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J. . I . .. I I H
ft TtTWI. n:.,.v lfrHTnrirv OT.W5 hon. j. g. bailey, fc e TwManv Kentucky republ.cans u.ownuU,.
v !- .v av.xixuxi.vx iiunu - mi jis .e & f Aiatt'iA v i - - i
st .- nw ixiwiiiiiiriiu wtiiiiuii
II r x
'IP fc in' lAtot New rrom All Part ol Uo
, -
AVo aro authorized io announce
J. U. Hkniiy a candidate for Mac-is-
trato of Kirksvillo Precinct,
a 4-1. n nniinn f lii TaninArnnA nnTfv
on the free turnpike ticket.
Out Qla33
bns become quite popular but cu
prices on cut jilass have madeou
stock of handsomo wator cruets, salad
bowls, sugar bowls, etc., more tha i
popular. If you are intending t
send a wedding present shortly, her j
is yout chance to pick out just th-
thing to send and save from one t
a dozen dollars.
Deep Cut, cut rIass pieces are thv
kind most admired. We have
a deep cut down in tho prices of tho
deep cut, handsome cut glass pieces
in our stock that have been aiknirol
so long. This is your chance to add
to your china closet, and your sideboard
some of tho finest cut glass
ware made.
Cast your eyes in our direction.
Jewelry was never offered at such
low figures. We give you tho chance
to buy at bullion cost. Tho manufacturing
and designing must go unpaid
for. No limit to bargains,
watches are cheap and it will pay you
to come in and see.
The Main St. Jeweler.
The mercury at St. Joseph, Mo.,
climbed to the 100 mark.
"B14 Four Route"
Annual Convention
Young Peoples'
Christian Union,
AUGUST 13-23, 1097.
Tickets will be sold bj the BIO FOUR ROUTE
Augutt 17th and 18th, Rood returninc until
Ancnst2l, th pro iko that uion deposit with
Joint Acent Indianapolis, on August 22, 23 or
2, an extension of lteturn Limit to leave
not later than September 12th,
may be had.
Rate Only One Fare
for Round Trip.
For tickets and full information call on any
ticket agent of the Big Fonr Koutc, or address
E 0. McCORMICK, Warren J. Lynch.
Pass. Traffic Mgr. Ass.Gen Pass ATkt Agt
R. N. !. & B. R. R.
Time Table No. 29; Taking Eflect San-day,
May 2, 1S9G.
1st Class. I 2d Clas.
east bound. No."!-No 3 No. 9
Bx Sun Ex SunjEx Sun
A M. P M A M.
Versailles 10 20 6 57 S 55
Nicbolasville 11 00 7 36 10 12
Valley View 11 25 8 00 10 55
Million 11 40 8 13 11 20
Richmond. 11 5-S 8 30 11 4S
P.'M. P. M.
Union 12 13 12 50
Moberley. 12 16 1 05
Ilnuwneld 12 30 2 00
Panola 12 15 2 15
Irvine 1 05 3 20
NoT2 T"No. 4 I N67"8"TK6Tl0
wbst hound. Ex San Ex Sun Ex Sun Ex Sun
A. M. P. M. P. M. A. M
Irvine 1 30 3 40
Panola 1 55 4 28
Brassfield 2 00 4 40
Moberley 2 14 5 10
Union 2 17 5 15
Richmond. 6 05 2 35 5 40 5 00
Million S 20 4 00 5 30
Valley View 6 81 4 15 5 07
Nicholasviile 6 58 4 40 6 48
VenaUlea 7 55 5 30 . 8 35
A.M. 1 Pr"M. PM. A.M.
All trains connect with Louisville Southern
trains to and from Louisville.
All trains connect with C. N. O. &T. P. trains
to and from Cincinnati.
J. W. ROCK, Train Dispatcher.
"W IL ADAMS, Superintendent.
err, Jmpotency, SleeptettneM, etc. canwd
W 9fl bj Aim or other KxcessM &cd
Thmy tfuUJUu 4md surety
rostora uxt ltalltj in olX or jouna. &na
fit a man for tody, bqalnM or jn&rriaff.
iFrtTt&t InsonltT and OoaraiDDtion if
tAknr 1 in tuna. Thairnite fihovra immediate
znanl and effaoU a CUKE where all other fall
opon harins the enalne AJtx Tablet Thej
written carantee to effect a care CA PTC in
each && or refund the money. Prioe wU Ulwi per
Itackace; or six i kg -full treatment) for fSXO. By
taall,lnilaln wraprwT. noon receipt of Circular
Xruo. A AV ypMPnvrn
Olup, IU-
For sale in Richmond, Ky. by Hasan A
The Lebanon
Handsomest '97
BICYCLE Manufactured.
D?ricc, S7G.OO.
Ccrrngated Tubing, 1 1-4 in.
Oil Reservoir Hubs.
Write for a Catalogue.
Every Wheel Warranted. .
f Deal Direct With Us.
Manufactured by
... TOH PAT F0S THE . . .
'phoneys. . ram-ft,"
Ixuidoil a Cnlocod Murderer In the Jail t
YrrwUUes. If jr.
