade an appropi
It is near church an
is not tar from ReJ l
is well set in gi
ie acres of splent
Tins lar
dc bt of 4091 and the costs of I
TERMS will be made on a
claer will be re
to the undersigned
cent interest Iroin d
reerved on the land
money is paid havir
of a judgment
SpecI Comr M
C Tum Ffrk
H Leathers President
C M Phillips Get-
The Natuiaul Is
1 dividend not
declared divide
per cent of a
3 Its dividends are from earnings and
not from assessments
4 It is the most liberal and equ
with its shareholders in the matter of
j loars and withdrawals
5 It does not compel us oorrowers 10
carry two shares for each too beirr
6 Its Board of Directors comprise the
most substantial and o
nesa men in the city c
well known in th
7 Full and correct ii
ation given
1 are
to tlose seeking an invest-
SteiHEnB White Sec Treas
Richmond Branch
J S McPHEPSON Special Aoknt
47 CO
A Administrator of Whitfield Moodr
I will on
Tuesday May 19 91
on the premises near Kingston Madison
county Ky proceed to sell to the hi
bidder all the
consisting in part of
Twelve - Mules
4 Horses J Yokes of Oxen 10
Steers Cows Calves Hogs
Also he Farm Implements Household
Effect and the
now in store at Kingston
JflJPTerm liberal and made known on
day of sale
47 4J Administrator
The Madison County Bible Society has
at the drug store of Stockton Bro
Richmond a large number of Bbies and
Testaments They oner them at extre
low pr ce to those who are able to buy
and pr jpose to give them away to all who
are not able to buy Ministers through
out the county are requested to see that
the poor of their respective vicinities are
V L CRUTCHER President
4Q 4R Mad Nat Bank
Txmpike Election
1 holders in the Kirksville and Ken
1 npike Co arc hereby no
tified that the annua election for oUcaiw
of said compan
house of j 3ro at K
ville oc

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