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The Richmond Climax.
AVe aro authorized to announce
Dr. Elmer ISorthcutt, of Valley
View, as a candidate to represent
liadison county in the Lower House
of the next General Assembly, sub-
to the action of the Democratic
rimary. May 29.
"We are authorized to-announce "V.
"V. Combs a candidate for the Legislature,
subject to Hie actioii of the
Democratic party.
T. J. Scott is a candidate for reelection
to theoflice of Circuit Judge
in this (the 25th) Judicial District,
subject to the action of the Democratic
Bbk. A. Crutcher directs the announcement
of himself as a candidate
for re-election to the ofllce of
Commonwealth's Attorney in this
(the 25th) Judicial District, subject
to the action of the Democratic
I hereby announce myself a candidate
for Judfre of the MndiMiu Counts
Court, subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
1 II. Sullivan.
We are authorized to announce
G. E. Lilly a candidate for County
Attorney of Madison county, subject
to the action of the Republican party.
James C. Lackey is a candidate for
Jailer of Madison county, subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
A. T. Fish U a candidate for Jailer
of Madison county, Mibject to the
action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce P.
B. Bkoaddus a' candidate for Jailer
of Madison county, subject to the
action of the Democratic paity.
J. W. Wagers i a candidate for
Superintendent of Public Schools of
Madison county, -abject to the action
of fie Democratic parly.
We are authorized to announce
Hev. Wm. Crow a candidate for
Countv School Superintendent, subject
to the action of the Democratic
S. H. Thorpe, Jr., incumbent, is
a candidate for Clerk of the Madison
Circuit Court, subject to the action
of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce
John F. White a candidate to
himself a-, Clerk of
County Court, subject to the action
of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce
Dr. H. K. Middleton a candidate
for Countv Clerk of Madison, subject
to thcactfonof the Democratic party.
for sheriff.
H. H. Colyer is a candidate for
SheriH of Madison county, subject
to the action of the Democratic
James C. Miller is a candidate
for Assessor of Madi.-on county, subject
to the action of the Democratic
We are authorized. to announce
A. J. IIroaihjus a candidate for
County subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce T.
C. Curry a candidate for AsM'or
of Madi-on county, subject to the action
of the Democratic party.
We are authorized to announce?
J. It. Henry a candidate for Magistrate
of Kirksville Precinct, subject
to the action of the Democratic party,
on the free turnpike ticket.
We are authorized to announce
Green Clay a candidate for the
office of City Attorney,of Richmond,
Ky., subject to the action of the
Democratic party.
We are authorized to'announce J,
Talrot Jackson as a candidate for
City Attorney, of Richmond. Ky.,
subject to the action of the Democratic
We are authorized to announce D.
I. Armer a candidate for Mayor of
Richmond, subject to the action of
the Democratic party.
Ve are authorized to announce
J. 15. Stouffer a candidate for
Mayor of Richmond, subject to the
action of the Democratic party.
JLLZ, J errotis J Hsa me m Yelling ilem
ory,Impoteiicj.SiIeer!e8ne.otc. caused
by Abase or other Excwtbee bed Inditr
cr&tiona. Thy quickly and surely
restore Lost Vitality in old or joanc. and
ntannioranay, dusxhms or mamcce.
Prevent Izuumitr find Coanmi4.ion it
taka intiro. Their ii ?hows immediate
xnont nd enacts a luut where ell otter icii in
pit upon having tho pennino Ajar Tablets They
hare cured thonft&nds&nd will euro yon. We eire a posture
written cnaranteo to effect a euro Jft PTC n
enchcaeor refund the money Price wJ U I Oijier
poc&ure; or aix pksm If oil treatment) for J2JGQ. By
znail, in plain wrapper, tipnn receipt of prico ( ircnlar
For sale in Richmond , Ky. , by Hasan &
The Lebanon
"Cycle .
Handsomest '97
BICYCLE Manufactured.
3?ricc, S-00-
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i..T0D PAT. FOR THE...
rfce.Nd. 3. RICHMOND. KY.
rb latent News From An Pavrtt or tha
Ths Dalldlnc at the hllle Imposition
Dedicated Large Delegations In Attendance
Nashville, Tenn., May 24 Monday
veas Kentucky day, the first state day
to be formally observed. Gor. Bradley,
his staff and a large number of attending
ladies and gentlemen arrived
Monday morning. The Louisville
legion, 500 strong, came Sunday night
and served as an escort to the governor,
assisted by local military companies.
