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tt Waa Stow Work Bast It Lea Gate-
IK fan v arv BMa hi
atat in the study Enter her mamata
with a pan full of raisins
lior Mamma If you young people
arunt doing any thing Im gulag to
make you atone theee raisins Im mik
ing mince meat and Im just as busy as
I can be
Why of course mamma Itll
Mrs Mtuaer Welt
turn the whole job out in just at out
erenteen minutes and a half
Her Mamma I guess nottheres
ounds there
erection et the kitchjnl
at scheme isnt it Ilovr do
stooe thethings any how
She- Why you just squtnch en up
like this
nt Mem to ppt the hang of It
8be Why clumsy I You dont
hold them rijrht
He liov
He This way
She No why how stupid you are
Sets his iinpers risrht with her own
daiit Them
II This iv area fun She with
draws her finprers abruptly
She Sow set- how many yoo can
atone while Im ilolii one
it mother mate her
be matter
rnt there on- two
- should never ha
mtlaac meat and sweet
us duty with ler
from New Krp land
- If you had
make mince meat
u lust suppose
t I piiess -
tuff and stone the
I suppose so Wut aa
w if you want
t y use do it you
the raisins
ad a Half Luter
r tin -el
lack how
Bed me two
nly fjurl
v baatda Jack oh
d U mamma fay
inimit mamma
rough Oh Jack do
ih se
laiiin i Yea Jane uf eoauae you silly
lar in Iuek
Ilradley Say Flannijran why dont
vator vil tiat trunl
n just oven Iralade Ill
ut the trunk Its yi
6ilf that kin carry up the eWitflr
r t j 1 j
A Wicked Ha
- n I
Man What do you think at
aur tswing caae lan t it
1 mihj
Mistress I am st a lost to under
stand your motive in leavinf
The work is too barrud
mum und its worn out I be entirely
Why I have done most of
it mi 1
BrHg as but its wort out I be
hearing yez tell mc oi it Munseys
Dutrh IMgnltT
A case v a revsnoe officer
has bellied to enlighten the aroaaaaV
inga of a somewhat prosaic oourt of law
isterdam Ipon the ccuse list
stood the petition of s tax collector
i us Mai BBawawlOa1 Turkey for nonpay
ment of rent The judge as usual
all both parties
before the court The ushr with his
J step left the precincts of the
and in his formal monotone
N and his
Maj of Turkey Abdul
Hamid and then rctunxl into court
The Jndg - parti s to the suit
pn seiit Tc Daher - ur honor
only the plaintiff His Majesty the
Sultan does not appear The jndge
cnsidTrl Mi c tl ccojrtmuit
be upheld and judgment vas given ao
n In
a in
law Madera War Advert tar a
Well said Mr Marter I suppose
we might aa well write out that adrcr
tteement for to morrows paper Vni
say you want a German girl
Yes said Mrs Marter Tre tried
nearly every other kindand Im sick
and tired of them
AU right German girl Experi
Yea say experienced for goodness
Must be a good cook eh
Yes we mustnt hare a poor cook
again What messes Cora has been
giving us lately
- k laundress
Fond of children
Oh yes dont leave that out
Ive got it down Want to say any
thing about sire of family
You might as well sav in a family of
Family of six All right References
of course
Yes indeed
Would you say any thing about
We ought to get a good girl for
fifteen dollars Yes Id say fifteen dol
Wanted In a family of six persons
an experienced lierman girl for general
housework Must be good cook and
rlSflwalfcw fifW rS
laundress fond of children and have
unexceptionable references Wages
15 Hows that
Thats good only
Its just the time girlsare In demand
now and perhaps perhaps wed better
leave it a little more open dont you
know Suppose we make it German
All right Ill change it Any thing
I was thinking
1 wonder if wed better say any
thing about the number in the family
Ill leave that out Think of any
thing else
Its so hard to get good girls and
really I think tome of the newly arrived
ones are lietter
Ill cross off experienced Will it
do now
Mrs Hunter says its ust imp wcible
to get a real pood girl now theyve
been picked up so fast Slie says they
ask sixteen eighteen some of them
twenty dollars and
Suppose we leave the wages till they
I think wed better and Mrs Hunter
thai even tsn they cant do every
nicely You rmld have your shirts
and collars done up at the laundry I
rf course I could
And so far as cooking Is concerned
Ill have to do a little more in the kitch
en myself I think when theres any
