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39th YEAR
Tuesday and Friday
SAStJ Print
House Furnishings and
House Hardware
diner about as much in quality as .they do in
1 - their appearance. In fact the poorest often look
as'vdl as the best. So in choosing things
,F either for the hcuse or for use in the house buy
' '6n!y when there is reputation back of the sales.
You'll be perfectly safe in purchasing here.
D. B. Shackelford &
Union Supply Co.
..Telephone 51
Dry Goods,
Farming Implements and Supplies
Fresh Butter and Eggs
Lire Stock Exchange Information Bureau no charge
. ask about it
The Win J; Oliver Improved
Chilled Plow
Also the IMPERIAL Plow and the new
Superior Grass Seed Drill
We have on hand a full line of Regal Queen
Cast Ranges
i I i AX U !
. 127Irvine-st
Boots, Shoes,
onslitT of Lamii Oil nn use counts
immense y for or against your comfort aud
health. There' a perfect oil made for people
who give thought. It is
refined from Pennsylvania Crude Oil the bet ever made.
Full, white flame never flickers no cA no odor. Cost
no more than inferior tank-wapon oite saes money as
well as eves and comfort. Your dealer has it in original
barrels direct from us.
ChaS. C Stoll OH Co., LouiiviBe, Kj.
Retinerr at Warren. Pa,
Biffh-Grade M. tor ... I n. "Xo Carb" An to Oil.
TEnice Mimstilliiif
a. l.
5tage News.
In offering to the theatre-going public
an attraction the management must first
select a repertoire of musical comedies
that will stand out and "entertain the
public and in this repecl Messrs. Mo
Phillips it Rechin have certainly made
good. The musical comeaies which
will be presented during this week's en
gagement, commencing Monday night,
Jan. 27th, are the best, selected, from
the big successes from the large cities.
Aside from this, the management has
selected the best artists in their special
lies to act the parts of these brilliant
musical comedies, and the costumingof
the principals and chorus have also been
looked after with great care, and the
patrons of the local playhouse have much
to look forward to during the engage
ment of the. Iloey's Musical Comedy Co.
The opening bill is entitled "The Mili
tary Girls." This piece has more life
and melodies, more catchy songs and
more clever farceurs than most presen
tations of a similar nature. This com
pany has been prone unced by press and
public to be the cleanest and best popu
lar priced musical comedy company ever
enjoyed by an intelligent and refined au
Ladies free Monday night, if tickets
are purchased before 6 p. m. Monday.
Don't fail to attend the poultry insti
tute at the Toultry Show at McKee's
Hall Feb. 5. 6. 7. and 8. You will hear
the best authorities in the U. S. discuss
the poultry industry from every point of
view. Don't forget that this is the State
show of the A. P. A., Kentucky branch.
and that all rhe regular gold and silver
medals will be won for the year of 1913.
Be sure to enter your birds and win the
coveted prizes. 4t
Moved to Winchester.
Messrs. J. D. and Leslie King have
moved with their families to Winches
ter to reside. These gentlemen have
resided in Richmond for several years
and have been engaged in concrete work,
enjoying splendid business during their
slay in this city.
You Can Bank on
Zemo for Eczema!
A 25c Bottle Will Prove It
Your skin will revel with joy the
moment you apply the new remedy,
ZEMO. "Glory, but isn't it great!"
ZEMO is a liquid. You rub it on the
effected part, it sinks right in, and then
it's good-bye to all that terrible itching,
to every eczema sore, eczema pain, pim
ples, blackheads, blotches, rashes, sores
and prickly heat. Yes, they all go;
they've got to go. ' And how clear,
smooth and spotless it leaves the skin!
Dandruff disappears, ton. ZEMO is
safe, absolutely.
Use ZEMO for irritate J, raw and in
famed skin; for cuts, sores and hives
and feel the difference, at once. Chil
dren especially who suffer from skin
affliction will go wild over it. ZEMO is
guaranteed to stop itching.
ZEMO is sold at drug stores in 25
cent and $1 bottles, or sent direct, tn
receipt of price, by E. W. Rose Medi
cine Co., St. Louis, Mo. The i bottle
contains six times as much as the 25
cent bottle.
Sold and guaranteed in Richmond by
the Perry's Drug Store. adv
Makes ' the heart grow fonder,
we're told, ut a good portrait of
the absent one will keep the re
collection of the absent one more
vivid and comfort many a lonely
hour of separation.
We make a specialty of porlrait
uie and our studio is exceptionally
equipped for fine portrait work.
