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T 1 J
11Clol es
Beech Tailored Ready to
Wear Guaranteed not to
Shrink or Fade
I 50 years experience the
factory guarantee in
suits all siZes from
smallest boy to largest
man Newest stock
in city to select from
Fine Line New Style
and Furnishing Goods Suit
CaEes Trunks Umbrellas
etc at lowest prices for high
class goops
JI B Stouffer
Oldest Established Clothing and Tailoring House in Richmond
New Quarters
jf We are established in our new quarters in the
old City Hall building and are better prepared
j than ever to care for your skins Bring us Y
I your Hides Furs and Iron Fresh Groceries
and Vegetables in season <
1 IJiurman Grocery
Before Jan 1st 1911
Have lots of things to sell and give away
The entire stock must go
SUits C1ocs
Dresses Raincoats and Capes Sweaters Cor
sets Gussard Redfern Warners Hose
Waists Hand Bags Dolls
The best line of FURS in town
The bargains here await you
Ladies ReadytoWear Goods
Second Street Richmond Ky
Rural Telephones
fcMr Farmer Make your home as modern for your family as a city res
Bee and place yourself in a position to get the latest market quotations
anWtime This can be accomplished by means of our telephone service whic
you and your neighbor can get for a sum that is small compared with the ben
fits received Call or address our nearest office or write direct to headquarters
Nashville Tennessee for information regarding our special Farmers Lin e
rate If at present you are not enjoying telephone service we can immediately
interest you Our lines cover the States ot Kentuckv Tennessee Mississippi
Louisiana and the Southern portion of Indiana and Illinois
What About
That Leaky Roof
We have a big lot of Red Cedar
C ypres and Yellow Pine
a Shingles
t Yours for a Square Deal
Blanton = Congleton
Lumber Co mconloraled
rLumber Co
Jar L A Depot Telephone 425
An Admirable Assortment of Exclusive Styles
Lynx Pointed Foxes and Mink
Three of the fashion favorites in fur Bcckwear Thcso furs lend
teIves gracefully to the completion of the beautifully gowned women
i The mand for theso stylish furs will be unusually avy this season
IB the pc scnt coHipletness of this superb tee therellft a powerful j
totive for buying furs now and at reasonable pries lower than else
bi ii
< Xv4 ry correct style is represcated wy C t > cenceUes tg
< p
riMMm Itere exclusively vH
Old furs remodeled and repaired at a s all ce ltfffeolpliteaew
tI f
M Lowenthal
IluufaciuriJ1t Fxrriur
LfL114ton g71 j
Dr Robt C Boggs
L Dentist
Telephonj 267
I Office in Oldham Building
it > Emmett Million
Successor to Uurgin Penny
Over Stale Bank Trust Company
HarrvM Blanton
I i aly tfci PHONE 196
Paint Lick Kentucky
Crown Bridge and Inlay work a
Office in Bank Building
Office in Douglas Simmons now
Building on Second Street
opp Court Houso
Jfflce over State Bank Trust Co op
posite Court House on Main Street
Dr C H Mainhart
Graduate McKIIHpp Veterinary i liege
ot Chicago III
Veterinary Surgeon
Office at J R Azbills Stable
Office Phone 00 t
Res Phone 532 j Richmond Ky
Real Estate Agent
Oldham Building
Richmond Ky
solicago of those its patron needing ser
vices of a competent man Address
James Hunley
Will buy or sellyour house
farm town lots or any hing
else in the Real Estate line
Any business intrusted to
him will be promptly and
carefully attended to See
him if his services are need
A Share of Your
Fire Insurance
He Will Appreciate It i
He represents the Best Firo Insurance i
Companies in the business and guaran
ties satisfaction
Consign Your Live Stock
TO 1
CC Seal Co 1
Uii M Steck Yards CiftcJMat 6
And receive the htgKett market price
asweare the largest brdw buyers on
the Cincinnati rketIi
t 3M
nte wiM Mwa ewrkw both lYand
fire iMttnuMM TJi n BfM k kc I
Mb ltMiHM r r
IWNTPGirI tiok ht u
uG i
Smolce JGoy McCreary
cigar k mats a fine endfog to
a1witiin l
Jtofwr policy u > w aUll yoa hays
I fin to bia thinkior rtoattawnwe
iitanr W mM ihVMt polloiir
t f 0aH Brook
The Richmond Climax
i MiM a mm WIWHMTM
A D Miller Free aad Mgr
Steve K Vaught Editor
They Fight Under Leaders and KM
Stones on Enemies
Aesops ape It will be remembered
wept on passing through a human
