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The Richmond Climax
J C CIIEtAULTProprietor
A D MILLER Business Manager
C E WOODS dttorc
lfhs Climax Printing Co
Jonx W KEiiiiKKformerly of Bour
bon county Ky hrs been elected
President of the Democratic Club of
New York and is slated as the next
Mayor of Greater New York He is a
cousin of Hon Green Keller editor of
the Mercury
General of Kentucky is residing at
present lut New York where he is the
chief counsel for the Union Street Cow
pany besides enjoying other lucrative
pjsitons which arc rapidly bringing
him to the front
pears on the list of speakers at the ban
quet to be given January 8 at Omaha
by the Jackeonian Club when it is
conceded by friends of Win J Bryan
the occasion will really be n formal
opening of the Presidential campaign
Watt Hnrdiu has had some one open
his Senatorial headquarters at Frank
fort and will try to save himself from
oblivion and Democracy frQm datum
lion by beating Joe Blackburn As he
will be ably assisted by Bill Owens and
Bill Bradley wo bone ho will succeed
TJIK Woodford Sun OHO of the truly
noble repretentativis of Kentucky
journalism came out last week in
double form illustrated and full of his
tory of the past and present of the
capital city of the Asparagus Bed of
tho Universe Bros Bowinar here i
our cap use it for a foot ball
TUB Crowley Signal official jour
nal of Acadia Louisana comes to us il
lustrated with cuts of its new typeset
ting machine and other fine equipments
which We observe with green eyes and
a watery mouth No items are marked
but we opine the paper was sent by our
friend Octo Nash Ogden Watts
THE increase in the worlds output
of gold together with a favorable trade
balance amounting to more than twelve
hundred millions during the past two
years did not prevent a money panic
in New York and Boston last week
Tho fact is the demand for money has
increased much faster than the supply
in full the fine address delivered by
Mrs Ida Withers Harrison at the re
cent State meeting of the Daughters of
the Confederacy in that city She is a
fnughtor of Gen W T Withers and a
niece of Bunker J S Withers of thi S
city whom she lias visited Cynthiana
WHAT some othrrn have done
Kentucky can do Tim Legislature ol
louieiarm Ims pawed a law inHking it
unlawful lo Fell at remit any cvcaiie <
morphine or upiuiii r its preparations
vxjept uiiilor the written prescription
of a practicing physicint such prescrip
tions not to be r tilled Violation of
the law is punished by a flue of not
over SIOO or imprisonment for not over
thirty days or both at the discretion
of the court
AM doubt as to the Goebel Demo
crats ability to organize both Houses
of thu Legislature was dissipated by the
attendance in the Democratic caucus
Monday night In the House C
all of hells Democrats answered to the
roll call and participated In the Sen
ate four Democrats remained out They
were Senators Alexander Hays Gilles
pie and Uoberts Senator Hill was sick
and absent but is not classed with the
dissenters South Trimble of Frank
fort was named by the Democrats as
caucus nominee for speaker and Win
Uoohol was unanimously elected to his
old office speaker pro tern of the Senate
A joint caucus to nominate a candidate
for United State Senator was called for
lust evening
Tin Infer d far 5
Is My Poor
Tho Prudoni Rich
Should all be deeply in
terested in our merchan
diuin methods
Tto kl in Quality r 1
Ths hid in Pries J
Tfa Irat iii H otm1
m m 9
I 1iI ID
iml u r p
m Qm fa IDJ
mlI tllffi18I i J
CJ8rowarCo I
SENATOR FARRIS of Garrofd baa
prepared two Rood bills to pre ent for
passage before the Legislature The
first provides for the forfeiture of the
charter of any corporation that shall
contribute funds for campaign purin
poses The second propones to submit
to the people the question of amending
the constitution so that we can return
to the ol J viva voce way of votingh
FitOMiSlNG oven greater effort to
make the Interior Journal a model
newspaper in every respect we drop a
tear for tbout year and with smilo
for the new begin in the 26th year offr
our journalistic career with a strong
heart and with a conscience void of of
fense loving our friends and not caringse
onotiKh for our enemies eyon to hate
themW P Walton in Stanfordis
DUBOIS of Idaho a silver Republian
said while in Chicago last Saturday
that the cause of free silver will haveW
been won if tho Transvaal war con