YEnsAHAns, Ky., .Aug, GO
'men, tyo white and the rest colored,
rode into Versailles Sunday afternoon
for tlie purpose ol lodging in jail Jo
Jones, colored, the perpetrator of a
terrible niurdcr at Faywood, this county, of
Saturday uighCJones and llankin,
Uie murdered Negro, attended a festival
at the residence of James Johnson
Saturday. They had trouble over Rankin's
wife. 'v
Between 8 and 0 o'clock. Saturday but
night in a dirt lano near Johnson's,
Jono Mw tho top of Rankin's head
oil tv lth a Bfaotyjun. Jones anode his no
escape. After dragging Ranking body civil
into tome wexi6 on the side of the road,
Joneb inado his way to Elkchestcr, a
station on the Louisville Southern, and the
asked for a drink of water at a cabin
there. Tho Negro woman recognized the
liim and sent the intelligence to the
party which wa3 scouring the country
for him. Jones is about 25 years old, tiles
and the alain man was about SO.
A Little Typhoid Victim Ha Not Known a
Waking Motnont Day.
Locisviixk, Ky., Aug. ifl. Tor 83
days little IZlle Dick, the le-rear-old The the
daughter of Mrs. Thomas Dick, of
427 East Kentucky street, has not
opened her eyes and baa not the
known a waking moment. Sha has two
been asleep the entire timo, and
Dr. Frank Wilson, who is attending
her, says she will probably sleep a w.
week longer. Twenty-eight dnys ago of
she was attacked with typhoid forer. and
For two days the fever raged, and then
suddenly left her. She then sank Into a
stupor from which she has not aroused,
al though every effort known to medical
science has been used. the
Sentrnccd to Twenty-One Tears in tho
Penitentiary An Appeal l ill lie Takjn.
Lonisvuxn, Ky., Aug. It -A epqcJal
to the Post from It.irbourorille, Ky.,
says: The trinl of John Ougan,
ehargwl with the mimler 0 John i-l-eon,
which has been in progress .lore
for the pat week, wa to a
close Saturday morning- by a verliet oi s
guilty of maualaaghtcr, aad a sentence
of 21 years in the penitentiary. The
jury was out 38 hours and for a time it
looked us if no verdict could be
reached. An appeal will be taken and
already n bill of exceptions has been
Ilnilnft Mun Com ml U Snlcldo.
LouibViLi.c, Ky., Aug. 10. A special
to the Evening Post from Gallatin,
Tenn., says: Capt. V. II. Shafer, one
of the best known racing men in the
bouth, committed suicide by shooting
himself through the left temple, in his
room in tho Trousdale house in this
city early Saturday morning. No
cause is assigned for the rash net, as to
he wat, wealthy and seemingly happily
bituatcd in all hib relation-.. He was
the o ncr of the IVy tonin stock farm
near Gallatin, an 1 w.is worth in t'u
neighborhood of S15J,0J0. lie wu 5."
years old and a w idower.
Dr. Ne.il Sues for DUoroc.
Mayfii:li. Ky., Aug. 10. l)r. 11. J
Ncal, who...: wife left her ho:u myj
teriously Sundny morning ftiwut 0
D'cloek and about the sani" Urn th it
Mr. U. F. llobson, u hvcrvm i-i, nlsj
left, in bus liled suit fo: bv
divorce the tnreuit clerk'o ollije
here. w
I.cxliiKon Dos Shelter a Succcix.
Lf.mnotov. Ky., Aug. 10 The Lexington
dog shelter, established by the
New York -humanitarian, Mrs. Grace
G. Davide.-Js u success. Up
time SOU" has been collected in dog
tax,, and, nearly 400 worthless curs have
been killed. .
Charles Lognn'n Pluin.
Fbankfort, Ky Aug. 10. Gov.
llradlcy Saturday morning appointed
Chaxjcs, Logan, of Ashland, assistant
mine Inspector. Hart Vance, who was
originally slated for this, will get an
asylum appointment, but Is not yet
To Tet Uio Trfco Gravel lloail Question.
OwKXfriiOEo, Ky., Aug. 10. Petitions is
lth over 4,7f0 signatures were filed
ith tho county Judge, and ho will order
an election Monday to be held in
November to test the opinion of the
people on the free gravel road question.
Iho1 r&rrott Wants Damages.
LnxiNOTO, Ky., Aug. IB. Paul
has filed milt here for $5,000 damage,
against D. T. Fisher for defamation
of ch&r&ctor. The plaintiff
charges that Fisher had accused him of
Conimliilfmcr Ch)Cr ft. Sraltb.
Lexisotos, Ky., Aug. 10. CoL WiV
bur It. Smith, of the Kentucky univer
sity, has been appointed commissioner
from Kentucky to the
Irrignti&ncxposition at Omaha.
Lexington' Oldest IIoaHO.
LcxufOToK, Ky., Aug. 16. Tho oldest
Ikmimo In Lexington, a frame structure
at 41 West High Btreet, is being torn
down. It was built 110 years ago by
Andrew Caldwell.
Died Prom tho Heat.
Fbeemoxt, Ky., Aug. 10. George
Justice, a wagoner, was overcome by
the heat and died in the greatest agony
Two Hathcrs Drowned.
