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The Richmond Climax.
"Wo are authorized to announce
3. K. Henry a candidate for
of Kirksvillo Precinct, snbje t
to the action of the Democratic part ,
on the free turnpike ticket.
The Ring
which binds two loving hearts,
an added charm to love im-"
parts. The diamond Hashing
from the rim, like truest lov
can ne'er grow dim. Our fin
line of diamond rings, etc ,
deserves the close inspectio i
of all wishing to thus testify
to the union of their hearts.
Two hands as well as two beads are better
than one. AsV any young man. And wh n
rou ask him, pre him a friendly tip that wh n
he Rets read to decorate the other" haul
with a solitaire he most come to us. We will
sot bankrupt him. He will get a stone thit
will be a joy to the fair one as long as she lues.
Cast your eyes in our direction.
Jewelry was never offered at such
low figures. 'NVe give you the chance
to buy at bullion cost. The manufacturing
and designing must go unpaid
for. No limit to bargains,
watches are cheap and it will pay you
to come in and see.
The Main St. Jeweler.
We Doctor Furniture,
A Broken Leg is not so serious a
matter if the furniture is turned over
to us for repairs. A little glue and
Tarnish and the table is as good as
new. All you have to pay for is the
glue, varnish and a little for our time;
you don't have to pay a round price
for a new table that won't suit you as
well as the old one. Spend dimes for
repairs and you will save spending
dollars for new furniture
AicCormick Bros.,
Kelle BlocV, Richmond. Ky.
R. N. i, & B. R. R.
lime Table No. 2!i, Taking Effect Sunday,
May 2, 1MHS.
lit Class 3d Class.
Ex San Ex Sun Ex Sun
AM. P M A M.
Versailles 10 20 C 5" 8 55
Nicholasville 11 60 7 36 10 12
Valley View 11 25 8 89 16 55
Million 11 40 h U 11 20
Richmond. 11 S3 S 36 11 4S
P. M. P.M.
Union 12 13 12 56
Moberler. 12 16 . . IK
Brasafiefd 12 36 2 00
Panola 12 35 2 15
Irvine 1 06 3 20
N0T2T N'o. 4 I No. 8 ' NoTlT
west bouvd. Ex San Ex Sun'Ex bun Ex bun
A. M. P. M. P. M. A. M
Irvine 1 30 3 40
Panola 1 55 4 28
Brassfield 2 00 4 40
Mobrley 2 II 5 10
Union 2 17 5 15
Richmond.. 6 05 2 35 5 40 5 00
Million 9 20 4 00 5 30
Valley View 6 3 4 15 5 57
Nicholasville 6 5S 4 40 6 48
Versailles 7 55 5 30 . 8 35
" A. M. P. M. P." M. A. M
All trains connect with lousville Southern
trains to and from Louisville
All trains connect with C J O. &T.P.traini
to and from Cincinnati
J. W. ROCK Train Dispatcher
W H ADAMS, Superintendent
ALLnriNM Jie failing Jueta
ory, Jmpotency, bleeplaAsiims, ete cause J
by Aboao or ciber Excesses and India
crotioni, Thy quicM and surf It
restore Lost Vitality in old or yoang and
fl'S4fc niaxnanioraxaay, cosines or nmmnes.
Frernt Insanitr and ConscTnution if
taken iu time. Their o-e hows Immediate i in prove-meat
and a ("UllE where all other fail In-it
npon burin? the r?nuine Ajx Tablets They
hare cured thousand and will care yon &in
itlro written pnarantoe to effect a care RTJ PTQ n
eachc&aeor refund the xncney lrioo w w I Cr
pactace. or alx iAk fall treatment! for !0 lly
znalU in plain wrapper nion rooftiptof pneo Circular
"" AJAX" REMEDY CO., '$'
For sale in Richmond. Ky bj Hasan A
The Lebanon
ee Cycle y
Handsomest '97
BICYCLE Manufactured.
Irlcc, 8C.OO.
Corrugated Tubing, 1 1-4 in.
Oil Reservoir Hubs.
Write for a Catalogue.
Every Wheel Warranted,
Deal Direct With Us.
Manufactured by
r Ehone.Ho. 3. RICHMOND, KY.
Ttie Latest News 1'rom All 1'arU ol tna
&ET r"rlE.
Jacob & Harris, Ulia Killed th Dentrcy
cr of Ills llumD Acqa.lt L
Ky., July 19. In police
court Judge Falconer jjave his decision
in the of Jacob S. Harris, ulionas
on trial for tha killing' of Thomas II.
ilcrrltt. lie bald: "When a man
marries a woman his oath is that
he wi'.l love, cherish and protect
her. When he, with her, establishes
a homo It is an t should be to him
and to her most sacred of all sacred
places. There is a law an unwritten
law which gives man thorighV to
protect that wife and maintain inviolate
from the intrusions of the
that home. In this case my decision
shall alile with this unwritten law.
I acquit Jacob S. Harris of the charge
of murder in taking the life of Thoicas
II. Merritt. He is at liberty."
For a moment all was silent and then
the court-room rang with shouts and
clapping of hands. The friends of Harris
pressed around to grasp his hand
and to speak words of encouragomsnt.
Mrs. Harris and her aged father, Rev.
Mr. Thompson, stood far back and
watched until Harris had passed out
into the street and was lost in the
crowd. Then they hurried from tho
Hiss Sophia Levi, who was engaged
to be married to Merritt, was also
present whtn Judge Falconer gave his
decision. She was attired in a deep
mourniny gown. Uetween her sobi
sho said: "It is unjust. Mr. Merritt
was the beat man that lived, an 1 to
think that this man who slew him, for
a woman who had tr.Uid and led him
on, must so unpunished, is mora than
I had bdieve."
Tho scenes of the closing day of the
trial were vjry dramatic, and tho
courtroom was lilted from 9 o'clock in
the morning until Harris stepped
away a free man.
Receives Her Wutch All r I'.jlnj Serea
Ilullitrn for It.
