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The Riciimond Climax.
Next Monday will ba county court
Circuit Court meets next .Monday
with a biff docket.
Frost & Fanshawe's Co. at opera
houe every nipht this wceir.
A mule was stolon from Miss
Tolly Goldon's barn, near Big Hill.
A second-hand Fisher square piano
and organ lor sale cheap: Apply at thio
Mr. Wine's child, erroneously imported
to have died, is very much
Charles Witt, at Irvine, was acquitted
of the murder of Thomas
Hon. A. It. IJurnam Is seriously
contemplating moving his family to
1 rankfort
The greatest attractions of the
Maon at the opora house this week,
bee local ad.
Despite the$G,000 reward offered by
Oarrard county four wore gates were
raided Mondav.
Todd & Benge will shortly move
their mill from Red Lick to a point
near Kingston.
G E. Dossier is now overseer in
the Chenault precinct, vice Thomas
Phelps resigned.
Elva Reeves, daughter of J. P.
Hot ves, is recovering from pneumonia
and pleurisy.
MissTeuipie Oldham has p6stponel
her Millinery opening until Thunyl.iv
ami Frnlav of next week.
Al McCormick has two fine hlood
huiiuds and is tainingthem for tracking
murderor.s, thieves, etc.
line dollar to Iexiugton and return
April 2d, via I fc X., good returning
pnl A I, account Oratorical
Uemeinbei the sale of Mrs. Sherman
Dudley's handsome residence
n Third street, Saturday at 2 o'clock.
Hcmembor the sale of Mrs. Sherman
Dudley's handsome residence
u i Third street, Saturday at 2 o'clock.
Frank Miller and Lou Smith are
asMiciated together in the grocery
business at Mr. Smith's, East Main
stroft store.
Alex. Campbell was yesterday
30 days at hard labor for stealing
a pig from Irvine Tye all colored,
pig included.
The ladies of the Methodist Church
w ill serve dinner to their friends at Mr.
Arnold's vacant store room on First St.,
Mondav, Court dav.
Gordon and Dudley Doty have
recovered from their serious illness.
The little folks had the measles and
t'leir lives were almost despaired of.
A bright, fresh slock at prices wor
tin of the day, worthy of our fame as the
best p'aie in town to buy good clothing
at very modulate prices. Covington &
Mia hell.
The two deaths from supposed
diphtheria were the 0-year-old child
of l?usli Wallace and the
child of John William, both in the
eas. end of town.
The furniture and carpets for the
Government Building arrived last
Saturday and occupied S cars. Bill
Ow-ley has already chosen a sofa
twelve feet square.
Mrs. John C. Miller MilTered a severe
sprain of an ankle or.c day last
week, in consequence of which MUs
Ellen Gibson is monopolizing the attention
of the household.
For two handsome volumes, "Official
Becord of the Union and Confederate
Navies in the War of the
Rebellion," Gov. McCreary has the
t'lankh of this oillcc.
The last of the Berea College
lectures occurs next Friday the
"Passion Piay," famed throughout
the world. It was given over oO times
in Boston. Go and see it.
Mr. J. Ii. Sowers, of Valley View,
is being urged to run for magistrate
in the Million district. Being a hardworking
Democrat lie can unite the
part and carry the district.
John Donelson is making a specialty
of roaJ wagons, made sit home, perfect
lieauties, the very best; also has on baud
a line of imported wagons, cheap and as
good as any in the iu.irktt here or
Tn addition to the land and stock sale
bv B II. Neale, Saturday, advertised elsewhere
in the Climax, there will be
oTered fifteen shoats, one sow and eiht
pigs, two brood sons and one Jersey Du-rock
On account of opera Festival at Cincinnati
the L. & N. willEell ronnd trip
tickets to that point March 29th to April
CJd inclusive at one fare. Tickets good
returning on all trains of day following
date of sale.
If you want to see home-made buggies
and road wagons that are perfect
beauties and of the best quality, visit the
Kentucky Carnage Works, comer of
Second and Water streets. John Donelson,
Don't handicap 0ur feet by putting
poor shoes on ihem, and then scolding
because they hurt and wear ont quickly.
Come to us and let us show you the most
selec" line of shoes of known qualities.
Covington & Mitchell.
Patrouize the home manufacturer
when jou want bugcies, barouches, road
wagons. All made at home, by John
Donelson, and warranted the best. You
can get them as cheap as imported work
and superior in quality.
