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Gurney Patent Refrigerators
ItHHi Why the iarsey Ostsrlls All oh litorti
Firtt The Gurrey having a removable
galvanized ice compartment makes it the
ranable refrigerator and being free
from damage bv the ice pick overcomes a
common fault of refrigerator The
nstructcu that the ice does not
come in contact with the walls thus
ting all condensation or Sweating1
on the inside lining an important feature
of cleanliness and durabiUtT
J When the drxness is tested
rence is given to the Gurney
Third Experimental tests have proven
that a pound of ice will cold and hold at a
lower and more even temperature more
cubic inches of space in a Gurney than
in any other known lefrigerator
Fourth Standard authorities show hv
acual that mineral wool with which
the Gurnev is packed is the onli perfect
insulator or non conductor tor filling wall
Fifth A i w that the Conker
has the freest circulation
3P mmmmmmBm
ie iurnei b reason of its free circulation will show in one third the
wo to four deyret s lower leniuciilure than am other refrigeiator on the
market Yours in improvements SHACKELFORD CENTRY 7 3f
Finally Settled
Iver Question
To rcatow pawperity anl oiitntiiiiit in litis city and Madisoa
unity il at our NEW STORE ami txthmmgt yonr
silver fur the ravprni goode in Etichmood
SboP5 and Oxfords
losierij Our lobbi
W C aj R T Hays
No 9 First St Richmond Ky
CURES Cramps Iiiarrhora Flux Cholera i
Morbus Nausea Chances of Water elc
i - H EALS s Binma Bruises Scratches Bites of
4 -- tJmfc Animas Serpents Burs etc
3 T mg BREAKS UP i -4 Colds La Grippe Influenza
A y Jt - bjwW Sfre I hroat etc
Smells Good Tastes Good Does Good evert time
Sold Eierywheis at 25c ana 50c Par Botte Mo Relief Me Pit
a tWO bd OaiC femJf ItBBV s MM BtBCh aJ Ibt boltic
It rr ia that thf Qtir j tnd Pre nt F TiU is 7 niW 1 -
CifMliU tw UUuh i AtUitiv r J k kr Ula 1- lrnl
iaU IVitfc Oavn i Virkhnr u4 Mirri ew
jf tii s Wamt
ia Duuic at Lciiuuj
- cta buiti tnaa w nil uuu i tl
w miAiNi
Geiil i r Agent luciiinAti O
mji ra m swiki
Mate A iplendid lot ol pis for hale from reyihtered tock
SATISPACnOM GtrARANTEEl Correspondence sclicited Address
R H BR0NAUGH Crab Orchard Ky
ninimniin riTm n
Work done promptly and
as well a any other Laundry
B in the Count r v
ml by Home People and
thev will staud bv vou
Real Estate
The house and lot in Iivine Kv
known as the Riddel house A lovely
j situation and going at a bargain
i en thousand acres mineral and
timber lands on Station Camp and its
tributaries Contains over three feet fine
coal 40 inches block coal and
Icannel quantities of hard wood and
poplar limber
Four hundred acres coa and tim
I ber lands on the waters of Sturgeon
1 Creek Lre countv K at a bargain
4 House and thirteen acres of land
1 at Millers Creek Kv The R N I B
depot wni be located on this when the
road s extended
Three hundred acres at Kings Sta
Hon on R N I i B R R Potters
clay and ciav for encaustic tiling abund
ant on thic land A bargain oftered
Station and post office established
Residence on the corner of Oak and
-or frame house 8
rooms with basement and cellar 1 ot
- x 200 leer Young truit and good
out buildings
Germany Very Much Put Out
Over the Fact
That France and Russia Secured th
80000000 Chinese Loan
The German Syndicate Will Seek an Ea
tente With the Kngliah Financial
llauir In the Matter of a Good
Share of the Larger Loan
Bfbiin June la The news of the
Franco Russian loan of f8O000000 to
china has proved to be a disagreeable
surprise both to the government and
to the leaders in financial circles who
hail Ixen relying upon official action
to so I r a large share of the Chinese
loan for errnany Immediately upon
receipt of tienewsof the KuMan coup
the members of a German syndicate
Royal Seehandlunfr is the head com
municated with the financial depart
ment of the government upon the
prospects of Germanys securing the
main indemnity loan which will
amount to SiraiOOOOUO or S OOOOOOOO
and negotiations were also resumed by
the syndicate with the London Roth
schilds on the question of the co-operation
of Enjriish bankers in the scheme
The syndicate has received prompt
assurance tnat the government will in
tervene to obtain for Germany a share
in such further financial arrangements
as nine may require As the 880000
000 now guaranteed by Russia covers
only the indemnity to Japan for the
mudli of the Lia Tong peninsula
German linancial houses are confident
that hina must have recourse to them
to float the larper loan which Russia
could not guarantee nor French finan
ciers supply without outside assist
ance The German syndicate with
the approval of the government will
therefore seek an entente with the
Ensrlish financial houses in the matter
of the larper loan
In the meantime the political impor
tance of the Franco Russian arrange
ment is keenly felt and it ts probable
that that loan will not be admitted
into the German and English markets
This at least is the feeling of the syn
dicate which includes in its member
ship the llleiohroeiers the National
bank of Germany Hehren A Sons of
Hamburg Von der Hevdt ft Co the
DrcaAra bank the Schaafthausen
bank and other leading financial insti
Owing to Cabinet Changes He Will Not Be
Able to Sat Awaj Before the End of the
Washixcton Sune 10 Had it not
been for Secretary reshams death
President Cleveland would now be at
Jray Unbles As it is he will be com
pelled to remain in Washington until
the last of this month There are sev
eral new policies to arrange and new
details as well and cabinet meetings
will be required for their considera
tion This together with routine
work tluit has piled up will keep the
president here
It is expected that the new attorney
general Jodaoa Harmon will be here