thin Im particular about Of course
the girl must be a jilain 000k at least
All right- Shall we let that stand
about the children
I dont know but wed better leave
that till they come How does it read
Wanted A girl for general house
That that Isnt very er attractive
is it
Its bald
This is what they finaly fixed up for
the paper
Wanted To assist in the housework
of a small private fmiiil a neat girl
Any nationality Liberal wages will
le paid Please call or give address on
postal card Mating hour when can be
been Fuck
1 akward Paws Munseys Weekly
lioaton fashions
How old is Minrrva asked Mr
Racqne Bey raising his eyes for a mo
ment from his Plato
She is seven answe ed Mrs I aequo
Bey as she closed her Browning with a
finger between the leaves to keep her
Seven said Mr liacqne musingly
isnt it aliout time we were putting
her into spectacles Cape Cod Item
Haw Hoane Tapers lloom
Is the circulation increasing much
asked the editor of the Oilnook Hreeze
Yes indeed replied the publisher
I put four new subscribers on the
books to day and sold 4000 copies to a
club of young men who want to vote
for the most popular burglar West
A Poor Job
McCorkle Jaysmith calls himself a
elf made man
McCarkle Well no one who knows
him will dispute the assertion Jndge
a Fereat tho Gravy
A traveler on leaving the dinner ta
ble st the hotel was sorry to leave any
thing behind He therefore slyly ap
propriated a chicken and put it in his
pocket The waiter in attendance no
ticed the proceeding tmt said nothing
He took the gravy tureen and deftly
emptied the contents into the travelers
pocket The latter feeling a strange
warmth turned rounc and said
What are you doing waiter
Sir you forgot the gravy they both
go together was the reply Le Passe
A Sttorr Old Macro
Col Yerger Your face a all swelled
Uncle Mose I cotcted cold one day
las week from going- around widout
any stockings
Youve got lota of money Why
dont you buy a pair of stockings
Because I has got one pair hut I
cant wear em
Whv not
Dey is hid away full ob silver dol
lars Texas Sif tings
A Slery af Prejadjea
Onee there was a nun
One day he was tiortally shot by a
The man was Irish and the episode
vexed him exceedingly
His last words were This is the
darkys day if my existence And im
mediately after I da a niggerminious
oaath Pock
Mistakea leal
Now brother said the good pastor
to the new convert you must go to I
j work among your young friends and try
to bring them into the fold
And in the first flush of his enthusi
1 your roong the
choir and began talk n to the singers I
3ucag TrihwBSi
If Toa Wftat to Save Time and
S Head This Article
J localities where there ar many
small stones scattered over the fields
and where it would be a positive advant
But It
age to get rid of
some of them in
constructing a
small loose rip
rap wall on the
line of the fence
and under the
barb wires they
become a visible
barrier and no
tread on such a wall of stones Fewer
wires are needed three Wing sufficient
where five or six are IWflied on level
ground If the wall is rather small or
if the barrier is to be rendered stronger
and more visible two or three furrows
may be turned from the foot of the
wall As no animals will wish to
crowd or lean against such a wall
strength is required in the posts and
the stones partly supporting them the
post holes need not lie dui so deep nor
are very long posts required It is
hardly necessary to add that the posts
are to set before the lin of stmes is
placed in position Fig 1 represents
such a fence
In the absence of stones a small open
ditch on each side of the team answers
equally well Tie- line of posts is first
veral furrows are plowed
on each side as near to ita practicable
and the loosened earth throwa up into
a ridge or bank A se wnd plowing and
nd shoveling will complete the
ditches and bank The wires arc then
placed on the posts nd the fence is
completed No horse or colt will wish
to tread down into the ditch in aider
that he may cliinb the bank and push
against the wir s The barrier will be
sufliciently visible If the ground on
each side is heavy turf the bank prop
erly covered with it may be more nar
row und steep than one made wholly of
loose earth which however will in