tinned two or three months longer
He says it demonstrates that there is
not encn h gold for the worlds moneyS
and thinks the war will have great in
fluence upon the cowing Presidential
IF the gold standard banktrust
bill was safely through Congress and
Bryan was nominated for the Presi
dency Pierrepont Morgan and his av
sedates instead of stepping into the
breach as they did last week to stop a
panir would have seized upon the op
portunity to stlll further depress prices
and gather to themselves everything
of value upon the market and ascribe
the panic to lack of confidence because
of the nomination of Bryan
Ax advance of 10 per cent in wages
affecting between 70000 and 75000 per
sons went into effect last week in
many of the cotton manufacturingcities
and towns of New England And the
tide of prosperity goes surely onPan
An advance of ten to a hundred per
cent in the cost of everything we eat 1
wear burn buy bell or steal affecting
not 75000 but 75 millions of people ex
plains wha few prosper while many
THE Democratic position on the
contest for the State offices from the
address issued by the Democratic Com
If the Board of Election Commis
sioners had no authority to pass uponc
the question at S8uens it declared it
had not we simply propose to go to
thoso who have the authority and abide
br the judgment that may be rendered
What the law shall declare to be ours
we claim We abk no more we shall
take no lesst
AMONG the gamblers hurt by the
overcapitalization of these big Trust
stocks and by speculation in them are
farmers of the West and South Wall
street is supported by the secret but
incalculable suras daily sent there by
farmers scattered all over America
sent there to gamble on stock and se
curities and produce If it were not
for the rural lambs the brokers and
speculators of New York and Chicago
UK Boston would not have enough
wool to provide blankets the fleeces of
the rural lambs are the golden fleeces
Aliich these argonauts live upon
W C P Breckinridge in Lexington
SINCE the Court of Appeals has de
cided that the Brown men are a part
of the Democratic party and S
not entitled to inspectors it would be
a good idea to open the party door and
let the erring penitents back in the
church The immigration from the
North has been gradually reducing our
majority for years past and it is down
to too narrow a margin to arbitrarily
drive twelve thousand voters over to
the enemy If Kentucky is to remain
a Democratic State the hotheaded
politicians must be relegated to the
ranks and men of sober judgment and
love of party be placed In command
Frenchburg Agitator
THE Lexiugton Leader Republican
thus inveighs against trusts and pro
There are signs of trouble ahead for
the Paper Trust The present high
prices are tempting capitalists to build
now mills and Congress will be asked
to remove the tariff on wood pulp in or
her to give paper manufacturers a
chance to draw on the almost inex
haustible forests of Canada as the
spruce lands of the far North and
Uorthwest are as depleted and aban
doned Meanwhile the condition of the
white paper market does not tend to
make the newspapor publishers New
Year a happy one II
Commenting on the above tho Cyn
thiana Democrat says
To burst the paper trust oven Re
publican newspapers advocate free
trade BO far as wood pulp is con
The Leader is welcomed as an ally in
tho fight on the twin evils and we join
the Lexington Herald in hoping that it
may in time prove a freetrade advo
cate for every article we use
THE Pantograph is for tho cause of
righteousness provided it has no ap
plication to the acts of its own party
The Winchester Democrat takes our
neighbor to taatin this fashion
The Pantanraph published at Rich
mond is the Republican organ of the
8th Congressional district Last we k
in referring to the GayleOwens race
for Congress it gave tbe result of th e
el ction showing Mr Gayles majority
to be over 4000 but adds
Indications are that Mr Gayle will
Have a hard road to travel when he
Sets to Washington It is believed that
this Goebelite running under Goebel
tactics will be unsealed by the Nation
al Congress
From the point of view oftbe Panta
graph It is entirely proper for Owens
to make a contest against Gayle simply
because the Republican majority in
Congress would have the power to
award the seat to Owens
se though no
claim has ever been made that Gayle u
victory was not fairly and regufarly