The arrangements and exercises
were in charge of a eommittee representing
the exposition company and a
committee representing the Kentucky
state association of this city. From
all the Kentucky towns along the railroad
large delegations attended.
The exercises began at 1 p. m., when
the special train bearing the governor
arrived and ths procession marched
immediately to the exposition grounds
where lunch was served and a general
reception held in the woman's building.
At 5:S0 o'clock Kentucky
building was dedicated, Gov.
Bradly making the opening speech,
Miss Yandell, of Louisville, sang
and Hon. I J. McDcrmott will make
the address on behalf of the commissioners.
President J. W. Thomas will
introduce the speakers and Speaker
Thompson, of the senate, representing
Gov. Taylor, and other distinguished
citizens will also speak, representiug
the Kentucky association aid the exposition
management. Tho Louisvillo
Legion will also give a full dress
Injarert Under a rllln or
Them Will Die r Their lajarlrs.
Louisville, Ky., May i-L Capt. W.
J. Raggio and John Jacobs, members
of the Louisville fire depatment, aro
at the point of death Sunday night
from the effects of injuries received at
3 o'clock Sunday morning by a falling
The street railway powerhouse,
Seventeenth and Walnut streets, was
destroyed by fire at that hour, causing I
a loss of S125.000. The building was '
full of costly machinery.
During the process of the fire a 40-foot
brick wall fell and buried eight of
tho firemen, but only Capt. Raggio tnd
Jacobs were seriously hurt Rnggio's
legs were amputated Sunday night at
midnight, and he can not live, lie is a
veteran fireman.
A Ieddlers Dlsappearnnca In Tart Accounted
Fur. 1
Wakxock, Iv3, May 21 The hand
and a portion of the foot of a human
being were brought home by a dog
neat here. Soon hundreds of people
were systematically searching the t
hills. Their efforts were rewarded
Friday by finding the mutilated and
decomposed body of a man lying in a
hollow Dogs and other anima's had
been feeding on the body, mtcing
identification impossible. It is believed
to be the remains of a peddler
who was in the nc 1 about
two weeks ago. Odicials ar investigating.
Mnrdtrnd tijr it M Miitlilner.
Tompkins villk. Ky., M iy 21 J. C
Patterson was killed seven mile
of this place, near the vil'agj f
Hestand. He was shot in th j b ick of
the head with a 41 Winchester r:lle iy
Johnson Smith, a desperate
The ball came out under Patterson's
left eye and death was int
Patterson was acting as dep
uty sheriff under his couin, J. T.
Patterson, and was in Smith's settlement
summoning witnesses. Smith
was 70 yards away when he did the
IIaruodsiiukg, Ky., May 2L The
residence of J' . Pra titer vtas destroyed
by fire. Loss, SI, 530, partially
covered by insurance. '1 he origin
of the fire is unknown, but
is suspected. Prather is city editor
of Sayings and correspondent of
several dailies, lie was a member of
the recent grand jury and has given
the toll-gate raiders many seiero
The Hunter Dvraarrcr.
Lexixgtox, Ky., May 24 The demurrers
in the Congressman Hunter
and other indictments for bribery
cases were argued before Judge
at Georgetown Friday night by
Judges Pryor and Rodman for Hunter
and State Attorney Smith for
The arguments continual
until after midnight, and Judge
reserved his decision.
Killed at the CruKiu;.
Wixchestek, Ky., May 24. Maj.
John Drink, a w n citizen -of
this city, was struck by a passenger
train on the L. and X road, near the"
city, and was instantly killed. I:
wns quite an old min. and attempted to
cross the track in front of the engine.
This is the third man k lied at the
Killed in a .Mill.
Elikviietutowx, Ky., May 24.
News reached here Suuday morning
that Frank Salsberge, ono of the oldest
citizens of Cjntral City, Muhlenberg
county, was caught in the cogs
of a wheel at his grist mill and crushed
to death Saturday night
The Money Kecnvered.
Fabmixqtox, Me., May 21. Albert
M. King, the Boston bank messenger,
who disappeared on Tuesday with
of the bank's money, was arre ted
here Saturday. King reached "here on
a from Rangely lake region at
11:15 a. m. When searched at the jail
all t.ic inonev taken from the bank
was found in packages in King's
Col. Slnnoj Attempt Suicide.
LoADoy, May 24 According to a
dispatch to the D'.ily Graphic from
Corfu, it is reporte 1 there that CoL
Manos attempted suicide while in jail.
Ho has been sent handcuffed, with h'j
entire staff, to Athens for trial by
com t martial.