To accommodate, the trade, Donelson
has on hand work brought on that can
be secured for as little money as any
work now offered. Baggies, wagons and
everything in that line as cheap as any
offered by any one, and of the very Hesl
The statement is still going
around that the best way to make
hens lay eggs i& to feed them on
strips of newspaper dipped in sour
milk. If depends n good deal like
advertising, on the amount of circulation,
hence, uso the Climax in
making the experiment,
The handsome residence property
on 3rd and Mobrley avenue, de-
Sbed in this paper, will be sold
pu jlicly on Saturday at 2 p. m. Possible
purchasers are at liberty to examine
the property any time
now and the hour of sale. It
is a well constructed, modern, and
convenient home, asd -will be a bargain
for some one.
Young men, attention! We liaye
the best all wool suits that can be bought
for 7. They are beauties. See them.
Covington & Mitchell.
The great Oratorical
Contest occurs on Friday night at
C. V. will be represented by K.
S. Gordon, of Louisville.
Barren county has a negro candidate
for jailer. Madison has one
but the Pantagraph says ho's no
good. How about that "Wince ?
The first Inter-Collegiate Declamatory
Contest will occur stf Lexington
May 7th. K. U., C. U., Ky. Wesleyan
and State College compose the league.
Rev. Creckmoro has beon doing
good work at Pilot Knob church,
and; it is predicted that a larger houso
of worship will boon be erected there.
A difficult but successful operation
for fistula in anno was performed
by two local physicians upon
Arthur Jenkins, of Silver Creek, on
The silver daily paper, The Dispatch,
will appear early in April.
Over one hundred subscribers have
been obtained in this city alone. J.
II. Kennedy is agent.
The first Federal appointment for
Kentucky mnde by President Me-Kinley
is that of Mr. J. W Berryman
to be postmaster at Versailles, succeeding
Mr. Heimiller, whose term
expires to-day.
Mr. Peter M. Pope, of this city,
recently met Mr. W. C. Priest, of
North Middletown and these two
church dignitaries forgot to say what
the Governor of North Carolina said
to the Governor of South Carolina.
A pretty girl to draw attention, a
mule to draw a cut; a bankrupt sale to
draw a crowd, but our prices on clothing
draws the trade See our all-wool suits
at $5.S7. S and 10. There are no
others that will approach them. All we
ask is companion. Covington &
Farm Sold.
Mr. SamQ. Roycc ha& purchased of
Mrs Fula Royee Chamberlain her farm
of21Gl acres, known as the Tlios.
faun, on Callowa'y Creek, for
Special Rates Via. R. N. I. & B.
Grand Opera at Cincinnati March
29th, to April 3rd, one fare for round
State Convention Peoples party at
Louisville April 7th, one and one
third faro for round trip.
To the Democratic Parly of Madison County.
I desire to withdraw my name from
the contest for Superintendent of Public
Schools in this county. With sincere
thanks to the friends who have manifested
au interest in my buccess,
I am verv truly,
Mas. John Williamson.
Killing Over The River.
Lucien Boone, of Clay's Ferry, shot
and killed "Shad" Taylor on Monday
at Athens, about :". miles from the
river, and sheriff Simmon:, sent Gordon
Dudley to Clay's Ferry to watch
for the murderer who had eluded his
puruers. It is believed he escaped
into Jessamine. Officers are still on
his trail.
Mrs. Williamson Withdraws.
Elsewhere Mrs. Williamson announces
her withdrawal from the
race for county school superinten
dent. Whatever her reason for withdrawing
it may be said that she was
eminently qualified to hold the position,
and has a host of friends who
would have testified their regard by
loyally supporting her.
For Jailer.
Elsewhere in to-day's Climax will
be found the announcement of Mr.
. C. Gonnley for Jailer of Madison
county subject to tho action of the
Democratic party. Mr. Gormley is
too well known for us to make any
special comment; but if elected to the
responsible oillce hohoeks, will make
a good jailer and fulfill its responsibilities.
Evan McCord Fails In a Well.
Evan McCord. the little oa of Mr. and
Mrs. John McCord, who reside on the
Lexington pike, near Clay's Ferry, fell
into the cibtern of John Pow ell, a neigh
bor, and narrowly escaped drowning.
Mi&. Powell heard the child's affrighted
screams and summoned the little one's
father, who descended into the well by
the chain and rescued the little fellow.