time become
well sodded
Two men with
a t w o r s e
team will plow
4ltA fiiFmitL nriii
make the bank 9
thirty rods long more or less in a day
while the reduced amount of wire re
quired and the shorter posts which may
be used will render this fence as cheap
in c instruction as the one with live or
6ix wires on level ground The
may be at least one rod apart if inter
mediate vertical cr with the
lower ends nearly reaching the ground
are used to which the wires are stapled
to keep them in position
Fig 2 represents the appearance of
such a fence and Fig 3 is a
n tion the
Kontal dotted
line being the
surface of the
ground Neither
of these fences
will produce heavy snow drifts the
winds passing through them sufficient
ly freely to prevent the accumulation
To sum up the advantages which
such fences will present- 1 They are
durable i They prevent heavy snow
drifts 3 They need fewer and shorter
posts 4 They require less labor in dig
ging deep holes They need fewer
wires H The wind does not disturb
them and animals da not throw them
Old board fences which have become
weak by age or stronger board aajeat
which are in
danger of being
broken down
by unruly
horses may be
rendered i m -passable
by the
partial barli wire aid of a single one
stretched on the top as show 11 in Fig 4
fueh animals have no disposition to rub
against a fence of this kind or to press
it and it remains safe and untouched
American Cultivator
St Louis Republic
Keep all your pullets
that each fowl gets Its share of
Whenever you find a hen that dont
lay kill her
It rarely pays to keep a hen after she
is three years old
PLACS clean pure water daily where
the fowls can help themselves
BAaXCT fed alternately with wheat
makes g kk feed for laying hens
Wkii fatteni and well dr
poultry always sell at the best pri
When the yards will admit keep hens
of the same size and disposition to
Mi at senna of all kinds makes a
g k k1 ration for the pomltry during the
lKEPAfE to breed as many chickens
as possible as early as possible they
will pay the liest
The rakings from the barn loft and
the mangers arc good material for the
hens to scratch over
One of the most common ways for
the hens learning to cat eggs is leaving
broken eggs in the nest
A Vauietv of feed is necessary to se
cure eggs No one ration will furnish
all the needed elements
Kuan with a small quantity of oil
boiled made into a stiff dough with
milk is a good feed for hens
raising poultry for market breed
the flesh formers and feed so as to get
the best weight at the lowest c
Oatmeai is one of the very best ma
terials that can be supplied to young
chickens to keep them growing
IATiiiNG in sweet o l is one of the
very liest remedies to us on the combs
in case they should get fr
rNDEB what may Ik considered over
age conditions fifty le rs are as many
as should lie kept in one house t getber
la severe cold weather it is best to
feed more corn than when the weather
is milder Corn is a good heating food
Waiimino the water and keeping it
fresh will aid materially in preventing
bowel diseases during the lutes sup
ply it at least two or three times a day
anVawawL 5
You tnink this is a happy father bmil
ing in the eyes of his firstborn dont
A Tree That la Now Attracting Some At-
aaataaa in This Country
The Iaj dnut which is now
attracting some attention appears to
have been introduced into the United
nit twenty five yean
The oldest trees are at Tower II
of Charles vuraden There ore two
They bore nuts at eight
of age Mr Camden writ -
grow very thriftily and are hand
some in shape and are very full und
r bearers The illustration is
made from specimens from these
Some fifteen years ago Mr Camden
6ent trees to General Bidwell at
Ikuneho Chlo and they are now bear
ing These and the two original trees
ore the only ones yet fruiting in this
country TVs tree is now offered by
some Eastern nurserymen and we
shall soon hope to know something
definite s to its hardiness and capabil
ities The species grows in Northern
Japan and is said to lie as hardy as an
leglans Sieboldiana is closely allied
Manilchouriea another species of
Eastern Asia though it is not recorded
as a cultivated plant in Japan Ir
Maximowicz the author of both species
