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All lehted totluCiDnvBv
to call at tl uflice ami settle
intK All account that lum
inal i fmwy H
moat -nth
i WL Powell ljaer accounts and
oriptions must lie settled with B
l Bark
lie wife of Mil ward G
iueeday night Saftfasaber
Patrick lfcitiglierty juiiikv1 from a
- night and
in S
sell IB on
will speak on IV-
- lal Clnl will
- Ml Of will I
lie lirt court room
ition wil
U rtth Tin
unity are cordially in
1 an J profitable Urn it
res in o rn 100
baa been adjudged at l
a -
witli onlv aw and tin
M li id near K irk -
a hich
all lie
ii liim are not
1 for
- v Her-
If j
- - a the
uetl diirii
will le resumed i
k The
i ridav
ell kimw i
ii the
of the
rn I
K Hendrick
anil apja iee at the
lay p in lth ad-
ii the
iriri one or Ixith were
ibr the time Klit
Jemamine Journal
ig ticket ha-
n the ittiern
et having all t on it ami does
p French 1 at the
Creek distilleries ex editor
a simple but effective
r proving the proof ami taxable
s which is highly reconini
rC H Mas As M
vira Sylnor Miller would say the judge
i hnih after the order of a No 1 lead
hut he gets there ju
- Interior Journal
The story is told of a Harro Isburg
dergrnuin who was anxious to rei
Battaal Seeke wi Ran
sacking bookstores and libraries in vain
he ralled to mind that a Rich
mond friend also a clergyman had fre
quently quoted from it o he wrote to
k alout in that city and buy
ok for him as soon as possible
grain came Uk startling reply
No Neekers After Ood in Richmond
Daarille Advocate
Judge Scott is on the liench at the
session of the Clark
Circuit Court Work wa commei
promptly but there was
terwards caused by a political gi
I rn - had bii
- time was given one year in i
teuliary for throwing a ro k Ui rough a K
train O rial he was given two
years Four horse thieves ami
burglars ai a will
less be dulr sentencel to serve
iail until
afur i the
n dont pay attention thereto
bare to pay dollars to
brawn minion of the Commonwealth
aba Taylor of Pike county lias
imonjt us and wiil hereafter be
found with his shoe brush aad boa
in r Knconrage the best boot black in
The raaott of the Madison Countv
Teach held September
Jnd wu received last week to late for
insertion whicl ft to
i nds will kindly remember that
mile it of rtance
or interest after 12 0 Tuesday
ft lajrtrtarol Mary
Aon Holts colored of Winchester was
on list
1 the child no
ell into an i
in depth r was
raised and
H cri came to the n
I water in
and the was not injured
only frightened
ttinhy ii tlie 19th inst
- Pat
tie W
by the til ft hand in
to tin-
were drawn in and crushed into
an nureccog Ir J V
are arc
perforated the amputation ltwiii le
ibered by I the Ct
u that last arinter another son of Mrs
t eighteen while
cutting timber for wood lodged a tree
and in getting it down was killed
toothy of Um
oiiiniunity in this her new al
pair I
court day
p Un - -d with a white fa
oiiur white with rcd bead and neck
Quailill Mectnu
at Providence
Saturday and Sumla next Oc
id rtu lr Vaugiiu tin
attendani e
lb- i ist Church
A lr P C
Pi Reat
Dr Coleman pber of Waco
I who - -
T 1 - liar
ii- w
I part
Kew AiIn
Wallace v Kic in
ny if you
Court I
r it two tliii
which found pin iing
Mn at var
aoaae fow bringing V anil others rang-
- o to
-110 This
i a marked improvement in pi
Horses But few horsi sold
So toppy homes on the i Prks
7 to p2i
AN ut 120000 cm
on the markets and bl lUgjit
- -
per IllilllSind
Proliliitiiiu rourntmn
Tlie ProhibitiOB partv lu ld a Conven
tion at the Oladc Christian church near
Krilav and Saturday September
and 29th and placed in nomination
the foUewiag ticket for county ofl
nvention was called to order ny
I YV Chaney County Chairman who
permanent chairman Bla
was elected Seeratary
The nominec s are
Count v Tudge John T Ixing
Countv Clerk Wm BaeaaataBc
rill Ian -re
Jailer -I B Irvin
Assessor J 1 BickneU
suneyor J W Moore
The Iroceedings of the Convention
were intersjersed with devotional exer
cises and add resses b EG Dodge Kev
S F Kelley and Prof A S Voters A
general good time was enjoyed by all the
The Valley View Murder
- Howard of Valley View who