Evan was unconscious for some time but
was finally resuscitated.
Mr. file Cotton Here.
Mr. J. Me Cotton, of Cincinnati,
passed through to Irvine last night.
He will return to-morrow and remain
in Madison until Satifday. He is
soliciting shipments for thj Live
Stock Commission firm of J. S. Kidd
& Co., Cincinnati, of which he is a
member. He says that there is a good
demand especially for light butcher
cattle ; hogs steady, at $3.90 to $4 for
selects; sheep higher.
He Died.
Here is the kind of obituary that a
Georgia editor puts up for a man:
"Poor Jim Browii slung his earthly
garments on a limb and swam the
river yesterday. He did not stand
back because the water was cold, but
plunged right in and struck out for
the other shore and met the angels
smiling. Jim was a poor man but
had his subscription to his homo paper
paid up and got there in good
Committee Meeting.
A meeting of the Democratic Committee
for the 2oth Judical District, composed
of the counties of Clark, Jessamine
Madison and Powell, is hereby
called to meet at the Rees House in
Winchester, Ky., on Thursday, the first
day of April, 1S97, at 10 o'clock a. m.
for the purpose of fixing the time and
manner for selecting a Democratic candidate
for Circuit Judge and one for
Commonwealth's Attorney forsaid dis
trict, to be voted for at the November
election, 1897. Ahram Benick,
A Disappointed Crowd.
A great many persons were disappointed
by Miss Elvira Sydnor Miller,
of Louisville, being unable on account
of sudden indisposition to fulfill
her engagement to give her reading
and recital as was contemplated
Thursday last. However, it is hoped!
she will be able to come in the nealj
future when we assure her a hearty
As Miss Miller 18 the
newspaper woman in the
South, tho Climax suggests tliat the
press of this city at once sot on foot
a movement among themselvei 'to
Show Miafj Miller, while here, some
special mark of estoorn. A reception
ia.ker.hofioc would be a graoeful act;
Frosl & Fanshswo's Repertoire Co,
In a carefully selected list of old
and new successes, properly staged
and magnificently acted, opened
Monday in "East Lynne," to bo followed
by a choice of "Asa Jenkins,"
"An American Beauty," "The Two
Orphans," "Lady Audley's Secret,"
"Ten Nights Jn a Bar Room," "The
Country Postmaster." "Darius
Green," '-Naval Engagements,"
"The Mad Boy," "False Life." Six
nights and Matinee Saturday. Everything
strictly first class, amusing,
moral and instructive. Admission,
children under 9 years, 10 cents;
Adults 20 cents; reserved scats 30.
A Startling Discovery Dug up $3,500 In
On Thursday last a hired hand on
the place of Mr. John Parrish, who
resides between this. city and Silver
Creek, dug up $3,500 in TJ. S. gold
coin, the largest find ever made in
this county. Hon. A. T. Chenault
saj s that many years ago he was on
a jury which tried an old man for
lunacy who resided on tho Parrish
place. It was known that he had
buried a large sum of gold and Mr.
Chenault asked him where it was
concealed. To this the old man replied
: "It is none of your business,'
and he later died and left tho secret
locked in his old breast.
The Diphtheria Scare. Precautions Necessary.
The panic ensuing from the death
of two children in adjoining houses
in the East end on Saturday and Sunday
is condemned by thinking people,
for the reason that those houses
and any others where there is the
suspicion of tne disease have been
quarantined. Also, some of the children
that are fleeing from the city
may have already been exposed,
which might disseminate the disease.
The physicians advise deliberation
and caution by all parents and a
strict compliance with the edict of
tho Mayor and Board of Health, published
elsewhere, and scattered on
5,000 bills. As a precaution let all
households use such disinfectants as
carbolic arid, listcrine, eucalyptol,
etc. ; and chloate of potash as a mouth
wash. Keep cats and dogs out of the
house. Keep the children at home.
Whiskey Men Meel.
The special committee appointed
recently to prepare a plan whereby
the Kentucky distillers might combine,
met at the office of Col. T. II.
Sherley, in Louisville, last Saturday.
There were present Waller Bennett,
John T. Roach, J. AY. Megibben, J.
A. Wathen and W. V. Monarch. No
plan was agreed upon and it was the
general opinion that no combination
would be effected.