says that he has often seen the Pi grow
ing and knows of no gxxl distinction
between them exuept the eharach
the nuts 1 Mandeliourica has oblong
and ridged nets while 1 SieUildiaiia
should have short and smooth nuts In
shape the nuts of the specimens figured
see illustration are very like tho
J Mandeliourica but their smoothness
places them in the other speeU s It is
very likely as Dr Sereno Watson sug
gests to me that the two sjseies run
ther and that the California trees
represent a variation towards 1 Maud
chi mriea
The species might be called with
bettet propriety the Japanese butter
nut The nuts are b rne in long chas
ten which often hold from fifteen to
twenty specimens Nuts tire shown
with the husks on and removed in the
illustratioa The shell is thinner than
that of our butternut and the kernel is
swist and rich much as in our species
The tree itself is attractive It appears
to lie one of the most promising of re
cent acquisitions
According to Luther 1 turban k the
species is of easy culture It accommo
dates itself to the same soil- a s its con
geners and grows with great vigor It
ly grafted by approach upon our
enmmon walnut English walnut and
its trunk retains the same dimension- as
the stock but it is by seed that it should
be multiplied It reproduces itself per
fectly true and if th young plants re
main bushy during the first years the
tree shoota afterwards and thanks to
its rapid grovth promptly assumes
large dimensions Prof Wickson
that the species first gained prominence
in Issl when the California State Hor
ticultural Society referred the question
of its botanical affinities to 0 P Bix
ford American Garden
Good straw makes pood fodder for
sheep It must be good straw remem
If we an bo be successful in produc
ing early lambs we must not attempt
to do business in a slipdiod way Both
the ewe and lamb must have the best of
On meal is growing in popularity as
a food for sheep and we arc glad to
note the fact It would be an excel
lent thing if every dock master could
feed s
If a sheep is in very pior condition In
the fall of the year it is lictter to kill
and bury the animal than to fool with
it through the winter The chances are
that it will die anyway
It will be necessary to remember that
roots an- principally water and that if
the breeding ewe is given too much of
1 old water while carrying the
lamb abortion may result
THE sheep i limal to fatten
and ti most of the fat could lie laid on
with less grain if there was a little
more care given to the matter of feed
ing No animal should be recklessly
fed the sheep especially
IIobkpt QriNs of Michigan asserts
that wool growing will pay at thirty
live cents per pound for wool and mut
ton will pay at four and five ousts a
pound if the business is well managed
We think that that is tru but the
sheep business can not possibly pay at
less j
It need hardly be said that a flock
master has no right to complain of the
unprofitableness of bhoep husbandry
unless he has given the best of ma
ment to the buf iness There are 1
many failures in all lines of business
that are the direct result of poor man
agement Western llural
JerfjeRt OvetMisel In tre Iulnn
The largest bearing apple orchard in
the United Mates sys un exchange is
in Leavenworth Kan and comprises
fn acres of bearing trees This year
the yield was 7 170 bushels the gross
receipts being es0tw0 Yet nearly 8100
waa cleared off each acre The owner
tars the Missouri Ii ipin the best
paying apple in the orchard the Hen
Davis next and the Jonathan third
He has recently set on SJO acre orchard
n Osage County
A neat boarder for a dining room
All Hope Abandon
Poet meekly I should like to leave
this little poem for your inspection I
suppose a good many poems are left
Editor gruffly Yes arid so are the
fellows who want us to buy them
An Inexhaustible Supply
Mrs Brown- I heard to day that Mr
Van Gabbler owns a gas ut I
dont believe it
Mr Brown You would
prep it if you had
beard his wife talk ekly
Fiajftt THB
Littls Tommy w a dreadful
Maj W II Botts of Glasgow a dis
tinguished lawyer of Kentucky and
ant secretary of state under G ov
Leslie died suddenly a few days
at lark a small town in Barren
Patents for Kentucky George A