The little rSaESSsSiasNaSS
boy who ySr&35Ste'Eiffa ft
tickles a
eer with
straw and
the man who r
with his T If TrVrXVl iW T1 I H
fools -.&?l. I E
health are on ! U "V
a par. If
mere is any distinction it "
iv.ir v
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imairines he is playmi ? withal MP
bie cat and is not old enough I i irZr )
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-know that he neglects his
health he is t fate and tampering
with death. Nine men out of ten neglect
their heslth. The result is that untold
thousands fall victims every year to the
insatiablS tier called consumption.
98 pr ceaL of all cases of consumption
are cured by Dr. Pierre's Golden Medici
Discovery. It acts directly on the luiiijs,
building new tissue in place of old, and
drivinronta'l impurities and disease genus.
It corrects all disorders of the digestion,
iruigorates the liver and restores the lost
appetite. It is the great blood-maker,
and nerve tonic. Thousands hae
testified to their recovery under its use after
their caseswere fjiven up by the doctors and
all hope was gone. The druiriiist who
claims to hive something that v. ill do just
as well is t: .trustworthy.
" I was atnicted for four years with local
bat would not confess it for a time," writes
Mrs. Bculah "WoodalU cf Bateman, Patrick' Co.,
Va. My ciother told me she had read of Dr.
rierce's medicines and advised rac to try thent.
I took the ' Favorite Prescription and Go'ccn
Medical Uucovery aad they cared me. I cannot
praUe Dr Pierce's medicines too duch."
Nothing win keep down the fortunes of
sn ambitions family more than bitr doctor's
bills. Dr. Pierce's Common Sense Medical
Adviser enr bles a family to pet along without
calling in a doctor except in cases of
serious illness or accidents. It teaches a
mother how to treat the minor maladies and
accidents of every-day life. It contains
so8 Diets, orcr 300 illustrations, aud is
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copies ot it, A new edition is ready aud will
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want a paper-covered copy send twenty-one
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onlr.to the World's
Association, Jluf&lo, N, Y. Ifyou
waut.a'fiae:laa binding, send tea ntt
estnt, cents in aXL , - . .
r .
Xaued by the Kentucky House at
Fiiaxkfobt, Ky., May 20. 1 ho house
Wednesday morning passed theMartio
substitute for the mob law till by a
vote of 55 to 3, and it only remains tot
the signatures of the presiding ollicers
of the legislature and the governor
when it shall become a law.
I he law ns passed provides that
counties bhall pay the expenses of
guards called out to protect property
ipon oath of any responsible person
that property is in danger. It authorizes
offering of rewords by the governor
and county judges. Raiding is
made a felony, punishable by not less
than one nor more than 15 years in the
penitentiary. Forfeiture of office is
made the penalty for failure to execute
the law.
The housi alio passed a b 11 providing
a fine f fclOO to 500 for posting
threatening notices.
The lVreats and Three Children
Louisville, Ky., May 20. A special
to the l'ot from Montice.Ho, Ky.,
say: News ha reached here of the
cremation of a farmer named Thomas
Kiddle, his wife and three children,
living on White Oak creek, across the
line in Tennessee, on Monday night.
Some tramps had as ted permission of
ltiddle to build a fire in his barn to
keep them warm during the night
ltidd!c refused to allow them to do
this an 1 ordered them to leave. The
same night B.d die's house was destroyed
by fire and he and his wife
and three child-en were roasted alive.
It is supposed the tramps applied the
torch to the houe out of revenge.
TliSliT.cM4 Won.
FnvMirour, K, May 20. Tho senate
convened Wednesday morning with
Lieut. Gov. Worthington in the chair.
After a little skirmishing between the
silTcr and gold factions a motion was
carried to adj jurn until 3 o'clock in the
afternoon It is admitted by nil that
the trtephcnsoT fusion bill has been
killed. The legislature will adjourn
sine die Friday, and there is not time
enough left now for the bill to pass.
The hilver senators have won their
Dr. M'nelalr EcptA.
Frvnkfokt, Ky., May 20. Convict
Thomas Sinclair, of Covington, who
ha-5 been one of the most important
witnesses in the penitentiary investigation,
has made his escape from the
penitentiary. Sinclair was sent up
about three years ago from Covington
for horse stealing and is one of the
mut noted inmates of that institution.
Afrtlii to Tell What Ther Knnir.
Harodsburo, Ky., May 20. The
grand jury adjourned Tuesday night
alter snendinr several davs in examin
ing witnesses aga.nst the sU tollgate I
raiders arrested sometime asro. Thev 1
failed to obtain sufficient evidence to
indict a single raider. The witnesses
were presumably afraid to toll all they
knew about the raids.