To arepoiter one of the distillers
said: "We have agreed among ourselves
upon certain measures whereby
the whisky business in Kentucky
can be made more profitable than it
has been heretofore, but the agreement
is one of technical manage
ment. I do not think the combine
with the spirits trust will be effected,
it looks to me now very much like it
was an effort of the spirits manufacturing
people to get a combine with
the distillers so that they can reap
the advantages given the distillers
by the bottling law. The distillers
have begun to seo through the plan
and they look upon it now with a
great deal more distrust thau they
did at first."
The Athletic Tournament.
The Court House was crowded with
an interested audience on Friday
night upon the occasion of the fourth
annual indoor athletic exhibition by
tho students of Central University.
There was boxing, wrestling, tumb
ling, jumping and parallel bar work,
good music and a monkey show by
Joe Mansfield and a fellow sinner,
Col. Howell. Prof. Frew showed
what a master trainer he is and
brought to mind the great work of
his brother, J. W. Frew, trainer here
four years ago ; though not so large
as tho latter, A. M. Frew is a little
giant, and what is better knows his
business, which could not bo said of
his immediate predecessors. Harry
Blanton's tumbling may be said to
have been the smoothest ever seen
hero by a student; Norton
Mourning's skill as a ii;er, club
swinger, and bar actor was a feature,
whilst the wrestling of Denny and
his previous boxing exhibition rank
him A 1. Walker and Wallace
jumped 5 feet G, and were warmly applauded.
These were not all that
were good, for the dumb boll and
pyramid exhibitions by tho class, the
boxing of Harry Fnncis, Bissett,
Sanders, Stone, and Norman's wrestling
came in for much applause. The
show- closed with the wonderful
tumbling feats of Kid" Allen, of
Louisville, an old pupil of Prof.
Court of Appeals Renders An Important Decision
Concerning Banks.
The Court of Appeals on Tuesday last
decided the bank tax cases, affirming
some and reversing others, deciding that
they were subject to county and municipal
taxation. This overrules the decision
of last June.
The decision of die court affects every
bank in the State. It reverses the previous
decision which held that banls
should be taxed under the Hewitt law,
and subjects all banks to the ad valorem
The facts in the case in brief are that in
1SS5 the Legislature passed what is
known as the Hewitt bill, according to
which the banks wero to pay to the State
75 cents on every $100, and were not to
be subject to any other taxation.
This was accepted by the banks, and a
contract entered into. But in 1S(J3 the
Lsgiblature did away with the Hewitt
law, and passed a bill taxing tho banks
according to the advalorcm s stein without
deducting debts. The banks contested
tliis, and thev were sustained in
their objection by the Court of Appeal,
which held that the Hewitt law should
But a number of banks had been formed
since 1855, when the Hewitt law was
passed, and these were subjected to
tax. They sued, holding that they
should not be taxed on other conditions
than the old banks. These are the cases
thit were decided on Tneday.
The Court of Appeals has been changed
since 1SS3, and the late decision not
only holds that the new banks shall be
taxed on tho advalorem system, but also
reverses the previous decision holding
that the Hewitt law is unconstitutional
and that all banks shall pay an
Whether the. banks can be made to pay
, back tnrfes will have to be decided by
litigation. In all probability the
( case will he further eputested and."-ill be
, taken fo ilJie United States Snpreme
Mr. Brewer Explains.
This statement appeared in the
Climax last week, in its report of the
Cjnnty Committee meeting:
"All the speeches with a single exception,
Mr. Brewer's, were in favor
of conciliating the party factions and
uniting for Democratic supremacy."
Mr. O. H. Brew er thinks we did him
an injustice in saying he opposed
Democratic supremacy. As for conciliation,
he Is for Congressman Evan
Settle's idea of harmony, set forth in
tho Louisville Post recently.
Tho Climax meant to convey a different
idea, but Mr. Brewer requests
this statement and it is freely made
in justice to him.
Stimulate the stomach,
rouse the liver, cure biliousness,
headache, dizziness,
sour stomach, constipation.
etc 1-rice cents. Sold by all dniKits.
The only lMUs to take with Hood's Sareaparilla.
Envelopes wero first used in 1S39.
That tired feelinir is due to impoverished
blood. Enrich the blood wi'h
Hood's Parsapanlla and be slrong ami
vigorous. 1 1
Telescopes were invented 1500
Croup, the great enemy of children,
succumbs at once to the soothing influence
of Dr. Bell's Pine Tar Honey.