graveyard overcome with sorrow for
Its dead ancestors and that all mon
keys are willing enough to bo more
like us than they are they show by
their mimicry
An old authority tells that the easiest
way to capture apes Is for the hunter
to pretend to shave himself tben to
wash his face fill the basin with asort
of birdlime and leave it for the apes
to blind themselves If the Chinese
story Is to be believed the Imitative
craze Is even more fatal In another
way for If you shoot one monkey of
aband with a poisoned arrow its neigh
bor jealous of so unusual a decoration
will snatch the arrow from it and stab
itself only to have It torn away by a
third until In succession the whole
troop has committed suicide
In theIr wild life baboons as well as
many varieties of the monkey tribe
undoubtedly submit to the authority of
recognized leaders There Is coopera
non between them to the extent that
when fighting In company one will go
to the help of another which Is bard
In rocky ground they roll down stones
upon their enemies and when making
amid as on an orchard which they be
lieve to be guarded the attack Is con
ducted on an organized plan sentries
being posted and scouts thrown put
which gradually feel their way forward
to make sure that the coast Is clear
while the main body remains In con
cealment behind until told that the road
Is open
From the fact that the sentries stay
posted throughout the raid getting for
themselves no share of the plunder it
has been assumed that there must be
some sort of division of the proceeds
afterward Man again has been dif
ferentiated from all other creatures as
being a tool using animal but more
i than one kind of monkey takes a stone
In Its hand and with It breaks the nuts
which are too hard to be cracked with
the teethiLondon Globe
Probability at Your Age of How Long
You Will Live
After we are dead It probably will
not concern us whether we died at
twenty or fifty or ninety but just now
most of us are Intensely interested in
the matter and being average per
sons in sound health wo can figure out
with certainly just what our chances
are of reaching any particular age
says Harpers Weekly
If we are just 20 years of age our
chances of living to or beyond 30 are
nearly 12 to 1 of living to be 40 C
to 1 to be CO 3 to 1 to be GO 1 23 to
1 Of living to be 70 we have less
than 1 chance In 215 to be 80 less
than 1 chance In 5 and to be 80 less
than 1 chance In 100
If we have reached 30 our chances
to reach 40 are nearly 11 to 1 to be
CO nearly 4tf to 1 to bo CO 2 to I
to be 70 41a chances in 10 to be 80
1 chance in 0 y to be DO 1 chance in
Tho average man ot40 has 8
chances to 1 of reaching his fiftieth
birthday 2Yi chances to 1 of attaining
CO only C chances out of 10 of reach
Ing 70 1 chance In f of reaching 80
and 1 chance In 100 of becoming 80
Having been lucky in all the draw
Ings up to fifty years the average man
has 4Yi chances to 1 of becoming CO
to become 70 the chances are 1 to 1
In his favor to become SO he has but 1
chance In 5 and to become 80 1 chance
In 100
If already CO the average citizen has
2 chances to 1 of becoming 70 1
chance In 4 of becoming SO and 1
chance In CO of reaching DO
The man of 70 has 3 chances In 8 of
becoming 80 and 1 in CO of becoming I
If one has weathered the storm until
his eightieth birthday ho has 1 chance
In 17 of reaching his ninetieth mile
It will be observed that as we get
older our chances of reaching 80 In
crease greatly
Followed Instructions
At Gloucester some time ago a man
was sentenced to one months bard la
bor for stealing a bottle of medicine
that he had been asked to deliver by
the doctor In the village In which ho
lived Some months after be was
brought up on a similar charge and
when in the dock was asked what he
had to say In his defense
Well your honor be replied I
was asked by the doctor to call again
for another patients medicine and the
bottle stood on the doctors desk lab
eled To be taken as before i
He was discharged amid roars of
I laughter London Fun
IWise Old Guard
To a guard at a gate In the Broad
J street station PhUadelphla there re
1 cently rushed an excited Individual
with this query Have I time to say