A Lrce Stle of Cuttle.
NiCHOLASViLi.K, Ky., May 20. -A cat- '
tic dealer passing through hia Wednesday
night reports the largest sale
of Kentucky export cattle for the year.
J C Caldwell, of Boyle, sold SOD head
at Sl.C per hundred. The total sale
will amount to S50,000. The cattle are
corn fed and will be delivered June 10.
They were fed by Caldwell.
Joseph Kldt D lad.
Lkxinotox, Ky., May 20. Joseph
Ktdd. 33, brother of Capt Phil Kidd,
the turf man who died a
few months ago, died Tues i ay night.
Ho was well known in Louisville and
C ncinnati, having been connected
with the Gibson House, in Cincinnati,
as night clerk, some years ago.
Threaten to Jtlse the Hates.
Lkxingtov, Ky.. May 20. At a meeting
of tne representatives of fire insurance
companies here it was decided
to demand of the city council better
equipments and a larger company for
the fighting of fire. It is threatened
that the rates on insurance will be
1'nrrhaaed .Mora Turnpikes.
Versailles. Ky.. May 2a The
Woodford fiscal court Wednesday pur
chased two more turnpikes. the Clear I
Creek and Shannon's R(n road, four
and a half miles, for 400, and tho
Mortonsvillc and Lexington extension
pike, three miles, for S1S5.
IS'ext Mevtlnf at Lexington.
Louisville, Ky., Mar 20. The grand
encampment L O. O. F., for the state
of Kentucky, Wednesday selected Lexington
or the meeting place of next
year's convention. C. A. Muakle, of
Bowiing Green, was elected grand
To Fix th- School Tx Levy.
Lexington', Ky., May 23. Lexington's
b iard of education has retained
Dronston & Allen to bring suit to com-p-1
the peueral council to fix the
school tax levy for 1837 at 30 cents on
k$l&. as re o nmended by the board.
O e Yenr In the Pen
Owinosville, May 20. Judge Coop
er overruled a motion for a new trial
in the case of John D. Young, jr. Hick
Tallry, on the charge of incendiarism,
wat. g.vea one yearin the penitentiary.
Killed by Cnn1blt.
San TKiNCiscjo, Miy to. Tho
Galilee, which arrive 1 from
'Jahiti, brought confirmation of the
news that young Lichteustein, the
wealthy Englishman, had been killed
ly cannibals on tha Santa Cruso island,
was brought by tho officers who
had received the story from a vessel
that touched at Papete. Nothing is
known as to the identity of the missionary
who was killed and eaten at
the same time.
T Investigate Election Fran Is.
DtNvr.n, CoL, May CO On motion of
district Attorney Hayes, Judge Johnson,
it the criminal division of the district
court, has ordered a special grand
jury empanelled to investigate tho
frnuds committed at the recent city
Mrs. McKinlkt presented to each of
the young ladies in her party who attended
the inaugural ball a handsome
fan and lace handkerchief as a
CinCINXATI. May ri
FLOurt Spring fancy, J.8 i 0). spring f3m
lly, iHOi'.TJ. spring pa ent. 11332 4.7i, winter
piteot. (L50dt83. Inner, M lJJil JrJ: family.
5.V11G: extr. tiSO IM low grade,
4J.30&iflV rye. northwestern. riCO Ji45; do
city. H. 30 sJtO. I 1
Wheat Siles: No 5 red. track. SOc:
pls red. at landlnp. )j9o. No. J red iraM,
Coax Sales: Mixed car. tr.elc. r7e, No. 2
mixed, truck, SOi
Oats bale: Xo. 2 track, 25;: No i
white, 2Kc. ,
Hoes Select ahlppT. J3 753.1 80.' select '
butchers', JJ. 75318 J. lelr to cood packers,' ,
t3.Gxt3.7S: fair to cool lisnt. I3.3S&183. common
and roushs, fl0)3 6a 1
CAT1I.E Kalr to cood shippers', Il:5&18J;
exports. tl8Q IS. Kojd to choice bulcfcers'
H 153 L7. fair to medium butchers', 1653
4 ( common, fc!.8&3 W
Sheep An Lambs Extras, IL3524.50: pool
to choice, t&7i4 5 common to fair. !5JJ
aAO.joirlln?!. coirnon to extra, 13.50 a 4. 7i
none on sale, gcod to
choice. f0J&40. tomcoa to fair, L03
Veal CALVli Kalr to rood llsht. $3 013
6?j. extra, efuj. connua and laro, 11 "j
Wool Uatrasasl ans merino. 10211c p?r
Id: clutnin !3l(o. medium
delate aaJ clothim;, U;J:c: orafa, 1.I c;
med.uoi I4t5c. WuhtJ, nas lucrU
no, 2 to XX isc medium clnnlnr. lS&lsc;
delaine 13510- ioa; cimala;, Uil7c:
aad ior. It .11.;. common
tuawjuasd. choice. 19j. ,
Uiitco.00, May 22.