Anwrnc CiTr, N. J., Aug. 10. Two
venturesome bathers were drowned in
the surf here Sunday. They Tvcre
Tlios. C. Laswell, aged 21 years, oi
Plnceton. InL, and an unknown man,
supposed to be an excursionist from
Philadelphia. Young Laswell came
here with his friend, J. M. Parrott, also
jrom Princeton. IncL, on his first visit
to the seashore.
The Eastern Oil Co. has disposed oi
its holdings at Sistcrsvillc to the Standard.
The property includes 47 producing
welhrand the price paid was about
Thousands of men In every walk of life
all over the world are playing a desperate j
gsnie witn uam ior an opponent, mey
are playing with an opponent who has every
advantage, and the outcome of the game is
as certain as Death. The man in any walk
of life, who is too hard-worked, too busy,
to take care of his health has only himself
to blame when the final break-down comes.
It ii easy to keep health while one has it,
but uphill work to win it back when it is
lost. A man neglects a slight indigestion.
Then his appetite gets poor: That's a trifle
and he pays no attention to it. Then he
complains of headaches and it is hard to
work or think. His sleep becomes restless
and he only gets tronbled spells of it. He
get nervous aad irritable. Everything goes
wrong both at home and at business. He
Sersists in paying no attention to his
ealth. Then some day he breaks down.
The doctor says nervous prostration or consumption
as the case may be. He has been
playing a game with death and has been
checkmated at the weakest po'nt
Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery is
an unfailing cure for all disorders of the digestion,
and the deadly maladies that follow
In their train. It is the great blood-maker,
flesh-builder, and nerve tonic It cures oS
per cent, of all cases of consumption. It ts
an nnfafling remedy for nervous prostration
and exhaustion. Thousands of meahave t
4SAf4 tViV wSUtAW Mr1r ) MCA
&L4A4tAA J lU:it lVUVLir U.UU. - ".
after all other reaediea nad failed. All
di nggirtr h. Do not deal with a druggist
who oirsyon a substitute for be is not
only dishonest bat willing to6acrice your
health and possibly your life for a few
added pennies of -profit. r
,A clear complexion. Anyone can have-
it wo keeps tae Wood pare," JUr.Krce'a
PlaaaasM'elletB .. or constiMtioe.. . . 0e 1
' "- '
r - m .r n
Is a gentle laxative, mju tv?g gu n
Ik. TnMci9ta MU'tfcem. . . ',- "
" -, ' .-,
"" ?5
Of Mnn&Cn County, tho Republican Candidate
for Clerii of Ulc Court of
llrciUey's AdinlnUtrutlou liu!orl
Louisviixn, Ky., Aug. 11,-James O. Uollcy,
of Miit'ofUu county, cleric of tho court of au-
Contrary to the expectations of many, tho
... .
.....,.11 k.i k. i...t.i i
ivtuuiuuii Maw tuutciiuun i.u naN uciu m .
Kuxicllnll. this city, lucsday, for hc purpose j
of ncmiuatijiifnllcrkof the court of bjiiksiK j
was entire harmoulous in it-i v ork. , Thcro as I
an Jdca insoinc quatten. thht thcrvould be a
hitter ;htbelncn the Uradley and. Hunter-
fni frtn .lilif l!i t rn rnlwhtli .if tVin I
rarty leaders on and ofT tho lioor
the contention prevented the anticipated
'clash. .ThCKlateand national
nire and civil service was
orpoed alonp thfi llnew laid down by there-cent
Ohio republican contention. In other
words, oceorulnK to the KcntuckyTcpublicaa
lewf. civil service Is Rood onouuh In its way,
there ure certain ofllccs which Hhould be
removed from its control.
The con vcntlon n ax a quiet one. There was
enthusham to speak of, the only real applause
coining? tthen tho hpeukers referred to
service reform.
Tho convention hall was moderately decorated.
Small 1U8 praced the pas Jets clear
around the outside of tho baKonius and alot'tt
walls, while larre flags were tastefully
draped over the main doorway in the rear of
halh From the dome lu the center a gigantic
specimen of -old flory" swayed la illy. Tho
immense staxe - as drapsd with a half do7.cn
large flags, -n hile high abo o lu eenver in tho
was a picture of President McKlnlcy.
Under tho inspiring of tho "Enquirer
March" the 1,000 or more delegates took their
teats at two o'clock. A noticeable feature was
large sprinkling of colored delegates.
At 1.50 the stalwart form of .Temporary.
Chuirman Dcboe appeared upon the platform.
At the conclusion of Senator Deboe's speech
rogular convention routine was taken up.
ttOTOra! congressional district delegations
annoanood the members of tho different committee
sleeted at the district conventions in
morning. Chairman Debo3 then announced
committeemen from the state at largo on
neb. of the committee. The committees wcro
then uent out to deliberate,
Tho committee on permanent organization
the first one to report. The report recommended
the (lection of J mitre George Denny,
Fayette county, for permanent chairman,
J. Speod femith. of MidNon coanty. for
permanent secretary. Uoth of these gentlemen
accepted tho trusts Imposed upon th,m.
Judge Denny's speech tho
convention adjourned until 8 o'clock.
At' 8 o'clock the convention convened and
committee on credential.-, made Its report.