Lexingto, Ky., July li Miss Sophia
Levy, of lUoomiugl i . Ind., the
11a n tee of Thomas II. Mi ilt, who
was killed by Jacob S. llai.is, who
came here to attend the trial ui II
succeeded :n finding her 0-id
wai cli, uh.e.i she loaned to M
Merritt had given the watch to a
woman of west Ilivrh When
visited by an ollicer tins womin said
she had sold the natch to a man for
0 The man nad p aeed the watch in
a jeweler's hand-, lor repair, n-id there
were a dollar and a half charges on it
Miss Ixsvy paid the man S" and took
thu watch
1 Jt 2 HAltloa Imperii.
Covixoton, Ky., July 19. The requisition
papers for J. V. SchiiTer,
who lied from this city, have been re-Ju-ed
at Frank, ort, Ky. bhiTilI
U'Douneil received word to that elfeet
The reasons are fiat the
application was defective. Tlie sheriff
will go to Frankfort at once with
the proper documents, an 1 obtain tho
Coroln !i- C"'r l 1 tint.
Coiibix, Ky., July 19. J he St: ml .rd
Oil Cj. is preparing to make Curtriii
the general distributing point for the t
mountains. Ihcir agent, who was
here Saturday, statcn tuat tlieir warehouses
at Ml ldlosborough, l'incville,
l.arbourvillf. Jeilico, Wilhamsuu n
and London will Lc abandoned and
customers supplied from this city.
I oil luilnti .I Lrxluglon.
Lkxi.ngto;., Ky., Ju y 19. Iho coal
situation in Lexington has grown serious.
A futnine can not be averted and
by next Saturday according to information
from four local dealers, there
will be less than a carload in all of
their yards. Lexington had coal, but
the shipped it to Cincinnati and Chicago.
A 1'rliu.iry Cull.!.
LnxixoTox, Ky., July 11. Tho local
d m icratic committee has a primary
for August 31 to nominate candi
dates for the vario is c ty ulliees to be
fi,ljd at the XuM'mucr diction.
A Chung ri I to le;r.
LirscASTElt, Ky., July 19 Garrard
college faculty selected I'rof. E I. C.
l'ostlc as assistant principal to fill the
place of E. F. Darnaby, resigned.
Of a repetition of tin' IllooJy Klota or
1890 at Vjtinii.
New Yoiih, July 19. A dispatch to
the tierald lrom Valparaiso says:
Tnere is a general fear here that, a
repetition of the bloody riots of li9 )
when scores of rioters were sh'jt down
and killed by the police and militia, is
at hand.
The situation Is critical. It was
brought about by the action of tne
mayor of Valparaiso in ordering L00J
workshops closed, thereby throwing
thousands of men out of employme it.
Unless something u done immediately
to provide for tne idle thousands, serious
trouble will result.
The authorities only quellod tho
riots of lb'JO after a great loss of life.
The rioters at that time looted many
stores to obtain food and clothing, and
the result was the police and militia
were called out to put an end to the
troubles. Scores of idle men were shot
down and cut down in the streets.
Arsou fur Mormons.
Columbia, S. C, July 19. July 3 the
Mormon cnurch nesr Ridgeaway was
burned, alu saints immediately began
preparations for rebuilding. Whilo
preparing for a handsome church the
Mormons erected a temporary building
Friday night that was also burned
to the ground. No arrests have been
Cnlirorum G'lld MriaCr.
Jamkstowx, CaL, July 10. Tho entire
coantry is excited ovar the rich
strike in the Tans y mines Tho mints
is located on the-Mother Lode, just
th:s side of Sonora. The workmen
itruck a pockct.and i n ten hours took
out 541,000 in gold.
Tlie mcasnnN
tnents of death
are a few inches
of trivial disorders,
by many
feet of neglect.
If a man oi
woman will
take care of the
little trivial
disorders, iliere
is no need to
fear tlie h'
maladies, and
long-life and
happiness will-be
the reward.
Tlie little disorders
cansethe majority of big sicknesses, are
the trivial derangements of tlie digestion
that most people pay no heed to. Good
digestion feeds and builds up a man ; bad
digestion starves him in every tissue,
muscle, nerve-fiber, and brain-cell.
Bad digestion leads to consumption,
blood and skin diseases, and nervous
and prostration. Dr. Pierce's
Golden Medical Discovery corrects all
disorders of the digestion, invigorates the
liver and prevents and" cures consumption,
blood and skin diseases, and nervous
troubles. It is tlie great blood-maker,
flesh-builder, and nerve tonic Druggists
sell it and have nothing else "just as
I have lately pwen Dr Pierce's Golden Medical
Discuverva trial," ivntes Miss C II Slalette,
of Houston. Ilarris Co , Texa. " and it has completely
cored mc of very senous and obstinate disorder
tn which the heart'!, action was impaired,
I took it for twn weeks. I began to experience
Ins discomfort from my illness, after about the
fourth dose, and in four or five days still less, and
several days after I was surprised to find lh?t I
vrc actually better. Two weeks having passed
rv r implant had diiapfrartd."
Tl' i'. or 7cuui who neglects constipation
! up ia the system a
store of disorders that will culminate in
some serious and possibly fatal malady.
Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are a safe,
sure, speedy and permanent cure for constipation.
One little "Pellet "is a genth;
laxative, and two a mild cathartic They
never gripe. Druggists sell them.
lut on Trlil for II I.lfa Tliu IVltoncr
tin til ' StHtttl.
Lkxjjotox, Ky., July 10. The trial
of Jacob F. Harris for kll lug lhomis
1L Merritt, in Uratz l'urk, began in
tho c. y court Thursday. Harris'
mother and s ep Kther, Dr Alexander,
of Shelbyvi(Jr, an i several other relatives
and friends fro n Shelby county ,
were present Great interest was
manifested iu the trial. The commonwealth
had about ouc dozen witnesses,
and the defense "0.
The commonwealth's witnesses
brought out no new facts not stated
in the original uccountsof the trng'dy.