"Wheat Mar- 7lf3 Jan 7.3. July, lie;
Seitaxber. 67k Dic.mber
Coas May, 21S.i. Ju.y, :in ;2If;; Sep.
temtxir, ajfa
Oats Mk, i7lc: July, ISe; September,
PirxsBOTfjn. Mar 22:
cattle. 10.S:3; good 8123
4.11. t'dr batcheri'. UW Jlfl). fair. (I.li
4.SJ; rood helfjri, ilOOil.ai: ores, HOJii
tlth bulls, stats andeowi. I (,003 7i
Prime medium, bist Yorkers tin 4
plfrs, K6J 0,4.00- ccnunoa to fair. 3.5031 91;
heavy, R.W3W rouihi. tiiOJi So. -.
SBEip Chslco sheep, (til 14.23; to3d.Jl.0i
(.10. fslr. 117013 90; cotamoa. JJ 0013 59;
It is Thought by Many
Erkcn the Creator caid to woman
"in sorrovr shalt thou bring forth
children," that a curse -eras pronounced,
but the joy felt by
Mother when she first presses to
her heart her babe, proves the
Dancer and suffering lurk in
the pathway -of the Expectant
MoUler and ouid be audiSed,
., , . .. . ,
that she may reach the nour
when the hope of her heart is to
be realized, in full Tdgor and
strength. ,
4 j)
Mother s J friend
so relaxes
sflfc?i the system
t. lint. r 1 rt r
natural and
t necessary ..
" 'jZfo. change
a tanes piace
ft -to- ? thniit
$ . TJauea
rmm mwa jV .JEEeadache,
Tti&mjMBM JHSLHenrous or
and at the trying hour makes
Child-birth easy, as so many happy '
mothers haire experienced,
nothing but "Mother's Friend"
does this. Don't be deceived.
"Jtothor's Friend" in tho greatest remedy ever
put on tho markotand b'1 my customers praise It
highly . T.H.KiNa i CO., Whitewrisht, Tex.
Spntb7Msil,on receiptor price,$1,C0 PCR DOTTLE.
Hook "To Expectant Mothers" mailed free, containing i
valuable information and voluntary
testimonials. I
The Kentucky Legislator Coneludo'xheii
Littnra and Gn Hum".
FitAXKFOitT, Ky., May 22. The general
asembly adjourned sine die at
3:25 Friday afternoon, and most of the
members went home Friday night
Though the session had developed a
bitter partisan f ieling, everybody got
on friendly terms in the closing hours,
and farewell speeches were made in
the house and senate.
The silver men lifted the fusion bill
blockade long enough to have a lot of
important measures passed, and take
the steps necessary to get them to the
governor, the antimob bill being
among them. It is now on the governor's
The first veto of the session ivassnt
to the senate Friday afternoon, tho
measure thus killed being Senator
Hays' bill providing a graded license
system in Louisville. It was vetoed on
the ground that it was unconstitu
tional because it was not mentioned in
the proclamation calling the legislature
together in extra session. I
The afternoon session of tho senate
was devoted mainly to reading and
comparing bills. Dronston and Hollo-way,
who had engaged in an altercation
on the floor of the senate several
days ago, made friends and shook
hands in open session, and Lieutenant
Governor Worthington made a happy
response to a resolution offered
by Senator Dronston complimenting
him on his fair and impartial rulings.
The usual committees of conference
nnd to wait on the governor were appointed
at 3:10. At 3:20 Senator
moved to adjourn. It carried, and
in declaring the result Lieut. Gov.
Worthington said: "Tho yeas have it,
the senate stands adjourned sine die,
and may the Lord have mercy on your
In the house Speaker Dlanford, Representatives
Howard and Bailey, republicans,
and Gossom, democrat, made
farewell addresses.
Or the Kentockj Penitentiary, Makes
Jllc I'rotlls.
Fraxkfort, Ky., May 22. The senate
penitentiary investigating committee
completed its work Friday morning.
Auditor Stone was the onlv wit-
ncss before the committee. He filed
ii.s rupurb, auunui kuut uuuci in: calculation
tho prison chair factory had
made $40,00) in the past nine months,
or since Martin took control.