Thcro were contests lninly tlireooutof 119
-counties, uhd in each of the three the decbtfon
waslnfovorof tho so-called regulars. Tho
report of thQ committee was approved by tho
U'laiiiin -us vulo of the convention. The committee
on resolutions then miulo Its repjrt
hlth was adopted by a unanimous standing
Kcsolved by the republican rarty in convention
That we afllrm the principles of the
republican party as set forth in tho platform
loplcil by it atSt. Louis in 1.
Second Thane Indorse the republican
on il and state administrations, and especial-1
iximmtnd the action of our state official
In their efforts to suppress mob ilolcnce
and to preterm ed tho financial credit of the
TLInl We commend tho action of tho
es i f the republican party in the
tariff bill which will rilso revenue
butltcienl to support the government, prevent
Issue of InU rest-bearing bonds, protect
mcrlcan labor and maintain tho national
Fourth We arc opposed to n system of civil
service that builds up an ofllclal class practically
a life tenure In aim all branches of the
public son Ice and tic demand that the civil
pen Ice be so m jdlflod as to limit tnn tcrjis of
service to four j ears v. ith tho pri Ilego of reappointment
or pr motion subject to such restrictions
as will secure competent ofllclals and
every section of the country its propor
of them.
Fifth We heartily sympathlre with tho
struggling people of Cuba in their efforts to secure
liberty and independence.
Sixth -That we recommend to the poopio
the adoption of the constltutio nnl umendment
submitted t the last legislature, allowing all
and towns the prU ilege of regulating un-
i leglslnth e supen lslon. tho method of levying
the taxes tlie'y lmpobc on thtmscUesfor
city and town expenses.
(i. IJiUay. of Mao'Sn eountyf was
the'i rom'natcd for clerk of the court oi
opjvals by Secretary of State Oharlo O.
and John Fclund, Jr., of Christian countv,
W. II. llalrd, of Logan county Mr. I'claud
withdrew, and the nomination of Mr. liailey
as made unanimous. Mr B illey accepted in
on eloquent speech. The com cation then, at
1C.20 p. in., adjourned slue die
Muj field l'eoplo IClojio.
Mayfiei.d, Ky.,Anir. 11. lien F.
llobson, u well-known liveryman ol
this city, and Mrs. It. J. Neal, the young
wife of a physician, have left the town
together for unknown parti. IIobjon
left behind a wife and several children,'
two of whom are" grown. The elopement
hasraused great excitement.
Toll Tax Suit.
Louisvn.r.i'., Ky., Aug. IL Seven
Louisville have brought suit
against the city to collect poll tax paid
during the last four years. They hold
that the tax is illegal. The suit brought
a test suit. If successful poll taxes
to the value of $50,830 must be returned.
Prominent Woman Adjudged Insane.
Owkxbbouo, K3'., Aug. 11. Mrs.
Miller, 72 years of age, widow of
iht late It. F. Miller, has been adjudged
insane and was taken to
Asylum Tuesday. She is a
member of a prominent pioneer family
erf Daviess county.
Vmt tho Purpose of for l'carls In
en Arkansas Lake.
Littlh Bocic, Ark., Aug. 11. For a
month or more the people living near
Bald Knob, Ark., have been finding
vnluable pearls in a lake near that
place. Hundreds of people have been
, 1 1 Tl. i ... 1. .. .Vn
opening mussei MUi m .u ui
ncnrls. and some rare trems have been
found, some being sold for as much as
A special from Bald Knob $a.ys that
n syndicate of Memphis parties have
leased the lake for a term of five years
forS10,000. They will build a fenco
around the lake and begin with a steam
dredger. They will also erect an 'elegant
club house. The lake is said to
lie the richest pearl producer inthe
United States.
HLhop Howe Dead.
LoxirON, Aug. 11. Kt. Rev. William
Walsham Howe, I). I)., bishop of
in Ireland Tuesday.. He was
born in 1823 and consecrated bishop in
1S33. Bishop Howe "was the author of
a jubilee hymn winch' was widely published
shortly before the queen's jubilee
in June. ,
A special to the New York Heralo
from Baenos Ayres, Argentina, says
The news of the assassination of Senor
CSuovas del Castillo has caused the
most intense excitement here.
Lieut. Dunean'8 FunenU.
Lexixgtox, Ky., Aug. 13. The funeral
of Daniel Duncan, second
ant of the post at Ft. Sheridan, who
was drowned in Lake Michigan Sunday,
took place here Thursday afternoon
from the residence of bisi
father, ex-Mayor Henry T. Duncan.
The funeral procession was one
of the longest here in a long time, and
the lloral offerings friends
of the deceased from all parts of tho
country were exquisite. Rev. Geo. O.
Barnes, the evangelist, conducted the
funeral services.
Suit for 313.O00.
OwKNsnono. Ky.. Aug. 13. Margaret
Schlosser, wife of George Scblosser,
deceased, filed a suitn Oweffsboro
Thursday afternoon as administratrix
of his estate against the Louisville,
Henderson and St. Louis Kailroad Co.
to recover 15.000 as damages for the
1.I11I. .t V,w t,i -.i-i 4ltn Qlrt lnir
o j
of Juuuary, 1637. At, the time of
killing the coroner's jury exonorated
the company from blame.