tvou but when the Pantagrrpb comes
to speak of the contest made by Demo
crats for the State offices it denounces
the contest as the most horriblo politic
al crime of the 19th century and this
notwithstanding the fact that the Re
publicans do not deny that in several
of the Republican counties thin and
illegal ballots such aa were recently
condemned by the Court of Appeals
were used and notwithstanding the
SIbfurther fact that Governor Bradleys
own statement of his conduct with ref
erence to the election in Louisville is
sufficient to condemn him aad the
farce ofan election held la Louisville
in the eyes of all those who believe
our elections should be free from mili
tary interference
GABBETT Congratulations to Mr
and Mrs W F Garrettxi Ffefa of
Winchester on tbo birth ala dagfat r
December 28
Itl bd top
atctJncltHtoMi hbina
2 4l 0
Miss Katie Smith is with relatives
at Newcastle
Mr Thos Embry of Fayette was
in Richmond Mondayv
Rev Timberlake of Nicholasvillewas
here one day last week
Miss Catherine Schmidt returneds
home after a eeason in Louisville
Mies Josephine Schmidt left this week
to attend the Commercial College at
lion Ambrose Wagers of Cincin
nati spent the holidays with many
fr viends
Mrs W n Smiths reception last
week was one of the handeomeit of the
season of 1899
Miss Sue Will Hall of Stanford Ky
is the guest of Miss Eva Walker Lam
in ers this week
Mr Richard Gentry Jr returned on
the holidays at home
Miss Hettie Martin Frazees Martha
Washington party last Friday was the
prettiest little party of the year
Miss Mary Little and Mr Robert E
Little were the guests of the family of
Hon Thomas Turner last week at Mt
S terlingw
Mrs N L Bronaugh entertained at
dinner ruesday in honor of Mr and
W R Letcher of Richmond Jessa
mine Journal
Mrs BL Middelton of Richmonda
is spending the holidays with heras
p asarents
Shelby Recordly
Miss Margery Glass of Somerset has
been visiting her grandmother Mrs
Margaret Downton this weekDan
villo Advocate
Miss Estelle Poyntz returned homec
last week after an extended visit tofa
friends and relatives in this city andlu
c luounty
Mr and Mrs W H Pogue nee Miss
S Russell Letcher of Cincinnati lelt
yesterday having spent a few days
with relatives here
Robert Boggs of Madison countyo
was the guest of his daughter Mrsh
Walter McKinney the past weekP
Winchester Democratt
Miss Margie Glass the accomplished
and attractive daughter of Rev Harvey
Glass of Somerset has been hero with
friends for several days
Mr R H Crooko is in Missouri and
his most intimate friendsays lie is
married or going to marry or is tryinghi
v hiery
Mrs E M Dickson accompanied bya
MIlS Van Greenleaf ofm
visited Miss Lizzie Dickson at Nash
Dr and Mrs C H Vaught were
called to Frenchburg by the illness of
Mr William Ware but he has im
proved so as to permit Dr Vnught to
The Shelby papers gives the names
of the following among those at the
big hop there last week Misses Katie
Smith Katie Blanton Louis Herring
ton and Louis Thompson
Miss Sue C Snedaker returned home
yesterday accompanied by Mr George
Simmons from Richmond Ky where
she had an enjoyable visit during the
holidays Lexington Herald
Shelby Sentinel Miss May Escott
will have several of her friends visit
her during Christmas week among the
number Mr Ward Goodloe of Dan
ville and Mr Harry Blanton of Rich
We hud a call on Saturday from
Professor F S Minier of Highland
Kansas who came to claim one of our
Kentucky girls for his wifeOUss
Elizabeth Barrett whom he married at
Winchester on Monday See notice
Tandy Chenault of Georgetown is
spending the holidays with relatives
and friends in this countyHon
Dan M Chenanlt and wife of Rich
moud are visiting the latters parents
Mr T Hood Little left on Wednes
day to accept a position in Louisville
His address will be 429 St Catherine
street While bis friends here regret
to give him up they realize that he is
fitted for and deserves the best post
tion obtainable in the Falls City
Dr McFerran Crow is building a resi
dence on Broadway which when com
pleted will be a very attractive and
comfortable home and an ornament to
that end of tho town It is furnished
with every convenience and is well
Sun built from the ground up Woodford
The Prandennial Club meets tomor
row Thursday evening with Mr R E
Turley at his residence on the Sum
wit Supper at 030 Let this be a no
tice to all members to l > e on hand
promptly or show cause why the3r