Walter 11 onston, for thu detense,
made a statement of the case, iu
which he recited how the intimacy between
Harris' wl e and Merritt began
in May. lie showed how Mr Harris
had gone buvrgy rid.n with Merritt,
and had gone with him to Georgetown
and otiier piaees; how the distracted
husbaud, after bjin informed of his
wife's actions bv her own sister.
watched his wife in Merritt's company
n rainy evening; how he saw tnem kiss
each other, aud how, becoming frenzied, .
Harris rushed upon tho couple. i
He told how Menitt threw the wom
an between them, and how Harris
fired rapidly and linally killed J
He wound up by show in? that tho
defense would be emotional insanity.
Harris was the first witness put on
tho stand f r the defense.
A Nuniltnr nf P ttple Matin
l!tpr Hr thtt J'etitilttii llurtitu.
Washington, Ju.y 10. Pensions
were granted to tne following
'I hursda :
Add.tional John J.
Supplemental Austin
Restoration and increase W. 1$
Sk.ggs, (deceased), Edmonton.
Restoration and rcitsue Dempsey J.
Mas n, (deceases), Louisv.lle; James
Mu ca-iy (deceased), Louisville. I
Renewal Gilbert oanders, (deceased) I
Lexington; John Nelson, second, Washington.
inert ac Divil Charrier, Si'ieic
Hil ; J hn M -d Wil i
John W 11 by, F r:ia ; A. 1L Hoi y, '
bu p nir Wen; Samuel J. M.irr,
Tt.umpiiinsvtlle; Go irge W. Heicher,
Creel;eltbville; John R. lSrumm t. Ken-
da!!. Wyatt Cooper, Mouth of Laurel;
tcorgi l'uff, Altamout; John C
Cains More.
Reissue l'otur Mnyiield, Gold Rug;
L'-vi Coo.(, 1'eter Green,
HU-town; William A. MeCord,
Mtxican War Survivor Increase,
Joel A. Day, Carlisle.
In tnt Mini ! ni ft 10 Iltmth.
Wlt.Glir, Ky., July 10 Richard
Sm th, an insane Virginian, while en
route to the Southwestern Virginia
Insane asylum at Salem, jumped from
a f.ist moving Nor oik &
train near Kelley'.s Switch, killing
himself outright. He fell a distance
of 300 feet over an embankment
into the rushing waters of Clinch
river. Smith's home was in Wise county,
where he was once a prominent
and well to do business man.
Kutucty Iloud4 Hriug at Good lrlci
rit.vxhFoKT, Ky,, July 16.
50J,000 state funding bond is--tie
was avsurded uhursday. Theic
was spirited bidding between Louisville,
Cincinnati, Chicago and eastern
its. The bonds w.re secured by
tne Fidelity afety and Trust
Co., of Louisville, at 107.47. The Kentucky
state bonds brougnt more in tho
public markc$ than Massachusetts
state bonds.
A Grandmother Elnpoa.
Taducaii, Ky., July 10. Mrs. L. L.
Hanks, of Cerulean Springs, Ky., and
Mr. II Hos well, of Kirmingham, Ky.,
rloped to Metropolis, III., Thursday,
where they were married. The bride
has been three times married, is a
grandmother, and is 33 years of age.
ihe groom has been married twice,
and is 00 years of nsre.
YVtiern 11 4 ina lleenT
I'iiiNCKTon, Iv3, July 10. Seven
rears ago last March F. J. Raker
registered a letter to a party at l.zell,
Ky. Thursday he received the registry
receipt, the party just receiving tho
letter. 'J ho question now is w here
has this letter been during ail these
long years?
Meal Ton's Co Commit llarglary.
CATLKrrsuur.o, Ky., July 10.
broke into the grocery store of
J. L. Eastwood Wednesday night and
tapped the till for .S20. Iho blacksmith
shop of Rentine Bros was
broken into, and the tools which were
used to effect an entrance into Eastwood's
store stolen.
i'rmittforl's Citr Ticket.
Fkankkokt, Ky., July 10 Ip tho
democratic municipal primary Col. W.
S. Dehoncy defeated L. Mangan by 123
votes for the mayoralty nomination.
The other nominees are W. C Hern-don,
city judge; Dudley Richardsou,
Marshal, and T. 1. Tremer,
Oil Mruc Sr l'r mlonliurc.
l'RnsTONiiuiiG, Ky., July 10. The
Corning Oil Co., of Ohio, struck oil ou
Wilson creek, IS miles south of here,
at a depth of 1,000 feet. The company
claims the well will produce ono
barrel a day. Ihis is the sixth well
drilled by this company in this county.
IlttWanteil to Die.
Lkxixgtox, Ky., July 16. Jesse
Kayes. 2S, of Saundersville, near here,
former night watchman at Stoll &
Co-'s distillery, took morphine and
laudanum Thursday with" suicidal intent,
but phys.cans saved him.
1 he millers are irrcatly annoyed by
worms which appear iu the flour from
time to time aud then ims'eriocsly
disappear without imnaiong the value
of the flour.
KlcrtrlcHn" Tornbio Ueuth.
Louisvn.i.K, Ky., July H. Jas.
au electrician, met death in a
horrible manner here He was replacing
a belt on a wheel in the Louisville
power house, using a steel rod,
which caught in the belt and was
thrown across his chest with such
force as to cut him n.most in two.
Every rib in his body wa fractured.
Ancthrr Tullcatn ltroyed.
Cyn'tiiian'A, Ky., July 14. Ten raiders
destroyed a tollgate on the Hedges
pike, kept by Patrice Maloney. Tho
keeper was warned not to collect any
more toll. The raiders were masked
and were armed with guns and pistols.
They dispersed after accomplishing
tho destruction of tho gate.
Mrs. Ilnrria Unrsr.
Lexisgton, Ky., July 14. Mrs. Efllo
Harris, whose husband is awaiting in
JaU here his trial on Ihursday for tho
killing of UhomasU. Merritt, her admirer,
has leit the city with her children
and sisters, and is now. at tho
home of an uncle near Fishervitle, in
Shelby county. She will not, it is said,
return for the trial.