Hot Brutally licutci.
Itu8SKixvnj.n, Ky., Aug.-15. An unnamed,
one-legged tramp tried to. beat
Geo. Cliilds, a colored bor, to dcatlt in
the "Wind Tiger" district Thursday
morning. Wednesday night ho gave
Cliilds a quarter to get him some
whisky and Childs never came back.
Thursday morning they met and the
tramp tried to do Childs tip. JJolli were
locked up.
Dark Honto Vi'Ius.
Jvy., Aug. 13, The
democratic senatcrisl convcnlionr for
"tlie Twenty-sixth district got into a
deadlock, W. T Voicrs, , w l a v
Pendleton county, . waa a
dark hor. On tie urn: ij. 1. J'.J
- . ,-1 . i s.
Liutbixd bliot. v eters wm casaw,
:. . . ..
IBB IMIMiBBTrn iPrHlTHlyTTMlffillfrnTyi
?' -- .
4clrrinslBn Examiner at KIchmoad.
"ilk. ,. li r . . J-J ' .-. IrfUIfcA
i rr . .- - '!,.:?. - r --
? Bob-i wa Friday. dlntd
when tho Creator said to woman
"in sorrow shalt thou bring forth
children," that a curse was pro
nounced, but the joy felt by erery t
Hother when ahe'first presses to .
- f V.nL.A w n n
her heart ner
Dancer and suffering lurk in
the pathway of the Expectant
Mother, and should be avoided,
that she may reach the hour
when the hope of her heart is to
be realized, in full and
"Mother's Friend"
so relaxes
At, the system
that the
natural and
takes place
jfflSS . jjiMW Hausea
Henrous or
lEWKp Gloomy
and at the trying hour makes
Child-birth easy, as so many happy
mothers have experienced,
nothing but "Mother's Friend"
does this. Don't be deceived.
"Mothort Friend"' is. tho greatest remedy ever
put on tliomarkotandallmyjctistomers praise It
highly." W.II. Kino & Co., Whitorrright, Tox.
Bent by Mr.fl.on receipt of price,$l 00 PER BOTTLE.
Book 'To Bxpoctant Mothers" mailed free, containing
valuable information a-d voluntary
Were tlio Causo of Tiro Shootings Near
Howling Green, Ky.
Howijxo Okci;, Ky., Aug. 14. Willis
Dickson shot and dangerously
wounded Lon Graves Thursday night
four miles from town. Dickson owns
a melon patch and Lon and Charles
liraves visited it Thursday night, and
on .seeing the owner began firing and
succeeded in wounding him in several
places, when Dickson fired with the
above result. All parties have been arrested.
The boys are well connected.
John Walker, who runs a melon
patch near town, was fired on by three
men v. ho attempted to rob him. Walker
opened fire on the thieves and one
fell, mortally wounded, it is thought,
but his pals succeeded in getting him
out of tho way liefore Walker could get
to him.
Reward Offered for llowllng's Am.iMlns.
Fkankfout, Ky., Aug. 14. Gov.
Bradley issued a proclamation offering
S200 reward for apprehension of the
murderers of Al Bowling, assassinated
at Morehcad Thursday. Bowling was
pardoned about two years ago of a life
sentence for murder and lived herj
some time. lie finally eloped with
Mrs. Minerva Gaines, the wife of a
business man of this city,
who had been a teacher of the penitentiary
Sunday school. They were afterwards
Ztlurder at a Clrcin.
Louisviixk, Ky., Aug. 14. A special
to the Evening Post from Cumberland
Gap, Tcun.. says: William 31 iller was
shot and killed by W. C. Clark, one of
the sons of the proprietor of a circus
here. Miller attempted to force his
way into the circus without p.vying
w hen the difficulty arose. Miller is the
only eye witness of the killing of John
Colson by John Dugan at Pineville several
months ago. Colson was a brother
of Congressman David Colson.
Suspected AYhltocapa 1'reo.
JlAiinoDSIiCKG, Ky., Aug. 14. All day
rriJuy the Commonwealth was taking
testimony in the whitecap cases.
Nine men have been charged
with the offense. Five of the
men were discharged, no evidence
whatever having been adduced. The
trial of Wilson, Uansdall and W. M,
and W. D. Royalty will be concluded
Saturday. Tho witnesses aguinst the
Royal tys are the Sheltons, with whom
they have been at feud for years.
Loan Association Afeolgns.
Louisvili.k, Aug. 14. The Mechanics
National Building and Loan association
filed a deed of assignment Friday,
naming John L. Dunlap as assignee.
The deed sets forth that the recent adverse
decision of the court of appeals
has cut down the profits of the association,
and has rendered it unable to
meet itu obligations.
Mr. Dunlap, the assignee, said that
the company would pay out dollar for
dollar. .
Child lVounded by-a
Bow lino Giieex, Ky., Aug. 11. Some
unknown man, while riding along tho
road, attempted to assassinate the
son of Perry Anthony. The
little fellow was shot in the leg, but not
seriously hurt. The matter is a mystery,
as Anthony says, he has no
mies wlmte and M the man fled M
I . . , ... , .., .
soon as he fired the boy was unable to
tell who he was.
Kuttuwn Industry.