shall not be beheaded for not notitying
the host of their absence in advance
Mr and Mrs Stanton B Hume in
troduced the new indoor semiathletic
game of Pillodex at a gathering of
friends Monday nivrht in honor of Mrs
J S Whin of Winchester As n
laugh producer and chair pmasher this
game beats foot ball as it furnishes
endless fun and furniture risks from
beginning to end
Mr and Mrs William Robertson
Lotcher were welcomed home on Wed
nesday last from their bridal tour The
1111C81lay formerly Miss Annie Pearson of
Montgomery Alabama is wellknown
and beloved by a large circle of friends
here who welcome her to their midst
Mr and Mrs Letcher have rooms at
Mrs Lynns on Third street
We are exceedingly glad to have a
call from our own Handsome Henry
Henrylast i
last Friday MB REID is now pushing
Insurance at Mt Sterling and incidental
ly growing rich in tho business Sinc a
be left the CUIIAX we have been com
pelled to buy a Websters Unabridged
in order to spell and define with the ac
curacy of our famnos orthographer
Mr and Mrs W H Sbanks are at
Richmond spending tho week with Mr
and Mrs T E BaldwinMiss Sue
Willie Hale is visiting Miss Eva Lam
mers at RlchmondDr and Mrs W
W Bnrgin of Richmond are spending
Christmas with her parents at Crab
Orchard Misses Catherine and Dora
tute are at home during the holidays
Stanford Journal
The CLIMAX thanks Mr Mont Call
son Commissary General for the In
vite to tin Opera House January 1 i
at the Middleboro Hotel The follov
ing are the officers Mighty Nimrod
O W Grimm Chief of Solids William
Wallbrecht Chief of Liquids Joseph
Knrali Recorder Warren L Hudnall i
Comptroller of Finance J H Keeney
Commissary General M S Callison
Legal Adveser C W Metcalf
Tennessee who has been spending the
holidays with his father Hon W T
T svis near Kirksville returned homo
last night Mr Tevis is doing a pros
perous Koneral merchandising business
and Is well pleased with his location
Nevertheless a sight of the Old Ken
tucky Home put a sort ofadllrk
brown home sick taste jn his mouth
As he could not stay here always he i
li1the next best thing subscribed for
the best paper in the coantyt
Miss Nettie B Chenault entertained
her friends at a large dancing party last
evening in honor of her guests Misses
Lucille McKnight and Susan Stites of
Louisville and Miss Mary Evans of
Uichmond The pretty home on
Sixth street was thrown open and the
doors covered with canvass A string
I band famished splendid dance music
and the young people spent a most en
joyabla evening with the agreeable
young hostess The mantles were
banked In holly and mistletoe and
everything wore the garb of holiday at
tire Delicious refreshments were served
between the dances l exlnxton r
aid 28
The largest young folks party el the
holidays WM that given by Mw Lizzvs
fuels at the new and beautiful ate of
her parents Mr and iN WIlD Hi leI
earahic eity last Thursday wmUof
It we the bumstuaiflg tbs I
wd4tlu It
r 5
A8ohs of the Jusrah
Smell Sweltl
v igor and strengthneither ofth
which can be found in a per
son whose blood is Impureiz
and whose every breath
speaks of internal troubles
Hoods Sarsaparilla purifiesP
vitalizes and enriches tiler
blood ghes a good appetite
and makes the weakstrong
Run DownMylwsbandwssrun
denm on health and aT tired out Those
excellent medicines Hoods Pitts And Sirs
P ihTa
j Towa7St Pa
floods rill CUT llTer na the nonirritating and
emiT eatharUc to kwith Mi 8naprtlla
were thereby presented from attending
but the hundred or so guests made upS
in quantity quality and enjoyment for
the few who could not bo present The
HIsle residence is one of the most
modern and complete in the county
and His Hislenoted forher superiority
as a hostess made this a notable occas
ion one that will be long and pleasant
ly remembered The supper was proo
bablv the most layish given at a similar
function in the last five years No ex
penEe or pains were spared to make
this the great success that it was andg
the young hostess and her parents may
congratulate themselves upon the perI
fectinn and enjoyment of the delight
ful affair
The silver Jubilee of Bishop T Uftl
Dudley will be celebrated at Louisville
on January 27 1000 to commemorate
his twentyfifth year as a Bishop of the
Protestant Episcopal Diocese of Ken
tucky Bishop Dudley is one of the
most eloquent preachers in the Amenl
can pulpitE
No one will be more surprised than