A Hhootlni; in Vauch,
Padccaii, Ky , July 14. Napoleon
Bonaparte Grant was arrested for
shooting Finley Hamilton with a shotgun,
'ihe latter awoke Grant at an
early hour Tuesday morning, and this
provoked the shooting. Hamilton will
lUhy Unit G-y Hair.
New Casti.e, Ky., July 14. Mrs Lucy
"Wilson, of this place, gave birth to a
which has gray ha r.
With Men.
PiTTSUUnaii, Pa., July 14. Ihe
mill of J. Painter &. Sons, wa.
started 'iueslay.ouh men.
Only a fev,' men were at work and
they were unaer police protection.
There was no disorder. Tho old men
say tho firm will he unable to operate
the plant with non-union men.
FitKn DAur.F.n, of Wheeling, committed
suicide by shooting himself
through the head, while standing in
front of a mirror. Lack of employment
was tho cause.
It is Thought by Many
dien the Creator eaid to -woman
"In sorrels' shalt thou bring forth
children," that a curse was pronounced,
but the joy felt by eirery
Mother when she first presses to
her heart her babe, proves the
Danrjer and suffering lurk in
the pathway of the Expectant
Mother, and should be avoided,
that she may reach the hour
when the hope of her heart is to
be realised, in full and
"mmxiiw mm
"Mother's Friend"
so relaxes
the system
that the
natural and
e2&m&k 5 takes dace
mmimimm &Henrous or
and at the trying hour makes
Child-birth easy, as so many happy
mothers haire experienced,
nothing but "Mother's Friend"
does this. Don't be deceived.
"Mother's Friend" ia tho greatest remody over
put on tho market,Mul all my customers praise 1 1
highly." W .H.KiNO i Co., Wuitowright, Tex.
rcooiiit of !iico,51,C0 PfR BOTTLE.
Hook "To Kxpoctaut iloiliors" mailctl Irre, containing
vclunble information and voluntary
Of Hold Their Stutn Canven.
lion at LuniHVll'v. I
Tii',cviT T ,? If,- li!, 1 ., A Tl,. .... n ,
muio......... "j., .j ..v. ,
tional democrats will hold their nttitc
convention in this city Wednesday
afternoon. I
Judge Sims' address will be ono of
the most notable during the course of
tho convention. It Is expected that
all the business of the convention will
be concluded by midnight.
'ihe following names wi.l go before
the convention on the first ballot;
B, II. Filiston, of Uraitt; Judge
iu i. n nue, ci t'lay; iuuge n. 11. i
of Fayette; John C Orndorif, of ,
Logan; Judge II. C Baker, of Adair,
and J. B. Fish, of Rockcastle.
Few instructions, it is said, have
bscn given for the candidates.
ccretary Carroll received many
Tuesda3 from all sections of tho
stato stating that largo and enthusiastic
delegations would be on hand
Music hall will bo handsomely decorated
for the convention, and with tho
brilliant array of Kcntuekians will
present a fine appearance.
One duty of the convention Wednesday
will be the naming of a campaign
committee, with headquaters iu
this city. Ihis means that a gorous
campaign will be made.
It is positive that the resolutions
committee will be composed of Lindsay,
Buckner, Watterson and other
brilliant lights. Mr. Carlisle's speech
will be the first delivered since his retirement
from office.
Up to a late hour Tuesday night no
information was obtainable as to the
contemplated meeting of republican
state central committee officials and
leading national democrats for the
purpose of arranging a fusion ticket.
If such a meeting was held It was in
secret. 1 he general sentiment among
the national democratic leaders Is
strongly against fusion, they preferring,
it is said, a straight out fight.
Col Breckinridge Tuesday night states
that the report circulated early in tho
day to tne effect that he would champion
fusion is unauthorized.
Thnn;ht to Ilnvn i:iopAl With III First
Vif Iloth I.nft Mxira llfhlml.
Col.lilN", Ky , July 14 A few years
ago James Ford, of this city, a dash-inc.
handsome young follow wis married
to a Miss Kains. Subsequently
suit for divorce was brought aud
granted. The divorced wife lo't tho
city and moved to her mother's home
on Cumberland river.
About a year afterward Ford married
again, this time a very wealthy
woman, who at ono time owned tho
whole of what is now East Corbin.
Sho was a widow, her first husband
having been killed at Williamsburg
several years previoas by tho
keeper of a "blihd tiger." Ford's first
wifo also remarried. After a few
years Mrs. Ford's property holdings
shr.ink to a few acres. The first wife's
mother died recently, and left her an
estate as well as some redy cash.
Lately Ford has met hi first wife, and
now tho two are missing from their
homes. It is thought they eloped.
llrMton Hlrrft4 Prn!th1y Located.
Lexington. Kv., July 14. Tho pollco
of this city think that they have located
Grace Stevenson, the missing
Boston heiress, in this city. The girl
disappeared from Boston April 20 and
no tidings have been heard from her
there, although a largo reward is offered.
Her father is a real estate
broker of Boston and is said to bo
Dah-1 Asalust m flock.
MiDDLKsnor.o, Ky., July 13. A conveyance
containing tho family of Samuel
Hicks got beyond his control whilo
coming down Pinnacle mountain, at
Cumberland Gap, and a runaway followed,
in which his infant child was
instantly killed by being dashed
against a rock. Soveral others wera
badly bruised.
Doubtful If llf U the IHjht Mn.
Lexington', Ky., July 13. Uuyea
Mack, colored, W2, was arrested on a
Lexington and Eastern train Monday
meaning by Detective John Johnson
on suspicion of being the assailant of
Mrs. McCann last Monday nicrht. Mack
lias given a fair account of himself,
and it is doubtful whether he is the
man wanted.
Uapttln J. M. Thomas.
"Winchester, Ky., July ia Tho
democratic committee of tho Twenty-eighth
senatorial district, composed of
tho counties of Bourbon, Clark and
Montgomery, met hero Monday and
declared Capt. J. M. Thomas, of Pa: is,
the nominee of the party for state senator,
he being the only candidate.
Itce Truck Bold.