Kuttuwa, Ky., Aug. 14. -- Messrs.
Anton Brucken and Lew is VanSkiver,
of Laramie, O., have secured a site in
Kuttawa, on tho Cumberland river and
the I. C. tracks, on which they propose
to build a factory for the manufacture
of spokes, poles and shafts for buggies.
Other manufacturers, attracted by tho
facilities, are investigating the field.
IVhltHltt's Teachings Disowned.
OwEirsuono, Ky., Aug. 14. Tho
Daviess County Baptist association has
adjourned. It was in session for three
days at Island, 30 miles from Owensboro.
One of the most important
pieces of their business was the disowning
of Dr. Whitsitt's teachings of
Baptist history. Their average daily
attendance was over a thousand.
Kcutucky State Vctlenjtlon of llor.
Lexington, Ky., Aug. 14. A state
federation of labor is to be formed in
Kentucky. A call for a delegate convention,
in Louisville September 1 has
been issued by District Organizer
of the American Federation of
Labor. Incidentally the circular charges
the Central Labor couneiL of Louisville,
with meddling in politics.
Two Drowned In the Green Itlvcr.
Louisvnj.E, Ky.. Aug. 14. A special
to the Evening Post from Spottsville,
Ky., bay's: It is reported from a point
above here on the Green river that
Thuma.i and Peter Drew were drowned
while going across the river to their
farm. Peter Drew was a son of Thomas.
They were prominent farmers'in the
Green lliver valley.
Duruii .Jury Still Out.
IJabhoubville Depot, Ky., Aug. 14.
2?o verdict has been rendered in the
Dugan murder case. The jury has been
deliberating sinccJThursday at 0 p. in.
Tho opinion is now general that the
jury will not agroe.
Adjudged Insane.
Campion, Ky., Aug. 14. George W.
wnn wti.r "hronrrlit liorn mi Am
. :
11 to be
UOW li. W. i- AWi AA.U..tl.J, ,UJ
tried Thursday and adjudged insane,
and was taken to the Lexington Lunatic
asylum Frida3.
Sues for 323,000.
IvCttawa, Ky., Aug. 14. Freeman
Yandall. of tlio Hddyvillo prison, Friday
filed suit in tho Lyon, circuit court
for 2j,000 damages against Tilford A.
UraswfU for alleged alienation of his
wife's affections.
- , -! .I.I I ...
Valuable Oil Sprlass.
Comitox, Ky., Aug. 14. The oil
springs on" the S. B. SmitK farm, two
miles from here, produce he finest kind
of lubricating oil. An atfimpt will be
made to interest capital in - their de-
ll ' '
' " iron'eickuiiiaia" wrsreoif it "
' '
- f
To Komlo.tte a Cmnlld.ito tor Clerk of the
Court of Aicnl.
Loiri3Vii.i.n, Kj., Ang. 10. Tho republicans
of Kentucky will assemble
in this city at Music Ilall Tuesday
! rr uinti nnnnunl (am 4r Ofinnf n
latform aml nomillot0 a amdidate for
clerk of the court of appeals. There
will be a full representation of all the
counties, with the possible exception
of some of those in the eastern part of
the state;
The members of the republican state
central committee assembled at the
Gait house Monday afternoon and selected
United States Senator W. J. Do-
boe. of Afarion county, for temporary
chairman. It is the general impression
that Judge George Denny, of Lexington,
will be selected by the convention
Tuesday for the permanent chairmanship.
The opinion among the leading
delegates Monday night wa,s that the
convention will be entirely harmonious.
In some quarters the feeling
seemed to prevail that the old fight between
the Bradley and
factions would be re-opened on the
lloor of the convention, but the leaders
are sanguine that they will be able to
bridge it over.
Chairman Barnett, of the state central
committeee. in an interview Monday,
said: "I believe that the prospects
for victory by the republicans this year
are much better than last Weare
going to make a good fight and the vote
will be heavj'."
When asked whether the convention
would make any special indorsement
of the Bradley administration, Mr.
Harriet replied that there would be an
indorsement of the national administration
and incidentally the Kentucky
administration would come in for a
share. The platfoim, he said, would
emphatically condemn mob law, and
civil service and prosperity would be
touched upon.
Mut Her llrnvc Hescuer Was Drowned In
the Kentucky Klcr.
Nicholasville, ICv., Au. 10. Gar
net Patterson, a prominent young man,
was drowned In the Kentucky Kiver, and Tlios. Tinner, ehurged with nlleged
near the mouth of Jessamine creek, ' conspiracy to bribe legislators.
afternoon. Ills body has not son announced thnt the defendants
yet been recovered. He was a member i will be n ady for trial and will insist
of an outing party of boys and girls on a hearing of tin citses in Septornlior.
who were camping near the banks of
the river in which he met his death. '
Monday afternoon Patterson and several '
young ladies were in the river
bathing. Miss Harriet Hockor waded
out to where the water was over her j
head. Patterson swam out and succeeded
in snving her, but he himself
was caught in a whirlpool an I weut
down to a watery grave.