Bronchial affections lose their danger
when this great remedy is at hand. No
home should be without it. It
A barrel of rice weighs 600 pounds.
Whiskers that are prematurely gray or
faded should be colored tc prevent the
look of aire, and Buckingham's Dye excels
all others in coloring brown or black.
A barrel of flour weighs 19G pounds.
Many people, w illi the notion that nature
ought to take care of herself, allow
a cough to plague them for weeks and
months. Whereas, if nature were
a doe or two of Ayer's Cherry
the cure might be effected in a
very few days. 3 1
A barrel of pork weighs 200 pounds.
It surprised many visitors to the Chicago
World's Fair to find that of nil the
blood-purifiers, Ayer's Sarsaparilla was
the only one on exhibition. The reason
is that Ayer's Sarsaparill is a standard
remedy, and not a patent medicine, or
secret nostrum. It
A firkin of butter weighs 50 pounds.
The burden of labor is constantly being
lightened by new inventions, but
nothing new has yet been discovered to
the hours of labor, and make
life worth living like Simmons Liver
Regulator does It's the King of Liver
Medicines. A s'uggish liver, besides
depressess one's spirits and causes languor,
besides upsetting the whole system.
But Simmons Liver Regulator tones up
a id strengthens the body. It
Tha first si eel pen was made in 1830.
The Shakers made a discovery
which is destrofjifco accomp'ith much
good. Realizing fiiat of all
oursufferings arise from stomach troubles,
that the country is literally filled
with people who cannot eat and digest
food, w ithout subsequently suffering pain
and ."Jjjiress, and that many are striving,
waUrfng to mere skeletons, because their
food does them no good, they have devoted
much study and thought to the
subject, and the result is this discovery
of their Digestive Cordial.
A little book can be obtained from
your druggist that will point out the way
of relief at once. An investigation will
coat nothing and will result in much
Children all hate to take Castor Oil but
not Larol, which is palatable. It
A span is ten and seven-eighth inches.
Ky Neitrlibor Tol4 Uo
About Hood's Sarsiparilla and advised
me to try it This is the kind of advertising
which gives Hood's Sarsaparilla the
largest sales in the world. Friend tells
friend that Hood's Sarsaparilla cures;
that it gives strength, health, vitality
and vigor, and whole neighborhood use
it as a family medicine.
Hood's Pills act easily and promptly
on the liver and bowels. Cure sick
headache. It
A hand (horse measure) is four inches.
P.iGoaatism Quickly Cured.
After having been confined to the
house for eleven days and paying out
$25 in doctor bills without benefit, Mr.
Frank Dolson of Saul Ste. Marie, Mich.,
was cured bj one bottle of Cliambrlain's
Pain Balm costing 25 cents and. has not
since been troubled with that complaint.
For sale by W. G. Whit. mar3 lm
A storm moves thirty six miles per
Tetter, and Eczema,
The intense itching and smarting incident
to these diseases is instantly allayed
by applying Chamberlain's Eye and
Skin Ointment. Many very bad cases
have been permanently cured by it. It
is equally efficient for itching piles and
a favonto remedy for sore nipples;
chapped hands, chilblains, frost bitefi
and chronic sore eyes. 25 cts. per box.
Dr. Catly'rt Condition PowdcrR, are
just what a horse needs when in bad
condition. Tonic, blood purifier and
vermifngo. They are not food but
medicine and the best in use to put a
horse in prime condition. Price 25
3ent3 per package.
A hurricane moves eighty miles per
"That Tired Pceline"
us when inferior greparations
arc recommotidcd by unscrupulous dealers
ns "just as good as Foley's Honey and
Tar Cough Syrup," when we know the
unevualled merits of this great medicine.
inarll lm
The first iron steamship was built in
ETcrrbody Says So.
Caschrets Cand v Cathartic, the most wonderful
medical discoverv of tho age. p
audAefresliint: to tho taste, act pcntly
and positively on kidneys. Hvcr nrd hoivels,
cleansing the. en tiro system, dispel coins,
cum licatlaclie, fever, liaultnnl constipation
and biliousness. PJeaso buy and try a box
of O. C. C. to-day; 10, 25, so tents, fcfold aud
guaranteed to cure by all drupglsts.
Measles continues prevalent in Franklin
After a big fire in Cripple Creel:,! took
a very severe cold and tried many remedies
without help, the cold only
more settled. After using threesmall
bottles of Cough Remedy,
both the cough and cold left me, and in
this high altitude it makes a meritorious
cough remedy to do any good.-G. B.
editor Daily Advertiser.