Lexington, Ky., July 13. The Kentucky
association course, tho oldest
race track in the country, was sold at
court sale Monday to Chas. Green,
agent- lor tho St. LCuls bondholders,
for $.13,333. The Kentucky association
will try to have the sale set asl Ic. ,
i i ii
II Hydrophobic.
Paducaii, Ky., July J.3. Joe Larking
an employe on the Illinois Central
railroad, fell Monday on tho street,
and it was ascertained afterward that
he was suffering with hydrophobia,
having boeu bitten by a mad dog five i
years ago. His homo is in Cincinnati.
Tlorsebtcu lin 1 With 11 lire.
Bowlinw Gkeen, Ky July iS. Near
nadley, John Martin aud Virgil
Belcher met in the big road on horseback
aud after a few words drew their
knives and fought. Both wero dangerously
wouuded ani later wero arrested.
CJIetr for" Cantrell.
Geokoetoiv.v, Ky-, July 13. Hon J.
A. Hamon, can liunte for re-election
for the democratic nomination for tho
legislature from th-s county, has withdrawn
from the ratio, 'i his leaves tho
field clear for J. C. CantrelL
A dispatch from London to tho
, New York World tays: Tho
Murtins, it is .rumored, have takei
.. Harney Barnato's magnificent
isnea paiace ou i'sca: lane.;-- 'j,
Mrs. II trr B Srotts Krliloncn to Convict
.lipoli K. llirr nf
Lkxinotox. Ky., July 13. The trial
of Jacob F. Harris for kilting Thomas
11. Merritt in Uratz pa k last Frulay
night promises to be sensation .L Mrs.
Harris is trying to bring her husib.tntl
to justice (or killing tho man she said
she loved.
Harris will introduce damaging
including the register o. the Lancaster
hotel, Georgetown, which shows
that ou the niht of June 21 T. II.
Merritt and wif, of LexingtOD, occupied
room Ko. 7V It will also be proven
that during Mr. Harris' absence from
the city on business trips Mrs. Harris
would frequently lock hrr little children
up In her house on Sixth street,
alone, and allow them to remain thero
until late in the night, while sho went
Mr. G A. Baker found the following
note In oao of Merritt's pock ets on
the night of the killing.
T. II. Merritt I love you better than
everybody put together in the world,
nud I always will a-, lon as j'ou lovo
me. Your own, ErFtK MEtmrrr.
Still tn An Htor istoue's
of 1xtluii.
FltAKKKOHT, Ky., July 13. Some of
the banks in Kentucky that have determined
to pay the 52" tax anil
county and city taxes instead of
a fight to continue paying 55 cents
to the stato, in lieu of all other taxes,
are objecting to Auditor Stone's
of fixing the valuo to bo taxed.
Iho auditor thinks tho banks, too,
should be assessed for taxation, and
on their book value instead of market t
value. In other words tho stock surplus
and undivided profits are summed
np and assessed as onu lump sum of
Attorney Gaines, of the Anderson
Doposlt bank, of Lawrenceburg, was
horo Monday morning to protest
against the assessment because some
bank stock sells for lexs than its book
vnlu lli flnlnis that a hor.s; sellincr at
ItVl Iu ....... .ml aim,,, CtL mfI,IIa l.mntr i
. , . 'I
........ ...... ... ...llntr 0 t. -. M00 is ft-
se&sed at 8140, because that happens
to be its book value, it is probable
that the matter will be tested in tho
courts. '
VVhet ( 'nwirt lt Orrnnltiv
Lexin'oto.i, Ky., July 13. The
wheat, growers of Kentucky met hero
nt two o'clock Muuday afternoon to
take some action regarding tho holding
of their present crop of wheat until
better price can obtained. A
resolution was adopted asking the
firmers of tho different counties
throughout the state to form couuty
orgauizatiuiii with a view of combining
tly:m into one big organization,
the object bing mutual protection.
A'lsn'a Mltkc.
Piiestonsbuho, Ivy , July 13. Jerry
Allen, aged 'i-'i, shot Sam Stone, aged
"1, in tlie abdomen, ten miles soutn of
here. Allen is a merchant and was
trying to shoot John Stone, a brother
of Sam, but made a mistake- John
Stone was shooting at Allen. Stone's
intestines were shot through and he
can nut live. Allen is at large and a
reward will be offered.
l'onr Men 1Vre Shut.
Bowi.ixo Queen", Ky., July 13. A
bloody fight took place at a picnic in
Butler county Saturday afternoon between
James Kuan, of this city, and a
man named Keown. Roan was disemboweled
witn a Ichue and will die.
He shot Keown in the arm with a pistol
Three bystander were hit by tho
stiav bulla AU have been arrested.
AtiiiLANU, Ky r July li John Oi-born,
aged 50 year, a basket peddler,
was terribly beaten by an unknown
man. He was found lying in au alley.
Dick Rice is un ler arrest for the crime.
Of AiUIr Cuuutr, for Clerk nf Iho
Court uf App. by the KeittHcky National
It mooratlc Contention.
Lol'lbVlLLE. Ky.. July Ih. J It Illndman.
of Alulr county Wis nominated WednuMlay
oi tho first ballot fur cicik of ths court of
by the Kontuck; i te national democratic
convention. Ihe convention cdojtjd
resolution- drclurlnc for ' a mabio ami
suWcient currency of gold and slher, interchangeable
each o.hr at equal commercial
blue." Resolutions vero favoring
a tariff tor revenue only, applauding tho
administrative acts of Cleveland and Carina
and denouncing freo silver and mobs
Iho convention relucd to fuao with the republican.
Iho national democratic party has by
presence In tonveniloi, and the
work o' that conent oi. evidenced
t a and indeiendent
existence. It la a minority party, at p.e ent
irunonnced by ome. but .t Is a aiur Iho
dcio pTirn s of VedtiCFidny convention
hi u p.ain.r tb tt the Kentucky Ik
hooelcsly. divided. Union oi
th: dKeordnnt element would "ion Imp s-s
ble within thoko t of tin n
'ihe convention pri mpt.r. and nt
So lock hJll HI ed Miny ladies
occuplel so tts on tbo Bi.igo a d in the boxos
among them Mr. W C I'. I!reikinnJ;o and
llonry Waticrsca
Tie Qrst of tne dlstlngulthed delrcte
ti nrric was United St .its ientor Willi im
Llnlnav. Ill appearance j erctcd by
a burit of appl.iuto Similar crcottrc
wax gircn Carll lo and Mr.