in time to be sworn in on Tuesday and
attend the cabinet meeting of that
date That is what the president hopes
he will - able to do even if he has to
return to liminnati later to arrange
his business affairs
Wasiiimton June 10 Superintend
ent R W McClaaherjr of the Pontiae
reformatory has been selected as the
warden for the Darted States peniten
tiary at Ft Leavenworth when that
institution comes under the jurisdic
tion of the department of justice July
1 UK
Vamiimton June 10 Secretary
Lamont is in favor of recruiting sol
diers entirely at military posts and of
abolishing city offices
vax TV caiis on MOtra
Washington June 10 Mr Yang Yu
the Chinese minister accompanied by
two of his suite was received by the
president at the white house in order
to present an official communication
from the Chinese government formal
ly tnanking the president and govern
ment of the United States for their
friendly offices in behalf of securing
peace lietween China and Japan The
document containing Chinas expres
sions of gratitude was of yellow silk
and ornamented by ribbons of the
same color It was about two feet
wide and several feet in length
Destructive Fire at Kalamazoo
Kalamazoo Mich June 10 Fire
Sunday afternoon destroyed the ex
tensive lumber yard and sash door and
blind factory of Dewing V Sons and
several frame and brick blocks De
wings loss will be over 100000 with
87 000 insurance The total loss will
be 200000
Col Thompaons Birthday
Terrk Hai te Ind June 10 Sur
rounded by his sons daughters and
grandchildren Col R W Thompson
the grand old man of Indiana Sunday
quietly celebrated his eighty sixth
birthday His health is better at this
time than at any time for a year cr
A Heavy Kaln
Dks Moixes Ia June 10 Rain be
gan falling at an early hour Sunday
morning and continued until 6 oclock
Sunday night It is the heaviest rain
fall for years Reports from different
sections are of more or less damage to
Frlta Emmet Jr in Trouble
San Francisco June 10 Fritz
Emmet jr while drunk shot at his
wife and then beat her with the butt
of his gun His wife was not danger
ously injured Emmet is in jail
Democratic State Committee to Meet
Coi iMBt8 O Jan 10 Chairman M
A Smalley of he democratic state
central committee has issued a call
for a meeting of the committee at Co
lumbus June J5
On the Ifooeraaooa
Husband Find it dull here Why I
thought youd like the quiet of it dar
ling at such a time
Wife Oh Jack dear whats the use
of being a bride without a crowd of
other girls to envy one Demorests
The Affable Stranger I am a dealer
in plumbers supplies and I called to
see if we couldnt do some business to
The Polite Plumber Im afraid not
sir I have all the bill heads I can use
for some time to come Life
A Worthy Irecedeat
Reformer But dont you think that
compulsory education is against the
laws of nature
Commissioner Not at all Even the
fishes of the sea arc always ia sebo s
you know X V World
She Had t a me lor r ar
Mamma said the cannibal beauty
to her maternal ancestor I am really
alarmed at Mr Kinkcys intense pas
sion for me
Why my dear
roy last night he declared I was
sweet enough to eat Life
One or the Other
They say the colonel is a great mill
man now
Rum or cotton Atlanta Constitu
Do Not Remain So
Mr Manhattan Are the divorced
women in Chicago called widows
Mrs Wabash Not for any length of
time Brooklyn Life
While self made man are rare we meet
Vitb self made worn n every day
few of these a maid to nake
Tlicm up caa well afford to pay
Washing ton star
A Book That Survives All the Spite
Enmity Venom
And Criticism of Karlh anil Hrll Vi 1
llierr Arr Irnplt Who Would Cluing-
lliia Hunk by Rati I-
Da ilt Tsliiiatr llll
Rev Dr Talmage dealt with a sub
ject that is agitating the entire Chris
tian Church at the present moment
viz Expurgation of the Scripture
The text chos n was let Jod lie true
but every mui a li r Romans iii 4
The Bible needs no reconstruct ion
aeoortiiag to some inside and outsde
the pulpit It is mi surprise that the
world bomlianls the Scriptures but it
is auiaing to tind Christ iin ministers
picking at this in the Bible ami deny
ing that until many good cople are
left in the fog about what parts of the
Bible lliey ought to ehcve and what
parts to rejeet The lieinoiisness of
finding fault with the Bible at this
time is most evident 1 11 our day the
Bible is assailed by sunrrilit v bj mis
representation by infidel scientists by
all the viee of earth and all the venom
of perditUML and at this particular
time even preachers of thetosel fall
into line of criticism of the Word of
tJod Why it makes me think of
ship in a September equinox the
waves dashing to the top of the smoke
stack and the hatches fastened
down and many prophesying the
foundering of the steamer and at this
lime some of the crew with aes and
saws go down into the hohi of the ship
and try to saw off some of the plunks
and pry out some of the limber lie
cause the tiiulier did not come from
the right forest It does nol seem to
me n commendable business for the
crew to helping the wind and storms
outside with their axes and saws in
side Now this old tospel ship what
with the roaring of earth and hell
around the stem and stern and mutiny
on deck is having a very rough voy
age But I hve noticed that not one
of the tiuiliers has started and the
captain says he will see it through
And I have noticed that keelson and
eoiintei tiuilicr knee are built out of
Lebanon cedar and she is going to
weather the gale but no credit to
those w iio make mutiny on deck
When I see professed Christians in
this particular day finding fault with
tht Scriptures it makes me think of a
fortress terrifically bo harried ami
the men on the ramparts instead of
swabbing out and loading the guns