Kerr Louisville twine cutter Fred
crick Slitzel Louisville governor for
steam puinns
Box Cakpenteh who fatally knifed
Jack Tracy at Camp Nelson gave him
self up at Nieholasville He appeared
to be justifiable and was rale as ed on his
own recognizance
The Kentucky state medical society
at its session in Lexington elected the
following officers for the ensuing year
Dr It Brown of Stanford president
senior vice president Dr B L
man of Lexington junior vice presi
dent Dr John Young Brown of Hen
derson treasurer Dr J B Kinnard of
Lancaster board of censors Drs 11 W
Stone of Ilopkinsville Charless Maun
if Nieholasville and S W Willis of
Winchester The committee reported
in favor of Louisville as the next place
af meeting
At Padneah Beverly Heed shot and
killed John Slaughter They had Ixen
skylarking in Reeds room and Ik came
angry when Keed picked up a pistol
and shot Slaughter
JAMBS M LattoH a prominent
r of Lancaster died of heart dis
st the age of 08 He haves two
The state board of health met in
villc in annual session the other
evening Chairman Pinckney Thomp
son in his addr i that stringent
measures le adopted to prevent the
of adulterated food His remedy
is a license system and inspectors for
butchers milkmen etc Dr Met ormick
the secretary took occasion in his ad
dress to comment severelv on illiterac
so noticeable in the profession v-
a word or two about local medical
John Makhin a prominent citizen of
Hartford committed suicide by taking
morphine A reverse in a lawsuit is
supposed to have been the eanan
Ail the commanderies participating
in the grand conclave of Knights Tem
plar arrived in Frankfort the other
morning and when the procession was
formed the following ere in line
Louisville No 1 Webb No J Lexing
ton Frankfort No Montgomery
No Mt Sterling Covington No 7
Maysvilie No alolay No Pi
Louisvdle Newport No IS Cynthiana
No 10 Cyan No 17 Danville Car
lysle No 18 Richmond No li J
Breckinridge No JO Flemingsburg
Bowling Ureen No 28 RossellviUe
No lirand officers in csrri
The procession marched from the
depot to the First Presbyterian
church where the sermon was deliv
ered by P J C John If Worrell of
Danville After religious exercises the
process km marched to the state house
where Sir J Proctor Knott delivered
the address of welcome which was re
sponded to by sir Wm II MonYrt of
Louisville In the afternoon the Grand
Lodge of Kentucky was called in
emergent communication and accom
panied by the iraud Coniuiandery the
governor and staff and the Johnson
Guards marched to the cemetery and
unveiled the monument erected to the
late Dov L P Blackburn in the e
tery ten B W Duke of Louisville
and lion W M Beckner of Winches
ter were the orators of the day
Tiiie Lexington banks have been
victimized by forged cheeks to the
amount of t2S0 the fraudulent paper
iieing endorsed Charles Louis I
He is president of the Kentucky univer
sity ant pi the indorsements
ries 1 hire is no clew to the for
Lexiniton newspaper workers are
organizing a press club
Two employes of L J Carley at his
Camp Nelson distillery John Tracy
and Bill Carpenter fought desperately
the other afternoon with knives and
pistols Tracy was cut several times
once La the abdomen Carpenters scalp
is laid open his lips are split and he
was stabbed several times Tracy will
die Carpenter was not seriously cut
Wat Shokt a mail carrier and Tony
Rice nephew of Judge Bice of the
sixteenth Kentucky circuit were mur
dered in Lawrence county by a bad
gang which to hide evidences of the
crime placed the bodies on the railroad
tracks where they were struck by a
train Four men and two women are
under arrest for the murder
The United States supreme court has
rendered judgment against the state
of Kentucky in the suit by Crutcher
agent of the I nited States Expresi
holding that the Law of the state
tax on express compan
ies is violative of the interstate com
merce clause of the federal constitu
A citizen A Mi NK meeting held at
Murray nominated W W Ayres for
the Legislature and he has accepted
subject to the result of the democratic
primary election to which he had sui
mitted his claims A similar meeting at
Willisburg Washington county named
K illett who has been indorsed