shot and killed Robert Jones on th
alt was given an examuiation before
Jmlge Phillips and lieid over u Circuit
Court under 1006 lxind in default of
i he was taken to ail The facts
on the trial go to show that
the encounter aud
i inking
Hie are that the father
at a family of smaJl children
and husliaiid of a poor weak infirm wife
in jail with the blood of ids fellow man
i on his hands and a future before ban
dark probabilities And a young
man who was or should have lieen the
1 s ii port of a widowed mother and other
the mniilv cut oil in liis
K V Elder reports that Mrs Fred young
uate possessor of t where is I -
ient on U
id luck in getting the j jtg gd moral so plainly that all may see
neighlxir state- that Mrs Ret- j aDj read
uey has made up her mipd to purchase a
Powell sogiiests that
eqxjtt to chew up every man in tow
does not advertise Mr Kldcr an
with purchase ower JjflOO keys i
To Cleanse Tar System
Effectually yet gently when costivr
or when the blood is impure or
permanentlv care habituaj
Annual Heeling
annual n mans
age and 1
the Kentuky ConLie will c held in
Richmond Ky October ltth to 18th
Foul 1UI aM
The following are the dates fix
- of the 1 liter-
hm Cth K S C vs i C at Lex
Molier nth K 1 vs IC at Ceorge
October K C vs C at
Koreaaber lOtb G C vs C C
November loth K C K S C at
ember 24th K - i rs C I at
A Granil Revfoal wf KeUfrhw
Bev A J Pike paatot i the Baptarf
Church at Giles I by Key A V
i Staaford have just ek
- meeting It a Of the
fill meeting ever held in the
county there betag 9fi addition- lo the
membership Okl enemies have
their diflereocea giing God1 the
All denominations were u
era w - d and work
- of the meeting The large audi
ence allowed their appreciation of the
conductors of the services bv
eraily to their support at tin
of the meeting
Hard on Wiaeaester
A jealous Mt Sterling man told the
story recently
While coming up on a KC train from
Cincinnati it ran over a pole cat near
Ausieriit and as the seenl penetrated
Winchester they gathered up
preparatory to disembarking m
told tt the train had not yet
1 Winchester thej d that
they n the familiar smell of the
work water and supposed they
ester Of
will place credence in this story ur
imply horrible the
rammer but the improvements
made and new filter added at the works
now give at the l i water in Central
Kentucky Demon
nn acCrearj at trail Urchara
A gMMl erowd gutherel at Crab
chard Taeaday to hear Gov McCrearya
speech which was brim full of sound ar
gumeiits aad pure Democratic doctrine
apologizeil for the absence of Ins
coaapetitofs stating that Ir Roberta a -
a n statement con
Mr him
self at Lancaster ti
Mr i bom jiilist bad he
Bupposeal ghren np i
ed the tarit bill i the
d done cave his r
ieving that b ttei tunes were
at hand and abend vtp with at
rjnent appeal to the Democrats for theii
undivided support of the entire ticket at
the November election His speech was
well received and will have a I
e proper I
a ill ic as the people
mart hour
The following day 1 1
speak at 11
1 o loek -Interior-Journal
Tli i Bevel is Bayal Baartii tlic Sleepj
at Moaalahu
A banting party of F B
si It J YV Sin if
K V Turley of Richmond Ky and W
of I inver r yester
day from a weeks banting trip in the
Mount i
Pram Ken
tucky am- verfrom their home
I the nexl
v with Mr Th
for a i
They went by rail to Sew Ca
3t nt Tie nee they tl
on bronchos with pack animals to
Cat Mom
untiuvcled region where they camped
nt a week hunting and list
I dont think we nt a more
delightful week in out said Mr
Carr sjeakiiig for the party
The weather was perfect in act at
i as like summer And
why even in mr wildest
had not thonglit that the moan-
Colorado could produce such an
abundance of it Deer were thicker
than rabbit--in Kentucky One of our
party remarked that he had never thought
leer without shooting at
it but the time came to him then Han
oi the sportive animals passed us
unheeded We killed one bull elk and
live spirited bucks They were superb
lens of their kind and we will take
the beads and antlers home for mount
Ihe meat we distributed to our
friends in Denver There was also line