and helping fetch up the ammunition
from the magazine are trving with
crowbars to pry out from the wall eer
taiti blocks of stone because they did
not come from the right quarry Oh
men on the raaaparta better fight back
and fight dow n the common enemy in
stead of trving to make breaches in the
While I oppose this expurgation of
the Scriptures I shall give you my
reasons for sueh opposition What
say some of the theological evolution
ists whose brains have been addled by
too long brooding over them by Dar
win and Spencer yon dont now real
ly believe all the story of the Harden
of Edl n do you Ves as much as I
belicM there were roses in my garden
last summer But say they you
dont real I j believe that the sun and
moon stood still Ves and if I
had strength enough to create a
sun and moon I could make
them stand still or cause the refrac
tion of the suns rays S3 it would ap
pear to stand still But they say
you dont really believe that the
whale swallowed Jonah Yes and if
1 were strong enough to make n whale
I could have made very easy ingress
for the refractory prophet leaving to
Evolution to eject him if he were a u
unworthy tenant But say they
you dont really believe that the wa
ter was turned into wine Yes just
as easily as water now is often turned
into wine with an admixture of strych
nine and logwood But say they
von dont really believe that Samson
slew a thousand with the jawbone of
an ass Ves and I think that the
man who in this day assaults the Bi
ble is wielding the same weapon
There is nothing in the Bible
that staggers me There are many
things I do not understand I do not
pretend to understand never shall in
this world understand But that would
lie a very poor Oo I who could be fully
understood by the human That would
be a very small Infinite that can be
measured by the finite You must not
expect to weigh the thuniierlxilts of
Omnipotence in an apothecarys bal
ance Starting with the idea that Gsod
can do anything and that He was
present at the beginning and that He
is 1 resent now there is nothing in
the Holy Scriptures to arouse skepti
cism in my heart Here I stand a fos
sil of tne ages dug up from the ter
tiary formation fallen off the shelf of
U antiquarian a man in the latter
part of the glorious nineteenth cen
tury believing in a whole Bible from
lid to lid
I am opposed to the expurgation of
the Scriptures in the first place be
cause the Bible in its present shape
has been so miraculous y preserved
Fifteen hundred years after Herodotus
wrote his history there was only one
manuscript copy of it Twelve hun
dred years after Ilato wrote his book
there was only one manuscript copy of
it God was so careful to have us have
the Bible in just the right shape that
we have fifty manuscript copits of the
New Testament a thousand years old
and some of them li0fl years old
This Book handed down from the time
of Christ or just after the time of
Christ by the hand of such men as
Origen in the second century and
Tertuliian in the third century and by
men of dilVereit ages who died for
their principles The three best cop
ies of the New Testament in manu
script in the possession of the three
treat churches the Protestant church
of England the QlBtfc church of St
Petersburg and the Romish church of
It is a plain matter of history that
Tibchendorf went to a convent in the
Peninsula of Sinai and was by ropes
lifted over the wall into the convent
that being the only mode of admissiou
and that he saw there in the waste
basket for lindling for the fires a man
uscript of the Holy Script urea That
night he copieil in iy of
the passages of that Bible but
it was not until fifteen years had
passed of earnest entreat v and prayer
ami coaxing and purchase on his part
that that copy of the Holy Scriptures
was put into the hands of the euqieror
of Russia that one copy so marvelous
ly protected
Do you know that the catalogue of
the hooka of the old and New Teat
mentsas are have it is the same cata
logue that has been coming mi down
through the ages Thirty -nine I ka
of the llhl Testament thousands of
- i ngn Thirty nine now Twenty
seven books of the New Testament
sixteen hundred years ago Twenty
seven books of the New Testament
now Marcion for wiekeiliis was
turned out of
second century
the church 111 the
and in Ins assault
on the Bible and Christianity be inci
dentally gives a catalogue of the books
of the Biblethat
catalogue corre
sponding exactly with ours M eslimony
given by the enemy of the Bible and
the imb of Christianity The cata
logue now just like the catalogue then
Assaulted and spit on and torn to
pieces and burned yet adhering The
book today in three hundred lan
guages confronting four fifths of the
human race in their own tongue Four
hundred million copies of it in exist
ence Does not that look as if this
book had lieen Divinely protected as
if lad had guarded it all through the
Is is not an argument plain enough
to every honest man and every honest
woman that a book divinely protected
and in this shape is in the very shape
that God wants it
It pleases God and it ought to please
us The epidemics which have swept
I housandsof other books into the sepul
chre of forget fulness have only bright
ened the fame of this There is not
one book out of thousand that lives
lve years Any publisher will tell you
that There will not be more than one J
book out of every 20000 that will live j
a century Yet here is a Book j
much of it 1600 years old and
much of it 4000 years old and
with more rebound and j
ienee and strength in it than when the
book was first put upon parchment or
papyrus This Book saw the cradle of 1
all other books and it will see their
graves Would you not think that an j
old Book like this some of it 40 cen
turies old would come along hobbling
