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The Richmond climax. (Richmond, Ky.) 1897-1914, December 21, 1910, Image 4

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The Cwrecfc Ctoes as they
will M worn by the best
a ressoa gentlemen of the
social and business word
TheMey Fall Models
designed and made by the i
Master rIailors1
Schloss Bros
New York
ThisJirst showing of the new
models is of interest to every
man and young man because
it notonlygives you the cor
rect styles but opens the way
High Grade Clothes at
Moderate Prices
Come and See Them
Everyone Welcome
TailorMade Suits for Ladies in the New Manish Cloths
They are shown in all the new shades and are to be seen in our Suit Parlors Come make
your selection before thev are picked over We are the sole agents for Queen Quality Fine
Shoes for ladies and Wm Kneelands Fine Shoes for men These two lines of shoes arE
the best to be had in any city We are showing all the new lasts and kinds Come see
them Get our low cash prices on all kinda of shoes for men women and children we can
fit you suit you and save you money
Our Underwear for Men Women and Childrep ir Complete
in Every Detail
Come get our prices and save money We are showing all the new things in Notions
Belts Belt Pius Scarfs Neckwear Hosiery etc Our shelves and counters are creaking
and groaning under the weight ot good things in all kings of winter goods Get the best
for you moneycome to headquarters and see the new styles
Worn Women
Women worn and tired from overwork need a
tonic That feeling of weakness or helplessness will
not leave you of itself You should take Wine of
Cardui that effectual remedy for the ailments and
tried Cardui and write enthusiastically of the great
use this reliable ofttried medicine
CAR U ii
The Womans Tonic
Mrs Bena Hare of Pierce ila tried Cardui and afterward
wrote 9 was a sufferer from all sorts of female trouble had
pain breathI
I suffered for years until my husband insisted on my trying
Car ui The first bottle gave me relief and now I am almost well
Fresh Oysters
V e RI > CI
Corner Main and Second Telephone 3
Watch Repairing
is a specialty to which we give special
attention No matter how much or how
little the watch is defective or damaged
wotako particular pride in doing the
work so the timepiece will be as good as
or better than it when now Wo do
jewelry repairing and remodeling in the
same way
Test us with some piece you
cannot now use
T Y 0 U w
lljlnterested in Lumber Lath 5hingle Doors
Sash Etc IfsoSee >
C f r X2 0 fF i
T todd1B ards lumber Do
p13ebjI Or ard RlchmondK 1
l fl < A i
Farmers Week
Will Be An Interesting One
For Those Who Attend
During the first week ii
January beginning the 3rc
and lasting through the 6th
the Agricultural College oJ
the State University at Lex
ington has arranged to ob
serve Farmers Week
This will be the b e s
opportunity ever offered for
farmers and stockmen ol
Madison coonty toavail them
selves of the ben fits of the
Agricultural College The
Swine Beef Cattle Horse
Breeders Associations of the
State will hold their annual
conventions there on succes
sive days each devoting a
half day to speeches business
etc and the other half to
judging work The State corn
Growers Association State
Corn Show and Corn Schools
will also be held at the Col
lege during the week Liber
al premiums are offered in the
various classes in the corn
show and equally liberal
premiums for farm butter
creamery butter farm milk
and for certified milk The
unexcelled stock of the Col
lege Farm and of the magni
ficent Elm ndorf Farm will
be freely used for the judging
work etc
Rates of one fare plus twen
tyfive cents for the round
trip have been secured over
all roads The best authori
ties in the country on the var
ious classes of stock etc have
been secured for the week
All is absolutely free
A pleasanter or more pro
fitable week for the farmers
of Kentucky could not possi
bly be arranged Particulars
premium lists etc may be
obtained by dropping a card