Hev Jasper K Smith to find a synopsis
of his Christmas sermon of one year
ago printed in this issue of the CLIMAX
lication than the fact that a great ad
m niter
a man of superior intellectual endow
ments wrote from this
memory synop
synopsis I
course there are many of that throng
who heard the powerful discourse who
will read this with renewed pleasure
while others who love and honor this
See first page Redeemed Man The
Masterpiece of Divine Genius and
GETRyEAusCh1as Gentry a edi
34 a welltodo farmer of Union City
and Miss Bells the 18 year old daugh
ter of John L Eads of the same place
were married last week Attendants
Miss Mollie Gentry and Webber Ham
TEVISGOIXS At the Bees House
Wednesday by Eld F B Walker
Robert B Tevis and Miss Lizzie Coins
both of Madison county They were
accompanied by Middleton Goins and
W S Tevis brothers of the bride and
groom respectively Winchester Dem
ocrat Dec 29
and Miss Luelln Beeson were married
on New Years day at Fern Bank a
suburb of Cincinnati Col Morse is
Assists t Passenger Trafic Manager of
the Southern Pacific railway He com
menced his railroad career in Louis
ville and Is wellknown and very pop
ular in Kentucky He is located at
Savannah Ga and is regarded as the
most valuable officer of the creat Sun
set Route
ApAiisPow KY At Lexington Il
linois Prof G Rucker Adams son of
Rev P F Adams this county and
Miss Mabel Powjey of Frenchburg II
linois were married the ceremony be
ing quite elaborate and attended by
many from a distance The bride is r L
g ifted elocutionist and very attractive
The groom is a professor of physical
science a fine specimen of manhood
and Richmond friends send congratu
CUBBY Henry CUrry 44 died at
Berea He was a brother of John Cur
ry and Assessor T O Curry
WBST Mr and Mrs Will West of
Kincston are mourning the death of
their infant which died Monday
WALTON At his home on Crooked
Creek In Estlll county Friday lastMr j
Wm J Walton of paralysis aged 06
years Deceased leaves a wife and ten
children all of whom were present at
the time of his death
MixABr John St Minary a promi
nent citizen of Woodford county fath
erinlaw of Mrs James s Minary nee
Miss Lizzie Jott of St Louis well
known here died at Versailles Satur
day at an advanced age
Staff Appoinlmenls of Ma Gen J M Poynlz
The CLIUAZ is the first paper In the
following f
Dr J M Poyntz Major General CortP
manding the Kentucky Division United
Confederate Veterans As these ap
pointees are from the Stateat large the
honors attached render them desirable
and the item will be of general interest
Gen Poyntz might have been more
liberal in local appointmentsbutia tp be
commended for his impartiality and
consideration for tho rest of the Stat I
The next national reunion of the Con
federate Veterans takes place at Louis
vIle in May and these officers will b
at the front rank in the grand parade
and Chief of Stair Lon sfllle IA Col
James R Rogers Asst Adj Gen
lor Nicliolasvillo Chief Quartermaster
Lt Col John W Green Louisville
Chief Commissary Lt Col James H
Hazelrigg Frankfort Judge Adv Gen
Col John A Lewis GeorgetpwnCbief I
Cyni I
thiana Chief of Artillery Col Lclnnd
nance Lt Col Father Thos S Majbr
Frankfort Chaplain Lt Col Thor M
Barker Iopk1nsyllle Chief Engineer
Lt Col C D Pattie Richmond Chief
Paymaster Aides de Camp Mai
Bryant IJarrodsburg
MniHBarnH IIfI tlals
in the CLIMAX some weeks ago Prof
Fred 8 Minier ot Highland Kansas
and Miss Elizabeth Barrett were nfl
ted in marriage on New Years after
noon The ceremony took place at the
residence of Judge and Mrs J M
Beutoii at Winchester Rev Owsley
Goodloe of Harrodsburg an uncle of
the bride officiating Owing to recent
bereavements of the grooms family
the marris29 was perfectly quiet th ro
being attendants and only tbo brides
neare relatives being present The
Benton home one ot tho prettiest in
ted for tba occasion Scores of costly
the handsomest coming from wettern
friends and relative of the groom
After the ceremony the happy pair
boarded the train for Cincinnati going
thence to Kansas Intending tq make a
numberof stops enroute tovlsit rela
Live of Professor Minter Arrivihg at
their destteation Prof and Mrs Miaier
will occupy the choicest flat in the new
hamfeoQiest structure in northern Kan
KM The groom la Director of MtMte in
ahig ttih lfl tlr7 Jc
ThicitaJMhti Mrtiy bom4i
< J e
> < < >
hlsif atlierv late ece JLdlmvins begn
one of tine piojicef settlers oItlmo place