with age and crutches Instead of
that more potent than any other book
of the time More copies of it printed
in the last ten years than of any 1
er book Walter Scotts Waverly Nov
els Macanlcys History of Eng
land Disraelis Endymlon the
works of Tennyson and Longfellow j
and all the popular books of our time
having no such sale in the last ten
tears as this old worn out Book Do j
you know what a struggle a Ixiok has
in order to get through one century or
two centuries Some old books j
ing a fire in a seraglio of Constantino
ple were thrown into the street A
man without any education picked up j
one of these books read it and did not
see the value of it A scholar looked j I
arer his siiomner ana saw u was tne
Brat and second decades of Livv ami
lie offered the man a large reward
if he would bring the book
to his study but in the excite
ment of the fire the tare parted
and the first and second decade of
livy were forever lost Pliny wrote
twenty books of history all lost The
most of Menanders writings lost of
no comedies of Plautus all gone but
Euripides wrote a hundred dramas
all gone but nineteen Aeschylus
wrote a hundred dramas all gone but
seven Varro wrote the laborious
biographies of 700 Romans not a frag
ment left Quintilian wrote his favor
ite book on the corruption of elo
quence all lost Thirty hooka of
Tacitus lost Don Ca sius wrote eighty
books only twenty remain Berosiuss
history all lost
Nearly all the old books are mum
mified and are lying in the tombs of
old libraries and perhaps once in
twenty years some man CO es along
and picks up one of them and blows
the dust off and opens it and finds it
the book he does not want But this
old book much of it forty centuries
old stands to day more discussed than
any other look and it challenges the
admiration of all the good and the
spite and the venom and the animosity
and the hypercritteism of earth and
hell I appeal to your common sense
if a book be so divinely guarded and
protected in its present state must not
be in just the way that God wants it
to come to us and if it pleases lod
might it not to please us
Not only have all the attempts to de
tract from the Book failed but all Die
attempts to add to it Many attempts
were made to add the apochryphal
looks to the Old Testimen The coun
cil of Trent the synod of Jerusalem
the bishops of Hippo all decided that
the apochryphal books must it added
to the Old Testament They must
stay in said those learned men but
they stayed out There is not an in
telligent christian man that to day
will put the Book of Maeeabeea or the
Book of Judith beside the Book of
lsa iah or Romans Then a great many
said we must have books added I
New Testament and there were
ties and gospels and apocalypses writ
ten and added to the New Testament
but they have all fallen out
Vou can not add anything Vou can
not subtract anything Divinely pro
tected book in the present shape Let
no man dare to lay his hands on it
with the intention of detracting from
the book or casting oul any of tiiese
holy pages
besides that I am opposed to this ex
purgation of the Scriptures because
if the attempt were successful it
would be the annihilation of the Bible
Infidel geologists would say Out
with the Book of Genesis infidel as
tronomers would say Out with the
Book of Joshua people who do not
believe in the atoning sacrifice
say Out with the Book of Leviti
cus people who do not believe in the
miracles would say Out with all
those wonderful stories in the Old and
New Testament1 and some wonld
Out with the Book of Kevcla
and others would say Out with re
entire Pentateuch and the work
would goon until there would not be
enough of the Bible left to be worth as
much as last years almanac The ex
purgation of the Scriptures means
then annihilation
I am also opposed to this proposed
expurgation of the Scripture for the
fact that in proportion as people be
come self sacrificing and good and
holy and consecrated they like the
book as it is I have yet to find man
or a woman distinguished for self-sacrifice
for consecration to God for ho
liness of life who wants the Bible
changed Many of us have inherited
family Bibles Those Bibles were in
use n to SO perhaps HXI years in the
generations To day take dow 11 those
family Bibles and find out if there are
any chapters which have been erased
by lead pencil or pen and if in any
margins yon can find the words Th
chapter not tit to read There has
been plenty of opportunity during lie
last half century privately to expur
gate the Bible Do you know any
case of such expurgation Din lift
your grandfather give it to youi fath
er and did not your father give it to
Beside that 1 am opposed to the ex
purgation of the Scriptures because
the so called indelicacies and en
of the Bible have demonstrated no evil
result A cruel book will produce
cruelty -an unclean book will produce
uncleanliiiess Ketch me a victim
Pit of all Christendom an I out of all
the ages fetch me a victim whose
heart has Is en hardened to cruelty or
whose life has been made impure bv
this Book Show me one One of the
best families 1 ever knew of for lu or
40 years morning and evening had all
the members gathered together and
the servants of the household and the
strangers that happened to be within
the gates twice a day without leaving
out a chapter or a verse they read tiis
Holy Book morning by morning
night by night Not only the older
children but the little child who could
just spell her way through the verse
while her mother helped her The
father beginning and reading one
verse and then all the member of the
family in turn reading a verse The
father maintained his integi it
the mother maintained her integrity
the sons grew up and entered profes
sions and commercial life adorning