For sale by W. G. White. mar3 lm
Watches were ursLconstructed.inbiTo.
For SrJe or Exchangs, ,.
House nndlot. House of fierooma and
hall, two porclies, pantry ariil four clos
tits. Lot 90x2ip feet. -Will ajcbaBge
for snail farndj For part Kntam'taddreiw
Ki-.. vmmi
Uaroh. April May
Are She months in which to give especial
attenlion to the condition ot your physical
health. If you pas.? safely through
these months and find yourself strong
hihI vigorous, on the anival ol warmer
weather, you will bt well in summer.
Now is the time lo lake Hood's Sarsapar
ilia, because now id the time when the
blood must be purified enriched and
vitalized, and because Hood's Sarsapar
ilia is the only true hlood purifier prominently
in the public eye today. Hood's
Sarsaparilla has power'to make you healthy
and guard your system against
disease. mar3 lm
There laiurnages.
To Consumptives.
As an honeit remedy Foley's Honey
and Tar does not hold out false hopes in
advanced stagee, but truthfully claims lo
oominrt and relief in the very worst cases,
and in the earl' stages to effect a cure.
mar3 lm
Barren county has a negro candidate
for Jailer.
How in in yming men and young women
are i ii' oil just as the- future seems
briglieN! .i .d fullest of promise! The
are tak a awav by the disease which
t over one-sixth of all the deaths in
w .rid the disease which doclorscall
ninption. There is abolullely no
ii in the world why consiimp iiiibl.onld
e een serious. It is a disease of the
hlood, and can he cured absolutely aud
always by purifiug and enriches the
blood.. The only exception to this is the
case where the disease has been neglected
and improperly theated until it is
stronger than the body until the body
has become so weak as to hae lost thf
ability to recuperate. Dr. Pierce's Golden
Medical Discovery will cure 98 per cent,
of all cases of consumption if used
directions It also cures all lingering
coughs, bronchial throat affec
bend 21 cents in one cent stamps to
World's Dispensary Medical Association,
Buffdo N. Y., and receive Dr. Pierce's
1008 page common sense meoical Anvscit,
illstratcd. It
Livingston is soon to have a handsome
new bridge.
Dangers of tho Grip.
The greatest danger from La Grippe is
of its resulting in pneumonia. If reasonable
cure is used, however, and Chamberlain's
Cough Remedy taken, all danger
will be avoided. Among the tens of
thousands who have used this remedy
fur la grippe, we have yet to learn of a
single case having resulted in pneumonia,
which shows conclusively that this remedy
is a certain preventive of that dread
disease. It will effect a permanent cure
in less time than any other treatment.
The 23 and 50 cent sizes for calc by W.
G. White. mar3 lm
Madisonville's new steam laundry is
about ready for business.
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f 1.(10. Booklet and samplo lanileil free. Ad.
Sterling Remcdy("o.,Chieaeo or New York.
The cellulose factory atOwcnsborowill
be pushed rapidly to competition.
Bever Dam, 0., Aug. 27th, 1S93.
My daughter, after being treated by
four doctors, and being given up for lost,
a neichbor recommended Foley's Kidnev
Cure. To-day she is able to walk several
miles without fatigue. I feel we would
have lost her if it was not for your medicine.
Mrs. J. M. Bailey.
mar3 lm
Next Saturday week the agony will
end for the Union county candidates.
To cleanse the system in a gentle and
trnly beneficial manner, when the
Springtime comes, use the true and perfect
remedy, Syrup of Figs. One bottle
will answer for all the family and costs
only 50 cents; the large s'e SI. Buy the
uenuine. Manufactured by the Califor
nia Fig syrup Company only, for sale by
all druggists.
apr3 lm
Alleged sewing machines agents swindled
several persons in Livingston county.
Have.You Had The Grip?
If you have, you probably need a reliable
medicine like Foley's Honey and
Tar to heal your lungs and stop the reeking
cough incidental to this disease.
mar3 lm
Shade Johnson, need nineteen years, of
Leblie county, married agitl only fifteen
years old.
Keep Cool!
I desire to notify the citizens of Richmond
aud my old customers and friends
in particular, that J will again be in the
Ice business this season, with splendid
equipments, and they will do well to see
me before making other arrangements.