Henry V,r tteraon an the; ontcrod br the st ce
door with a of Udict, v. ho to.k to tia in
the box to tho rlxht of the itao As warm
a welcome w Iloa W. ('. P.
and S. II Hucknor. hu noon
after appetred. Mr Itricklnrldga was
by Mrs. A band placed
In the rear of the btlcony ptirud national
Hon. A. J. CarrolL of Ldulvi'le, secretary
of iht s ate executivo c immlttce, actinic in
the i.bteio of hnlrman Divli. called tho
convent.oi to It v. C. E. Ct ik. ot
Chrit.t' rath d-al. rod a prayer from the
Episcopal service
Mr. Carroll launched proceedings
in a at.d w
tp ech.
John . l.uchanan. of I.oulvll'o. was male
secret try. Mr Carroll Introduced" Hon. James
C. SIras. of Warren county, lln temporary
chalrrnaa Mr. Sunt wait received with a
generous eiprussioi in tae way of cbeors and
On a cull of the district! the committees
were named.
On Watterioi, Louisville:
W. C. P. L-xlnstou: R
T. Trier. Fulton J U PowjrH. Daviess Vi.
H. Yost. Mualcnbjri;: S. 1L llu ituer. Hart-John
M. Atherton, Jotferaon C J Helm.
Campbell: William Lindsay, rrtnktln: RT
Jacobs. Uylo: M. C. Sv.lnfori, II rrlson: D.
R Joucit. 1 rk. H. C. Haker. Adilr.
Lo' d calls were m ido for Col Urccklnrldga
He excused himHelf. He s-Id ho had a present
duty to perform as a member of the
on roaolutions. After that ho vrou'd
speak it they still desired to hear him. He
felt, though, th t tbrre as not the need for
h'm to 3i k that existed last yoir: that
"Watters n was bck from Europe, Carlisle
was no longer secretary of the troasury, Lindsay
had recovered his health, and they wero
all here."
This snllv cllc ted lsughtcr and applause.
Tnere were la -go calls for Wattersoa.
aid Buckner. Ail except Mr Carlisle
we-e busy in rommittee
At this po nt W. 1!. Hhldemsn, as chairman
of the committee on organization, reported
the se ection of Hon. John O. Csnlsle as permanent
chtirman and Mr KtPerco, of
n, as prmnoit secret ry.
Mr. Carlisle w s escorted to the attee. and
his appearance was the signal for viclferous
Ths aroie to feet.
and attsr cheer was ont up as hostood,
towing and nwaltlou silence. When the expression
ot enthusi ism had exhausted its ardor
Mr. Carlisle addressed the convention.
Mr. Carlisle spoke tmpresslvjly. and his
uttennecs wero received with an
that broke Jrequsntly Into appltusj. When
closed the coarontloa aalo arose en
masse and gave three rousing chiers In his
honor, and indorsement ot tho
United Mates Senator L ndsay was the
mil speaker, followed by IInrr Wattersoa
AcjI for counties w; ordered, tht uamos
ot candidates m!ht be p'aeod tl e convention.
God. i. U liucknor named
Got. J. 11. Illndman. of Adair county.
i-am Hooker, of Logan, named John O.
Orendorff of bis homa county.
Gray Faulkner, of Parens, presented tho
jismo oi Prof C M. A borlt. of Lexington.
Jud;e Mim is Savage, ot Asalind. moved
thai Illndman bo'named by ncelamatioi. He
was ruled out of order. Pro". Alburil
A ctll ol tna counties was proceeded wlta
1 (Xnan received nearly all tho votes oast.
iicn Lo;an county was reached G. Oron-Cx
R In a graceful little si.co3h. oast the vote
of his county for Illndman, and moved to
mnku his nomination unanimous. The. motion
was carried with applause.
Gov. Illndman was escorted to the stago by
Gen. Uuckner, who had placed his name before
th? convention, and ha .accepted la a
Breech much in the spirit of thoxo'that had
gone before. Gov. Hlndmaa Is an excellent
speaker. - ,.-
At tho close ot Gov, .Ulsdman's remarks
the cobvbbUoq finally ad jouraeoV , -.
., "-a if
- its- "T .. - --..y
JS 13
- ", .:
Mnstcrad Out Srrvlco ,and alj Sir Sixth
Msy lie "urljmrtlslnil.
LouisviLLB, Ky., JuTy 17. Company
C, of the Second lit gimeut Kentucky
State guards, located at Falmouth,
waa mustered out of service Friday.-:
The members of the :ompany were not
even allowed the privilege of remain
ing at the cimp, out were shipped
home, via Cincinnati, Friday a
The company was mustered
out by Adj. Gen. Collier upon the recommendation
of CoL ,. II. Uulther. I
The company presented '23 men, all
raw recruits and some with uniforms.
As a result of the disbanding of. the
company MnJ. E. D. lc.Math, of Falmouth,
may be cnurtmartlalod. In
fact, it can be ofliclally stated thit
steps in that direction arc already
beiujr taken. " Maj. McMath was tn
charge of the battalion to which Company
'2 v.-as attached aud was responsible
for it.
Reports show tha" tho company
should havo S'J melt of thrci years'
service The company reporting here
it sail to have been recruited within
tho pa!t three weeks Maj McMalh
was unlil recently car tain of
C. 'Jo a id to the discomfiture of Company
C, many of tlu recruits missed
their train and had to j;et b.tcU :n Wst
they could.
Ehut and Insrn'itly Kulril lly allillroicl
Watclll tti nt mil, Ky.