goodby to my wife who Is leaving on
this New York train
That sir responded the guard
with a polite smile depends on how
long you have been marriedSt
Louis Republic
A Mean Hint
Miss Oldgirl 1 have been studying
with Professor Plump and he gave
me a few wrinkles Miss PertDo
yoN think yea need any more dear
Baltimore American
The Refined Style
Tenderfoot aghast Yonre not
Iyl blng that man Arisena Ike
We1lrwe dont refer to It la that
anrefiaed way Wa call It sfeowto Ira
the ropes Judge
When you have a cold got si bottle of
Chamberlains Cough Remedy It will
soon fix jrou up all right and will ward
oT any tendency toward pneumonia
This remedy contain no opium or other
nireotic and maybe give confident
ly to a baby uto aa adult Sold by
Stockton k Srn dlto
10 Reward
For return or informatkw leading to
recovery ola large young red fox
iKHitid Ke marks except few small
nak dots on body
KH Crooke
te Rk4lMO d Ky
On 5aIe Af dctOOS
TIe that dwitf The L aigvllle
Times at any Lime can find tiiem on
af at8tocklOllaDr89rt You
CM Wave order for thw paper id to at
M rbomeU FjILI1er h 1Hi
MritMt poMdbl Daltertb trdn
comw Jo Disappointment Ip1t H 1
right at your door T 0 Turpio Af t
An Un > mpfemi h + 9 Eiwny to HappJ
H M and to Health
lUll a law that every state of mind
whether good or JMiiI affects every cell
tithe system and is eutptetured 11 the
body says Or toon Swtt Marden In
Success Magazine We are thus the
arbiters of our fate through our
thoughts eBBpitoas ad passions
The time xflll cede when we shall
know Sow to rafrwh ourselves by
metal tcheml try ttat is by holding
la our minds the antidotes of the
things That bare wearied as or vexed
us by holding the metal attitude
which will neutralize the thought ear
mien that hare thrown our bodies Into
There is nothing so deadly to happi
ness as mental discord It paralyzes
the thinking ability and destroys the
power of concentration and effective
All diseases and sickness of what
ever kind are the outplcturlng of some
form of discord If the mind Is kept
as happy as possible It Is difficult for
discord to get a foothold In the body
A happy mind Is the best possible
health producer disease killer and
discord destroyer
For centuries mans happiness was
looked upon by many earnest tink
log people as a condition largely be
yond his control They seemert to
think that It depended mostly upon
the temperament one happened to de
velop and that there were other things
of so much more Importance that wf
should not consider It too seriously or
take precious time to cultivate It di
We are beginning to find however
that even as an economical Invest
ment It pays Immensely to make a
business of being happy and being
Just as good to ourselves as possible
although not In a selfish way We
could not bo good to ourselves In the
higher sense by being selfish
An Anecdote of Pellegrin an Eight
eenth Century Bard
The Impecunious French poets of the
middle eighteenth century used to con
sort at thp cafes where sometimes
they would pick up customers One of
the worst and at the same time tho
most facile of the bards was Polio
grin of whom a characteristic story Is
told In An Eighteenth Century Mar
quise One day a newcomer entered
the cafe and began complaining that
ho was going to be married and had
no cplthalamlum for his wedding Pel
legrin hastened to offer one of his own
compositions A deal was soon ar
ranged and the price agreed upon was
20 sous n verse The poet disappeared
The bridegroom was presently accost
ed by a stranger who began a con
versatlon on various subjects and sad
denly said
By the by my friend what price
are you paying Pellegrln
Twenty sons Terse
Is that too dear
Xodoubtfully not If you fixed
the length of the poem
I never thought of doing that
When Is ho to bring your cplthala
Tomorrow morning
Tomorrow morning cried the
stranger Why you must bo rolling
In moneyr
What do you mean
That you will have to pay for at
least a thousand verses
Oh what a fraudl exclaimed the
bridegroom and rushed off to find Pel
legrin In his attic The versifier had
Just completed his hundredth verse
A Sartorial Freak
Food Is chow In the east meals
arc tiffin and an I O U Is a chit