every sphere in the life in which thev
lived and the daughters went into
families where Christ was honored
and all that was good and pure and
righteous reigned perpetually For I0
years that family endured the Script
ures Not one of them ruined by them
Now if you will tell me of a family
where the Bible has been read tw ice a
day for thirty years and the children
have lieen brought up in that habit
and the father went to ruin 111 1 the
mother also went to ruin and the son
and daughters were destroyed b
if you will tell me of one such inci
dent I will throw away my Bible or I
will doubt your veracity I tell you
if a mau is shocked witn what lie calls
the indelicacies of the Word of Ood he
is prurient in his taste and imagina
tion If a man can not read Solomons
Song without impure suggestion he is
Dr Prices Cream Baking Powder
Worlds Fair Highest Award
ij Kfft v
either m his hear or in nis life a lib- dav Jjlack is in jail at Henderson
irtine The drvhouse of the Hermitage
The Old Testament description of tjilery South Frankfort burned Loss
wickedness uncleanliness of an sorts 55000 insured
is purposely and righteously a disgust
ing account instead of the Bvronic
and the Parisian vernacular which
makes sin attractive Instead of appall
ing When those old prophet ooint yon
to a lazaretto you understand it is a
lazaretto When a man having beguu
to do right falls back into wickedness
and gives up his integrity the Bible
does not say he was overcome by tiie
fascinations of the festive board or
that he beraane a little fast in his
habits I will tell you win t the Bible
says The dog is turned to his own
vomit again and the sow that was
washed to her wallowing ii the mire
No gliding of iniquity No garlands
on a deaths head No ponndittg away
with a silver mallet at iniquity wheal
it needs an iron sledge hammer
1 can easily understand hew iKople
brooding over the description of un
cleanness in the Bible mry get mor
bid in Bind until they are as full of it
as the wintrs and the beak and the
nostrils and the claw of a buzzard is
full of the odors of a cartas but what
is wanted is not that the Bible be dis
infected but that you the have
your mind and heart washed with car
bolic acil
I tell you at this point in my dis
course that a man who does not like
this Book and who is critical as to its
contents and who is shocked and out
ried with its descriptions lias never
been soundly converted he laving
on of the hands of Presbytery or
copacy does not always change a
I mans heart and men somnimcs get
into the pulpit as well as the pew
never having een changed radically
bv sovereign grace of God Get your
heart light and the Bible will be right
The trouble is mens natures are not
brought into harmony with the wind
of God Ah my friends expurgation
of heart is what is wanted
You can not make me believe that
the Scriptures which this moment lie
011 the table of the purest and best
men and women of the ae and which
were the dying solace of yo ir kindred
passed into the skies have in them a
taint which the strongest microscope
of honest criticism could make visible
If men are uncontrollable ii their in
dignation when the integrity f a wife
or child is assailed and judges and
jurors a- far as possible excuse vio
lence under such provocation what
ought to be the overwhelming and
long resounding thunders of na
tion for any man who will stand in a
Christian pulpit and assail the more
than virgin purity of inspiration the
well beloved daughter of God
A STKAMihK was arrested at Padu
cah charged with passing forged
checks on Cincinnati and Chicago
Richmond is preparing a big Fourth
of July celebration
IMontown has voted a special tax of
IS cents on S10O for school purposes
Joi Mnoin m Post No 73 li A R
was organized at Brooksville recently
with eighteen members
At Nicholasville Duke Redd charged
with the murder of Ed Williams was
sentenced to ten years in tie peniten
Tiik inmates of the poorhouse of
Mercer county are much perturbed
over their surroundings A short time
ago a small tract of land near the
place was purchased by some parties
on which it was proposed 1o erect a
school for Negn ea slaughter house
has been built or the land however
and the inmates of the poorhosjse are
complaining loudly against the odor
SixTY Foiu varieties of potatoes were
grown at the Kentucky experiment
station hist year and Molly Stark led
in productiveness 163 bushels per acre
Wuihm Ioiivson who was charged
with killing James Johnson near South
Union last February was tried in the
Logan circuit court and acquitted
T11K business men of Henderson are
Stirred up over the threat of insurance
companies to place that city on a foot
ing with fourth class towns so far as
rates are concerned unless better facil
ities for fighting fire are adopted
IT is proposed at Henderson to have
a marine fire engine with which to
extinguish tires along the river front
and to protect business bouses on Main
Si VKUAI horses belonging to B
Copper who lives near Stanford were
slashed with a knife in the hands of
some miscreant and rendered practi
cally useless
NoviMiiKi li has been named as
Kentucky day at the big Atlanta cot
ton exposition Hon Henry Watterson
has been invited to deliver an address
on that day
T11KKK are Stt societies of Christian
Endeavors in the state with a member
ship of 12350
City corNcii Owenshoro has adver
tised for bids for lighting the city
Tlinni ia camp meeting will begin
July and close August
Thk Graves county grand jury re
turned eighteen indictments against
Bud Small for selling liquor in viola
tion of law
The court of appeals has decided that
a deputy clerk is amenable to the law
for misappropriation of funds
The following dates of Kentucky
fairs this year have been reported