apg tq Ills dathi one of its mosHhighJy
re spected cijZPU8 idr1i
I tiumlhlt hut ro a tota stringer8avei
I tlfe excellent testimonials toiltls pro
tlIe proionii
feJKionTl Bkill Prof Minier juightinot
r need a higher tribute to hiswortlifiT6s
I than the prize he has just taken fromP
the state But it gives the writer pecu
I peculiar
his exulted musical Uilcntsall our cit
Ibis can do that nut to his nnexcep
I Uonabld deflO ttnent and exemplary
I christiiih character while citizen Item e
Posscsslia a red nod nature great per
Proessor Miuier needs only to be
known to he held in highest esteem
Tliest qualities doubtless attracted the
iitinitloii and wqti tho love < if the laily
c ho i6 now his Ifca descendant of
iin > oftlie first fiiinili r of opr state
A s is well known tin brideIf > a daugh
t thf
of Louisville H r linnlief Hon Jphn
UarrcttSva3 lately postmaster ofitliat
city boMook his seat on Monday apa
State Senator from IxOufsville She is a
nieco of HonJ Speed liSmith of thiscity
and a greatgranddatighter of Gpv
Owsley > The blessings of many Ken
tUcky friends followth youngrTcouple
to their western home which js situated
80 mill north of Kansas Jity six miles
from the Missouri river > 4
frF Among those present were Mrs W
F Barrett and Mrs Sam Bennett
Frankfort Mrs Nettle Miss Neale I > > x
i flgtOn Misses Curraleen and Mary
Spencer Smith Mrs E B Hnme Mrs
A W Smith and J Speed Smith Jr
and Miss Mariawillio Smith Rich
A very Happy New Year to all ofE
our readers v
Miss Beetle A Francis
> Ir Watkins of Perry ville is thes
guest of Mr A It Elys familyR
Mr W A Wallace was the guest of
H L Francis several days last week
Mr Jas Butner left WoJnesday to
accept it position with II C Shippnt
Georgetown 4
A Buniptuoua banquet was given bi
the Maccabees Friday night at theresi
ilencq of Dr Cnseuburgi
Mrs Wm Wallace and son Salem
Jr spent several days in Stanford the
guests of Mr W Hilggins
Mr and Mrs Wm Montgomery of
Nicliolasville spent last week with the
lattnrs parents M r and Mrs Johnb
Paint Lick Readers especially the
Wallaces should read the Archibald
Woods article on the fourth pageEd
number of his gentlemen friends at a
delightful Christmas dinner during the
Misses Fanny and Jennie Parkes
Bettio and Margaret Francis visited
Mrs Arch Kavanaugb in lower Oare
rard last week
Mr Bnllou Kilgpur who has many
glad to welcome his short visits spent
Miss Elizabeth Embry one of lUcht
monds most charming young ladies a
student at tbo il P L is speuing
several days with the Misses Parkes
Miss Sallie Tevis a former Rich
mond girl and one decidedly popular
in all social circles spent the holidays
with her parents Mr and Mrs Wm
Mr Sam Henderson and Miss Sarah
Ralston one of the prettiest and most
attractive little maidens in our com
munity were married at the brides
home Wednesday December 20th
Dr Carlos A Fish who has been at
tending the College of Medicine in
Chicago is at home to delight of his
many friends Dr Fish is a graduate
of Georgetown College and is now
taking his second course of lectures
Miss Christine Cooke one of the
most talented beautiful and decidedly
attractive young ladies who ever
visited in our midst is the guest of
Miss Anne Chenault Wallace Miss
Cooke is from Huntsvillo Ala but
now has charge of an Art Class in Mt
Sterling Ky
Our social circle has been on the qui
vive during the past week and the
ball has been kept moving The
young people wore entertained in the
following homes Mr W A Fish Dr
B Ramsey Mrs Lear Misses Lnsk
and Mr O T Wallace In each of
these was found good cheer joy and
happiness and the true spirit of the
Christmas season
Special services were held at New
Hope Church Sunday night under the
auspices of the Y P C U A meeting
to commemorate the dying of the old
year The exercises were conducted by
the Rev 1 I Echols in his own de
lightful happy way and very excellent
papers were read by Mrs 11 L Wal
lace Mrs L I Echols an3 Miss Jennie
Wallace Short pointed addresses were
made by Messrs H L and John H
Wallace which were both helpful and
instructive What shall wo write in
the book of 1000 was discussed in
an entertaining manner by various
members of the Union These papers
and talks wore interspersed with song
and prayer end thus closed one of the
most delightful meetings in the history
of theUnion
Hows This
We offer One Hundred Dollars Re
ward for any case of Catarrh that can
not be cured by Halls Catarrh Cure