And Her Futher Wounded IJy tho Mother
Louisville, Ky., Aug. 10. Surprised
by an angry husband, who found him
in his wife's room. Maxey Curtis shot
and probably fatally wounded Eugene
Clark and killed Dolly Clark, tho four-year-old
daughter, who was standing
in the line of fire. Curtis is 18 years of
age and Clnrlc 39. The shooting took
place at 0 o'clock Monday morning, at
1423 Campbell street, the residence of
Clark's wife and his four children.
Clark and his wife, who is about the
age of her husband, have not lived
for some time, though no divorce i
was procured. He is connected
with the South Before the War Co.
Commits u F urf ul (iutrage on Setcn
Near Jilt Kec, Ky.
McKhK, Ky., Aug. 10. Saturday
jht,near the mouth of Horse Lick ,
creel; seven people were taken from
their homes and whipped with'switehes.
George Abrons, his wife and niece, LMie
Jane Perkins, and the families of William
Collins and Dock Miller, neighbors,
were attacked. A band of 20
visited each of the three homes,
and after stripping the inmatrs nuked
and tying them to trees, whipped them
with switches until they were covered
with blood. AbronS, wife can not recover.
She has been an invalid for
Dcvcrul months.
I.lietl 'curly a Century.
N10101.A8VII.1.K, Ky., Aug. 10. Mrs.
Jennie Lyons, aged 91) years, the oldest
resident of Jessamine county, is dead,
after a lingering ilbiess. She was formerly
of Somerset, Pulaski county, and,
with her hiihband, was one of the first
settlers in that, the southern part of
the state. During the late rebellion
she was a warm southern sympathizer,
and did much to aid the confederates.
She came here 10 yean ago, and has
since made her home with her daughter,
Mrs. W. T. Hughes.
I)l(Ml of Grief.
Nicholasville, Ky., Aug. 10. Arch
Ryley, aged (V5, is dead. The cause of
his death is said to have been continued
grief over the death of his sou, Areh
Hyley, jr., who was shot by the Montgomery
brothers about two years ago.
The tragedy occurred at the close of
services at the village church, and was
attended by most sensational circumstances,
in which the Montgomery
boys' sister was involved. Young
assailant's were ncquitted.
Kentucky Piwtmanters.
Washington, Aug. 10. Among the
postmasters commissioned Monday
were tho following for Kentucky: Huff,
Edmonston county, J. T. Hampton',
vice K. T. Logsdon, removed; Perry-ville.
Doyle county, J. A. Carpenter,
vice S. II. Hart, removed; Sonorg, Hardin
county, G. N. Chappall, vice Josiah
Phillips, removed; Spencer, Montgomery
county, II. C. Lodford, vice P.
Grcenwade, removed.
On September 22.
Lexington, Ky., Aug. 10. I5y order
of the Fayette county democratic committee
a convention is to be held September
22 for the purpose of nominating
a candidate for representative in
the state legislature
iUrs. Amnml.i erke3' Tall.
Danviixb, Ky., Auy. 12. Mrs. Amanda
Yerkes fell at the home of her son-in-law.
Collector of Internal Revenue
John W. Yerkes, and sustained a fracture
of the right hip, which may result
scriouslv. She Is the widow of the late
Dr. Stephen Yerkes, who was president
of the Danville Theological seminary.
Kneutlvc Co mini' tec
Louisvili.k. Ky., Aug. 12. At a meeting
of the republican state central committee
the following executive committee
W'as named: K. J. Hampton.
Winchester; W- J. Davidson, Pulaski,
It. L. Gwithmoy. Louisville; N. D.
Chambers, Hancock; C. O. llcynolds,
FuJtm Sprlnu fancy. syrlnj
fumily, i2.MZZ.te; spring potent.
winter -patent, tJ.lfti5J; fjney. 53.7aa4.iu;
family, 33.1020.33; cxtre, re.70OS.tt); loWKrade.
iilO&2.3J; rye, uortb.KCi.tcru. iCOOKJiCU; do
city, siiuiitt).
Wucat Sales: No. 8 rcfl. notataal at 653
Corn Sales: Mixed car. traclt, CTJJc; yellow
ear. track, 23c
Oath Sales: No- 8 mixed, traelt. t'Sc: No.
S mixed, tnjcli, 17a.
Hooa Select bvrachera'. flOjitO; fatr
to Rood packers. Slf&$iG3; fair to gooJ l!tlt,
1.10; commou aad rougUS. !A253A8i
Cattlb Fair to good Shippers, SUX)&LB0;
good to caotce butchers, fJ.0J3tWi fair to
aoJluru butchers, conmoa. JiSG
Shekp Extras, 53.WS1C3; good to cholca,
E2.SiS3.U; comaoa to f air. tiliigCKS.
Lam us Extras, U0&dJ; good to cbolco,
S3.03SS.40: commoa to fair, JL7o$L8v
veal CALVis Fair to eosa light, 83.T3j
tt53; extras, S17i: commaa aaa larje, JiSJJ
Woo i-Uri washed, flne raeriao, lOUc per
V-. quarter-blood c'.othlo?, nll; medium,
and clothlag. Ulis; brill, te&lSs;
medium comblna. 14l3i Washsd. Uas
X to XX l&r medlaa clothlog, liaiOct
tleUlno floaee li3183; lona co.nbIa.;..t6t7i);
quarter-blood and low, i33Ho; commoa
coarse, 12311s; choice, 19s.