trout fishing- which we enjoyed imn
ly and any amount of game which we
shot and ate to our hearts content
Tiiis is the first visit of these gentle
men to Colorado but they say it will
not be the last They are all eatbn
tie sportsman and haveb amord
of the climate and the fine facilities for
enjoying their favorite pastime afforded
ralo Denver Exchange
there was juite a matrimonial sur
prise in our town on yesterday when it
Imouneed that on the evening
previous at o dock at the residence
of Elder Jo BaUoO near Stanford Mr
B M Campbell of Betbaay West Va
and Miss Katie L Walden daughter of
Kid Jesse Walden of Qu place had
been joined in the holy boad of wed
lock There were no attendants the
ceremony being soteauiiaed by Elder
Ballon in the presence of the family and
a few friend Alter the ceremony the
happy young couple returned to the
of the bride near town Mr
Campbell is a talented young evangelist
of the Christian church and a great
grand son of Alexander QeaapbeU bis
bride is a well known and deserving
foaag lady The Record expresses
congratulations and good wishes
The marriage of Mr Leroy Kelley and
Loeila Bichardson Iwth of Madison
county took place in the county
irt Iwuse yeuiterday
tor Dorris officiating
oi Mr W L W
Hi J
D tit t r
and performed softly on the
ill Me Thine Own The
bride Was -turned in blue broad cloth
and carried in her hand a boqitet al
1 i ine Mermet roses and was a
lovely realization of the ideal bride whom
we to see when two hearts are in
nbly b mud in the chain of wad
lock Immediately after the ceremony
and baoty congratulations the young
couple entered a caniago and were
driven to the 1 N I V B train which
they boarded in starting on their bridal
tour The writer knows but little of the
gentleman who has won and carried
away ne of Madisons sweetest blossoms
save that he ii a gentleman in all that
the term implies and i business man
and a resident of Louisville More than
re people were gathered to witness
the scene among whom were Hon
and Mrs Silas Cobb of Omaha Neb
Webb and Witt T Gregory Louis
ville Miss Lula Bryant of Houston Te
and Mary Pattie of Somerset Kentucky
Many elegant presents were receive and
exhibited on tables The bride is
the only sister of Hon 3 Tevis Cob oi
this place and Hon Silas Cobb of
Omaha Neb and of Benson and W Iney
Cobb and is as a matter of course the
idol of the family She will be missed in
her old home and the Ciim x joins with
bet many friend in wishing her all the
happiness that is attainable in her new
sphere and extends congratulations to
the happy conple
Bishop Duncan before entering upon
the business of the session of the recent
Kentucky Conference at Frankfort de
livered one of the strongest plainest and
most practical addresses to which we
have ever li tenel His plea for the
Church harmony among preacher and
e and fidelity to the regularly con
stituted authorities and agencies was
it if not inimitable He deplored
the existence of so many seif constituted
evangelists especially little whipper
snappers who have never lead a Itook
New Testament consecutive
ing around telling the bishops and old
gray haired pr achers that thev do not
understand the Bible Parading their
piety Humility standing up and adver
tising i spectacle to make au
reep The I am holier than thou
spirit cropping out everywhere discount
ing ami underrating those who do nt
pronounce your shibboleth at measure
up to your standard I was an awful
sinner a great drunkard but the
Saved me and at once i - lit to
oared the errors of the Church lament
r hck of piety and decrying and
luting her regular ministry Il
powerful address did not c
slight tremor in a part of those who
heard it all outward intra
Kentucky Sunday school statistics
as follows 330 Protestant Boaday
ecliools liiT officers and teavhen
a total enrollment of 831000 Cain dur
ing the triennial term school
nd teachers 7117 membership 15-
jTaeksoa Breathitt county 1
i Bai
The annual conference of the Co
M thodist I Church in America
-ion at Winchester last week
p J A B e of Washington D
C pi
The A M E conference of Kentucky
at the United Baptist
week 1