The following is the statement of
the amount collected from Martin:
August 1, 1S90, to January 31, 1S37,
SS0,C9J; amount due and unpaid for
February, March and April, S59.3JG;
receipts, S140.071; disbursements,
net profit, $1:5,974; increase in
stock and improved machinery, $23,-499;
profit, 540,375.
Irputy Witrden Noit ltsl?n
Juankfout, Ky., May 22. Deputy
Warden L. T. Neat, of the Frankfort
penitentiary, Friday morning tendered
his resignation to tho board of
sinking fund commissioners in the
hope of securing a prospective federal
appointment Neat was an applicant
for surveyor of port at Louisville, but
will not git this. He has baen tendered
the position of chief deputy under
Bamctt, who is regarded as a sure
winner. The applicants to succeed
Neat are: M. J. Kearns, Lebanon; A.
D. Vatterson, Columbia, Adair county;
C. E. Jasper, Somerset, and Y. E. Kay,
A Moqulto Ulto nn Accident.
Fhankfokt, Ky., May 22. 'the court
of appeals in the case of Sallie Omberg
vs. the United States "Mutual association
decided that tho lower court was
wrong, and that sho was entitled to
5,090, the amount of an accident policy
carried by her husband, who died
us the result of a mosquito bite, the
court holding the latter to be an "accident
in the meaning of tho law."
K'ntuekr Lottery Case".
Fkankfort, Ky., May 22. Attorney
General Taylor was summoned to
Washington Friday morning on a
telegram stating that the lottery cases
would be called up beforo the supreme
court. Tho cases have been pending
for several years, and Secretary Carlisle
will appear as attorney for the
llonquet for Democrats.
Fkanicfojjt, Ky., May the
meeting of the senate Friday a box of
pretty roses were placed on the desk
of Senator Goebel, with a card from
Mrs. Jane L. Rhea, mother of Congressman
John S. Rhea, on which was
written "To democratic members."
Vlnecnr to He llinirod.
Lkxinoton, Ky., May 22. Clarence
Vinpirar rnlnrid. . wns found rmiltv of
1 1
murder at Georgetown Friday morning
and sentenced to hang. He met his
wife in the road, jerked her from a
buggy and with his knee on her breast
fired two shots into her head.
Two lVrsnns Scalded to Death.
Hazleton, Pa., May 22. Two persons
were scalded to death by the
bursting of a still in Michael
distillery. One of the stills, with
a steam pressure of CO pounds and filled
with boiling liquid, burst The steam
and fluid rushed out upon Michael Mc-Garrity,
tho owner, aud a laborer
named Andrew (lartz. Mrs.
was badly burned in trying to savo
her husband;
The Strike Declared OCT.
Chicago, May 2. The strike of tanners
and curriers has been officially declared
of by the several unions involved.
One-half of tho 2,000 men involved
will return to work Saturday if
there is work for them after the new
em loyes who took the strikers olaces
have been provided for.
Tae Serum Failed.
VinsNA, Alay 23. The doctors sent
in Tnctin. have renorted tottie Acadetnv
of Sciences that neither Prof. Yorslnsl
nor Prcf. liafluns serum has Deen successful
in the treatment of thebubouia
plague. Tho commission adds that the
danger of the plague reaching Europ
is small. ',
yVholM'aJo 'Milliner Tall. 1!
Pittsburgh, J?k, May 2. 3J. JB.
Rose & Co., .wholesale milliners, oi
this city,' was Closed JFriday hy th
Uimn Cnndfierabte TrnaM In tho Ken.
tacky Senate Gold benaturs Walk Oat.
Fraxkfoet. Ky., May 13. A revo
lution was started again on the meet
ing of the senate at ten o'clock Monday
morning. Father Major offered
prayer and immediately a row began
and within two minutes there wa
pandemonium, with two member!
claiming to be the proper presiding officer.
Quick as a flash when Worthington'i
gavel fell, calling tho senato to order.
Stevenson was on his feet and demanded
when the senate adjourned ii
be until 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
The senators were all on their feet
Dronston immediately arose and de
clared Worthington was not the presiding
officer of the benate, and thai
an appeal from the decision of the
chair was under consideration.
Goebel took his chair and marched
to the clerk's desk and rapped, and
tfiero were tvo officers presiding.
Worthington reco nized 2oe and
Stephenson, and Goebel recognized
Dronston. Dronston called up lib
P031 aud Wrtlllno tu started to
ttn l'.nnrlnn
'"You are not the presi ling officer of
this body,"' shouted Dronston.