Springfield July 17 three days Leb
anon July 4 three days Danville
July 30 three days Lawrenceburg
July 30 four days Sharnsburg Au
gust four days Nicholasville Au
gust I three days Versailles August
i I three days Columbia August JO
four days Winchester August 21
four days Shcpherdsviile August 21
three days London August SI three
days Lexington August ri six days
Bardstown August UT five days Bar
boursville August f7 four days
Franklin August S four days Wil
liamsburg September 3 four days
Bowiing Green September 4 four days
Louisville Trots September six days
Elizabethtow n September 10 four
days Horse Cave September IT five
days Paduciih September 24 five
days Owenshoro October 1 five days
The following pensions ner grant
ed a few days since Original Elbridge
i Evans Nichola vdle Jessamine
county Simon EL Iindsey Brooklyn
Butler Increase Samuel Htirisham
Covington Reissue evi Florence
Centerville Bourbon Theodore Tooley
Meshaek Monroe Simon tarty Oer
mantown Mason Thomas W Pratter
Bioomington Mugotiin Marion Moore
Hopkinsville Christian Andrew J
Baldridge East Point Johnson Tay
lor Hobson Bowiing Green Warren
Charles Anderson Mays Lick Mason
John E Fortune Catlettsbunr Boyd
Patrick EL Shearer Covington Jesse
Fuller Salt Well Nicholas Win Cook
Rowena Russell Original Widows
etc Reissue Lucretia J Mundmay
mother Troy Woodford
John Boyd and wife and th ee chil
dren pfived at Paducah from Bedford
Ind penniless and hungry The chil
dren were crying for food when the
attention of an officer was directed to
the family The officer collected
enough money to supply their im
mediate wants and to purchase tickets
for Mayfield where the man thought
he could secure work
Mis JriiA Smith of Scott county
brought suit arains t her brother-in-law
for 10000 for slapping her jaws
She accepted ten dollars and wthdrew
the ea
The state will not be divided into
the Episcopal dioceses
Mayslk k will organize a cemetery
R S Cohen of Hopkinsvil e has
filedsuit against the town of Fredonia
Caldwell county for 12000 damages
The plaintiff alleges that he was ar
i and tried for violating a town
ordinance when the ordinance was
not valid
-hot and killed Geo
Fisher in Henderson county the other
TllKRK are 4S12 white children ana
1133 colored children of school age in
Marion county Grant county con
tains 435 white children and -15 col
ored children of school age
Thomas MrEiitATH who killed his
cousin in Marshall county had his
bond reduced from SJ000 to S500 and
was released from jail after giving
bond for the latter amount
CorviKLFKiTKiis have been at work
in Ohio county for several months
The other dav they became more bold
than usual and about was passed
in Hartford on different people The
coin is a counterfeit twenty five cent
piece The dealers are not known
Gathered Frrnn All Part of the Tooatry
Senator Nicholson of Indiana thinks
his temperance law will stand the test
of the constitution
John McKeough one of the best
known younger lawyers of Chicago
did suddenly of acute pneumonia
An avalanche in the Alps threw
fifteen French soldiers upon Italian
territory ix of the soldiers was
ously injured
At Martinsville Ind the 3-year-old
i daughter of Philip Duncan was burned
1 and scalded to death while playing
about the kitchen
An appeal for aid has been received
from Medford O T The citizens are
in a wretched condition so far as food
and clothing are concerned
George Noon shot and killed himelf
at his home in Heath township near
Coryrion Ind He recently received a
warning from the whitecaps He was
60 years old
Mrs Joshua Berry living twenty
miles south of Kokomo Ind was
burned to death She was hoeing in
the garden smoking her pipe when
her clothing took fire
Corporal Tanner will be one the
speakers at the big Fourth of July
celebration at Lincoln park Indianapo
lis Ind under the management of the
Union Soldiers Monument league
The bodies of W F Kronkeri a
wealthy contractor of San Antonio
Tex and his wife were found in Sal-
edo creek where he owned a ranch
Wounds on the mans head indicate
Sarah Jane Lester 40 years old of
Woodstock Ci a teacher in the Young
Womans Christian association was in
stantly killed at Brooklyn by having
her head crushed while riding in an
On Tuesday the Inited States Brew
ers association will begin in Milwaukee
its thirty fifth annual convention
which will be in many respects the
most important gathering of brewers
ever held
Forest fires are reported in what is
known as Crawley run near Austin
Pa A large quantity of logs a log
loader and a number of cars the prop
erty of the Goodyears of Buffalo have
been destroyed Men from Austin
have left to fight the fire
William It Isaac grand secretary of
the grand lodge Chapter of Masons of
Virginia grand secretary of the Vir
ginia Grand Commandery and grand
recorder of the grand encampment
Knights Templar of the Inited States
died at his residence in Richmond Va
Sunday morning
The British cabinet will meet Mon
day and will consider Turkeys answer
to the demands made by Great Britain
France and Russia for a reform in the
administration of Armenia Tne
French and Russian cabinets will also
consider the reply which practically
refuses to accede to the proposals made
by the three powers
Jailbird Krape
Alva Mo dune 10 All the prison
ers confined in the jail here escaped
There were eight of them Ben Trott
the least notorious of them was cap
tured by Collector John W Singleton
before he succeeded in getting out of
tow 11
Secretary llerlirt llesirpit to Kewaril th
tan Who Captured Him
When Secretary of the Navy Herbert
was a confederate colonel his life was
saved at the battle of Seven Pines by a
Maine soldier who prevented a re
vengeful comrade from running his
bayonet through the breast of the Ala