W A i pre idii
ind the re
- over last
that the Kentucky i
1811 was the sixth Bible society
of the world The
Kentucky were its BUCCessivi Ile idellts
foi a Domber of years In 1810 it waa
I into the American Bible Society
During its independent existence it dis
tributed 6000 Bibles throughout Ken
tucky Indiana oiio and Louisiana
Courier Journal
Tcacliprs Association
County Teachers Afo
ciition met at Ranyon Grove Saturday
oher 221894 II F Scodder Vice
lent occupied the chair Exercises
were opened with soag and prayer aad
the following teachers enrolled
K E Scudder W S Griffith J W
Edwards Barrel Moores C I Brock J
K Lniter J 1 Clark J II Wilson H
P Lwis Rebecca Edwards Mrs M H
Powers Jennie Ford Ida
Baldwin Myra Taylor and Nannie Har
I of welcome J E Igniter
J It Clark
The Association wis next addressed by
W stiriifith Subject The Besponsi
biltties of a Teacher
The program which had been prepar
es could not be carried out on account of
tfa absence of several who had been as
signed duties Mr P IL Sullivan
that the teachers ask some
tions of interest A query ixx was pre
pared and the followingquestions asked
Do you think that whipping a child
to prevent swearing is simply temporary
restraint and not a permanent effect Upon
the conscience
What must e done with young men
who think themselves too large to be cor
rect ed
Should the subject of vocal music be
added to the Common School ours
rnsHJons of these subjects defer ed
till afternoon session
Adjourned for dinner The Asso
ciation was called to order by Mr Ii E
Scudder Exercises opened with a
Biscussion of the queries taken up
Work of School Trustees was presented
by Mr P BL Sullivan Improved meth
od of teaching and the ditliculties in
successful teaching discussed by C K
Brock Burrel Moores W S irillith J
B- Clark K E Scudder and Mrs M IL
Berrv Committee on resolntions ap
pointed and reported the following
I Th we the mmlors of the
Miiison Count Teachers Association
thank the President R K Scodde
ratary Miss Nannie ILircuurt and all
others woo have taken part in the
the day and added to the iu cr
est of the
- Thai we especially thank tlie iti
of Banyan Grove District for their
kind hospitality and tiie fntertainmeiu
they have given ns and the trustees v ho
have honored us with their preser
W S iritnth Maggie Powers Mrs M
H Berry Ida Baldwin and C F i
A motion was offered and adopted
he minute and resolutions be pub-
unty papers Tlie place
ussed hat
no definite arrange
motion the Association adjourned
N AX NIK Haicourt
rl yuurteUe Oct
9tli at the
Mr Will Cray of L ringtoa was here
It W Smith of Irvine Aral in town
has S Powell s nt Saturday and
Sunday in Cincinnati
Thos i Stewart of Winchester was
in town court day
Hon D W Tribble visited Winches
ter last court day
John Park of Irvine made us a pleas
ant tall on Wednesday
Miss Belle H Bennett left for Nash
ville Teiin Monday morning
Cant P P Ballard has returned from
a visit to relatives at Stanford
i C 1iora of Campbellsviile Ken
tucky is visiting relatives here
Col o II Chenault of Lexington
dropped in on his numerous friends Mon
Judge Clark was in Richmond on Sun
day en route for hit court at Barbours
M M Miller one of the leading mer
chants oi Irvine was on our street
Mrs Br Frasee and daughter Hettie
Martin start this morning for a visit at
St Loais Mo
Miss Louise Humeof Atchison K
was visiting her relatives John M and
W F Park last week
James W and Ceerge Orr Fitzgerald
of Mavsvuaa were mixing among old
friends here iast week
W L Steele of Nicholasville was in
Richmond MoniaV representing the
Star Milling Cois iruerdflts
Lewis Woolstein the twin brother of
oir merchant and his familv of Baris
are visiting relatives here
Elijah Walden arul family visited rela
tives in Madiabn county Sunday Hunt
C r Winchester IVmocrat
Mrs Claude 8iuih who has been ma
king a visit among relatives in Estill for
the past week returned Monday morn-
Br G W Evans was seen in the pea
vine districts oi Estill oa Saturday He
returned to his home in Richmond Mon
Mis Grace Hacker who visited her
friend M i s Florence I htrris at
days last week returned borne