China and India making these addi
lions to dietetic nomenclature
The most shocklpg sartorial thing
visible in the east is the dinner jacket
of white duck affected by the British
and alas by some expatriated Ameri
cans It Is cut very short barely
reaching tho suspender buttons and
flares widely In front High collar
and black tie complete the abominable
combination Yet no Briton can eat
his evening meal without being thus
garbed White deck pants of
course cover the unmentionables Tim
white suits of Mark Twain and Frank
VanderUp which once excited New
York arc outdone and quite as a mat
ter of course New York World
IBarrett Wendells Pun
When Professor Wendell of Harvard
entered upon his Sabbatical year he
remained In Cambridge some weeks
after his leave of absence began and
persisted in taking part In the depart
mental meeting The head of the de
partment protested
Sir said he you are officially ab
sent You are non est
Oh very well replied Professor
Wendell a non est man fs the noblest
work of God Success Magazine
A Matter of Choice
An old darky servant devoted to
General Jackson waited on him In the
generals last hours night after the
generals death a preacher asked Itas
tna If ho thought Jackson would go to
I doan know boss cf eil go foah
sure but he can of he wants to re
plied the darky Independent
With Duo Care
Dignity Is a very proper sort of thing
but dont put on too much of it 01
you may be taken for the butler
Constancy of purpose is certalnlj
one of the secrets of SUCCQY
I All Kinds of
Black Coal Round Coal Large
Coal Hot Coal Coal that
makes no clinkers and but
little ash Thats the kind
you want ana the kind we
want to sell you Why buy
poor clinkering slow burning
coal when you can get the
best such as
Red AshJ elli oKhd Kensee
Jellied skf bout them
Try thpaa mid you have then
bees Dotitted that we sell them
and theres no better Satis
action1 gtiaraa teed
atkiVA4anteedt1LLou GH3Y
Ir 44
Curs Free
Wkk the first sigjw of constipa
bon you resort to the home methods
of relief such as hot or cold water en
arising tots of stewed fruit with your
when theM fail
The majority then start oa salts and
purgative waipra then change to cathar
tic pttte etc If you have gone through
these va Ollll stages you know they were
all useless so far as permanent results
go New you should try lust once agate
but try something practical and sensible
a remedy made and intended for the pur
pose you are trying to accomplish Such
a remedy as thousands can testify la
Dr Caldwells Syrup Pepsin which Is
guaranteed to be permanent In Its re
suIts Its ingredients are such that by a
brief use of it the stomach and bowel
muscles are trained to again do their
work normally so that la the end you
can do away with medicines of all kinds
That it will do this Mr GY Dodson of
I Baavllle VAWIlI gladly attest and so
will Mrs S A HamptonofPortage O
To those who are still skeptical there
Is a way to prove these assertions with
out a penny of expense Simply send your
name and address to Dr Caldwell and ob
tain a free sample bottle After using it
It you are then convinced It Is the rem
edy you need buy a fifty cent or ono
dollar bottle of your druggist and con
tinue to use it for a brief time until
cured The directions are simple and the
dose is small It is pleasant to the taste
does not gripe and Is promptly effective
and these statements are guaranteed or
money will be refunded
This remedy is over a quarter of a cen
tury old and to personally taken by
more druggists than any other similar
remedy on the American market Because
of its effectiveness purity and pleasant
taste it is the ideal laxative remedy for
children women and old folks generally
Dr Caldwell personally will be pleased
to give you any medical advice you may
desire for yourself or family pertaining to
the stomach liver or bowels absolutely
free of charge Explain your case in a
letter and he will reply to you In detail
For the free sample simply send your
name and address on a postal card or
otherwise For either request the doctors
address is Dr W B Caldwell K500 Cald
well building Montlcello HI
= = =
Fast Train That Carries the Raw Ma