bama officer who had been wounded
and had fallen from his bullet riddled
hone When Mr Herbert was a tneiu
Irt of congress says a Washington cor
respondent of the New York Sun he
endeavored unsuccessfully to learn
from his colleagues in the Maine dele
gation the name of his preserver
After he became secretary of the
navy he received a letter from a man in
California asking if he was the Col
Herbert at the battle of Seven 1 jnes
1 IbssssISSI
The writer of the letter was Jonathan
Newconie and he said he was one of
the Maine soldiers who participated in
the capture Secretary llerU rt in an
swering the letter made an appoint
ment to meet the man in California
Sonic time after this the secretary
went to California to visit the navy
yard and there met his Maine soldier
He found that the man had been at the
front in the attack and had taken him
to the rear as a prisoner but it was not
the man wlio had saved his life His
preserver the sergeant had been killed
at Gettysburg and the search fr him
was ended
Secretary Herbert was deprived of
the opportunity of showing his grati
tude to ke principal but he did the
next best thing by extending it to one
survivor of that little group whom he
found The man was a ship calker
who had drifted from Maine to the Pa
cific coast and was poor and out of em
ployment The order of the secretary
of the navy applying the civil service
rules to navy yards was in force but it
was a rule made by an order and not
by law Although it was the policy of
the department and insisted upon by
the president that there should lie no
exception to this rule the secretary
suspended it long enough to give this
man work in the yard at his trade and
he gave directions that as long as there
was a ship or a iKiat in the nary yard
to be calked the old Maine soldier
should have work
Murderous Little Weapon Found on
Iriwner in New York
A curious Weapon was used by Wil
liam Ciark in his assault upon Waiter
Spatz the sailor at New Yor The
heaihinarters men said to a Sun re
porter that the piece of lead which
looked so innoccnl waaadeadivwi
known as the Chi and
lunch more harmful in the hand of a
rate man than brasnlni
a lead pine It is much
principally in Chi ago but little
by the crooks of Gotham In fact the
one found on Clark i
which has
the police The -Chicago k
a double conoid of soUd lead about
two and one half inches in length and
one inch in diameter at the center
Each end tapers to a fine point Around
the bases of the conoid run two
1 4k lmrurv ji
grooves so ea to auo v saw
get a good gTip on it It is held in the
hand with the little finger in one of
the grooves and the third finger in the
other Wheat held in this manner
about half an inch of the shrrp end of
the lead projects and a slight blow
does a great deal of harm
A lteel in Iron Or
Z T White who is now or has very
recently lieen citizen of El Paso
Tex was once the owner of the mot
wonderful entomological specimen ever
found since the creation of the
a live lieetle found in a solid manx of
iron ore The curiosity was discovered
a considerable depth below the surface
in the Longfellow mine at Clifton
Ariz and fitted his iron sarcophagus
as snugly as though the iron had bean
in a plastic state when it eSsaM in con
tact with the creatures lo4y The
bug was of a dull rrddish grny color
and was of course of a species wholly
unknown to the entomolcg ss Ac
cording to the B Paso Bullion livs won
der was presented to a ralJ knoa
1 I 11 of tte A
slope about two years ugo
Win BarVT Baa Latti r
It is commonly aseossed that soap is
used in sharing lor the purpose of soft-
ening the hairs This how ver it
seems is a 1 rstak it is used -1 tc
contrary to lender m ban ir
stiff and brittle it which condit r
thev best ield to 1
Ive been pondering over a very sin
gular thing
What is it
How putting a ring on a womans
third finder should place you under
that womans thumb Life
Thev say it is electricity said PiK
as he stopped before th incandescent t
street tight but Ill be h nirei if I see
how it is they make the hairpin burn in
the botthle Yale Recorii
Her Iaat I haace
Miss HI mm who has just become
Do you tielieve that marriages
are made in Heaven
Miss Leftover Trash a sigh I hope
so They must be made somewhere
Brooklyn Life
Thou Dear ilrla
So you let Mr Clinker kiss you last
Yes How did you know
He asked me to day if 1 would for
give him Life
Oisaannars June a
FtxocTt Winter patent in quotable at HOt
450 fancy H054 15 family 83501375 ex
tra f315jS40 low gride t t85 sprina
patent 1440 4V fancy tS80a4S0 family
t34t3 70 rve 4340 370
Wheat Offerings were very light still
there was very little demand for it M
winter would probably sen at gie on track
Wn 2 white at 54c No S
yellow at 54c No J mixed at Vsc No 3 mixed
at 52c yellow ear at Vie on track
Oats No S mixed sold at 33c do at 33Sc oa
track No mixed at 3Sc do light colors
34c in elevator
Rye Ig in moderate demand and hsri
Cattle Market quiet and steady fair to
good shippers 450 5 10 choice 1515
choice butchers MiOj 500 choice butchers-
US 500 extra 15 10 medium butchers S3 of
4J4 IO common frSO 350
Hoos Market fairly active and steady
butchers 4 40450 packers H4 40 good
light Hlt3s43S common and rough 4004
Calves Market Arm Fair to irood 14 v
550 common and large tOO 450
Sheep and Lambs Sheep Msrket dull and
weak Extrss 30fc3 good to chore
tS 4350 common to fair HAOrtJ 50 Lambs 1
Market dull and lower Extra 5i7i
good to choice K 75 550 common to fair
- jr i 1
New Yob June 8
nnsji so rea store and elevator 83c
a uom 10 DB3
4ic ungraded red
-v uuiiciu one
Coas No 3 57C elevator 58c afloat
Z wmte HatTc Xa
- loigo e -so j iac No 3 white 36c
mixed western 33 435c white state and west 1
em 37 043c
Toledo o June a
C 10 verseed October 1585