Clay Building,
Main Street,
Telephone 52
The same as ever is: The Highest Quality Merchandise for the Lowest
Prices Merchandise That Makes Satisfied Customers
Just now we are making some interesting prices on heavy weight goods
especially on
Ladies- Suits and Coats, Misses9 and Children's
Coats, Men's and Boys' Suits and Overcoats
You will be well to see what we have in these lines before making your
The Parcels Post .v
The Parcel Post system established
by your Uncle Sim is having a splendid
effect upon the express companies thro'
out the country. Instead ot being so
independent, as heretofore, they are
bowing submissively to the will of the
people. The following letter from W.
Mr Barrett, president of the Adams Ex
press Co., to officers, agents and employ
ees of the company, will be self-explanatory:
"Because of many inquiries from em
ployes and others, it is deemed proper
to state the attitude and policy of the
Adams Express Co, toward the parctl
post inauguarted on the 1st instant:
"The company appreciates that -the
parcel post has been established in res
ponse to a widespread and persistent de
mand and anticipates that it bas come
to stay. The company's policy will be
to devote its energies to rendering a ser
vice even more efficient and satisfacto
ry than in the past, and ail officers and
employes are directed to extend every
effort to that end. The company does
not wish any of iu employes to adopt a
policy of fault finding towards the par
cel post, but expect them by their effi
ciency to demonstrate to iu patrons the
the necessity for the express company's
distinctive service."
The French Presidency.
Last Friday, January 10th, occurred
the election of a new president of the
French Republic. In France no special
significance attaches to any such day
as the "Tuesday after the first Monday
in November." The republio choose a
new president when the term of the
actual president expires, or when he
dies or resigns, for there have been
French presidents who resigned, and
chooses him always for a full term of
seven years. On three occasions before
this the election has fallen on January
The presidential election in France is
interesting to Americans chiefly by rea
son of the differenc between it and
presidential elections in this country.
There are no party conventions or presi
dential primaries, there is no popular
vote, and no electoral colleges. On the
appointed day the members of the Sen
ate and the Chamber of Deputies meet
in joint session, and then and there
choose the new head of the state by
joint ballot. In contrast with the year
long preparation and excitement that
characterize our national canvass, there
is little discussion of the pending elec
tion, and that little mostly regards per
sonal qualifications and is devoid of
heat. Moreover, whereas in the United
States there is eager maneuvering for
a nomination, in France there is much
reluctance among fit candidates to per
mit their names to be used. Two of the
most prominently mentioned statesmen
recently refused to accept the office.
Nevertheless, the presidency of
France is a position of great dignity and
real power. With less authority than
the President of the United States, the
incumbent yet has greater influence on
publio affairs, on legislation, and on
the personnel of the government than
the King of England; for although in
France, as in Great Britain, the minis
try hold office only so long as it has the
support of a majority in the Chamber
of Deputies, the president can, and
sometimes does, name individual cabi
net officers, and with the consent of the
Senate he can dissolve the Chamber of
Deputies even against its will.
The constitution of France bas now
been in force for thirty eight years; and
the only changes in thirty-four years
are a few machinery of electing depu
ties. No previous form of government
since 1733, when Louis XVI was be
headed, has lasted so long. Moreover,
France is a country where the people
rule They have universal suffrage and
the kind of government they like, yet
they have to make ony infrequent
visits to the polls, and are never called
upon to study te political records of a
long list of candidates. Youth's Com
panion. Don't forget that a special feature of
the show are the educational features,
arranged for your benefit. Come and
take advantage of the opportunities of
fered. 34-4t
S jiCDCnSlirn
k ! i Vt K P
s ? v v y s i
Lester Bryant
The death of Lester Bryant is, seem
ingly, one of life's tragedies against
which no human provision can be made,
Selected as Kentucky's champion boy
corn grower to be the guest of the Ag
ricultural Department in Washington, a
delayed train cauta I him to miss the
committee appointed to take charge of
him at the station, A desire to save
something from the expense account al
lowed him, induced him to go a cheap
boarding house instead of to the Ebbett
House, where a room had been reserved
for him. Ignorance of the city's ways
caused him to blow out the gas on go
Ling to bed. Ilia dead body was found
the next day near the door of his room,
where he had fallen in an effort to es
cape. His parents are poor. The same qual
ities which gained for him first place in
a contest with the boys of the State
prompted his thought of saving his mon
ey, the better to fit himself for useful
ness on his return home.
It is all very pitiful and sympathy for
those be leaves behind is as general as
it is heartfelt. But, if it be true thai
life is after all but a school, it may well
chance that wiser power has called to
new duties one who in so brief a span
had so well learned tho meaning of life's
duties. Louisville Times.
Don't fail to see "Mr. Bob" at Opera
House. tf
Attention! Poultry Raisers.
Mr. W.T. Vaughn, grocer, corner Col
lins and Main streets, has installed a
mill for grinding fresh bones. This
makes a most excellent food for all
kinds of fowls. 5 cents a pound. 3all
and see him. Phone 614. 4S-tf.