The wife Hades Tnrpin has been ill
ith typhoid fever We
are glad to record the fact that she is
Bev A Beld the Methodist preacher
on the Richmond and Providence charge
came over last week and is domiciled at
i Tilth st
C W May of Bourbon county was in
town last week visiting his son J W
May He will move to Madison if he
can purchase a farm near Richmond
Miss HattieCobb of Bkmmingtoa 111
is visiting friends here She is m
riously ill at the bonis of Mr S Iarrish
Mattie is related to the Cobb tami
tiea and Otherl in this county
Bev John G Fee a patriarch of this
county and the feaasa of Bares Col
lege celebrated his golden wedding on
peaiag day of the term last week
of a Berea Church
Mrs Jae W Gentry of Sedalia M
iew ii
C Broi ldus on West Main street has
me She i making a short
fori and
Danville while enroot
E Hog and Capt W 1
Dandridge have gone to Niagara FaUa
with a view of bidding on the contract
for the work to be done in utilizing the
water power of the falls for
nrposes Fnuiktort Capital
John IL Embrv of Kicbolasville was
here Monday buying stoppers He ha
tly purchased oOO in Teansssee but
wants 500 more Herat a foraoer
uty mau ami knows where to get
when he wants good ones
Hair 1 Noland of WaMSnaatOWa Es
till countv who has leen snnding some
weeks a it 1 1 a daughter in Erankiin coun
ty returned home last Wednesday hi
his route he spent a few hours in Rich
mond and made the Climax a visit
The following Estill countv citizens
were noticed iu our city on court day
WT B Williams B H ease Charles
Bice Clay Bice James Winn B S Neal
Thomas Bice James Wallace W H
Lilly Will Bice and Curtis Richardson
Jack Hendrick Attorney tieneral and
Senator John D Goodioe addressed a
large and appreciative audience in the
Court house Monday afternoon Our
Republican eooteanporaiy faults Ueneral
Hendrick because he did not have some
new jokes to relate Next time you come
Jack put a late copy of Buck in your
Thompson Morion who was a student
at Central University last year has se
cured a position in a corps of civil engi
neers who are at work near Bowling
Green We have known Mr Morton for
several years and know him to be a
thoroughly reliable and energetic young
man and hojie he maybe successful in
bis new situation
Dr Hardin W Bright and bis good
wife left yesterday for Knoxviile Tenn
which city will lie their permanent home
Their many friends will lie pleased to
know that the Dr goes to his new loca
tion under most flattering prospects in his
profession and wearesnre we voice the
sentiments of hosts of friends in saying
that he deserves the good fortune that
awaits hiin in his new field
Oscar Bidwell of Irvine Kentucky
died on the th inst of consumption
aged 36 years and 15 days The d
ed was a son of Elilni Bidwell a well
known citizen The deceased was a
student of the Ohio State University iu
tMu since which time he has been teach
ing in the Public Schools of Estill county
The remains were interred at the Am-
ner grave yard on Station
Camp Monday afternoon
Hied Francis Tribble a well known
colored cook on Sunday September
after a short illness aged about 40 years
Mrs Emma the wife of Colby H Tay
lor died Monday morning October 1st
of fever alter a illness of several weeks
She was a daughter of Mrs Sadie Bus
sell who resides oa West Main 6treet
Got te Coviujrton A Arnold Bros for
season ticket
Ayers Ague Curt is a vegetable product
and is a never failing remedy lor all ma
larial disease Warranted
Dont go te sleep over your insurance
Powell Turley 2 3
Foveil Turley par all re losaea
s -
All fire losses paid by Povrell 81
1 rmt S hows thvouW
ind Ethel Bice attend
school at Siebolasville again
Miss Mollic Settle visit -1 Mi Marietta
Ryaa at Korea last
Miss Anna Ellison attends school at
the Madison Eemale Instil
An abundance of rain ass gladdened
the hearts of everyone here
Wanted A small good farm to rent
or trade for Send communications tc
box Z Terriil Ky
Wanted A set of silver knives and
forks to lend to a family of aristocrats
who base to borrow when they have
Corn cutting is going on at a rapid rite
Mountain men are taking advan