teria Across the Continent
When a fast mail steamer from Yoke
hama Shanghai or Canton the great
silk ports ot the orient docks at Van
couver Tacoma Seattle or San Fran
cisco a special train stands ready on
the pier awaiting her arrival It Is not
I the private conveyance of some trans
portation king or multimillionaire or
of any of the passengers who throng
the decks nor does It tarry for the
sacks of letters from the far est Its
coaches do not shine with the reful
gence of varnish and plate glass Their
paint Is dull and they are windowless
like express cars The side doors to
ward the ship are open This special
Is the emperor of trains It is reserved
for the costliest of all freight raw
silk When It starts eastward Its lad
Ing will be worth a fortunea million
and a half perhaps two millions ot
A giant locomotive built for speed
with driving wheels greater In dlam
eter than the height of a tall man
backs dowu and Is coupled on to the
cars now sealed and locked and ready
With clanlln bell and bIllsln steam
I the train glides out and with n bu t
ot speed that seems almost exultant
takes the main line rails for the lung
Journey The silk must be landed in
New York in five days Even the
United States mall will not travel
faster across the continent Day and
night the silk train rushes eastward
over mountains and plains across des
erts and through great cities It never
I stops except to change engines Then
it halts only for a moment Another
giant locomotive oiled and groomed
and fit is always waiting to take up
the raceI
The silk train Is run as a special It
a limited loses time and gets in the
way the limited has to fret on a sill
Ing while the silk train roars by In a
whirlwind of dust The silk special
runs on no schedule except that of the
greatest speed consistent with safely
The chief dispatcher or each division
listens watchfully to the news of Us
progress coming III over the wires
from one signal tower and station after
another While the silk train is yet a
thousand miles away It Is being pre
pared for The capabilities ot enl
neers and engines are thoughtfully dis
cussed by division dispatchers and
trainmasters and the men and ma
chines with the highest capacity for
speed are picked Tracks are cleared
and a thousand details arranged so
that there shall be no delay In hurl
ing this huge projectile across the con
tinent Harpers Weekly
In a French village a citizen had
upon his laud a part afire old building
containing two very beautiful win
dows Ho was In debt and embar
rassed and eagerly closed with the of
fer of a rich archaeologist who bought
them Thereupon the government In
spector hearing ot the bargain ar
rived just in time to stop the masons
from dislodging the windows You
cannot be said to the villager sell
antiquities my nina Hut excellen
cy I have used the money ana paid
I despair but the official was uutouch
I ed Thats all right lie said The
i money Is safe The windows are no
longer your Uut the buyer cant
I move a stone ot them lie can how
ever conic with a camp stool and sit
down and look at his property as much
as he likes
Sham Wisdom
The Sophists were a body of teach
ers in ancient Athens during the
fourth and fifth centuries B O who
gave Instruction In any or all the
higher branches of learning Although
they were not a philosophic sect and
held no doctrines In common the
Sophists were nevertheless skepUc
and maintained a belief of uncer
tninty of all particular knowledge
and In fact In the Impossibility of all
truth Their two leading representa
tives were Protagoras and Gorglas
The Sophists were charged with
bringing reasoning Into contempt by
casting uncertainty over the most
obvious truths and in consequence
were ridiculed and denounced by Arls
tophanes Socrates and Plato Aris
totle defined a Sophist as a man who
makes money by sham wisdom
A Remarkable Banquet Party
One of the most notorious Hungarian
duelists fought his thirtyfifth duel ia
1SSO and celebrated the event by a bas
que to which only those who could
prove that they had participated lit at
least six duels were Invited There
I was a room faiL of Each warriors some
with faces seamed with scars others