M A Scovell Director
Lexington Ky
i dvg II I
papez it Ho bywg to
ualoci your two deet I
wk4C buu
Mvhe 1e p
1otLc olpIeMi I
We w al to pat yea
i at ILe Ligdef aL
I McLgeoftLOc
Oc adrala I
OryWg I
theoy to y wx deer
I l x1tf I I
A riOOW3KYFrs t
Of The Heloric Mason
Dixons Une is Known
By Few People
The historic Mason and Dix i
ons Hae is a oaoae thai was
given to thebodftryine be
twe HMaryla d fcndPiennsyl
van aaoQt 150 yj rf ago It
joineides with 3V degrees 43
minutes and 263 Seconds
north latitude Except lor a
distance of 22 miles tne line
s marked out by Charles
Alasori and Jeremiah Dixoh
English engineers They sur
veyed it for a distance of 258
miles west from the Delaware
river between November 13
1763 and December 26 1767
Each fivemile stone bears
the coat of arms of Maryland
cut on one side of the stone
and that of Pennsylvania on
the other The intervening
mile stones bear the letter
P cut on one side and the
letter M on the opposite
During the progress of the I j
violent debate in Congress in
1820 which resulted in the
historic measure known as
the Missouri Compromise on
the Question of excluding
slavery from Missouri ilblin I
Randolph made use of the
phrase Mason and Dixon I
Lineas the dividing line be
tween slave and free stat At
that time the crossing of the
line from the south meant
freedom to the fugitive slave
The refeience thus made to
the Mason and Dixons line
between slave and free states
brought the phrase into gen
eral use and it continued to
designate the line between
freedom and slavery until af
ter the Civil War
Come to Owen McKee Richmond
Ky for dry goods and notions Others
Jo and why not you If
Skin Affections I
Whether on Infant or Grown
Person Cured by Zemo
and Zemo Soap
An Unusual Offer
Tile Perry Drug Store says to ever
erson belt man woman or child win
IMS an irritated tender or itching skin
come o our siore and procure i
ittle of ZEMO aud n cake ZEMO soar
ml if you are not entirely eatisflec
< vith tba results come back and get
your money So confident are wt
I < j the efficacy of this clean simple
I treatment that wo make you this un
dual offer
ZEMO is a clear liquid for external
se that Las cured so many cases ot
eczema pimples dandruff and other
arms of skin eruption ZEUO and
i ZEMO soap are the most economical as
well as the cleanest ad most effective
treatment for affections of the skin or
4calp whether on infants or grown
First Meeting
At London on the 29th 30th
and 31st of this month will
be a most important gather
ing of noted educators the
occasion being the first annu
al meeting of the 11th Con
gressional District Education
al Association The program
is a most complete one and
contains the names of Supt
Coates of the Richmond
Schools as yell as Supt
Crabbe of the State Normal
On account of the great area
of this district and the many
sections that are miles from
railroad point it has been
impossible to effect an organ
ization and hold annual meet
ings But the mountain sec
tion of the state which
make up this district is fast
forgoing to the front in edu
cational ability and desires
and from now on this new or
ganization promises to flour
ish and do great good for the
stale along educational lines
Nebraska last year produc
ed corn more valuable than all
the gold mined in the United
States and Alaska and worth
more than jimr countrys total
tobacco crop and wheat
worth more than our total
An Epnainitioa for ppjsi
tion in theinternal Re yea tie
Gpyernjnent Building in this
city on JFbruswy 4th 1911 at
nine olcloclc a in Applica
tion forms and information in
regard to tje examinations
may lie Qb tipped from L J
Adams SeMeeter of tb Local
Board of Bxaraiaers Rich
mond or from I it Jkrhart
Secretary of the 5 f Civil Sr
vice Dis cietj Cincinnati 1
Applioatipns must be filed
wj th the l1tr ttqi later than
the close pf bttthiess cm Jan 1
uary i1 i1i t
Fi 1
housei1d ris ol Pv
wat4tr I 18CP
utrpiktwtMji frv
Crock 6r iwouifiwflawn L fWat Lick
Ky W vntnaf totttt yrivsy Pws
son ffivea Jn lit tflll C Hon or
ddr8A °