Wm. E. Luxon, Jk.
Office in Caperlon Building on First
street. Mar24 tf
Tho Metropolitan Democratic dai'y
and weekly paer, "The Louisville Dispatch,"
will make its appearance tho
firbt week in April. J. H. Kennedy will
take subscriptions for Madison county.
Ofiice next door to Richmond National
Bank. tnar21 4w
Missouri Farms For Sale.
I have three very desirable farms
within 20 miles of Fulton. Mo. Also a
large list of cheap farms in Calloway
county, Mo , for sale Circularand price
list sent free on application.
F. S. Poston,
mar24 4w Fulton, Mo.
Having taken penngnent residence In another
State I desire to sell my residence property,
without reserve, to-vnt:
One of the best constructed', most convenietat,
aud most desirable residences in Richmond, at
public sale, on
Saturday, ipril 3,'3,,
Two story and half, 8 rooms,
reception hall, bath room,
large celler, finished throughout
in fine hard-wood gas
fixtures, force pump, sink;
stable, garden, outbuildings,
shade and fruit trees, terraced
lawn, Veil fenced, everything
in good repair.
Sale at 2 o'clock, p. m., on
the preny.sesj corner Third
and Avenue, adjoining
the,, property known as
the T. S: 'Bronstpn place.
TERMS -Gash, balance
in 6-and 12 months.
IzS nniioi
Are the Shelves, Counters and Ledges of the
hm'ft trt "TTirrl r n 4.,! --.-. ."1 ,-, Jl j ,t -i
tj" .?,-
rr n it tm.
Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Notions, Carpets,:'
Lace Curtains, Trunks, etc., that have been crowded upon them. " '
"- "icu vui .melius uim patrons tne line C
of Goods to select their Spring and Summer purchases from S
as we uo whs season.
NOT A STONE Has Been m Mumi
To make this the Banner Season of Our Enornous Business.
In our Dress Goods Department we are offering one lot of about 25 different stvles all
wool 36-inch wide Novelty Dress Goods in all the new style checks at $1.08 per dress pattern
These goods make as pretty Spring Dresses as if the- cost $1 per vd.
200 yi
We have one lot of all-wool Stripe Dress Goods, Good Spring Styles wide about
in the lot that we will clean up at 15e. per yd. These formerly sold at '
While in the Dress Goods Department ask 'to see our line of Black Figured Jacquads
they are as handsome as Brocaded Silks and make much better dresses.
No large cities are showing anything in dress goods that you can't find in our stock
All the new fancy weaves, Jacquads, Cheviots, Pongees. Foulords. Covert Cloths, Gloria"
Crash Cloths, Secilians, &c, can be had here. Also all the new things in Silks and Ribbons!
We are showing a beautiful line of Biccle Suitings in new designs and cheeks, that
make excellent skirts and dresses, price llc. The best Black and Stripe Ducks
10c. per 3ard.
We are cleaning up one line of Ducks, white ground with black and blue and red dots
stripes, just the thing for men's shirts and boy's waists, price to close Sic.
Our Hamburgs and Laces have .ill been reduced in price. You can get the very best
patterns in hamburgs, beautiful designs and best for what yoif formerly paid for
cheap stuff. Remenants, almost given awn- to make up your bundle.
We are selling a nice Quality Check and Stripe Dimit- in pure 'white at 5c. yd. Our Gx
7, Si and 10c. White Dimities are worth double what we ask for them. '
Five (500) Hundred Yards of beautiful Check Satteens will be cleaned up at Gk per yd
These goods formerly sold at 15c. and are good spring colors and styles.
We sell Best Tobacco Canvass, - - lc.
We sell Best Quilt Lining, ... 3e
We sell good yard wide Brown Cotton, - 4c.
We sell good yard wide Sea Island Cotton, - 4Ve.
We sell Trion AAA Brown Cotton, - - 5c.
We sell Green Ticket Lonsdale Bleach Cotton, (3c
We sell good yd. wide Bleach Cotton, no dressing,oc
We sell the best Check Cottons for dresses
aud shirts, -
We sell good 10-4 Brown Sheeting,
We sell best 10-4 Bleach Sheeting,
Bed Ticking 5e. yd., better ticking
Good Calicoes, new stjies,
Remnant Calicoes,
One lot of good Challis, ...