minus an ear aa eye or with two or
three fingers miaelag The most mark
ed of all was a Frenchman wfes had
lost bin apes Ja an encounter with
Count Adrssey toe statesmen There
was only ewe rJ xUos of the rule
tnd that WM made In favor of a lady
vke bd killed her man
Pretcte HiIt
Triaawr atttHtlMlraakl the pert
ly pompons and florid magistrate se
cordiBff to the London News 7Mia
char > d witI stealing a pig V very
Mrfew ot m In thIs district MM
has tern a great deal of pig itMteg
I and I shall make an example f yw
or DOM of its will be aaf
MUMfkt MGd rfl
Tfee boor jrwr late
Do JOB before to motel alap >
tb1rltllelat cfcbnaiw
1 do anaer d the Mcoad M >
raaa I know what my wife thInk
I i rIght MWHWaUngtoa Herald
oC a aaa fcjr hte qmttooi
sae Peculiar Facts About ThINe
Grt United State c
The following collection of geograph
ical peculiarities about the United
States and places therein embodies
certain unique pilots well worth re
A novel way to demonstrate the size
of the state of Texas is to spread out
a map of the union and stretch a string
across Tcxag the longest way Then
placing one endnf the measure at Chi
cago one will find that the other end
will extend into cither the Atlantic
ocean or the gulf of Mexico
The two largest counties In the
United States are Custer county
Mont and San Bernardino county
CalEllch of these Is a little more
than 20000 square miles In extent and
the states of Massachusetts Rhode
Island Delaware and New Jersey
could be put Inside the boundaries of
cither of them
The smallest county in the union Is
Bristol county II I which has only
tweutyflve square miles
About fifty miles from Durango
Colo there Is a point where four states
meet Here by stepping a few feet In
cither direction one can walk In four
different commonwealths In as many
seconds These commonwealths are
thcf states of Colorado and Utah and
the territories of New Mexico and Ari
zona A nearly parallel case w at Harpers
Ferry where the train stops a few
minutes to allow the passengers to
alight and enjoy a view which per
mits them to look Into three states
Maryland Virginia and West Virginia
The highest and lowest elevations In
this country are in California within
100 miles of each other The loftiest
Is Mount Whitney 14400 feet high
and the lowest Is Death valley about
450 feet below the level of the sea
Two Oceans pass in Yellowstone
park is so named because whenever
there is a shower In the vicinity and a
certain small creek overflows its
waters spread out over the edge of the
continental divide and pass into tribu
taries of rivers which flow to theAt
lantlc and to the Pacific Boston
They Are Found In Only Two Places
In the World
In only two places in the world
Queensland and the west coast of Af
rica can there be found that most re
markable of nature productions the
Erythrophlocum laboucherl or poison
tree Referring to this tree in speak
ing at a meeting of the Sydney Nat
ural History society A Meston for
merly protector of aborigines In north
ern Queensland says that when In
full foliage it Is one of the most beau
tiful trees In the world The wood Is
elegantly grained and marked by col
ors and peculiar streaks which readily
distinguish it from any other known
timber It Is extremely bard and
tough and the blacks of the Cape
York peninsula use It for making their
woomeras with which they throw tile
spear The tree bears long rods con
taming beans which like the leaves
arc fatal to all animal life The
stomach of a dead goat or a dead sheep
may show only three or four undigest
cd green leaves All animals are blind
before they die and remain blind if
they recover This tree killed sixteen
of the Chlllagoe companys camels It
killed sonic of the horses and cattle
of the Jardine brothers In their ex
pedition to Cape York in 1834 On one
occasion it killed several thousand
sheep on the gulf rivets Occasionally
an aboriginal Lucrezla Borgia disposes
of a rival by mixing some crushed
beans In a mashed yam or pounded
cunjebol and the unhappy Juliet can
nevermore gaze upon her lost Romeo
Even Inhaling the smoke of the burn
ing wood is said to have a disastrous
effect upon ladies who in Byronic
phrase arc among those who love