BUMS A ti WtiB LfftK
1 c 8iWIre Tj
Fmtlt Cold Room
on the side of the house where
winter blasts strike hardest always
has a lower temperature than the
rest of the house There are times i
when it is necessary to raise the1
temperature quickly or to keep the
temperature up for a long period
That cant be done by the regular
method of heating without great
trouble and overheating the rest of
Jhe house The only reliable
method of heating such a room
alone by other means is to use SL
Ahekte1aioteii ulec1err
without smoke or smell
An indicator always shows the amount of oil intherontj fc
PIllercap does not screw onbut is put in like a cork in a bottle
and is attached by a chain and cannot get lost
An automaticlocking ilwae spreader prevents the1
wick from being turned high enough to smoke and Is easy to
remove and drop back so that It can be cleaned in an instant
The hunter body or gallery cannot become wedged and can be unscrewed
in an Instant for rewicking Finished in japan or nickel strong durable well
made built for service and yet light and ornamental Has a cool handle
l len Everyvhtrt If tot al jcarr uriit for dtsoifx drolar
to the lucres t fatty PI the
Standard Oil Company
Is Our Specialty
Get our pricesno trouble to show you
Country Produce
Telephone 16 or 223
Sewell McKinney
140142 North Second Street
Taylor s OJdhafu
Invite your attention to their
Model Radiators and Wonder
Oak Heating Stoves
The best the market affords
We Sell the Best Cooking Stoves Made
We also sell and recommend the SUPERIOR
WHEAT DRILLthe best made
The Famous I
The Lamp with Diffused Light
should always be used where several
people sit because it does not strain the
eyes of those sitting far from it
The Rayo Lamp is constructed to give
the maximum diffused white light Every
detail that increases its lightgiving value
has been included
The Rayo is a lowpriced lamp You may
pay 5 S 10 or even 20 for other lamps and get
a more expensive containerbut you cannot get
a better light than the Rayo gives
This seasons Rayo has a new and strength
ened burner A strong durable shadeholder
keeps the shade on firm md true Easy to keep
polished as it is made of solid brass finished
in nickeL
Once a Rayo User Always One
Dealer Evtryuken If not el yam milt far discriftivt
arcubrto the lietrtst cgttg cftht
Standard Oil Company
lae rate
= = = = = = Important to
Christmas Buyers
We have a houseful of Christmas presents for
I I iouugandoldS
Glass and Queehsware Pictures and Picturie
Frames Lots of Novelties in China and Glass
Toys of every description for the children
Everything marked down in plain figures We
have some special bargains to offer in Wall J vt
Paper Come in and look at our huec V 2 i
I BJuettSOil I
208 E Main Opera House Building
TEE FiNi > <
Assortment of
fc b feu a iaDenfcralKeniuckj are now on display at
our jPjKs r j on Water Street n If von need a
I V T Bttggy Carriage Wagoii W
ij fin
l c anytbiug in this line it will be interesUog k eoat
ijhrfbe quality ao4 priccK of our goods with thee if
otherirths o
I Water Street 0 Richmond Ky
r I n
T e ttfral Kentucky Tobacco
> < Warehouse Co <
Both Telephones 964
Opp 5tate University S Upper to Lime Lexington Ky
iiLa4thg Warehouse in Lexington
fling sold over 2000000 pounds since opening
of season October 25 1910
i Offers superior inducements to farmers of Central Kentucky to sell their
tobacco in the largest best lighted and best equipped looseleaf tobaccowarehouse
in the world
509000 squarafeefc floor space
500000 poundscapacity of loose leaf tobaico per day 5
rRedryingi plant of 75000 pounds per day Private track free toall railroads
capacity15 cars Ioadedorunloaded under shelter J
Shelter for one hundred and fifty wagons stable room for MOO horses
Open Day and Night
Wehavesold an interest to the Louisville Tobacco Warehouse Company who
are represented by Mr B F Buckley of Bourbon county one of the most ex
perienced warehousemen in the State
Strict personal attention paid to the receiving grading assorting and selling