Chicago, au?. ia
Wheat August, 8t&8U&
December," 89"ier eWr793o; Tay, 83c " -
Decembar, May, 31 -"
August, i7e!73c: QaHm,m9r
vmto, mpjjf . -
Bradley AI.-o UnM Assistant Khorer
The Order.
Fkankfort, Ky., Aug. 13. Gov.
Bradley Thursday night entered an order
on the executive journal formally
removing Superintendent Scott and
Assistant Superintendent lihorcr, of
the Lcxingtoa asylum The order is
as follows:
f'ExicimvK Offick,
'FiiANKrouT. Ky.. Aug. f'J, 18U7.
"Being- satisfied r,hat the present unfortunate
troubles at the Eastern Kentucky
Asylum for the Insane, at Lexington,
can not be otherwise solved, and
that the interest of the state and that
institution as well imperitively require
it. Dr. W. F. Scott is hereby removed
from the office of superintendent and
Dr. Mr lvin Rhorer from the office of
first assistantphysielan of said asylum.
'William O. Bkahlf.v,
Governor of Kent acky."
Cancels u Mortgage on III Mother's Homo
V.lth Al iskn Gold.
Paths, Ky., Aug-. 18. The Bourbon
colony of cightincn already in Alaska
will soon be increa jed to an even doyen,
as four more men Thursday left this .
city for Douglas City, Alaska. They .
were Henry Hall, Dennis Winn and
Boone Wilmott, of Hutchison and
Harry Kedraon.of Mulr. Hall was here
on a visit, having spent several years
at Douglas City, where he received
big wages in the -stamp mills,
and he induced his friends to join him
'on his return trip. One of the young
men who left here for Alaska six
months ago has recently sent home
money to cancel the mortgage on his
mothers home pltce, w hielr.was made
to enable him to reach the golden laud.
1I1 Attorncj rt ut Subpoena Willi
FllAXKroirr, Ky.. Aug. 11. Ex-Congressman
John A. Wilson was here
Thursday conferring with Attorneys
j l'ryor and Rodman in regard to the in
dictments uendinir airaiust liim, Dr.
'.Hunter, Hon. E. T. Frnnks.Xool Gaines
He said that among the witnesses for
whom supoena will be issued w ill be
ex-Senator Blackburn and (lov.Bradh 3-,
Adjt, Gen. Collier. "Senators Goebel a.id
Bronstou, Hon. Nerge Clark, Hon. W.
II. Gossoui and Commissioner of A
culturc iloore.
A S.".,000 Colleso Hulldlnir.
Skkgkxt, Ky., Aug. 12. The Tyree
property nt White:.burg waslxmghtfor
fcl,700 by the Presbyterians, who will at
once begin the erection of a 5,000 college
building, to In known as Letcher
college. The citizens of Whiteshurg
wi.l contribute
W h'irf lxi.it sunk.
Owknshoko, Ky., Aug. 12. The
wharfboat belonging to the Owensboro
Wharf boat Co. sprung a leak and went
down Wednesday morning in eight
feet of water. It will be pumped out.
No freight was lost, but some was damaged.
Add Dahart tlio oiuiuee.
IitESTOX6Uvr.o, Ky., Aug. 12. Add
Dahart was chostn the nominee by
democrats from Floyd, Knott and Let
cher counties for representative on the
first ballot. Lee Stewart, of Knott,
will be the republican nominee.
Hotly Full of millet.
MoKEHKAP, Ky.. Aug. 12. Alvin
Bowling, was found w ith his body per-
forato1 by 10 tolle1fc about two milc3
from lmm obout twQ Wcd.
nesday afternoon. J. A. Nichols,
who was searching in the woods for
his hogs, came upon the body
deep in the forest. Howling was
, . . . ... .. . ., "
s o i r 4 t d e. .,c;rt ,.rt,
pardoned IS monthi ago. His wife has
been prostrated over the killing of her
husband. He left her several days
prcvioub to work in the woods near
where murdered.
Men Horsewhip Society Girls.
Vanceburg, Ky., Aug. 13. David
and Newton Cnrrington, were Wednesday
morning fined S'-55 each and sent to
jail for ten days. Miss Stella Agnew,
niece of Col. Sam Agnew. and
Miss Lola Pagby, daughter of
W. S. llngby, were returning from the
Cnines farm, two miles south of this
city, on their bicycles. As they passed
the Carrington brothers, the latter gave
each girl a stroke with a whip.
Murder In a JSoat.
Padccaii, Ky., Ang. 12. Two deckhands
from Cincinnati fought aboard
the steamer Puckej e State beforo daylight
Wednesday mqrniug. One Negro
struck the other a sudden blow w ith
his bare fist, killing him almost instantly.
The body of the dead victim
wab carried down the Ohio river by
other Negroes. The murderer escaped.
No names could be obtained.
Sensational Trial at Xlarrodsbnn;.
IlABRQDsnuito, Ky., Aug. 13. The
sensational trial of the eight farmers,
alleged white caps, arrested on charges
of maliciously wounding Tom Sheldon
and burning his bun a few days ago,
was Wednesday morning called and
continued until Friday. There are
50 witnesses, and ttouble is expected to
come of these arrests.
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