their lords consequently It Is never
used for firewood except in extreme
cases of matrimonial infelicity Lon
don Standard
Literally So
Owing to n change for the worse In
the character of the neighborhood a
family which for many years had lived
in the same house was compelled to
sell it and move elsewhere Their old
house became a home for aged col
ored women One day a member of
the family happened to visit it Things
were Indeed different within Being
one ot those who harbor a sense of
humor the former occupant In de
scribing his Impressions while among
the aged colored women with whom
his old abode was filled remarked
I may truthfully say the whole
complexion of the place has changed
New York Times
Making the Choir Sing
Many conscientious ministers have
had trouble with wayward choirs but
not all have had Dr Samuel Wests
witty address or management There
had been difficulty with the singers
and they had given out that they
Cbouid not sing on the next Sunday
This was told to Dr West Well
well we will see he said and on Sun
day morning gave out his hymn After
reading it lie said very emphatically
Yon will begin with the second verse
Let those refuse to sing
Who never knew our God
The hymn was sung
The Explanation
Mrs Youngbride Mrs Smith says
there is lots of cream on her milk bot
tles every morning Why Is there ncr
er any on yours The Milkman Ip
too honest lady thats why I fills
my bottles so full that there aint ney
r no room left for cream Womaifa
Home Companion
For Rent 19U
Residence on sum taititnd storo room
on Second street occupied by J B AVal
ken also three rooms overstore
tf C T For
Ask for a GJov McCreary cl ar Mado
in an independent factory and with
honest goods Its line C Only a nickel
For Sale
Nice residence oh corner Firth and
North straets Apply
o jThey and1
They sag the high and
I low sesa jof commerce
I TneYFR millions a
I year3 for advertising
Thefc profit M millkms
I Spike their guns with
I generous advertising ki
I tfair your home paper I
II Use the mail orders
I own WeapQOI
I Ei4
I F1 ss
I Good TKiif to Eat 16 l
Tliafi cli we carry Whether its a I
staple like sugar or a fancy table dell I
I cacy like imported cheese we have It I
and In A quality absolutely pendabe
anEver product that enters Ibis sto1eI
must stand rillld examination I
I Each article Is chosen from many
S Lraads offered because it has proved I
5 its superior merit
Each brand competes for prefennttI
Inach gains a place on our shelves
standard of quality
I One of the recent successful contest I
I ants for representation in our line is 5
I a smooth and dainty blend
of selected highland grown beans the
kSarketS choicest
I TheEleda process of slowcooking and
drycuring preserve the genuine coffee
favor and improves it
In using Electa Coffee yon are sure of
the finest quality a satisfaction that in
f S itself would make Electa worth more 1
than other ctffccs
I Compare it with any you ever dranlc I
SeIore Youll like the rousing Savor
t cad liif rlorioos arom avorI
I fate 5 and So nI I
t Telephone 35
S r S
a S S S S
And plenty of Wall Paper for
5 everybody Our stock is never
5 short never out of date Ask
your neighbor about our work
and goods
Third Street Richmond Ky
S Ja1B Parke
Handles Only the Best in
Groceries Fruits
As he sells for CASH ONLY his customers
get the benefit of the lowest prices possible
A Trial Order Will Convince
Staple and Fancy Groceries
For the Motorists j2
We are offer a special Auto
Glove at from
75c to 3
See it and you will buy
Have you seen the
One Finger Mitt
latest thing in Auto gloves
Remember that we do any
thing that is needed for a disabled automobile
S and we do in the right way
Ricnmon Motor Plum ing Co1
The Old Reliable Dry Goods Yen
Late Summer Fabrics are now fill
I SLate ing our shelves also a complete
showing of
S School Dress
S Materials S
S 7 We carry a full line of Novelties
I and our Lace and Hamburgs are
unsurpassed Ourcash systemc
of doing business enables us to
give our customers
Especially Low Prices
We are always glad to have you
call and inspect our goods
1 1 Y W 111 1 JM
SfFoetsbllwF maIMOM J
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