Royal Arch to Confer Degrees
Richmond Royal Arch Chapter will
confer the Royal Arch degree on a class
of candidates at Masonio Temple Friday
evening Jnnuary 3L at 7 p. m. The
Grand High Priest of Kentucky is ex
pected to be present to inspect the work.
AU Royal Arch Masons are earnestly re
quested to be present.
Will Test New Primary Law.
Judge R. H. Winn, of Mt. Sterling,
Judge Homer Batson, and Judge George
Da Relle have been appointed a com
mittee of three by the Republican State
Central Committee to iontitute a suit
testing that section of the State pri
mary law, prohibiting political fusion
by providing that no man shall offer for
a party nomination without making
affidavit that be voted that party ticket
at the last election. Judge Du Relle
said the suit would not be instituted for
some time, explaining that the various
parties have not made preparations
sufficient for the coming election to
justify the filing cf the suit at this
time. y
Afterany Sickness
nothing so rapidly restores health
and -vigor a SCOTTS EMULSION.
It 1 the essence of natural body
nourishment, so medically perfect
that nature immediately appropri
ates and distributes it to every
organ, every tissue feeding,
nourishing and restoring them to
normal activity.
scorrs emulsion is not a
patent medicine, but is nature's
body-nourishment with curative,
upbuilding properties and without
a drop of drug or alcohol. It con
tains superior cod liver oil, the
hypophosphites of lime and soda
with glycerine, and is so delicately
emulsified that it enters the system
without digestive effort builds,
tones and sustains.
After croup, . whooping cough,
measles and other" child ailments it
is nature's ally in restoring health.
After grippe or pneumonia it
imparts strength- and health, and
for colds, coughs, sore, tight chests
and throat troubles SCOTT'S
EMULSION gives the greatest relief
corx Jt Bovn. Bloom field. N.J. 11-51
L . 4
Louisville May Have a Blue
Grass League Gub.
The following from the Louisville
Times will be of interest to base ball
fans in this section:
Louisville may have continuous base
ball next season. Plans are now ' under
consideration whireby all Association
club owners may be enabled to increase
their revenues by admitting clubs from
smaller circuits to play at, their parks
when their own clubs are out of the
city. At the meeting of the Association
recently in Chicago the matter was dis
cussed informally and it was discover
ed that a majority of the magnates fav
ored a plan to admit minor clubs under
certain restrictions. Thus tne Blue
grass League would be permitted to
place a team in Louisville, providing
the club were controlled by President
Wathen, of the Colonels, who could use
it as a farm for his Class A team; al
ready the Central International League
has been promised admission to St. Paul
and Minneapolis by Messrs. Lennon and
Cantillon; the Ohio State League will
place a club at Columbus and the Wisconsin-Illinois
will invade Milwaukee.
It would be a ten-strike for the Blue
grass League to locate a team in Louis
ville. The games would not have to
draw very large crowds to pay expenses:
in fact, the Sunday dates alone would
meet all revenue requirements, it is be
lieved. Placing a team in Louisville
would necessitate the dropping of one
of the present Bluegrass cities, or the
taking in of another town, to make it a
six or eight-club circuit. This matter
probably will be settled within the next
ten days.
If Louisville enters the Bluegrass
League a number cf the youngsters who
played last season on the Old Grand-dad
team, pennant winners of the Afternoon
League, under Manager Kneblkamp,
will be given places on the team.
"Mr. Bob" will be at the Opera House,
this city. Dates given later. tf
Foreshadows Banking
Carter Glass, of Virginia, Chairman
of the House subcommittee which is
framing a banking reform bill, has
written an article for the New York
Journal of Commerce on the essentials
of a sound banking system. These he
holds to be a sound elastic note issue,
based on commercial credits, a redis
count agency for commercial paper.
and more efficient bank regulation.
Mr. Glass has nothing to say about
centralized reserves. It is reported
from Washington that the subcommit
tee is debating whether to pool the
bank reserves in a single reservoir, or
to establish a limited number of dis
tricts, each to hold its own reserves.
As chairman of the body which will
frame the most important bill (or at
least it is certainly the most conspic
uous) to be presented to Congress on
this vital issue;. Mr. Glass looms as per
haps the most important figure in the
bankirg reform movement; and what
he has to say on the question is there
fore of supreme importance.
Upholds Penalty Against Dis
honest Horse Trader.
For a second time the Court of Ap
peals Tuesday affirmed the sentence of
a horse trader for misrepresentations
concerning the character of the animal
he was selling, which amounted to ob
taining money or property by false pre
tenses, when it affirmed the Calloway
Circuit Court in giving an indetermi
nate sentence to Onis Hale. He sold a
worthless mare to Isaac Woodall for
$75. About a year ago a Graves county
horse trader was convicted under simi
lar circumstances of obtaining property
by false pretenses. Defects in the in
dictment, employing the ' get" instead
of. "obtain," and "horse" instead of
"mare" were pleaded in the Hale. case,
but were declared to be immaterial by
the court.