FJ Cheney Co Props Toledo O
We the undersigned have known F
J Cherioy for the last 16 years and be
lieve him perfectly honorable in all
business transactions and financially
able to carry out any obligation made
by their finn
West Tf uar Wholesale Druggists
Toledo Ohio WalkIng Kinnan Mar
in Wholesale Druggists Toledo O
Halls Catarrh Cure is taken internal
ly acting directly upon tho blood and
mucous surfaces of the system Price
75o per bottle Sold by all druggists
Testimonials free
Halls Family Pills are tho best 1m
Ai administrator of James W Garrison and
agent for the heirs of said Garrison I will on
the premises between the hours ol 10 a m
and 12 m rent on
to the highest and best bidder fortyfour acres
of land for the year laO
This land is located on Calloways Creek
about one mile west of the Boonesboro pike
and adjoins the lands of 8 0 Eoyce and John
Simpson There is a fair residence on the
property with ttf p rooms above and two below
There will bo aboct five acres of bottom land to
go In corn the ret to be cultivated in oats
The renters vfll be required to execute a
negolJableIote with good security
Administrator of James W Garrison and agent
for heirs of said Garrison it
Society scorrisj lie ycnrer of
QIO 1411U
and justly s4THE RICHMOND
r STEAM ITJNDRT does work eo
well BO mi jkly and cheaply that
Uc B euj y the comfort of
Send your aildress and we will
send oar H isecnger In thrcft
days iWJI JIBM if desired
YOU L Hwjrjr will bo returned
deauaa P 1tIW pin
< I < < t >
r I
iiir Enclose Stamp ferfPartlculars
r zo arstl
tj kI
wni straighten curly and kinky haltSwithout
injury to the scalp or hair
Endorsed by tbeUnitedi Spates jHeafth
When n workingman is sick it is
said he has been drank When the
boss is drank they say he t is sick See
th difference i
J Notice f o Debtors
A11 persons Indebted to the late Terry Pr
kina are notified to come forward and settle
tame on or before March 1 and cave trouble
and cost WL CnUTCUEK
tenizs lie Iai
Insure your dwellings barns and other prop I
PANY of Islington Ky a home inatttutiOnp
Gives protection against
No assessment calls on members when losses I
occur to other members and no initiation fee
charged to become a member of company The
cheapest and most reliable company for the
people of our county now operating in the
Stale and gets cheaper every year tailing to
onebait atterh first year
For further infonaallon call on theIr agent
and collector 8 B B Black attorneyat1
Richmond Ky office on Main Street opposite
Court House next door to State Bank Trust
Company upstairs
JHiAnTEn Pres
may21ly C G BOSWOBTH Secy
The main wish ttl bottom of every
womans getting married is the wish
n it to get left
D I1 Y ihOIO or Rel I 1
Harlnr decided to quIt business on account
of my III health I will tell or rent my CoatI
Yard situated on Orchard Street and running
back to L i N railroad For particulars ap
ply at residence or coal yardI
decl34w2st M IIAR13ERI
KINGSTON KY December 16 J 1809S
Editor Climax I
t RchmondKy i I I
DEAR SIB Will yon be so kind as to publish in your paper the following
statement of facts t Sixlyears ago I was attacked with La Grippe followed by
Rheumatism Neuralgia Stomach Liver and Kidney Discasesilnally Lest I
Vitality and General Nervous Prostration I was treated by a number of the
best Physicians in this county and also took the following Patent Medicines
Hoods Sarsaparilla Dr Smiths Kidney Tonic Dr Kilmers Swamp RootI
fqrJ1o Kidneys Stewards Dyspepsia Tablets Soda Mint Tablets etc including
i uany other nostrums iliaf did me no good Now I wish I could get all the
world together so I could tell them how I Was hoa1odand especially my friends
in Madison county that Ire been a terrible sufferer for these six years past
from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet My Stomach Liver and
Kidneyg wero iti an awful cqndition my nervous system was completely broken
down with lost vitality andiiianhood I was confined to my room mostof the time
My hvsieians as good aathey have In any country treated me faith ully with
rbntlttleor no benefit Spine of them told me I could not get well Hove
my Physicians they dUTall they could for me But the drugs would only
a alleviate for a while Uas opji as I would quit takinp them the same old thing
would to be gon over wlth again Everything I would eat or dunk would
give such pain that I would pray to die