the season and are nocking in by the
SHXioaS lo secure a job
Slock traders from the mountains are
stationed here for a few days They re
port that -trade is better on the
than thev ever knew it to be before
Business is surely taking a rise
Mr A J House i
practice law Mr House is a bright
young man ami we wish him SO i
advise all who get into trouble to
Mr House for puck relief
Bev K L McMurray leftTenill a lew
since for Looisrille where be is to
spend a few months in school We have
lost a nice young man and while we all
regret to pre him up I ass sure that at
tin 1 1 i t i oiil 1 loiiio
of his departure
The Richmond boys came to play the
aias yesterday The game
was close one and but lor an accident
oii the part of one of the Bogeisville
beys Richmond would have been beaten
Oar boys were beaten one wore but they
say that victory is theirs next time and
an certainly depend upon what
they say lor thev mean it At the sad
of the gan e our boys were fresh and vig
orous while the Richmond boj
nearlv exhausted that they were not able
to give a yell at the moment of victory
Hurrah for the Rogearrille nine We
are proud of them
t t t
The school at this place is one of the
lirsT With Mis Alice Arnold as teacher
he is truly the leader oi civilization in
the district
The religiously inclined can be accom
modate 1 at Bed House or DoylesviUe as
acted service in pt
at each i j
Mr T W Herring of the M E
church tilled the pulpit at Paces chapel
for his last time Sunday evening Mr
I wiil probably take ha
Cooferenc liim to College Hill
Mrs B P M Cod went to Winches
ter Saturday to see Br Brown under
w hose treatraeat she no
e Williams has returned from
a weeks visit to her sistei in Reattyville
where she left b - Mollie to
i the winter
Mis Iianna lines of Frankfort is
with her aunt Mi- Juke Huguelv
will also visit Miss Ma Baxter
before she returns
Miss Bin Huguely left shortly fr
Lancaster to attend Garrard Colli ne
Met - of Fred nia
New Yolk have eng
farther prospect for petroleum While
here they won tl I will
of everybody and they will be gladly
med to our midst again May they
find abundance
After stying about thi
lr Johnston has
fht bis family from Pleasureville
Henry countvand is permanent
here to practice his profession Dr
i of Lev A J Jo
Bill He is not only
well up in his pi but is s man
Of midet demeanor broad views and
high conceptions of life We welcome
llr Johnston and family to Ianola
Bus xi and everybody i feel-
althougb we have a Demo
cratic administration But the far seeing
Republican no doubt regrets it as it des
troys ids cry about the administration
being responsible for the hard time- and
lection still a month off Well if
he will read the Republican papers he
can find just a little dodge Maine went
Republican 1V an increased majority and
therefore the Democratic party i
denined will be turned out and the
country saved Hence the revival of
buarneav Well well to thiuk Maine
would wait so long and the country suf
fering untold agony A doctor that
would let patients sutler so long before
speaking the magic word of relief would
certainly merit censure of the severest
kind Maine Maine Why did you
not wink nod beckon or give some sign
oi year condemnation of Pernor racy be
fore Well I sappoae We should be
thankful t iat you said let there be life
in business ami there was life The
country w dl certainly never forget Maine
And now when we get into troublous
times again let us ask Maine about it
Involution NotitT
The firn of Buchanan it Grecnleaf
have this day dissolved Greenteaf retire
ing All persons indebted to the firn are
requested to call at once and settle their
accounts 18 the busines of the firm wili
be closed up at as tarty a date as possible
A C Bl 11 wan
J E Greknleaf
Richmond Ky Oct 1 91 17 20
Weeks 40 cents Hour makes friends
daily Try a ack
Home fur Sale
I desire to sell my home on corner of
Third street and Mobcrly Avrinie Will
sell on very reasonable terms Call and
examine I also have for sale an elegant
gasoline tlove
171S IT Hils
A pair of Work cattle 8 to 10 years old
on the streets of Richmond Com t day