Worthington said: "I am presiding
officer of this body, and I'll show you
that I have rights," pounding on his
"You are a despot, and have nc
rights in the chair. I am addressing
the proper officer," said Dronston.
Stephenson moved to reconsider and
table the vote by which Dronson's appeal
was decided Saturday. Worthing-
ton put tho motion and declared it
Koo then moved to adjourn until 3
o'clock in the afternoon.
Woithington put the motion and tho
gold democrats and republicans walked
out of the hall.
Meantime Goebel was recognizing
Dronston and the clerks were co-operating
with them. Dronston's appeal
was being read and Goebel took the
big chair, which was just vacated by
Worthington, and there was keen applause
when he picked up the gavel
just dropped by the lieutenant governor.
After reading the appeal
stated it was apparent that there
was not a quorum present, and moved
to adjourn until five minutes to 3
o'clock, which was carried.
The date fixed for adjournment is
Friday, but the gold democrats and
republicans will fight for delay of adjournment
until Saturday, unless the
Stephenson fusion bill is passed. This
provides for fusion of two parties and
the printing of ballots under different
devices, containing the names of the
cindidates. There is doubt among the
silver democrats as to which it will
benefit tho most. They seek to defeat
the bill for fear it will give tho gold
men the advantage.
Frankfort, Ky., May 18. The fiht
in the state senate that promised such
bitter and sensational results is over
so far as the bone of contention the
fusion bill is concerned. Ail agree
that the, bill can not become a law before
Friday and all thought of attempting
to extend the session beyond
the constitutional limit has
been abandoned. The silver minority
has won its fight against the
fusion bill not only by its own good generalship,
but because a part of the republican
were lukewarm in support
of the gold democrats, who originated
it. The failure to pass this me tsure is
thought by all well informed politician
to mean the last chance of Kentucky's
electing any but a silver democratic
legislature this fall, and leaves
little opportunity for republican state
or local victories in the future.
And Thren Fatally In a llattle
Nar l'lneville, Ky.
Pineville, Ky., May 18. The news
reached here Monday afternoon of a
bloody battle, in which two men were
kille I and three fatally woundcd.on
Red lllrd Creek. Ihe dead are: A. II.
Cornctt, Henry Scott. Fatally wounded:
Rud Wilson, J. II. Lenfro, .
The scene of the fighting is in Leslie
county, 15 miles below the county seat,
and as there are no railways or telegraph
lines, the news did net reach
here until Monday.
A primary election had been called
In the township, and at Red Rird precinct
moonshine whisky flowed freely.
Most of the mountaineers were drunk,
and 40 engaged in a fight late in the
A. II. Cornctt, one of the killed, was
oneof the leading mountain farmers.
It is said that he did not take part in
the fight, but was killed by a stray
bullet Further details can not be
e Shanty ltoat Lw ConstltntlnnaL
FnANKFOirr, Ky., May 1& The court
of appeals has decided the shanty boat
law constitutional and valid in the
case of Robertson vs. the
from Livingston county. The
law requires parties living on the river
in shanty boats to take out licenses
from the county court and this has tc
be given on certificates of gool character
of the parties living in the boats.
Hie law was passed at the last session
of the legislature and will have a tendency
to break up tbe practice of parties
living on the river.
Government Troops Victorious.
MoxTHVinno, May 18. A battle lasting
six hours has' taken place between
the Uruguan troops and tbe insurgents
under Lamas and Saraiva. The government
forces were victorious, according
to the official report. It is
further stated that the revolution is
dying out, owing to the insurgents
lacking ammunition and on account oi
numerous desertions from their ranks.
Later in the day it was officially announced
that the insurgents had been
completely routed and that the revolution
is considered ended.
For Whom Preston Thornton Die 1 Carried
Awjf liy a Special to a eummrr
Kelort While Iler la Bjicig
linr ed.
Louisville, Ky., May 10. While
Preston Thornton, the self-slayer, was
being buried at Cave Hill cemetery
Tuesday afternoon the girl for love of
whom he killed himself was speeding
aw-iy to Hot Springs, Va., on a special
train prov dod by her fathor. President
Miltoa II. fcraith, of tho L. & N.
Railroad Co.
'J he funeral brought together one o'
the most distinguished gatherings
ever witnessed iu Kentucky. The residence
of his aunt, Mrs. John Mason
Young, whero tne services were
held, is a mansion in Louisville's
most arristocratic quarter. The house
nnd lawn were crowded. Most of the
attendants wero visitor from outsi le
tho city, anu members of
the Hardin, Prcton, Wicklilfj, Lrown,
Breckinridge and Thornton families,
and havinif an ancestry associated
with Kentuslcy'd written history.