jr Vant all that are diseased to be made WHOLE as I have been Those
statements are unsolicited 11 by anyone are only made by mo that my friends
everywhere and especially in Madison county may go as I haye done and be
1 iealL firs
My mind was directed to Professors Wilson KennedyMngtietic Heal
ers at Zimmer Hotel Richmond Ky where I commenced taking treatment
under Tho Weltraer method of Magnetic Healing following it up for is days
without medicine I feeli new man again have no more pain Sometimes I
have to pause and think whether it is I or not so far am I from pain and suf
fering Before I took this treatment I whotild have to take lots of morphine
to get any ease or rest Oftentimes my wifo had to turn me in hon I AM
gaining in slrensth each day am nearly 53 years of age
Anyone by enclosing a 2c stamp can get a full detail of my case by address
byaddressing S
They treat any and all diseases without the use of
drags or medicine
+ + + + + + + + + +
is BUN Flpoilt Mi
The TRUE BLUE Strain
Cockerels for sale 100 Trios
500 This completes my 21st
year of breeding the one va
riety exclusively
Silver Creek Madison Co Ky
+ + + + 4 + + + + + + + + + + + +
itttvtti I
i trirw
r E 1ft flI
r4E S c
c = a
N Our assortmentof Ladies Jackets Furs J
cr Capes Childrens Wraps of all descrip a
V Ations
4 r each article but can safely say that weA1lt
lV have a
S = Stockof Wraps = q
to suit every one and our PRICES are
4feg T the LOWESTon high grade goods and
V no other firm in the City can compete
> with us We are offering a select lineAt
ysv of Jackets at following prices 1t
2 00
6 74 +
i4 You will find in this lot a complete assortment 1Vl
of colors mo dIed after patterns of recent
w cut and made of materials that we can re
L commend for durable wearin fact such
goods as will please and attract the eye as
4rwell as give entire satisfaction in price
ΒΌ You must see these befoie you have made il
up your mind to purcliaera wrap
See our Tailormade Suits for Ladies ifyou
ifyout3 1
c The values in this Department can not be Q
hW resisted TRY US
s If in wautof MILLINiERY call ancl see us
we can save you maney
fweea J
e Respectfully Submitted to Cash Trade
w tWi Jt
U h
< j
vtiVv > X > r V i v < r
I Je
t t Jsjjj I > j
PP P P GALO R E 0 10 g
p a
pp 1
p 0
p An exceptional opportunity for tIIOe
Ia 9
p 3 es
p 0 F aIry 9 1
pS t
llalldkeEchlefsS m
S u se
Illustrating the old familiar stories of c
S P Mother Goose Rip VanWinkle and C In 0
0derrella They are also suitable I for
SS couch pillows
S P 3
5 0 JYks 1 eeIt
5S 01
5S 0
SS W Ladies plain white hemstitched handker
IIhf C 0
S S Ladies embroidered and hemstitched
S 0 handkerchiefs 5 10 15 20 acf
S I hemS
110 stitched handkerchiefs 25c
S 0 Ladies alllinen lace edge and hem 0
S stitched handkerchiefs 25c
SS 5 ea Ladies plain alllinen handkerchiefs lOc
S S a Mens colored bordered handkerchiefs fI
eo lea 5 and lOcI 8
e so 0 Mens white hemstitched handkerchiefs
5 10 and 20c e
p ua a
I a chiefs acre
pMens Japanese silk fancy b 01 ere dce
ID 5 handkerchiefs lOc 01 1
0 0 Mens Japanese silk ihitial corner hand
S0 kerchiefs lOc a
SS Mens Plaid Mufflers 25c I 0
Sos Ladies Suspenders with fancy buckels 3
0and 25c 1
S0Ladies Pompadour Combs 5 and 1a
011e S J it
andQ U
asS fur top 150 e
0e Plain Brown Felt Slipper lined and fur 00 08
Sotop 1 00e
0 Carpet 9c yd
SS Fringe a
aoc S Small Table Covers 40c o
gal Q
SQ 5
So e
c S If you want to give a handsome Xmas 5
CI 35 present and one very acceptable come
00 and purchase one of our figured satin S
tad amas k s table linen and 0 napkins to e
Qot c 1 800 per se tCI
eo ee
S olt
= The above are Special Holidayea
00I ea d ers and should interest cveyUO
youSo Co as
a a e S S i OWEN MKE t n g PIlI oeu eo 35 e oe c 13 0 e tt
S t 0 >
e elpS 0
S SSes secosssssse esse sssssssaoasaesssa e
Space prevents us giving a full list of the
> < beautiful things we have this season and in
vito you to make us an early call > d avoid
the rush You can make your purchases
flOW from a full and complete stock at your
wf leisure delivered any day during the month
you desire
t I
1 Our immense store is now filled to over
A flowing with the newest most attractive and
ri useful articles for
et p
W consisting of Ladies DesksChif
foniers China Cabinets Book
Cases Rockers Hall and Libra
ry Chairs Morris Chairs Jar
0 diniere Stands and Screens
22O22 W Maui Street jj

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