Their average weight is about 1100
pounds One is red with a white lace the
other white with red head and neck The
red ox has brass nobs un the points of his
horns Leave information at Climax of
fice M i 15
A liapjiy Familv
The entertainment to be given by Irof
Gentrys happy faird J of inte
nd brilliant dog in this city under
their tent on Monday October 8th after
noon and night is indeed a happy latnilv
they are handsome intelligent edu
and they will make 011 laugh Their
ever Tl
anv oilier one
Its hi 1
o cents a
Mt Yemen Nstrs
Pram Ike Fle
Ir 1hil Boherts Republican can
didate for Congress was here Tuesdsv
This is not the only town that is troub
led with hogs and tieas The Bineville
ngersays Ifthemauwho would
skina Ilea for BBS able and tallow would
come to Bineville he could do a thriving
Capt William Stringer with two other
Deputy Unite Stit s Marshals dr
in here yesterday and arrested I B
Bethurum Iiepublican candidate
County Judge taking him to London
with them That is all we know about
the matter at pa
Dr Phi of liicbmend
didate for j nal lionoi
the tirst of the week Cot Pall Ballard
of Richmond was with Ir Boherts and
both were i of W R Billon
Miss M iu1 ter of
Warman L ec N engineer and
Butrnra L it N ftremrn
the old folks the slip
were married at Jellico the following
day where they have gone lo i
keeping The bride was one of the most
popular and lovable girls and illjbe much
in society circles here The
groom bears an excellent reputation
Jomo liefore Ibe people of
county with a full line ot
Boots Slios lV anii tre
determiue1 to
S 3
Every perron a chance to
dii e goods at their true
17 16
We are assured thai when
have seen our large stork and
our cbake from it tha
will consider thai you have
Full consideration and fair treat
in return lor your money
hi Bsattyvills Ocal
Analysis eaaa by tlie Xspbanical En
KUMerias Depurtmeut of the state Col
lege of Keiitnikv
ss n
Fire insurance Powell Turley 3 1
While in Chicago Mr Char
Kahler a prominent shoe in
De Moin iad quite a serious
time ot it He took such a severe cold
that he could hardlv talk or navigai
the prompt ue of Chamberlains Cough
Remedy cured him of his cold O q
that others at the hotel who hid bad coles
followed his example and half a dozen per
ordered it from the nearest drug
store in their thanks
to Mr Kahler for telling them how to
i klv Fur -
W F Pov S Hagan druggists
Fires 1 a and taxes have
We lead in
in I beea it tlio worll since itscreatiou
ictois Pcwell 8s Turley
every city on th it be-
Firs is arsoi
snastex Pavell Ti
Po arei
aat cut a bad
t rA ki WE i
Kemnining unclaimed i
at Richmond K
Octolier j
h i
H 1
n the Post Office
An elegnnt new Chic
sale A tice
Dont negitct yo
What about
your insurance
Insure thut iig barn
Post- to6pm
Money order and r
orompt 7 a m to f30 p
Looi cut for aris -3 v il z3 storms
Powell 8s Turley 3
Are vou in it Cinsurance
in it Powell Turlev
not get
W ho hjve the best
Racimo mea 1
Dont wait until you ire burned out
Powell Turlty 3 2
The adit promptly
Powell Turley
Are you insured Powell Turley
3 -
Aslaie will start Powell Ttrtei
The Reliable and Trustworthy Firm
Who i
i ri s
Architects d Mki
Will furnish plans and ipecat
all kinds of buildii iperirtend
MM at the low
tract anv worll in our line We are pre
pared to Jo the finest work on hort no
Eight Thoroughbred S uthdown B
three of
earlings and
Red Hoi e Kv
Is now on our shelves WE
BOUGHT TO SELL regardless of
what our competitors may do
Is complete and adapted to
the season
The only inducements we offer are
first class
Call on us before purchasing else
To Visit Our
Whoare y
lined ind at
Our cutter MR R
A lLi
In this line
in the W
one coat two pair of pat I
abundance Ha
due ever pub
It wi ues to cover thorough v the
ii v in the Souh
heen r
150 a Year
- number But
4tow bet
ter in quanty an I the
Wras I
c Southern Maga s a hand
somely illustrated and wei
to com par
Review ot
Mar 1
in lot pa t year but we ar
000 mark
I 10 cents
mm mm
Keep a nice clean house and will sell you
what you want
uf r
wait on you v
aMMaaam i
n anttr jj
wi mwm
i 4ue

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