Lori.sVii.i.E. Ky., July 17. -An"
Post Kiieciil fro'ii I'.tr.s, Ky.,
Hock M ison, a desrerxte Xegr
was shot an I instantly killed
Friday morning by Ijiike Connelly a
Louisville & Nashville ;itclim..ir,
aft"r a street du 1, in wlrch ten shots
were fired. .Masou wtv wanted on a
chargo if murder and when Connelly
attempted to arrest htm hit opent d
fire on the ofliecr. The latter stood
his ground andreturnel the fire, three
of his bullets striking the Nero in
tho region of the i cart. Connelly's
clothes wero riddled, butasile from a
few scratch wonnds lie was unhurt.
Mason had n leg shot oif in :i similar
Strcot duel several mrnth ago
1 ll! C klllf "Villi.
I'ahis. Kv.. July 17. W. I? Kidd.
agent for Itroi.. has bougiit
during the ptftl lew tlavs from I!
ccuntv farmers 473 "nc cattle to
bo exported to I.uropc. 'I lie cattle
averrged aLout 1,4'J1) pounds, and co3t
lr. Kiod from 1 to 5HTi ) per cw t.
Most of the cattle were khippjd this
week to New York. Moes Kahn, of
this city, has recently bought and
shipped about 500 export cattle, which
averaged about I.4J0 pounds and cost
4 and S4.50 per cwL 'I he sale of these
cattle lias left the farmer:, of HourLon
richer by about 5100,000
JuitKe ltult a atriesfn.
Glasgow, Ky., July 17 Judge S II
Boles, the Nestor ot the Glasgow bar
and one of the ablest lawyers in this
section, was partially paralyzed Thursday
night and is now in a precarious
condition. Judge Holes is Z years old
and has long been protcinent both in
politics and at the bar. l.o has represented
Cumberland county in the legislature
and llarren, Metcal.o and Monroe
in the stato senate, and was the
delcgato from llarren county to tho
. .institutional convention.
CIUCI.INATI. J lly 17.
TLOCRSprlng fanry, ti.ii i.li. sprin?
family, 3(X)3i5. spru.g ptlent, fl.1031 aO,
winter patent. 1110 4115. fancy !3
fnmlly. I.00j3.. exira.iS.G3 isM) low
$i5tflt.55 rye, north western, itSS'&i.Vt Jo
dty. rt.Ma2.4S.
Wuiat Sales: No. 2 roC, new, track,
71c sample red. new, CSo.
Couxisiirr. None,
Oats sales: Na 2 mlxel. trach. ZOo N'a
I tnlxeil. choice, trck. tiHo, No. 3 mixed,
trac'., ISs.
Hogs Select shippers'. J.J3 50. select
butchers', V4i3.10. fair to gooa p cliors.
tt. Hi J. 45. fair toxoid llj&t. 3U.SJ.C3 com
mon and roughs, (luJ.4)
CATM.S Fair to good shlppcri ' 14 OlltSO;
oxtra. 4dJ4(S. gool to ch ilea butcacrV
UW&i.l. lair to medium butchers'. iS.2.,
S.4S common, i2 5 ci w
SHEEP Extras, I3.41JS0V. good to choico,
$3.0JSS . common to filr. iiOlJiri
Lambs Extras, Ji. I0i3.ii. cool lo choico,
U "4 it j W to fair, iiac 103
Veal Calvks Fair :o cojd H.-at. $3 30 3
0.S5 extras, W30. cotnjioa and laro, $3 ti
5 50.
Woob Unwashad flia m3rito, UjJI c per
lb clothln? 11 tllo m;dum.
delaine snd clotala; U.illo bntl iiUj;
medium coTiblnj, M2i3c. Wjsajl, line
X to XX, lie. mallura ciothinr. loiilij;
delaine fl;cce, 13 Cj. loaf ciiabln. Ij.3'7o:
and !o., 11.2.11a. cojimoa
coarse. II213;: nco. 10c
Cute too, July 27
WnECT No 2 read 7174j. :Co 3 red,
702i'to Na Inorthcn spring. 7js. No CsprlLj,
7c No G)j,Zs.
J. xSVic No. " white, 234o. Na J
yellow, Mi Ho.
PlrrsBUPiM Jul? 17.
Hoos Piss. W 7 )171 lisat VjrJtors, JtCi
soot Vortorsial JliWil 65.
hotv7.i115sl.TU mi 'is
! Stop !
i That
conghlnc;. The quickest nrd surest
way is to tako l)r. Hell's
Houoy. A pnnrantceit cocgh
edy, wholly unlike all others hotter;
acts directly on the mucous
braues, heals tho lungs and res
lory organs and Invigorates the
whole system. '
contains the concentrated healing
K virtues of old and
m 4 ! nsl Ail Inlnnl nrrantc
t a k 1CU lltUlClUUlUgVUU!) S
K extracted by a new
K scientinc process, zoc,
E 50c anU $1.
2i At all dniKtUU.or Mnt apoa
gp. rtcdpt or price by
C Ttt E. . Katbtrlanl IP
ardltlat Ca, IVluak, Ej.
"Onaa r" Uetsilla.
Notice to Debtor?.
Having been appointed Trustee ol the
Dros Company, notice is htreby given
that all accounts due said firm must be settled
immediately with th: undersigned.
iaKe Losnurc jsromo unin.ne ranicts. aii
DruccistB refund the money if it faiii to Cure. YVrUo JOHN WEUDIilBURN & CO Patent
For gale by W. G. White, W1. WasLlaton. 11. Cfor thlr S1AW prlso oCer
mond, Ky. and list of tnohuiitlrod UTontloni wanted.
A New Cheap
Opened next door to Richmond National Bank- Uelow we
quote a few .of our jirices :
Ilcst Oraimlalct! S.ifrar 20 lbs. for
Arbuckle'a CcCo31tar. foil . ..
Best Brand Canned Corn 7 c, 2
IJtst Bmal Cannerl Tpiuitles 3 cans
Best Map'.c Leaf. Lnrd. 4 )tu. for
Ecd Blsr Wash Eoarda ' .
Best Coal Oil per gallon . .
Tnr Rtfct n.inil v " lhn. fn-
Pure Mixed CanSyT2 lbs. filr
Other goods in proportion to
me a call and be convinced.