At tne htfod of the casket the aged
father of tho deceased stood. His
grief was freshcnel by having learned
that his soa had kiilid himself an 1
hnd not been the victim of tats accident.
"When Rev. Dr. Minnegorolo
referred to suicide the elder Thoratoa
gasped. The preacher was bewildered
and hesitated. There was confusion
and the speaker lifted his voico until
silence among his hearers was again
The grandmother of, young Thornton
did not attend the funeraL Sho
is an invalid at her home in Lexington,
an 1 has not yet bica told that
her only grandson Iseai. President
Smith, of the L. and N., was present,
hut displayed no emotion.
Fonr Yiars for a Chicken Thief.
Careolltoh, Ky., May 2l Virgil
Mukes, colored, has just been con-evicted
on tae'cEarge ,of breaking into
County Attorney M.' lit Do wns' chick -
eu uuune. Mm ., uuunsT jovr ouickbds.
: Ml Tf 1 wiinri
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are kept sound and weak lungs
arc made strong by Dr. Bell's X
. Pine-Tar-Honey a scientific Z
remedy of the most wonderful
efficacy in all lung affections. X
, "A ear aco I hail a long spell or fever
, matnemen in mv junen ana causm a se- ,
vere ccoch. My nhrslcUns thouslit I
wonl.l not recover, but Da. Ukll'm .
snipped tne ittujrn at once
ana soon restored me to neann."
GEO. A. ALLE, Clear springs. Kr.
is a certain specific for coughs, '
colds, sore throat, bronchitis,
f ma, whooping cough and croup.
Y Price SVX, 50c, and f I a liottle. At all
Y dru4lt8 or sent upon receipt of price by
X E. E. Slfcn!as4 Xe3,I C, Miok, Sj.
Our fni'tory on liurvl Street in Rii'li
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prepared to fill orders for I vt i of t !
I o! Richmond." I!
4 1 11. C n " ui u n
nFi? ol Jacks" VA
Brunil", three er.ules. We m sneyni
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be ii willi our priHtuiiH. Ivie
riallv to hear from nmntrv mui
White 0 Ross,
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G. "While.
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u al
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2000 Yards of Brilliant, Nsw Velvet Carpet Adorn the Floors
-' - - lK TAKUmS AMI IM'PKtt II.U.LS. - - -
Offices and
Its Equipments throughout ara without a Superior in the South, rato of
Ihivo IJeen Expanded in
BUST'S dr. nnirnM n IjBT AND
BEHNYROYAL D HIP Original SeBOtao nil
alwara rpllxble and MfeJL XMiIeI
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a OTiiaio r
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a reoaiyt C
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Baron Bell Wi
(Two-year-old trial.)
v ,
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hiirli, foaletl in 1I. Slretl by Ilaron Wiies
lt ('am Crcccnt 2A"S. by "bclmont;
2nd dam by Norman, she of Lain 2:15, and s re
of the dim of performers Including
Norval 2:1 lli .
Better breeding can not be found in the Stud
Book. His sire. Baron WiiVes 2:13. is
1 by the trotting horse world to be tha btst
stahion livinp, having been sold recently for
$2V0, the largest price paid for any hot e
inceboom time, ant his d3m was Crescent,
vith a race of 2.2'-, to hi;;h whtel
sulky, by Belmont, sire of XutTOod 2:lSf,
'.arlmont2:(4,andahot of other fast
BAROXBKLLhas litfl very little training,
nd should eas'ly trot in 2:25 this year.
Will stand at $10.00 to insure a marewl h
mcl2t lOw
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4 Ca. Cal ft CdJcss Cts.
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1 ae " HI v .irni r v lMtje "1 d.in n rv d to" Bill IimI
thixrnntH it i : tcaHHiry fur o. to end 1 nit ut h e : WWrr j
jour iltof vorN. aidevoyp wi rnit i5ce ta,t w nt mr w r 1 1 -
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the I'm c.t vt4ict tfca 1 hit boot r re t t a i-.far-mi z am -4 in nr r -n
funde'. d he em 11 a urue. Tb t i i.t iIm Jne 1 r T h n 1 -1
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niemtr. eerr cnte t m lb Note Ifu o w t I 1 (r tu It im I
we wi t bend yo 1 Tit or. of an V rn K r i. f le t t - MinN w f - t 1
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tlMslx months. Sprtmen eo, an 1 11am
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3S1 IJroadvtnj. Ncrr Vcrk.
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