Best Apron Gingham, -Good
Dress Gingham, pretty, new styles,
Remnants Ginghams, -
Good Gum Combs, 5c -
Horn Combs, 5c
Horn Combs, steel covered back, Sc.
Genuine Aluminum Thimbles, lc each.
Wood Cabinet Hair Pins, 4c
Gum end Pencils, lc each.
Darning Cotton, lc per bunch.
Safety Pins, 2c per dozen.
Brass Pins, best, 4c a paper.
Good Pins, lc a paper.
Side Combs, 4c a pair.
New Slyle Tortoise Shell Side Combs 10c
a pair.
Good Hair Pins, lc. a paper.
Package Colored Pins with Mirror, 5c
a package.
1 Ream Commercial Note Paper, 10c
Uncle Sam Tar Soap, 4c a cake.
Good Toilet Soap, 4c a cake.
Casmo Buttermilk, the only genuine toilet
soap, 8c a cake.
Good Towels, 5 and 10c each.
- 124c
Si and 10c
I Our Entire Line Fine wide Cambric Per
s cales will be Cleaned up at 10c. a yard. These
Goods are Worth 15 cents. g
Good quality Percales, new styles,
We are selling a lot of about 100 Berlin White Bed
Spreads, large size, good as new, at 79c. each, former
price $1.50.
Our line of Men's Laundried Percale
Negligee Shirts at 49c, are as
pretty as $1.00 Shirts.
One lot of Ladies' Tan Ribbed Hose
will be closed at 5c worth 15c
Men's Extra, heavy seamless sox, 5e.
lioy's Ribbed Black Hose 5c.
Boy's Seamless Bibbed Black Hose So.
Ladies' Seamless Grey Mixed Hoe. Cc.
Our line of Ladies' and Children's Fine Hosiery
in Ox-blood, Black ami Fancv
Stnpes is very complete at remarkablv
low prices.
We are sole Agents for Featherbone
Oil Shades, best quality rollers,
Curtain Poles 15c. brass ends and
spring rollers.
We are closing one lot of Ladies'
Slippers, sizes 3 to 5 in broad toes
and pointed toes, heel and spring
heel at G9c a pair. These goods
sold for $1.25 and $1.50 a ptiir.
AVc carry the prettiest line of Men's
Children's Shoes and Slippers in
the City, all the new Olive Tans, Ox-bloods,
Coin Toes, etc., can be had here at our low-cash
Perfumery, 5c a bottle.
Needles, lc a paper.
Tortoise Shell Hair Pins, 5c a dozen.
Extr Fine Tortoise Shell Hair Pins, 1
dozen in box, 10c per box.
Men's Neckwear, all the new things in
Clubs, Bows and Tecks, at knock-out
Large Silk Bows for children, 25c each.
Pearl Buttons, 5c a dozen.
Bullitt Pearl Buttons, 10c a dozen.
Knitting Silk, 5c a spool.
Ladies' Garters, silver and gold buckles,
25 cents.
Seaming Braids, all colors, 5c a bunch.
Ladies' Waist Sets, 10c
Men's Hankerchiefs, good quality, 5c
Good Gum Webbing, frill edge, 5c yd.
Silk Gum Webbing, all colors, 10c yd.
White Collar Buttons, 5c a dozen.
Men's Link Cuff Buttons, a large assortment.
Ladies' Waist Sets, a large assortment.
Full line Stick Pins.
We Are Selling Men's New- Style PJaid All Wool Suits for $5.00, Worth $10.00. ....
Ask to See Our Line of Men's Silk Lined Spring Suits THEY ARE BEAUTIES.
Boy's Cassimere Knee Pants, - - - 24c a pair.y
Boy's Knee Suits, e9e.upto$3.98. .
Men's Jeans Pants, - - xl j
Price Our Line of Parasols and UmbrGlIas, Ngw Styles hk and Coloreel
JJChe many BARGAINS that line our shelves and counters
that tare can't mention here would fill a volume. Give us a on.
get cjur cash prices, compare them with our. competitors, and we
will uo the rest. Hoping to receive an early call.
We are, Respectfully,
W . it D. OLDHM 1 . - & COMPANY.
rFfrFM -i
mi WMttMipr wmtn
- : a- s.- O- s J .. ;.,-- r ,- 'By-"y. yTir tiiii i,i
-" - - .--.- ,'.V ?h. v L -" .- -, ?JSb C' JP-- it?-.' -J , . , - "A ,r t . - - - i: " ' - - " '
t -a
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