Don't forget the annual meeting of the
Kentucky branch of the American Poul
try Association, and be on hand to vote
for your man as an officer. If yon are
not a member, join as. 4t
a - ! a -a
Believes In It
Julge Benton believes it pays to be
sicK. The Winchester News says:
"Judge Benton has reached the con
clusion that it pays to be sick. He has
found that when a fellow is sick his
friends come to the front with messag
es of cheer and many other good things.
While he was sick last week his larder
was pretty well filled, fresh backbone,
young chickens, dressed and alive, bot
tles of cream, a box of oranges and grape
fruit from Jacksonville, Florida, flowers
from the greenhouse, a book on Chris
tian Science, two bottles of real grip
medicine, and many other good things
were showered on him. He felt like it
would be a pretty good thing to be sick
about twice a year."
First P.-O. Primary.
The first post-office primary held in
Kentucky to select the choice for ap
pointment under the incoming Demo
cratic national administration, was pull
ed off Saturday at Marion. Crittenden
county, the home town of Senator-elect
Ollie M. James, and proved a great suc
cess, Jessie Olive, a well-known Demo
crat, defeating seven opponents by the
scant margin of 54 plurality. Under the
agreement of all the applicants, who at
the suggestion of Senator James, sub
mitted their claims at the primary.
Olive will get the Ssnator's endorse
ment and be the next postmaster at Ma
rion. There is talk of holding post-office
primaries at other places. Louis
vilie Times.
Father Punch Appointed
Rev. Father Wm. T. Punch, the not
ed Catholic clergyman, well know in
Richmond, where he has many friends,
being at one time pastor of the Catholic
church of this city, has been appointed
by Bishop Maes, of Covington, a mem
ber of the Diocesan Council of the Dio
cese of Covington. Father Punch is at
present pastor of the large St. Peter's
church at Lexiegton.
When you have a bilious attack give
Chamberlain's Tablets a trial Tney
are excellent. For sale by all dealers.
Best Cough Medicine For
"I am very glad to saj a few words in
praise of Chamberlain's Cough Remeny"
writes Mrs. Lida Dewey, Milwaukee,
W is. "I have used it for years both for
my children and myself and it never
fails to relieve and cure a cough or cold
No family with children should be with
out it as it gives almost immediate re
lief in cases of cronp. Chamberlain s
Cough Kemedy is pleasant and safe to
lake, which is of great importance when
a medicine must be given to young chil
dren. For sale by all dealers. ad lm
For Sale.
Having purchased a farm, we offer
for sale, our residence on Woodland
Avenue, containing 7 rooms, hot and
cold baths on 2 floors, electric light,
gas, hot and cold water in kitchen,
sewer system, modern conveniences
throughout. This is new property, and
one of the very best homes in Richmond.
On splendid street.
T 33-4t L. P. and Ctjbtis Adams.
Under orders of the Fiscal Court, the
undersigned will, up to 3 P. M., Feb. 3,
1913, receive sealed bids for work on the
various sections of turnpike in Madison
county for the year 1913. Contracts to
be fully completed Nor. 1, 1913. and
those to whom contracts awarded to
enter into written contract with the
county On or before March 3, 1913, with
approved security. Bids to slate so
much per CUBIC YARD for crushed or
napped stone,hard slateorgravel.quality
and size of same to be approved by
County Road Engineer, spread on road
at places aad times indicated.
From this date all measurements of
stone, gravel, slate or other material
used in repairing the pikes of this coun
ty will be computed by the CUBIC
YARD of 27 cubio feet, instead of the
perch and rod heretofore used as the
unit of measurement. Ditching, here
tofore measured by lineal rod. will in
the future be computed and paid for by
the cubic yard of 27 cubio feet for ac
tual quantity of earth, etc.. removed
from ditches. The rod heretofore used
contains 8 1-3 cubic yards.
30-4t Judge.
Is ' Your Watch a Guessing I
mac nine f
"PHEN discard it, and at the same
" time rid yourself of the menu
uncertainty and hesitation caused by
continually allowing a watch-may-not-be-right
Purchase One of Our
Elgin Watches
It's a watch yon can believe ever?
time and all the time. There's extra
value in the Men's Watches we offer
at $25.00. Other Elgin
L; E. LANE, Jeweler
210 Mam Street
Hand Bags at Cost
About two dozen nice leather Hand
Bags at cost for the next two weeks.
They are high class goods and will
please you
The 32223 tore
vmmf flies
Yesterday is gone. Today is fleeting. Tomorrow
never comes. You can't bank on the w ings of
the future. You MUST 5TART your bank ac
count TODAY
The Climaxl year $1
TBI if
fth. S si. .
V". ; --. --v -i i
ill Mi

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