by the democrats
Miss Lnr Mathias of Paducah has
married has Hong a Chinese laundry
man of the same pla
An attempt to burn the toll gate on
the Clarksville turnpike was made the
other night Combustibles saturated
in eoal ol were piled around the build
ing and set lire to It was with diffi
culty that the flames were extinguished
It w as the work of incendiari
By a majority of thirty live votes the
syers of Versailles have decided to
pay 11500 for fifteen 1300 candle power
arc electric lighting the streets
of Versa Ilea The contract has been
let to Messrs Geo C Graddy and F M
Mb R K Bast is a democratic can
didate for the legislature in Fleming
A Matter of Figures
No sir said the barkeeper yon
dont get any more here this time
Youve had enough whisky for one
AH right sir replied the customer
somewhat thickly My trade doesnt
amount to much I spose Its about a
couple o dollars a week mebbe but
Ive got friends Bet yer life none o
themll ever come here again Say
he continued pointing his finger im
pressively at the man behind the bur
do you know what this things going
to cost you I til knock you out of just
W a week Thats over StOO a year and
thats the interest on 90000 It costs
youSC000 bgoahr
Thats all right my friend respond
ed the barkeeper if yon and your
friends drop out It will bring me about
13 a week in better tra -and
he pointed his finger straight at the
man in front of the bar do you know
what 13 a week is Its overSOOO a
year Thats the I n 13000
and Id give 810000 to have you stay
away from here bgoshl Ye light
out Chicago Tribune
Old Barter Kavsril
There w rioflhe Piper
i Merry Kinn Coe
And Men of Gotham
1 a bowl
Corner Main ami First Streets
carefully compounded day and
nipht liy an experienced physi
cian ami pharmacist
A 1 I U I F
a watch
tVatebea Clucks Jewelry 8ilvrr aitd
ttatcd wan He BundaJ
attention given to
lioniiy done inu in a artarkiitatilik
1011011 r
Cash Paid fcr Old Gold and Silver
nST Doni hritl lb- plaer mxl door
lo the lot ollii i Kleliiiond IvV
has tiii
ilraitlsf Horse Oils
W CTodd Bra
111 Main St below First
Staple and Fancy Sracsriss
Qaeensware Glassware
Tinware Hardware
Woodenware c c
Tobacco and Cigars
buy an your
haafPRODUCE at the
various other goods
My ire all nw awl of tb
un li
Tinwarfi WnnilRnwarls House Fnniisliiiia
X 4U II UJ w II WW Uil 11 at wi j HiuiwuillK
Roofing and Guttering
Richmond Kt Mann la iswo
The Styls The Thing
The Quality ths Best
ifaaFVome now while yon can
et the larjt l stock to select
Irom Save money and be happy
7 44-
a Ak n j T
i for
Potts Dnersons Gold Dust
BBBBBaBBBBaaBajaaBaBMuMaataBBaaaar iaa
aaaMaaaaaaaaaV aaaaaaaaaiaai
-our mw-
Workers in Sheet Metal of All Kir
As the senior mem
ber of the firm W A1
One oi li
Kentucky k 51
Miiiths Will
Powell has been CijUuv HU lJ im
pointed postmaster of
his time and aftei
tion we ha Ye dicikd
to close out onrCloth
in and Shoe busi
ness We will there
sition will reqmfalFTlIllishing Goods
IS N i M11
I have all lli
mi Bale and at prices within lh
reach of all Mv lim
fore sell at grea HIGH SHOES
reduced prices from AISnTI1I
this day forward The
greater part of our L O W CUT
goods is new and the
in plain loe or patent leather
prices are marked tipped foe Ladies GeatsMk
and Children ia the
down to little above
eost while for tiio gbbieit Ever Shews in Richmssd
others we will take
less than cost
cvv vxi nmiT DV1IlliI J J
of the best materials UUi 1 DU I iie
and latest Styles The McJtialej Bill Ims not al
i vanced bit prices which are al
escrin tion oil
1 ways the L EST
Hats a variety of
Shoes Gents Furn
iiing Goods Um
brellas Valises and
Come now
KIMS and
i makers
LIN tot HAliDV
rands ol S A I
r to Join
New - Livery - Stable
Eugies Harness
have eome and ow
I can please you in style as well JjfJJJ fyj JjjJ
as in price
i K
aa in tiie
all kind
at reasonable
Hoi irded by ll
week or nionih
Hcrsss Bought and Sold
Teams lor liuulinu of every kinJ
- i Irvine Street
between Second and Third
i 11 MYEKS MnVr H
jl K K H 11 I 1 i FARMERS having Wheat shoul - S
III 111 VJI L w I n now- c v lv
rtl Full RuUcr Miii in operation i
i U Cant Is
Cincinoar I
gBraaw i
tvvs Saaaf
I do tt Mi

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