of each individual crop whether loose or in hogsheads
If necessary we can devote one floor to loose leaf and one to hogshead tobacco
throughout the season
Call and see us and be fully convinced where to sell your tobacco either loose
leaf or in hogsheads
hogsheadsf Central Kentucky Tobacco
Warehouse Company
Lexington Kentucky
For Sale
Few thousand secondhand brick
JDMxingSj Son
tf 219 Moberly avenue
Fire Life Accident and Health Insur
anco iatbffyorybosrpld 1 Campania
Wm S Broaddus Agl tf
I Dan H Breck life fire and accident
i insurance tf
Lumber For Sale
Barn bilk and all kinds rough lumber
in oak poplar and pine Tobacco sticks
Poplar laths Writo
tt Richmond Ky
We the undersigned strictly forbid
hunting trapping or any kind of tres
passing on our premises and will prose
cute offenders
Paralee Fitzpatrick
Geo Fitzpatrick
Hog Raisers i
f Are your hogs worth 5 cents per head I
Bourbon HogCholera Remedy
to keep hogs healthy and free from dis
casa for 5 cents per head per mouth It
cures Cholera kills Worms Stimulates
the Appetite aids Digestion and causes
hogs to fatten very rapidly Thisreme
dy is used and endorsed by loading hog
raisers throughout the country Come
hi and let us toll you about it
Perrys Drug Store
Mrs Maude Mackey Walk
ersHair Dressing Parlor
Come in and have your Hair dressed
in the newest style bIds and puffs
made to order Braids restored to
natural color Highest prices paid for
combings Two doors above Stocktons
drug store on Main street Office phone
515 residence 303 6 Mo
For a mild easy action of the bowels
a single dose of Dons neg lets is
enough Treatment euros habitual con
stipation 250 a box Ask your drug
gist for them
fR Pennington
Office next door to Government build
tag Richmond Ky
For Sale
I have several good buildteg ols for
sale located OB Lancaster and Breok
Ave lo6Ati n drainage tthe yezr I
bat Mot desirable fi apartment
house or living r89iden Any eae in
ter ted in purchase please call pa the
ownerJ rsDMBrilht or her so
D Bright Lt
Money to Loan on Good Farm
Th North w fl4 rii Mutaal Hl In
erstee 0o wW lefi mowayitt L r
oentJIK ftRfI8d iBlpreft4traliB
1nMrIa e
riord O te rw H Ai
d k4ty
OhrlIa k11tiIig aftc1
ao gift p eMe5 > y triad M Smsi
article of dainty MibnMry or haM
invltwi bedt < > ail minara MiMI i
Ie t a t
toekcf aMurisk twr OtHfeiws work
Nw patIrna new ateriairDtt new
ideaL c
iA m Lo lof Novelties
Mkt ao > pi tHMdo rtm ttt
town ofifMqr dle woHc OompUte
year CfciMwu hoppln ly H TO
aa tMiti
If I were looking for a real good hus
band I wouldnt have to leave Rich
mond to find him You probably know
tho man I mean The nobleman who
makes tho best husband for any woman
on earth is not afraid of a pair of
overalls And speaking of Groceries
the placo to buy is
L ac key Todd
The Home of Low Prices and Square Dealing
Telephone 62 Opera House Building
I The Hot Blast
Air = tdit Florence
Burns Soft Coal
or Slack
and all the smoke and gases
Nofilling up of the stove
pipe or flue with soot Nb
dirt inside or outside the
house t It will burn hard
coat and all the gases which
escape from the hard coal
base burner
JtAyill burn wood or
saw dust wet or
It will produce onerhaliless c
ashes than any other store
on earth with any kind of
r I fuel and leaven clinkers
It or half consumed fuel
Douglas Simmons Ueatnerge
Bring YourMmband
v with you to see
1bfflWSewing Machine I I
II hehM wotkea ilkaUkImM1od
autonatklockisgdests automatic
r op rnachiaeEy us GfttH farm with lftImatic1aen
I appreciate 1
iiewm5OtwaM1 to sew fotthe Iamilv shk a aclHee j
whkhhatbj t kof for25e
ireakoffoi25R Bo
elJftWUlbe eltdtlMlaeicaboVt IMJCh irnreeeasas
j 1eJt ary PIa i
The Thc8S ts
Tkr Ike Hit biM fttnch kg
MII elotiltc wnet5ewgi
WpREZ is th
Orilylnaured Sewlag Machine
rk yf Attackmeata
c ma4k
kotb jrnore suifaQle for a Christmas
JqL8 presenl fort whole house
< bcL3ornethin that
t you will always
bepioudof 3 J
Luman llXI1flS1
Furniture Carpets Stove t
ti Vest tfcr Street

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