Wheat No t red June mc July Het
August V September 93Ka
Corn No I mixed cash 53c
Oats No 2 mixed July sad
KVc September Ec
Pittsbubgh June S
to lbs S5 24550 good
WMolO good butchers 450 J480 rough 1st
Hoes Mixed and best Yorkers 14 4534 50t
common to fair Yorkers M30 440
SHXBP ExtlX t3C0u3ro ironrt 1 Vr m
IStW4r4t0 No
3 snrinir -V
September i
15 common to fair tl00j200
1 imbs t4Oii450 irood JSsHultrs
mon to fair J0O 300
HtrrALo Junes
CATTLEStockera t3 00125 feeders -3 31
8340 No good cattle here
ower Yorkers 4 4V50s
Ught 4 4 40 pigs 54 06430 mixed pack
mediums HoS4 70
sheep ssdiamb Good yearlings MaSa
450 light to fair 50 38Y
to Is ha
good spring lambs tisofcsoo mixed SEiOS
- - - - raim l logs 15
sheep 150 ZOO
tLr010 boce PP 1 export
uietuum to Brand shirvi
-- ewiijinuf
Hxis oood to choice
medium sod heuvv
- J a
WSa not
lambs oflered to day to establish
a market
-sic ago June 8
Flour Winter imu
spring wheat 84isi v-
coraTsesT v
- corn 5110 No
SLni WlU i
m C No v
I KoTZStOL z -
Richmond 6 oj
Million o
Valley View rf 34
Nicholasville 3
Versailles 7 43
Lve London
Arr Corbln
Lve Corbin
Lve Pineville
Ive Mliiillesh ii
Arr Cuinit Jap
Lv Contd ttap
Lve Corbln
Lve Wllllamsbg
I could ret relief
from a most horri
ble blood disease I
had spent hundreds
of dollars TRYING various remedies
and physicians none of which did me
anve ood Mv finger nails came off
and my hair came out leaving me
perfectly bald I then went to
Hooine to be cured by this celebrated
treatment but very soon became
disgusted and decided to TRY
Arr llicn A
Arr Knoxville
Lve Richmond
rr Rowland
Arr SUtifoni
ine enect was
truly wonderful I
commenced to re
cover after taking
the first bottle and by the time I had
taken twelve bottle I n entirely cured
cured bv S S S when th worn r bbiJ
Hot Sprnsrs had failed
Our Book on the Dteeaae aa1 Its TraatBMffBt
uUlwl free to aay addreaa
R Ni li Pi Hi L
Time Table No 24 In Efe
fect May 12 1895
No 1
Ei San
Versailles 10 27
Nicholasville 11 10
Valley View 11 32
Million 11 45
p H
13 02
12 14
n 7
12 30
12 3s
I 00
No 3
Ea Sun Ea Sun 1
r a M
6 40 8 53
7 35 o
7 5 o 55
8 12 11 to
8 30 12 30 pm
12 50
1 00
a 00
3 05
r m I
t u
1 5
1 45
a 40
2 57
3 o
3 35
r m
3 30
4 -8
5 00
5 O
3 30
No 2 o 4 rso 8 10
WEST BOUND Ea Sun Ea Sun Ea Sun V
5 J
5 5Z
Trains between Louisville and Versailles dally
Trains between Cincinnati and Nmh ilaaville
All trains connet with SVmihern Kai
and froii - and with the CN OIT
P to and from I incinnati
Vnu can spend five hours in I
h Mir in Cincinnati or 12 honfs in Lexington and
return to Ri hmind at 8 10 p m
For through rates and nther information apply to
any ticket agent or addrrs
c m iaowmi
Genl Passenger Ast Versaii es Ky
W H ADAMS Superintendent
GiKiuati ui faithr
Shortest ami Quickest between
Frankfort Georgetown and Paris
Carlisle MysviHer Cynthiana
Falmouth and Covington
Tram Run hy Central Standard Time
In Effect May 12
EAsT No 1 No 3 No 7
am P at r M
Lv Frankfort -A 7 oo 4 15 J 30
limit 7 oc 421 1 40
Iv Klkh rn 711 4 27 1 50
Iv Swirtr 7 18 4 35 2 03
Iv siampg tird 7 28 4 45 2 17
Iv Huvall 7 34 4 51 2 27
Lv Johnson 7 40 4 57
Iv lieorgewn B 7 47 5 04 2 45
Ar s Pep it 53 5 14 3 20 1
Iv Newtown 3 08 5 24 3 40
lv Centerville 8 f 5 -
1 Klizabeth 8 20 s i
Ar C 8 30 5 4n
WEST 1 No 2 e7i No 11
ah rw PMAW
Iv Paris C 93 6 00 4 fa
- 4 6 10 5
lv Centerville 44 6 14 5 5
6 22 5 45
11 c 42
Iv feorgewn B to 14 6 45 6 00
Iv Johnson 10 19 6 51
Iv llilvill 10 24 6 7
Iv Stimpg I jrd 10 30 7 03 7 28
Iv Switer 10 40 7 13
1 orn 10 47 7 20
Lv Summit 10 53 7 26
Ar Frankfort A it 00 7 35 8 15
Shortest and Quickest Route from Central
Kentucky to All Points North South
and South west Through daily
train service between Cincin
nati Middlesborough Kv
and Knoxville Tenn
and Points on
8ehaale ia Effect Nay 19 189s
Lve Cincinnati
Lve CovlDaton
Lve Falmouth
Lve Cynthlaua
Arr Paris
Arr Lexington
Lve Paris
Arr Winchester
Lve Winchester
Arr Richmond
L ve R ich mond
Arr Livingston
steady and No 2 ts nominally quoted at 5c oa Lve Livingston
No 1 Bo S
Dally No 5 Daily
Express Daily Ex Sun
En aa rss pa 150 pn
810 ib 803 pm 2s6p a
948 a m ologpai pna n aa
1043 am 9 jo pm 503 pa
1118 am 1015 pm 534pm
iaio n a 1055 pm 620pm
1135 am 1025 pm 537 pm
j 1310 a a 1055 pm 6 10 pa
1 1230 pm 1055 am 5 40
I 110 pm 1143 pm 7 28 par
115 pm 1143 pm
142 p ra 1207 a m u
I 2U0 p m 105 am
310 p m 125 a m
353 p m 217 a m
445 P 310 a m
ijc n m iio a n
530 pm 353 a m
600 pm 430 am
640 p m 505 a m
45 P 3 oo a m
cos n m icj a m
m 425 a m
B00 2 m
5 PSII 733 P m
435 pm 910 p m
430 p m 905 p m
No X No 4 No 10
NORTH BOUND Dally Dally Dally
Ex Han
Lve Rowland- n 730 am 305 p a
Arr Richmond 1010 am -
lve Knoxville 2 8iop m
Lve Jell eo 5 1110pm ib
Lve Williamslg - 1138pm 7461a
Air Corbln 1335 am 9 50a av
Lve Cnmd Uap a J 1001 p m
Lve Miildlesirh
o 1030pm 740am
Lve Pineville 1105pm 8192m
Lve Barhrvtlle ita gcoia
Arr Corbln -
i1Dtl 945am
Lve Unilon pa roliannia
Arr Iivinaston
300 a m 11 15 am
Lve Livingston 2m 1130am
lve Beres 312 am 13 38 a a
Arr Rlrhrnonil
339 am 12 55 n a
Lve Richmond 620 am 339 am a 30pm
Arr Winchester 705 am 4252m 320pm
Lve Winchester 710 am 328pm
Ml - 743am 455 am 401pm
I 11 lngMn r 4S 4 07P -
r 753 ami 305 am 415pm
Lve ynthiana 321am 527 am 46pm
Lve Falmouth 6uiMm
Arr tovingloi 1024 am 711am 636pm
Arr Cincinnati 030 735 am 6 45 pm
Ex Han Ex Han
live Cincinnati
0 p m
Lt Covington 256 pm
k r oaam 620 pm
rana an pm
2 arllHle 6 lg p
Jobo ov a ra pm
Mayaville a pm
Lye alayr
- millersburg
Arr Paris
Ex Hun
553 am
630 a ai
703 am
ri am
r 45 am
33 am
1034 am
1030 a m
No 11
Ex Han
143 Pi
3 34 Pi
o8 pi
J 27 Pi
3 J PI
K3T Pi
6 jo pm
Fo n Iher Information rates on tickets
or freight n11 resa
Ticket and Eaalgratlon Agent
Ks unioud Ky

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