Jes-iy,. . . . ' ' - ,
Great German Remedy,
4' rs. l Ac
For the Immediate Relief
and Positive Cure ot
Indorsed by ph) sicians of the highest stand ng.
25o. per "box.
Fob Sals by all
Obi . IjIl niHUL
)ur liniory on Laurel Street in
n iic i nulling, and we arr
to till oidcra fur twist oi tin
"m i! Eitosl,"
tin ! t. ti i vvj
i, m, y m
'a hit u; yy
istit'lr. tlirffgnitltt.. Wi- c:in pave you
umii'V vfli'l 'is i lii il ttrtlfr; oil Mill
e tilml null our pruiliit N.
o lio'u (siitiitry n
White d Ro3St
l' - Un iiMosi), Ky.
. tJ,. PCr FEE'S
-x .RiassS ref.Lb
. i fS . in w. r ia lriOMi.d '' ruli
i, )nrc il, vi or t Iu'
X .'1iii tjrft. a- N TfcX4ltTevtrjy,tOt;
t , rv i ., It rst t9i t a.ii ortniii. il-
jf r of lailtalluitH. Stmr
4" " itfl in niV t tvnuriNr. JbenJ le in
s L JATjd, 111-
Solil h Djui; Co. aiul V
Every Merchant
- i
FRKVI1NT "rorgettlnB to charge,
l'ICKVKNT diiputft over Hccounts. J.
I'UEVK.NT nitst.ikis nf all kinds. '
ACCUIHTr.1,1 record cash n.iles, l
BlAKIi three bills at one writing.
Used bv Retaicer3 Everywhere.
Write lor .
Hamilton AntojJraDuic Register Co.
iaa.2 'ai
Mairt Strt,
(Opposite Glynilon.)
Country Produce Bought and
Sold. Highest Coh iVLiikel
I'rict I'jiiil
t53 e-5
J rj WSSrafj3
Anyone sending a sketch and doscrlrtlon may
quickly ixcertiln, free, whetbir an liiTentttm Is
pitentable C'otuciunlcatms strictly
contldci tlal. Oldest nceucj forsecuriiiit patents
in America. Wo a ".Va.!iliiston ornco.
Talents taken through JIuju i, Co recelra
special notice in the
beautifully i'linnt"d, lirret circulation of
n n r scicntllc Journal, weekly, tonus JKU1I a Tear;
LlwOstx tno'itlis. Mieclmrn copies and ILlnd
:ook os 1'AT.rrs scut f roc Addrccs
3U1 Ilroudivnj, Ncir York.
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All the Latest Telegraphic
All the Latest State News.
A 11 the Lates tjvlarkot Reports
Correct Market Reports.
Correct" Court Reports.
Reliable News Reports.
Honest Editorial Policy.
Tie Weekly Loktirlllc Dispatch acd The
Climax oncycar for J.7J
Regular Prue Wtetir; Dispatch
($l.om and Climax (1.2o
Idea Ss
.. . . ... ... ..i..., ;, -,. i.t.
Cash Grocery
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..t . . . . -15"
lor . .: -is
... ... 25
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numerous to mention. Giv 3
"Wholesale and Retail.
ll World Loves X
r a Winner s
M Our 'Ninety-Seven
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Wi Chicago
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ic, &c.
VHfn i at a. 'a, iy ..LJ
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assa it '
nrrfNSiftKM ss a
f I oi
v aa vi"r":r
xn h 1
i rl
OS ill B II! i rr
zn fea tM as
s s
- l.v
i? Ft3 s 0
Send for
. x Catalogue and
fm Prices.
All Wo,h 1
1 M
COMPANY! Factory.
I Za. BiS 4 Z-. ;:
Sl.ES v
1 mm &,
??T & " ? rr -: 7 5
-v xi ' i ?. 1:
L5 jkiv '
2. f. s r
r3' y
aV ta P - a 9
- - .i V
efespfcWdJ V
u ST.; 1-
El H i El 13 SB a h
u u tii p3j c tsi
Cent mni;il ;i;id Internation.1!
a low inte special tariti
of tiekets from
Queen & Crescent RihiU.
until "further notice to Ch
round trip from i"
good sevunL'la,ys to return:
limit, at SS.5 'ami at Sll.-
public to visit Nashville . -
never before offered. V
class are at the dispose !
mostplea&ant trip, aad enablmir
scenery and important l.iu
Chattanooga, Lookout Moant.ii" .:
Park. Tickets t X.is.n
be repurchased at Chatt.iii"
your ticket agent for ticket -
Route South or write tt
Agent, Cincinnati, O.
h p u n 7m
LE, I"v-7
Converted Into a Modern Falaoe
ami Tilinp: of the Finest QiiaKtj .
Velvet Carpet Adorn the Floors
Besutifully Decorated and
without a Suporior in the Soth,rat
in This Itecent Improveinont.
H Mir, J?., tbuga.
During the Tennessee
position at Nashville, Teun.,
been esbiblished for the sale
otiier terminal points on the
Tiekets are on sale daily
noora at S"5.00 one way or $5.75
the lound trip tiekets being-
tiekets, with longer return
the round trip.
These rates en. ble the
other Southern points at rates
bided trains of the linest
passengers, affording a -to
visit the very interesting -grounds
iu and about
Ciiiekamaug;i National Militarv
to visit the Centennial can i
for $3.40 round trip. Ask t
Cincinnati and the Q. !t C.
Gen'l. Pass'is.
Ty c yjfi i
Eas Recently been
Halls and Entrance are Marblo
2000 Yards of Brilliant, New
-Offices and DlnlngRoom Bril-
Itt Equipments throughout aro
, .... Cliargos
!' O 7"IEjIEv3
; Have Been Expoiuled
. .RKTES, $2 St
1; W
MAUfifti.fiM Pronriefor I III I L uLllliHA. hvhcs.
' hi v mb iti. b th a an STz a tfr" Bfii
1UL I1 Mft Si. 73 m
-, t i4ftliigirafrii"ftafffW" ffiJT afrraJPrrjafr' '' . . a '.iSUa - - . J - - . 'Jim

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